College Girl Covers Chinese Artist’s Naked Body with Hickeys

Chinese performance artist Kang Yi criticizing attitudes toward love in modern Chinese society.

Chinese performance artist Kang Yi criticizing attitudes toward love in modern Chinese society.

From Fetion:

Hickeys all over naked guy: Hardcore! Female college students leave hundreds of hickeys on naked guy

He is almost completely naked, with some tree roots tied to his hair hanging down to his ankles, both hands bound to a wooden pile stretched open, standing in a cross, with roasted chickens hanging off both ends of the wooden pole and his private parts; She silently leaves hundreds of hickeys on his chest, abdomen, and arms. He says this is performance art, to criticize today’s attitudes towards love that seek only pleasure without taking responsibility.

[Above] At around 12 noon on 2012 December 22, in a Xiaozhou Village auditorium in Haizhu district of Guangzhou, performance artist Kang Yi staged this performance art of receiving hickeys all over his nearly nude body. After about one and half hours, the girl picked up three basins of water that were in front of the stage, and splashed them on Kang Yi’s body, his shivering with cold ending this piece of performance art early when it was originally planned to continue for two and a half hours.

Chinese performance artist Kang Yi criticizing attitudes toward love in modern Chinese society.

The girl leaving the hickeys is Miss Liu, a second-year art student at a certain Hunan province art college, who was invited to perform this piece of performance art with Kang Yi. She says the hickeys were “sucked out one by one”, that originally she was to leave 1000 hickeys, but because the weather was too cold, they had to end it early. As an art student, she strongly supports the idea that Kang Yi wants to express, believing that people should “pursue pure love”.

Chinese performance artist Kang Yi criticizing attitudes toward love in modern Chinese society.

Kang Yi claims the tree roots on his hair represent the elapse of time, the baked chicken symbolizing women, while the act of leaving hickeys is an expression of sexual/carnal desire, the entire process conveying “a criticism of the messy and twisted values toward love”. The reason for choosing to end with being splashed with water is because the weather is rather cold, “there is inevitably some reaction to contact from a female’s body”, so splashing water represents “having to make a decision between ice and fire, between desire and abstinence”. Through this piece of work, he calls for today’s young men and women to seek the true love of Chinese tradition.

Chinese performance artist Kang Yi criticizing attitudes toward love in modern Chinese society.

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This piece of performance art drew a crowd of onlookers. Most of them said they “don’t know what he’s trying to say”. After being told what the intention of the artist is, Miss Jin thinks this is just “what one tells oneself” [one’s own interpretation or rationalization], also suggesting that “art meant for the public ought to be easily understood by everyone before it can be popular and spread its message”.

Comments on Fetion:


Damn! Vomit, maybe if he were handsome, but [when he’s] this ugly.

蒋小姐: (responding to above)

I’m disgusted just looking at the pictures.

郑苹: (responding to 王小扬)

There are more and more deviant/perverse things these days.


Can you really kiss [this kind of ugly naked guy]?


Taking ignorance as art.


Who would still want this girl?


Pathetic much? What an empty expression/performance!


Stupid! That’s art? Should be stopped/censored…


Truly TMD disgusting…


This is our countrymen’s so-called art.


The roasted chicken represents women, faint!


[China] is becoming more and more like Japan.


Detrimental to public morals!


What is this woman thinking? Art??? Humph! Trash…


Using [the guise of] art to do something crazy [ridiculous], you sure are niubi.


Dammit, everything is art now, and representing women as chickens, he should be hung on a cross to be kissed.


These are two dogs without humanity.


So stupid! Talk about having nothing better to do? Think of your parents and go to do something more meaningful, what a waste of all that education…


Only he knows what this is about.


For a publicity stunt, doesn’t know shame.




What the hell is this… So hanging some roasted chicken and not wearing clothes can represent love? Fuck! I have no idea what this is about!


Only by seeing clearly can one not lose their way in the future!


