Little Fatty Chinese Boy Weighs 62kg, Only 4-Years-Old

Xiao Hao at school after finishing eating.

From Tiexue:

Guangdong 4-year-old little chubby’s weight is over 60kg

Xiao Hao eating a chicken wing looking adorable.

Xiao Hao eating a chicken wing looking adorable

March 29th, Guangdong province Foshan city fatty baby Xiao Hao [Little Hao], just 4-years-old this year, at a height of 1.1m, but weighing 62kg.

Xiao Hao, an overweight 4-year-old boy in Foshan, Guangdong, China walking with his parents.

Xiao Hao’s parents’ bodies aren’t fat, and when he was born, his weight was only 2.6kg.

However, as he got older, his weight and weight and height grew out of control.

An obese 4-year-old child in Guangdong, China and his mother.

Many times exceeding the weight of his peers, it is difficult for his mother to handle him.

Xiao Hao's mother helps him bathe. Weighing 62kg, Xiao Hao is both taller and heavier than other children his age.

Xiao Hao bathing with the help of his mother.

Xiao Hao’s parents brought their son first to the Foshan and then to the Guangzhou and other hospitals, but checks of his hormone levels are all normal, so that even doctors are puzzled by the cause of his obesity.

4-year-old Chinese "fatty" Xiao Hao taking a nap at school.

Xiao Hao napping in his kindergarten.

According to doctors, Xiao Hao’s brain does not have any problems, and that his obesity is very likely caused by eating habits and other factors.

Xiao Hao at school after finishing eating.

Now, Xiao Hao’s parents have begun to accept doctors’ advice, starting to strictly control their son’s meal portions, hoping to control their son’s weight.

Xiao Hao, a 4-year-old overweight Chinese little boy taking his midday nap next to a classmate.

Xiao Hao during his noontime nap in his kindergarten.

Weighing over 60kg, Guangdong's Xiao Hao is seen here with his classmates.

Compared to his peers, Xiao Hao is like a Big Mac.

Xiao Hao exercising with a ball.

Xiao Hao engaging in physical exercise.

Whenever Xiao Hao’s parents have time, they’ll take Xiao Hao jogging around the village. In addition to this, in accordance with their son’s interests, they try to foster in him more physical hobbies. Xiao Hao’s father says that his biggest wish is for his son to lose weight in a healthy manner.

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Comments from Tiexue:


Sigh, I’m relatively sympathetic to fat people, because I am one of them, although I’ve now lost weight down to nearly 50kg, after just one year. Little fatty jia you! Just stick with it and it’s possible! Those who want to lose weight can come find me, I’ll teach everyone how to lose fat for free.


I think the cause is still eating habits, and what more, the root of it is with the parents.
The little guy was only 2.6kg when he was born, actually comparatively small, possibly born before the expected delivery date. The parents were [probably] very worried and did everything they could to feed and make up for that. What more, they [probably] were afraid of the child running into things, so they didn’t let him exercise, always holding/protecting him.
One more inference, the grandparents [probably] love their grandson very much, and spoil him, and the grandparents are very strong when it comes to the little guy’s education/upbringing, meaning his parents basically don’t have much say.


That photo of him working out is so handsome!


Little guy, work hard to lose fat, jia you.


Poor second-generation [the child of poor parents, opposite of “wealthy second-generation”], what point is it for you to be fat? It will only increase the burden on your family, because as a fatty, you just have to eat.


Could it be that eating too much food from KFC, McDonald’s and the like? Looking at the child, I don’t think exercise alone will bring down his weight.


Only 4-years-old and they’ve raised a 60kg child, this parents~~~, are you raising a pig? So irresponsible! And letting him eat chicken wings! Rather, it should be 3 meals every day of vegetables and half a bowl of rice, and only meat once a week! If he won’t eat it, let him go hungry~~~ If this continues, you’re going to end up just harming your child…


The parent let the child eat too many snacks when he was small, always afraid of the child going being hungry and not having enough nutrition.

In fact, it is most difficult for a child to lose weight, because if they eat too much, they can’t lose it, but if they eat too little, you’re also afraid of affecting his growth and development. Controlling your child’s food from when they are small is the best way!


Seeing the child like this, I am not amused at all and instead feel very depressed. The child is currently in a stage of growth and development, so I hope the child’s parents will not be “soft-hearted” and must have the child lower his weight, otherwise you will harm the child for the rest of his life!


Fatty fatty, don’t lose fat! Just be healthy. Below are the results of an American black person and white person after losing weight.

Brown Shar Pei dog.

White Shar Pei dog.

What do you think? About obesity? In children or adults?

