Taiwanese Schoolgirl Cuts Wrist, Teacher Says, ‘Cut Deeper!’

Several high school girls in Taiwan in school uniforms.Taiwanese schoolgirl's cut wrist.

From Apple Daily Taiwan:

High school girl cuts her wrist, teacher scolds: “Idiot, cut deeper”

A high school girl in Taizhong, Taiwan did not attend her physical education class and instead hid in a classroom cutting her wrist. When the P.E. teacher learned of this, she ridiculed her, stating “Is it fun to cut yourself? Shouldn’t cutting your wrist make you bleed? If you have any guts then cut it deeper!” The student was so angry she almost cut herself again.

The school explained that the teacher was using extreme words [reverse psychology] to teach the students a lesson, but admitted she had gone too far and had since apologized to the student.

The head of the Humanistic Education Foundation Feng Qiaolan says: “The reverse psychology rationalization is simply an excuse for the abusing of students, she’s not qualified to be a teacher.

Transcription and translation of the above Apple Daily video:

FEMALE STUDENT: [She] kept telling me to cut deeper, so I’ll cut deeper for her to see.

REPORTER: At Taizhong City Mingde Girl’s High School, this second-year female high school student recently took to cutting her wrist because of some relationship problems. Surprisingly, a physical education teacher surnamed Lin coldly said to her, “You’re cutting too shallowly,” almost causing her to cut again. Yesterday, this Apple Daily reporter found the girl involved. She said that because of relationship problems, she had hid in a classroom to cut her wrist during physical education class. Two classmates skipped physical education class as well to comfort her. The physical education teacher saw through their made-up excuse that a teacher had held them from class and the next day the three students were all called to the gymnasium to be admonished.

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PE TEACHER: Is cutting your wrist fun? How do you call that little/shallow bit cutting your wrist? If you have the guts, cut deeper, idiot.

REPORTER: And she also scolded the other students…

PE TEACHER: Can’t even sit properly, are you trying to look/act cool, trying to see who can be more like a gangster [hoodlum, bad youth], I know even more hardcore gangsters than you.

REPORTER: When the three of them left and didn’t hear the teacher tell them to put away the chairs…

PE TEACHER: Are you deaf?

FEMALE STUDENT: I think treating me like that only hurts me more. I mean, I’m already really hurt from my relationship problem, and you keep making fun of my relationship issues and telling me to cut deeper, so fine, I’ll cut deeper for you then.

CLASSMATE: The teacher said she was using extreme language about the wrist cutting out of concern for her and then said what she had said was not that exaggerated [as the students say].

REPORTER: Yesterday, the school politely declined having the teacher come out to explain herself, saying the teacher was only trying to use extreme words [reverse psychology] to help the student and had no ill intentions but admits that the teacher had misspoke and has already apologized to the student. […]

Comments on YouTube:


What’s going on in that head of yours? You think suicide is fun? You think it will solve your problems? If you kill yourself it is your family that has to suffer. A mind full of silly ideas. You have watched way to many movies.


That the media then covered this kind of complaint [against a teacher] is what’s funny, encouraging this trend of complaints and threats against teachers. That students have become like this is something the media is half responsible for.


Fuck off, teacher, its none of your business!


Ridiculous, the life of Taiwanese children is too comfortable! Without having gone to Africa, they don’t know how to good their lives are!


What a tragdey, do teachers not have the right to express their own opinions?


She is an idiot. Only in her teens, what does she know about love? Teacher I support you!


What is this teacher’s name? How can she be qualified to be a teacher?! Don’t make me laugh.


I think the one who should be apologizing is the student, what did the teacher do wrong? It’s not like she’s afraid [of death], right? Since she wants to cut [her wrist] again, then go ahead and keep cutting. Cut deeper, might as well cut off your hand while you’re at it. Idiot.


If you want to cut yourself, go home and cut yourself… cutting yourself at school, you’ve caused trouble for a teacher and caused trouble for two other students… so stupid.


Bad teachers raise bad students, I’m not the least bit surprised.


If I was the teacher, I would say the same thing. Playing [at suicide], and then going to lodge a complaint [about how the teacher treated you]…such scum.

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  • Давид

    Sitting on my red sofa.

  • Jahar

    Those aren’t even cuts. what did she use, a banana?

