“If Your Period Was a Person” – Chinese Netizen Reactions

If Your Period Was a Person.

From Sina Weibo::

@英国报姐: Watch what it is like when your monthly “Aunt Flo” [period] is like as a person, from day one to day six, carefully experience. It’s quite accurate.







The original video:

Comments from Sina Weibo::


Are those in the comments saying isn’t it just having to use a menstrual pad and how can it be so ridiculous all “late stage heterosexual male cancers” [men who often judge women’s appearances but are oblivious to their own]? Do you think the feeling of having something cramping your JJ is very pleasant? Don’t comment on things you don’t understand.


What’s the value in keeping a boyfriend who leaves just because you can’t have sex when your period comes?


Isn’t it just having to place a menstrual pad in your pants? Have you had a period before? What makes you qualified to say something so nonchalant? Do you know how it feels in summer when it is 40 degrees [Celsius] and you have to wear a moist menstrual pad?


If she doesn’t come next month, then you’re in trouble…


That “heterosexual male cancer” sufferer and those who upvoted him, how would you like the feeling of someone kicking your dick and belly with all their strength? Why don’t we cut a piece off your dick, give you a menstrual pad and let’s see you run around happily~? Just who can be so ridiculous?


There’s a “late stage heterosexual male cancer” sufferer in the comments.


That “heterosexual male cancer: in the comments, who says isn’t it just having to use a menstrual pad? Then why don’t you tear/twist at your own dick for six days a month and see, and if you scream in pain, then you’re being a ridiculous cunt.


To the one in the comments who said isn’t it just having to wear a menstrual pad, may you never have a girlfriend.


The guy who said it’s just having to use a menstrual pad truly is a stupid cunt. I’ve had periods where I’ve cried from the pain. If you haven’t experienced it, then don’t blindly comment, okay? I hope you have gastroenteritis every month, and maybe then you’ll understand.


Give me one night of crazy and I’ll give you ten months [“nine months”] of smooth and steady.


The one who said about just having to wear a menstrual pad, think what it would be like to have someone pinching your balls for a week, and enduring a week of pain.


Do you know what is called ridiculous? Hovering between life in death in pain. You think it is just a menstrual pad? Have you experienced menstrual pains before? I can’t stand “heterosexual male cancers”.


The Aunt Flow [in the image/video] isn’t savage/cruel enough, thumbs down!

飞雪独樵_成长记录: (replying to 走不出你眼神)

Stupid cunt. Why don’t you try tear/twisting your dick for six days and see.


An extra menstrual pad? Hehe, what would be ridiculous is having your crotch kicked and balls smashed every month without being able to cry out in pain.


Isn’t it just an extra menstrual pad in your pants? What’s so uncomfortable/painful about that? Girls being ridiculous.

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  • Dolph Grunt

    Actually, I think it’s rather brilliant.

  • mr.wiener

    Apparently if you are a Chinese woman having your period ,it is manifest as a black woman…..I wonder what the manifestation of a black woman’s period is?

    • B*tches, Leave

      Yes, let’s lynch one to find out, WHITE POWER!
      Seriously though, makes me sad to witness that the Chinese didn’t comment on the color of her skin, but a loser laowai (with a hot local girlfriend) reminds us about that.

      • mr.wiener

        Was that “loser laowai” meant to be in inverted comas?
        Just don’t tell my wife about my hot local girlfriend.

    • ClausRasmussen

      Not one of the Chinese commentors as much as lifted an eyebrow… lol

      • Butsu

        Me neither, she’s obviously acting and the colour of their skin is of no importance at all.

      • mistertibbs4u

        Can’t front… I was surprised.

    • Surfeit

      You talked of manifestation and people assimilated racial undertones. I feel kinda sorry for you.

      • mr.wiener

        I don’t feel sorry for me. I meant nothing by it. I’m just kinda curious , why a foreigner at all?
        The other thing I’m curious about is no one asked why or noticed this., even the Chinese netizins. Does this indicate an excess of politocal correctness or is it just not worth comenting on? …Maybe I’m reading too much into this.
        I thought it was a pretty funny concept though.

