Chinese Passengers Fight on Chongqing to Hong Kong Flight

Chinese passengers in a physical fight on an Air China flight from Chongqing to Hong Kong.

Chinese passengers in a physical fight on an Air China flight from Chongqing to Hong Kong.

From NetEase:

Passengers on Chongqing-to-Hong Kong Flight Get Into Fight

Big Fight On Passenger Plane, Chongqing-to-Hong Kong Flight Almost Turns Back — At 9am, on Air China Flight CA433 from Chongqing to Hong Kong, a dispute occurred between passengers on-board. The cause involved two female passengers in one row being upset with a child behind them being too noisy, with the passenger in the row behind blaming the the front passengers’ seat for affecting them. These several passengers got into a physical fight on the plane over this, with the plane nearly turning back as a result. After arriving in Hong Kong, Hong Kong police immediately intervened to handle the dispute.

"The two females in the forward row felt the baby behind them was noisy, while the passengers behind felt those in front had reclined their seats affecting their leg space, then they argued, then they fought."
“The two females in the forward row felt the baby behind them was noisy, while the passengers behind felt those in front had reclined their seats affecting their leg space, then they argued, then they fought.”

Chinese passengers in a physical fight on an Air China flight from Chongqing to Hong Kong.

Comments from NetEase:

网易上海市嘉定区手机网友 ip:114.95.*.*

Being noisy on a plane is indeed wrong. Reclining far back is not against the rules, as it is designed expressly for people to adjust/recline. Therefore, it is a problem with the passenger in the row behind.

大江南北遍地游 [网易广西南宁市手机网友]:

Chinese children are indeed too noisy. Can’t stand it, and there have been several times where I’ve wanted to say something to put a stop to it. Look at foreign children in contrast, who truly sit very quietly, worthy of our countrymen’s reflection.

网易广东省深圳市罗湖区手机网友 ip:119.122.*.*

This fucking kung fu is impressive, she even flew into the air.

网易黑龙江省牡丹江市手机网友 ip:222.172.*.*

Ugly Chinese people.

网易上海市手机网友 ip:114.81.*.*

After five days of detention, repatriate to Chongqing.

重庆哥哥12 [网易重庆市渝中区手机网友]:

Sigh, what happened to people’s character, embarrassments around the world.

长安俊贤 [网易陕西省西安市手机网友]:

Fighting on a plane? Impressive!

网易四川省成都市手机网友 ip:118.114.*.*

The consequence of those who can afford to burn money.

1159909885fsa [网易上海市手机网友]:

Those who think there are some children who are especially noisy in public settings, give me a ding.

网易广东省广州市手机网友 [我是妹子一枚]:

Character, this is [the lack of] character. So you were disturbed, so what? You won’t even let a little child cry? When your dad and mom gave birth to you, did you pop out all grown up? I’m reminded of when I brought my child back to Guangzhou the year before last. It was very stuffy on the plane, and after sitting half the way, my child couldn’t sit any longer and wanted to move around, running through the aisles. At the time, he was just 1.5 years old, and if I pulled him back, he would just cry. Maybe it was because it was winter and they had turned up the heater or something, but even adults were feeling faint. Fortunately, none of the people around me said anything, and the pretty girl next to me even gave her McDonald’s rag doll toy to my son for him to play with. I’m so thankful for all these nice people, may they be safe and sound all their lives!

网易广东省广州市手机网友 ip:112.96.*.* (responding to above)

Making a disturbance is okay, please just do so in your own home. In public settings, you should educate your child to not disturb others. In fact, most of the time if you just stop your child’s noisiness in front of others and reprimand your child to not disturb others, other people usually won’t say anything further. However, those who make the excuse that children are small, we can only say those people’s characters are indeed lacking. Why is it that there are so many unruly children these days? Why is there so much negative behaviorsin society these days? It’s all caused by this kind of upbringing by many parents.

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Written by Fauna

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  • bujiebuke

    That women in the plane is doing a bicycle kick…


    • Kai

      I’m talking to Joe right now on Gchat about how I can’t for the life of me figure out what is happening in that picture. Is she trying to kick over the seat or is she somehow being thrown?

      • bujiebuke

        I can’t get over that picture either. You can see her left hand is on a head rest possibly hoisting her body up and it’s easy to image that she’s using that leverage to kick some dude in the face.

