Singapore Ferrari Crash: Rich Mainland Chinese Man Kills 3

Crashed red Ferrari owned by a mainland Chinese man in Singapore.

Crashed red Ferrari owned by a mainland Chinese man in Singapore.

Currently with over 600k views after being uploaded a day earlier on popular Chinese video sharing website Youku

From QQ:

Vehicle Monitoring Camera Captures Rich Mainland Chinese Man Driving Ferrari in Singapore Crashing Into Taxi

At 4am in the early morning on the 12th, a speeding red Ferrari sports car ran the red light at an intersection in Singapore, crashing into a taxi. Apart from the Ferrari owner who died on the spot, the 52-year-old Singaporean taxi driver and a Japanese passenger who were in the taxi also died after been taken to the hospital.

United Evening News of Singapore says, the deceased was a 31-year-old Chinese man from Sichuan, who went to Singapore in 2008, engaged in finance and investment activities, and was in the process of applying for the right to permanent residency. The Straits Times says, the limited edition Ferrari driving by the perpetrator was worth more than 1.4 million US dollars.

AFP says, currently, there are over a million foreign workers and technical workers in Singapore, with Chinese taking up a great portion. After the incident, quite a few social groups have attacked the immigration policy of Singapore, saying that the current policy is making Singapore “become crowded and dangerous”. On the 14th, swarms of posts appeared on local Singaporean internet forums attacking Chinese expats, even calling them “rich locusts”.

From Sohu:

Rich Mainland Chinese Man Driving Ferrari in Singapore Causes Car Crash Killing 3

Sichuan Rich in Singapore Crashes Car and Dies

Ferrari in a wreck.

At 4 in the morning of May 12th, a speeding red Ferrari sports car ran the red light at a intersection in Singapore and crashed into a taxi. Apart from the Ferrari owner who died on the spot, the 52-year-old Singaporean taxi driver and a Japanese passenger who was in the taxi also died after been taken to the hospital. United Evening News of Singapore says, the Ferrari owner is Ma Chi, 31 years old, from Sichuan province. When the incident happened, the Ferrari was carrying a young woman. [Ma Chi] went to Singapore in 2008, engaged in finance and investment activities, and was applying for the right to permanent residency. The Straits Times says, the limited-edition Ferrari driven by the perpetrator is worth more than 1.4 million US dollars. This accident is rapidly fermenting in Singapore, igniting xenophobia amongst Singaporeans, with calls such as “Throw Chinese out of Singapore!”

The Ferrari in a wreck.

The clip filmed by the car behind shows that the stoplight was red at around 4am in the morning when the Ferrari Ma Chi was driving crashed into the taxi at a speed over 100km/h, the massive impact causing the taxi to then hit another electric bike, the engine flying out into the middle of the road.

Ma Chi's family is heart-broken.

Ma Chi’s mother (second from the left) crying bitterly on her friend’s shoulder, his pregnant wife (back row) also in tears. Ma Chi’s wife He Tingting is a former news anchor for Sichuan TV station who is now pregnant was devastated after she and her 4-year-old daughter identified the body. She revealed that her husband left the house at 3am in the morning that day, wanting to “go out for a drive”. She also didn’t know who the female passenger in the car is, even asking reporters: “Who is she?”

A picture of Ma Chi.

Ma Chi bought the Ferrari involved in the accident last year to celebrate his 30th birthday.

The vehicle control from another car filmed the whole thing.

Just before the crash, the crosswalk light shone green. The Ferrari (in the blue circle) runs the red light at high speed and hits the taxi on the side.

The vehicle control from another car filmed the whole thing.

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The vehicle control from another car filmed the whole thing.

The vehicle control from another car filmed the whole thing.

The scene of the car crash.

The scene of the car crash.

The scene of the car crash.

The taxi was in a mess, with its driver and the passenger both dead.

The left side of the taxi was severely deformed, compressed into half a car. The driver and the female passenger both died despite rescue efforts.

The scene of the car crash.

The scene of the car crash.

The scene of the car crash.

The scene of the car crash.

Comments from Youku:


The image of Chinese people once again declines.


Deserves to die, but taking a Japanese person along with him is still not bad.


The greatest tragedy in life: to die with money left unspent.


So fast, if he often drives this fast, it was only a matter of time.


One less person to harm society…

Comments from Sohu:

夏雨欣90 [搜狐网友]:

It’s one thing for you to have no/poor character, but you just had to go behave arrogantly in another country, getting up to no good just because you have some dirty money. It doesn’t matter if more people like you die!!!

人定胜天877999 [搜狐河南省郑州市网友]:

Deserved it! Embarrassing us abroad, investigate where this little bastard’s money is from, I bet he’s even more arrogant in the mainland!!!

弸中彪外351583 [搜狐浙江省杭州市网友]:

This pisses me off. Casting his pregnant wife and daughter aside to go out for a drive with another woman. Fuck, dying but taking others along with him, this kind of scumbag really is hated by both men and gods.

dpem [搜狐辽宁省丹东市网友]:

I wonder if the saying, “a stinky fish ruins the whole pot of soup” fits here, with good people having to suffer [because of this man].

玉爸不能109001 [搜狐湖南省长沙市网友]:

TM losing Chinese people’s face, good riddance!!!

搜狐铁杆 [搜狐河南省驻马店市网友]:

Has some dirty money and then went to another country to show off. Let more like him die, ding.

lornani [搜狐浙江省杭州市网友]:

Looks like he had a xiao san too?

人定胜天506188 [搜狐湖南省网友]:

Fuck, forgetting who their ancestors are. It’s indeed regrettable that such thing happened, but with the troublemaker already dead we needn’t go further denounce him. Instead, we need to look at how other people treat us Chinese, where one thing like this happens and they start saying Chinese should be kicked out of Singapore. Do you Singaporeans not get into deadly crashes? Those Singaporeans who are saying these things really have forgotten who their ancestors are.

别开生面697868 [搜狐广东省广州市网友]:

Damn it! Ruining China’s reputation. Look at the comments, who isn’t cursing him, who is pitying him? He hurt other people and took them along with him. Fuck, just because you have some money you’re no longer Chinese? And want to change your nationality? And it’s not like the money you earned wasn’t originall from the ordinary common people of mainland China anyway. Sooner or later it has to be paid back.

真知灼见72106 [搜狐贵州省遵义市网友]:

Damn short-lived guy, even dragging innocent people down with him in death. If you have a son, may he not have a JJ, and if it’s a daughter, maybe she be a whore for many generations to come.