        • ClausRasmussen

          I think it indicate a complete lack of political correctness from the Chinese commentors. It is illustrative that the consequence is a discussion that sticks to the subject

          • Kai

            I’m not sure the lack of commentary about the woman playing the “period” character being black reflects “a complete lack of political correctness”. Wouldn’t political correctness prefer that people not see race at all? That there is nothing consciously or subconsciously intended by a black woman playing the part of a personified “period”? That maybe she volunteered for the role or beat out others for it? That they could have easily had anyone else play it if anyone else wanted to?

            Don’t get me wrong, I suspect I know what you’re driving at, that the Chinese netizens thought it was completely natural for a black woman to play the part, but that’s perhaps reading a level of conscious prejudice into them that isn’t necessarily justified with the information we have.

          • ClausRasmussen

            Ok, I should have written “complete lack of _Western_ political correctness”, it is not possible to know what the Chinese commentors were thinking

            But I can tell you, that if this video had been published with an Western audience in mind, there would be no end to the shitstorm resulting from this

          • Kai

            Um, the video was published with a Western audience in mind.


            And there was racial commentary.

          • ClausRasmussen

            Damn… I stand corrected. I read the story on my mobile and didn’t bother to watch the actual video, I just noticed the Chinese captions…

            Forget what I wrote

          • Kai

            No worries, dude!

            This is just another interesting example of how much the internet interconnects the world. I personally liked the whole “women shouting down the insensitive men” angle too. I know I personally can’t imagine what it’s like to have a period!

            P.S. – Also, I’d be in over my heels if I could find a supermarket with such a cereal aisle in China. Mwuahaha! nom nom nom (oh wait, you’re not American, so not sure if that makes any sense to you).

          • ClausRasmussen

            >> not sure if that makes any sense to you

            Now you made me watch the whole thing to figure out what that meant lol

            Yes, we have plenty of cereal products too. Can’t you find a Western supermarket ? I know there are some in Beijing, but I would be more worried about the milk to put on it

          • Kai

            I don’t recall a cereal aisle at the local Carrefour comparable to those in the States with its vast selection of sugary goodness! I suppose they have some selection in their imported food items section but I’m not keen on paying inflated prices for them.

            I was ecstatic when Honey Nut Cheerios came out with a domestic offering at a more reasonable price (still “relativey” expensive in my opinion though, probably still not enough consumer demand to drive prices down), but then I quickly realized that I may be becoming lactose intolerant.


            Pretty sure it wasn’t just China milk either, because I’ve had milk and cereal back home in the States and…yeah. Fortunately, it isn’t too bad. I’m still able to enjoy most dairy products without disaster, but straight milk seems to, uh, come out of me less than pleasantly.

          • Zappa Frank

            try to take milk without lactose. May be intolerance..

        • Kai

          I think you’re reading too much into it, or at least it shows you expected a racial angle and was surprised there wasn’t any. I’d give you the benefit of the doubt but there are some unpleasant conjecture that could be made.

          If you watch the video, it’s from YouTube and the entire skit is in fluent English. She’s appears to be in Vancouver. The “period” is a friend, just like the guy.

          There’s a bit of racial discussion in the YouTube comments, but for Weibo, I’m thinking the women were united against the men and that overrode any racial shenanigans.

          • mr.wiener

            That explains a lot actually. The was no connection to the vid on my phone so I made the mistake of thinking it was shot in China,hence my curiousity.
            I was suprised by the lack of racial comment by netizins… pleasantly surprised.

          • Kai

            Yeah, that makes sense. I didn’t know the video doesn’t appear on mobile since I don’t normally browse on my rickety old iPhone 4.

    • donscarletti

      A middle aged Australian man.

      • mr.wiener


  • “If she doesn’t come next month, you’re in trouble”
    (comment above)
    – don’t panic, maybe she’s late!

  • kenhansen

    Start of condom free period

  • Gerhana

    whats with the F word. Have some class woman.

  • Jahar

    The ones talking about the pads in 40 degrees and whatnot really gotta discover tampons i guess. plugs trump diapers, i think.

