Radical Hong Kong Protesters Trespass Onto PLA Headquarters

Hong Kong demonstrators charge into PLA headquarters carrying British Colonial Hong Kong flags.

Hong Kong demonstrators trespassed into PLA headquarters carrying British Colonial Hong Kong flags.

At time of translation, this article was shown as the most commented of the day and week on major Chinese web portals Phoenix Online and NetEase respectively…

From Phoenix Online & NetEase:

6 Radicals Carrying British Hong Kong Colony Flags Intrude Into Hong Kong Garrison Prompting Response from Military

“Hong Kong independence” organization members publicly intruded into the People’s Liberation Army Hong Kong headquarters, shouting slogans demanding that the “PLA withdraw from Hong Kong”. This is the first time since the 1997 return of Hong Kong that a group has trespassed onto the Hong Kong headquarters in demonstration. Hong Kong Commercial Radio claims that a spokesperson for the PLA stationed in Hong Kong responded on the 27th that multiple Hong Kong city residents, without approval and disregarding warnings by the base guards, forcibly intruded into the base to cause trouble. The actions of those involved are already suspected of violating the Garrison Law and such laws, with the stationed troops having already reported it to the police, handing the matter over to the Hong Kong police.

The cause of the incident is the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government’s plans to use a portion the Central Harborfront land for military application arousing discontent with some Hong Kongers. Hong Kong’s Sing Pao claimed on the 27th that multiple members of the local radical organization “Hong Kong People First” [Facebook page shown below] holding the British Colonial Flag of Hong Kong charged into the Hong Kong military headquarters building, shouting slogans opposing the “construction of a military-use wharf in Central”, demanding that the “PLA withdraw from Hong Kong”. After the demonstrators trespassed in, guards stationed at the entrance to the headquarters immediately went forward to stop them, with the demonstrators eventually pushed back outside the gate.

香港人優先 Hong Kong People First Facebook page: Global Anti-Locust Movement

“Hong Kong People First” members Zhao Xiancong said to reporters that this is the “first wave of operations”, as well as a warm-up to a “New Year’s Day march”. He proclaimed that they “prepared for the worst before breaking into the Hong Kong military headquarters, namely that ‘they (the PLA) would open fire’, but in order to help Hong Kongers overcome the ‘demon’ military stationed in Hong, even if it is illegal, [they] still had to ‘do everything they could'”.

Data shows that the predecessor of “Hong Kong People First” is the netizen group “I am Hong Kongnese, not Chinese”. This group often makes bombastic statements regarding conflicts between the mainland and Hong Kong. They were commonly seen in last year’s “anti-two nots” [against births in Hong Kong where both parents are not Hong Kong residents] and “anti-grey market smugglers” [against Chinese visitors smuggling goods purchased in Hong Kong into China] activities. Those raising the British Colonial Flag of Hong Kong and Colonial Lion and Dragon flags during demonstrations and marches are also them. Although “Hong Kong People First” insists it is not a “Hong Kong independence” organization, its members often display the British Colonial Flag of Hong Kong, always claim Hong Kong is a “country”, and their various activities are no different from those for “Hong Kong independence”.

In response to the Hong Kongers’ charging into the military headquarters demonstration, Democratic Alliance for Betterment of Hong Kong legislative council members indicated that this incident shows that Hong Kong has all sorts of people, and that the PLA can follow-up on it in accordance with the Basic Law. Hong Kong’s Oriental Daily News reported on the 27th that there were netizens praising the PLA for “demonstrating restraint”, “you go try that at the American Consulate in Hong Kong, and see if you’ll have a gun pointed at your head”.

Peking University Hong Kong and Macau Research Center Director and Law School Professor Rao Geping said during an interview with a Global Times reporter that these “Hong Kong independence” elements are clearly challenging the law, opposing the Basic Law and Garrison Law, opposing national sovereignty, and that the existence of such actions harming national interests should not be allowed in a rule of law society like Hong Kong. He says there is a limit to “One Country, Two Systems”, which is that if we want to protect Hong Kong’s prosperity and stability, we should also protect national sovereignty, security, and development interest. The stationing of troops in Hong Kong is necessary to protect sovereignty, as well as protecting necessary to protect a national security that includes Hong Kong within it. Clashing with stationed troops is a serious criminal act, as well as a sort of act that damages national security”.

Hong Kong demonstrators trespassed into PLA headquarters carrying British Colonial Hong Kong flags.

Comments from NetEase:



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Hehe [This comment thread was upvoted over 64k times]

活丑 [网易北京市网友]:

If only people could go to Hong Kong to sell vegetables or work.

天朝隐士 [网易广西河池市网友]:

And only in Hong Kong would there be this kind of treatment/response, where you can attack a military base and [only] have the police called. In the mainland, you would’ve been beaten senseless already.

正义鹰派 [网易澳门网友]:

How much USD are these crazy people getting each day?
I support on-site execution [immediate enforcement/punishment], do not be too indulgent/lenient!

yangyemin [网易上海市网友]:

This is serious. Make it so they dare not do it a second time, otherwise they’ll become even more bold and out of control in the future, and it’ll be yet another big problem!

网易福建省福州市手机网友 ip:58.22.*.*: (responding to 正义鹰派)

Recommend they be shot dead on-site, [this] is already seriously endangering national stability and security.

网易北京市手机网友 ip:117.136.*.*: (responding to 天朝隐士)

This bunch of fanatics without conscience must be punished strictly without mercy/leniency! They might be the seed of Japanese people.

网易广东省手机网友 ip:117.136.*.*: (also responding to 正义鹰派)

My thinking exactly. There must be someone paying the 6!

Hong Kong demonstrators charge into PLA headquarters carrying British Colonial Hong Kong flags.

Comments from Phoenix Online:


Some Hong Kong people are shameless to the extreme, who would rather be slaves than masters, thinking highly of themselves. China’s government must severely punish [this].


Chinese traitors, this class of criminal elements must be executed.


Where were these bastards when the British devils were around? Look into their backgrounds, see if they are earning USD or JPY!


Every nationality ultimately has some scum, this isn’t worth making a fuss over. In accordance with their wishes, just go ahead and blow off their heads.


How is this behavior different from Abe? Do you still deserve to be the sons and daughters of China? Go to hell.


These troublemakers are either traitors or the dregs of Western colonialism, should be resolutely given severe punishment, and not be indulged!


A bunch of foreign slaves, expel them from Hong Kong.


Severely punish the chief head criminal [leader of the group].


They’ve gotten so used to being slaves that they can’t get used to being masters.


If they want to be slaves, they can change their nationality and fuck off, instead of embarrassing themselves on Chinese territory!


The people who don’t like Hong Kong being a part of China can just emigrate to the UK.

Hong Kong demonstrators charge into PLA headquarters carrying British Colonial Hong Kong flags.


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