“He says this is performance art, to criticize today’s attitudes towards love that seek only pleasure without taking responsibility.”
Firstly, courage is good.
Secondly, what attitude towards love is he referring to?
Thirdly, is that girl his girlfriend or a girlfriend he wants to marry? If not, would the girl’s kisses be contradictory to the idea/concept he’s trying to express?
Fourthly, I’m still in support of performance art. However, it seems many performance art is just the art of men and women taking off their clothes, perhaps to express the cleansing of people’s spirits.
I had a dirty thought there.
A thousand readers have a thousand Hamlets [interpretations], I am just one of them.

丿萍凡丶生活 灬:

What can this change? And how many people can change?


Vomit. A profanity of art.


I agree with the artist’s point of view. This kind of attention-grabbing method really attracts eyeballs. Only this kind of thing can maximize the spread of a message… The explanation is also very well done… I support him.


No medicine can save this one. I’m just confused, why didn’t the apocalypse come? People like this truly ought to return to the furnace [be remade].

What do you think? Roasted chickens?

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  • r


  • Chat2Arseholes

    Wow what an interesting article.

  • Kate

    The only feeling this aspires me to is disgust. I mean she sucked his skin, one hickey at a time….thats a lot of dead skin cells, hair, skin mites, dirt, and sweat she was sucking on. And he doesn’t look like he showered before that ether.,,,,,,

    • HymietownHero

      You must not get down to much lovemaking. All those filthy, dead skin cells, rubbing off on one another! And saliva, full of bacteria and who knows what else, being exchanged! Touching each other’s gross, greasy skin… who can tolerate such deviance from Blessed Sterility?

      • A guy
        • aerinmeister

          Oh, I walked in on my ex-fiance using my toothbrush once… He was shocked that I would be bothered by that.

      • Kate

        I’m a virgin ^_^♥

        • dim mak

          No you’re not we already saw your spawn

          • Kate

            No freakin duh. I made a joke which you took seriously and she isn’t a spawn, she is a baby, you jackass.

          • dim mak

            it’s a joke dear
            there’s nothing wrong with spawning

        • BlackSugarDaddy

          You are a virgin, rectally or orally ?

          • starsky

            show sum respect to da whyt woman!

          • Kate


          • mr.wiener


          • Gay Azn Boi


    • mr.wiener

      As an English friend complained to me about his girlfriend: ” I must have swapped spit with her for 2 hours before we got home, then She begged me to lick her all over, complained when I didn’t go down on her for long enough and even demanded that suck on her chocolate starfish…..Then the following morning she cracked the shits with me because I drank directly from the milk bottle out of the fridge.”
      …..well considering where his mouth had been.

      • A guy


    • vincent

      I just lost my appetite -.-“

  • HymietownHero

    At this point, no one should be surprised by the general reactions expressed in the translated Netizen comments. In fact, I think it is that precise reaction of incomprehension, disgust, and moral repulsion that the artist was specifically targeting. There is an overriding current in Chinese mainstream culture that sex should be hidden, not discussed, and certainly never portrayed. We’ve all seen or heard such comments like the above directed towards any art involving nudity or sex. Too much “moral” censorship in Chinese society has left people with contradictory feelings about their own desires and drives.

    • Kate

      But with as many chinese in the world as there is (1 in 5 babies are born there) and prostitution dens and the culture of mistresses they can’t that crap too much. Or is it that they only say they do (pretending to be virginal, innocent flowers) while their actions are most opposite of their words?

      • ASDF

        I say we all walk around nude in public to truthfully express how we act in our bedrooms. Anyone who refuses is a hypocrite whose actions are most opposite of their words. Anyone who tries to arrest us is contradicting his own desires and violating our freedom by enforcing moral censorship.

        • A guy

          I say we dangle chickens off ASDF and let lions give him hickeys.

          • mr.wiener

            Now that would be art.

          • ASDF

            Thanks captain obvious. We all know anything criticized by Chinese mainlanders is indisputably moral and artistic.