    • SomeGuy


  • 平凡人

    Her parents has wasted all their money, love and time raising her.

  • JPAX

    Deeper, deeper, deeper. Oh she’s dead………A+

  • Anonynonymous

    Hey, this is a story about Taiwan, not China!

    inb4 Chinese rage.

    • Tadd

      I’ll be an objective foreigner here…

      Chinasmack is a website about “China” and her news/gossip/opinions/controversies/etc

      Taiwan is a province of China, as viewed by the Chinese government and it’s people. It is also recognised within the International Organisation of Standardisation to be so:

      This then makes it fair to include Taiwan (a province of China) within a Chinasmack article. Of course, there will be some who see the otherside and with a five minute glance at Wikipedia, we can all be “experts” on the matter. But, this is “China”smack.

      • red scarf

        Taiwan is another name for the republic of China who says Chinasmack has to go by international standards and say Taiwan is a province of China… he says in a mocking voice!



      • nereis

        Correct, the current regime that governs Taiwan de facto also lays claims to not only the entirety of mainland China but also Mongolia.

      • Phil

        You’re not a very objective foreigner to be honest, since you mentioned yourself, Taiwan is a province viewed by China. I could view China as a province of Mongolia but it doesn’t make it any more accurate even I get most of the UN council to agree with me.

        Bringing common sense for the sake of an argument; from an objective Canadian; they have their own currency, their own passports, citizenship/government, army, list goes on. You could argue this is the two-systems-one-country thing but that’s a bit of a stretch.

        Besides, Taiwan does in fact have a unique country code within the ISO, but to please the big guys, they named it as Taiwan, Province of China as the country name. My 2 cents

    • asdf

      wow… i knew there would be at least one idiot who would bring this up.
      Why don’t u go to koreabang, find their stories about north korea, and enlighten them with a comment on how DPRK is not south korea.

    • I was the one, who came with the suggestion to include Taiwan here, you can read my reasons here:


      Let’s not make it political and just learn something more about Taiwan along the way. I probably sound too much like John Lennon here…

      • The Crickets

        Imagine there’s no Taiwan
        It’s easy if you try
        No well managed peons below us
        Above us only the bribed
        Imagine all the short sighted main-landers living for today

        Imagine there’s only one system
        It isn’t hard to do
        Nothing to keep up QC standards
        And no genuine religion too
        Imagine all the people living life in complete ignorance

        You, you may say
        I’m a moron, but I’m not the only one
        I hope some day you’ll join us 1.4 billion brain washed
        And China will be as one

        Imagine only obsession for possessions
        I wonder if you can
        Only greed or hunger
        A brotherhood of Han
        Imagine a chosen few people sharing nothing at all

        You, you may say
        I’m a moron, but I’m not the only one
        I hope some day you’ll join us 1.4 billion brain washed
        And China will be as one

        • Maitiu

          That… was awesome.

    • lonetrey

      Meh. True, Taiwan is not China, I’ll give you that.

      I don’t really care though. I’m always interested in Taiwanese news as well.

  • Young Man

    God fuck alone knows what’s going on in mainland schools if this is the behaviour of Taiwanese teachers.

    Most Chinese teachers I’ve encountered hate their jobs and their shitty salaries and they blame the students for it.

  • Foreign Devil

    too bad they don’t show her. Girls who cut are usually hot.

    • 404namenotfound

      Yeah, i came too see the babe too :(

  • Jeff

    I think that girl needs a good fucking and soon

    • Nanny Hiccups

      You advise “fucking” children? She’s in high school and she is a tenth grader.

      • hess

        so that makes her 16 or 17, having sex another person her age wouldnt be weird at all

        • Nanny Hiccups

          it would be weird because sexual activity at that age is not appropriate. Even with a peer her own age. if jeff is her age then I won’t knock him for saying it but it’s still inappropriate.

          • hess

            please enlighten me as to how its inappropriate? are you european? if you are, its the first time ive heard one say its inappropriate for a 16-17 year old to have sex.

          • Nanny Hiccups

            American. Whatever the law states, it is still inappropriate because emotionally a 16 or 17 simply isn’t ready. They are too vulnerable.

