Korean Woman Smokes on Subway, Chinese Netizen Reactions

A young Korean woman pours beer all over an elderly Korean man for trying to stop her from smoking with his umbrella.

An elderly Korean man tries to stop a young Korean woman smoking on the subway with his umbrella.

A week ago, our sister site koreaBANG reported on a Korean viral video featuring a young woman smoking on the Seoul Metro getting into a fight with an older man who tried to stop her. Over the past week, that video made its way to China…

From Youku:

Woman smokes inside subway train car, old man stops her only to have the woman’s beer poured over his head

On YouTube:

Comments from Youku:


Is this an old whore?


Simida~ So it turns out to be the universe’s number 1 most powerful country…


Korean bangzi.


Bangzi old man raises bangzi to wage war against female bangzi. Those in agreement, ding.


And there’s even people trying to stop the fight!


Bangzi subways are quite spacious.


Having watched so many videos, I’ve discovered that it isn’t foreigners discriminating against us Chinese, but that we ourselves have too many problems.

掌柜豪豪: (responding to above)

This isn’t China, thank you!!

潇洒的口水: (responding to above)

Sorry, I was mistaken. My apologies, my apologies.


No good youth, this is China’s future.

飞虎堡: (responding to above)

Those are “bangzi country’s” youth.


I think this guy is also [going too far], using his umbrella to poke others…


Even a bangzi video has mixed its way in here?


Korean subways are so spacious… What a large Puma…

The elderly Korean man tries to use his umbrella to stop a young Korean woman from smoking on the Seoul metro subway.


What I don’t understand is why these people [bystanders] only know how to film> Other than filming, do you know how to do anything else?


– – Japanese, very normal, they were always animals.

kanakoo: (responding to above)

These are bangzi


Looks like this country doesn’t lack SBs.


Simida [Korean] character is no better than Chinese character, so glad.


Smoking in a public space is wrong, but the elderly man’s way of stopping her was also very rude!


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In Korea, the real-life women are also quite violent, just as violent as the women in Korean movies and television dramas.


Currently 57 upvotes and 243 downvotes, everyone must upvote this, otherwise this video will be buried, and we must let those Korean bangzi see what their country looks like!!!!!


The woman is indeed wrong, but this elderly person is too, can’t you just calmly say something, why go pointing and poking with an umbrella?


This old man doesn’t know even the most basic respect. Even if this woman is smoking…you don’t need to use an umbrella to poke!!


I think both of them are wrong, diplomacy before violence, using an umbrella or whatever, even I would hit him.


Do the people filming just eat shit [stupid, good for nothing]? Don’t know to intervene/stop the fight?


Laws should be enacted to severely punish those people who smoke in elevators, airplanes, buses, trains, and other enclosed spaces. This kind of person with poor upbringing simply need to be slapped.

A young Korean woman pours beer all over an elderly Korean man for trying to stop her from smoking with his umbrella.


Wouldn’t using your mouth to stop [someone from doing something] be enough…? Using something to go provoke others…? If it were you and you had a beer in your hands and he provoked you… wouldn’t you pour it on him? Would you respect this kind of immoral/unethical elderly person?


Nosy person.


That old man is outrageous too. Using an umbrella to provoke others, anyone would flip out.


Bangzi! Of course uses a bangzi!


The woman’s voice is so ugly.


If I were present, I’d give that female cunt a cigar, and give her what she needs.


Looks like things are a bit better abroad, there’s at least some people intervening/trying to break them up…


Feels like the old person’s method was a little asking for it.


People should mind their own business.


Korean bangzi, I laugh as I pass by.


Bangzi sure have J8 poor character.


http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMzcyNjAwNzM2.html Chinese people will never have the right to criticize other countries.


See? It’s the same in any country, lots of bystanders everywhere.

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Note: Interestingly, many of the comments on this Youku video refer to another video we recently reported, of two post-90s generation teenagers beating up the elderly at a Jiangsu nursing home. Many Chinese commenters were confused by these other comments, resulting in arguments over whether it was China or Korea (or Japan), about Chinese youth and elderly or Korean youth and elderly.

Unless there was a technical problem, another explanation is that the two videos may have been put on the same playlist featured on Youku’s front page, and the post-90s video was the video before this one on that playlist. This may have resulted in some commenters commenting on the wrong video’s comments section when the playlist advanced to this video.

While this video has over 1.3 million views, the other video now has over 2.8 million views.

Want to see Korean netizen reactions? See our report about this video on koreaBANG!

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • Rod

    No smoking on the sofa!

    • MKL

      You can try, but my umbrella is ready.

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  • mr. wiener

    I like the way the old guy calmly wipes the beer off before he gets up to grab her by the throat.