          • A guy

            Ohh lay off it you turd. You are as bad as a fox news pundit. The lame stream world media keeps me down. If anything the rest of the world gives Chinese opinions this undeserved orientalist mystic/rustic/common sense/enlightened/un-materialistic/aged weight of wisdom. I take Chinese opinions the same as any other. This same shit happened in the US in the 60’s if I recall with the exact same reactions. Back then some of the time it was really just bad art and sometimes was good, but the fight was against censorship. Now people do this stuff and most people go I don’t get it, and the art community says “seen it”.

            PS: I don’t really want you killed I’m just having fun.

          • Guest

            Yeah, and the art community has always said “seen it,” because everything has basically already been done. Pretty much every work of art is either a still life, a landscape, a portrait, nonobjective, or a performance piece. In my opinion, that doesn’t mean people like this dude should avoid making art, just because

          • A guy

            He should still make art if it’s good. Performance art can be good still, but this style of over the top gross out art is not worth it if it isn’t original and speaking to a definite problem in society.

          • aerinmeister

            It’s still good to see people creating, even if it’s not appreciated by everyone. This might not be the most successful work of art ever produced but at least the guy’s coming up with ideas.

          • Guest

            Yeah, and the art community has always said “seen it,” because
            everything has basically already been done. Pretty much every work of
            art is either a still life, a landscape, a portrait, nonobjective, or a
            performance piece. In my opinion, that doesn’t mean people like this
            dude should avoid making art, just because someone else did something similar. He has a fresh audience and a concept that he thinks is important–maybe he’ll get some people to think twice about issues of love and physical intimacy, and maybe not. But it’s good to see people who are passionate about something, either way. :)

          • mr.wiener

            No I was thinking more along the lines of a Chinese artist [not necessarily your good self] walking down the street half naked with roasted chickens being attached to his arms and being attacked by lions.
            The meaning would be too clearly an attack on the state however, so I doubt it would get passed the state censors…..that and the problem of only being able to do it once :P

          • ASDF

            Dude if the Chinese state gets involved then he’ll become an instant noble peace laureate, superhero, international sensation, and symbol of democracy. Memorial statues of lions attacking his naked, chicken covered body will be erected in parks and universities all across the western world.

          • mr.wiener

            Too bad he’s not blind as well then.

          • ASDF


          • Kai

            Nah, that’s only kinda true if he gets really critical and vocal of the Chinese government like AWW. This guy is just advocating a return to “traditional” “Chinese” ideals of love, hardly something the Chinese government feels threatened by, even if people might think his “artistic expression” of it is not exactly tasteful. His best chance of being remembered is being associated with roasted chickens.

          • Germandude

            Come to think about it. The guys that made the show “Jackass” were true artists as well.

          • “Now that would be SMart”

            Fixed it for you. Do I have to do everything around here?

          • ASDF

            I agree. There is also an overriding current in Chinese mainstream culture that violence should be hidden, not discussed, and certainly never portrayed. Having myself torn up by lions in public will definitely improve Chinese society.

          • A guy

            You are right you being torn apart would be good for China, nay the world.

          • ASDF

            Are you playing along with my sarcasm or do you actually think im serious…..

          • A guy


          • mr.wiener

            @ starsky ASDF is the second line of letters on your keyboard from left to right.

          • starsky

            wat does ASDF stand for Australian Defense force?

          • It means he has a right hand available to answer the phone, eat Cheetos and pull one off.

      • Germandude

        Kate asking: “Or is it that they only say they do (pretending to be virginal, innocent flowers) while their actions are most opposite of their words?”

        Chinese standard answer (at least towards a foreigner): “No pornography or prostitution in China”.