Written by Fauna

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      Yep. Clearly, being fat is the way to go. That’s why all the magazines show fat people.

      Frankly, the increased chance of getting diabetes? Pfft, just nature’s way to let you eat more food! And hey, so what if you die early from a MI. Live hard, die hard right?


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  • Ronon

    reminds me of a clip from family guy:

    • Ronon

      “Xiao Hao’s parents brought their son first to the Foshan and then to the Guangzhou and other hospitals, but checks of his hormone levels are all normal, so that even doctors are puzzled by the cause of his obesity.”

      • This just lends credence to my support of licensed parenting.
        Need a license to drive, to sell alcohol, to fly, to do business….. but not to be a parent and RAISE A CHILD???

        Anyways, more vids of hilarity:

        Lastly, the Song of the Article is Fat by Weird Al Yankovic

        Eat your heart out:

      • Bomber

        This poor kid probably had Prader-Willi syndrome – a genetic disorder in which the sufferer never feels like they are full. Prader-Willi victims also constantly feel like they are on the verge of starvation which leads to serious fits and panic attacks if they aren’t able to continue eating.

        This poor kid needs serious medical help. If this doesn’t get treated soon, this poor little kid is going to die.

    • blackflagnation

      probably has the same condition this American girl had:

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  • Alikese

    Sorry Mom and Dad, but if your kid is so fat that his fat face rolls block his eyelids you’re doing a shitty job. Send Xiao Hao out to the countryside for re-education through labor, those people usually come back pretty thin, if they come back. It’s the Mao diet.

    • +1 Internets to you!!!

      Combining this with a Great Famine AND Mao reference is GOLD!!! That’s on a skill level with a Holocaust jokes…

      Actually, that’s not funny, my grand-dad in a concentration camp

      A group of escaping Jews killed him…. (I’m going to Hell…..)

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        he fell down from the guard tower when he was drunk

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    • 老外

      Is it the mark of the beast?

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      I believe it is a sticker

    • haha. that thing on his forehead is a sticker for being the first on to finish his lunch!

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        That’s just WRONG!

  • Tom12GA

    IMHO, the Chinese in general and Guangdong people in particular are not very accepting/tolerant of the overweight in society. If he isn’t able to get control of his eating habits, perhaps it is better to send him to the south side of Chicago, where he can learn to eat Flamin’ Hot Cheetos & drink lots of grape (soda) pop. He can also learn the art of gang-banging…and I think whichever gang inducts him will get added points for their commitment to diversity.

  • Ho Hum

    And that first photo looks like squid, not chicken wing.

    • wallimo

      Looks like a chicken wing on a stick to me, not sure how many squids have a big bone running through them.

      • Frost

        I thought it was a rice field frog’s leg at the first sight, people in southern China enjoy eating frog meat a lot, including me. It’s a delicious dish.

      • Ho Hum

        I can’t see a bone…and what chicken wing curves at the bottom? No, they are squid tentacles.

  • Jones

    Nothing a few tape worms, malaria and dysentery couldn’t fix.

  • dirtywhiteboy

    this kid is exactly why the term “little emperor” was invented….

  • FYIADragoon

    “Controlling meal portions”

    Once again proving why Chinese don’t know anything about being healthy or losing weight. Everytime you ask one of them what they do to lose weight, it always has some aspect of just eating less involved in it. No attempts to simply eat more HEALTHY. Seriously, its like none of them realize that as soon as they get off their “diets”, the weight is just going to start coming back at double time.

    • Joe

      You’re retarded. What you eat has nothing to do with body weight. It’s all about calorie count and portion control. He could lose weight eating Twinkies all day, as long as the calories in the Twinkies he ate are lower than his body equilibrium weight.

      • Joe

        The only reason “eating healthy” leads to weight loss is because healthy foods tend to have high fiber and high water content along with low calorie counts.

      • Alex

        Nope, it’s also important where the calories come from.

        • Bo Wang

          Do you even know what a calorie is? -_-

          • Alex

            Yes. A unit of energy. totally over-rated on diets. There are more important things than that.

      • FYIADragoon

        You sound visibly upset. Is it because you still proved my argument with yours or do you typically feel pain around the rectum?

        • Joe

          I’m upset because you are so stupid. The makeup of what you consume does not affect weight loss, only the amount of calories. Portion control is calorie control.

          • FYIADragoon

            Still sound MAD.

          • Alex

            It’s not the calories that make you fat. It’s the reaction of your body(endocrine reaction) to what you eat. That’s why it’s not the fucking same if you eat 100 grams of low glucemic index carbohidrates than high glucemic index carbohidrates for example.