        This is no ordinary women, she must be practicing Jui Yin Zhen Jing at Tao Hua Dao on her free time. There’s no other reasonable explanation here.

        • firebert5

          Heh, you said “reasonable!”

      • biggj

        Dude, fix my picture….please..

      • mr.wiener

        This has not been a good week for chinese air passengers. Unless they have been going on a theme and finding all the plane stories they can find, I count at least 4 such stories this week.

        • Rick in China

          It could be the case that this shit has been happening all the time, but only now has it been realised that it’s not normal behaviour and needs to be punished in the court of public opinion :D

        • Kai

          It’s a cluster. Happens all the time.

      • Gerhana

        she was just standing up looking back… its the black shirt of the guy behind her and another from beside her that tries to grab someone at the back that makes it look like shes doing drop kick… actually shes just standing up lol

        • Teacher in China

          I don’t think so man. Look at the way her body is angled, and the way her left hand is on the seat back, like she’s supporting her weight for a kick. I think that’s her leg stretched out there in a “fuck you and your baby” kung fu kick.

        • Kai

          Nah, I don’t think that’s it. I can see the outline of the guy and his black jacket. His right arm is extended out towards her, but that black length to his left doesn’t look like HIS left arm but rather HER right lower leg. She’s also way too high up to just be standing up looking back. She looks like she might be standing on her seat kicking back with her right leg, but that seems like an odd choice of attack in such a confined space.

    • FYIADragoon

      >Spelling Combat with a C
      That should be a capital offense.

      • biggj

        You mean a Kapital offense.

        • Teacher in China

          Is being hit by Marx’s book a Das Kapital offense?

  • ylp

    Remind me never to fly in Asia in December.

  • Ryo Saeba

    Just reading the last 2 Chinese commenters, you can immediately see who will most likely bring up a well behaved child. If you know your child can’t sit quietly for more then an hour, don’t bring them on a plane or a movie theater.

    Unrelated, I went to watch Interstellar a few weeks ago and there were these 2 couples in there talking as if they were in a casual conversation. I had no idea what they were talking about because they had a weird dialect. It certainly wasnt about the movie because they were pretty much talking all the time. Everyone around was looking at them each time they talk. We (me and my wife) was kind of far away so it didn’t bother us that much. But no one around them said a word to them. I haven’t been in the movies in the US for a long long time but do people talk a lot now-a-days? Especially those that tries to sound smart by guessing ‘the sometimes obvious’ plot out loud? What is the point of that? Why are some people so inconsiderate of others? Is it because they were never taught? Does it not bother them if someone else was being inconsiderate to them? If so, wouldn’t they know what they’re doing bothers other people?

    Honestly, some people just suck.

    • FYIADragoon

      Not common in the states. You would eventually be told to STFU. Worst part is that in China, even though most people in that theater were thinking the same as you, if you had said something (even in perfect Mandarin), they would have all turned on you because of their “Us vs. Them” mentality.

      • Rick in China

        EXACTLY. Suddenly the asshole becomes the victim.

      • B*tches, Leave

        I understand that your post would make sense on paper, but no.
        I go watch movies in cinemas a lot here. There’s always someone who’s talking loud or fumbling about with his phone up in the air. If it happens close to me and it gets annoying/distracting, I never say something, but I either poke them rudely on their shoulder (if they speak loud) or lower their phones down. Rude people don’t understand words, you have to get physical with them. And let’s not kid ourselves, most guys here are cowards and afraid of confrontations.

        • Small twon

          oh man..don’t do that (poking) in the china. That’s how horror movie starts…

        • Irvin

          I don’t know which city you watch your movies in, that hardly happens in gz.

    • lonetrey / Dan

      Happens to me several times. I’ve confronted them directly, and they usually shut up.

      I haven’t had it escalate before, but I have a feeling I wouldn’t hold back from beating the crap out of them if they really piss me off. Not proud of what I might do, but there it is.

      Thankfully, no one’s that rude around here in central NJ from what few movie theaters I’ve been to.

    • Zappa Frank

      I can agree for theaters, but sometimes parents have to bring their children somewhere and need to take an airplane.

      • biggj

        Yeah I agree, don’t like to hear a baby crying just put your headphones on.