        • quake

          confucious say “contradictions make you a superpower”

        • donscarletti

          Man, Chinese dudes are overt as hell, even with foreigners. I even get shown pictures (clothed) to go along with their stories. I grew up where it is legal and never saw a quarter of as much as I do here. And some of the girls who do it are HOT, the old dude who lived next door to me when I lived in Apple Community had some little 20 year old hottie in a purple miniskirt knock on his door, I walked past and was thinking, man, if I worked with a girl like that, I wouldn’t have the courage to ask her name, and he gets to stick his dick into her, just like that. I would happily pay ¥2000 or whatever it costs for that, but for the principle.

          • Germandude

            Sir, resisting in such a case is an art by itself. I actually just said that to make me feel like an artist ;-)

    • fabulous

      I agree.
      I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to get a girl to kiss me all over, only to be shot down by the overriding currents of mainstream Chinese culture.
      Thank goodness for art school students.

    • dim mak

      And how does this freakshow help? Start a petition to legalize porn or something, I’d sign it.

    • ASDF

      I agree. Chinese people need to be more open minded about their own bodies. Remember how disgusted Chinese netizens were towards the boy who pooped on the subway? In fact, I think it is that precise reaction of incomprehension, disgust, and moral repulsion that the boy was specifically targeting. There is also an overriding current in Chinese mainstream culture that defecation should be hidden, not discussed, and certainly never portrayed. We’ve all seen or heard such comments like the above directed towards any art involving farting or shitting. Too much “moral” censorship in Chinese society has left people with contradictory feelings about their own digestive system.

      • A guy

        Only you would equate performance art with defecation in a public space.
        I agree that it wasn’t very good and that the reaction of eewww is appropriate, but to put restrictions on art with your own preconceived notions of what is appropriate is a problem. The reactions of disgust are ok, but the calls to censor are wrong. Public defecation is a health hazard, but a few bad performance art pieces are not. One hurts everyone while the other makes you uncomfortable only when you go looking for it.

        I found the artwork to be crass and overly obvious, maybe this kind of thing was interesting in the 60’s when it was done for the first time but now it’s opaque and cliched. Though it did get me to half mast despite how gross the guy was.

        I say we show our comfort with our bodies by shitting in ASDF’s mouth.

        • ASDF

          I don’t think anyone was hurt during the subway shitting incident.The boy was just harmlessly practicing his freedom of expression.

          • A guy

            You are correct. We can all lock arms together and beat off to show how far removed the Chinese populace is from their Moist roots by their disgust, then we can do some SM shit with bearded guys for Confucianism, and then I’ll f&*( a goat for Taoism. Then I will run up to the Politburo standing committee and free their minds with some LSD stickers and letting them run a train on me. After I have shown the Chinese people the truth we will all get naked and live in peace like free men should in real communes where we all vote on how much we want to interfere in other countries domestic matters, and give their islands away to the Japanese.

            Ohh an we will all shit in ASDF’s mouth.

          • only if im the one with the whip, I prefer to give pain and laugh, if other position, no deal, its a suppression of my character and I will feel shackled and wingless, which is the opposite of art.

            Are you really going to defecate in ASDF’s mouth? so deep and philosophical… the art community will be in an uproar, no one will be able to handle such message.

          • A guy

            “Shit in shit out” is what I will title this piece

          • dim mak

            He’s obviously too retarded to understand sarcasm
            Disengage conversation

          • A guy

            He’s right I am. No clue. I just believe anything I’m told. Like when I read Article 3 of the PRC constitution I just know that “all power in the PRC belongs to the people…”

          • A guy

            It is called sanitation. That is the reason the old lady from the last article gets up at 3 in the morning.

          • ASDF

            “College Girl Covers Chinese Artist’s Naked Body with Hickeys”
            sounds completely sanitary to me. Only difference is they didn’t do it in the subway and they were arts students.

          • A guy

            Yep feces in a crowded public space is just as sanitary as two consenting adults not even exchanging bodily fluids in an area where the public comes in by choice and is kept at a distance. That is why tagging with toxic aerosol paints in a closed subway car is just as much safe and art as paintings hanging in the Louver.

      • Alexander

        This chicken guy probably went home and jerked-off five times in a row….