          • Patrick

            You gain maturity through experience. You could say that people aren’t emotionally ready for many things given any age. Many Chinese girls are viewed as being emotionally immature by foreign men, does this mean they’re not ready at age 24? A 16 or 17 year old girl having sex isn’t going to be scarred by the experience unless it’s traumatic in some way like rape – then age isn’t really the factor.

          • Dando Z

            There is plenty wrong with Jeff’s comment — I’m reminded of Victorian treatments for female psychiatric problems involving manual stimulation of the genitals until the woman reached “hysterical paroxysm” (orgasm) — the least of all is the implication that high school students might be sexually active.

            Regardless of whether you think they are emotionally prepared for fucking, the reality is that at that age kids hormones are screaming MY BODY IS READY. Rendering the subject taboo just makes them less likely to believe authority when it comes to practicing safe sex. And that’s why teenage pregnancy continues to be a problem in America.

            That said, I don’t condone the dismissal of female emotional problems as mere evidence of an orgasm deficit. That ain’t right.

          • Nanny Hiccups

            I find that all of my relationships that pre-date the age of twenty left me somewhat emotionally scarred. That doesn’t mean that it has to involve rape or anything. I simply think that a young girl should not have sex, not even with a peer her own age because she is not developed emotionally yet and is far too vulnerable. Unlike young men, girls become emotionally connected to the people they have sex with and it could lead to damaging the young woman emotionally. There are also life-long repurcussions involved including the risk of pregnancy – even when using protections. So not only is there risk of damaging a young woman emotionally, but also the risk of having an abortion or carrying a baby to term whereas a young man suffers few consequences for sexual activity at that (other than the risk of STD). Should a young woman become pregnant it’s not his body, he can simply run off.

            So I do not think it is acceptable for a young woman to have sex at all. Wait until she is at least 20 or 21, and she has developed mentally and has the confidence to own herself in a relationship before she delves into one.

          • rollin wit 9’s

            Nicely put ms. hiccups. never mind these folk society has been fcked up so long it has cast a shadow over people’s eyes. So especially today’s youth have no fckng clue what’s right wrong or moral. Blame MTV and post 90’s rap !

          • Nanny Hiccups

            post 90s generation rap… the bane of my existence *growl*

          • Rod

            It seems you truly are a ‘nanny’. People boning at 16 and 17 is very normal.

          • mr. wiener

            Might have to by one of those “special mushrooms” if you’re a llad who’s going to have to wait til 20-21.
            …Or cold showers…lots of cold showers :(

          • Nanny Hiccups

            It is far more natural to masterbate or experiment with ones-self than have sex at too early an age. The only people who benefit from young women putting out at sixteen or seventeen are the males who want to have sex with them.

          • hess

            “I find that all of my relationships that pre-date the age of twenty left me somewhat emotionally scarred. ”
            I’m not even going to argue with you anymore, you got some issues (or you just want attention)

          • grovesman

            I think Chef knows best. And he said 17…heh…heh…heh

          • moop

            nice southpark reference

          • Ning

            I vote for Nanny on the teen sex issue. Pregnancy risk is the main factor, if a million teen girls are sexually active with a 95% contraception function rate (a very optimistic figure), there will be 50 000 pregnancies. Whether they lead to abortions or babies, it’s a suboptimal situation for a young girl. My own experience, even when trying straight sex as late as 18, also says that 20-21 is minimum age for emotional development. Gay experimenting with friends is better and safer, and going solo is the only safe sex there is.

            The Pill is second reason to wait until grown up. Girls become depressed and insecure on it, they end up underachieving and picking the wrong guys. They put out more easily for thinking they are protected.
            Relationships and having sex are huge emotional matters for girls. It’s easy to get hooked on the fast emotional and physical reward and forget about the long term goals they should be working towards at that age. Who can concentrate on school work with a broken heart and fear of STD and counting days for a late period? There’s countless studies on the straight correlation between starting to have sex early and lower grades, even dropping out.

          • Rod


            So it’s ok for girls to have gay sex with friends before 21 but then after 21 is it ok to have straight sex. Hmm. Sounds great.

