Hui Minority Beats Lanzhou Chengguan Onto Knees Crying


Chengguan aka: the City Urban Administrative and Law Enforcement Bureau, or everybody’s favorite enforcer of law and defender of harmony, got a taste of their own medicine from the vengeful hands of the people in a Hui Muslim dominated community.

From Tianya:

This weekend, due to the recent need to repair our house, along with my wife we went to the Xigu Porcelain Material Market, afterwards I decided with my wife to go to Xiaoxihu Shopping Center to buy some household goods. Because from Xigu to Xiaoxuhu station was still far from the shopping center, we decided to get off at Route 50 and walk to the shopping center, in front of the shopping center my wife wanted to eat some snacks like sweet bun and noodles, together we sat on the side of the street and began to eat, just as we took a few bites, the peddlers began to yell “the Chengguan are coming,” we then stood to finish our snack and pay the boss [peddler], the boss was just beginning to pack up his stand; as we gave him the money we saw the peddlers beside us were already shoving and pushing with the Chengguan. Consequently, because the number of Chengguan was fairly numerous, along with the police from the local police station showed up together. Perhaps they were emboldened by ample [numbers], the Chengguan violently enforced the law, pushed down every peddler’s stall they came upon, and fruits, snacks, and noodles were thrown across the street. Many in the crowd were angry at what they saw. Including me, many peddlers wouldn’t take it anymore. Suddenly, a couple of people went up and threw the Chengguan captain on the ground, the other Chengguan and police saw that there was too many people, and the crowds was also very angry, and they all fled far from the scene.


People saw that the Chengguan captain was captured, everybody started to pick up the things on the ground and threw them at the Chengguan, fruits were thrown everywhere, trash was flying everywhere, scenes from a movie where corrupt official were pelted with rotten eggs before their execution unfolded in reality, people cursed while beating the Chengguan.


Far to the side women were picking up the remaining fruits, looks like they were a couple of peddlers. The beating continued on one side, while on the other side, the peddlers have already started to proceed with their life, picking up the things on the ground.


Chengguan was caught by the crowd, then people proceeded to surround him and attack him in groups, maybe it was because this captain beaten badly, he did not run after being caught.


Within the vast sea of people, The Chengguan had already disappeared within the beatings among the crowd, I stood by watching from afar.

Within the crowd stood people carrying their children witnessing this scene, I do not know what these kids will think deep down inside at the sight of this event today.


My wife and I can’t bare to watch it anymore, watching those peddlers rolling on the ground in pain, those  peddlers beaten and covered in blood, and those other Chengguan and police who ran under a tree far away smoking cigarettes witnessing the whole thing. We went in the store bought what we need, took approximately 1 hour, when we came out it was still a sea of people, the traffic was jammed for over an hour, this regarding Lanzhou’s east to west city layout meant that all traffic was basically paralyzed.


Looked like we have no choice but to walk home, when we walked passed the place where the circle of assailing crowd was, within it came outcry that sounded like a pig being butchered, followed by the sound of crying and begging. I stood on the high ground and watched, the captain that was beaten was on his knees, people were spitting at him, throwing trash at him, some came up and gave him a few kicks. While not as classic as the statue of Qin Hui kneeling for display, this scene was nearly the same. An old man scolded; “Did you grow up eating shit? Wasting food like this, deserve to be beaten, beat this dog bastard to death.” The kneeling Chengguan pleaded in tears; “big brothers, grandpas, I was wrong, please stop beating me.”


The people beside him are pointed at him, shouting at him: You dog bastard grew up eating shit, wasting things like this, beat him to death, beat him!, A couple people blocked everyone, asked them, “what did you eat growing up?”
Then they pulled him up, let him see for himself the goods that he ruined.


Xiaoxihu was like this for over 2 hours, no one came to control the scene, the disturbance continued!


The sea of people continues to paralyze this city!

Nothing we can do  but to walk home like this, watching all this unfold while walking home.

Comments from Tianya:


Chengguan and peddlers will always be at odds; it is just that Chengguan have greater capacities. To tell you the truth I hate those unscrupulous peddlers, operating without permits, polluting the environment, place to attract a scene. Everything always have two sides, I maintain the middle ground!


Fuck, these Chengguan did not go through training, claiming to be the number one Kung Fu gang went so far as to being defeated. The disgrace of China~~


They are just the leader of rascals, to an extent even worse.


Fuck, sometimes you can’t do without Chengguan, under my building there are always people smoke meat deep into the night, choking me to death.
At night many people drink and cause a scene, thankfully Chengguan are there to chase them away.


I was wondering, the unbeatable Chengguan lost? Then looked again their opponents are the white cap gang [ethnic Hui]. Suddenly I realized, I decided to support Chengguan this one time.


Don’t tell me that peddlers loitering, disorderly setting up shop, setting up stands to block traffic, don’t pay taxes, refuse health inspections, and impede social equality are reasonable? Chengguan’s use of force often didn’t follow the local realities to humanely enforce the law, but at least it is in accordance to law! A bunch of unscrupulous peddlers when facing legal enforcers, are not vulnerable groups, but rogue groups!


Hui people and Chengguan, the two are the bane of our nation!!! Dog bite dog, can bite each other as they please!!! Chengguan are all bandits, Hui people are all barbarians!!!


Han people are not as unified as ethnic minorities, this time I don’t know who to support.


Of course he got beaten, those peddlers are all ethnic minorities. Chengguan can’t do anything about ethnic minorities.


Hui people taught us a lesson.


Only because they are Hui, if it is Han people then they can only endure and keep silent. Xingjiang thieves are one level higher than the police, Hui people are one level higher than Chengguan. Han people are only fourth class people, anyone can bully them around.


Beat Chengguan dogs to death, I’ll beat one when I see one…


Chengguan are really evil, they are just like bandits.

Comments from NetEase:


Chinese Chengguan is our nation’s top secret military organization in development, normally Chengguan manages cities, practicing guerilla warfare tactics; During war they can be organized into a conventional unit, having the ability to assault, recon, and infiltration; can endure, can tolerate [harsh condition]; a ready to battle reserve force. The Pentagon top secret report state: The Chinese Chengguan contingent is a fearful military organization that has great capacity; can rely on only a rusty van or pickup truck to do battle in all conditions. (Our country promises that it will not preemptively use Chengguan against foreign forces).


Don’t tell me that you need to have these peddlers put their stands in front of your door to realize the necessity for Chengguan.Keep cursing, you Nazis, if you say Chengguan are dogs, then you are not worth dogshit! Support Chengguan!!


Chengguan have no choice, cities have to be controlled, all just conflict between the low classes [Chengguan vs. peddlers]


Water can carry boats, but it can also sink it, the boat is going to sink…


Hui people good job

Note: Many of the comments on Tianya are bigoted in nature which may highlight the ethnic tensions that exist within China. Negative perceptions exist toward ethnic Hui and Uygurs where they are often stereotyped to be thieves and con artists in China. In addition, many also question the ethnic differences emerge as to why ethnic minorities can resist against authority while most common Chinese submit to it.


Written by Joe

Joe is a documentary producer and journalist based in Shanghai


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