Korean Woman Smokes on Subway, Chinese Netizen Reactions

A young Korean woman pours beer all over an elderly Korean man for trying to stop her from smoking with his umbrella.

An elderly Korean man tries to stop a young Korean woman smoking on the subway with his umbrella.

A week ago, our sister site koreaBANG reported on a Korean viral video featuring a young woman smoking on the Seoul Metro getting into a fight with an older man who tried to stop her. Over the past week, that video made its way to China…

From Youku:

Woman smokes inside subway train car, old man stops her only to have the woman’s beer poured over his head

On YouTube:

Comments from Youku:


Is this an old whore?


Simida~ So it turns out to be the universe’s number 1 most powerful country…


Korean bangzi.


Bangzi old man raises bangzi to wage war against female bangzi. Those in agreement, ding.


And there’s even people trying to stop the fight!


Bangzi subways are quite spacious.


Having watched so many videos, I’ve discovered that it isn’t foreigners discriminating against us Chinese, but that we ourselves have too many problems.

掌柜豪豪: (responding to above)

This isn’t China, thank you!!

潇洒的口水: (responding to above)

Sorry, I was mistaken. My apologies, my apologies.


No good youth, this is China’s future.

飞虎堡: (responding to above)

Those are “bangzi country’s” youth.


I think this guy is also [going too far], using his umbrella to poke others…


Even a bangzi video has mixed its way in here?


Korean subways are so spacious… What a large Puma…

The elderly Korean man tries to use his umbrella to stop a young Korean woman from smoking on the Seoul metro subway.


What I don’t understand is why these people [bystanders] only know how to film> Other than filming, do you know how to do anything else?


– – Japanese, very normal, they were always animals.

kanakoo: (responding to above)

These are bangzi


Looks like this country doesn’t lack SBs.


Simida [Korean] character is no better than Chinese character, so glad.


Smoking in a public space is wrong, but the elderly man’s way of stopping her was also very rude!


In Korea, the real-life women are also quite violent, just as violent as the women in Korean movies and television dramas.


Currently 57 upvotes and 243 downvotes, everyone must upvote this, otherwise this video will be buried, and we must let those Korean bangzi see what their country looks like!!!!!


The woman is indeed wrong, but this elderly person is too, can’t you just calmly say something, why go pointing and poking with an umbrella?


This old man doesn’t know even the most basic respect. Even if this woman is smoking…you don’t need to use an umbrella to poke!!


I think both of them are wrong, diplomacy before violence, using an umbrella or whatever, even I would hit him.


Do the people filming just eat shit [stupid, good for nothing]? Don’t know to intervene/stop the fight?


Laws should be enacted to severely punish those people who smoke in elevators, airplanes, buses, trains, and other enclosed spaces. This kind of person with poor upbringing simply need to be slapped.

A young Korean woman pours beer all over an elderly Korean man for trying to stop her from smoking with his umbrella.


Wouldn’t using your mouth to stop [someone from doing something] be enough…? Using something to go provoke others…? If it were you and you had a beer in your hands and he provoked you… wouldn’t you pour it on him? Would you respect this kind of immoral/unethical elderly person?


Nosy person.


That old man is outrageous too. Using an umbrella to provoke others, anyone would flip out.


Bangzi! Of course uses a bangzi!


The woman’s voice is so ugly.


If I were present, I’d give that female cunt a cigar, and give her what she needs.


Looks like things are a bit better abroad, there’s at least some people intervening/trying to break them up…


Feels like the old person’s method was a little asking for it.


People should mind their own business.


Korean bangzi, I laugh as I pass by.


Bangzi sure have J8 poor character.

ceryicycy: Chinese people will never have the right to criticize other countries.


See? It’s the same in any country, lots of bystanders everywhere.

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Note: Interestingly, many of the comments on this Youku video refer to another video we recently reported, of two post-90s generation teenagers beating up the elderly at a Jiangsu nursing home. Many Chinese commenters were confused by these other comments, resulting in arguments over whether it was China or Korea (or Japan), about Chinese youth and elderly or Korean youth and elderly.

Unless there was a technical problem, another explanation is that the two videos may have been put on the same playlist featured on Youku’s front page, and the post-90s video was the video before this one on that playlist. This may have resulted in some commenters commenting on the wrong video’s comments section when the playlist advanced to this video.

While this video has over 1.3 million views, the other video now has over 2.8 million views.

Want to see Korean netizen reactions? See our report about this video on koreaBANG!


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