Gan Lulu’s Mother Attacks Her On “Lady Gua Gua” Talk Show

Chinese actress, model, and internet celebrity with her mother on variety talk show "Lady Gua Gua".

Chinese actress, model, and internet celebrity with her mother on variety talk show "Lady Gua Gua".

《Lady呱呱》 [“Lady Gua Gua”] is a well-known Chinese variety talk show hosted by four “beautiful” female hosts who invite various people and personalities of current interest onto the show and often involve controversial questions and discussions. For example, well-known internet celebrity Sister Feng has been a guest on the show before.

Recently, the show hosted actress and model Gan Lulu and her mother, whom we reported about in February when they caught the attention of many Chinese netizens after the mother uploaded a video onto the internet hoping to help her daughter find a potential husband. Why did this video get so much attention? Because the mother filmed her daughter Gan Lulu naked after taking a shower. At that time, after netizens criticized the mother, the mother-daughter pair recorded another online video defending themselves, with Gan Lulu tearfully begging netizens not to attack her mother and that she only meant well.

Two video clips recently uploaded onto popular Chinese video sharing website Youku by the “Lady Gua Gua” show itself quickly became viral. The first video is titled “Mother reveals that Gan Lulu “had sex” when she was 1-year-old“. After 3 days, it received over 1.7 million views, 20k downvotes, and 1900 comments over 65 pages:

In the above video, Gan Lulu’s mother tells a story about when Gan Lulu was not yet a 1-year-old baby. Back then, her parents had her sleep with them in the same room. Gan Lulu says it was because they were poor but her mother corrects her and says it is not because they were poor but because that was how it was for everyone back then. Gan Lulu as a baby would sleep on the side and her parents would do what parents/adults do. That summer, around May or June, her parents noticed her on the bed “humping” the bed. Gan Lulu explains she was just copying their “push-up movements”. The mother says that as she and her husband laughed, Gan Lulu just continued intently thrusting or humping the bed. Thereafter, the parents no longer dared have sex in front of her, previously mistakenly believing that Gan Lulu being so young was a “dummy” and would not know what they were doing. The male host at the end says, “So Gan Lulu’s first boyfriend was a bed.”

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What about you? Have you ever witnessed your parents having sex?

Gan Lulu's mother shoves Gan Lulu on the "Lady Gua Gua" Chinese television talk show.

The second video titled “” is even more impressive. Within 3 days, it accumulated over 3.1 million views, 36k downvotes, and 3500 comments over 117 pages:

A copy on YouTube:

Can’t see the above video?

The first thing that can be heard is the mother telling her daughter Gan Lulu to get off [stage], pulling her up and then hitting her on the back. She angrily screams, “What’s the meaning of that/what do you think you’re doing? Motherfucker!” with daughter Gan Lulu immediately turning to the camera crew declaring, “My mother hits me because she loves me,” as she flips her hair back. Her mother immediately shoves her screaming, “Fuck!” Some guys walk between them trying to calm them down as the mother again and repeatedly demands “What’s the meaning of that/what do you think you’re doing?”. It is uncertain why the fight happened or what it is about but it appears Gan Lulu may have said something that angered her mother.

What about you? Have your parents ever physically attacked you (after you have grown up and no longer a child)?

Below are translated Chinese netizen comments and reactions to each of the above videos:

Chinese actress, model, and internet celebrity with her mother on variety talk show "Lady Gua Gua" describing how Gan Lulu learned how to hump when she was less than 1-year-old.

Comments from Youku: (in response to the first video)


Really need to find a black person to come deal with this mother-daughter pair.


These two, probably from the mental hospital, right?


I admit, I watched this video just to look at the dazzling headlights…


What kind of mother you have is what kind of daughter you’ll have, a pair of garbage!


Still wearing too much.


Such huge breast weapons… I didn’t notice anything else.


The mother and daughter are both prostitutes.


Such a trashy show uploaded [onto Youku] affects the next generation’s world view, values, and outlook on life.
Don’t fucking upload anymore. Upload more and I will downvote [your videos] to the bottom…


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This show is such trash, it really knows how to hype itself, the hosts are also disgusting. 吐吐吐


Can anyone figure out where this old woman is from based on her accent? How could there be such a shameless person?


A pair of Henan pigs, garbage!


汗 This show is too melodramatic, no wonder Tian Xin [Tien Hsin, a famous Taiwanese actress and television show host] wouldn’t host any more, how come the government doesn’t stop/forbid this show? 吐


What is this mother trying to do? She’s going too far with the hype [publicity stunts].


Just go to Japan and make AV films. [As for] the old mother pig, I’m speechless! 搞笑


In the future, the girl is going to look like her mother~ such a disgusting mother-daughter pair.


Fuck, she started remembering things when she was 1-year-old, a child prodigy.


Publicity stunt.


A pair of prostitutes simply trying to become famous.

Gan Lulu and her mother fight on the "Lady Gua Gua" variety talk show.

Comments from Youku: (responding to second video)


I got the sofa! This old lady is so vicious, I must admire!!! If they want to get publicity, why not have a mother-daughter strip show? This way the entire country’s viewers will remember you after they finish vomiting.


In this day and age, as long as you don’t care about face [dignity], anything can be yours!


See, this mother-daughter pair are acting in unison, saying they’re not doing this for publicity, who believes that? 吐


The big mom should’ve torn her clothes off.


Publicity stunt. Remember a while who when her mother uploaded a video of her daughter naked onto the internet to become famous…
I really don’t know what this mother-daughter pair is thinking…


Its always this SB show, Lady Gua Gua


Yet again it is Lady Gua Gua!!! Truly ridiculous~~~ If you want to get publicity/attention, can you at least use a different method~~~


This mother-daughter pair can be said to be this century’s most disgusting people…simply two big breasted brainless SB 吐吐吐吐


This show always has people fighting, they must all be actors, right?