          • mr. wiener

            I still say there should be adult supervision. If girls are going to be having lesbian relationships before they are 21 people like me should be there to watch..ehm, look out for them :)

  • Vincent

    i approve the teacher
    Teens who cut their wrist are just rich emo attention seekers, self centered on their own existence.
    I have seen teenagers dealing with harsh problems like parental abuse or illness, but still who kept their head up and and didn’t fall into self pity because they didn’t have any other choice.

    • SomeGuy

      I must agree with this. looking at those cuts also, they are more like scratches. Anyone serious about taking their own life would have put much more effort in than that. A self harmer would have too.

      The Teen was obviously whoring attention

      • red scarf

        Yes, I was going to comment on that. Both are stupid, teacher for saying such comments while in active duty in a position of authority and the girl whos actions seem more than a cry for help/need.

        However, the teacher however true his comments maybe it wasn’t the right place for him to say so.

        • mr. wiener

          I remember back in school I used to cut myself, with the needle point of my compass. I dunno If I was attention whoring , bored or trying to prove I could take the pain .I certainly wasn’t suicidal, although it wasn’t a happy time in my life either.
          I was thinking about cutting myself really deeper and rubbing ash in the wound too raise a good scar like the Australian aboriginal used to do [I did that at a later date, still have the mark.]
          Of course my dad say the marks on my arm and asked what the bloody hell I was doing before he beat the shit out of me. Not really one for reverse psychology my dad.

          • Dave

            In Chinese Language he didn’t abuse you – he was “teaching you”. There’s no child abuse in China. Merely teaching respect, manners, discipline etc.

            Which helps explain why there’s no mental illness in China either….

          • mr. wiener

            Heh, Well if he was “teaching” me, then I guess my dad was a good educator. I have no complaints.

          • Dave

            You can tell yourself that your his abuse did you “no harm” and that “you turned out OK”. Then you can abuse your kids the same way and convince yourself you are being a good parent.

            You are Chinese after all. So why not carry on the cycle of denial and abuse that comes with it?

            Not that abuse is restricted to Chinese households – but it sure seems to be common there.

          • mr. wiener

            Sorry to disappoint you sport, I’m neither Chinese, or a victim of abuse. My dad is old school is all. Me and the rest of the sibs give him a wide berth as he is a cranky old bastard ,but he’s mellowed with age as he gets surrounded by grandkiddies, none of whom are smacked by their parents. I think giving your kids a smack on the bot was more of a different generational thing ,you know?
            Remember what they say about not to Ass-u-me….

          • moop

            my dad was the same way weiner

          • Dave

            Weiner – the words you used was “he beat the shit out of me”. If you do not believe that this is abuse then I have 2 things to say to you:
            i) Research linking physical punishment with mental illness – http://articles.latimes.com/2012/jul/02/news/la-heb-spanking-mental-health-problems-20120702

            ii) The fact that you self-mutilated in the first place, given its correlation with childhood trauma, points to the likelihood of you having a history of abuse.

          • mr. wiener

            What ever Dave.
            I got the shit beat out of me but only on a couple of occasions , that’s about all it took I think. Me , I don’t have any kids so fear not, the “cycle of abuse” ends with me.

          • moop

            thanks Doctor Dave, i’m sure all of us, especially weiner, who seems to be both successful and well-adjusted, are better off with your expertise and presence

          • mr. wiener

            “Among adults who reported harsh physical punishment short of physical or sexual abuse, psychiatric disorders including depression, anxiety disorders, mania and drug or alcohol dependency were between 2% and 5% more common. And more complex psychiatric illnesses marked by paranoia, antisocial behavior, emotional dependency and narcissism were between 4% and 7% more likely, according to the study published in the journal Pediatrics.”

            4%-7% …I like those odds!….excuse me I have to go change my diaper.

          • moop

            oh my god wiener! did you hold it in for a really long time? some people who are abused like to hold in their shits for long periods of time. here, let me help you. my mother wasnt around when i was younger so i compensate for that fact by being overly motherly and sensitive

          • Dave

            Moop – I am curious – using what objective benchmark are you “sucessful”???? You don’t have to answer if you don’t want, but it’s a very out of the blue claim to be making.

          • Dave

            Weiner – very happy to hear that you don’t have kids – best news I’ve heard all day. Though not that surprising.

