Chinese Discuss Pictures of American Poverty

A black man in a white shirt living in a dark house.
The house he lives in has no door, only a very small window, the interior is completely dark.

From Sina:

Revealing Prosperous and Powerful America’s Impoverished Other Side

America, the world’s premier economic, political, and military superpower. Upon mentioning the US, I think that the most people would give it a great deal of reverence. The towering skyscrapers and an economy that is even higher, everything there appears to be perfect, and the living conditions there are what many developing and undeveloped countries dream of.

I remember that in the past I heard this story, a Chinese study-abroad student went to America to study, midway he got a part time job, and the money he earned from washing dishes and wiping tables would allow him to return to China and become a little rich man. One can imagine just how prosperous and superior America’s economy is. Before our eyes, everything we see is America’s glorious and magnificent side, but apparently we never hear about America’s impoverished and suffering side. The feeling is that living in America means living in utopia.

But, everything is not as it appears so perfect and flawless. America is also not perfect in every way. It is an economically strong country, but in terms of wealth, it also cannot provide equal conditions for everyone, and also has many people living impoverished and backwards lives. No matter how strong and powerful the United States is or how prosperous, we cannot ignore these facts and truths hidden behind the prosperity.

In America, I don’t know what the percentage of poverty is, the purpose of writing this article today is also not to expose America’s scandal, the main thing is I want to let everyone know that poverty is not something only developing and undeveloped countries have. Even economically powerful countries like America also have impoverished and backwards people living there. There are impoverished people in every country, and poverty is a problem that every country faces. In America, poverty also continuously troubles and affects America’s economy.

The following pictures come from a website for Spanish-Americans, completely revealing a superpower’s unknown side. Actually, America is equally inhabited by a group of destitute people needing everyone’s protection and attention.

A black mother with her two young children.
The younger child in the picture died not long after because of malnutrition, while the slightly older child in the picture was strangled to death by Helen's husband. Her other daughter is currently in jail. Since then, Helen has been dedicated to her religion.

An old, skinny, black woman sitting on a chair next to a brick wall covered with graffitti.
A dispirited Philadephia woman.

A small black girl looks ino an old refrigerator looking for food in a poor house.
A starving child looking for food.

A small black child looks into an old refrigerator filled with leftover food and trash.
A child opens a refrigerator, hoping to find food.

A man sits on his bed thinking in a shack.
Living in a house full of rotten stench.

A lonely black woman living by herself in a broken-down building.
She is the most lonely, those living around her--the people living at the front of the road leading out of the dense forests of Alabama have completely forgotten her, living by herself in this broken-down building.

A black woman in a messy room.
An emotionless woman living in North Carolina.

Two small black children living in a shack.
Suffering children living in Georgia.

A poor, sick black man sitting on a bed in a messy, dirty room.
Living in a rotten, dirty, messy building.

Comments from Sina:

Relates a real America.

^_^ Every place has poor people.

There’s nowhere without poor people…

How old are these pictures?

Have you been to Americas backcountry? It just resembles China’s impoverished areas…

They are all black people.

After looking at these my heart is very uncomfortable, so sad/pitiful.

Black people, still living at the lowest level of society!

No way.
So pitiful.
Before I saw this I thought America was so good.
Those people are truly tragic.
so tragic.

Some of these pictures don’t exactly fit with the concept of America…does Africa also have a place called America…

When can humanity break free from this kind of situation?

Comments from NetEase:

Really funny, come check out Guangzhou, there are even more.

1960s photos.

When these pictures were taken, lou zhu‘s kid had not yet been born, now who knows where he found these to trick people!

Have you seen that broadcast ten years ago of the Beijing people in New York?
Do you still remember that bit of dialogue?
If you love her, take her to New York, because there it is heaven. If you hate her, take her to New York, because there it is hell!

You should say what is the percentage of poor people in America, and what is the percentage of poor people in China.
Then take pictures of poor people in America and pictures of poor people in China and compare them.
Then do a comparison of the living conditions of the common citizen that make up 60% of the population. This way it would actually be more objective!

I bet these were taken in Africa. America’s black people, no matter how poor, still could not be like this. As long as they have official American citizenship, each month they can get one about 7000RMB in US money, which is completely enough for daily expenses, and what more it is calculated per head. ~This I bet can fool the Chinese people who have never been to America. Chinese people are often fooled, tricked, and do not have much discernment ability.

I think that America and China are basically the same, only the geographical environment and cultural accomplishments are different, everyone wants to be big and strong, but unexpectedly everyone has something in common, which is that poor people exist, and what more, this is a key element that pulls down economic development. But, it cannot be helped. Who wants to be a poor person? It is a result forced out by the country. Now that China has become big and strong, America will also envy/be worried a little, but it cannot be denied that America is still a superpower, despite experiencing many unforeseen events. However, China is not weak either, what with an economic disaster, stock market disaster, natural disaster, man-made disaster, an earthquake, the 2008 Olympics, have you seen how much money China has spent?? Banks tightening money, the stock market falling and falling, business is difficult, a lot of job competition, and what more, increasing prices, low wage levels, tell me: who does not want to be a rich person? Being able to endure it all is pretty good already.

Hahah, ~~I see that America’s problem is very grave, not only is there a gap between rich and poor, there is also severe racial discrimination!!!

Lou zhu, are you mentally handicapped, using this kind of fake news to fool everyone? One look and you know it is not real! And you though you were wise. Such trash…

There are poor people everywhere! It is unavoidable and unquestionable! In terms of proportions, America should be considered to not have a lot [of poverty], it is no big deal! Also, it does not prove there is a problem! If there were also “city management” attacking poor people~~, then there would really be no way out~~ lamentable~


Long-suffering black people. Everywhere they are the most miserable ethnic group. I wish them safety and peace!

If you don’t understand, don’t make irresponsible remarks! A bunch of trashy people! Running to America or some Europe country to be gluttonous and lazy! Not engaging in honest work, not willing to do anything! You all have no clue how high America and Europe’s labour expenditures are! I operate a restaurant in Europe! For one dishwasher, I have to pay more than 1000 Euros a month! And what more, this is the price even after evading and cheating on taxes! Blacks, Arabs, heh, they chose this! Especially Arabs, brothers, it is not that I am racist, go out and get some experience. do not know why America wants to extinguish this kind of trash race [this sentence is unclear]! This shouldn’t be called “Prosperous and Powerful America’s Impoverished Other Side!”

Haha, with regards to the lou zhu, I am speechless. America’s welfare and charity system are “as numerous as the hairs on an ox” [Chinese idiom to mean, “a lot”], with community, church, national, fund, chamber of commerce, as well as individual donor associations for charity. These organizations are “as numerous as the hairs on an ox”, when you’re hungry go to a church or an organization, their doors are wide open. For food and every day life stuff, there is no problem. Except for this essay by the lou zhu and television dramas, have you seen any news about Americans starving to death?

I doubt the authenticity of this article. In Canada, every child 18-years-old and under can get 500 dollars a month from the government. In addition, every low-income family all has enough living subsidies. Also, generally speaking 300 dollars is enough for a family to not worry about food. With America so close to Canada, the government subsidy should be about the same. Unless they all entered the country illegally [illegal immigrants], or drug addicts.


Written by Bilbo Baggins


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