Gan Lulu! This woman has truly gone crazy over fame. Those two large boobs, when she gets old she’ll definitely have trouble walking steady.


Hot-tempered adorable mother + excessively sexual pretty daughter = ordinary Chinese family.


汗汗 They’re not doing this for publicity/fame…they’re doing this because they have intelligence problems. 吐


There are too many mentally retarded shows in China!

As you can see, most Chinese netizens are now quite certain that Gan Lulu and her mother are intentionally using publicity stunts to get attention and fame for themselves. It is also likely that this show uploaded these video clips, including the “behind the scenes” fight to help get publicity for the show. Many people find this behavior by Gan Lulu, her mother, and the show to be repulsive and shameful, although it is clear that such methods can work…and there are still plenty of men who are quite fond of Gan Lulu’s voluptuous breasts no matter what.

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Chinese actress, model, and internet celebrity with her mother on variety talk show "Lady Gua Gua".

Big breasted daughters. Personals @ chinaSMACK.

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

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          Don’t even talk about it. Not all Chinese people are the same after all. The more you talk about their stereotypes toward us, the more you give them attention and that’s what you need. Everyone is racist after all…We also usually stereotyped chinese in sum ways (hygiene wise for example…) so let it go. Usually you can influence anyone, stopping or reducing his bias toward this or that by interacting and exposing him

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      I don’t know. I just wish Chinese netizens stop speaking ill of black folks when most don’t know us personally. I was called a n*gger in English the other day in Hongqiao(Shanghai) by some weasel in a BMW. I wish the hate stopped.

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        I hear you man. That stuff doesn’t need to continue, no matter who you are, what your race may be. Ignorant people everywhere.

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        • Chinese man in BMW vs. black foreigner… who do the police decide to punish?

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        Chinese people don’t even know what nigger means. It has no context or history for Chinese people. He probably said “ne ge” which means “that one” or “which one?” in Chinese. White people always like to accuse others of being racist. When White people are around Asians they will talk about how Black people hate Asians. They are just trying to cause division. We all know Whites are the MOST racist systematically.

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          That depends. If the guy is in a BMW in Shanghai, and if he’s young, I wouldn’t rule out him knowing about “nigger” from plenty of exposure to American television, rap music, media. It may not have the same historical context and weight for him as it would for a Westerner or especially Americans but I can easily believe him knowing that it would be offensive and using it to be offensive. Of course, there have been a lot of mistaking “na ge” for “nigger”, enough for it to be an old joke.

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    Why peasants should not be allowed to have money…….

    • Including all those CCP leaders who claim to be former peasants?

  • kay

    is gan lulu half white?

    • Bo Wang

      No. Why? Chinese women can’t have large breasts? Fuck off, idiot.

      • Actually, I thought the same thing as Kay due to her skin tone and facial features.

        But now that you mention it, yeah her breasts do adds credence to that possibility. Although plastic surgery is also a possibility and keeping in tradition with being attention whores.

        As for average breast sizes, North-East Asian girls aren’t renown for their large breasts. And numerous surveys do back that up.

        Sorry B(r)o Wang.

        • Jess

          I’m going to “guess” they’re implants. But at the same time, her mother does pretty well for herself in the boobage department, too. Though, hers make a lot more sense, given her overall size.
          And he does look a little bit mixed, which I think is due to her brown hair and nose. Not that she has a particularly Caucasian nose (it actually looks like her mother’s, yet again), but it doesn’t quite fit her face very well. Otherwise, she just looks like a young Teresa Teng.

        • holy sheet

          Exactly what surveys are you referring to?

        • holy sheet


          Your “surveys” made me laugh so hard I almost fell off my chair. You are quoting “” and “”? Nice try but not quite.

          Learning to google may find you a ton of info on the net, but not necessarily find you innate intelligence.

          I guess you must do a lot of “looking” at Chinese girls’ breasts for you to know so much about them and be so sharp with your assertions.

      • Alikese

        I was thinking the same thing as Kay, her face looks kind of Caucasian.

        You’re just being overly defensive. Shocking, I know.

        • 老外

          It’s not like the size of a woman’s breasts actually matter. Who gives a damn if they’re small? My wife has really small breasts, and you won’t see me complaining. Ever.

          • 老外

            I probably meant to reply to Bo Wang…

          • Irvin

            Yeah I totally agreed, I really don’t understand the breasts fetish of some people. I would much rather have someone with a pretty face or one that I can talk to as opposed to huge breasts.

          • Bo Wang

            Isn’t there an evolutionary reason for men to like big hips and big tits?

            Asian girls (or any girl for that matter) who have rectangular shaped bodies and flat chests aren’t a turn-on, unless you have a thing for children.

          • Actually if anything, I prefer over-sized nipples to over-sized breasts. Not over-sized areolas though, but hey different strokes for different folks.

            As evolutionary trends, hip-size is an instinctual indicator of child-bearing ability (wider hips = easier birth with less complications) whereas breast size is instinctual indicator of child-rearing ability (larger breasts = increased milk production).

            Actually, hips were the second thing I noticed about my wife (after her eyes) and she’s quite proud of that.

        • Bo Wang

          Chinese women (along with other Asian women) have an obsession with light, white skin. Not surprising if this girl uses skin lightening cream and cake on lots of makeup. I don’t know if this girl has natural “double eyelids” or not, but even if the latter, she can go get surgery or glue her eyelids to appear “double”. Also, add in crap like circle lenses and mascara, you get a round-eyed, creamy skinned, white looking Chinese girl.