          • moop

            reading is hard huh dave? i said wiener was successful and well-adjusted. you, however don’t seem to be. you’re kind of a dick

          • Dave

            Weiner: Firstly you said:
            “thanks Doctor Dave, i’m sure all of us, especially weiner, who seems to be both successful and well-adjusted, are better off with your expertise and presence”

            (note the words “I’m sure all of us”)

            and your latest post after I responded to the above in asking how exactly you are ‘successful’:
            “reading is hard huh dave? i said wiener was successful and well-adjusted. you, however don’t seem to be. you’re kind of a dick”

            So you start of by using the word “we” when describing successful and well-adjusted, then you abusively claim you weren’t talking about yourself.
            Conclusion: you’re either a liar, dumb, or both.

          • moop

            i’m sure everyone here except for you understood what i said. i was refering to wiener when saying he was successful, and i was refering to “all of us” being better off know that you’ve shared your wisdom with us. you can continue to feign ignorance if you want, but you probably knew what i meant as well and are just being a dick like you’ve been in this entire thread.

          • mr. wiener

            Sorry i mistook you for someone with good ,but misguided intentions.
            My father is a good man who used the skill set available to him. Not sure if I love him ,but I sure as hell respect him.
            You on the other hand aren’t much of a man at all and try to use stats to hurt people’s feelings.
            Sow what you reap bro.

      • Freak on a Mountain

        Seconded. I have met some real self-harmers, and felt very sorry for them. Their lives often involve truly terrible things, like child abuse/molestation, parental suicide, extreme religious upbrinings that shun them for their sexuality, and so on. These people deserve our pity and support.

        But those scratches? I’ve hurt myself worse at work, by accident. Those are not suicide attempts, but simple attention whoring.

        The younger generation (on the Mainland and in HK, Macao, and Taiwan) needs to quit with this weak sauce. Your ancestors went through way worse than you can possibly imagine, just so you could be born. How will the Chinese nation continue if people are such cowards and weaklings that they fake killing themselves over adolescent love?

    • Judge Jehovah

      Agree. What ever the teacher might be like; I agree with the teacher on this matter.

      • YouLanDan

        Exactly, to the people who actually think ‘oh no that poor girl needs attention’ um.. no.
        I had little cliches of girls in junior high who thought it was cool to do this in competition. See how many ruler scratches (it’s usually the edge of a ruler) they could put in their arm.
        I think the most competitive ones give themselves a little stupidly placed scar. Hopefully to remind them of their dumbass whiny selves when they grow up and have kids that reflect their poor decisions. But most of them are not deep enough to scar.. just look stupid.. I mean ‘cool’ for a week or so.

  • Freak on a Mountain

    Attention whore. Whatever her relationship problems are, cutting yourself will not solve them. Additionally, if you want to actually kill yourself (God forbid), you should go for lengthwise cuts up and down the forearm. There are Japanese websites devoted to efficient suicide; if you don’t actually want to die, then why not talk to people about your problems? As for the person who’s causing the problems, isn’t it better to smack them in the face than to cut yourself up? Jeez, this emo crap is getting out of hand.


    Don’t kill yourself because somebody slept with someone else or doesn’t love you anymore. Don’t even fake it. It just makes you a douchebag.

    • donscarletti

      You can kill yourself by cutting across just as well as cutting lengthwise, it’s all about the depth of the cut. If you open a big enough vein/artery, you will loose blood pressure, become unconscious and bleed out, if not, you won’t, nomatter how you slice it.

    • Kong

      Talk about your problems? In an East-Asian country?? Good one.

      • Kong

        Bottling up one’s emotions until they blow up should be a sport.

  • Hawkeye4077

    The cutting was a cry for help. So the girl was troubled when told to cut deeper because the truth is, she doesn’t want to die. Mutilation does not take away the pain, it just adds more pain. The same for throwing your troubles away in a bottle or drugs. Best way to heal is to forgive those that hurt you and move on.

  • Carson

    It’s just for attention. Real suicide attempts are up the forearm, not across the wrists. She obviously watched Twilight

  • The Enlightened One

    Oh come on!

    My cat scratches deeper than that, I hate EMOS!

    I bet she listens to “My Chemical Romance” or “Simple Plan”….

    The teacher is right, she needs to cut deeper if she wants to be a real emo.

    No sympathy for this kind of public display of lameness. I am with the teacher, she needs to feel stupid for doing this because it is stupid.

