Bus Reversing on Highway Hit By Truck, Passengers Fly Out Windows

Passengers in a Chinese tour coach are thrown out of through the windows after the bus is rear-ended by a semi-trailer truck from behind while reversing on a highway in China.

The following video clip is originally from the website of a Wenzhou newspaper, and was widely spread on the internet and reported on TV. The camera inside the tour coach bus recorded the moment of the rear-end collision, with this video on Sina having accumulated over 2m views at the time of translation…

From Sina:

Bus Coach Reversing on Highway Rear-Ended, Driver and Passengers Fly Out The Windows

On the morning of [August] 2, at 9:55am, on the Lishui section of the Jinhua-Lishui-Wenzhou Highway near the Fulin interchange heading towards Jinhua, a tour coach from Zhejiang province Wenzhou city reversed in the middle of the road, causing a rear-end collision with a semi-trailer where it rolled over on its side. According to preliminary information, the semi-trailer truck had one death and one injured, while multiple people on the tour coach were injured and have already been taken to the hospital. The scene was exceptionally horrific. Both the semi-trailer and the coach bus overturned on their sides in the middle of the highway, among which, the semi-trailer driver died at the scene and over 10 passengers on the tour coach were tossed out, splayed across the road.”

Below is a longer video showing more of the passenger’s evacuation of the bus after the accident:

Passengers in a Chinese tour coach are thrown out of through the windows after the bus is rear-ended by a semi-trailer truck from behind while reversing on a highway in China.Passengers in a Chinese tour coach are thrown out of through the windows after the bus is rear-ended by a semi-trailer truck from behind while reversing on a highway in China.
Passengers in a Chinese tour coach are thrown out of through the windows after the bus is rear-ended by a semi-trailer truck from behind while reversing on a highway in China.Passengers in a Chinese tour coach are thrown out of through the windows after the bus is rear-ended by a semi-trailer truck from behind while reversing on a highway in China.

Comments from Sina:

风无海 [广东肇庆]:

Reversing a vehicle on the highway, this bus driver has truly harmed others and himself. [泪]

江苏崔建中 [江苏泰州]:

A bus-load of pigs, should all be dead. An entire bus of people and not a single one stepped forward to stop [the driver from reversing on the highway], instead helping rush [themselves] towards death. The poor cargo truck driver who collided from behind.

爱娇q578196566 [福建泉州]:

This is the consequence for breaking the rules.

kmflz [云南昆明]:

The coach driver should take full responsibility, for unbelievably reversing his vehicle on the highway.

中国熙QQ1781662295 [福建泉州]:

[He] broke the regulations, and the law. This is the consequence for breaking the rules. [囧]

第潜类接触 [辽宁大连]:

 Reversing a vehicle on the highway, people like this should take full responsibility!

陆九亿 [甘肃天水]:

Have you ever driven a TMD car before? When people are all driving in the same direction on one side of the highway, are you able to tell if car ahead is stopped or driving? Would you ever expect it to be reversing? What a pig.

hgz126 [山东聊城]:

No one on the coach died, which showed the semi-trailer driver’s [fast] reaction. Had he not taken emergency measures [to avoid or lessen the impact], we can easily imagine the impact of this semi-trailer crashing into the [coach] at high speed. At least half of the people on the coach would be dead. The dead semi-trailer driver should be honored as a martyr.

大雨里的农田 [上海]:

From the video, we can see that this section of the highway has two lanes. The coach driver was reversing in the No.2 [outer] lane. When the coach was about to reach the exit, in order to turn right and get out faster, the driver steered the wheel to the left, which turned the rear-end into No.1 [inside] lane. The semi-trailer was driving fast on the No.1 [inner] lane. The driver never thought that the rear-end of the coach would suddenly turn into his lane, so he couldn’t brake in time, and crashed into the left rear-end of the coach. Most of the people on the coach were hurled out of the windows from the left side.

lyq21tc [福建福州]:

Driving while fatigued. Don’t fucking draw conclusions if you know nothing. Do you fucking know how dangerous it is to reverse or stop a car on the highway? Usually, when you keep a distance [with the car ahead], it is under the assumption that it is also moving forward. If you’re not moving and you don’t turn on the emergency flashers, or you reverse the car, it will directly cause the driver behind to make a bad judgement. I hope you nao can will stop drawing stupid conclusions when you know nothing.

睡虫张-玲珈衣饰 [浙江杭州]: (responding to above)

A semi-trailer is very heavy, with huge inertia. So its braking distance is much longer than other normal vehicles. The coach was reversing, which obviously shortened the braking distance. The trailer couldn’t stop even by with emergency braking. Don’t blather that the driver was driving with fatigue when you know nothing, and be cautious when you yourself drive in the future. Just because you managed to stop your car doesn’t mean other people can… Poor semi-trailer driver!

人在江湖-深圳 [广东深圳]:

Following a SB who has never driven before. In this kind of situation, it is very difficult for you to determine that the car ahead is reversing.

阿秦5321 [广东惠州]: (responding to above)

But [the semi-trailer driver] could still judge from the rapid shortening of the distance and attempted to dodge or brake. The driver of the semi-trailer must have been nodding off, though the coach driver should take full responsibility! Actually we can think like this, if there was a traffic jam ahead, the semi-trailer driver would still have crashed [into the coach], because he didn’t even realize the rapid shortening of the distance [between their vehicles] at all, so it’s still a matter of not concentrating/being distracted. Sigh! Be careful when driving on the highway…

li12125 [四川成都]:

Must punish the coach driver severely.

手机用户 [江苏南京]:

The tour bus driver should take full responsibility, but does the semi-truck driver behind him have no responsibility at all? It looks like the passenger bus wasn’t backing up very fast, but judging from the [dramatic] impact, it feels like the truck driver didn’t try to brake at all! In a harmonious society, are you allowed to hit/crash into someone just because they’re breaking the law?