神机妙算511477 [搜狐四川省内江市网友]:

With Chinese people, it truly is misdoings/calamity wherever they go .

月旦评221811 [搜狐山东省青岛市网友]:

Which country doesn’t have car accidents, so how can this be generalized? He’s merely one out of 1.3 billion Chinese. Whoever uses this incident to exclude all Chinese people has an axe to grind/ulterior motives. Which country is a land of pureness that its civilians make no mistakes? Are there not plenty of foreigners who commit crimes in China? This driver didn’t do it deliberately, and he has paid with his own life after all. Since it’s already happened, our countrymen should learn a lesson from it. Even if our nation’s population gets larger and larger, our lives are still likewise precious.

搏大精深278287 [搜狐辽宁省网友] (responding to above):

No driver crashes a car deliberately, only beasts would do such a thing. But was this a regular car accident? This was because of speeding.

What do you think?

Written by Peter Barefoot

Peter is a born and raised Chengdunese who enjoys drinking with all his friends.

  • Brett Hunan

    What an asshole. I cant stand when people drive without regard for others. Cars are super dangerous, and super expensive, yet people treat them like toys. They can be toys, but plau responsibly…

    • Jay

      No respect for the law, no respect for other’s lives, and little respect for his own life.

      He left China, but brought the culture with him.

      • anon

        That’s just an obnoxious comment to make, even when may Chinese people feel the same thing. It isn’t as if we haven’t seen countless rich douchebags of any culture speeding around in their supercars causing mischief. It’s a function of the bravado that often comes with wealth, not culture.

        • bert

          Yes, it is 100% due to Ma Chi and his modern Chinese gov’t inspired education and culture. “To get rich is glorious”, or something like that. No, morality behind it. You got money in China you can basically buy yourself out of punishment. They go to another country and that thinking is still in their mind. I am 100% sure he thought, “What the hell? The worst that they can do to me is give me a speeding ticket. I am rich so who cares? Let me show off for my er ni while my pregnant wife is back home. I told her I was going for a drive at 3 am. haha! She knows I have the money so she won’t leave me. I AM KING HEAR ME ROAR!”

          • Duh

            In which culture is getting rich not glorious? Were those lining up to buy mega million lottery thinking, how despicable?

      • B-pete

        Sorry dude, thats stupid, and ignorant to say that it has something to do with culture. in any countries there are assholes, and nice people.

    • Nyancat

      I think he was trying to show off to his mistress, there was a younger woman with him in the car, she escaped with some not so major injuries, hmmm seeing this guys driving skills I wonder how things will be in HK when mainland drivers decide to Initial D that place.

      • rollin wit 9’s

        ….hahahaa “when mainland drivers decide to Initial D that place”

        • anon

          Hong Kongers are already Initial D’ing the place. Frankly, it doesn’t make sense to Initial D in Hong Kong. There are better roads, more space, and less enforcement for it on the mainland, where a lot of Hong Kongers do actually go to do just that.

          • Nyancat

            Does anyone know how easy or hard it is to get a driver’s license in HK?

          • anon

            Roughly the same as elsewhere when corruption isn’t involved.

          • Nyancat

            Alright so longer than China, I know this one guy who teaches driving, he had asked a mutual acquaintance of ours who had contacts in high places out of state whether they could help him bribe his way to get a license if his students don’t end up getting one here.
            I’m terrified of driving on Chinese roads, call me racist or whatever it’s a death trap and generally traffic rules and lights are just for show.

    • Jack

      These things happens all over the world…Just the other day, in India a BMW killed a pregnant women in Delhi, The guy being from a rich business family, was out on bail in hours…In US these things are very common

      No one deserve to die like this….He was rich, had a gf beside his wife, still he and other’s does not deserve this……Being from India, please do not drag Karma into it…Its the most mis-understood word in west…

      Karma does not mean death but doing deeds in this life to develop your soul…You create or destroy your soul with good and bad karma..

      Chinese people are same like any other…

      • Nyancat

        jack what you are saying is understandable but the point it makes is is moot, these things happen everyday which is true, but an Indian disregarding the traffic rules in India is not unheard of, this is a non Singaporean disregarding the safety of himself, his passenger and other motorists.
        Whether he deserved this is not for us to say, but his actions caused the deaths of 2 others, there is a saying ‘When in Rome do like the Romans do’
        Quite a few Chinese who go to Singapore tend not to act any more civilized than they do here, they are usually the nouveau rich, and they give normal Chinese folk a bad name.

        • anon

          I thought his point was very clear and far from moot, which is that rich people do this all the time. Just because his example involves an Indian in India shouldn’t mean you don’t know that there are rich pricks who disregard the rules when in foreign countries, endangering the safety of themselves and others.

          Ultimately, this is a fun reflection of the British sexual assault incident with the roles changed. This is when hypocrites are exposed and teased for it.

          • Nyancat

            That’s true pricks can be pricks anywhere :D

      • Shin

        Jack this is not very common in the US. From what I’ve seen in China is that there is an overwhelming sense of entitlement for those with money…like they are untouchable or superhuman. This carries on with Chinese girls who date foreign men and those who are in political families. It is a cultural thing. If anywhere this is comparable it would be Russia and Brazil. This is an absolute shame.

    • Pong Lenis

      You can do the same shit with a cheap car.

      • Brett Hunan

        Purchasing an automobile is most likely the second most expensive investment anyone will ever make. Even a cheap car most likely costs more than anything else a person owns aside from their home.

        That said, my original post holds true. “Cars are super dangerous, and super expensive, yet people treat them like toys. They can be toys, but play responsibly…”

    • Fu ZhiGao

      Does anyone think he was actually going faster than 100km/hr (60m/hr)?

      I’m not an expert on car crashes, but I think to wreck a car that badly you need to be going a little bit faster.

      I thought Singapore was supposed to be really good at regulating and monitoring traffic speed and violators, no?

      • Brett Hunan

        The story says “…the Ferrari Ma Chi was driving crashed into the taxi at a speed over 100km/h…”.

        So you may be right, judging from the wreckage.

      • Jay K.

        Singapore is good at regulating and monitoring traffic if you are 1. Singaporean 2. come from a Civilized country (don’t give me that 5,000 yr culture bullcrap) 3. you aren’t Chinese from the mainland

      • Yo Mero

        From the video and how many frames it took to travel approximately 10 meters, the distance from outside the frame to the taxi, he was traveling at more than 145 km/h.