          I thought the above was obvious for Chinese girls who care about their looks, so I pointed out the obvious feature that might’ve made kay think she was part-Caucasian: her voluptuously large and real tits.

          • MBE

            I would like to point out that the obsession with fair skin (not “white people” white per se but a jade-white) for East Asians started even before they know Caucasians exist… It’s partly aesthetic and partly cultural. Just like many white Californians are obsessed with tanning, not because they want to look “black” but looking tanned indicated being rich enough to do lots of outdoor activities.

          • Mark

            Impoverished Asians were generally farmers which caused their skin to darken from working in the fields all day. Because of this the upper class were generally whiter and was considered more beautiful.
            The opposite happened in Europe during the industrial revolution. Poorer workers stayed in factories causing them to be paler. That’s why most in the west prefer a “healthy tan,” though melanoma would suggest it aint that great.

            But whatevs, these bitches be crazy

          • kay

            Mostly what made me think she is caucasian is her facial features. Maybe plastic surgery on her nose? and I suppose eyelid surgery is possible, but she has a long face unlike her mother.

            She looks very similar to other half asian girls. I for one know that Asians can have large breasts. I am the largest breasted asian I know and have ever met. Sucks really cuz of back pain. And her breasts look somewhat natural, though i dunno they coudl just be pushed up in her dress.

        • Capn

          Reason for making herself white is so she can be authentic white trash.

    • MBE

      Er I think she looks pretty similar to a lot of Northern Chinese girls. Make-up also helps, you know, and she has so much make-up on she might as well wear a mask. There was a previous post of her with no make-up coming out from the shower so you can see her natural features.

      I have seen many girls with high cheekbones, high noses and double-lids eyes in Northern China with fair skin, and some of them are so young that it’s kinda unlikely they got plastic surgeries. I guess not all Chinese are the same?

      And normally women with big breasts tend not to be super skinny no matter what your race is (ok maybe except some black girls…). If it’s bigger than a D and the girl is super skinny, then 90% chance they have implants. Also I need to point out, it’s American size D, not Japanese size D… Japanese size E is like a “normal” B-C. They really inflate the sizes.

      • Bo Wang

        White and black women are more likely to have big (natural) breasts on a small frame than Asian women.

        I agree with your comment about northern Chinese girls. And of course not all Chinese are the same.

        • justmega

          Don’t venture out into areas you’re not familiar with Bo. Stick with penises. You come across as an expert there.

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    Let’s address the real issue here:


    Captain out.

    • Bo Wang

      Patience, Captain. Sooner or later, this SB or one of her “bf”s will take her laptop full of nudes in to a computer shop to fix up and nudes shall be delivered.

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    Woh, a decent-looking Chinese woman has finally been found.

    • donscarletti

      That’s the thing about having 0.6 billion women, whatever your taste happens to be, you can find that some of that somewhere. Just google her name and you can find pictures of her looking a bit firmer wearing a whole lot less.

      Honestly, at first glance, I was unimpressed. But then they panned to that skinny compare and back to Lulu and it was like seeing an angel.

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    Lady Gua Gua?

    Are the Chinese truly that unimaginative?

    • Um… yes… yes they are…. SHANZAI!!!

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      lol, I thought it was actually quite clever, because gua gua is phonetic for yapping = useless talk show?

  • Watching these two women is just waste of time. And the name Gan Lulu kinda creeps me out… grrr..

    • MF

      Doesn’t it sound the same as “F*ck Stroke-Stroke”? That’d be a touch name to have.

      A student of mine had a friend whose dad’s name was pronounced like “Add an orgasm,” but “Gan Lulu” is even worse.

  • Kning


    Fuck that’s annoying. The daughter dresses like a ho and the mother is like most Chinese women after they pass age 35 – 40: loud, obnoxious, ugly, and permanently enraged.

    • They say that if you want to know how the girl will look like in the future – you should look at her mother.
      But I wonder if her mother looked like Gan Lulu when she was young?

      • Patrick

        Usually that old wives tale is said about how she age (mainly if she ends up fat). Although sometimes I wonder. I have a sweetheart of a chinese little sister. Not really a beauty would be understating it. Then I met her father – the looked so alike – whatever man she ends up with is going to have to be rather blind I think.

      • donscarletti

        I would say so, her face is quite pretty and her legs are long… honestly, if she lost a few pounds without loosing the smooth skin and large breasts, I think she would still be very attractive… you need to see the statue under the stone like Michelangelo did.

    • MF

      Yeah, what are these women all so pissed off about? Is it some sort of menopause thing? Do they all need hormone therapy? I’m serious — I have no idea why women, especially in Shanghai, are constantly screaming after about age 45.

      • They’re also the same one’s who jump the queue, push an elbow you for a seat on the bus or subway and keeps those purse strings tighter than a snare drum, always checking their receipts for every single mao and screaming like a banshee when it doesn’t match up…

        Verily I have four score, 10 and 9 difficulties, but a shrew harpy is lacking from that list….

    • I’ve notice that the majority follow that route as well.

      But then again when you think of it, look at the average life of a girl in china.