        • Ryo Saeba

          In China, they still don’t allow you to use your electronic devices during take off and landing. And they extend the take off and landings to about 30 minutes each way. So a 2 hour flight that takes 30 minutes to “take off” and “land,” you can’t use headphones for an hour! And this is usually the times when the babies cry because of the plug ears effect.

          Also, in China, you’re not suppose to use your phone in flight, ever! Not even in Airplane mode! Unless you have another non-phone device, you can’t listen to your music.

    • Ale Jandro

      The same here… I went to watch Interestellar and we needed to move out… sad but true: it’s China…

  • Guest

    Where is Samual L. Jackson when you need him?

    • lacompacida

      Still no picture.

    • biggj

      If a mod could delete this that would be great. thanks

  • biggj

    Where is Samual L. Jackson when you need him?

    • biggj

      Can anyone see the picture?

      • ThinkBlue

        No, can’t see it. can’t see the picture under the guest name with the same comment too.

        • biggj

          Yeah the guest one was mine and i deleted the whole post and tried again….i dont know why its still there.

          • Loopins

            I can see a picture and a video

      • Kai

        You guys need to refresh the page, and give it a bit of time. Please avoid posting multiple copies just because it initially doesn’t show. I know exactly what you guys are experiencing; it was the same for me when I posted Dany’s dragon eggs.

      • JayJay

        I only found out that ‘the Good Wife’ is in that film as well!!

    • biggj

      Here is the orginal line:

      Now here the “made for TV” edit:

      The made for tv edit is so funny…super funny even lol

    • trex

      I have had it with these mofo chinese in this mofo theater!
      I have had it with these mofo chinese in this mofo restaurant!
      I have had it with these mofo chinese __INSERT MILLION THINGS__!

      • biggj

        it’s the Swiss army knife of memes.

        • MonkeyMouth

          you owe me a new iMac, mates… i laughed so hard at this thread i spit my morning coffee all over. hahahaha

  • lacompacida

    Babies cry, and babies are allowed on a plane. I rather ban people who fight on the plane than babies who cry.

    • Ken Morgan

      If a baby cries then there is something wrong and it is seeking attention for this problem. Therefore you should give attention to it to see what the problem is and try to alleviate the problem. A lot of people these days seem to let their babies cry and cry and cry. These are pretty awful people for letting them do that.

      • jin

        True, but sometimes babies will cry just because they want your attention and you should give it to them since you’re their parent!

  • Stefan

    Dayum, that lady sure does looks dedicated….haha

  • Stefan

    Official soundtrack to this topic:

    “Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting”

  • Chaz

    Shoulda bought one of dem seat recline blockers. Same thing is happening in the west…patience wearing thin, cattle car mentality, loss of civility, but airline profits are bigger than ever and next year’s projections will be even higher.

  • They should setup live cameras and host a reality show based on Chinese using public transport. Never a dull moment lol.

    • ClausRasmussen

      With all the smartphones in circulation they’re pretty much there. What needs to be done is to collect all the recordings and combine them into a The Matrix style 3D view

  • FYIADragoon

    In all honesty, the West has this problem from time to time too with people bringing offspring on planes and not pilling them up. There’s a reason that I don’t fly economy in the US if I’m trying to relax. But Chinese children do remain the worst by far. That second to last poster is a pretty good example of the majority of the parents today. The reason I don’t give up my seat to parents on public transit anymore is because of how many times I’ve had to watch their poor parenting in public. Wish Xi would talk about that in some sort of public address, but I’m sure we’re just going to get more anti-Japan rhetoric and more “wishes for the revival of the Chinese nation under the leadership of the CCP.”

    • Rick in China

      I want to take my baby — and will need to soon, on a flight. I’m just worried she wont be able to sit still..she just learned to walk, and now _needs_ to walk, and needs to touch everything…. she’s typically really good and cute when around other people, but when she’s home alone with just us she can’t stop moving. I’m worried she’ll be the ‘can’t stop moving’ baby when she’s on the plane, and dreading how that’ll affect other people. When she wants down to walk, she will squirm and whine (not cry really loud, but kinda muddled whining) until she gets down. The options will be: let her walk around the isles a bit, or let her whine continuously. Dreading it.

      • Jahar

        It’s sometimes hard to know how a small child or baby will react on a plane. Ear popping and all that. Even well behaved children have their moments.

