Little Chinese Boy and Python Lived Together For 12 Years

A Zhe and his python.

From QQ:

13-Year-Old Boy and Python in Dongguan Have Lived Together for 12 Years, Boy and Python Sleep in One Bed

Most people would be afraid when seeing a snake, but not the boy A Zhe in Dongguan who is only 13 years old. Ever since he was a few months old, he’s been sleeping in the same bed with a python. The relationship he has with the python not only leave people amazed, but also inspired: Any animal in nature can be friends with humans.

A Zhe is kissing his python.

The snake egg was bought by A Zhe’s father, so the python came to A Zhe’s home before it was born, and by the time A Zhe was born, the python was already 6 years old, weighing more than 20kg. When A Zhe was 9 months old, his parents were busy making a living, going out during the day to work, so A Zhe would play with the python. In the hot summer, the python became A Zhe’s natural air conditioner. In the winter, A Zhe would worry the python might be cold, so he would warm the body of his “old pal”.

A Zhe and his python.

A Zhe’s father says his son and the python are with each other all day and all night, and it has never harmed A Zhe. It becomes very active especially when it is with A Zhe. Having this lively, adorable “good friend”, A Zhe has had no interest in other toys ever since he was small, and to this day has very rarely asked his parents to buy him any toys, with this python being the one thing that plays with him the most.

A Zhe is playing with his python.

When the weather is good, A Zhe takes his “old pal” for walks and to enjoy the sun. In 2012, after A Zhe started attending middle school, he could only sleep at home on Saturdays, and thus could no longer be with his “old pal” day and night, making A Zhe sad for a long time. A Zhe’s father says that A Zhe’s biggest dream is to become a zoologist when he grows up, to deal with animals every day, to make more animal friends. In A Zhe’s world, all animals have the right to live on this planet together with humans, and all animals are friends of humans. 2013 is the year of the snake according to the Chinese zodiac, hope people who enjoy eating snake meat will have mercy, will respect every life-form in nature, and not indiscriminately catch and eat wild animals.

Father, son, and snakes.

It is very common for us to see someone walking a dog or a cat, but a father and his son likes walking snakes, and they’re pythons.

A Zhe is picking up eggs laid by his “old pal”.

A Zhe picking up eggs laid by his “old pal”. (reproduced photo) Photos: Zeng Linghua.

Comments from QQ:

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腾讯连云港市网友 87742401:

Other people walk dogs, but he walks a python. “Like a boss.”

腾讯网友 大叔:

Well, so rich… [they] even have a “golden python” [Patteraless, Burmese python].

腾讯福建省网友 简单一些: (responding to above)

How much is it?

腾讯网友 鲜衣怒马: (responding to above)

This one should be worth about a million.

腾讯网友 嗼佲萁妙: (responding to above)

Idiot, a 1.1 meter long Patteraless only costs 3,000 kuai, and the one in the picture is mutated, there’s no golden color [on its skin]. Last time when a man walked a 3-meter one, it got on the news, so he had to give it to the zoo. China doesn’t allow keep them as pets.

腾讯沧州市网友 燕子:

They’ve lived together for so many years, there must be a deep bond, but snakes are ultimately cold-blooded animals, so is it really that safe to leave a child at home alone, especially when he’s left at home alone with a python?

腾讯福州市网友 奋斗:

Fuck, the one animal sister [referring to herself] fears the most is snakes—damn.

腾讯天津市网友 淘我喜欢:

Once again not learning the lesson. Last time someone took his patteraless out for a walk and bath, it was confiscated. Pythons are not allowed to be kept by individuals.

腾讯网友 (り﹊颖ル…:

I have goose bumps. Just looking at it makes my entire body uncomfortable.

腾讯深圳市网友 淡 然:

It’s indeed not easy to raise two snakes as big as these. Both men and animals have feelings. Care for all the living creatures.

腾讯广州市网友 细水长流:

Pythons are very tame, they can be treated as pets.

Comments from Sohu:

幸福泉水51358307 [搜狐河北省石家庄市网友]:

Parents and schools should all seriously be against this! It’s not healthy, not hygienic, not civilized, not appropriate.