    • Nanny Hiccups

      awww c’mon. This type of apathy is exactly why kids today are so messed up. they learn it from adults.

      Did you know in the U.S. 1 out of 4 murders are committed by children? Why do you think they resort to cutting themselves and acting out with violent behavior? We use violence as a means of solving problems. from fist fights to “war”. Everything on tv is violence so naturally when she felt bad, how did she solve her problem? Acting violently against herself. Take these stats from University of Michigan:

      An average American child will see 200,000 violent acts and 16,000 murders on TV by age 18 [15].
      Two-thirds of all programming contains violence [16].
      Programs designed for children more often contain violence than adult TV [17].
      Most violent acts go unpunished on TV and are often accompanied by humor. The consequences of human suffering and loss are rarely depicted.
      Many shows glamorize violence. TV often promotes violent acts as a fun and effective way to get what you want, without consequences [18].
      Even in G-rated, animated movies and DVDs, violence is common—often as a way for the good characters to solve their problems. Every single U.S. animated feature film produced between 1937 and 1999 contained violence, and the amount of violence with intent to injure has increased over the years [19].
      Even “good guys” beating up “bad guys” gives a message that violence is normal and okay. Many children will try to be like their “good guy” heroes in their play.
      Children imitate the violence they see on TV. Children under age eight cannot tell the difference between reality and fantasy, making them more vulnerable to learning from and adopting as reality the violence they see on TV [20].
      Repeated exposure to TV violence makes children less sensitive toward its effects on victims and the human suffering it causes.
      A University of Michigan researcher demonstrated that watching violent media can affect willingness to help others in need [20a]. Read about the study here: Comfortably Numb: Desensitizing Effects of Violent Media on Helping Others.
      Viewing TV violence reduces inhibitions and leads to more aggressive behavior.
      Watching television violence can have long-term effects:
      A 15-year-long study by University of Michigan researchers found that the link between childhood TV-violence viewing and aggressive and violent behavior persists into adulthood [21].
      A 17-year-long study found that teenaged boys who grew up watching more TV each day are more likely to commit acts of violence than those who watched less [22].
      Even having the TV on in the home is linked to more aggressive behavior in 3-year-olds. This was regardless of the type of programming and regardless of whether the child was actually watching the TV [23].

      • rollin wit 9’s

        CHINESE VERSION: (short)
        Did you know that 3 out of 4 sidewalk pissers are children?

        In real life, An average Chinese child will see 200,000 other chinese children piss on the sidewalk and 16,000 people stand by and watch an incident when they should help by the time they are 18.

        Most criminal acts are dismissed due to bribery or covered up with other less important news.

        Chinese TV promotes hostility toward Japan, stupid game shows, retarded hair styles and clothing even Elvis wouldn’t wear.

        Chinese believe everything they see on TV (Think back to the time travel girl – its here on C.smack)

        A 15-minute study conducted by some foreign dude (moi) found that after 20+ years of nothing but school, studying and homework, teenaged boys who grew up studying more and more, still didnt know much.

      • yangguizi

        “Even having the TV on in the home is linked to more aggressive behavior in 3-year-olds. This was regardless of the type of programming and regardless of whether the child was actually watching the TV”

        I like the way you put that in. Kind of completely undermines your whole argument, doesn’t it? If this supposed ‘effect’ happens regardless of whether a kid watches violent TV programs or not, then violent TV programs are not to blame. Perhaps the kind of families where the TV is always on and kids are allowed to watch whatever they want are also the kind of families where kids grow up without much affection and/or attention, and therefore where kids grow up to be violent/detached? Still, much easier to just blame those evil movies, eh? I suppose you think listening to Marilyn Manson/Slayer/Black Sabbath makes kids kill other kids too?

  • Dave

    The ignorance here on self-cutting is incredible. It is not a suicide attempt, it is not even necessarily a cry for attention – lots of self-cutters keep their habit a secret. It is an attempt to alleviate emotional pain or numbness. It is often associated with being a victim of child sexual or emotional abuse – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Self-harm

  • MrT

    Cutting in the wrong direction also.
    typical dumb Chinese girl.

