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    Kunming Protest After Chengguan Beats Man to Death

    From Mop: Yesterday [Oct. 31st] around 8PM, more than 100 people carried a gurney with a corpse and surrounded Kunming Guandu District Guanshang Street Office Fude District Branch Chengguan’s entrance, and started to burn paper money [fake money for the dead to use in the underworld]. Including spectators, there were hundreds at the scene. A […]

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    Hui Minority Beats Lanzhou Chengguan Onto Knees Crying

    Chengguan aka: the City Urban Administrative and Law Enforcement Bureau, or everybody’s favorite enforcer of law and defender of harmony, got a taste of their own medicine from the vengeful hands of the people in a Hui Muslim dominated community. From Tianya: This weekend, due to the recent need to repair our house, along with my wife […]

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    Japanese & Chinese Students Fight In Shanghai

    From Tianya, “Shanghai International Studies University: Japanese students and Chinese students fought violently” (no longer accessible): At present, the police, including the special police present, have already dispatched 10 police vehicles to maintain order, and the gathered crowd has just dispersed. On October 20, 2008, about 10 P.M., over ten Japanese students were getting drunk […]