The Interview Becomes Top Rated Movie on Chinese Site Douban


The recent hacking of Sony Pictures Entertainment and the subsequent terrorist threats made during the release of The Interview, a film dealing with the assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un by the CIA, led to heated reactions on the Internet. As a result, The film-rating site IMDB was flooded by fans driving this movie to the top of the rankings with a 10/10 perfect score, the highest on the site. Likewise, Chinese netizens joined in solidarity and The Interview was rated the highest score of 9.8/10 on the popular film database site Douban.


Comments on Douban:


This deserves 5 stars just by looking at the source material and trailer! Too bad the actor for Kim Jong-un doesn’t look like him…I don’t know how they are going film the local scenes, did they have to reconstruct the glorious capital of Pyongyang?


This first film that I rated before watching. Go die Kim Jong-un.


I’m only here to give my rating.


A film presented to the great Workers’ Party of Korea! Long live Marshal Kim Jong-un! Long live the great North Korean people!


I didn’t see the film, but in response to the IMDB campaign, I’ll give my full stars in support, we are so close to 10 stars on Douban.


This will be the last film made by Hollywood, perhaps it will be the last film made by mankind, and maybe it will lead to World War III.


Go die dictator.


The highest rated film on Douban is about to be born! And it is a film not even released yet!


All the drama that happened outside the film is already worthy of 5 stars.


Blow up Pyongyang, kill Kim Jong-un, liberate all of North Korea.


I heard it already got 10 stars on IMDB, Douban can’t lag behind, support this.


Perfect, the greatest film in history, all hail Sony.


I want to watch, I want to watch, I want to watch!!! If this film is not released then the terrorists have won!!!


Kim Jong-un is so adorable, why assassinate him?

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