Gan Lulu’s Mother Attacks Her On “Lady Gua Gua” Talk Show

Chinese actress, model, and internet celebrity with her mother on variety talk show "Lady Gua Gua".

Chinese actress, model, and internet celebrity with her mother on variety talk show "Lady Gua Gua".

《Lady呱呱》 [“Lady Gua Gua”] is a well-known Chinese variety talk show hosted by four “beautiful” female hosts who invite various people and personalities of current interest onto the show and often involve controversial questions and discussions. For example, well-known internet celebrity Sister Feng has been a guest on the show before.

Recently, the show hosted actress and model Gan Lulu and her mother, whom we reported about in February when they caught the attention of many Chinese netizens after the mother uploaded a video onto the internet hoping to help her daughter find a potential husband. Why did this video get so much attention? Because the mother filmed her daughter Gan Lulu naked after taking a shower. At that time, after netizens criticized the mother, the mother-daughter pair recorded another online video defending themselves, with Gan Lulu tearfully begging netizens not to attack her mother and that she only meant well.

Two video clips recently uploaded onto popular Chinese video sharing website Youku by the “Lady Gua Gua” show itself quickly became viral. The first video is titled “Mother reveals that Gan Lulu “had sex” when she was 1-year-old“. After 3 days, it received over 1.7 million views, 20k downvotes, and 1900 comments over 65 pages:

In the above video, Gan Lulu’s mother tells a story about when Gan Lulu was not yet a 1-year-old baby. Back then, her parents had her sleep with them in the same room. Gan Lulu says it was because they were poor but her mother corrects her and says it is not because they were poor but because that was how it was for everyone back then. Gan Lulu as a baby would sleep on the side and her parents would do what parents/adults do. That summer, around May or June, her parents noticed her on the bed “humping” the bed. Gan Lulu explains she was just copying their “push-up movements”. The mother says that as she and her husband laughed, Gan Lulu just continued intently thrusting or humping the bed. Thereafter, the parents no longer dared have sex in front of her, previously mistakenly believing that Gan Lulu being so young was a “dummy” and would not know what they were doing. The male host at the end says, “So Gan Lulu’s first boyfriend was a bed.”

What about you? Have you ever witnessed your parents having sex?

Gan Lulu's mother shoves Gan Lulu on the "Lady Gua Gua" Chinese television talk show.

The second video titled “” is even more impressive. Within 3 days, it accumulated over 3.1 million views, 36k downvotes, and 3500 comments over 117 pages:

A copy on YouTube:

Can’t see the above video?

The first thing that can be heard is the mother telling her daughter Gan Lulu to get off [stage], pulling her up and then hitting her on the back. She angrily screams, “What’s the meaning of that/what do you think you’re doing? Motherfucker!” with daughter Gan Lulu immediately turning to the camera crew declaring, “My mother hits me because she loves me,” as she flips her hair back. Her mother immediately shoves her screaming, “Fuck!” Some guys walk between them trying to calm them down as the mother again and repeatedly demands “What’s the meaning of that/what do you think you’re doing?”. It is uncertain why the fight happened or what it is about but it appears Gan Lulu may have said something that angered her mother.

What about you? Have your parents ever physically attacked you (after you have grown up and no longer a child)?

Below are translated Chinese netizen comments and reactions to each of the above videos:

Chinese actress, model, and internet celebrity with her mother on variety talk show "Lady Gua Gua" describing how Gan Lulu learned how to hump when she was less than 1-year-old.

Comments from Youku: (in response to the first video)


Really need to find a black person to come deal with this mother-daughter pair.


These two, probably from the mental hospital, right?


I admit, I watched this video just to look at the dazzling headlights…


What kind of mother you have is what kind of daughter you’ll have, a pair of garbage!


Still wearing too much.


Such huge breast weapons… I didn’t notice anything else.


The mother and daughter are both prostitutes.


Such a trashy show uploaded [onto Youku] affects the next generation’s world view, values, and outlook on life.
Don’t fucking upload anymore. Upload more and I will downvote [your videos] to the bottom…


This show is such trash, it really knows how to hype itself, the hosts are also disgusting. 吐吐吐


Can anyone figure out where this old woman is from based on her accent? How could there be such a shameless person?


A pair of Henan pigs, garbage!


汗 This show is too melodramatic, no wonder Tian Xin [Tien Hsin, a famous Taiwanese actress and television show host] wouldn’t host any more, how come the government doesn’t stop/forbid this show? 吐


What is this mother trying to do? She’s going too far with the hype [publicity stunts].


Just go to Japan and make AV films. [As for] the old mother pig, I’m speechless! 搞笑


In the future, the girl is going to look like her mother~ such a disgusting mother-daughter pair.


Fuck, she started remembering things when she was 1-year-old, a child prodigy.


Publicity stunt.


A pair of prostitutes simply trying to become famous.

Gan Lulu and her mother fight on the "Lady Gua Gua" variety talk show.

Comments from Youku: (responding to second video)


I got the sofa! This old lady is so vicious, I must admire!!! If they want to get publicity, why not have a mother-daughter strip show? This way the entire country’s viewers will remember you after they finish vomiting.


In this day and age, as long as you don’t care about face [dignity], anything can be yours!


See, this mother-daughter pair are acting in unison, saying they’re not doing this for publicity, who believes that? 吐


The big mom should’ve torn her clothes off.


Publicity stunt. Remember a while who when her mother uploaded a video of her daughter naked onto the internet to become famous…
I really don’t know what this mother-daughter pair is thinking…


Its always this SB show, Lady Gua Gua


Yet again it is Lady Gua Gua!!! Truly ridiculous~~~ If you want to get publicity/attention, can you at least use a different method~~~


This mother-daughter pair can be said to be this century’s most disgusting people…simply two big breasted brainless SB 吐吐吐吐


This show always has people fighting, they must all be actors, right?


Gan Lulu! This woman has truly gone crazy over fame. Those two large boobs, when she gets old she’ll definitely have trouble walking steady.


Hot-tempered adorable mother + excessively sexual pretty daughter = ordinary Chinese family.


汗汗 They’re not doing this for publicity/fame…they’re doing this because they have intelligence problems. 吐


There are too many mentally retarded shows in China!

As you can see, most Chinese netizens are now quite certain that Gan Lulu and her mother are intentionally using publicity stunts to get attention and fame for themselves. It is also likely that this show uploaded these video clips, including the “behind the scenes” fight to help get publicity for the show. Many people find this behavior by Gan Lulu, her mother, and the show to be repulsive and shameful, although it is clear that such methods can work…and there are still plenty of men who are quite fond of Gan Lulu’s voluptuous breasts no matter what.

Chinese actress, model, and internet celebrity with her mother on variety talk show "Lady Gua Gua".

Big breasted daughters. Personals @ chinaSMACK.


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