      1) Not get aborted for because you’re a girl
      2) Not get tossed away at birth because you’re a girl
      3) Not get abandoned or sold as a baby because you’re a girl
      4) Get into school if you’re lucky (because you’re a girl)
      5) Be brought up to clean, cook and serve anyone older or who has a penis
      6) Be taught to be totally repressed
      7) Be taught to be a silly naive little princess once you do get a boyfriend
      8) Go to college if you’re lucky (because you’re a girl)
      9) Keep your original boyfriend like your life depends on it until he leaves you
      10) Finish college and get an extra low paying job (because you’re a girl)
      11) If you kept your original boyfriend (or found a new one) get married
      12) Get pregnant as soon as possible with your one child
      13) Pray like hell it’s a boy (cause a girl is a disadvantage to the family)
      14) Probably quit your job (and only source of independence) to stay at home and focus all your time on your child
      15) Raise your child, lose interest in fun
      16) Husband loses interest in you (cause you’re not fun anymore)
      17) Husband starts fucking prostitutes (or has a mistress if he’s rich enough)
      18) Child grows up leaves home
      19) Wait to take care of granchildren
      20) Wait to die

      20 easy steps to being a chinese woman! Oh also forgot to mention living in the nation with the highest level of female suicide.

      Does this only happen in china? No, but it’s VERY prominent and common-place.

      I’d never treat my wife or possible future daughter like that.

      • Irvin

        Why so cynical? it’s not all like what you described. I know for a fact that alot of chinese love their daughter more than their sons. Only the heartless and under educated look down on daughters…….

        Ok so there are alot of under educated people in china, but maturity takes time.

        • UteRaptor

          Um…If they have daughter they can’t have a son. (Unless they pay a fine) So your scenario is rare for normal city folk.

          • bobiscool

            I think Irvin is talking about overseas Chinese.

            However, his point doesn’t really further his argument; I don’t think loving your daughter more than your son is a good thing; Only feminists would think that it’s heartless and under educated to look down on daughters, but it’s not heartless to look down on sons.

            I think daughters and sons should be loved equally, and in reality, I think most families are like that. At least from the ones I’ve met.

          • @ Ute

            Getting around the one child policy is much easier than you’d think, and the policy has been loosened in recent years as the government fears a situation–like Japan’s–where too many old people are dependent on too few young people. Plenty of people just pay the fine–it’s not too onerous, I gather, if you’re making a decent wage and working in a private company (so they can’t fire you for the offense). You also get exemptions if both parents are single children, if you’re a minority, if you’ve got good guanxi, etc.

        • Capt. WED

          That’s the stereotype of China, they fucking kill girl babies. While it is true that traditionally, with respect to farming, males are preferred. (And we we all know that in the end female has to carry a heavy burden because males can also become lazy bum assholes; traditions sometimes sucks).

          In cities, 2nd tier cities, blah blah, people are just fine with with either a boy or girl. I don’t hear it from my relatives that they would do anything to get a boy, rather it’s the opposite that they prefer girls because in today’s society (still talking about urban stuff) a girl is better than a boy, in terms of perceptions that a girl is easier to raise and takes care of the family better.

          On the other hand, the boy over girls thing still exists in a lot of places. China has a lot of people okay.

          Hey, that’s right huh. In this fucking cultural war we got going on here on Chinasmack you guys…. WINNNING! YEAH! YOU ARE BETTER I BOW DOWN! I DON’T CARE. I.AM.A.LOSER.! LOL.

          …Man fuck that shit. Just improve yourself. Who am I kidding though. Idiocracy World Wide baby!!! I don’t really care.

          • Capt. WED

            I don’t know mean with respect to farming. LOL. WITH RESPECT TO EVERYTHING, guys are preferred over girls, especially within in Confucian traditions. Hierarchy baby, I’m the man…sorry.

            LOL teh same in the Bible? LOL LOL LOL. Patriarchal societies. AMIRITE! I forgot. The world was FUCKING FASCIST in PAST.


      • dilladonuts

        Whatever the case is, its probably better then being a racist cracker that hides behind a screen name in order to vent his personal frustrations on the internet. You mentioned your gf’s parents are from Taiwan and Hong Kong, both of which trace back to Chinese roots, would you have the balls to say what your saying now to her mother’s face, or her grandmothers, great grandmothers? Probably not.

        It’s funny with the majority of you white kids, you base everything you know in life on stereotypes. You hate the Chinese for one reason, they don’t coincide with your ethos, which you believe to be superior to others simply because you have a different background… how ignorant can you be? Every culture has their own traditions, and it’s not up to you to judge what’s right or wrong, as long as it doesn’t involve anything that is generally accepted by all cultures and societies as morally wrong, ie; killing, rape, child molestation, etc.

        You spout your lil racist hate filled rants on the internet because its the only forum in which you can publicly voice your opinion without getting the living shit kicked out of you. Yes, some of the things the Chinese do are just wrong, but things are changing thru education, there’s plenty of wrongs I can write about current western society, to each their own.

        Don’t be a chicken shit hiding behind a screen name. Living life with such hatred is a waste, at least have balls in your beliefs and voice them publicly in your day to day life instead of hiding behind an anonymous name on the internet.

        The Chinese definitely have some major faults within their own society, but are you telling me that the states, europe and any other developed nation doesn’t have its own problems. Not too long ago, there was a lil thing called segregation in the states, and oh, don’t forget about the Japanese that were put into concentration camps. Give me a f’ing break. Every society has room for growth and development, some get there quicker then others, be grateful for being lucky enough to be born into a developed country that allows you to learn from your surroundings.

        Stop being such a pompous douchebag with your comments, if you don’t like how things are, help create change instead of bitching about things like a 12 year old girl.

        • bobiscool

          “would you have the balls to say what your saying now to her mother’s face, or her grandmothers, great grandmothers?”

          I bet he would; considering he probably has neither a girl nor a friend.

          • Actually, I do say these things to my mother in law. She doesn’t say much, but she doesn’t disagree. From what I can gather, she feels that it’s unfortunate, but she can only improve her slice of life.

            As for my father in law, I respect him more than any other man in the world. He’s incredibly sharp and sees a lot more than he says. If anything, he dislikes china more than most.