  • dim mak

    Oh joy, shitty post-mo faggotry has infected China

    Naked man with roast chicken dangling from his arms – art

    • samort7


    • “Naked man with DELICIOUS roast chicken dangling from his arms – art”

      There. Fixed it for you. How do you all get along without me?

  • Gay Azn Boi


    • quake

      prepare for the revenge of the heterosexual chinese man as he makes chinese girlFriends and everybody(white black or gay) else in the world lick his arm pits

      • vincent

        I just threw up a little in my mouth…

        • Kai

          Armpits, rich in pheromones?

      • Gay Azn Boi


  • Oh look, more Chinese art gimmicks based on sex.

    • booooooo

      and as if they would not be able to do anything ‘art’ without being naked.

  • XuGe

    In this day and age, anything can pass for “art”. It then becomes more of a what get a strong initial reaction, whenever that it is beautiful, shocking, disgusting, positive or negative. It don’t matter, just trying to gather attention.

    • aerinmeister

      Lots of artists create shocking works because it brings them fame and success. But beyond that, the goal of a lot of artists is to bush the boundaries of what is considered art. My favorite definition of art is that it’s anything with more than purely utilitarian value. According to that statement, everything in my house is art and so is anything that a person thinks is art, even if others don’t agree.

  • I thought I had an open mind.

    • mr.wiener

      Middle age is when your broad mind and narrow waist change places.

      • I better keep riding my bike to work every day so I’ll be narrow minded and waisted? through out the years.

        • mr.wiener

          The waist you can do something about. But eventually you liberal ideas will exit the building and you’ll turn into a crusty old bastard.

          • Gay Azn Boi

            A lot of grumpy old men on cS.

          • mr.wiener

            Guilty as charged M’lud.

  • Germandude

    Honestly, modern art, just like this, is mostly a freak show. If they weren’t allowed to paint silly pictures or doing stunts like this, you could find most of the modern artists in the mental house.

    Where are the modern versions of Rembrandt, Michelangelo, da Vinci and the like?

    I remember during art classes in school, we went to an exhibition and were standing in front of a painting that was 1 meter by 2 meters. The upper third was blue, the middle third was yellow and the lower third was red. Our art teacher (a woman that should have never been allowed to be in a room with 6th graders) asked us to interpret the picture.

    I submitted an empty, white page. She then called me in and asked what this is about. I told her that I am so impressed by the painting that the painting caused emptiness in my mind and that I feel the painting’s intention makes me incapable to impress true feelings because of the way the colors were used.

    I got a fucking F for this stunt… bitch…

    • Justin

      That reminds me of a Kurt Vonnegut character named Rebo Karabekian, who is a fictional abstract expressionist. His most famous work was a giant canvas painted all green with a strip of neon orange tape down one part of it. It was called “The Temptation of St. Anthony”

      • Alexander

        Bluebeard…… a much much better novel than “Breakfast of Champions” which sucked…..

    • mr.wiener

      I liked that German artist who had himself crucified on a trambant better. Hardcore. A+

    • I agree, this age art are not aesthetically pleasing…. its just vague message send in a shocking way and call it art. Its just random things put together and then ask us to intepret it… like Andy Warhol stuff, am I the only one who thinks his art suck? you express ‘ew’ more than ‘wow’ now a days…

      youre quite devious for a 6th grader, to pull that off you must have a good observation, analysis and planning. Didnt manage to fool her but certainly she had a laugh about it with her friends. Well, this would have explain your intelligent debate in here.

      some wine while we sit around appearing classy? I like wine, not so much beer, forgive my transgression.

      • Germandude

        “devious” is a pretty negative word, isn’t it? Honestly, I had to look it up in the dictionary just now, to make sure I get the correct meaning. And no, I wouldn’t call myself “devious”.

        My parents however told me to always question the “shit” that’s thrown at me and not swallowing everything without hesitation. I hated the art teacher from day one, a woman in her 50’s, that dressed up like she just shot her net curtains, cleaned the road with it and somehow managed to cover her body with it. She was an alcoholic too.