    • I’m A Fiend

      You still have to wear a panty liner with a tampon so i think alot of women just wear pads since its a bother to have to use two items instead of just one. My office (albeit we are a small crew) is 60% women and we all use pads.

      • Jahar

        im no expert, but from what i recall about my ex’s, they didn’t use both. always just tampons.

        • I’m A Fiend

          If your exes had lighter flows on all days and changed regularly (they last 4-8hrs) then yes they probably didn’t need them. But there is leakage that occurs with tampons hence the pantyliner to protect your panties. It is inevitable that you will get some leakage as the tampon starts to fill.

    • Lauren

      Tampons in China are pretty much nonexistent. The only ones I’ve been able to find are without applicators and they are not in every store, so I normally have to buy mine when I’m visiting friends and family in the UK and Norway…

  • moop

    “I don’t trust anything that bleeds for five days and doesn’t die”

    • It is always better to be safe than sorry…
      especially if you aren’t familiar with their cycles and moods.

    • Surfeit

      My mate says the same thing. He’s single.

      • JayJay

        He might be a ginger beer

        • Surfeit

          What’s that then?

          • JayJay

            Try google… mate…

          • Surfeit

            Na, lost interest now.

          • JayJay

            Ginger beer means queer… I’m saying he might be gay

          • Surfeit

            That’s racist.

          • mr.wiener


          • JayJay

            Errr… no

            1. I never said there is anything wrong being gay, nor do I have a problem with gay people.

            2. do you mean when I say you mate, might be gay, you feel offended? That means you have a problem with homosexuals, and you should seek help.

            3. if you mean the use of word ‘queer’, it is not considered offensive in a conventional sense as it has been used in mainstream media, such as the show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Plus the fact this is a cockney rhyming slang.

            4. when did gays become a race??

            P.S. your mate does not trust a bleeding vagina suggests he may play for the other team. So you know where I’m coming from.

          • Surfeit

            After you clean the sand out your vagina, learn to laugh a little.

          • JayJay

            Ha, didn’t think that was funny it’s all… the real question is have you got a problem with gay people?

          • Surfeit

            Only the black ones.

          • JayJay


          • Surfeit

            Shut up, mate. You’re boring.

    • JayJay

      same goes for a burst haemorrhoid

      • mr.wiener

        You know someone who bleeds from a busted haemorrhoid 5 days every month!?!
        Dude, tell them to see a proctologist ASAP.

        • JayJay


  • AbC

    This article seems to suggest woman shouldn’t even date during their period and that it’s normal for a guy to bolt the instant he finds out about it…

  • Maio

    Posting the stills of the video on weibo with the explainations in Chinese makes it quite lame, it really kills the fun.

    • Kai

      And yet that’s what trended on Weibo, the screenshots with the main point or dialogue of each day in Chinese. I’m pretty sure it’s because women find it easy to identify with on a very personal and intuitive level.

      Personally, the actual video itself was all that funny or well-made to me. Acting was poor or too over-the-top but it was meant to be a silly skit so that’s fine really. I think the original poster could’ve tried to translate and include more of the intended humor in the original video, but they oversimplified it and it still worked for Weibo audiences.

  • 금정산

    Women can still enjoy sex during their period. Some enjoy the feeling of heightened sensitivity. The first time I went down on a girl was when she was on her magic days. I didn’t know this at the time and thought it tasted surprisingly odd. Anyhow, I didn’t complain and she climaxed. I’m sure she enjoyed it because she made sure we spent that time together the next month.

    I’m sure not all women can be like that, and wouldn’t recommend it to you lads unless you are certain of her sexual history.

    • Rick in China

      What the fuck? Nothing like being the dude called during menstruation because the girl knows very few normal dudes would intentionally lick a bloody vag.

      • Ken Morgan

        Are you some sort of prude? or have you been away too long? There is the dubious honour in the UK called ‘red wings’. Hell I got some semi red wings myself last week. No blood on my face but some dark congealed blood on my fingers. Wiped it off and continued.

      • 금정산

        Speak for yourself.

        • Dr Sun

          lol, i bet Rick only licks bald ones too

    • jin

      When the magic days comes you wave with your fingerwand and you betweenthelegswand, don’t use your mouth, use that to please her upper part while she pleases your wand down there.