披荆斩棘54117051 [搜狐北京市网友]:

Many people in foreign countries have been eaten by the pythons they kept as pets. One time, a father came into the room after hearing a noise only to find his daughter already half swallowed.

似水柔情57438815 [搜狐广东省惠州市网友]:

When this 13-year-old boy becomes an adult, he won’t have any desire to ride a wife.

悬梁刺股54168120 [搜狐手机网友]:

They’ve raised it for over 10 years, They long ago became friends… so what if it is a snake? At least they’re not as treacherous as men… What they should do is their business… It’s none of your fucking business… If it is released, it’ll be eaten by people as usual… Making a big deal about nothing… Go mind yourselves first.

飞天黑龙8764 [搜狐北京市网友]:

This photo of them picking up the snake eggs really has my admiration. Snakes are very aggressive animals. I once saw a zookeeper having to cover the snake first with a cloth before picking up its eggs. To so naturally pick up the python’s eggs without having to take precautions and not get attacked truly makes me admire the relationship/bond between human and snake.

搜狐新闻客户端网友 [搜狐四川省成都市网友]:

If you like keeping [pythons] as pets, then keep them as pets, but walking them in public is so not cool. Not everyone likes these things. Plus, snakes inherently are aggressive. Don’t fucking talk about how docile/meek your snakes are, try not feeding them for a week and see. Even walking a dog requires it to be on a leash! Before caring for animals, learn about public morality first!

金石为开5667082 [搜狐内蒙古自治区呼和浩特市网友]:

Humans caring for animals is good, but “living together” with them is frightening. When it comes to aggressive animals, other than possibly harming yourself, it’s also difficult to avoid possibly hurting others. What’s even more frightening is that there may be viruses unknown to mankind within the animal’s bodies, with SARS being the most classic example.

伤心太平洋2008 [搜狐北京市网友]:

Is it real or fake? Reminds me of the fable “the Farmer and the Viper”. Can this kind of animal really become friends with humans? I think it’s because this snake has things to eat every day, but if one day it doesn’t have anything to eat… I dare not imagine, just thinking about it gives me goosebumps. I think it’s still better to keep one’s distance from this kind of animal. After all, safety first.

搜狐新闻客户端网友 [搜狐甘肃省兰州市网友]:

The people’s government’s parent-like officials compete with the nouveau riche on what rare animal’s meat to eat, while a 13-year-old little child uses himself as an example to call on people to protect nature, firmly slapping the faces of those “people” [embarrassing them]. How can those “people” still live in this world [show their faces in public with such shame]?

心平气和46379879 [搜狐手机网友]:

Men and animals living in peace doesn’t mean they have to be treated as pets locked in cages! All we have to do to live peacefully with each other is for us to not go destroy their living environment! Please protect the environment, protect animals.

What do you think? Safe? Dangerous?

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  • Jahar

    Ignoring the obvious danger, there’s also the risk of salmonella. Dumb dumb dumb. Also, thinking there is some special bond is ridiculous.

    • [email protected]

      and toxoplasmosis

      • Wick

        and of course hydroperennialosmosis

        • Wick

          don’t forget anal gingivitis

          • Archie

            don’t you mean anal penetration?

          • carmouflagger

            And MakingUpDiseasesietis

  • A wild animal born and raised in captivity is still a wild animal.

    Hopefully we don’t see a ChinaSMACK article five months from now––

    “Little Chinese Boy Eaten by Python, Netizens React”

    • Ruaraidh

      I dislike that saying, since it’s not still a wild animal, it’s a tame animal. That’s not to say there isn’t a massive difference between a tame animal and a domesticated animal. My lizard is tame, but if it was the same mass as that snake, I’d not be confident even putting my arm in its cage. Things like that only have to go batshit once in 10 years of placid behaviour, and then you’ve lost your arm or your child.

      • Rick in China

        You’re playing at facetious semantics and making no valid point. A python – whether “domesticated”, “tame”, “wild”, or anything else regardless of the specifics of definition any individual places on the terms – is not a house pet which demands zero caution in handling in any situation. Even at that, lets take your incorrect “correction” – it IS a wild animal. A tame animal is a WILD animal that has been TAMED for a specific purpose – in most cases entertainment and following a routine / learning a very simple process of rewards and punishments in order to survive. A wild animal *can* be tamed. A domesticated animal needs no taming, as the breed has been domesticated over time (a very long time) and micro-evolutionary changes have occurred… it is essentially is born “tame”. Your lizard is a wild animal – a tamed wild animal, and your correction of Matt’s “saying” that you disliked is simply wrong.