            @ Dil-do: You’ve got a serious stick up your ass, stop trolling, try to actually follow your own line and maybe get laid if at all possible…

            Also you really should read comments completely before going on an inferiority complex rant, you’re insecurities are showing.

          • Forgot to mention that Elijah is my real name and everything I’ve said here I’ve said to everyone else.

            Also you’re mistaken about my wifes nationality. She was born in Hong Kong, not china. Remember 1997 and before… You also forgot about her father being Japanese as well, that adds a twist and what a twist!!!

            “It’s funny with the majority of you [chinese] kids, you base everything you know in life on stereotypes.”

            “You spout your lil racist hate filled rants on the internet because its the only forum in which you can publicly voice your opinion without getting the living shit kicked out of you.”

            “Don’t be a chicken shit hiding behind a screen name. Living life with such hatred is a waste, at least have balls in your beliefs and voice them publicly in your day to day life instead of hiding behind an anonymous name on the internet.”

            Your words, not mine…

        • B-real

          Sorry but this post carries no weight. What Elijah is stating 75% fact.With a name like Elijah pretty sure its safe to assume the guy is not white or a racist. Nothing racial about it. Nothing devious about it. No superiority complex about it. Just because you are not part the wide group of people who can agree with doesn’t he and others like him can’t come on here and express what ever he likes. Problem is you don’t like what he is saying and that fine. If you don’t like what he is saying than you can choose not to read it or respond. If you think he is a person who is hiding behind a screen is bullshit. Im sure if you were friends with anyone 1 of us and hung out with any 1 of us that has the same feelings that Elijah has expressed have been said publicly and in many languages to many people including the culture that it pertains to.
          If I were to hold a conversation with an average china man they also share these feelings. For these issues are confined to mainland Chinese. I say that thru experiance first and second hand. Elijah might be too.

          If anything for those who have never been to China and plan to start a new life over here, don’t expect it to be an easy ride for you. Don’t expect teaching is going to be cake walk, don’t expect them to treat you any better than your life was before, if you are rich don’t expect that to make it any easier becasue these women are vultures if they smell you, suggest bringing your own lover because real love here is a dime dozen. Some instances the family won’t accept you even if are rich, get ready for that. All these sites like Chinasmack are great windows for people to get a feel for the real China. Not the shit you see on tourist guide or here on the news positive or negative. For some folks it can be heaven, and hell for most. If you ever get a chance stop by the other asian nations in the region observe how lineage has been broken. Night and day is all I got to say.

          • Sorry dude, but I am mostly definitely Caucasian descended from the original European settlers and immigrants to Canada, however that doesn’t change facts as I laid them out above.

            Problem is that as a white male anytime I step out the whole white guilt scenario I get blasted as a “racist cracker” (Irony anyone??). You see if some little shit-for-brains decides to lambaste Westerners as “colour-wolves” or “dishonest colonials” or “hairy monkeys” or “devils” then it’s perfectly acceptable and no way racist because it’s a “cultural thing” and obviously, only “whiteboys” can be racist.

            Also, I have no idea how many times I have to say this, but chinese = nationality, language, culture NOT RACE! Race is predetermined genetic trait. The race you’re looking for is Asian which includes 1/3 of the Earth’s population (condoms anyone? haha) ie: India, china, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea, Mongolia, Siberia (Russia), Pakistan, etc. etc. etc. Even the Middle East is considered part of Asia. If you wanted to be more specific towards chinese, then you could say North-East Asian (a bit taller on average, paler skin, etc.). Even then, it still includes a number of different cultures and nationalities.

            Saddest part about this is that I’m probably wasting my precious time on blind fools and a troll….

            [Note from Fauna: Every time you accuse other people of being a troll, I see that you are behaving like a troll too. Please review the comment policy.]

        • wallimo

          Lol, your comment though not as racist is just as stereotypical, and racist, you assume this dude is white? How do you know? You assume that all white people have the same views of the world, how separating Americans from the rest of the world than at least it would seem a little more believable to me!

          Elijah is flaming the board and you took it hook line and sinker congratulations, you failed the internetS!

        • Ho Hum

          “its probably better then being a racist cracker ”

          You marked yourself out as a stupid moron in the very first sentence of your post.

          Sexist bitch! Homophobic faggot! Racist cracker!

      • MBE

        See, here is where you are wrong. Most of these angry 45-year-old Shanghai women were born long before the one-child policy.
        I would say it’s mainly due to lack of education. Most educated Chinese girls are not so different from American ones. But of course you would only notice the loud ones, because, well, they are loud!
        Younger Shanghai girls are angry because they live in a highly expensive city with a lot of pressures. They are also brought up as princesses to their parents with education and most have a career (because they are the only kid). Thus they feel highly entitled to everything, but in reality, we all know no one is entitled to everything and only the very beautiful or very intelligent or very very lucky girls get their ways. It’s like in “Sex and the City” when one of the women bitch about “I went to Harvard! How come he wants to date a flight attendant not me!”

        • I agree, most 45 year olds didn’t grow up with the one-child policy, they grew up with the after-effects of the Great Leap Forward (aka The Great Famine) and then the Cultural Revolution (aka the Cultural Destruction aka Mao’s last power grab) so not much consolation there.

          Also, 45 isn’t middle aged for chinese women, it’s closer to 35.

      • Although I disagree with your list – especially because some REAL (and TRUE) points are mixed with totally untrue – I found it interesting and re-posted it in my forum.