  • jin

    …….. and every girl is the same?

    • I’m A Fiend

      Nana is making a sweeping generalization . Alot of women experience increased appetite and cravings that starts during PMS and goes into the beginning of your period. Its common for women to gain weight from food and bloating during this time.

  • jin

    Real men swim through the Red Ocean to mix their white cream with the blood red liquid.

    • Surfeit

      You’re so fucked up! Love it!

    • Ken Morgan

      Or a woman just uses a sponge or a moon cup to ‘plug’ during the act. It’s not rocket science

      • jin

        Or you can save the trouble and swim in to the red ocean like a man.

    • Irvin

      You’ve clearly haven’t went down on a girl while she’s having her period, it was an accident and I can tell you, it wasn’t pleasant.

      • jin

        Clearly right? Why do you assume that.
        I can tell you it felt like red lubricant, a bit slimy after a while though. Overall it wasn’t that bad, except the huge bloodstain on my bed, looked like someone got stabbed on my bed.

        • jin

          A lot of natural lubricant.

    • Amused

      Someone’s earned his “redwings”, lol

  • FYIADragoon

    I’ve found that modern Chinese women tend to exaggerate the way the effects. Its not comfortable, but I’ve seen women that go into psychotic episodes during it.

  • Daniel

    “You must come next month” said no girl ever!!

    • Amused

      But a few menopausal women might have.

  • post.human

    On ur p? No problem. Don’t care.

  • jin

    Also losing weight doesn’t mean not eating, a good diet means eating food with low calories.

  • Amused

    I feel like if women can get all dramatic and complain about their vag’s, we as men should be able to voice our discomfort with the burdens of carrying a hairy dangler. True, we don’t bleed out the business end of our junk, and we don’t get headaches and cramps. BUT! And it’s a big but. We’re stuck with the inconvenience of randomly wanting to bone 80% of the female population(or male if you’re a queer). This results in unwanted and unsolicited erections which can make normal social interactions really damn difficult and embarrassing, especially as a young man. Not to mention the fact that once said unrequited wood shows up on the scene, we suddenly experience a general drop in IQ and attention span. Sure, at first glance this may not seem as bad as a period. But a period only lasts 4days to 2weeks(depending on how big of a cunt your gf is) out of the month. Mr. Woody will haunt you from prepubescence to the grave…. My 2 cents.

    • biggj

      Well i’ll make a video and have a little Chinese man named Mr. Wang play the role of my penis to show the troubles us men have with our penises.

      • Amused

        Sounds like a wonderful plan bro. You may want to get a larger actor to play your “junk double” tho= all the Mr. Wang’s I know might have trouble living up to the size of the problem…

    • Dr Sun

      I think what you mean to say is that men think with their little brain 80% of the time, women don’t (as they don’t one one) and that men find this very confusing and frustrating.

      • Amused

        Nah, it doesn’t confuse the average guy that much, just has a way of “shifting” one’s priorities in annoying ways. You’ll just have to trust me when I say that you’d understand if you had one :)

  • Marcus Black

    Why does this have to be a black woman? Not only that but this b*tch fits all the god damn stereotypes of ghetto black women. Black women are the cheapest f*cking ethnicity of women. They’ll do almost anything for small amounts of money. I don’t blame the Chinese people who came up with this stupid idea, I blame this black b*tch for taking part in this minstrel show.

  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    So Chinese men are still not quite sure who Aunt Flo is?

    Poor guys are gonna have to learn the hard way.

  • mr.wiener

    Gotcha, thanks for the info.

  • mr.wiener

    Nope. since the vid was shot in America then I was reading stuff into it that wasn’t there.

  • mr.wiener

    As explained above, vid plug in not supported on mobile phone, hence my confusion. As to my racism, or assumption of Chinese racism (or both) I think , with the exception of my first post , I’ve been asking questions as to why this is rather than pointing fingers.

  • icup ✔️

    …that’s racism being played off as a joke.

  • carmouflagger

    God i hate this topic. Scares the poo outta me O.o

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