  • Jeff

    haha Asian savages!

  • roflstomp

    As if you inbred Chinese don’t smoke on the subways.

    • cc

      Smoke, spit, pick there noses, masturbate, scratch there ring piece, yep can’t see the connection really

    • eddie9684

      Really? I have been in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou metro… I haven’t seen anyone smoking.

      • Brett Hunan

        Do you ride them daily? It’s not common, just as it is not common in Korea, but it does happen occasionally.

        I can’t say much on how often, other than I personally witnessed it a few times in China, but I have only seen this one video of this crazy bitch in Korea. I’ve never seen it in person and I’ve been taking the subway every day for the last 18 months here.

    • johnny basic

      I have to say, I’ve never seen anyone smoking on the Shanghai metro.

      The Metro commuters of Shanghai might sprawl across four seats in order to sleep, shout loudly on the phone/to a friend sitting a metre away, not queue up properly unless there’s someone with a megaphone ordering them to, stand right in the middle of the doorway when the train’s crowded and they don’t intend to get off, shamelessly dash to get a seat, smack their lips while consuming pungent foods, jostle past old people carrying heavy bags, jump over the turnstiles, camp out on the floor near the train doorway with the rest of their family and several sacks of agricultural produce so that people can’t get past, let their fat spoilt children run amok, stand on the left on the escalator oblivious to the fact that people want to get past, but smoking, no.

    • 骂人的是孙子

      not sure what inbreeding has to do with smoking, perhap roflstomp knows more about inbreds because of his own family

    • Irvin

      I ride GZ metro daily, never seen anyone smoke or even drink beer on the subway.

    • Anne

      Where did the inbreding observation come from? I’d have thought China was more on the heterogeneous side of things…That word applies more to Iceland perhaps and they have the lowest smoking rates in Europe.
      I’ve seen a few unpleasant things on the Shangahi metro, but not smoking or anyone drinkng alcohol.

  • Brett Hunan

    There are at least 3 different videos of this lunatic smoking drinking and talking to herself floating around. With alk the fight videos Ive seen taken from the Korean subway systems, im surprised no one has decked her yet.

  • Jahar

    If there is one thing i know, one random video or one idiot is an accurate way to measure the population of an entire country.

    • Little Wolf

      FUCK YEAH!!


      I’ll see myself out.

  • notorious

    reminds me of sharon stone… ‘what are you gonna do, arrest me for smoking?”

    by the way, why hasn’t it made the asian media about that korean dude going on a violent shooting rampage at the korean christian nursing school in california? He killed 6 women and one man. One of the victims was nigerian, another nepalese the the rest korean.

    he was made because he was kicked out of the school. he lined them up and shot them execution style. it was all over the news. then he calmly went to jail. the man was 43 years old.

    • donscarletti

      Because people in America are always doing that because they have freedom to use guns. A Korean already held the record for university shooting anyway (those guys are totally skilled at CS if you remember) and he got a way better score than this fat bastard. So what’s the novelty?

      Anyway, Koreans probably say they invented school shootings. They’re always stealing things like that.

  • saw it on koreaSMACK

    @Chinese comments: pot calling the kettle black.

    • That is how many Chinese netizens feel about Korean criticisms after seeing this video. Isn’t that interesting?

      • Wang that!

        LOL the Chinese should feel that from every corner of the world then.

      • lonetrey

        LOL ahahaha, mutual disrespect for each other by simultaneously pointing out each other’s same flaws?

      • its interesting. Its still pot calling the kettle black…

        • That is the story of all people.

  • bert

    Dong ya bing fu calling other people Bangzi. Great!

    But I don’t get the over the top screaming in the video, there was no gun or blood shed.

  • Sean

    Clearly the Koreans have a lot to learn from the Chinese about how to behave on metros and other public transportation: push, shove, spit, nose pick, snot rocket, cough directly onto people without evening covering your mouth, stare directly at foreigners for several minutes at a time, bring gigantic bags of crap onto buses at rush hour, shout into your phone, proudly display your child’s genitals for everyone to gander at, don’t shower for several days at a time… all that is fine. But don’t dare poke an obnoxious woman with the end of your umbrella!

    • mr. wiener

      ..you forgot farting.I often hear some fine arse trumpets tuning up on public transport, old guys naturally, women mainly do SBD’s.

    • Rod

      Haha. There should be an official list somewhere.

  • Ryo

    I thought Koreans only act that way in those drama shows… but I guess they really do IRL…

  • Miki

    Don’t smoke in subways. Don’t jab people with umbrellas. Don’t be a dick, and everyone’s subways ride will be peaceful.

