Taiwanese Schoolgirl Cuts Wrist, Teacher Says, ‘Cut Deeper!’

Several high school girls in Taiwan in school uniforms.

Several high school girls in Taiwan in school uniforms.Taiwanese schoolgirl's cut wrist.

From Apple Daily Taiwan:

High school girl cuts her wrist, teacher scolds: “Idiot, cut deeper”

A high school girl in Taizhong, Taiwan did not attend her physical education class and instead hid in a classroom cutting her wrist. When the P.E. teacher learned of this, she ridiculed her, stating “Is it fun to cut yourself? Shouldn’t cutting your wrist make you bleed? If you have any guts then cut it deeper!” The student was so angry she almost cut herself again.

The school explained that the teacher was using extreme words [reverse psychology] to teach the students a lesson, but admitted she had gone too far and had since apologized to the student.

The head of the Humanistic Education Foundation Feng Qiaolan says: “The reverse psychology rationalization is simply an excuse for the abusing of students, she’s not qualified to be a teacher.

Transcription and translation of the above Apple Daily video:

FEMALE STUDENT: [She] kept telling me to cut deeper, so I’ll cut deeper for her to see.

REPORTER: At Taizhong City Mingde Girl’s High School, this second-year female high school student recently took to cutting her wrist because of some relationship problems. Surprisingly, a physical education teacher surnamed Lin coldly said to her, “You’re cutting too shallowly,” almost causing her to cut again. Yesterday, this Apple Daily reporter found the girl involved. She said that because of relationship problems, she had hid in a classroom to cut her wrist during physical education class. Two classmates skipped physical education class as well to comfort her. The physical education teacher saw through their made-up excuse that a teacher had held them from class and the next day the three students were all called to the gymnasium to be admonished.

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PE TEACHER: Is cutting your wrist fun? How do you call that little/shallow bit cutting your wrist? If you have the guts, cut deeper, idiot.

REPORTER: And she also scolded the other students…

PE TEACHER: Can’t even sit properly, are you trying to look/act cool, trying to see who can be more like a gangster [hoodlum, bad youth], I know even more hardcore gangsters than you.

REPORTER: When the three of them left and didn’t hear the teacher tell them to put away the chairs…

PE TEACHER: Are you deaf?

FEMALE STUDENT: I think treating me like that only hurts me more. I mean, I’m already really hurt from my relationship problem, and you keep making fun of my relationship issues and telling me to cut deeper, so fine, I’ll cut deeper for you then.

CLASSMATE: The teacher said she was using extreme language about the wrist cutting out of concern for her and then said what she had said was not that exaggerated [as the students say].

REPORTER: Yesterday, the school politely declined having the teacher come out to explain herself, saying the teacher was only trying to use extreme words [reverse psychology] to help the student and had no ill intentions but admits that the teacher had misspoke and has already apologized to the student. […]

Comments on YouTube:


What’s going on in that head of yours? You think suicide is fun? You think it will solve your problems? If you kill yourself it is your family that has to suffer. A mind full of silly ideas. You have watched way to many movies.


That the media then covered this kind of complaint [against a teacher] is what’s funny, encouraging this trend of complaints and threats against teachers. That students have become like this is something the media is half responsible for.


Fuck off, teacher, its none of your business!


Ridiculous, the life of Taiwanese children is too comfortable! Without having gone to Africa, they don’t know how to good their lives are!


What a tragdey, do teachers not have the right to express their own opinions?


She is an idiot. Only in her teens, what does she know about love? Teacher I support you!


What is this teacher’s name? How can she be qualified to be a teacher?! Don’t make me laugh.


I think the one who should be apologizing is the student, what did the teacher do wrong? It’s not like she’s afraid [of death], right? Since she wants to cut [her wrist] again, then go ahead and keep cutting. Cut deeper, might as well cut off your hand while you’re at it. Idiot.


If you want to cut yourself, go home and cut yourself… cutting yourself at school, you’ve caused trouble for a teacher and caused trouble for two other students… so stupid.


Bad teachers raise bad students, I’m not the least bit surprised.


If I was the teacher, I would say the same thing. Playing [at suicide], and then going to lodge a complaint [about how the teacher treated you]…such scum.

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