        While I feel flattered by your comment about my intelligent debate here, I must certainly warn you: Neither wine, nor beer should be consumed at this early daytime. I do however invite you for a virtual coffee. Not that one day we’ll end up as art teachers ;-)

        • it isnt use in a negative way… like Trickster Gods (Hermes, Eshu for instance…), popular among the people one time, especially Eshu, very lovable =). I’ll take that coffee, black, since its morning.

        • vincent

          The word ‘Devious’ doesn’t necessarily always have negative connotations, it can be used in the form of a compliment too, usually alluding to one’s smartness as well.

          • Kai

            Yeah, it’s synonymous with “clever”, except leaning towards being so in a mischievous way. I’m trying to think of a context where it would clearly be insulting but am having a hard time. Usually if you want to be really negative and offensive in characterizing someone, you’d jump past a word like “devious” for something stronger.

        • It’s not as bad as being called “dishonest”.

          • Germandude

            If I use a translator, the German word for devious is far worse than dishonest.

            Dishonest = simply lying
            Devious = shifty, sneaky, perfidious

            That’s what the dictionary tells me, that’s why I was wondering. I trust you and Gerhana though!

          • I was making a reference to a past post, and now I’m caught with an explanation I don’t want to give.

            Forget it. I’ll drop it now. Can’t remember the kind of argument technique I’m using, but no good will come of it.

      • aerinmeister

        It’s pretty hard to generalize the entire art world that way. There are many philosophies of art-making. Some believe the technique is most important, some believe that art should look like something real, some believe it’s all about communicating a feeling or mood, while others would say it’s all about the use of elements and principles of design. Still others think art means nothing if it doesn’t promote social or political change. Plenty of contemporary artists are making beautiful works of art, but I for one think it’s perfectly okay if they don’t.

        • yes you are right it depends on each individual definition of art which means that it is subjective. I was writing in a stance that arts should be pleasing to the senses (auditory, visual, touch, taste, smell…) because art should be a medium which transport its audience to another place, away from the routine and everyday live…. otherwise its just burdensome, like hearing a man drumming on a trashcan loudly because it represent [insert some meaning…] its artistic and different, but its also burdensome and annoying.

    • Kai

      LoL, that’s awesome. I wonder if you would’ve gotten a better grade if you had instead chosen to write why you saw nothing in it instead of just protesting the assignment. If she gave you an F for not seeing anything in it, then she’d definitely be a bitch, but if she respected your honest opinion, I think that’d reflect well on her as an art teacher.

      • Germandude

        I should’ve gotten a better grade if I had chosen to write that I have seen nothing in it. After all, in the German language lessons you are allowed to actual praise Hitler having been an awesome leader as long as your argumentation can be followed. Teacher’s are not allowed to value the opinion, only the argumenation with which you explain it. The same goes for the art course.
        Honestly I have forgotten to prepare my report regarding mentioned picture (the visit at the exhibition was 1 week, prior to the turn in date of the report) and thought I could come away with it. The F was also only a grade for this part of the course. After all, I finished the semester with a B-.

        • Kai

          LoL, yeah, it’d be really fucked up if teachers graded on opinions. Well, I think that was a clever excuse (or attempt) for simply forgetting your homework. Rock on.

    • A guy
  • Andrew

    Actually, he’s not that ugly at all.

    • Super Bunny

      he is…both of my brothers look better than him, and almost all my neighbor boys…

      • A guy

        The part that gets me is his hair. It looks oily like he hasn’t showered.

  • aerinmeister

    So conceptual art doesn’t seem to be very popular here in China, I see.

    • mr.wiener

      Just not well done…then again it rarely is well done anywhere.

  • Super Bunny

    she should blow him directly instead…

    maybe just two exhibitionism wanna get high in public, at last they only way they can think out is under the name of art…

  • booooo

    sorry i really don’t see any link between roasted chicken and ‘purse pure love’…

    • mr.wiener

      It’s a chicken joke, particularly where the middle bird is hanging.