      • Christina

        I read elsewhere that he was driving 180 km/hr though that seems a little on the high end.

      • waihang

        I also read… um elsewhere, this one said 130…. are we getting any wiser?

        If anyone feel called then check out the correct length of the Ferrari, blow up the video on your big screen and find out the scale ratio, find out the video frame rate speed, pick out the ruler measure and hit on the calculator and you will be able to find a quite accurate answer…

        • Christina

          CB posing as YET another person???

          • waihang

            Sorry it’s not your favorite pet fruit

          • Brett Hunan

            Doubtful, but what a juicy story that wo!ld make.

          • 白鬼 bái guǐ (aka coala banana)

            I miss him ! he was one of the best posters on this forum.

            [Note: Please do not engage in sock-puppetry.]

          • Brett Hunan

            Everyone note the space before the exclamation point. This is cb /maja’s signature. Disregard this Serbian ghost.

          • Capt. WED

            You are Mija make out PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!

        • waihang

          Alright, just calculated the speed of the Ferrari…

          I just now checked into it closer, downloaded the video and opened it up in a video editor so I could step the video forward frame for frame, also checked a satellite picture to decide the distance from the white line on the left side until the midsection where those two diagonal lines are crossing which would be roughly 8 meters.

          Then stepped the video forward and came to the conclusion it took only 5 frames for the Ferrari to accomplish those 8 meters until it hit the taxi, and as the video is recorded in 25 fps (frames per second) it means 5 frames = 0.2 second.

          Hence the speed would be:
          8 m / 0.2 s = 40 meters per second, or 144 km/h.

  • Chad

    Wow he was speeding, caused an accident, AND he was Chinese. Deport all the Chinese!! Search every home if you must!

    • Medical Advisor

      This is a tragedy regardless of the race, nationality and driving skills.

      • anon

        Yeah, I think Chad was being sarcastic.

        • bert

          Seriously. You guys never heard that Asians, including Chinese, are horrible, irresponsible drivers? Really?? This joke is as old as Henry Ford.

          It’s not tragic man! It is criminal! How about going outside and shooting a gun in the air and then saying it was tragic that the bullet hit an old woman tending her garden? There is no driving skill involved here. He was being reckless, showing off. Until Ferrari comes out and says that his accelerator was stuck I will continue to say he’s a criminal.

          When Chinese do it then it’s, “These tragic things happen all over the world.” Blah!

          • Ami

            Yeah the focus shouldn’t be “tragic things happen all over the world” so much as “Reckless criminals are stupid and dangerous assholes no matter where they are”

          • anon

            It is criminal, and the vast majority of Chinese agree with you as you can see from their comments. The “these tragic things happen all over the world” only come out when nimrods decide to frame this kind of criminal behavior as being “Chinese” when its observably not. Get it straight.

          • rightran

            Its not about the driving skill, the man was drunk. We all know that drunk driving could be extremely dangerous and its common all over the world. The bad thing here is the driver’s arrogant driving attitude, stems from money worshipping and materialistic in current hopeless Chinse culture.

    • Nyancat

      This is not about being Chinese or not, but there is a lot of resentment towards them, it’s been in the Singaporean media quite a lot lately.

  • R.I.P. May they find solace in their hour of grief.

  • Naomi

    I’m Singaporean.

    This is an issue of reckless driving, not a case of adultery, nationality or car brand.

    • Nyancat

      I’m a half Singaporean and from what I read in the article and subsequent comments there is anger towards the current government letting so many Chinese into Singapore, especially because they tend to be ill mannered and generally don’t play well with the local Singaporeans. There is definitely resentment towards PRC Chinese in Singapore.

      • fenqing

        and they werent chinese themselves to begin with…same with HK and Taiwan.

      • Naomi

        Well, one of the main reasons why there is so much resentment towards the mainland Chinese is that they just come here and act like they own the place, not bothering to assimilate into the culture. Even though we’re willing to accept them, it’s hard especially if they don’t give up priority seats to the elderly and pregnant women, and talk loudly in libraries.

    • donscarletti

      It’s only an issue of reckless driving because he crashed and killed those people. Otherwise he would be a piece of shit of those other reasons you mentioned.

      • david

        im chinese, and no, this IS about nationality

        all i see is rich chinese go abroad and acting like terrorists (they are like that in china too)

        i dont respect them because 1) they dont get their money the right way, usually throught corruption or sending others to die (i.e. mine bosses) and 2) they dont respect the law

        in china, there is no law, so thats different. but then they go overseas and act the same way.

        remember the dude who raped a girl in the US? his parents flew in here to bribe her to change her testimony. ARE U F***ING KIDDING ME??? WHAT DO THEY THINK THIS IS??? CHINA???

        i used to defend chinese ppl a lot, being a chinese myself, but in recent years im just so disgusted.

        its because of things like this that everyone in the world hates the chinese.

        • anon

          This sort of blind self-hate is obnoxious. If Chinese people themselves can’t differentiate between what is deserving of criticisms and contempt, it only encourages non-Chinese to not bother as well. Defend what should be defended, don’t defend what shouldn’t.

          • donscarletti

            It’s not self hate. He hates the piece-of-shit Chinese for making him and other Chinese look bad, he doesn’t hate all Chinese. The only one who cannot differentiate is you.

          • anon

            I’m referring to when he says “no, this IS about nationality”. I disagree that this should be elevated to nationality and I do think a Chinese person who elevates it to that level is engaging in some self-hate, just as I would accuse any other nationality when doing the same.

          • PeterScriabin

            anon May 18 2:48 pm: this seems to be yet another instance of your pre-conceived agenda preventing you perceiving the issue directly under discussion.

            When david says “this IS about nationality”, you seem to think he means to impugn all Chinese people because of some non-malleable characteristics they have, which would certainly involve self-condemnation, in his case.

            But, actually, as DS points out so much more elegantly and pithily than I am: in context, david refers to elements in contemporary Chinese culture that he feels are getting all (Mainland) Chinese a bad rap, even those (like him) who disagree with those elements.

            I know you will produce a huge panel of text (if you see a post in such an old page), but bludgeoning people into silence does not per se make you right. It would be more elegant if you would simply acknowledge DS’s point, since we are none of us always right.

        • Jennster

          Maybe it’s just me, but I defend regardless. I only self reflect when talking to my own people.

          • moop

            walking talking stereotype.

          • anon

            I think people get defensive if the other person is being unreasonable and a prick about it. Chinese people will self-reflect and be quite honest about these things if the other person isn’t talking down to them. Same is true with other nationalities. There are some oversensitive people of course, but not the vast majority in my experience.