  • FYIADragoon

    Oh piss off, attentionwhore deserved to get told by the teacher. “BAWWWW my boyfriend dumped me.” Someone call the wambulance. Tolerating this bullshit is part of the problem with modern society.

  • Bernd von Anon

    Reverse Psychology plus German Humour.

  • Justin

    Good to know that teachers are encouraging students to achieve as much as possible.

  • Liu Yang

    Some people side with the teacher out of solidarity,some do so because everything committed by a post 90 generation person should be taken to mean dumb.But we must look deeper.She’s in an age where she’s emotionally unsure of herself.Those who have done child psychology know why children fall into boiling water.It is simply because to them,there’s no difference between the world around them,and their beings.This girl is still very much a child,and acting a child.What was the right thing for the teacher to do?First pretend to sympathise with her and be firm in her advice to her later.You can be firm without shouting invectives.People of Chinese descent have a lot of respect for teachers,and the kid will readily take to the teachers advice.In this case the teacher failed the students,so we shouldn’t be shy to lay blame at the doorstep of the teacher.Even a 20 year old student would still need words of solace from the teacher.Reverse psychology doesn’t work on adolescents who are still trying to figure out their place in the universe.The school tried its best to save face,but the teacher got it all wrong.

    • Nanny Hiccups

      Kids need and deserve protection. We shred their innocence to pieces in our societies but are shocked when they act against themselves or others. They are little people. I couldn’t imagine trying to grow up in today’s world. Glad I was sheltered and didnt have to watch all of the violence we see on today’s television and in our schools.

      • Nick in Beijing

        Why do they need to be kept innocent? Keeping them innocent is not doing any favors for them because doing so leaves them unprepared for the harshness of adult life.

        That’s not to say that kids should be abused physically or verbally, but I am saying that it is sheltering kids that is causing problems.

        A sheltered child doesn’t have the vast pool of experience to draw on when dealing with problems and are more likely to endure greater suffering as a result.

        This girl, like many East Asian children, is probably coddled by her parents to such a degree that even the slightest emotional distress causes her great suffering. At the same time, despite all the coddling she is probably ignored (again, like many East Asian children) by her parents who simply encourage her to study study study. Result this time is that she wants others to shower attention on her, even if it requires inflicting harm on herself.

        It is parents refusing to expose their children to the real world that causes problems. It is parents being too afraid to guide their children from a slight distance, while at the same time being available if their kids need them, that causes many of the problems we are seeing in kids these days.

        Sex? No! Kids can’t be exposed to sex! Bullshit I say. Parents need to educate their children about the dangers and consequences of unsafe sex and then trust their children to do what is right.

        Relationships? Fuck that noise! MY child won’t be exposed to the pain of teenage heartbreak! Bullshit again I say. Parents need to communicate openly and frankly with their children about what to expect from teenage relationships, and encourage their kids to open up to them by withholding judgement and listening earnestly to what their kids think and feel.

        Violence? Hell no! MY child CANNOT be exposed to television violence! MY child is too YOUNG to understand! I simply don’t have the time to sit down together with my child and discuss the differences between fantasy and reality! What is this garbage people are saying about spending more time with my child and using these discussions to bolster our relationship and to encourage critical thought in my child!

        I hate it when people say that “kids can’t/shouldn’t this” and “kids can’t/shouldn’t that”. This is essentially acting to drive a wedge between kids and their parents I say.

        I remember hearing somewhere last year that the average American parent spends an average of only 7 minutes per week in frank discussion with their children (by the true definition of communication… Not just parents scolding or lecturing their kids). Many of these parents likely believe they are doing their kids good by forbidding them from making the same mistakes they did as young people not realizing that it is the mistakes the people make that teaches them. Heaven forbid that a parent would have to demean themselves so much as to actively listen to what their kids think and feel, and respond thoughtfully to what their kids are experiencing.

        I will probably catch flak from a few people for saying some of this, even if they don’t reply to this post. But fuck it. I have spent 7 years teaching adults and children alike, and seeing how each group deals with the other to be able to point out the massive mistakes that parents make with their kids.

        While I’m at it, I might as well mention that kids can’t be blamed for not communicating with their parents. The responsibility falls squarely on the shoulders of the parents to teach their kids what good communication consists of and that there is always an open and welcoming channel in their parents for communicating.