  • Jim M.

    When I was last in Korea, I was chatting to an old lady on the train. She seemed nice enough, but a bit frail.

    Then, when we got to the station, she jumped the barricade to avoid needing a ticket, and ran so fast that security had no chance of catching her. As she ran, she pushed everyone out of the way, sending fellow commuters tumbling in all directions.

    Don’t underestimate Korean old ladies, and definitely don’t underestimate their ability to get their own way in lieu of the law.

    • Brett Hunan

      First of all, the barricades are high, so I doubt she “jumped” one.

      Secondly, there are no guards in the Korean metro system. Maybe there are one or two elderly to help the people that don’t know how to use their metro passes.

      Third, the kind of person you are talking about is called an ajumma. When approaching ajumma you should avoid eye contact. Ajumma will jump in front of you, push you, pull you, elbow you, or even knock your bags down. She’ll stare at you until your soul turns cold- just to make sure she gets the seat you want to sit in. Ajumma is a force to be reckoned with.


    The subway floors are ridiculously clean, but this is coming from someone who has been taking the NYC subways for over 40 years……

    • BaoBei

      Shh.. please don’t bring up NYC subway. I’m scared people will find out some of the stuff we see on Chinese/Korean subways is tame compared to stuff I’ve seen around NY.

  • Foreign Devil

    Funny how the Chinese watching this video can’t tell the difference about if they are looking at Chinese, Korean or Japanese people. Even though they all would insist they can see the differences.

    • mr. wiener

      They were all commenting on how clean and spacious the Korean subway cars are inside. Maybe that is how.
      Also you can Kind of tell if a film was shot in Europe or not by the clothes and fashions, the look of the people even their attitudes and gestures. If you heard some of the language you could even take an educated guess as to which country it was in Europe. Same for the Chinese I think.

    • See note at the bottom. Most of the comments confused about people is because many of them were reacting to another video. Most commenters who saw this video knew it was Korean. The language is very clear in the sound.

    • expat

      i am white i am american, i can tell the difference between ,vietnamese, chinese,japanese, korean, it is not all about the speech or dialect it is also about the facial expressions and head and torso

  • pada

    How about a BBQed dog leg to go along with her beer.

  • A GUY

    I think that the Woman is wrong, but the old guy is to blame for it being a big scene.

    Hey Dim Mak where is that Asian unity your hoping for? did you read those posts!!!

  • Justin

    I was surprised to learn that China is actually very low in terms of per capita smokers, given the ubiquitous cigarette smoke everywhere. Greeks and other Europeans smoke the most and yet somehow people in Greece tend to live longer on average than most people in other countries (ranked 19 or 20 out of about 200 countries in terms of life expectancy). China has a lot of male smokers ( 50 percent or more I believe), but something like only 4 percent of Chinese women smoke.

    • expat

      it depends on altitude,environment,quality of cigarette, and health reform, perhaps greece doesn’t have as many factories, pollution, poor driving,disease, dirty water,unkempt hair,skin,nails,hands, etc.

  • Castro

    That shit was funny! See, real life is still funnier than the best Hollywood !

  • rollin wit 9’s

    Old dude was awesome with that umbrella. Love the korean mannerisms haha. But as far as im concerned, that is mere canon product compared to what goes on in China.
    For christ sakes parents in China still prefer to let their kids pee on the doors and sidewalks of restaurants instead of walking the 10 ft. to go inside and use the stall.
    Fckn animals!

    • Xiongmao

      ‘Fckn animals’ might be a stretch, but yes, I’ve always wondered that as well. I kind of get it if there’s no public bathroom around, but these days they’re building more and more of them. Why not shed the nongmin attitude? Also I boggles my mind when even businessmen in suits are standing right next to a trash bin in China, yet still choose to throw their trash on the ground.

  • Brett Hunan

    Can someone please explain wtf 思密达 means? Thank you

    • ~simida, it is commonly heard in Korean language. So in the above comments, it is just one way to refer to Koreans because many Chinese netizens are familiar with it from Korean movies and TV dramas. It is similar to foreigners saying “Ching Chong country” referring to China.

      • Brett Hunan

        Aaaaaah you mean -십니다 (-sipnida) one of the verb endings in the polite form of speech.

        Yea, I figured it was used in a way like “Ching Chong country”

        • Brett Hunan

          …thank you

        • As Fauna says, 思密达 [si mi da] is a phonetic rendering of 습니다 [sum-nida] in Chinese (-습니다 not -십니다). To non-Korean speaking Chinese people, constantly hearing the formal verb ending in dramas etc is baffling — it’s an attempt to somehow characterise it with Chinese sounds.