        That said, if I’m on your flight, and your baby starts crying, I’m gonna kick your ass!

        • Rick in China

          That’s all it takes to break faces and claim self-defense, and not get arrested? Having yer baby cry, and someone get angry – and engage aggressively? Damn. I’ll have to start taking the wee one out in public and pinching her!

      • Teacher in China

        Don’t worry about it. Everyone else on the plane needs to just relax and deal with it. Sometimes babies need to be on planes. It’s unavoidable. Just like sometimes you have a flight next to a massively fat and/or stinky person, or someone uses all the overhead luggage room for their bags, or whatever other million little things that can go wrong on a plane do, you sometimes have to deal with a walking, talking, and possibly crying kid.

        You could, of course, go the Super Insanely Nice Guy route and do like a guy I read about on the internet did once. He prepared a little package for every seat on the plane with a small note explaining about how he’s going to try to keep his baby quiet, but it will be hard, so here’s some earplugs for you. That’s going a little too far, imo.

      • ClausRasmussen

        Get a window seat, then there is a chance she won’t realize walking is an option. Another option, if you can be that stone hearted, is to not feed her before the flight, then she’ll think of food before anything else

        • Rick in China

          Get a window seat, then there is a chance she won’t realize walking is an option

          Great idea. She sits in the car pretty well, taken her from Chengdu>Chongqing couple of times and always just snoozes most of the way.

          is to not feed her before the flight

          I was thinking about doing this anyways, but for different reasons. I think that timing it so she wants some milk during takeoff/landing is ideal – more specifically, for landing. I think that the jaw/suction action will help keep her from experiencing the air pressure/ear popping as much…which is why I always carry gum on flights.

      • Kai

        I’m guessing she won’t be running the aisles, right? Just walking around? I think most people will find that reasonably cute and people will forgive the inconvenience of her blocking the way if they see you being an attentive parent who is watching her, anticipating who she might be blocking that’s coming down/up the aisle, and doing your best to minimize that inconvenience by retrieving her out of the way and expressing your courtesies in the process.

        What people probably object to is the idea of a parent who inconsiderately lets their kid run around a plane inconveniencing and disturbing others. Most people should get that a child can get antsy and its okay to let them stretch their legs a bit, especially if the alternative is crying, as long as the parent seems genuinely concerned about minimizing that impact on those around them.

        Best of luck, dude!

    • Zappa Frank

      maybe a reserved class for babies.. some cages should do the job.

      • MonkeyMouth

        stuff them down below with the dogs? not a bad idea…or start selling Baby Thorazine, Baby Valium, Baby Bayer Heroin

  • Kevthepenguin

    You can always rely on Chinese tourists to keep it classy.

  • Loopins

    Was this a CHILD or a BABY? Very confusing article. If it was a baby then seriously how would they expect to shut the baby up? If it was a child (probably needs to be over 2.5) then they should shut the kid up.

    • Rick in China

      Also, if it was a really small child, there’s no chance a reclined seat would have been affecting him/her. I’m guessing her ‘child’ was a teenager, notice they don’t say crying – just being noisy…

      Just noticed in one part of the post it mentions baby.. but in the photo it looks like both of those 2 back seats are occupied by larger people. It’s all very confusing.

  • DC

    everyone was a kid once…just give the child a f’ing break and be a grown up…

    to those blaming the parents….sometimes it’s not humanly possible to shut a small child up…

    • Some guy

      exactly ! Even if the kid is being annoying, does it really justify going into farmer psycho mode and starting a brawl on a plane?

    • Teacher in China

      Yeah, agreed. I loved the Chinese comment about “foreign babies” being perfect on flights and just sitting like little angels. Kids are kids man, especially less than 2 years old. It’s tough for them on a plane. This woman needs to get a grip on reality and as you said grow the fuck up.

      • ClausRasmussen

        The foreign baby part also made me laugh. Where did they get the idea from that they are less noisy?

        I think the situation escalated because the parent tried to shift blame instead of apologizing. While a crying baby can be a pain when stuck with one in public transportation an apologetic attitude can do a lot to defuse the situation

        • Kai

          I agree, I worry that’s what happened. It isn’t explicitly stated, but it’s hard to avoid considering that implication. Even on cS, we see people choosing to escalate instead of defuse.