        • Ruaraidh

          You must really love that saying. If you were made to chose to stay in a cage overnight with either a wild lion or a tame lion, I’m sure you’d agree tame is very different from wild.

          Tame is an intermediary position between wild and domestic, where an animal retains wild instincts under a layer of trained human-friendly behaviour. Whereas a wild animal lacks the trained human-friendly behaviour, and a domestic animal lacks the wild instincts.

          • Rick in China

            Domestication is a genetic level change, which happens over *MANY* generations, not just a few decades of breeding. Read some Darwin. Commercial pets like pythons are not domesticated species, or at least have not been domesticated, and their behavior/size/appearance is the same as that of a wild version, with only environmental influence to make it more accustom to a process/pattern for survival (ie. feeding times). A “tame” animal is genetically the same as a WILD animal, so while it can learn a process, it is still fully susceptible to instincts and in the case of say, lions or pythons, needs to be in a controlled environment in order to be deemed ‘safe’ – which does not include letting it SLEEP with a baby or child. I don’t even get what you’re trying to defend here.

          • Gaius Baltar

            Wonder what the chinese animal laws are on keeping pets? Given the restrictions, or lack of, on everything else, where does keeping a python in a residence stand in China?

          • Ruaraidh

            That’s the point of the Belyaev experiments into domestication, well managed artificial selection is orders of magnitude faster than natural selection and has been demonstrated to occur in just a few decades.

            10 generations is all it took to domesticate silver foxes. You are the one who needs to do some reading. Also while you’re at it you might read back through my comments and see that I never said it was a good or safe thing to do, letting a child sleep with a python, only that it’s straying towards hyperbole saying it’s the same a letting them sleep with a wild animal.

          • rollin wit 9’s

            +1 cuz me neither. Well said RIC, well said indeed!

          • rollin wit 9’s

            all right you deserve the a$$ chewing. Should have delivered it the first time!
            Your unfettered illogical thoughts know no bounds. “who knows how many captive generations…domesticated” Seriously??? So you’re saying domestication takes a year or 2? By the time Molly is sweet 16 she can have ‘Mr. Monty Python’? Think about it this way young chap, about as long as it took man to start walking upright.

          • Ruaraidh

            It’s really easy to shoot down arguments I never even made. For example it would be ludicrous for domestication to occur in 2 years, I never said that, in fact I said it could occur in 50 years because that is what has been proven with experiments and repeated.

            The facts are the facts, you can laugh at them and make jokes about Portuguese speaking bees, but that just makes you look like an idiot.

      • Probotector

        Just because you bring an animal into your home doesn’t make it tame. Domesticating an animal either requires training or some of them have it innately within them, after years and years of domesticating the species, like cats and dogs. Admittedly cats and dogs can be aggressive and dangerous, but it is proven that they have an ability to bond with man; pythons do not. Now you can train a snake in a rudimentary sense, but it’s not really the same. Also, the mass of an animal doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with it being dangerous. Do you think a whale is dangerous?

        • Brett

          I think you just rephrased what Ruaraidh was saying. He didn’t mean that mass is directly related to behavior. But an animal with instincts as deadly as a python, take his lizard for example, were it as large as the python it would be super dangerous because said animal does not have the ability to bond with humans.

          He also didn’t mean that the animal is tame just because it was brought home. You and Rick are just nitpicking at unimportant points.

          • Probotector

            You gonna bash Rick as well then? Be fair, man.

          • Brett

            Lol, I really laughed at that one.

            Rick was just attacking Ruaraidh while I thought you were being reasonable. It would have been wasted keystrokes if I replied to him. Cheers!

          • Probotector

            Relax it was meant with sarcasm.

      • rollin wit 9’s

        Almost gave u an a$$ chewing til i re-read your comment haha. Anyway, a wild animal can be tamed and still be wild. Tame is a state of being for the animal. A wild or domesticated animal can be tame or untamed. Think about dog fighting. Chain comes off and the dog becomes epically untamed. Kind of like that Jet Li movie!!

