Panda And Panda Girls Wearing Panda Shorts In Shanghai

Panda shorts in Shanghai, China.

Panda shorts in Shanghai, China.


Girls in Shanghai wearing panda shorts.

A panda with girls in panda shorts in Shanghai.

A panda and girls wearing panda shorts.

A Chinese girl in panda shorts knees a jumping panda.

A Chinese girl jump kicking a panda.

A group of Chinese girls wearing panda shorts on Nanjing Road in Shanghai.

Girls wearing panda shorts in Shanghai.

Girls wearing panda shorts.

Girls wearing panda shorts in Shanghai.

Panda, panda girls, 3D.

Comments from Mop:


Want to feed bamboo now.


There’s not enough bamboo to go around, everyone help out!


I want to feed their pandas bamboo.


When do we feed them bamboo?


So ugly…


So cute!


Not bad not bad, just their legs are a bit thick.


There’s only one stick of bamboo left…come get it!


Can we feed them bamboo yet?


…I think my bamboo would break…
There are too many pandas…

A panda and a group of girls wearing panda shorts along Shanghai's famous Nanjing Road.

From Sina:

What is performance art? It refers to artists using reality itself to create a performance. Recently, photographs of a group of seven “panda girls” wearing panda shorts with the “Mo Jie 2” [a MMORPG] panda have been circulating on various large websites and microblogs, with performance art once again melting into marketing.

According to reports, these seven panda girls accompanied by a regiment of 50 photographers walked from Shanghai’s Raffles City [mall] through People’s Square all the way to the Bund. All along the way, they attracted countless people’s attention, with people stopping in their tracks, filled with curiosity as they watched these beautiful girls and panda. Many groups of people sought to take photos with our pandas, and even a bride refused to pass up the opportunity to take a photo with the panda! Apart from the busy People’s Square and Bund, even the relaxing park for strolling was left with the “panda girls'” footprints.

Girls wearing panda shorts in midair.

Panda shorts girls in midair.

Girls in panda shorts in midair.

Panda and panda shorts.

Pandas. Personals @ chinaSMACK.


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