          • ClausRasmussen

            >> Even on cS, we see people choosing to escalate instead of defuse

            It is a common human trait

      • Kai

        Yeah, that sort of differentiating is perhaps human but not ultimately helpful. In Australia, I sat behind a “non-Chinese” family with two little kids who were pretty noisy arguing and whining about this or that like whose turn it was to play with the family iPad or this grievance or that grievance. At times, I felt the parents could’ve done more, or anything, but I opted to just bear it, giving them the benefit of the doubt that they were at their wits end.

        I think most people who have done a fair bit of traveling has encountered the odd misbehaved child or two of varying races/nationalities/ethnicities. I dislike how often these discussions center around assigning tendencies with such identifiers, as if that was the most important thing we have to determine or make clear.

    • Rick in China

      One thing here though – so, blame parents whatever, she (the lady in front) was being a bitch – but if the parent was apologetic and tried to be accommodating (at least effort) instead of try to revert the blame back on the people in front (ie. your seat is causing baby discomfort so of course he/she can be noisy!)….. as in actually took responsibility, I’m sure the entire incident wouldn’t have happened. The problem is nobody wants to appear to be the one causing a problem, so everyone tries to shirk the responsibility…and when a little child is beside a parent, the parent needs to act a little MORE responsible, a little more cautious, a little more polite – or what kind of a lesson are they teaching the child? Fighting on planes is OK, kicking seats or making tons of noise is OK, and being a bitch because someone else is being a bitch is OK?

      • Kai

        It’s not clear if the reclined seat was affecting the noisy child or if that’s just a (possibly petty) counter-complaint the people in the back row lodged to spite the people in the front row for their complaint.

        I wonder if the fight escalated and broke out not because of the complaints themselves but because of the tones used and responses received. Look at cS, where a lot of vitriolic grudge-matches break out not because of the content of what is said but beause of the perceived tones of voice.

        How did the people in the front express their complaint about the noisy kid? Were the parents trying their best and the people in front expressed their complaint in a way that didn’t recognize that the parents were already trying? Did the people in front voice their complaint in a fair and reasonable manner but the parent retorted in a dismissive manner? Was it influenced by the parent possibly being at his/her wits end as well due to the noisy kid? Someone, someone had to have made it personal or others come across as being unreasonable or inconsiderate.

        Something broke down and the behavior of both sides is pretty deplorable, unless it turns out that the people in front out of nowhere laid a spiteful hand on the kid and the parents instinctively mama bear’d it.

        • Rick in China

          It’s not clear if the reclined seat was affecting the noisy child or if that’s just a (possibly petty) counter-complaint

          The article and the ‘quotes’ said: “while the passengers behind felt those in front had reclined their seats affecting their leg space” type comments. All I have to go on is that. My point is, regardless, if it truly was a child, then there would be no effect on a child’s legspace (unless the ‘child’ referenced is 6’+, which here…..could absolutely be the case)

          Both of our comments exhibit lots of “if”. Of course we can’t know the entirety of the situation, my comment is simply based on a realistic assumption — people in front recline their seat, people in back have a noisy child (or manchild), people in front say ‘shut the fuck up’, people in back say ‘fuck you, un-recline your seats!’ etc. Result: fight. Where apparently some lady is either being smashed up against the ceiling or getting leverage for a stomp-down.

          It’s awesome regardless. That’s why it’s ‘news’.

          • Kai

            Right, I’m just pointing out that the “their” in that sentence (and original Chinese) may not necessarily refer to the child being affected but may refer to the parent issuing the counter-complaint itself being affected. That would impact our speculations about the child’s age and length of legs.

            Both of us agree that somewhere someone behaved unreasonably and the result is what we see.

            While I disagree that simply being amused by something makes something objectively “news”, I’m not going to begrudge you your awe, lol.

        • Teacher in China

          My wife got into a heated argument with a worker at a local grocery store once and got really angry at her. Afterwards, when I asked her what had happened, she said the worker had treated her like she was some kind of farmer or something. I’ve mentioned in the past here that my wife’s family all indeed grew up in a small farming village, so this kind of reaction from people touches a nerve deep in her that sets her off. I wonder how many fights we see in China, especially among the newly rich or newly middle class, are due to something similar.

          • Kai

            Being called a farmer almost invariably insinuates ignorance and unsophistication. Did your wife ever explain how the worker treater her like a farmer?