萧萧Hope [四川绵阳]: (responding to above)

The moment I saw you comment, I knew you’re someone who doesn’t use their brain. The speed on highway is at least 80km/h, so you can’t tell if [the semi-trailer driver] braked or not from the video inside the coach. You won’t understand if you don’t drive.

张子义是冠军 [北京]: (responding to 手机用户)

If you’re ignorant, don’t fart here. You think a cargo truck on the highway can be stopped the moment you step on the brake?

ybp795 [河南许昌]:

Not fair, it should’ve been the coach driver who died, but instead it’s the semi-trailer driver who died.

闲歌_69662 [广西南宁]:

[He] broke [traffic] regulations and [traffic] laws. This is the consequence for breaking the rules. Even games and sports have rules. This is a lesson paid in blood. A lesson.

Passengers in a Chinese tour coach are thrown out of through the windows after the bus is rear-ended by a semi-trailer truck from behind while reversing on a highway in China.

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  • Brett

    Thumbs up if you’ve seen someone in reverse on the highway in China.

    • YourSupremeCommander

      So only 12 people saw, not so bad at all.

      • biggj

        Funny thing is only 10 people came to this page so far. lol

        • Marcus Muller

          Asian Bitch can you math? Me thinks not. Also don’t say I’m racist, I’m just doing what this site encourages me to do :3

          • mr.wiener

            BiggJ is not in fact asian or a bitch.

          • biggj

            It’s was joke man…calm down grasshopper, lol

          • Germandude

            He probably took the wrong M&Ms today.

          • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

            No, you’re not a racist, just an ass.

          • Marcus Muller

            I’m just making a joke as lame as biggj’s. Did I win? LOL

          • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

            No disqualified for going out of bounds.

          • Don’t become obsessed with biggj
            He’s not really a girl.
            I don’t think he’s even Asian (maybe I’m mistaken on this one, I’m no expert).

          • biggj

            Shen ma??Me love you long time ok ??Sucky 5 dolla for you ok??oohhhh american….me likey.

            “SHHH…you’re going to blow my cover…” hahah

          • ::ahem::…well they there, biggj
            Come here, often?

          • filabusta

            Hes just a fan of blunt smoking Filipino girls I guess.

          • lonetrey / Dan
    • Brett

      There was no “downvote” option you jerk! You will forever regret the day you crossed me!

    • Wololoo

      I even saw someone doing this on the german Autobahn (of course a woman), which I then reported to the police, since it nearly killed me and two family members. It is punishable for up to 5 years and a long time ban on driving.

      But in China it seems to be quite a normal move, you always have to take into consideration for your own safety when driving.

    • Germandude

      I don’t know what you mean. You mean today or last week?

    • MrT

      Average for me is about 5 a hour.

    • loki

      not fair… The highway design in China sucks balls. 43km til next exit is common. if I miss the exit I would turn around also or throw it in reverse.

      But I always tell my girlfriend if you do things like that you must be extremely careful. If an accident occurs while do something like this . its 100% her fault(the driver of the car if it were my gf)….

      • Suicidal tendency

        So in case of doubt, common sense would tell you to take the exit before the 40+km part, ask your way while paying the fees to figure out if you’re in the right one. What could happen that would be worse than getting back on the highway and paying an extra few RMB?
        Most likely cheaper than your life or other’s…

        Never drove reverse on highway even during the 4 years I drove in China. The average driving skill is already ridiculously low, I don’t see why I would test my luck to save some RMB or even 1hour by taking the next exit.

        • tysimon

          Totally agree with you. I drive in China since 2003, never done any reverse on highways or any other road, plenty of times mistaken exits, just drove forward and take the next exit, back into the highway then pick the right one. It’s already dangerous enough to be on the road, not necessary to push your luck further…

          • tysimon

            Forgot to add: the latest one just yesterday, but didn’t reverse. Instead he made a LEFT U turn in the middle of a 3 lane section of the highway and head back in the middle of the road, with me behind… does it count as reverse case ?

        • loki

          ok to reply to anyone here who has something to say…

          driving in the city is completely different than driving on the interstate/highway .. or whatever you want to call it .. as far as kilometers .. oh, i put about 2000-3000 on the odometer a week (on a busy week at least). going to and from beijing and various other cities.. It is completely different, a 90 -100kilmeter turn around is ok versus a 200meter backup on a empty road? granted I have also been stuck many flipping times for 8hours parked with all the big trucks coming into the city on the badaling. Get to play cards with truckdrivers, right in the mid of the highway.. so please don’t start with the whole…

          Edited: whiney voice thing was a little harsh..

          so yeah … hell yeah .. backing up on the highway in the U.S. equals complete moron next exit will be less than one mile, police actually do stuff…. Agreed!

          in China? I am going to turn the hell around or just back up. because after all with an empty road behind me will it really matter?

          • Ralphrepo

            Your philosophy is perfect… Well, until someone rams you in the ass at high speed. Hopefully, it will never happen, not for you, but rather for the poor schmuck that runs into you. There is very little that can truly be considered accidental, that cannot be instead attributed to a lack of considerate forethought. I’m sure the driver of the bus who caused this tragedy had thought his philosophy perfect too.

    • badgerleftchina

      I came so close to driving straight through some dumb cnut on the highway to Beijing 8 yrs ago. I had my wife and kids in the car and her brother riding shotgun. This twat missed the turn off, and decided to to a U-turn from the fast lane, I was doing about 130 in the center lane, ok over the limit but the road was empty. I swerved slightly and was lucky to miss this asshole by inches and even luckier not to lose control. I was mad as hell and the brother in law did the nervous chuckle and said ….. This is China, a developing CoUNTry. Not the first or last time I wanted to punch someone for saying that. Years later and there are still too many fwits on the road who can’t drive & don’t care about others, remember the Darwin awards, there’d be a few million Chinese winners for sure !