          • Jennster

            Even if the anti Chinese person is reasonable, I would just be neutral, I’d never be an arse kisser.

          • moop

            “I’d never be an arse kisser” i agree, it’s hard to kiss an ass when you are the asshole

          • Jennster

            Stop stalking me!

        • linette


          China Chinese are like that because of the ideology of their society. They grew up with the idea that money is above all laws. If you have money you can do anything even buying yourself out of conviction. There are so many “rich peasants” in China, and they are the worst type of human you can encounter. They are filthy rich but lowly educated. And many of them are also in power.

          What can the rest of the “normal and regular” Chinese people do? How can we change their society and their belief? When will the China Chinese understand? Maybe we can start small such as educate the Chinese women. Influence them with ideas of democracy and human rights. Send them into China. You know what they say…If you educate a man you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman you educate a generation/nation. Children learn from their caretaker…mother.

  • Jeff

    Rich locusts. hahaha

    More like rich peasants

    • Jennster

      The Chinese word for it is “bao fa wu”

      Locusts are like cockroaches so more relevant.

      • mr. wiener

        Hmm.. I’m sensing a karmaic shift here. Lets see how long the honeymoon lasts now that Chinas got money.

      • Peter

        Close. 暴发户 = bao4 fa1 hu4.

        • Jennster

          Lol yeah. I was thinking whether it was hu or wu cos in shanghainese it’s pronounced with v.

  • Rin5

    I believe most of the behaviors of these youngsters are the result of bad parenting and bad social influences… mostly bad parenting.

  • Alex L

    Instead of tanks and nukes, just send reckless rich guys in Ferraris and Lambos, etc. to decimate an enemy population!

  • late night…

    song of the article

    Shut Up and Drive

    I love China

    • rollin wit 9’s

      back from your extended hiatus i see or did i just miss all your posts.
      thought you were MIA. Well your back in and right on target. Thats what i like to see. That’s what we pay you for!

  • k

    Husband goes out for joy ride with whore he is seeing on the side, leaving his pregnant wife alone…..well karma certainly delivered, although it should of taken the nasty mistress with him.

    • Tommy

      The mistress is probably a pretty but poor girl making the most of the hand she was dealt with what she’s got.

      • Alan

        Still does not justify it.

        Does she ever stop to think about his wife, or his family?

        A whore is a whore, regardless.

        • Patrick

          Hate to state the obvious, but rich scumbags are capable of lying. No one knows she knew he was married. He was living a playboy lifestyle and fairly young.

          • eddie9684

            damn, anyone can be a playboy these days, the dude looks like mao if u kno what i mean..

            and btw what happened to the mistress then? she alive and kicking?

          • Naomi

            The young woman’s 22, and apparently she was at a graduation party by the East Asia School of Business in Singapore. She only suffered injuries to her leg.

          • anon

            This may be insensitive and unless the prick twitched the car to the right right before t-boning the taxi, I have to say I’m impressed with the passenger safety of the Ferrari in an accident of this magnitude.

    • Ray

      The Mistress might not even know hes married if he is that much of a bastard.

      • Nyancat

        That’s probably true, from the link i provided above there is info to suggest she comes from a well off family and wouldn’t need to be this guys *ahem* consort.

    • 白鬼 bái guǐ (aka coala banana)

      how you as a women can describe another women as a whore, even you don’t know anything about her ? And what that has to do with karma ? You wouldn’t mind to see her dead too ? What about the 2 innocent people which died too ?

      Yeah, i see, Karma really works in mysterious ways ! Right ? You should feel shame about wishing people to be dead. People you don’t even know.

      Your hateful thinking must come from bad experiences ?! Like to talk about it ? Lost YOUR husband or BF to a “whore” ? And now all cheating husbands and their whores need to die ?

      Take care that your Karma doesn’t hit you one day, based on your death wishes for others !

      • Brett Hunan

        cb, try not to make it so easy. At least stop using the EMPHASIS and weird punctuation with the spaces… or just post under your original name. That would make things so much simpler and a little less deceiving.

        • 白鬼 bái guǐ (aka coala banana)

          thought you are cb ! but then i realized that you are too gay to be cb ? let me take a wild guess: you are a jobless teacher ?

          [Note: Please do not engage in sock-puppetry.]

          • Fu ZhiGao

            Listen, white ghost, Brett is certainly not cb.

            Your strange use of a questions mark, however, makes you a prime suspect. Perhaps you are in cahoots with him?

            P.S. Are you friendly? Can I call you Casper?

          • mr. wiener

            Like yogurt through a straw……And so to the strange saga continues…..

          • mankouzanghua

            Looks like our favorite transgendered businessperson-multiple factory manager-polymer scientist-sociologist-health care expert is now learning Chinese ! :-))))

          • Nyancat

            the jig is up CB, haha everyone knew u were so full of shit :D

          • Brett Hunan

            I am neither cb, nor am I gay, nor a teacher, nor jobless.

            Honestly cb, I never really had any problems when you posted as coala banana. When you started trolling me under false monikers is when I started to get offended.

          • mr. wiener

            He is like the hydra. you cut off a head and 2 others spring up in it’s place. Gotta start cauterizing those stumps.

          • Nyancat


  • barack obama

    Just because he is Chinese everybody jumps to conclusion and blame him for being Chinese. What about the scores of accidents that happen everywhere in the world?

    • donscarletti

      In Asia, when a foreigner does something it is newsworthy because it gives everyone a chance to say hateful things about their country of origin, especially if they come from a neighbouring country that has supplied an uncomfortable number of immigrants of late.

      • dim mak

        I see someone here knows what he’s talking about

      • Ami

        A beautiful,truthful and well-put comment

    • bert

      Accidents are, “oops I didn’t mean to do that.” That was not an accident. It was criminal, it was manslaughter.

      Do Chinese know an accident from a willful act of ignorance? If they don’t then we have a clue into their minds.

      • anon

        Ignorance isn’t the world, it’s negligence. And yes, they do know the difference. I’d say accident is still an applicable word. He didn’t mean to crash into anyone. He did mean to speed, and not caring about the risks involved makes it negligence and thus possibly manslaughter though not murder.

    • Nyancat

      He was driving at high speeds and he ran a red light, how would u classify that as an accident?

    • Abraham

      How about those of us, who are non-China Chinese, do you know that because of China Chinese disregarding the laws of other people’s countries, we the non-China Chinese are also being hated just because we share the same skin color as China Chinese.