            I guess the only silver lining in it is that people desperately want to be better than farmers/peasants. That’s better than Mao’s glory days of holding up the peasant as the ideal.

          • Teacher in China

            She didn’t really explain. She said that it was in the tone of her voice and the kinds of words she used, my wife felt like the worker was treating her like an ignorant farmer (which we have a lot of in this town).

          • Kai

            Yeah, I can imagine that.

            To be humorously honest for a moment, you ever see your wife (or a girlfriend) get into a physical fight? Is there something abnormally wrong with me for being really curious about what my girl/lady/woman is like when she throws down? Of course, ideally when she has legitimate cause and not over something silly, but I’ve always wanted to know what would trigger her to physically fight and how’d she hold her own.

            *fingers together, eyes narrow*

  • Zebadee

    China needs to build another Great Wall surrounding the country to keep these people inside permanently to protect the rest of the civilized world.
    Many hotels in London and Paris now refuse to accommodate Chinese tourists simply because of their animalistic behavior. even though Chinese tourists spend the money, the hotels become noisy, dirty, and their reputations in ruin, not to mention the police getting tired of being called out three or four times a night to deal with the same old unruly behavior.

    • Feiniaozy

      I thought you were a joke at first glimpse. Then after a sec: yeah, what a brilliant idea to build this new Great Wall to keep out foreign losers, drug dealers, terrorists and idiots like you.

    • Kai

      Since most of the world is more similar to China than the “civilized world”, it would be more cost-effective for the “civilized world” to build a Great Wall to keep the rest (and majority) of the world out.

      Oh wait, they’re called visas.

      Really, however valid it is to accuse Chinese tourists in general of being at least “underwhelming”, do you guys even hear yourselves when you blindly invoke “the rest of the civilized world” as if the the world barring China were all first-world developed nations with impeccably well-behaved populaces?

      I mean, don’t you guys hesitate at all when making such a remark? It seems so completely lacking in proper or honest perspective to me.

      • Sum Ting Wong

        Well said. I love how funny these people are with their moral high ground. When the truth comes out when a lot of them go abroad, it’s even funnier to watch.

  • Rick in China

    Oh. Speaking of reclining seats! The coach seats on a flight I recently took ChengduBeijing didn’t just recline, but kinda recline/tilted the entire base of the seat in a way that was much, much better than a typical recline. I didn’t note the model of the plane, but for coach, it was actually quite good – and the seat reclining in front didn’t have as much affect either, it was good.

    • Kai

      Oh, I’ve experienced those too. Yeah, the base of the seat slides forward a bit, right? It offers a much better recline. I forgot if it was Spring Airlines or something, but there was a plane where the seats didn’t recline at all and you just had to doze with your head constantly dropping the entire time. Brought back memories of being sleep-deprived in high school.

      That’s a form of torture in of itself.

      • Rick in China

        It kinda slides forward yah – I think it’s more of a tilt & slide together, whatever it is, the shape it creates is much better than a normal tilt as well as it doesn’t require as much tilt to get the ’tilting sensation’, so the occupant is happier as well as it ends up having less impact to the seat behind you, imo that’s the perfect win-win. I always felt guilty as fuck recilning a seat in an airplane knowing how cramped legroom was already and often didn’t, unless I evaluated the person behind me as not ending up affected by the recline.

        WTF is “Spring Airlines”? Never experienced it….what country? That sounds terrible.

        • hess

          Spring Airlines is Chinas Ryanair, except not as crappy.

          • Zappa Frank

            at least rayanair don’t usually delay as much as spring airlines, I’ve waited 1h in the airport and 2h on the plane

          • hess

            Thats a total of 3 hours.. I’ve had an 18 hour delay with SAS and a 24 hour one with Finnair, does that make them worse than Ryanair?

          • Zappa Frank

            No, but considering that Ryanair and Spring Airlines are on the same level the one that delay more is worse. With spring airlines delays are normal while I don’t recall Ryanair to be that bad about it.

        • Kai

          春秋 Spring AIrlines is probably China’s most famous budget airline/low-cost carrier. I know what seats you’re referring to. Agree with your sentiments!

      • Zappa Frank

        yes it’s spring airlines, I’ve been told the worst of china…

    • biggj

      I hope these never get put into planes. Imagine a 15 hour flight in that.