      • loki

        if I had a penny for everytime. Doesn’t that shit just get you.
        I mean, use a turn signal slowdown go over to the right safely.
        truck almost alway love to pass other tucks when you come up from behind in the fast lane. their doing 80km an I am 120km+ then right before I come up on their ass.. BAM!! they swing out in front of me with no turn signal … ugh hate it …

    • guest

      I had a driver when I was in Shanghai. Used to always zoom into the office through the clearly marked exit. One day, head on a car that was actually exiting through the exit. Nothing serious but damage to the cars. My driver gets out and starts screaming at the other guy then comes back to me and starts telling me how stupid the other guy was. I just rolled my eyes, did my usual pretending I dont speak Chinese, got out of the car and went to work.

  • Brett

    I’ve seen a bus stop on the left lane and slowly bring the bus to perpendicular and cut across 3 lanes (sideways), stopping all traffic, to get to the exit ramp. When is China going to get GPS?

    Share your crazy-ass Chinese driving stories here.

    • Cauffiel

      …or decent signage. A lot of road signs in the Shenzhen-Dongguan-Guangzhou corridor make no sense or are just wrong.

    • YourSupremeCommander

      I once saw a Chinese bus full of Chinese vegetables driven by some Chinese cow going the wrong way in a river. Try beating my story.

      • Jen_in_NY

        That first line sounds like the beginning of the world’s most awesome and racist children’s book.

        • mr.wiener

          “Xiao Mu and her incredible amphibious vegetable bus drove slowly up the flooded river to get to the crowded city market.
          She waved a hoof at her friends, Da Gou, the toxic waste barge driver and Mu Lan the floating Casino croupier as they had both stopped to take picture of some teenage girls who were drowning in the fetid river waters.
          “Can’t stop”, she mooed, “I’m late already”
          As she pulled up to the market dock the fat cadre leaned out the 3 story window of the KTV……”

          • Jen_in_NY

            “Look, Dong. See Shui drown. Drown, Shui. Drown.”

        • lonetrey / Dan

          I had a hearty chuckle at that

        • Mateusz82

          China is a country… not a race. It’d be like saying that making fun of Star Trek fans is racist against Trekker-Americans.

          • Jen_in_NY

            Oh for fuck’s sake — lighten up.

          • Claude

            Oh jen, I’ve never felt this way before.

          • Jen_in_NY

            …? Explain yourself!

          • Mateusz82

            Oh for fuck’s sake — make sense.

      • Germandude

        Can’t beat your story but would like to enquire for your dealers’ number!?

      • MrT

        I seen that too, how strange

    • radbab

      not crazy ass, just the usual…

      Guy had all safety belts removed from the car except his because other passengers complained about them getting in the way (we rented the guy’s car for a day). Same guy was then overtaking busses and trucks in curves on a mountain road with foggy conditions.

      Scary highway driving at night. No lights and dozens of trucks with no lights on the middle lane.

      People making u-turns using the semi-fenced off pedestrian crossings here in Shanghai. I’ve only seen really expensive cars doing that stunt.

      The taxi’s automated voice telling you to buckle up despite all the safety belts being hidden under the seat covers…

      Guy stopping his car in one of the elevated U shaped highway-to-highway ramps here in Shanghai (must have been at least 7 floors up in the sky) where there’s only 2 lanes to take a piss in plain sight of the oncoming morning rush hour traffic.

      • Cauffiel

        When ya gotta go, ya gotta stop your car in one of the elevated U shaped highway-to-highway ramps in Shanghai 7 floors up in the sky where there’s only 2 lanes to take a piss in plain sight of the oncoming morning rush hour traffic.

        • radbab

          or you pee your pants like a taxi driver. like every once in a while you find a taxi with this pee smell…wtf?!?

    • http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=71t3ynuiBmE&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3D71t3ynuiBmE

      Korean but my point is the same. A lot of people are unfit mentally to be driving.

    • I was in a taxi on a highway on the outskirts of Shanghai that had, somehow, pissed off this man in a Mercedes that was behind us. I have no idea why he was pissed, but he drove up along side of us and kept swerving at us, slowing down and speeding up to match our speed, and then finally lightly tapped the taxi twice. The taxi driver was cussing up a storm and seemed confused about what was going on, and then the guy hit us really hard. The taxi driver kept the car on the road and the guy drove off. We pulled over and the taxi driver called the cops and then another taxi for me. He told me he wasn’t quite sure what just happened.

      • radbab

        stay far FAR FAAAR away from big black expensive cars here. The bigger the car the more nuts the guy driving it.

        and then laugh at them when they’re too stupid for roadside parking – especially with all the clownish acting when there some parking attendant involved yelling at them and confusing the scene even more. Always a great show

    • Germandude

      Can’t really share any good driving stories here as I have been here too long. Good thing is: I am invincible now. I don’t look right and left when crossing the road, I don’t stop for cars, buses, bikes, mopeds or anything and I am still all together in one piece. I am not afraid of Chinese traffic anymore, cause no matter if you pay attention or not, the others won’t so odds are not in your favor anyways.

      However, the moment I return to Germany, I will be careful again. And I am relaxed because I know others will be too.

      • MrT

        so you go into tunnel vision mode in China, only way!

        • Germandude

          Exactly. That way, I ignore some of the insanity here, you know? “When in Rome, do like the Romans do”

          • MrT

            yea good idea, feed the monkeys to the lions!

    • loki

      wait, are you saying the guy backup and blocked the highway? OMG! yeah the guy should be shot …

  • Cauffiel

    The most notable/surprising thing about this video is how quickly most of the people got up relatively unphased and acted proactively to get out of the bus.