            Now you made me mad, damn it.

          • hubei_James

            So you think the body magically creates fat out of nothing if you eat poorly, and magically causes it to disappear if you start eating healthy?

            All you have to do to lose weight is consume fewer calories than you expend.

          • Alex

            Ok, people are more stupid than I thought and it seems always in the web everybody is a damn nutritionist.

            I will explain something simple that clears up part of the myths of fat gaining problems.

            If by magically you mean through hormones, then yes. I did not say it’s not important the calorie intake, where the F did you take that from? You should consider everything you eat as a different drug that you take.
            Let’s divide them into 3 main macro nutrients: Protein, carbohydrates and Fat.

            People in China when they want to eat the reduce the meat intake, fat intake and have shit loads of carbohydrates, pretty much like the yanks have been doing for many many years. But here they criminalize the meat even more.

            OK, so let’s try making this simple:

            Carbohydrates – Most people think its juts pasta or sweets. Well that’s right, but also fruits and vegetables are. We could say they are different kinds of sugars. We all need carbohydrates because the body is in constant need of it. The brain, in fact, is a constant glutton of carbohydrates and the body has to feed him glucose all the time.
            Of course is not just as simple as that. Any carbohydrate not used immediately will be stored as a glycogen. To store them the body can have the muscles, or the liver. The glycogen on the muscles cannot be accessed at all(except for the muscles), and the ones in the liver can be used by anything, including the brain, by being decomposed again and thrown into the blood stream.

            The capacity of the liver is VERY limited and the storage can be used up really quickly, which means we should be constantly keeping up the carbohydrates in our body, and that’s the reason we have to eat carbohydrates.

            So what happens when you have too much carbohydrate? – You may ask. The muscles can only store between 300 and 400g. And the liver between 60 and 90g. Well, when the body has an excess of carbohydrates they can only become fat and be stored in the adipose tissue: body fat.

            And that’s not the worse. Any food high on carbohydrates will elevate really quickly the glucose level on bloodstream. To compensate this the pancreas has to segregate its hormone: insulin.
            That’s good, the problem is that insulin is essentially a “storage hormone” that the body makes to remove the excess of calories coming from carbohydrates and reserving them in case in the future your body will have to be hungry. In other words, the insulin in your body (that came up because of the excess of carbohydrates) stimulates the accumulation of body fat.
            So, when we eat carbohydrates we tell our body: “store fat”.

            And things get worse! The insulin ALSO tells the body not to release any of the already accumulated fat! So, excess on carbohydrates means not only that you will be getting fatter, but also you will make sure that you stay fat.

            The key of this is in the speed that carbohydrates get into the bloodstream, because this controls the secretion of insulin.

            I’ll just go over this quick. 3 main kinds of sugar: fructose, galactose, glucose. fructose, slow; galactose; normal; glucose, very fast. This is called glycemic index. The speed depends on the complexity of each sugar, the quantity of fiber it has, and the content of fat.

            Fiber is not digestible, so it makes all the process become much slower, therefore making the glycemic index much smaller.

            So, to explain all this in once sentence: it’s an increase of on the levels of insulin that make us fat.

            Protein, the wrongly accused of making us fat macronutrient. Our body IS mostly protein. Is the basic of life. Out of the 20 basic amino acids for our life, 9 cannot be made in our body. If we don’t have them, the creation of the proteins in our body will stop.

            But having too much protein is also bad. It will induce an abnormal metabolic status. Especially if you have low carbohydrates diet. The body starts using fat as an energy method. The process of converting fat into energy makes the body go into ketogenic diet. As a result cells start making a biochemical process called ketogenic bodies.
            These bodies are useless to the body. They start by increasing the volume of urine, which gives the false impression at the beginning that you’re losing weight, but it’s not fat, its liquid you’re loosing.

            Too much protein also makes your body release insulin to control the excess of amino acids in your blood stream. And we already know what the excess of insulin does. Also it’s said that ketogenic diets increase the activity adipose tissue, “grabbing” more fat.

            The body is not stupid, he needs carbohydrates for his brain to work, and if you don’t give them to him he will start decomposing muscle tissue and make proteins into carbohydrates. Plus your insulin levels will be quite high as well.

            Fat…… the fat coming from the diet DOES NOT MAKE YOU FAT. Actually, you need to eat fat to loose fat. Plus, with fat you will feel satisfied much sooner. Only in fat makes the hormone that tells your brain you are full work.

            blablabla, ok, so let’s say you have a 400calories meal. It’s not the same if all of them are from carbohydrates or all of them from protein or fat. The important thing is not the quantity of all the proteins summed up. What is important is the proportion between proteins, carbohydrates and fat.