  • diverdude7

    helluva a lot better than the in-flight film…

  • Kai

    I agree violence should be a last resort but not necessarily only in life and death situations. I agree that the parenting skills of a lot of Chinese parents leaves much to be desired, but I’m hesitant to go down the path of looking for racial/Chinese-vs-non-Chinese reasons for it.

    The reason is because there isn’t that much correlation. After we get past misleading vividness, I remember a lot of Chinese parents who exhibited perfectly fine parenting skills and a lot of non-Chinese parents who haven’t. These people are certainly shaped by their environment and there are certainly differences in environment between some places and others, but the generalizations aspired for are too much of a reach and too loaded with unintended implications. Bad parenting should be criticized as bad parenting, not as a consequence of race, nationality, or ethnicity. That just distracts from the issue.

    We want to shame undesirable parenting methods or habits, because that does have a chance of modifying future consciousness and behavior. We don’t want to escalate it into some sort of blame game, because that’s just self-serving, nothing more than a sublimated way of reinforcing our own egos at the expense of others.

    • HumanWorm

      Hi Kai. It’s an interesting debate. Reading your reply reminds me of so many similar defensive ripostes from Chinese over the years as they scurry to try and create some kind of cross-national parity and level the playing-field.. It’s a kind of defensive psychopathology. For the incontrovertible truth remains that there is causality not merely correlation between the world of laissez-faire expediency which is the Middle Kingdom, and other arenas where absolute values of moral right and wrong still manage – however tenuously – to hold sway. It is simply a kind of self-delusion to dismiss the socio-genesis of stories such as the little two-year-old being repeatedly run over by the van driver to ensure her death because the reason, the motive for him to do that is exclusively Chinese. It is driven, as you must know, by Chinese traffic law and the threat of a 700k RMB fine, the lack of decent insurance etc, exclusively China-based realities.Ditto countless other cases, you can take your pick, from teachers reinstated after paying blood money, to killer children exiled to northern wastelands to avoid accountability (to name but a few off the top of my head) and the all-pervasive fear of loss of face, on it goes. The denial of causal relationships between collective values hierarchies, their social norms and distinctives is really rather silly. Seems you have an axe of some kind to grind. Good parenting should indeed be praised, as I did in my post when I clearly praised the the mainland mother. On the other hand, bad parenting, I agree, should be criticised as bad parenting and all its drivers – ethnic, cultural, socio-economic, historical, political, psychological, spiritual – every influencing aspect should be named without playing the PC game. Anything less is mere sophistry.

      • Alex Dương

        You talk about “ethnic, cultural, socio-economic, historical, political, psychological, spiritual” drivers. In short, you think bad parenting on the part of Chinese is deeply ingrained. But the examples of bad behavior that you give all seem to stem from what you described as “laissez-faire expediency,” and 700K RMB fines are a fairly recent thing.

      • Kai

        I disagree with your attempt to justify escalation of criticism into generalized blame. As I wrote:

        These people are certainly shaped by their environment and there are certainly differences in environment between some places and others, the generalizations aspired for are too much of a reach and too loaded with unintended implications.

        Feel free to discuss the “ethnic, cultural, socio-economic, historical, political, psychological, spiritual – every influence aspect” as long as you can do so avoiding reaching generalizations loaded with unintended implications.

        My “hesitation” with doing so is because I see repeatedly how hard that is for people to do. More power to those who can but I want people to consider if they’re really doing that or if they are merely and conveniently reinforcing their own egos at the expense of others through intellectual laziness. To discount such a phenomenon would be as ignorant as discounting that there are larger societal/environmental influences.

        And note that I never discounted larger societal/environmental influences. That’s the non-bolded part of my above quotation of myself.

        “Sophistry” therfore would be the straw-man argument your entire response boils down to. I had a very specific point articulated in a very specific manner with very specific qualifiers. Please don’t pervert it and then accuse me of things I’m not saying. I expressed a concern about reckless finger-pointing at “race, nationality, ethnicity” being unconstructive and in turn you insinuated that I had a “defensive psychopathology” that reminds you of “scurrying” Chinese “with an axe to grind”.

  • Small twon

    Is she doing fly kick ? I heard south style kung fu focus on the hand movement and north style kung fu is all about kick.