  • I agree with the Chinese that this is a lame excuse for art, but “perverse?” “Who would want this girl?” “Should be censored?” “A detriment to society?”

    Does anyone in this country have any idea what goes on in this country?

    • icarusty

      you obviously do white man. pray tell

      • His comment was insightful and has nothing to do with race. So why do you have to be racially divisive about it?

        • icarusty

          Because everything white men re: China say, whether overt or implied, has racial connotations in it. As for insighful – read condescending.

          • That’s a load of rubbish and you know it. Anyone can comment on China without inserting race into the mix, which is precisely what Sean did. The onus is on you to read the message without regard to the messenger, otherwise you’re just too lazy to read through your own bigotry.

          • YahLey pretty much summed up what I meant, but in a mocking and fanatical way, and mockery and fanaticism is next to credibility, of course.

        • YahLey

          Insightful is a stretch. Are you equally impressed by Berenstein Bears?

          OP attempts to discredit individual Chinese opinions by attributing those people to the others culprits in tabloid news offered readily here on Chinasmack.

          “Chinese think this is perverse? psh, LOOK AT THE ZOO STORY! Disgusting!”
          “Chinese think this should be censored? Oppressed SHEEPLE!! YOU AHVE NO IDEA WHAT WE KNOW!!”
          to infinity and beyond. To the limits of our imagination

          • I said insightful, not mind-blowing. I am not impressed by every insight that I read. However, I am even less impressed by your argument. You attempt to insert a motive that is far beyond the scope of his post. And as for the Berenstain Bears comment, do you have a problem with the Berenstain Bears?

          • YahLey

            My bad, I guess what you’re saying is we’re both on the same page that you find foolishness insightful.

            Sean basically says Chinese internet users shouldn’t have a few minutes for an opinion on obscene performance art because they’re already too ignorant of their own domestic issues. These are the same ranks of bloggers spreading awareness on the inter webs to promote change. Insightful? No, ignorant.

          • The performance art in the article reflects maladies in the culture, which the bloggers failed to notice. It is insightful for a cultural outsider to see what the average blogger in China does not. The bloggers are ignorant in this instance, either of their own culture, or of performance art. That said, some performance art can be distasteful or insensitive, but the measure of art is not how much you like or agree with it. Instead of criticizing the content, the bloggers criticized the subject matter. It follows that either they did not understand the content, and are ignorant of the culture, or they do not understand performance art, and are ignorant of art. Both may also be true.

          • YahLey

            Again nothing you says changes the fundamental message of Sean’s comment. You have taken the liberty to delve into some personal “insights” from his ignorant comment. Are we still talking about the original post or are am I dragged into your flight of fancy. You seem to have a lot to say on Sean’s behalf.

            “The performance art in the article reflects maladies in the culture, which the bloggers failed to notice.”

            Ultimately it seems you respect this kind of art more than I or the average Chinese blogger does. It seems we agree that the average Chinese blogger isn’t able to make the leap of faith from seeing a naked man wearing fried chicken getting hickies to going into deep cultural self-reflection. To each our own.

            “It is insightful for a cultural outsider to see what the average blogger in China does not.” You will indeed find a lot of ignorance to culture as a whole in a singular thread on this naked man wearing fried chicken. You’ve found a home here.

          • Frankly, YahLey, you are trolling on the issue of what I find insightful, whereas I am the sole arbitrator of that. I have explained my thoughts, although I didn’t need to, and you’ve exposed that you don’t know anything about art. As for speaking on Sean’s behalf, I am not. Sean can explain for himself. However, it is inexcusable to drag this conversation on further without even understanding what an insight is, or what prerequisites must be met for a comment to be found insightful to a person who didn’t make it. At this point, the conversation is over, as you clearly have nothing to say.