          • hubei_James

            All of that is very interesting but completely irrelevant.

            Law of Mass & Energy conservation: you will not gain weight unless you consume more than you expend. You will not lose weight unless you expend more than you consume.

          • Alex

            I’m talking to a wall here.

          • hubei_James

            Whatever you say, Mr. Wall of Text. No one ever said different diets might make losing or gaining weight work differently, faster, or more healthy. They only said that it would be possible for the kid to lose weight as long as he expended more energy than he consumed over a long period of time, which is true unless you think the human body is a perpetual motion machine.

          • Alex

            He could reduce a little bit the quantity he eats, and of all the calories he eats make him eat calories that come from good sources and that won’t make his body trigger the hormones that make his body get more fat and not loose the fat.

            Is it that hard to understand, god damn it?

        • Patrick

          “You sound visibly upset.” Wow.

    • Once again proving why Chinese don’t know anything about being healthy or losing weight.

      Is it why Westerners advertise their diets with a slogan – “secrets of Chinese diet revealed!” ?

      • Justin

        Ancient Chinese secret huh?

      • Nicely played!

        Thus proving that ignorance about good nutrition is truly universal–as is taking advantage of that ignorance. Given the exoticism-angle and once-malnourished state of China, I suppose we should have seen that advertising pitch coming.

        The Chinese diet (which seems to be quickly dying out): bicycle or take the #11 bus instead of driving a car; eat home-cooked meat and veg dishes, including lots of low-caloric filler like tofu; work in a factory.

        Of course, all these factors are changing. More cars + more eating out + more manufactured foods + all day and night spent studying in class or working in an office + more meat, oil, sugar, salt as people can afford it + computer games/tv/sleeping as national hobbies of choice = get ready for many, many more “little fatties” in China.

      • B-real

        The funny thing about that Crystal all the Herbs and diet pills sold at the pharmacy and infomercials in china say the secrets of America. Its a little thing they call marketing. As herbalist I used to think I would be able to get all the herbs that i get in the states from china but it turns out china knows nothing of the herbs and uses something totally different and calls it “Chinese traditional medicine” which in turn is not really traditional but watered down western medicine with a hint of chinese bullshit.

  • 王老吉

    If the problem is only his eating habits, it’s certain that the parents should be blamed in this case. Feeding him an adult, the poor and innocent child will suffer because of his parents’ lack of responsability.

  • dim mak

    Fat people should be used as food. Prove me wrong.

    • Bo Wang

      Do humans taste like dog? Dogs are pretty delicious.

      • Jax

        Human meat is known to taste similar to pork.

        • B-real

          Or chicken once you get past the skin. But we are beefy at the core.

    • diverdude

      dang it! exactly what I was gonna post. That kid could feed an African village for a month !

      1st photo adorable?? fk’n gross more like it…

  • Miki

    He probably has a lack of leptin, the chemical that signals “you’re full!” to the brain when you’ve eaten enough. Without it, you just keep eating. There was another child like that in the 90’s, if I remember correctly.

    • Pong Lenis

      Actually MSG also prevents the “I am full” signal to the brain.

    • Justin

      According to the doctors, there was “nothing abnormal with his brain” so I don’t think that was the explanation. It’s probably just from eating too many fatty foods and sugar.

      • Curren$y

        You believe in Chinese doctors? LOL fight the naivety bro.
        This kid is obviously messed up in the hormones department. If he were a girl, his parents would’ve drowned him already.

        • blackflagnation

          only problem is anyone this fat is too buoyant to sink – doh!

        • Justin

          Yeah, just because they are from China means they aren’t real doctors, right? Have you ever heard of medical tourism? I guess all those people who fly to India and China to get life-saving operations on the cheap are naive too and they are just getting ripped off by some shanzhai doctors. Do you live in China? What do you do when you get sick pray tell?

          On a related note, my brother, who is fat while I am not, was told by his Western doctors that he had some kind of thyroid problem, when I know of what my brother’s diet consists, and I can tell you for a fact that their explanation is bullshit.

          • Justin

            Oh and after being treated for his so-called thyroid problem, my brother remains as fat as he ever was. Also, if the child in the picture had a genetic abnormality that made him fat, don’t you think that one or both of his parents would be fat? It’s called logic. Use it.

          • Don’t feed the troll.

            That said…

            Is China an important medical tourism destination? Purely going on anecdote, it seems like it’s being beaten out by places like Thailand, Philippines, India, and South Africa. Do feel free to prove me wrong if you’ve got data that suggests otherwise.

            I was quite interested in this recent article about mainland Chinese heading to Taiwan for medical tourism.