  • biggj

    That is funny as fuck man. hahaa

  • Poodle Tooth

    If you want a kid to shut up, address the kid, not the parents.

    • biggj

      That would cause more outrage. haha

      • Kai

        Hah, of course it depends on how you do it. If you bitchslap the kid upside the head, yeah, of course, but I imagine there are some ways you can engage the kid in a friendly manner with the goal of getting them to cease whatever it is they’re doing that is bothering you. It could work out well because addressing the parent often puts the parent into a defensive position, where they feel you are accusing them of some shortcoming (which they may be guilty of, or which they may feel is somewhat unfair because they are just as exasperated and perhaps even publicly embarrassed that they can’t get their kid to behave).

        Approach means everything in this.

        With little crying babies, you could try cooing them. Make silly faces, lightly tickle them, try to comfort them, and most parents will think you’re just taking a friendly interest in their baby without thinking you’re trying to distract the kid from continuing to wail.

        With toddlers and smaller children, distraction methods still work, like giving them some sort of toy or novelty. If they can speak, you can try reasoning with them in a friendly manner, like “auntie is so tired because she’s been doing all these things, so will you be a nice little boy and try to be very quiet so auntie can sleep?”

        Often pairing this with a polite smile or even understanding look for the parent helps as well, so they feel recognized and perhaps empathized with rather than subverted or circumvented.

        • biggj

          Of course it depends how you do it. In this particular situation with these particular people…addressing the child would not have change the situation much. The younger woman does not seem like the” cooing babies type”. It would have went to shit either way. Normal, reasonable people do not act like this….over something so stupid.

          The approach you described is what normal humans would have done…or at least one option to use.

  • Xman2014

    A Chinese passenger opens the emergency door while the plane is on the runway, triggering the airbag slide to deploy. He said he wanted to get some fresh air.

    lol.. you can’t make this up. Not just rudeness, but also add stupidity to the list of incidents.

  • Irvin

    How come these shit never happens when I fly? It’s always the boring in flight movies, just once I would like some live kungfu action.

    • KamikaziPilot

      Same here, guess we’re just unlucky :(

  • jin

    That’s not funny and disrespectful

  • Dolph Grunt

    “This fucking kung fu is impressive, she even flew into the air.”

    Was exactly my thoughts

  • Foreign Devil

    Gives new meaning to “Snakes on a Plane”.

  • Karze

    Many of the Chinese act like a barbarian.

  • jaded

    Should be a minimum age requirement for boarding. Never understood parents taking a toddler with them on a plane. Too much trouble/noise. Also if you’re going on a trip, the baby wont remember the trip cos its too young.

    Leave the kid with auntie or grandma!

  • jaded

    Dont think parents should take their toddlers on board a plane if they can help it. Too much trouble and strife and of course crying. And if they’re going on a trip, the baby wont remember it so why bother?

    Leave them with auntie or grandma!

  • YoungVolcanos

    How meta.

  • hana

    Those who complain about babies are mostly always people who still
    didn’t have a baby themself. Sometimes even if you fulfill the wish of
    a baby they will still cry.
    If I had to be honest, they truly
    can be a pain in the ass sometimes. But hey, we all were babies once so
    bear with it and move on! Listen to music, watch a movie, or whatever
    you want.
    A baby can sometimes be annoying for the parent as well
    and it’s sometimes embarassing for the parent when they don’t stop
    crying and you can feel everyone’s stare and then these idiots even have
    to complain about it and make it worse! Have some respect for parents
    because it can be a big challenge to be one here and then.
    (note: I don’t have a kid yet and probably never will)

    • vincent_t

      I am very tolerant on kids but it gets on my nerve when the kids behavior are clearly disturbing others but the parents choose to ignore it. I would bet the passengers were not mad at the kids, but instead at the parents who have no empathy and failed to discipline their own kids.

  • Karze

    Chinese have lot to learn the ways of the world after dark period of Maoist culture.

  • Xio Gen

    I think kids under 5 should be banned from international flights. They should have airlines specifically for families. Any parent who refuses must take a parenting class on how to shut your kid up. Also, those special ear plugs that prevent your ears from popping should be handed out for free so there’s no excuse.

  • Brido227

    Of course, a plane to Hong Kong can only possibly be full of mainland Chinese…

  • jianfei