      Do you think that is fair?

      BTW, it was not an accident here! The prick did not even bother to brake or turn his car. He just went through the red-light, completely disregarding the law, and this is what the whole world is hateful about.

  • glenn

    just because you are riding a Ferrari, doesn’t mean you can beat the red light.. tsk3 RIP to the driver and the victims..


    so far china let me google
    it seems Ma Chi was the brother of Ma Yong, one of the big mafia bosses operating in Chongqing.

    now we talk about Karma


    I hate the F*CKING CHINESE! ALWAYS the first to judge others and never have no self reflection. Selfish, disgusting individuals brainwashed by the communist government! Even the current upcoming generation are a bunch of self indulgent pricks. The severity of it depends mainly on which province you’re in. China will implode sooner or later. Mark my words!

  • 404 name not found

    I feel so bad for his family and the other victims :( and the nice ass 599GTO

    • donscarletti

      Not only is the 458 Italia a much more beautiful and better performing vehicle, he would have also died far less painfully had been driving it, due to its mid engine layout.

    • Patrick

      Finally a voice of reason….

  • Nyancat

    Here’s a bit of info on the passenger who managed to survive the crash

    • MB

      Thanks. So she was basically a bimbo-looking girl (according to eyewitnesses) who is likely a hostess? That knee-jerk mistress theory may not be absolutely unfounded after all. Still unfortunate for her though. She was just at her graduation party and may have just wanted sugar daddy to give her a ride back home or something.

      • Brett Hunan

        Thin, fair skin, hot pants, and a spaghetti strap white shirt does not make her “a bimbo-looking girl”. The witnesses did not say that, you did.

        • MB

          Witness said in the article that she was styled like an ‘ah lian’ (Google it) given her hairstyle and clothing. Bimbo is one thing clearly attached to this stereotype. Given that it’s a stereotype I’ll actually reserve real judgment but the first impression based on the description is still there. Also, just because she’s from a good family as her friend insisted doesn’t mean she can’t also be a bimbo/whore.

  • Don

    Thats what people call “live fast die young”…

  • Notorious

    …don’t like being generalized but generalized all laowei after the rape last week. sounds like karma to me.

    • anon

      Unless you’re generalizing that the one’s complaining about being generalized now were the ones generalizing laowais last week…

      That’s the trap.

  • lonetrey

    ssss12598:”Deserves to die, but taking a Japanese person along with him is still not bad.”

    ^Go fuck yourself.

    Aside from that, my heart goes out to the poor taxi driver and the taxi’s passenger.
    And I’m not ready to made any assumptions about why the other female was in the Chinese guy’s ferrari.

  • Alec

    Chinese are so level-headed about incidents like these. It’s true, this Chinese man breaking the law on the streets of Singapore in the middle of the night does not represent all of his countrymen and Chinese people have always had the maturity to respect that every country has good guys and bad guys. Right guys? Right?!

    • bjornt

      Bar all rapist British people from China, RAHRAHRAH!

  • rich8606

    When will people realize sports car are only good for speeding in a race track and in a German highway? Speed kills, people.

    Also, a 599 GTO is worth $1.4 million? I know it’s a limited edition and only 599 were made (598 left now), but I thought it’s worth around £300000?

    • dim mak

      Fucking this. Expensive sports cars have no functional purpose for 99.99% of people.

      • Uses for sports car:

        1) Impressing bimbos

        2) Driving fast

        3) Killing random innocent people

        Sounds pretty useful to me!

    • Brett Hunan

      They are also good to show off your wealth. You are right about practicality, but sports cars are a status symbol everywhere.

      If it was purchased in China, it was subject to the luxury tax. Even Lamborghinis cost about $1 million in China. In China, the million dollar Bugatti Veyron costs $3.6 million… don’t know about Singapore though.

      • Yo Mero

        “All motor vehicles imported into Singapore are slapped with a customs duty of 41 per cent ad valorem. There is also a Registration Fee to be paid. The fee is $1,000 for private vehicles and $5,000 for company vehicles. In addition, when a car is first registered (whether new or used), an Additional Registration Fee (ARF) of 150 per cent of the car’s Open Market Value is payable. All these make the price of cars here artificially inflated compared to those in the States or Europe.”

        So basically you pay almost 200% of the cars value in taxes, triple of what it retails for in Europe.

        • Brett Hunan

          Sounds about right. Thanks Yo Mero!

    • 平凡人

      Cars in Singapore is expensive due to duties and other added costs to own a car. This is another bad press for Chinese overseas; with the recent U.S. rape, Hong Kong “Baby Boom”, etc.
      Unfortunately China has so many people, in terms of percentage, China will also have more Jerks and assholes. Coupled with economy growth, these guys can travel all over to show off. However, this does not represent all Chinese. The “face” issue is always the root of the problem. Mainland Chinese people should learn from all these stories and be mindful of their actions overseas. What is the point of having money but poor reputation?
      As for the person who said negative things about the Japanese passenger, I think he/she is very childish and I hope that does not represent majority of the Chinese people; we are talking about a human life here. Sigh…..

      • anon

        Unfortunately, that comment got a lot of dings.

        Of course, that doesn’t mean a majority of Chinese people, and most people very likely don’t actually mean it in their hearts but rather just making careless comments online they think are funny…not unheard of for any of us I hope.

        And I think you meant “in terms of absolute numbers” not “in terms of percentage”.

        • 平凡人

          Yes, I mean absolute numbers.

    • Foreign Devil

      It’s worth that much in Singapore only. Singapore has incredible import and driving taxes based on the car value, in an effort to reduce traffic on the small island metropolis. Usually those taxes are 3 or 4 times the value of the car itself.

    • GodsHammer

      Singapore has ridiculous taxes on luxury cars. The sticker price has very little to do with the SIngapore price. Likely 1 million dollars plus in SG.

  • fredf

    100km/h is not that fast.
    My guess is that the driver of the Ferrari was not wearing his seat belt, and that is why he died.
    Most modern cars will protect a driver crashing at 100km/h, but most Chinese never wear their seat belts, so that is probably why he died.

    • Brett Hunan

      He was traveling at “over 100 km/h”.

      I was in a car accident going less than 16km/h and that hurt, a lot. I had a sore neck and back for about 5 days. There are many reports of deaths occurring at seemingly low-speeds.

      100km/h isn’t so fast for a highway, but I have never seen a 100km/h posted limit where traffic lights are present. Normal city speeds range from 30-60, maybe 70, km/h.