        • Nanny Hiccups

          Nick, it sounds right but it is a very immature perspective. My teenagers, who were very coddled are more suspicious of people and overly prepared. I would dare say that being coddled has made them paranoid. they know that home is safe and outside world is fucked up. My son who is legally an adult now has never been in trouble, never had a fist fight, (unfortunately, hasn’t had a girlfriend either, well just one). I’d rather have that than some kid exposed to everything bad. My kids are highly opinionated and distance themselves from negative garbage becasue they aren’t used to it. When violence is around they get the hell out of dodge because it’s so abnormal to them. I’m glad I raised them innocently. I do have a son, well two – one who is a mixed martial artist. The only violence I allowed them watch was UFC MMA and dozens of kung fu movies and after that little tiny bit of exposure, my 16 year old confessed last year that he just loves to fight. Would he feel that way if i had not let him watch? Now he uploads videos of himself on youtube in boxing matches with boys at school.

          So watching certain things can influence behavior even looking at my CHILD A versus CHILD B. And if TV didn’t influence people advertisers would not spend BILLIONS a year on advertisements.

          • Nick in Beijing

            None of that addresses the key points I was making, which is that giving your kids a reasonable amount of trust, and encouraging open and frank communication is imperative in allowing them to develop a balanced view of the world.

            What you essentially described by saying that if anything they are paranoid is that you’d prefer to trade one insecurity for another. Not in my opinion a balanced approach.

  • gyrsriddle

    Seems more like scratches than a cut.

  • YellowSB

    Too much sympathy for the teenager. It’s not the teacher’s fault that her parents ignore her and that she watches too much drama. Maybe the article title should read, “Teacher Saves Suicidal Teen with Reverse Psychology”. After all, the kid could very well be dead if no one was there to call her bluff. She is just pissed that the attention she got wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies. Typical.

  • rollin wit 9’s

    That’s some straight up Korean movie sh!t right there. Especially the PE teacher haha.

  • next time remember to cut vertically, not horizontally!

  • Alex

    >Got so angry that -almost- cut herself again

    Hahahahaha this is HILARIOUS

  • Cleo

    well, it is pretentious

  • Dave

    Weiner: Firstly you said:
    “thanks Doctor Dave, i’m sure all of us, especially weiner, who seems to be both successful and well-adjusted, are better off with your expertise and presence”

    (note the words “I’m sure all of us”)

    and your latest post after I responded to the above in asking how exactly you are ‘successful’:
    “reading is hard huh dave? i said wiener was successful and well-adjusted. you, however don’t seem to be. you’re kind of a dick”

    So you start of by using the word “we” when describing successful and well-adjusted, then you abusively claim you weren’t talking about yourself.
    Conclusion: you’re either a liar, dumb, or both.

    • mr. wiener

      I never actually said that Dave, That was moop you are confusing me with. I’ll never actually confuse you with anything but a douchebag in the future however.

  • bscalled

    wow – a great story

  • Meh

    This teacher is a boss!

  • Meh

    Ren and Stimpy moment: Don’t do that, do this!

  • morbidpsychosis

    If someone is going to cut themselves over a relationship then they need counselling (I’m not saying it as a joke) and I hope she can get over this ordeal.

  • Chai

    did the teacher mean “bitch” by saying “北七”?

  • FreakenMad

    Lol shes an idiot,but maybe the teacher should avoid doing this in the future. I dont want see more students dying just like that

  • CriticalEye

    Both sides are wrong. The student is foolish to cut, and foolish for reporting such a small thing. So what if there were harsh words? Life is not always sugarcoated, and is unfair. The teacher is a bitch- scum of the earth. She is apathetic, and harsh, but using tough love. They are both stupid for bringing something like this to the media, where others will only judge- myself included.

  • Peye

    The suggestion of taking a cold shower and getting back to reality would have been helpful also. It is not easy for a teacher to constandly deal with students who are totallly spaced out.

  • VerityHeld

    Ah yes, reverse psychology. The military did that to me, telling me over and over what a useless piss-poor mentally handicapped sad excuse for a soldier I was. To this day I can’t figure out why they got so angry at me for going and proving them right! Gee, maybe because I believed them? Maybe because being it’s really hard to believe you have any qualities when no matter what you are yelled at?

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