    A buddy of mine told me a story about a city bus he was on in Jiangxi that was flipped onto its side. All of the people climbed out of the windows and got medical treatment from the…. no!… made statements to the police and waited for relatives to…. no!….. crowded on the freakin’ road and piled onto the next bus that came!!

    • biggj

      Just another day in china.

    • Brett

      I’ve done the bus-change at a tollbooth in Shandong. I thought it was crazy, but I just followed the crowd.

    • You spoke my mind. This to me explains the misunderstanding of a vehicle and the responsibility of driving on the road. That’s being in a metal object capable of manslaughter and they just don’t think about it.

    • Sum Ting Wong

      The chinese ant colony recovers fast.

    • Rick in China

      “and acted proactively to get out of the bus”

      Proactively? More like rushing and trampling people. You see that older lady helping the kid(or whatever) laying flat against the window near the end? The dudes behind just shoved her out of the way and stomped right over him, I can only imagine how much trampling went on throughout the entire bus in parts we couldn’t see. Fucking monkeys.

      • Ryo

        I’m not surprise given that a bus gets burned down every other day here. The impact was to the rear so I’d freak out too and picture in my mind the whole thing going up in flames while I use the kids head as a stepping stone to get over the stupid old women who lived long enough!

      • Cauffiel

        Ooh ahh ahh ah AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

  • biggj

    BREAKING NEWS!! For some odd reason 3 officials where a bus that was reversing on the highway and got struck. Thank Heavens they were not seriously injured, only minor bumps and bruises. Nobody knows or cares what happened to the other passengers. In relation to this news “Harmony” went down 3 points but is expected to rise once the officials bumps and bruises heal. Stay tuned for ” Bruise watch 2013″. Where you can get up to minute details on the recovery of these officials.


      Gosh you’re bad at photoshop. It ain’t even funny anymore.

      • biggj

        I know I suck at photoshop. I still think it’s funny as shit though. lol It’s not the picture that counts…it’s the idea of it.

        • Cauffiel

          Actually, dude, this is definitely my favorite that you’ve done. Maybe could have had one floating around outside the window, but not much space in that photo for that.

          And if you ever make t-shirts out of these, I will buy one.

  • Kevin Yu

    Quite funny to see the people who comment on this writings things like “Thats what you get for breaking traffic laws/rules” while I would imagine that all of these, who drive cars, break them every day…

    • donscarletti

      I have been driving in China for a week now and what has shocked me is not the drivers, but the pedestrians. They walk in the centre of a busy street, pop out from blind corers, run across the expressway, etc.

      Back where I’m from, you tend not to look out for pedestrians except at the marked crossings, generally people don’t want to get hit and won’t stand where they have an elevated chance of being run over, so you just assume that they’re not there. Where I am from, if you hit a pedestrian where you can’t see them, your compulsory third party insurance pays out and if you did nothing illegal, then you face no consequence but fixing a dint in your car. In China, if you hit someone, you always get totally fucked, nomatter where they jumped from and how little regard they had for their own safety, you will pay from your pocket. This makes drivers watch out and probably in turn makes pedestrians less wary still.

      Honestly, driving in China is not a joy, it is simply a burden.

      • Kevin Yu

        I think both are “bad”. But I wonder why Chinese have cross-walks, when there is no meaning to them. No car will drive there slowly, but think it means nothing. But I still experienced it different than you said. I never saw chinese drivers driving carefully at crosswalks, beside in Hangzhou, where it was quite a surprise to see when they just stood there, waiting for pedestrians to cross the street.
        And then changing lanes without even turn on the turning-lights, just drive into the lane without checking everything.
        I saw people with those little motorbikes just driving over the red-light even though their trafficlight was red.
        I also drove in China for about 3-4 months, but the traffic inside the cities is really a mess and most people just break traffic-laws wherever they are.
        Though somehow on the highways they really drive totally normal. Sometimes even better than on german highways, I experienced.

        In my country you are always at fault though for hitting a pedestrian, if the pedestrian at least didnt wanna get hit.

        • Tom Nease

          Normal on the highways?? Where are you from to call this normal? and where did you drive in China. I’ve driven here around Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang for the last 6 years……never appeared normal to me.. Comparing to the Autobahn Germany is ridiculous. Comparing to driving habits in the USA, you might be able to call some days “almost normal”.

  • markus peg

    I have seen such things, its a tragic story.. The road laws need to be enforced more and people learning how to drive need to be taught more before they pass… many areas just pay and use guanxi to get a license. driving instructors encourage bribes… in the form of gifts, money and meals..

    Also those that do learn don’t learn how to drive during the rain,night, snow or even how to drive in an underground shopping mall car park!

    The driving regulations need to be more strict.

    also a mistake in the above translation

    Quote “so he couldn’t bake in time” (typo – should be break)

    • Atlas

      You mean “brake”, right?

      • markus peg

        yeh lol

        • Atlas

          Lol and you went back to edit your post? XD

          • markus peg

            Yes, if i see or someone points out a mistake i correct it.
            But i acknowledged your correction by leaving the comment above. If you register you can edit your posts, i would recommend signing up to Disqus.

          • Atlas

            Thing is, I don’t need to edit my posts…


          • markus peg

            You also get alerts when people reply to your posts rather than checking every few hours to look and see…

            Everyone makes mistakes Atlas, including you.

    • You are right about the safety part. Although I don’t believe in current state of China needing more regulations and enforcements will affect the results, I do believe in educating with positive reinforcements. My NRA instructor’s explaination to gun safety: Don’t tell people to “Not” point a gun to someone as it has a psychological affect on people. But do tell them to always point the muzzle in a safe direction.

      And by golly yess people who are used to driving in warm weather tends to think they can drive their little 4 doors like giant trucks in snow.