      His car weighs over 1,600kg, traveling at over 100km/h. It hit a car that weighs about 1,500kg. Seat belt or not, chance of death is very high.

      • Patrick

        Hell, I was going 25 kph on a bike last week and have been in the hospital since then. Lucky for me the Wuxi hospital is pretty good.

        • Nyancat

          You gotta slow down bro.

          • Patrick

            I am, 2 rods in my arm I leave the hospital tomorrow. Going to relax in comfort. I’ve officially gone through the ring of fire – surgery in China…..

    • Nick in Beijing

      100km/h is ridiculously fast when driving down an urban street.

  • Dripping Third Leg

    I feel delighted this morning to read this news with a commie son of bounders and a jappig died in it. His death is not in vain after all, at least he killed a jappig and lets us know it’s not that good to be a rich 2rd generation…..

    • Daniel

      Fuck off you china cockroach bastard

  • eattot


    • Dripping Third Leg

      Eattot, how much do you get paid for a blow job in the city you are coming from ?

      • Medical Advisor

        You are a disgusting man. Take you third leg in your ass and see how much you get paid for it in the city you are coming from.

      • Little Wolf

        How much do you pay people to shit in your mouth?

        • eattot

          little wolf:
          your from hawaii? you live in hangzhou?
          i feel like your a man i know. is that you? H?

          • Little Wolf

            From Hawaii. Live in Hangzhou. Strapping muscles. Damn handsome.

            Yeah….that’s me :-)

            Actually, I always thought you seem familiar too. I have a very distinguishing neck tattoo that is un-mistakable. If we’ve met, you will know what the tattoo is. If you’re interested to be certain, Fauna has always been kind about forwarding e-mails.

          • eattot

            no, i did not notice there is a tatoo.H is his name , not handsome.
            i do not think he would call himself handsome, i always call him ugly ghost….hahahaha!

          • Little Wolf

            hmmmm……what a pity. No “H” in my name and you would have surely seen the tattoo….it is normally the first thing people notice. Except for the handsomeness…..and the muscles :)
            Anyway….nice to meet you here and I always enjoy your comments.

  • Teacher in China

    The age of the “Ugly American” is passing…prepare for the age of the “Ugly Chinese”…

    • anon

      What sucks may be that we’re living in the period of overlap, where we have to deal with both?

  • Shoddy Jason

    if the perpetrator is alive, he should be condemned. but he is a dead man now, what we only can do is expressing sorry for the innocent people.

  • John

    All his wealth should be confiscated as to repay for the damages to the families that lost their loved ones. It should be investigated where he got so much money so fast.
    These type of things give a very bad reputation to Chinese citizens. To hear remarks that he took at least a Japanese to the grave is disgusting and shows just like that craphole did a complete disrespect for life, law and order.

    • anon

      If he worked in finance and investments, its not unheard of to make it rich quick by being part of the right deal at the right time or a whiz kid at some major firm. I’m just saying his money may not necessarily have been earned back in China in the questionable fashion a lot of Chinese netizens are thinking of. There are no details about his work so I don’t know of course. I just personally know there are young men who have accomplished such levels of wealth on Wall Street, in Hong Kong, etc.

    • Dr SUN

      I agree John , his family should be made to pay millions of $ usd to the families of those he murdered in cold blood.
      Even up to the point of his father, mother,wife,children and siblings become indentured domestic servants to families that their son / brother has harmed so badly.

  • fenqing

    idiot banker never calculated the risk of going fast and running a red light.

    • anon


  • Gigi

    This crash happened due to inflated EGO of the driver. There is no other reason to own such a vehicle, especially in a small area like Singapore. The streets of Singapore become race tracks in the wee hours of the morning, and the authorities need to crack down on the culprits. The ‘acciden’t was completely preventable. The poor, innocent people who were victims of one egomaniac’s behavior.

  • kaka

    Be honest, when you read the title “Singapore Ferrari Crash: Rich Mainland Chinese Man Kills 3”, how many of the following “came to mind”?

    Mysteriously accumulated wealth,
    Links to Organized Crime or Good Background (political connections)
    Over-compensating sports car,
    Unquestioning wife – wilfully ignoring the obvious…

    On a more serious note, the running of red lights in foreign countries in high-powered sports cars is a growing problem amongst Chinese men in the financial sector.

    Anyone who watches the financial news in China will know that, unlike the rest of humanity throughout history and in nature generally, the Chinese use red or “red-arrows” to signify good or safety, and green or “green arrows” to signify bad or danger.

    As a rich Chinese in a high powered sports car does not have to consider the rules of the road in mainland China – the average Chinese man in Finance has never learned the true meaning of the Red-Amber-Green traffic light system – often, wrongly thinking that “Red means Go”.

    This obviously removes any guilt on the part of all Chinese who are involved in accidents linked to the running of red lights.

    The only solution is to change the outdated western imperial concept that red means danger and green means safety – and for the world to follow the Chinese system – resulting in are a more harmonious global society.

    • Brett Hunan

      Where in China does a red light mean “go”?

      • Jennster

        The stock exchange red there means rise of share price green opposite.

        • Brett Hunan

          I am not arguing that red is an auspicious color in China. I know all about the propitious views of red, and the color green including 戴绿帽子.

          Stock markets and traffic lights have absolutely nothing in common.

          • mr. wiener

            I think he kaka was taking the piss.

          • Brett Hunan

            Yes, Mr. Weiner, after reading again, I get it now. Damn, I’m thick sometimes…

      • Dr SUN

        if your rich it does.
        if your driving a K plate it does.

    • Brett Hunan

      Please disregard my question kaka. This is what I get for checking chinaSMACK while waiting for the crosswalk light to turn green.

      • kaka


  • Vonskippy

    Dumb and Dead.

    Darwin wins.

    • Patrick

      Unfortunately he already spread his seed, so he’s still in the gene pool.

    • Dr SUN

      Unfortunately not that simple, as he killed others at the same time.

  • nick chen

    his name should be bai chi instead of ma chi.

    only idiots run a car over 100km/h on urban streets and run red lights.

    • Dr SUN

      no, that’s the norm for the “princes and Princesses” of the new China.

      They believe they are beyond any law in any country, because it’s true in China

  • wingzai77

    Singaporeans don’t hate China people in general, but it’s the number of cases that is happening in singapore that are mostly caused by these scumbags taking their bad habits from china into our country that makes you china people being dragged down as a whole.

