Chinese Family Rescued by Drowned Hero Found, Apologizes

The rescued family kneeling before Deng Jinjie’s parents.
The rescued family kneeling before Deng Jinjie’s parents.
The rescued family kneeling before Deng Jinjie’s parents.
The rescued family kneeling before Deng Jinjie’s parents.

On Sina (pictures from QQ):

Follow-Up to Young Man Rescues People Only to Drown Himself While the Rescued Indifferently Leave: The Rescued Family Kowtows and Apologizes

The Hero’s “Seventh Day After Death”

The rescued family showed up and said “sorry” under the “protection” of local authorities. The rescued family showed up last night [July 10th], kowtowed and apologized to a portrait of the hero.

There were actually four people who were rescued, and the other two heroic rescuers have also been identified, both of them to be recognized as Good Samaritans.

Reporter: Huang Dingdu

July 10th was the “Tou Qi” [the seventh day after one’s death] of Deng Jinjie, the Loudi young man who risked his own life to save others. At about 10:45 that night, the rescued family finally made a public appearance, arrived at Deng’s family home, and kowtowed and apologized in front of a portrait of Deng Jinjie’s, saying “sorry”.

The rescued family kneeling and bowing before a portrait of Deng Jinjie.
The rescued family kneeling and bowing before a portrait of Deng Jinjie.

The Rescued Family Wailed and Said “Sorry”

At about 10:45 that night, under the “escort” of over thirty people from the Louxing District Government, Dake Local Police Station, and County Government, a man and two women arrived at the Deng family home. According to Deng Jinjie’s brother-in-law Zeng Guomin who was at the scene, the man’s height was about 1.6m, about 30 years old, while the two women’s heights were each about 1.5m, and around 20 years old.

“All three of them were heavily surrounded by government people, and we family members couldn’t even get close,” according to Zeng Guomin. The three of them first came before Deng Jinjie’s parents and kowtowed, saying a single “sorry”, and then handed an envelope with an unknown amount of cash within to Deng’s mother. Then, the three of them came before the portrait of Deng Jinjie’s, and also kowtowed. The man’s face was dark, while the two women weeped bitterly.

At the time, the Deng family were still in deep sorrow, and before they could ask questions, the local government people were already pulling the man and two women to leave. Zeng Guomin rushed towards them, and asked: “Why did you leave at the time?” One of the women answered while crying: “I didn’t know.” Just as Zeng wanted to continue asking, the man and two women had already been pushed into a car by the government people, making this the only conversation between the Deng family and those rescued.

The rescued man and his child.
The rescued man and his child.

Local Authorities Refused to Reveal Relevant Details

It is reported that, in the evening of July 10th, Loudi City Public Relations Office director Wang Weiguang notified a TV station, asking that a reporter be sent to do an interview and that it be kept “confidential”, but without mentioning just what the interview was for. A reporter of the media speculated that it might be that “those rescued have appeared”, the beginning of this entire matter being made known to the public.

Afterwards, through various channels, this reporter made contact with the Dake Local Police Station that had the rescued family in custody. A man there who didn’t want to reveal his name told this reporter that the rescued people were a family, one of them was surnamed Liu, who had come from Shaoyang city Wugang county to work in Loudi, works in the interior renovation industry. When this reporter asked how they were found, he refused to reveal the relevant details, and only said vaguely: “No one can hide from something like this.”

It is also reported that on the morning of July 10th, the local government had sent someone to take Jiang Chengai’s sister to the rescued family’s home to “identify” them, but only a child and the child’s grandparents were at home at the time. According to her, the child’s description of what happened was basically the same as what had been reported by the media that day, and the child also told her: “it was the mister who saved me.”

Deng Jinjie’s mother in great pain and sorrow during her son’s funeral.
Deng Jinjie’s mother in great pain and sorrow during her son’s funeral.

Actually Four People were Rescued

This reporter then got in touch with the Loudi City Public Relations Department, and they replied that they have now essentially confirmed the family of three was the people who were rescued, but refused to reveal the particulars, only indicating that “everything will be in the press release.”

At last, Louxi District Politics and Law Committee secretary Liu Jie confirmed, the rescued family was found by the police through carpet-style search and with the help of community cadres, and their identities were confirmed by the afternoon of July 10th. He told this reporter that actually four people were rescued, a family of three and the wife’s sister, and it was the couple and the sister who came to the Deng family home to grieve.