  • biggj

    Few year’s ago I went to Jiuzhaigou in Sichuan and a few other places around there. And we took a bus to get to some of places. And our bus driver was nuts. I’m sure he does it everyday but I mean on some narrow road on side of a mountain on the wrong side of the road going around a blind corner with no guard rails. After the first 30 brushes with death I just stopped caring….Just went with the flow. And it was raining that day and some of roads were just dirt and washing out. And this guy smoking cigs and talking on his phone driving like a monkey on crack. And no one else seemed to be bothered by this. Usually I don’t care about stuff like that….but this was dangerous.I’m sure they have to get there in a certain amount of time. But come on….this was really crazy…no joke.

    • That’s why I will not choose to go on buses these chinese groups charter here in the city. I went on one because my mom said its faster than the subway to Manhattan. The driver was extremely sloppy and dangerous on the road with no consideration to the passengers. Driven by business greed, the faster they get there the more trips he can fit. Riding with these people is like considering my life is worth less. Le Sighhhhh.

      • biggj

        Yeah, the only way to get to these place are by bus. There are no trains and I don’t have a car in china. And I did want to see it. But yeah a bus is my last resort.

    • when I went to Changbaishan 2 kids learned to curse in english thanks to me, ’cause I couldn’t stop cursing that driver out loud. He was driving crazy and that’s the last time I ever took a tour bus in China.

      • Beelzebub

        For once we are in agreement, eff and shyte often comes out of my mouth, never again, for a tour bus, EVER!!! In Guilin,they think it is fun and NORMAL to drive on the OTHER side of the road into ONCOMING traffic, the chinese passengers as calm as hindu cows, I was FEARING !!!!

        • I feel you man, landscape isn’t so nice when you are about to fall from a ridge hundreds of meters down in a bus full of chinese “aunties” and lots of trash cans between the seats.

          • Beelzebub

            Indeed, my dear boy. How is your northern wife finding the southern hemisphere?

          • She’s loving it so far, thank you for asking. She’s got her Chinese students too! And she’s still surprised when we drive away without seeing people sometimes for hours. In fact it’s really hard to do the indoors life we did in China since weather here is awesome almost constantly and traffic isn’t something to worry about. We’ve done a couple of road trips in my car and she loves it too, suddenly 16gb memory cards aren’t enough for her camera. I am also very glad she’s not the kind of girl looking for luxury or nice restaurants, she loves the tap water (better than wahaha I tell you) my cooking and camping with me and she doesn’t mind the mosquitoes that much. One thing that makes me glad is when she sees a wild animal that’s not in a cage. Owls, falcons and other birds, alligators, deers, weasels , skunks (she asked hey what’s that horrible smell) and other rodents… and snakes too! I taught her to shoot with a .22 rifle I’ve got. Don’t worry no hunting yet, She still loves to shoot those cans for sure… in fact I taught her to shoot pennies standing up from a 20m distance. also fishing, lots of fishing. The only con about this is that money ain’t so easy to come by as it was in China. Lucky for us I’ve got my own apartment and we’re about to start building a little house too , next to a river in the middle of nowhere. I believe after living in China cities aren’t that fun anymore.

          • John Harvey Kellogg

            Fair enough. I am just confused if she is from Shaanxi or Dongbei though, they are different places right? As for mosquitoes, I agree with Saddam Husseins uncle, they are one of the things, god should NEVER have made!

          • Dongbei, Jilin to be more precise. Btw even though male mosquitoes don’t sting, their size is 20 times bigger than the females, which makes them 20 times scarier, I believe them to be the ultimate nightmare for the Chinese average big city girl.

          • Mocata

            Fair enough. But I do recall seeing mosquitoes in summer in Guangdong in the cities?

          • Male mosquitoes are generally either the same size or just a little bit smaller than female mosquitoes. If you see something that’s 20 times larger than your average mosquito, and it’s the same shape as a mosquito, it’s probably a Crane Fly. It’s a common mistake.

    • Beelzebub

      Sounds outrageous, I would never do that trip, it is foolhardy to say the least, and you will be surrounded with baboons who cannot shut off their crappy iphones.

      • biggj

        At time I was new to china and never knew it would be that fucked up. Like I said i’ll do crazy shit. That was just outright dangerous. Like the driver had a death wish or something. I’ve gone on tours in other countries but that was the craziest. For the roads he was in and the way he was driving was crazy.

        • Tour buses on other countries are like golf carts drifting in heaven compared to Chinese no-brakes-straight-down-to-hell-make-shit-your-pants buses.

    • Ali

      Holy crap… well if I am ever in China I am staying the hell away from those buses… thanks for the warning, I’m sweating just thinking about it…

  • UrAznTreat

    I am so sick of the stories of Asian people who can’t drive properly and get into horrific incidents. I’m not saying I want CSmack and KBang and everyone else to stop reporting them, I want the damn people to stop driving like maniacs or idiots!

    • You can’t have something that is out of your control.

    • YourSupremeCommander

      You are a treat for who?

      • Me thinks …bad stereotype name but then again…me is banana.

        • lonetrey / Dan

          It was a temporary namechange, just for Mighty
          -__- It’s already back to my old name now. Ahaha

          • biggj

            Try this. “Dandroid 4.3”

          • Dan-ces With Wolves

          • biggj

            Dirty Dan- cin. “Nobody puts Dan in the corner” haha

          • Jen_in_NY

            Most Dan-gerous Game

          • Scream_Writer

            I know this conversation is over, but I realize I made a mistake with my last suggestion. It should be: “Most Dan-gerous Name” That would be a good screen name for you!

    • Marcus Muller

      You can’t help but to think these sites are trying to stir/promote racist notions, bad/crazy shit happens in the US/west all the time. But all we see is what horrible thing happened in Japan/China/Korea/Russia, someone should make a site with a similar layout to these but with UK/USA/France/Germany.

      The USA one could have stories like this.