    In other words, blame it on these 害群之马 that the mainlanders are being hated in Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc. Don’t tell the Chinese community outside of China to ‘not forget where our ancestors are from’….becasue we are grateful to them. It is YOUR GENERATION of MAINLAINDERS ruining your peoples’ reputation.

    in singapore, HK, etc, these mainlainders cut queues and demand they are right to do so, creating scenes, drive recklessly (ran over a lady and continue driving on without giving a damn), provide fake degrees and certificate to get jobs in our country (countless cases), how can they NOT LEAVE BAD IMPRESSION OF CHINA PEOPLE?

    Please, fellow china friends, do us all chinese community outside of china a favour and educate your fellow countrymen how to behave outside of China.

    ‘When in Rome, do as the romans do”.

    Thank you.

  • Yo Mero

    From the video and how many frames it took to travel approximately 10 meters, the distance from outside the frame to the taxi, he was traveling at around 140-150 km/h.

  • justmega

    The only bigger sack of shit is the guy who said…”Deserves to die, but taking a Japanese person along with him is still not bad.”

  • Yo Mero

    “All motor vehicles imported into Singapore are slapped with a customs duty of 41 per cent ad valorem. There is also a Registration Fee to be paid. The fee is $1,000 for private vehicles and $5,000 for company vehicles. In addition, when a car is first registered (whether new or used), an Additional Registration Fee (ARF) of 150 per cent of the car’s Open Market Value is payable. All these make the price of cars here artificially inflated compared to those in the States or Europe.”

    So basically you pay almost 200% of the cars value in taxes, triple of what it retails for in Europe.

  • Pingback: China, Singapore: Reaction on Ferrari Crash · Global Voices()

  • Yo Mero

    But if you take into account that the lady passenger survived with minor injuries doesn’t it sound likely that Mr. Ma wasn’t wearing seatbelts?

  • Meh

    No sympathy for the chinese man and his family what so ever. Sorry. RIP the others.

  • MAX

    yeah why not???? go a head crash a car and die

    life is cheap,but it is only one death

    one man dead. still 14 billion to go

  • it is a simple rule the end of speed is colision
    life is not a rehearsal
    remind me never to catch a taxi with that taxi driver
    as he is as much to blame
    i have driven more than 500.000 miles in my lifetime
    and his car says plenty no denying

    • rgr7988

      are you stupid or what? u never realize the green light was up for 3-4 seconds upon impact? i think only idiots like you stay put when the traffic light has turned green.

  • Greg (the smart one)

    Yellow locust trash dies. I like!

  • Ivan S

    I am a Singaporean Chinese, I was in Indonesia when this accident happened. When I was back in Singapore, I saw a lot of very stupid and irresponsible comments made by my fellow Singaporean in Facebook and some other social sites, voicing their disliking about PRC Chinese in Singapore. I am very annoyed by such comments (asking PRC chinese to leave Singapore) that these group of mainly younger generation of Singaporean had made. My Grandparent were from China, my parent too came from China in the 1940s. I am a Singaporean whom served my national duty to protect my Country. However, to me, this is merely an accident. And only the foolishs will take into consideration of one’s nationality, wealth, race and/or langange to comment on one’s wrong doing…. End of the day , it’s just an accident. Nobody with a sound mind will run a 1.4 million (SGD) Farrari into a taxi, not only killing others, lost his life too. Let also not talk about was he under any influent of alcohol or drug. Over this incident, I think that the Singapore goverment and our Singapore socialty should teach our younger Singaporean more about moral and social responsibilities. The diffence between Singapore Chinese and PRC Chinese is that Singapore Chineses’ ancesters came here earlier than the current PRC Chinese. That’s it, so what? Last, but not least, Singapore chinese are chinese born in Singapore, PRC Chinese are chinese born in China, aren’t we all chinese?

    • typingfromwork

      Well said. Although I wouldn’t call it an accident. The driver was reckless and destroyed the lives of two innocent bystanders by his irresponsible behaviour. The buck stopped at him.

      Still, this is not an excuse to start breaking out baseless xenophobia.

    • jeffli

      It was not an accident! It was a complete lack of common-sense!

      What was the idiot (I don’t care his nationality) thinking?
      Speeding in built up areas and going through the middle of a RED LIGHT?

      I see it everyday in Shanghai – NO COMMON-SENSE NOR REGARD FOR OTHERS USING THE ROAD!

      The Ferrari driver’s mother gets no sympathy from me either. This man must of been a selfish sodomite. One less idiot on the road.

      My condolences to the family and friends of the victims in the taxi and the passenger in the Ferrari.

    • Li RuiKe

      Who cares if you are Chinese? Is Chinese DNA better than German, Nigerian, Peruvian, Canadian, Egyptian, or any other DNA? Of course not! That’s just racist, you bigot. Stop being so prejudiced! Your ancestors left China as it was becoming an inhuman prison camp. They escaped political persecution, totally ignorant policies that led to the starvation of millions, and a cultural revolution which encouraged idiots to kill their neighbors and take power. Those murderers are still in power and their children are super rich on money stolen from the good people of China. People who buy million dollar sports cars when a billion of their countrymen are living in near slavery and abject poverty are the reason God built hell, now home to this selfish driver.

    • 平凡人

      Ivan, you are right about generalizing; this incident does not mean all mainland Chinese are bad. However, it is difficult to stop people from having ill feelings with all that bad press. Hong Kong is another exmaple whereby they are much closer to China. Important thing for all other sensible adults to do is to take comments by netizen (Singaporean or Chinese) with a pinch of salt; they on the other hand also do not represent the majority.

  • typingfromwork

    What a fucking dipshit. My only regret is that he took out two other innocent people with him.

  • oOWOo

    Looks like HK is not the only place in Asia suffering from an influx of mainlanders.

  • jub

    so now the singapore government decides to pull every chinese in singapore and look for thier passport and visa??? or in japan because the passenger was japanes??

  • elizabeth

    Some kind of undercover spy on shift work assigned to spook chinaSMACK.

    • elizabeth

      CBmaja, that is.

  • waihang

    Found another article showing a rather disgusting side of the family to the late Ma Chi backlashing on the Singaporean netizens anger over his reckless driving.

    Amidst a very rather tragic event with 3 dead the Chinese are truly showing their true nature, not able to take criticism but showing a complete lack of sympathy and not being apologetic when most expected.
    Sure these kind of accidents happens everywhere in the world, but how many places in the world do one find people who should feel ashamed instead turn the table 180 degrees around and criticize and ask others to understand them when they should just shut up and compensate the victims, in particular the cab driver who was the breadwinner in the family with 3 children between 16 and 21, and bring an official apology to everyone.