    • 不要脸

      You commenters are just dicks, all you ever do is slag off anything Chinese often involving the most biased, elaborate mental somersaults which are taken by the other commenters as pearls of wisdom. I really hope that this kind of arrogant, jingoistic, sinophobic victim complex is not representative of the expat community and, from the people I know, it’s not. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the people on here are in the pay of foreign governments by the amount of unjust, blind criticism of China, not the CIA, I think the CIA would think of something more clever than this.

      • Probotector

        Everyone hates China, bitch , bitch

        • nintendo-nerd

          And I guess that’s why you are trolling here? Because you don’t
          like Chinese?
          Posting everyday, in every single article, because you have nothing better to do in your life? No job, no family, no friends, no future except the internet :(
          Life is tough for you, isn’t it? lol

          • Probotector

            Um no

            What a way to accuse someone of trolling, and then troll them yourself.

            The comment was meant sarcastically to criticize the idea that Chinese piss and moan that everyone hates them.

            Do you seriously think you can know a person’s full life story from one post they made on an internet forum?

          • nintendo-nerd

            nintendo-nerd = 12 comments
            probotector = 85 comments.

            keep trolling :)

          • Probotector

            This that the best rebuttal you have? There is a difference between trolling and commenting. You just don’t have anything intelligent to say.

          • nintendo-nerd

            Sorry for the late reply.. My body is not glued to the computer.
            Best rebuttal? No, actually.. I have a life and don’t spend all day responding to all messages =)

          • Probotector

            No but you do spend your whole time trolling when you are here.

          • Probotector

            Another thing, you claim I am a lifeless computer geek because I post on CS? Like I’m the only one. Also, you’re the one with ‘nerd’ in your name. Well done ripping off James Rolfe btw, couldn’t think of an original moniker, so you steal someone elses? If only we all were as cool as you.

      • You don’t have to hate Chinese people to think a little boy raising a massive pet python is a bad idea.

        • Probotector

          Yeah but he’s insecure, and unable to understand how anyone could possibly disagree with anything a Chinese person does because, you know, they’re beyond criticism.

      • vincent

        Well all you have to do is ask yourself the question, if you had a child would you let him/her keep a constrictor of this size?

      • mr.wiener

        I think the “arrogant, jingoistic, sinophobic victim complex” expat community are more a reflerction of the chinese society they live in, we fit right in!

        One of us… of us!

        • BiggJ

          Wow, you nailed it man. Truer words have never been spoken. When in China, do as the Chinese do.

      • donscarletti

        How do you read sinophobia from a criticism about a python? Are Chinese all pythons or what?

        “Now sir, this Chinese man you saw, did he have scaly and patterned skin?”

        “Was he about 3 meters long without arms or legs?”
        “Yes, or there about, he certainly did not have prominent arms or legs, if he had them at all”
        “Then I deduce, what you saw, was not in fact a Chinese man, but a python!”

        Though I have to admit, in Guangdong it is a little bit harder to distinguish between the two by diet.

        • Rick in China

          RE: in Guangdong…

          Hahah, good point!

      • x1sfg


        Not to mention you think too highly of that agency.

        Anyway, as others have said, having an animal that has been known to eat something as large as a deer or a pig probably isn’t the best animal to have around children

      • Tadd

        [b]testing[/b] fonts..
        I don’t think we are all just dicks

    • El Puma R.

      In that case the snake would die too, Where I am from close to Brazil there are cases reported when both snake and victim die, the human dies trying to breathe and the snake dies because once it stretches it’s mouth it can’t pass the shoulders and since it’s teeth are locked in the meat, it can’t go out either.

      All in all seeing this kid being able to live in harmony with a wild animal makes me feel most chinese kids have a lot to learn.

    • Dr Sun

      “Little Chinese Boy Eaten by Python, Netizens React”


  • Irvin

    Can’t the dude just get a damn dog like everybody else?!?

    • Archie

      Had one. Ate it.