      Hell there’s A LOT of rich crazy/stupid content in the US to go through! I just think it’s stupid they only cover Asian+Russia and none in the west. A lot of the arguments I hear is “DUUURR WE SPAKE ENGLISH WUT WE NEED USA/UK FER?” Fine if you don’t cover USA/UK Why not Germany? France? Italy? Spain? Brazil?!

      • Brett

        Why don’t you check out the “about” page and then promptly remove foot from mouth…?

        • Marcus Muller

          “In 2012, chinaSMACK expanded with sister sites covering Korea, Indonesia, Russia, andJapan with the same editorial mission and format.”

          What about the “about” page? Is there something your special eyes see that I don’t?

          • biggj

            Maybe they just focus on Asia. You can’t do every country. I’d like to see a EthiopiaRAVENOUS.com site….probably won’t happen though.

          • Cauffiel

            You’re right, I clicked the link. Not real.

          • Brett

            I was replying yo your first paragraph. Specifically first sentence.

            chinaSMACK is run by Fauna, a Chinese person trying to open up Chinese news to foreigners. The sister sites were created by people who expressed interest in creating them. These people want to translate foreign news into English for others to read.

            If you care so much, why don’t you make a blog about UK/USA/FRANCE/GERMANY news and get on with it?

            chinaSMACK and affiliates don’t try to promote racism just because you say they do. They translate the most popular news of that day or week and, more often than not, the most popular news is the most sensational. It’s not a difficult concept to grasp.

            Maybe my eyes are just special though.

          • Marcus Muller

            “chinaSMACK and affiliates don’t try to promote racism just because you say they do”

            I beg to differ with the same comments over and over again with “_____ (Korea/China/Japan) is a fucked up place, bunch of chinks/gooks”. It certainly doesn’t seek to actively promote racism. But it SURE DOES FEED IT! I’m SURE they are able to find someone who speak French/German/Spanish to start an affiliate site, so why don’t they do it??

          • biggj

            So you pretty much want to spread racism all around the world.It’s like if an american or something translated crazy US news into mandarin for chinese people. The comments would be same if not worse than this.

          • Marcus Muller

            Like Brett said “chinaSMACK and affiliates don’t try to promote racism just because you say they do”. Is there something wrong with wanting to read articles from different nations around the world?

          • biggj

            You can read them. There are website something like this that have English news for different countries. Even china has lots of English translated news. Just type in google “weird______ news” and put any country in that blank. You will find a bunch for china and everyplace else. Just because these guy haven’t done it does not mean it does not exist.

          • I also would like to see a MexicoMASH or a GermanyKNALL, etc etc…but I don’t really think it’s creating any new racism or fueling it. I assume they simply haven’t gotten around to it, yet. I don’t think this is some big corporate office space they’re working out of…I think it’s simply finding people who are willing to browse the local internet, find the most popular stories, and translate them with a new story pretty much every day or two. It takes a lot more effort than you think.

          • lonetrey / Dan



          • CanadaEH

          • Irvin


          • WoRPt

            Pretty redundant to do any English speaking countries, considering their news outlets have discussions like here all the time.

          • biggj

            If I was running chinasmack I would make one for Philippines. I would make one where it would relevant to people. I mean Russia? I would say not a lot of people go to Russia and can relate to Russian things. Most everyone on here has either been or live in China….and that is were you get the people reading this.If it was not for me going and staying in china for times I would not be able to relate to these stories and would not be interested in it. The Philippines would have a huge audience. There are over 1 million American alone living there. And even most Filipinos can speak English and write it. So translate Tagalog to English and make stories. Crazy shit goes on int eh Philippines too.

          • WoRPt

            I get the feeling MM thinks that the stories here are hand picked from the most obscure, bizarre stories. At one time, I thought the same thing, then I started reading Chinese news. These are pretty much the top discussed stories.

          • WoRPt

            Maybe you should tell YouKu and WeiBo that they have too much negative news as well. I just signed off YouKu news and it makes ChinaSmack look like the Farmer’s Almanac.

            Here’s what’s popular on YouKu news… Grandparents knifed by granddaughter, Man touching women’s thighs on subway, Mentally retarded woman lured men for rape, Woman molested boys while napping, Wealthy man beating his wife in public… here’s the link for today’s stories.http://news.youku.com/shenghuo My translation sucks, but just watching the stories gives you the just.

            I do have a question though, how long have you been in China? Just curious.

          • Marcus Muller

            I’m not an expat living in China, I’ve have been to HK and Shanghai, but I’m curious as to why you ask..

      • Gordon Gogodancer

        Shit happens everywhere for sure…however in China, this shit is not just some isolated event. It’s something you know is so obviously going to go wrong and nobody does anything about it…and then it goes wrong. Have you noticed all these people crossing the roads without looking? The fucking grandma’s letting the children play near the road…it’s like they’re asking for tragedy

        • Badger

          Tragedy pays $$$$ Ka Ching in the good old PRC !

        • WoRPt

          I should have scrolled down, I just about said the exact same thing. I’ll add one thing, though. What baffles me is when there is a near miss or someone gets caught, a lot of people tend to shrug it off and giggle. It’s weird.

      • WoRPt

        Because most of the people on this site aren’t living in the USA, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, or Brazil. And there’s an outlet for English speakers to discuss their news.

        If you’re referring to this particular story; well… you just have to take a walk on any street in this country to see that a lot of people are playing dangerous games with their lives and laughing about it.

      • loki

        All of those “other” countries, most people can speak English also … well maybe not Spain.

    • Ana Belen Ruiz

      Actually asians have low rates of traffic accidents, at least according to this:

    • Germandude

      Check out http://www.liveleak.com. It looks like Asians are not top spot when it comes to traffic accidents. #1 are the Russians. Warning: you will see tons of moronic moves.

      • Mateusz82

        Russia is half in Asia.

        • Germandude

          Well, actually more like 2/3rd. Ever told a Russian that he is Asian and not European? No? Well, I didn’t dare to. Guess why.

