“If Your Period Was a Person” – Chinese Netizen Reactions

If Your Period Was a Person.

If Your Period Was a Person.

From Sina Weibo::

@英国报姐: Watch what it is like when your monthly “Aunt Flo” [period] is like as a person, from day one to day six, carefully experience. It’s quite accurate.







The original video:

The original video on YouTube:

Comments from Sina Weibo::


Are those in the comments saying isn’t it just having to use a menstrual pad and how can it be so ridiculous all “late stage heterosexual male cancers” [men who often judge women’s appearances but are oblivious to their own]? Do you think the feeling of having something cramping your JJ is very pleasant? Don’t comment on things you don’t understand.


What’s the value in keeping a boyfriend who leaves just because you can’t have sex when your period comes?


Isn’t it just having to place a menstrual pad in your pants? Have you had a period before? What makes you qualified to say something so nonchalant? Do you know how it feels in summer when it is 40 degrees [Celsius] and you have to wear a moist menstrual pad?


If she doesn’t come next month, then you’re in trouble…


That “heterosexual male cancer” sufferer and those who upvoted him, how would you like the feeling of someone kicking your dick and belly with all their strength? Why don’t we cut a piece off your dick, give you a menstrual pad and let’s see you run around happily~? Just who can be so ridiculous?


There’s a “late stage heterosexual male cancer” sufferer in the comments.


That “heterosexual male cancer: in the comments, who says isn’t it just having to use a menstrual pad? Then why don’t you tear/twist at your own dick for six days a month and see, and if you scream in pain, then you’re being a ridiculous cunt.


To the one in the comments who said isn’t it just having to wear a menstrual pad, may you never have a girlfriend.


The guy who said it’s just having to use a menstrual pad truly is a stupid cunt. I’ve had periods where I’ve cried from the pain. If you haven’t experienced it, then don’t blindly comment, okay? I hope you have gastroenteritis every month, and maybe then you’ll understand.


Give me one night of crazy and I’ll give you ten months [“nine months”] of smooth and steady.


The one who said about just having to wear a menstrual pad, think what it would be like to have someone pinching your balls for a week, and enduring a week of pain.


Do you know what is called ridiculous? Hovering between life in death in pain. You think it is just a menstrual pad? Have you experienced menstrual pains before? I can’t stand “heterosexual male cancers”.


The Aunt Flow [in the image/video] isn’t savage/cruel enough, thumbs down!

飞雪独樵_成长记录: (replying to 走不出你眼神)

Stupid cunt. Why don’t you try tear/twisting your dick for six days and see.


An extra menstrual pad? Hehe, what would be ridiculous is having your crotch kicked and balls smashed every month without being able to cry out in pain.


Isn’t it just an extra menstrual pad in your pants? What’s so uncomfortable/painful about that? Girls being ridiculous.


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