      • BiggJ

        lol :)

  • ThinkBlue

    Snakes are awesome. Friend had a python for a pet when I was younger and it taught me to be comfortable around snakes. Though friend’s was only 2-3 feet—this one is huge!

  • Bugs Bunny

    i want a monkey,tiny one。。。then let it wear skirt….

    • don mario

      low class.

    • BiggJ

      Then just have a baby….

      • Archie


      • carmouflagger


  • dave

    Speaking of sleeping with snakes, anyone else see the news about how Jackie Chan got a job with the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference?

    HK is too free, the US is too corrupt, and he now works for the PRC.

  • mr.wiener

    What? no comments from the peanut gallery? :”You see!? Chinese boys have the biggest pythons”.

    • Mary Jane

      I want to sit on your face.

      • mr.wiener

        With this in mind I nominate Monty Python as the band of the article and their song “sit on my face” as song of your comment.

        • lonetrey / Dan

          Once again, Mr. Wiener delivers! XD

    • Probotector

      Dude that was just bad.

  • Rick in China

    Um…. strongly think this story is fake. Pythons are constrictors, and a 20kg constrictor isn’t exactly something people consider leaving with newborns in a f’ing crib or whatever – I’d wager it’s just some nonsense looking for attention shit hoping to get some sort of cash from fame since they’ve nothing else going on.

    What worries me here is putting out nonsense stories like this may give people the idea, oh, maybe I should do that too. There are so many people – surely some who catch this story are STUPID enough to think they can try it too, and the irresponsibility of putting out bullshit like this in media is potentially going to lead to baby deaths. I hate this shit.

    • Just look at the monkey-stories you can see on renren or weibo. Everyone writes “Maybe I will also buy a little monkey.” Even Bugs Bunnsy here wants to have a monkey and let it wear a skirt.

      Just wonder why people wanna have wild animals as pets…

      • Rick in China

        The same reason people want to wear clothes or accessories different than other people – they’re not special in any real sense, and think buying or having something different than people around them will give them that feeling of being ‘special’.

        It’s really the core of materialism, just with an exotic animal rather than a limited edition (anything) or something (not available here)…. kind of sad when it exploits something that will likely live in less-than-normal circumstance as a result, almost as sad as realizing society has turned so many otherwise ordinary people into fame/’unique’-hungry whores.

        • Gaius Baltar

          Makes me recall when people kept wildcats in the UK back in the 60s, apparently there are still a few wildcats roaming the countryside, although I’d wager not many.

          I recall back before there were laws against keeping these kind of cats without a permit,many were walking around the streets with them on a leash, they were considered “fashionable” at the time.

      • hess

        Who DOESNT want a monkey?

    • Alexander

      Fake article definitely, notice the photos are pretty much all the same, no baby or toddler photos of boy with snake. More fake news for attention…….

    • Taoran

      I tend to agree with you. What caught my attention is the fact that nothing is said anywhere about the feeding of this “pet”. Given its size it must consume rather large amounts of food. Where does this family get whatever the snake eats, and wouldn’t that be rather expensive?

  • Roihu

    Well, since we cast doubt on anything Chinese, let’s not let a good story go unscathed.

    The python is a friendly snake by day, Secret Agent S by night, perpetually foiling Dr. Doofenshmirtz’s evil plans!

    Or, more realistically, the parents are circus freaks who tamed the snake and are now using it for publicity.

    Pick either one; idrc.

  • Probotector

    I wonder what’s dangerous about this?

  • Alexander

    Notice there are no baby pictures. The snake and the boy are relatively the same size/age throughout the photos. This article is a FAKE.

    • Archie

      The last photo is older than the others.

  • One days the boy will be inside the tummy of Python.

  • Any experts here who can tell us if snakes are indeed capable of emotional attachment…??

  • hun

    There’s so many stories around the world about kids growing up with dangerous animals it’s not even surprising anymore, Pythons specifically, if it was like a dragon or something unusual i’d be more amused.

    • BiggJ

      A dragon?? They really have that shit in China? Do they fly and breathe fire?:)

      • Probotector

        Someone in China once told me that western depictions of dragons are inferior and stupid because they aren’t benevolent or symbolizing luck like the Chinese ones.

  • carmouflagger

    So his “old pal” is a chick.. and they sleep together? i see where the eggs come from.. Naughty boy!