          • Mateusz82

            Actually, I didn’t have to tell her, since she acknowledged she was (she was from the Asian part). Also, it doesn’t matter if a Russian from Asia doesn’t want to be called Asian when geography says otherwise.

            If I want to be called a Kryptonian, that won’t make it so.

          • Germandude

            I stated that Russia is 2/3rd Asia. Still: Call Russians Asian and 8 out of 10 times you will be in trouble. I promise!

    • Mateusz82

      I can’t say what it’s like for sure in Korea, but it does seem it’s more a Chinese thing than strictly an Asian thing (Russia, India, Pakistani, Japan, Iran, and plenty of other Asian countries don’t have the same reputation for terrible drivers).

      I’d hope that there would be some Chinese who read these articles, and realize the shame that their reckless driving is causing to the country.

    • Kevin Pellegrini

      It does happen in Europe, this summer only :

      – 1 train accident in France (RER B)
      – 1 train accident in Spain : the driver was driving at 190km/h instead of 80km/h . He was on the phone, and previously he posted a photo of the speed counter displaying 190km/h on his facebook .
      – a whole bus fell off a cliff in Italy. 36 dead http://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/jul/29/italy-bus-crash-killed-avellino

      • Beelzebub

        The train accident was serious error or the guy was suicidal, no way he should have been going that fast. And bus accidents? I’ve been in two near misses in China in as many days, it’s not just a European occurrence!

        • Kevin Pellegrini

          The driver of the spanish train is a complete idiot ! It was all over the news here in France, that guy was totally irresponsible.
          You are a lucky guy ! Damn, 2 missed accidents in 2 days. Where did it happen ?

          • Beelzebub

            Idiot bus driver in guangdong, ran through a red light, slammed on the brakes, then almost happened again by another idiot driver cutting someone up, seems people cant wait to get ahead. Where you from?Italy?

          • Kevin Pellegrini

            Holy shit. I’m from France, but my family name is indeed Italian. And you ?

          • Beelzebub

            England, but part italian. France, the biere, my gods!


    Hey.. Asian can’t drive. Y’all know that. Nothing new.

  • In mid video, a girl gets up and fixes her pony tail. This is the first thing on her mind??? People gathering their things a bit more leisurely than they should in a potential vehice that can combust or otherwise.

    One redeeming notion of a lady that said becareful to the passengers’ exit.

    I don’t know the details of the teachings in driving schools in China, but this clearly does not emphasize enough in consideration of safety in driving. The typical notion of inconsiderate China (reverse light signal, inattention from both driving parties, speeding , a sleuth of don’ts and driving ettiquette not found here.)

    • Wade

      I’ve always sort of seen the unsafe driving as a specific symptom of the more general problem of poor risk evaluation and risk management. I can’t even begin to count the number of situations that I’ve seen where I’ve just thought to myself, that’s so unbelievably and needlessly risky.

    • mr.wiener

      I’m amazed at the lack of screaming and panicking happening.

      • Sometimes calmness is more appropriate than panic as the body thinks better logically than pumped full of adrenaline. Now all I can picture are wide eyed zombies and their brains ticking away @-@

      • Mighty曹

        They were probably too stunned or in shock. Ironically under normal conversations they’re screaming to each other.

      • Land of opposites, my friend
        Nothing makes sense
        Every day in China is like the first day in China.

        • MrT

          aint that the truth!

  • EatThemAll

    The guy in the black & white striped shirt is an opportunistic scumbag of a thief. Watch him scan the bus for money and riffle through all the bags he can get his grubby hands on. That’s despite having a bloody head.

    • Irvin

      He need money to treat that bloody head.

  • Mighty曹

    That dickhead in red t-shirt was just being a typical Chinese and shoved his way up to the front of the bus. Granted he did most of the work to break off the windshield he was still a dickhead for not helping others.

    Praise to the man who appeared to help some out the opening then went back to the rear of the bus (apparently to assist others).

    • Irvin

      They have limited space in the bus, maybe his best way of helping was to break the windshield and get outta the way like he did.

  • mukanis

    This is China. Welcome to Jackass.

  • Claude

    I was watching this and thought, why aren’t there seat belts in buses? But then, no one died on the bus. Maybe it would of been worse if they were strapped in? The semi may have rolled over the rear seats crushing people in their seats. Who knows, so many unknown, unknowns.

  • Marcus Black

    And that is why you should always wear seat belt kids.

    • Jen_in_NY

      Haha. I read that in a J. Walter Weatherman voice, from Arrested Development.

  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    I really think China needs a ‘buckle up or die’ program.

    “Use those Belt-y things on the side of the chairs or you’ll end up like this”
    *Show picture of steak tartar*
    “So buckle up! Or else…”

    • radbab

      got my gf’s parents to buckle up. Although I feel it was more like a “if the foreigner says so, then it must be the right thing to do!” sort of thing. At least they’re a bit safer now.

    • Meh, not buckling up is not as bad as the driving skills they have.

  • garbo

    I had a scary bus ride in Beijing. The route goes by the Forbidden City, Bei Hai Park, etc. I don’t know if the bus driver was new or just a terrible driver. He was going painfully slow and driving like he was drunk. The scariest thing he did was stopping for no reason right in the middle of an intersection – green light mind you, for no reason. A trip that should have taken a half an hour took nearly an hour du to his strange driving. Oh and the air conditioner was broken and it was very hot.

    • biggj

      ” Not only was the bus driver drinking and on drugs…..it was hot too. hahaha

      • garbo

        Well it was hot and the joker made the trip twice as long. He had no business driving a car let alone a bus.

  • Feili

    All respect to the woman in yellow jacket. She made smart decisions and went back in to help others.

  • Gordon Gogodancer

    Put your life in the hands of a peasant…see what happens.