        Thanks for contribution :-)

      • holy sheet

        I find the average life of a girl in the west similar to Elijock II’s idiotic tirade:

        1) Not get aborted for because you’re a girl
        2) Learn how to wear slutty clothes, and thongs by the age of eight.
        3) Get into school and learn about all the famous feminists in history (Pantsuits Hillary, Kim Kurdashian)
        4) Be brought up NOT to clean, cook NOR serve anyone older or who has a penis
        5) Be taught to repress males because “I am woman, hear me roar!”
        7) Be taught to be a silly naive little princess even if you don’t have a boyfriend; wear shorts with “princess” on your ass
        8) Go to college if you’re lucky; burn a bra while you’re at it
        9) Join a sorority house. Get high. Get drunk. Get poked by as many men as possible to prove feminine sexual liberalism.
        10) Catch at least one of the four popular types of STDs like the rest of the female population
        11) Keep your original boyfriend like your life depends on it until he leaves you
        12) Finish college and get an extra low paying job (because you’re a girl and everyone knows female get paid 81 cents per dollar compare to a male counterpart, and that’s if you can find a job in the recession of course.)
        13) If you kept your original boyfriend—get married. Husband pays modern day dowry: wedding ring = 3 months’ salary.
        14) Swallow birth control pills like no tomorrow because getting pregnant is the worst thing that can happen to a woman. (.98 birth rate is a triumph for the feminist movement)
        15) Pray like hell the pregnancy test is negative. If positive, pray like hell that it’s a girl. Boys are disgusting, you know.
        16) Probably quit your job (make the men work) to stay at home and focus all your time on your child, shopping, Oprah, and Dancing with the Stars
        17) Raise your child, but DO NOT clean and DO NOT DO chores. DO NOT stay in kitchen because that’s the last place a woman should be.
        18) Husband loses interest in you (don’t age well, morbid obesity—looks are superficial and oppressive to women anyway)
        19) Get depressed. Take medicine to treat depression and herpes.
        20) Husband starts screwing prostitutes (or has a mistress if he’s rich enough; i.e. Cancer wife J. Edwards, Elton Johnny)
        21) Child grows up leaves home (about time bitches!)
        22) Wait to die

        22 easy steps to being a western woman! Oh also forgot to mention living in the countries with the highest production of female pornography.

        I’d never treat my wife or possible future daughter like that.

        • Did you read what you wrote before clicking “Post Comment”?

          Looking past the obvious flaw of our two comments being exactly the same, when if fact they’r opposite both in content and factuality, you’ll see just wave after wave of bitter misogynistic chauvinism. If we take your so called rebuttal to heart then the average western woman shouldn’t wear provacative or fashionable clothes, SHOULD learn to serve others, learn to cook, clean, stay in the kitchen, be pregnant, never have sex except when their husband wants it, be depressed, have an STI, watch afternoon tv (with chocolates and bon bons no doubt), pay for their own wedding ring and be obese…… Really? I mean really?? Wow……

          I pity the poor woman who falls for you, having her soul ground down…

          Also, I love that last part… Let’s see, I have a choice between getting my wife to fuck on video again or she can kill herself… Which do I choose, they’re both such great options of course, totally the same in every aspect… Humph! I suppose I’ll keep her around a bit long and do the amateur pron stuff again.


          • holy sheet

            @ Elijock,

            You are not getting my at all. It’s not even a rebuttal. I just want my list to be just as funny as yours.

            Sounds like you are a bit defensive on this one. Good. Truth hurts perhaps? It is all fun and games when other folks/other’s cultures are criticized, not so much when the table turns.

            “I have a choice between getting my wife to fuck on video again or she can kill herself….I suppose I’ll keep her around a bit long and do the amateur pron stuff again.”

            Some women would rather die than being dishonored or sell her body for the world to see. My assumption is that the women in your life are all “loose” for such a statement to come from you. Oh, and where’s that video of your wife again?

            P.S. You don’t have to pretend to be a self-righteous feminist to be a Sinophobe.

        • Chris

          I chuckled.

          Nothing is perfect, no matter where you are.

          Both you and Elijah makes good points, and both are too extreme to be considered the reality.

          • holy sheet

            Exactly my point.

            You hear that Elijock?

  • Cleo

    I just watched a 1992 episode of the original Law and Order crime drama show in the US and realized that the “new” Law and Order: UK copied the old “mothership” episode exactly.

    I wonder if Gan Lulu and Co. are going to pay royalties for using the premise of The Jerry Springer Show.

    • Except that:

      1) The copying was intentional, and intended as a wink to fans of the original, and

      2) The original makers of Law & order will receive royalties from the UK show, the same way Ricky Jervais made money off the US version of The Office, Simon Cowell got rich off American Idol, and the BBC makes money off Dancing With The Stars.

  • Curren$y

    Another publicity stunt no doubt. They are just so good at this lol. I’d drill gan lulu’s pussy hard no doubt I’ll destroy her.

  • Song of the Article:

    Beating Me Down by Korn

    Play me out Keyboard Cat!!!

    • blackflagnation

      …or “Beat On The Brat” by The Ramones

    • I dont think so Comrade Elijah.

      Lay Lady Lay
      -Bob Dylan

      saw him in Beijing the other night.

      Review the comment policy,
      Elijah I and II your the same person yes?

      If we were on the play ground, I would give you a SMACK

      stop trolling too


  • Irvin

    Why so serious? It’s just entertainment people, if you don’t like it change the channel.

    Don’t judge us chinese by these retarded shows. Judge us by the food we cook, it’s fucking delicious!

    • B-real

      Half the food you eat looks like watery shit or undigested stomach contents and after a couple days of eating its comes out as such. Not looking so good on how people judge Chinese on that front

      • Sunshine

        You’ve obviously never had real Chinese food.

    • Vakeesan

      Chinese food is dlicious, Best joke of the year “Irvin”. Please step out of your nest and try other asian, european and african food, They are more healthier than chinese food. I agree that chinese don’t eat fried dishes, But that doesn’t mean chinese food is bloody delicious.

