“Sleeping Sister” in Spring Festival Gala Audience Goes Viral

"Sleeping Sister", a Chinese woman caught on camera sound asleep in the audience for the annual Spring Festival Gala.

"Sleeping Sister", a Chinese woman caught on camera sound asleep in the audience for the annual Spring Festival Gala.

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Spring Festival Gala’s “Sleeping Sister” goes famous on microblogs, sleeping soundly at the show

As the Spring Festival Gala for the 2012 Year of the Dragon was being held in an festive atmosphere, netizen microblogs [on Sina Weibo and Tencent Weibo exploded with a Spring Festival Gala “Sleeping Sister”. In the midst of an audience engrossed in watching the Spring Festival Gala, a female audience member was sound asleep in her seat.

"Sleeping Sister", a Chinese woman caught on camera sound asleep in the audience for the annual Spring Festival Gala.

In the above video, currently one of the most popular on leading Chinese video sharing website Youku, the host expresses incredulity that she could fall asleep in such a situation, in such a festive big show, where everyone around her is excitedly enjoying the show, happy to be able to be part of the live audience.

Comments on NetEase:


Not bad, only one person fell asleep.

小意儿 [网易北京市网友]:

Being able to fall asleep at the show, just goes to show the quality of the Spring Festival Gala…

君维 [网易河南省网友]:

Please accept this “best audience member” award.

网易青海省网友 [兔子耳朵长长]:

She’s not considered bad, because she more or less saw the Spring Festival Gala, whereas I didn’t even watch it at all and just played cards, because we knew early on that the Spring Festival Gala show is just some garbage.

网易广西南宁市网友 [封尘子]:

A boring/pointless show.

网易新疆伊犁州伊宁市网友 [西游记最经典]:

Show how this Spring Festival Gala was the worst ever.


The old woman had a tiring day, and just as she was thinking she could finally rest, her filial children forced to attend the show. Poor her.


Politics simply blind those idiots without education. The entire television program to me is just wasting a huge amount of taxpayers’ money to hold a large scale political performance, without any meaning, all packaged in hardware, entertainment kidnapped by politics, harmonized. Many of the performers are high-ranking military officials, CPPCC members, with double identities, so what entertainment can they provide us poor naive people? It is a tragedy of mainlanders’ consciousness. This is a historical regression.

ALsong [网易辽宁省抚顺市网友]:

I fell asleep so many times watching it…

ss210 [网易广东省广州市网友]:

The Chinese New Year’s Gala is just a song and dance version of Xinwen Lianbo, what’s worth watching!?

cqhyc [网易重庆市南岸区网友]:

Good thing I didn’t watch the Spring Festival Gala… especially if it was like this even being there in the audience… Every year it is those same faces [acts]. I got tired of it long ago.


Her sleeping shows that she’s mentally awake. The other people may be awake, but they’re mentally asleep.

Anyone remember this guy “Laughing Brother”?

From QQ:

“Laughing Brother” watches the Spring Festival Gala for the 15th time, criticizes “Sleeping Sister” for wasting ticket

"Smiling Face Brother" attends the Spring Festival Gala for the 15th time.

Called the most niu Chinese New Year Gala audience member by netizens, “Laughing Brother” [or “Smiling Face Brother”] once again appeared on CCTV’s Spring Festival Gala this year, it being his 15th time watching the Spring Festival Gala in person. With regards to the appearance of “Sleeping Sister” in the audience of this year’s Chinese New Year Gala buzzing on the internet, “Laughing Brother” believes live audience members should cherish the Spring Festival Gala ticket they have and respect the performer’ performances.


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