    Ma Chi’s parents are the blood and heritage of China, brought up in an environment meticulously shaped and refined to its absolute perfection for 5000 years, inherent to various degree in every Chinese citizen, be proud and create more of these spoiled one child princess/princesses who never had a sibling in their life and therefore never learned from childhood to take other people into consideration and share anything with anyone, instead become selfish and ignorant.

    Makes ones blood boiling.

    • mr. wiener

      Oh dear..Way to put out the fire with petrol. I swear folk like this are their own worst enemies. I can understand that they are not in their right minds at this tragic time for them, but the lack of empathy for the innocent victims ..just..boggles..the mind.

    • anon

      Devil’s Advocate: Why is it disgusting that they feel they or their family member is being wrongfully maligned? I don’t think its disgusting to feel upset over what some netizens are speculating, such as the origins of his wealth. Whatever crime Ma Chi did doesn’t change the fact that they would find it insulting of others to make what they feel to be untrue speculations about him, such as the origins of his wealth.

      If people criticizing Ma Chi kept it limited to his actual actions (reckless driving, manslaughter) instead of extrapolating it into an issue of his background and wealth, Ma Chi’s family wouldn’t have anything to say. It is only when you make deniable accusations and contentious criticisms that you give someone an opportunity to defend. If Singaporean (and Chinese) netizens weren’t broadening the matter into one of “anti-rich” and just kept it to “anti-reckless driving”, Ma Chi’s family wouldn’t have anything to retort on. Unfair criticism is still unfair. Understandable but unfair.

      The question of whether or not his family should be apologetic is interesting. It goes back to all of the issues over whether or not British people should be apologetic over what the British guy in Beijing did. I personally think his family, being those closest to influence him, ought to apologize and show contrition. Have they really not shown any sympathy and apology?

      That said, what should they feel ashamed for? For being rich? Or for not having raised a better son or influenced a less reckless brother or husband? Who is to say they aren’t ashamed over the latter just because they’re indignant about being wrongfully slandered for the former?

      Read the actual article you linked to. Right there in the newspaper article his family member says they feel bad for the woman and are just asking netizens to also be understanding of their own pain in this incident. Unlike the site, they didn’t ask for Singaporeans to be sympathetic towards Ma Chi, they asked netizens to respect that they (the family) too have suffered loss. It’s quite clear the family understands Singaporean’s anger but all rational people know an angry reaction can go too far too.

      No, Ma Chi’s parents are not “the blood and heritage of China”, what a hyperbole. You’re just being a prick at this point. This is the sort of broadening that is unnecessary and makes it easy for others to push back on, just like when Chinese netizens start painting one British guy as representative of all foreigners.

      • mr. wiener

        In hindsight it might have been a good idea to just say sorry to the families involved and then kept quiet. Once folk are arked up about something it doesn’t matter if you have the persuasive power of Al Pacino doing a movie monologue. They are still going to stay pissed off.

        • anon

          Right, hard to argue with the mob, as many celebrities have and haven’t learned.

        • Dr SUN

          Just say sorry, are you kidding.
          They need to spend millions on the dead families now, they as a family are responsible for the murder of innocents.
          They cannot pretend otherwise, he was their child,husband their brother and they let him become a playboy and now murderer.

      • waihang

        yeah that’s right we are intentionally throwing a bit of hyperbole shit here, always lures out the political correct fag trolls come out of the woodwork.
        How unfair and derailed the netizens criticism may be, it’s always a big mistake under such emotional situation find excuses and ask the crowd to show some mercy.

        “Instead of apology, Ferrari driver’s family hits out at netizens for criticising him”

        ‘Why doesn’t family of Ferrari driver offer any compensation for cabby’s death?’

        • anon

          Neither of your links contradict what I said. They’re both quotes from netizens commenting about the issue.

          I agree that its a big mistake in an emotional situation to find excuses but what are the excuses being made by the family? All they’ve asked for is for netizens to not go overboard in their slandering of Ma Chi, to respect that Ma Chi’s family might also be sad and sensitive about losing a family member. Is his family not allowed to mourn the loss of their loved one? Or feel upset when people are slandering them?

          The Stomp article title is misleading. Even reading the actual Chinese newspaper, the family merely criticized netizens to hold their tongue (rein in the invective) for assuming the rich are inherently guilty. No one likes their own being defamed unreasonably. Do you see them defending his reckless driving? No.

          I personally think the family should be more forthcoming with offering compensation and making the amends they are able to and legally responsible for given how obviously in the wrong Ma Chi was, but knowing Singaporean law and what lawyers typically are retained for, I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re hesitating on that front. It’s poor PR on their end though I wouldn’t put it past netizen mobs to still be throwing invective even if they have offered compensation. I can easily imagine invective about how appropriate or inappropriate offering compensation is, how if they rushed to offer compensation or offered a lot, it shows that they think money can solve everything, or how if they’re slow (as it is now perhaps) or offered too little, how they’re insensitive. Damned if you do and damned if you don’t, I’d say.

          Remember that the family didn’t itself do this. It’s not like the perpetrator is alive and being a dick about his crime and the suffering he has caused. It’s his family that’s now wiping his dead ass. They’re definitely going to be sensitive being that it wasn’t their direct fault and yet they have to put up with caring what everyone is saying about them and their loved one. It isn’t hard to understand the anger netizens are feeling, but it isn’t hard to understand the sensitivity of the family either.

          Misleading titles don’t help.

  • mankouzanghua

    No immigration policy in the world would have kept a guy like this out. For the price of his car he could have made investments that would guarantee him residence in any country he wants.

  • Sandy Li

    This is how most chinese people drive in China. No regard for traffic rules and traffic lights. Many just zip past the red lights at intersections while blaring their horns. This happens both in the big cities and the countryside!

    • Chengdu Dude

      Yeah you are 100% right!
      I am a cyclist and often i just kick or hit cars who try to push me or others out of the way.
      It’s time for the police/local gov to take action!
      A other thing is that most drivers in China can’t even handle there own car, parking is already a huge problem for them! :)

      Ohh and They should ban the use of a mobilephones while driving!!!!

    • Dr SUN

      yes, but not at 100 kmph, he was showing off to his new Ernai.

  • Peter

    I am posting this comment after watching the video!
    It just leaves me to wonder…. How many pedestrians and bikes did this Ferrari Hit and Run! before hitting the Taxi!
    I just wish he hit a Bulldozer and died alone!