          It’s neither simida or sumnida really since there’s no real universal way of standardising Korean using roman script like there is with Pinyin in Chinese.

          • Brett Hunan

            Thanks James.

          • Chucky3176

            I doubt the Chinese picked it up from the Korean dramas. The formal verb endings usually show up repeatedly on Korean TV news. The Korean dramas don’t repeatedly use “습니다”, as nearly much as the news reports on TV. The TV dramas have dialogues that are much more varied, as opposed to TV news which are basically stating the status of something (in which 습니다 often comes to play). So it looks the Chinese are not only watching Korean TV dramas, they’re also keeping a tab on Korean TV news, probably on-line. Thus also explains Chinese people’s number one two reason why they hate Koreans (number one reason is the Koreans supposedly “stealing Chinese culture/history” false accusations), that Korean medias only showing bad things or bad news about China.

  • Hello

    Wait wait wait!!!! This metro is HUGE!!! you can take a stroll in it, or is it the camera that made it like that?

    • Brett Hunan

      It’s just not a busy line or time of day. The Seoul Metro system may be large and efficient, but during rush hour one cannot tell the difference (judging only the number of people) between the crowded Korean cars and crowded Chinese cars or even crowded American or UK cars.

  • Gijs

    I don`t get how these chinese ppl all say this old uncle is also wrong… if someone does something he/she shouldn`t do, and it`s very rude of course you can be rude back. She began with being rude by smoking next to him! haizzz… these chinese ppl are really not initiative-taking enough.

  • Xiongmao

    I love how ignorant Chinese generally are of their own history. They can’t even mention Koreans without using the bangzi word, unaware of how much China has been pushing the Korean people around for millennia. Mao and Deng especially pushed Chinese nationalism to dangerous levels and allowing history to be ‘re-written’ in the process. Later leaders have not done much to stem the tide. If China wants to be modern and a world leader in our time, Beijing really needs to do something about this pressing issue. It’s frankly embarrassing.

  • jeffli

    Well I don’t know about you limpies but that Korean woman was hot hot hot!

    Find that beer guzzling woman have her stripped washed and sent to my tent cause I got a packet of Marlboro lights and two six packs ‘o Budweiser, and a bunch of Korean TV serials DVD (porn too?). We’ll be married with-in a week.

    Don’t you dare mock me as I am serious (or you’ll be wearing a Tsingtao).
    try me!

    • mr. wiener

      Far be it for me to mock your eclectic tastes. If you like chicks with sailor’s mouths more power to you. Budwieser would probably be a good choice for a Korean as their own beer is about as watery. I’d keep some soju for when you get to serious drinking part of the evening. It could seal the deal.

    • Dr SUN

      Damn, you beat me to her jeffli

  • SuperHappyCow

    Jesus fucking christ, could subways be that gi-fucking-normous or are koreans really that tiny?


    • Brett Hunan

      Not as big as it looks. Probably 3-4 meters wide by however many long. Just empty on that particular line at that particular time

  • Mao’s Dong

    Smoking is a disgusting addiction of the weak-minded and shouldn’t be ‘blown’ in the faces of others.

    Having said that, China has the highest cigarette related sickness rate per capita in the world. So, this, here, is kind of rich…

    • expat

      smoking isn’t weak minded your a idiot and a stooge on propaganda, smoking in fact isn’t all that bad, its what is put in the tobacco that is harmful, how ever i smoke 20 -40 cigs a day for 21 years or so, I am not weak nor ill stricken , its mostly biological and hereditary thats what causes problems to some people

  • benson

    That girl was an idiot for smoking on the train, but shoving an umbrella into her face, was probably not the best way to deal with it. Usually, it takes *two” people escalate these incidents, rather than to stay calm, and diffuse them.

  • trouse

    Old man trying to do some good in a bad way..bad vs bad there you go , boooom! had me beer on me face.

  • expat

    it is quite normal for chinese people to provoke and make trouble abroad, you can simply see that the subway was in korea, and his methods on BS and intimidation was uncalled for, if he was in America and tried that shit!, he would be just another dead human ,just being brought to another country in a box, btw what i don’t get is his intention? in china, people smoke EVERY WHERE ! and spit and shit what was his motive?

  • LeanatanHannin

    “Pot calling the cattle black”

    LMAO, it’s not pot calling the cattle black, it’s pot reminding the cattle black. It’s just to wake Koreans the hell up to let them know they are no much more different than their Mainland Chinese counterparts. But Koreans will still keep on manifesting their unreal superman complex just to prove the whole world that they make the best comedians. As the time past, this kind of attitudes coming from both Chinese and Koreans will diminish as the younger generation starts to take over. Just relax.