            Anyway, two points: (1) while I have a lot of respect for many of the Chinese doctors I’ve met–serious, earnest, sometimes with degrees from outside China–you’d be hard pressed to deny that there’s a lot of flim-flammery that goes on in hospitals here–systematic problems inherited from semi-privatization. So, there is at least some reason to be skeptical when the doctors say “this kid is completely healthy”.

            (2) The hospitals that most foreigners go to are not the hospitals that the average Chinese family goes to. Should we assume that this family had access to the best medical care available? Probably not. Maybe they’ll find a way to pump their internet notoriety for the funds to pay for top-notch health consultation for their son.

  • Bingya

    Providing that he doesn’t have genetic problems, if he sticks to properly proportioned meals and engages in some kind of sport
    I’m sure this big guy here will turn out well :)

  • jin
    • B-real

      calm down jin this is old news like 1990s old. Yes its a big problem and in america there are too many environmental and lifestyle variables that affects her,but this chinese kid is a victim of inexperienced doctors and it be too late by the time he get the right care to fix his condition.

  • Jess

    Obviously, the kid has a medical problem. Maybe PWS, which they’re just not testing for.
    He still weighs more than me, though…

  • krell

    It’s quite a rare sight in China to see fat people. most chinese man are look like a walking chopsticks.

  • scqxd

    In the words of Principal Ench, fight the obeeehsety kid!

  • Billy

    He is a big lad compared to his mates though regarding height so even if he slims down he is still going to be a large unit.

    If I was a teacher at that school, I would smack that plate out of his hand. ‘You want more do you? Oliver Fatstuff’

  • daddio

    bullet to the head, ugly kid not worthy of being alive.

    • krell

      are you a gangster or something?

  • fouManChu

    What, no song of the article?

    Charlie Sheen quotation of the article:

    ” I am a giant and leaky bag of mayhem”

  • John Wayne

    Poor kid needs a behavioral interventionist.

  • badnews

    …what’cha going do with all that junk?…all dat junk inside yo’ trunk..

  • fireworks

    So it isn’t just with western countries with bulging waist lines… aging population with a healthcare system stretched beyond its funding base.

    Every developing country who climbs up the economic rankings eat more meat and closer to a western diet such as MacDonalds, Burger Kings and Fries will end costing the state heaps of money.

  • anotheranon

    I think the parents have to be blamed – 4 years old and eating chicken wings?

    What do they feed the kid and how much and how often? If the chicken wings are “normal” for him, no wonder he is obese.

    Maybe they want to set a record for the youngest heart attack victim in the world.

    • NephiMalit

      Nothing wrong with eating chicken wings; my son eats chicken at a little over one year old and he does fine.

  • Irvin

    I’ve joined a gym recently to GAIN weight, been eating more than I should and now my skin is having some allergic reaction probably due to the change in diet.

    Oh……the irony…..

    • Alex

      Gain weight, not fat, right? :D

  • Chunky52695

    I hope he gets “skinnier” because being obese like that can lead to death at a young age…hope him good luck ( “祝你好運“)

  • Ken

    His problem is carbohydrate. The human body manages carbohydrate the same way as it manages sugar.

    This child should not rice, bread, or any other food containing carbohydrate, such as flour.

    This is a very simple issue to control.




    • Just John

      You realize that there are many Chinese eating Rice and wheat based (Which means same base as bread) noodles. In fact, I would say, almost all (I won’t say everyone, there may be a few Chinese who do not eat noodles or rice).

      Yet of the enormous population that is eating these “carbohydrate” foods, how many are overweight?

      Just looking at all the rice eaten by Chinese and their relative physical weight makes me wonder how anyone can actually believe the Atkins diet that you are alluding to.

      Now please go look up actual medical journals on the effects of carbs, and the different types of carbs, not some over-hyped diet fad…

  • logboy


    And that’s “adorable”, him eating the chicken wing?

    Fucking revolting.

  • @yao5658 – how about teaching me how to lose weight in just a month?? i’m kinda having problems…

  • jade welborn

    omg little boy you need too lose weight ! ! !

  • BCL

    he’s so fat he can’t even open his eyes that good man this dude need to loose some serious weight indeed!

  • dan

    fat ass

  • garden level

    No 4-year-old eats too much. Babies and tots are picky eaters and even when it comes to their favorite foods understand satiety long before they overeat.

    This child is at an extreme: clearly he has a medical issue, likely neurological, out of his and his parents’ control. Even though it hasn’t yet been identified the symptom is transparent.

    I hope they will get to the bottom of it, and that this little chap won’t be subject to ridicule and bullying.