  • x1sfg

    You’re getting a lion?
    To protect my shit.
    Never heard of a dog?
    Dude, you can get past a dog. Nobody fucks with a lion.

  • Tadd

    Foreigners on here are usually broken down into several (albeit) stereotypical types with sub-categories:

    1) The Biased
    a) The Fanboy: Currently living or lived in China, had/is having a great experience
    and will defend all aspects of China/Chinese at any turn

    b) The Reverse Banana: Lives in China long-term, stable job, possibly married into the culture. Sees China as their own country and will in-turn shower it with praise.

    c) The Local: Is a Chinese citizen and comes to CS to use English as their second language in attempt to rationalise and/or blindly defend points made against their mother country.

    2) The Troll
    a) The Reject: Lived in China; however, was unable to stay. They enjoyed their time, yet for unforeen reasons (rejected visa, no work opportunity, etc) they were forced to return to their own country, hence they feel bitter and will go-out-of-their-way to spurn China/Chinese.

    b) The Patriot: Loves their own country and would be damned if another country
    attempted to become as developed as they are. Will do all they can to
    put-down China/Chinese in vain attempted to lengthen their e-peen.

    c) The Brainwashed: Knows nothing of China/Chinese and/or its culture. Due to their experiences and or knowledge being limited to their own country’s media (often sensationalised?) and/or movies and/or China’s infamous, tragic, historical events. Follows in the footsteps of The Patriot.

    d) The Hypocrite: Lives, works and has found relationships in China, yet spurns the country and its culture at any given moment. The Hypocrite will often justify himself/herself for their words as being drawn from “experience”, however it is difficult to understand as to why the Hypocrite remains in the country he/she dislikes so much.

    3) Other
    a) The Douche: Fails to realise that CS is a website that often ‘hand-picks’ comments from Chinese forums related to local news. In addition, The Douche will in-turn use complicated and ‘deep’ references/vocabulary to help strengthen their opinion/comment. Whilst this is not necessarily a bad thing; The Douche will mock and belittle The Local for their use of the English Language (overlooking the fact that this is in-fact a website about China and translate Chinese articles).

    b) The Hippy: Hopes for peace and harmony amongst all, often attempting to nullify The Troll’s comments and/or makes opinions/comments often in the tone of: “but, this happens in all countries” etc

    c) The Sage: Draws from experience and makes justified comparisons, often backing-up opinion with valid/referenced points.

    d) The TL:DR: This is for those of you who just scrolled down or ignored the bulk of my lengthy reply. Yes, my post is unrelated to the topic, I just thought it would be fun to make it anyway.

    • Dave

      “Hypocrite” here.

      Would it be hypocritical for a native to complain about their home country? Of course not, that would be human. So, what is the difference?

      We live here, they live here, they can complain, we cannot? Now, THAT’S hypocritical.

      No, the most logical you could say is that we aren’t from here, or that we are guests. I don’t see myself as a guest, since I LIVE here, and I don’t care where people are from.

      In fact, that’s part of the problem! “You’re laowai, not from here.” So what? I’m in a friggen Guangdong SEZ, 99% of people are not from here. This place used to be a fishing village. Now it’s full of people from all over.

      I’m not biased if they are from the West, the North, the East, or from here, whatever. Yet, I should accept bias against me? It’s difference because of coming from a different country?

      That’s even more hypocritical.

      • Probotector

        It’s not hypocrisy when the Chinese do it.

    • Wick

      I’m kind of getting sick of people trying to categorize me. Can’t I just be a guy trying to get by in a fucked up world?

      I can see you’ve put a lot of time and thought into your post, but you know…come on man!

    • YourSupremeCommander

      Some people’s got waaaaay too much time on their hands.

    • Gaius Baltar

      Liked the reverse banana part, know of 1 or 2 foreign guys like that!

    • Probotector

      Wow that was just so pointless.

      “Foreigners on here are usually broken down into several (albeit) stereotypical types with sub-categories:”

      So how are “the locals” foreigners on china smack?

      • Tadd

        Ahh… my mistake. Thanks for pointing that out. I also realised that mistake ‘after’ I posted… a shame there is no edit function.