          • YahLey

            You’re right I am basically trolling you at this point.
            We already agree we hold the word insightful in different regard. (I never got praise growing up).
            I projected my then state of angst toward you. In retrospect this entire convo has done nothing but create more of it. Hope you can excuse the rudeness, it was my first few days on Chinasmack.


  • Daniel Tynan

    I went to animation school because it is way more practical than art school. Though I sure did miss out on all those kooky hot art girls you see in regular art school. Animation school was mostly dudes and a few extremely geeky girls.

    • Gay Azn Boi

      Hmm. That reminds me of all the computer science and programming courses I took where the vast majority were filled with dorky virgin guys. Most of the good looking guys were in the arts/music/theatre. Even though I wouldn’t get into those programs myself, I’d still walk by sometimes just to have a glance haha.

  • Madesu

    If this is a performance of art,then what part pointed out its aesthethics value? That
    roasted chickens?
    You’ve gotta be kidding me. :(

  • vincent


    I agree with the artist’s point of view. This kind of attention-grabbing method really attracts eyeballs. Only this kind of thing can maximize the spread of a message… The explanation is also very well done… I support him.

    I wonder what sort of message was put across anyway, seems even the craziest performances will always have an audience that ‘understands’ the message. This is as revolting as that article with sex scandal involving that toad.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    How do I ask this hot girl to perform on me? In my private bedroom?

    • mr.wiener

      You must really like hickeys.

      • YourSupremeCommander

        and OTHER things too!

  • Cleo

    it really just looks like two dirty people “aching to be” special in a world where they are not particularly clever or attractive or rich – but why does this awkward stuff come from China so much – when as the original artisans most stolen from by the West – we should be assured of our artistic heritage

    fyi – Mainlanders – all that modern art stuff is propaganda to manipulate the Germans and Japanese with their ugly office furniture and nihilistic and inappropriate seeping wound national flag – no one actually believes that Yoko Ono is talented or even sensible so please stop adding to the whole Ono-esque body of work that we know as “modern world.”

  • Cleo

    if someone bit me hard enough to leave a mark, I wouldn’t stand still for it – plus that guy looks really dirty – where the hell are you putting your mouth???


      Don’t worry Cleo I don’t think anyone in their right mind will ever want to put their lips to your body.

  • Alexander

    Choking chicken?

  • PirloWong

    is it art? the man wanna get fame and fortunes. he wanna be known. but the stupid girls are really shit.

  • bjkid

    i have no problem with public nudity, but that body is hideous get a haircut, and go to a gym once a week for gods sake!!

  • Kim Jung iLL

    welcome to China.

  • Jax

    They call this art???or more like a 10 mins of fame..i have no words…..

  • icarusty

    its obvious this guy cant get pussy, so he resorts to “art” to get a hot midget chick to carry out his fantasies…

  • linette lee

    This is really ugly. The only impression I can think of is the word ugly. This guy looks like he has really bad hygiene. So disgusting.

    Why is it so hard for some people to groom themselves nicely? All you need is warm water, soap, toothpaste, mouth wash, toothbrush, scissors, razor, nail clipper, cotton tip. and a comb. All this for only $10 buck. Why so hard for some people? You can get some cologne too if you want more fancy.

    There should be a class that teach students how to maintain good hygiene annually in school.

    • icarusty

      er no… some things just shouldn’t be taught in school. personal hygiene for example, is the responsibility of the parents to instil in kids at a young age.

  • lonetrey / Dan

    Boring. Sure, people can call it art.

    I just find this piece boring.

  • Exman

    Man I love reading the comments of all you fucking ignorant fools. You say this isn’t art… you are an uneducated ignorant fuck. Art in it’s purest form is expression through creation. Depending on how you want to express you can show beauty or revulsion, simplicity or skill, all corresponding towards what you are trying to show. So please, shut the fuck up if you know nothing. Conservative fuckwits. All of you are expressing ignorance and stubbornness.

  • wahyu

    what the art names is? Naked man with roast chicken dangling from his arms

    but thats looks different..