Football Brawl: Beijing Guo An vs. Singapore Young Lions

Beijing Guo An players fighting Singapore Young Lions players.

From Mop:

The essence of Chinese kung-fu fully embodied in the bull charging Guo An secondary team

September 8th, during a match last night in the Singapore Professional League, a players brawl broke out between the Beijing Guo An secondary team and the opposing Young Lions team, causing the game to be ended early. Details below:

Last night at the Jalan Besar stadium during a Singapore Professional Football League match, a player brawl incident between both the Beijing Guo An team and the Young Lions team occurred, causing the game to be ended by the referee. The Football Association of Singapore has already gotten involved, initiating an investigation into this rare incident of violence on the pitch.

This is the first brawl between players to occur this year in the Singapore League. At the 89th minute of last night’s match between the Beijing Guo An team and Young Lions, for unknown reasons, the two sides suddenly clashed.

Belligerence was already present in the first half, and in the second half, both sides’ actions became increasingly rough. At the 88th minute, with the score at 1:1, the Beijing Guo An team’s 5 players suddenly surrounded one of the Young Lions players. Then, players from both teams rushed the field, beating each other up in one big mess.

Upon seeing this, many security and staff immediately rushed onto the field attempting to prevent the situation from worsening. Only after 5 minutes of effort were both sides finally separated, with many people already bleeding and wounded, and even a player needing to be carried out off the field on a stretcher.

Due to the break out of violence on the pitch, the head referee had no choice but to announce the end of the match.

In response to this fighting incident, a Singapore Football Association spokesperson said: “The football association will review replays of the match to find the cause of the incident. The football association takes this brawl incident seriously, will investigate, and severely deal with the perpetrators.”

Before this match between Beijing Guo An and the Young Lions was stopped, the score was 1:1, with Beijing Guo An forward Zhang Ye and Young Lions rear Afiq Yunos scoring goals at the 48th and 88th minutes. Before this match, the Young Lions’ record in the Singapore League was 9 wins, 9 losses, 32 scored goals, 33 missed goals, with 36 points in 7th place. Beijing Guo An’s record was 9 wins, 4 ties, and 14 losses, 24 scored goals, and 37 missed goals, with 31 points in 9th place.

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Comments from Mop:


I can’t even tell who is who. Brothers, if you want to learn kung-fu, join the national football team.


Fuck, this is [what] Chinese football [is like]. Embarrassing!~


Could they [the players] all have come from city manager [chengguan] backgrounds?


Beat those Southeast Asian dark monkeys, even to death is fine, it’s not like Singapore is anything good either.


We must admire them. Even after playing for 90 minutes, they still have the energy to fight so fiercely.


I like Chinese football, because it brings me endless amusement.


Some of you people, when our people are attacked by others and don’t fight back, you guys say Chinese people are hopeless. Now, when we join together to fight outsiders, you guys say we have no characters. That their play is bad is true, but no matter how bad, we can’t allow ourselves to be attacked, so Guo An handled this incident PL [漂亮, piào liɑng]. NB Singapore, it is nothing special, remember “ecology city”? They went back on their word/failed to live up to their promises.


Oh great national [Chinese] football, never willing to lose to others no matter what. Even if we don’t make many goals, our fighting ability is definitely world class.


Haha, so amusing. This bunch of niubis, losing face abroad!


If it were an Indonesian or Philippine football team, I would support them being even more vicious, but for Singapore it is enough.

Most of the comments criticize Beijing Guo An. Ridiculing Chinese football is a favorite activity of many Chinese netizens.

Endless amusement. chinaSMACK personals.


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