      • Chris

        Um…are you talking about the “Chinese food” you get in restaurants outside of China? Not to say other type of cuisine isn’t good, and in fact, I enjoy all food (haven’t had anything that I don’t like yet), but authentic Chinese food IS very delicious.

        Please try some real Chinese food before jumping to conclusions.

        All the guy said was don’t take entertainment so seriously. Why are you guys so hostile? o.O

        • B-real

          I was talking about authentic chinese food. Who said chinese food isn’t fried? who are you people and what planet do you live on? Last time I check even instant noodles had oil in it. No doubt allot of dishes are prettty damn good. I just don’t kow how the hell there isn’t an epidemic of heart disease and diabetes killin people left and right? Except for Northan folks their is still a shortage of fatties like in the west.

          • Chris

            Are you being serious? Considering instant noodle as Chinese food, is equivalent to considering hot pockets to French cuisine. It’s call instant noodles, because it’s just junk food to fill you up. On top of that, instant noodles was invented by the Japanese. If you know any science at all, you’ll know that having oil in instant noodles (as unhealthy as it is) is actually due to the method they use to dry and dehydrate the food, not actually in cooking the food. I guess it’s mostly moot point, since you are eating it after all.

            Sorry bud, having General Pao’s chicken at your neighborhood eatery does not qualify you to comment on Chinese food, because they aren’t the same.

          • B-real

            Funny thing is when you responded to Elijah’s you just confirmed everything I said. Instant noodles may have been invented by the Japs but if you have a bowl of their typical instant noodles which I enjoyed growing up had far less oil if any lining the bowls. I live in beijing, I breath beijing since I run a company. I go on frequent business trips weekly and meet with several chinese prospects and we always have dinner or some type of meal and it never fails that even the most sophisticated of places still grease up anything. I go with leafy cold dishes thinking it would safe but long and behold there is a puddle of grease, too much salt and or a variety of other flavors that just forces me to stick with the fruit until I can get back to my hotel. I can be in Guanzhou, I can be in Dalian, its happened to me in Qindao, Jinan, and Weihai. It great that your FAMILY can cook differnt but the majority of Chinese food is still way oilier, and saltier than the average prepared meal anywhere else regardless of what ingredients they maybe composed of.

          • Chris

            Really? You really feel that way about Chinese food huh? And where are you from? What’s YOUR cuisine?

            Let’s go with the assumption that you are born in North America.

            McDonald’s, arguably the most successful restaurant in the US, provides their menu and nutritional information here:

            A big mac meal is 1350 Calorie. Assuming a generous 2500 Calorie daily intake, a single meal will give you 54% of your daily nutrient. A big mac sandwich ALONE will give you 43% of daily sodium intake of about 2.4 grams. And you call Chinese food salty?

            According to the CDC, in 2009, 50 US states had an obesity of >20% ( That’s 1 in 5 adult. Contrast that with a Fox news estimate of 100 million that is obese in China (with a population of 1.7 billion), that makes about 6% of the population.

            So before you go off ranting about shit, at least make sure you have a leg to stand on. Got that big of a problem with Chinese food? Here’s a solution for you, don’t eat it! Go have Pizza hut, or BBQ wings, or whatever else you might want to claim as your food.

        • Here’s an honest question for you Chris: How can you taste anything beyond the over-powering la jiao?

          I literally choke and gag on even a speck of la jiao (think it might be an allergic reaction). It’s just painful to even taste, it sears my tongue until I can’t taste anything else.

          Once you take the la jiao out then you’re left with rice (gives me stomch problems if I eat too much), fish (which I hate no matter where it’s cooked) and poorly or oddly cooked food which doesn’t entice me at all….

          Just an honest question and opinion.

          • Chris

            Chinese cuisine consists of 4 general genres or flavours, if you will.

            Where I was born, Shandong, the food consists of mostly grains in the form of noodles, dumplings etc, and sea food. This type of cuisine favour more salty taste than spicy.

            Other areas favour includes spicy types (Sichuang), meats (I guess is the best way to describe Jiangsu style) and what most Westerners are perhaps familiar with, Cantonese style food.

            I actually don’t like Chinese food outside my house. The food being served in most Chinese restaurants that do not have a heavy Chinese population are mostly adapted to what they think the locals likes to eat. Hence the deep fried food. Traditional Chinese food, like where I’m from, actually have a fair large percent of vegetarian foods (probably cause we had no meat readily available when these types of cuisines are being evolved).

            So in other words, what you find disgusting about American Chinese food, I do too. But real Chinese food, the food you get to eat in people’s homes, are vastly different than what you get in restaurants.

            As for the stomach problems, what sorts? Like diarrhea? Do you also have the same issue when you eat a lot of bread or white flour based foods?

          • Thanks Chris, I appreciate your time taken to answer me.

            I totally agree with the homemade food, my mother in law makes kick ass dumplings, Taiwanese noodles and garlic veggies. She even invented a new dish of sliced potatoes and sliced beef fried in a gravy-like sauce, truly amazing.

            As for stomach problems, I do get diarrhea from a lot of food in china, but I have a feeling it has more to due with things being under-cooked or prepared in unsanitary conditions.

            Actually, you’re right about the problems in general. They are possible anywhere in the world. However, I still stick to my guns on the majority (>50%) of fawned-over dishes suffer from serious detractions or defects. Of course taste is subjective sooooo……. ?

            Dammit! I just rendered my own comment moot again….

          • Chris

            I think problems like that doesn’t necessarily mean food is unsanitary (but it probably is); a theory about having diarrhea is a different flora in your gut that’s not used to the type of food you eat. Another possibility is the fact that Chinese food tend to use MSG, which stands for monosodium glutamate. Glutamate is a neurotransmitter in our brain that stimulates things. So it’s possible that the food is literally making your gut move faster.