  • Tao X

    In the second video from 2:00 onwards, is the guy in the blue striped polo picking up his own possessions or taking other passengers? At 2:15 he picks up something small and put it in his pocket. 2:24 he takes what looks like a purse and then at 2:38 has another bag. Benefit of the doubt would say they all belong to him, but I just have suspicions.

  • Vien Huynh

    Wow… reverse on highway… bad move…

  • 长颈鹿同学

    I wonder what would have happened if everyone fastened his or her seat belt. I used to take coaches like these very often last year. Though I’m not sure, out of approximately 40 passengers, I might have been the only one who fastened the seat belt. Always fasten your seat belt, it’s worth the effort.

  • Alex

    what a f**king moron thing to do, makes me mad. having said that I drive the wrong way down the road every day to get to work in Beijing.

  • Claude

    What a classic.


    China scooter crashes 4 times and falls in hole.

    • 5,000 years of uncivilization

      Classic stupidity at it’s best.

    • Kiwi

      That’s the perfect parking spot

  • MrT

    oh oh, i see the problem, why it happened.

    The Hyperspace button (horn) doesn’t work in reverse!

    now had he done a complete U-turn in the road and headed straight into the oncoming traffic, the Hyperspace button (horn) would of got him out of any impending impact, instead of being thrown all out over the carriageway.
    When will the monkeys ever learn!

  • Haven’t read anythig yet. Cue smart arse comment about seat belts…

  • BrandeX

    Forget about reversing. Barely a week goes by when I don’t see some Chinaman DRIVING backwards intentionally down the highway.

  • Canadian_Skies

    100% Nothing wrong. In China, it’s OK to backup on a highway. So, 100% OK!

  • Kiwi

    Steady, steady, steady


  • N0WBIE

    And no one was wearing seat belts.

  • Simon

    Not at all surprising to see one of the passengers (in the striped shirt) stealing the belongings of other passengers after the crash. What a piece of shit.

  • lin

    1) This is why we wear seat belts, so you don’t go flying out windows
    2) This is also why we don’t back up on a HIGH-FREAKING-WAY!
    3) Some netizens said, “This is what he gets for breaking the law”..No bitch, even if he were caught on the spot by the cops, the punishment would not have been this severe. It is inhumane to think someone SHOULD pay with blood because of something like this.

  • don mario

    what a moron.

  • guest

    “[He] broke [traffic] regulations and [traffic] laws. This is the consequence for breaking the rules. Even games and sports have rules. This is a lesson paid in blood. A lesson.”

    Consequences for breaking rules? Dude, what country do YOU live in? Probably one of those guys in Australia.

  • Justin

    my god that was brutal.

  • WoRPt

    What really surprises me is that I don’t see more accidents than I do. I’m sure someone’s going to post links with accidents in the U.S. claiming that it happens everywhere, but I’ve traveled a lot and of the places I’ve been India, China, and Mexico take the cake for dangerous driving.

  • Robin Xi

    Look at that guy in red just before the end. Seriously concerned about his own well-being, rushing and pushing anyone on his way…

  • BeijingTS

    Typical Chinese…. reversing on the highway… I hope this happens every time they pull that stupid shit…

  • crimsonarmor

    Wow its so cool, hehehe. This video should be used all over China to teach people about road saftey and wearing your seat belt. Nobody had their seat belts on espicially the driver who should have made sure everyone was buckled up.
    And as for reversing on a highway? He might as well have turned the bus around in the middle of the road and then headed back it would have been just as bad but at least he could have seen what was coming at him.

  • Charles

    Backing up on a highway is stupid – yes. However, there are situations when it might make sense. The sad truth is that so many drivers (particularly in China) are clueless so much of the time.

    Even if a huge buss were backing up down the middle of a highway, I can’t understand how they would get hit by another vehicle!

    This is really unfathomable. However, living in China the unfathomable is often the norm.

  • Feilon

    Reminds of when some friends and I rented a bus to go out into the country. Driver drove like a maniac but by that point it just felt like the normal flow of things.

  • T. Bickle

    How many times have I been in a vehicle on a Chinese highway where the driver just stops and starts trying to decide where they are and then backs up to take the exit they missed rather than go on to the net one. What fucking idiots. Of curse when you have a culture of people who, for the most part, can’t even walk with9ut slamming rudely into each other than how do you expect them to drive a car or bus. The problem is no one here gives a shit about anybody else. Each person sees themselves as the only person in the universe. How could there possible be other cars on the road or people on the sidewalk that will obstruct my changing whims? Further proof that while Chinese people, with training and supervision, be allowed to wash cars they should never be permitted to drive them.

  • T. Bickle

    How many times have I been in a vehicle on a Chinese highway where the
    driver just stops and starts trying to decide where they are and then
    backs up to take the exit they missed rather than go on to the net one.
    What fucking idiots. Of course when you have a culture of people who, for
    the most part, can’t even walk without slamming rudely into each other
    than how do you expect them to drive a car or bus. The problem is no one
    here gives a shit about anybody else. Each person sees themselves as
    the only person in the universe. How could there possible be other cars
    on the road or people on the sidewalk that will obstruct my changing
    whims? Further proof that while Chinese people, with training and
    supervision, be allowed to wash cars they should never be permitted to
    drive them. Highways are designed poorly? Well, more stupid people is all.

  • Nationalist

    If the bus had not been made in Japan, everything would have been fine.

  • JimLieu

    Hope everyone were alright

  • hehe

    it not completely the bus driver fault . There must be a reason why he reversing. I know for sure when he reversing the semi trailer were not any where near. The driver of the semi trailer also hold responsibility of keeping distance of some one in front ,.Unless it was a turn or some one just pop in from another lane. Well asleast in U.s it didnt matter if you were the rear “semi trailer” and busted your brain out, you will still get a ticket. But for the bus to flip that badly .. The semi trailer bust be going really fast.

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