        So, which are you… Reject or Hypocrite? Or will you try to pretend you are a pretty, unique snowflake who can’t be categorised?

        • Probotector

          Why would you need to categorize people? Does it make you feel better about yourself?

        • rollin wit 9’s

          @tadd: there IS an edit feature guy check just below your comment near the reply and share. It might be a registered disqus user thing also.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    They must be feeding the snake very very well and keeping him very very full all the time. Try not feeding him for 2 days and I can bet you anything what the new headline will be!!

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  • Gay Azn Boi

    OMG! That kid’s got balls. I’m afraid of all snakes and creepy crawlies… You couldn’t pay me enough to go near one.


      No balls, just no brains, the parents are even worse. As parents you should know better. You’re afraid of snakes? I wouldn’t have guessed since you seem to like the snakes in other guys pants so much.

      • Gay Azn Boi

        I only like the White ones :p

        • BiggJ

          Don’t let other chinese men hear you say that:) They will call you god damn liar and that no one like white cock.:) Actually I have a question for you. How do other chinese treat you for being gay in China? Even in Canada When people see gays fluttering around they still say some things lol. So I would assume china would be much worse.

          • Gay Azn Boi

            I like White cock. Problem?

          • BiggJ

            No man.:) You are free to do as you please. I have no problem with gay people. All I was asking was how chinese people treat you?

          • Gay Azn Boi

            How Chinese people treat me? I’ve only been back twice and not once did I mention to anyone about me being gay so I can’t really answer that question. I don’t tell people about my sexuality if they don’t need to know, whether they’re Chinese or not.

          • YourSupremeCommander

            So you look normal gay and not fem gay or fruity gay?

          • Gay Azn Boi



            I just wonder what would happed if you walked hand in hand with a white guy on the streets of any major city in China. I’m sure you’d get a millions stares. Just wondering, do you hold hands with any boyfriend you happen to have when you’re in Toronto? Just curious as I almost never see guys walking hand in hand anywhere.

          • YourSupremeCommander

            Come to Chelsea, NYC. You will see what you have been missing.


            I won’t go out of my way to go there but if I’m ever there I’ll try to remember to take notice.

          • Gay Azn Boi

            Yeah I wouldn’t do that anywhere in China. But even in Toronto, my ex and I used to hold hands only when we chill out in the gay village which is where we normally go to anyways.

          • mr.wiener

            “I don’t tell people about my sexuality” ……………………………………………………..riiiight.


    I saw one of those “When pets attack” shows and it was about a lizard this guy was keeping as a pet for years. One day they found him dead with his lizard eating his body. So much for emotional attachments. Assuming this story is real, how ignorant are the parents? The kid can be excused for being ignorant but the parents are fools. All it’s going to take is the snake having one bad day and their son will be no more. Looks like the kid can easily fit inside the body of the snake.

  • dim mak


  • Ruaraidh

    Stop making disingenuous arguments, I never said a python wasn’t a dangerous animal. In fact since you can never really predict the behaviour of any animal you shouldn’t leave a young child alone with a big dog either. I’m sure I can find links just like yours that refer to dog attacks etc.

    Also Belyaev wasn’t specifically trying to speed up domestication, only observe it. The fact you think animal intelligence has anything to do with domestication, demonstrates how confused your understanding of it is. Buckfast bees are domesticated, clearly then factors such as intelligence, unusual social structures and complex genetics are no barrier to domestication. Actually in the 50 and a bit years since Africanised bees invaded Brazil they’ve reached the point where they’ve been pretty much domesticated.

    • rollin wit 9’s

      And they can speak Portuguese too right? Lol, Dude just quit.

  • Chu Li

    Eagles and Pythons can be tame like dogs as pets. There are news that a pet dog killed a baby in US, too.

  • rollin wit 9’s

    This has to be manufactured in some way. No wild creature lets anyone or any other animal near their eggs. Not even Steve Irwin, God rest his soul. Photo 6 = bullsh!t on an epic level!

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  • Nilaoba

    Sooo…. any mention of what they’re feeding it everyday? At least this is probably more effective than a dog. People probably wouldn’t rob his house if paid.

  • Johnny

    Harry Potter is that you?

  • Mike
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