Liu Jie also told this reporter that after final confirmation, apart from Deng Jinjie and Jiang Chengai, the heroic rescuers also included Peng Weibing and Zhong Xiong. He said that these two people would also be recognized as Good Samaritans, and would be praised publicly. ■ Reported by Haung Dingdu

Construction worker Zhong Xiong, who also joined the rescue recounting what happened at the scene of the incident.
Construction worker Zhong Xiong, who also joined the rescue recounting what happened at the scene of the incident.

Acts of Compassion

People Throughout the Nation

Want to Show their Appreciation to the Hero

Family Members Ask [Sanxiang City News] to Send Their “Thank”

After the Loudi Rescue, many compassionate people tried to find Deng Jinjie’s family through [Sanxiang City News], all saying they wanted to “show their love to the hero”. On July 9th, a Guangdong entrepreneur rushed to Loudi overnight to mourn for Deng Jinjie, and gave Deng Jinjie’s family members an embroidered banner on behalf of “some Guangzhou citizens” and 100,000 yuan in cash. On July 10th, a woman surnamed Wang from Jiangsu got in touch with this reporter through the Sanxiang Cith News hotline 0731-84326110, prepared to come visit the hero’s family representing her company in showing expressing their condolences.

“May Sanxiang City News represent us, the Deng family, in expressing our gratitude to all the caring people nationwide! May good people always be safe!” Zeng Guomin said to this reporter.

■ Reported by Xie Nengwu

Source: Huansheng Online

Many people are still swimming in the part of the Sunshui River where so many have drowned.
Many people are still swimming in the part of the Sunshui River where so many have drowned.

Comments from Sina:


Whether you are a high official, or just an employee, if you don’t have the most basic sense of repaying an debt of kindness, you should be reviled!


An ugly family.


That family didn’t come out on their own, they had been found by the police. Then can go to hell.


What’s the point of saving people like this? Not the least bit of sincerity. What kind of big shot are they to have be under such heavy protection? Go to hell.


One good man died, several pieces of garbage were saved. Wasn’t worth it!


I originally thought they left after their rescuer was brought ashore, and felt this was understandable. Turned out it was after they were rescued, when their rescuer’s was still unaccounted for and the crowd was still on the river bank waiting, they wanted to leave, saying it had nothing to do with them when they were stopped by some people. This kind of people should be cursed to death. I hope people who have nothing better to do can go spill paint on their house [vandalize] and make threatening phone calls. Only in this way can we push forward society’s development.


If they’re going to meet [come pay their respects], then they should meet, why have this separating buffer in between? Is it because they don’t trust the character of the rescuer’s family? Even if the family were to express some discontent, it would be understandable and expected. This kind of meeting is only to appease public opinion. Not a shred of sincerity.


A “we didn’t know” and that’s it? You guys can go to hell! Did you fly out of the water by yourselves!? Shameless bastards.


A family with no conscience. Sigh, how do you hope to educate your child properly like this?


Since they’ve already apologized, the media and netizens shouldn’t dig at the rescued family any more, as this would cause a great deal of psychological burden to them.

新浪广西柳州夏树: (responding to above)

The hero sacrificed his life to save them, so presumably he wouldn’t want those three heartless people being hounded to death, but I hope those three live in shame for the rest of their lives!


Fuck, protecting them for what? They should be drowned in spit!

新浪陕西西安迷恋精神: (responding to above)

This is our government, this is our police, who don’t protect those who ought to be protected, and spare no effort to protect those who ought not be protected. Why? Because everything is about money and power. Why protect them? Don’t know. Why not let them face everyone’s spit and contempt head on, so as to promote a healthy environment, so that the immoral and without conscience feel the shame they deserve?


Truly [an example of] good people having short lives, while bad people live for a thousand years. I seriously despise the four people who were rescued.


Saved a bunch of animals.


Simply not human, they are the ones who should be dead, them living isn’t good for society.


Just a word of thanks and that’s it. Your conscience will be uneasy for the rest of your lives.


Pathetic! Chinese people’s virtues have all been tainted by people like them…


If you knew then what you know now!!!

新浪北京mgfqq700: (responding to above)

May they for the rest of their lives to be condemned by their conscience–of course, that’s if they have any.


Being thankful is the most basic sense of being a human, if not, how can one be human? This must makes the rescuers’ incredibly disillusioned.


Should file a lawsuit, make them bear what they should be responsible for!

What do you think?


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