            On a seperate note, I actually decided to have take out Chinese…bad decision. Think I got myself some food poisoning >_<

          • Sunshine

            I’m surprised Elijah didn’t know about the four big systems/styles of cooking in China prior.
            La jiao is mostly seen in 湘菜/川菜.

            Anyway Chris, you’re from ShanDong as well? 老乡啊!

  • k

    That girl without the makeup and hair extensions, would be busted looking. If you really look at her face, it’s ugly. So is her mother. Yellow trash.

  • Airy

    When I first come to Chinasmack I thought the English replies will worth my time. May be not.

    Support Fauna and the team still :)

    • B-real

      Go back to school where english is supposed to be learned, then come back when you have a cultured sense of humor , thank you sweetie pie.

      • anon

        Bit of a rude comment there. What has Airy ever said to deserve that?

        Moreover, what English comments do you see that are actually deserving of being labeled as “cultured sense of humor”? Most of the English comments are rather crass and crude outburst of tired and petty stereotypes.

        • Capn

          > What has Airy ever said to deserve that?


          This is Chinasmack buddy, not holding hands in preschool. You expected civility?

          • anon

            I do. It’s one thing for the regulars to give each other a hard time, but it’s another to pick on the newbies. Of course, I’m sure enough people know I’m all for Fauna making the comments section more civil, intelligent, and welcoming to new commenters. As it is now, we have a bunch of assholes who delight in being obnoxious. We have jokers, but then we have obnoxious assholes. We could do without the latter because they always just say the same things but with increasing levels of inanity and stupidity.

  • Vakeesan

    Bunch of retarded cows

  • chengdude

    Advisory to all Chinese guys: Plastic mesh-backed gimme caps do make a strong fashion and lifestyle statement if you’re a weatherbeaten redneck or road-addled trucker…on you, they only help perpetuate the stereotype of the emasculated dork.

  • Chris

    The mom just sound annoying, listening to her. I know exactly the type too. Have to agree with her, she’s the only one that knows what’s right. In all honestly, I actually feel back for her growing up in that environment. Just toxic all around.

  • justmega

    And you all thought that Lindsey Lohan’s mom was a cunt.

  • TomTuttleFromTacoma

    on Maury, this is called “Tuesday”.

  • Senor Boogie Woogie

    I am an American speaker of Eglish who’s Chinese is not very good. Even if it was, I would rarely if ever watch Chinese TV because of dumbass programming like this.

    What is Lady Gua Gua? A game show? A talk show? When the mother creature was yammering on and on like most people here do, there were those highly annoying sound effects which they always add for some reason.

    Is the young girl famous? She wore too little clothing, and it doesn’t help that her seahag mother tells all of China watching that her child watched their parents have sex. EWWW. I mean, what happened to “face”?

    Chinese TV by and large is horrible. My beautiful 永芳 watches the shit, but she’s Chinese. Like the liquor Ergoutou, Chinese television will destroy brain cells.

    • time

      boogie, are you sure you are an American speaker? your grammar suxors.

  • tim

    the english on this site is so hard to understand……

  • gungun

    hmmm.. Interesting to see Chinese tv doing their own version of “Jerry Springer”.. (Have also watched a version of “Cheaters”, quite tragic-comic..)

  • Capt. WED

    this is trash. The END.

  • Foreign Devil

    This kind of show is actually on Chinese TV now??! what do you call “white trash” when they are Chinese? Yellow Trash. . I guess. They’ve achieved the same trashiness as american TV!

    ANyways this kind of show would actually make Chinese tv worth watching for me. That kind of girl who is so screwed up probably would be a real kinky firecracker in bed! You just wouldn’t want a relationship with her that’s all.

  • Don

    The Girl’s tits is all i can see, bring her to me and i will give her my magic stick she’ll know how to behave and respect her mom…

  • rollin wit 9’s

    Who films their daughter in hopes of her finding a Bf/ hubby? WTF is wrong with these people. This just stems back to greed and materialism if you ask me. If its in hopes of being taken care of when older, teach her how to get a damn job!

    As far as the show is concerned, every country needs its own ‘jerry springer’ ^^,

  • Chunky52695

    Can someone tell me WHY the mom started hitting the daughter?

  • Freakboy

    Ok this girl is hot and I saw she is looking to get married so I will marry her, then she won’t have to put up with the crazy mother any more.

    • Ed

      I think I start to understand why she is not married yet. The daugther looks fine, but I guess you have to deal with the mother-in-law from Hell!

  • boobguy

    SOLD! A photo of her titties would have been enough, but the girl’s face ain’t half bad either. Sign me up. You could do a lot worse than pounding that every night. Those puppies are phenomenal.

  • Logan

    Lady GuaGua seems nice. She even defends her mother saying that her mother hits her because her mama loves her.

    The mother is the one who seems to have an attitude problem. Or even a psychological problem.

    The girl would seem to be OK as a wife, the problem is the mother in law. She is scary mother in law.

  • Willy Wonka

    Looks wise, I’d sleep with either one especially the daughter. However, when the daughter is without make up it’s like night and day how different she looks with it. Still has a nice figure though.
    Attention whore certainly but they both also look like prostitutes. I saw a photo of a hooker that looked just them. No joke.

  • samuel welsh

    i feel sorry for her daughter her moms a real dragon lady.

  • TAKE5

    “Really need to find a black person to come deal with this mother-daughter pair.”

    They wont be the first Chinese to look to a Black person to deal with their difficult children.

  • ldoyle

    the daughter is HOT