Ukraine’s Prostitution “Disaster”, Chinese Netizen Reactions

Ukrainian women walking the streets of the Ukraine, Chinese netizen reactions

Ever since the collapse of the former Soviet Union in 1991, Ukraine has suffered from a booming sex trade. Estimated by police to be worth $1.5 billion last year, prostitution in Ukraine has been exacerbated by the international economic crisis, a weak Ukrainian national currency and fueled by cheap airfare and a free-visa policy for US and EU citizens, and so fosters a sex tourism industry that has persisted for many years. Although illegal, laws prohibiting prostitution have had little effect against criminal organizations and clients; instead, laws punish women working as prostitutes in Ukraine, a country that has experienced a national unemployment rate of 50%.

The severity of the Ukraine prostitution problem is clearly demonstrated by Ukraine’s role as having been one of the world’s largest exporters of women to the international sex trade, at one time worth in the vicinity of $5 to $22 billion. In 1998, it was estimated that more than 100,000 women, mostly minors, had be forced to work as sex workers in the West; at that time, 80% of Ukraine women who had went abroad for better opportunities and employment had no idea they would be forced into prostitution. However, in recent years forced human trafficking in Ukraine has given way to a new generation of women who voluntarily and knowingly enter prostitution, citing the fact that no other choices are offered to them in an environment of debilitating poverty.

This issue is so severe that Ukraine interior minister Yuriy Lutsenko declared on national television that “The country is becoming a paradise for sex tourism before our eyes.” The non-governmental women’s rights group FEMEN has held demonstrations loudly protesting that “Ukraine is not a brothel,” and, “Sex is not for sale.”

From Mop:

Ukraine’s street beauties [streetwalkers] become a “disaster/problem”

Within the former Soviet Union, Ukrainian girls were the best. Compared to Russian beauties, Ukrainian girls are even more refined. Not only are their bodies slim and their faces elegant, their skin color is also fair, clear, and tender. It is because of this that many overseas tourists regard Ukraine as the first destination for “sex tourism” but this has attracted protests from local women’s rights groups who want to explicitly convey to Western tourists that “Ukraine is not a brothel”.

Ukrainian women walking the streets of the Ukraine, Chinese netizen reactions

Ukrainian women walking the streets of the Ukraine, Chinese netizen reactions

Ukrainian women walking the streets of the Ukraine, Chinese netizen reactions

Ukrainian women walking the streets of the Ukraine, Chinese netizen reactions

Ukrainian women walking the streets of the Ukraine, Chinese netizen reactions

Ukrainian women walking the streets of the Ukraine, Chinese netizen reactions

Ukrainian women walking the streets of the Ukraine, Chinese netizen reactions

Ukrainian women walking the streets of the Ukraine, Chinese netizen reactions

Ukrainian women walking the streets of the Ukraine, Chinese netizen reactions

Ukrainian women walking the streets of the Ukraine, Chinese netizen reactions

Ukrainian women walking the streets of the Ukraine, Chinese netizen reactions

Ukrainian women walking the streets of the Ukraine, Chinese netizen reactions

Ukrainian women walking the streets of the Ukraine, Chinese netizen reactions

Ukrainian women walking the streets of the Ukraine, Chinese netizen reactions

Ukrainian women walking the streets of the Ukraine, Chinese netizen reactions

Comments from Mop:


These beauties are not bad.


Not bad… so many… although they are “that” way… [“that way” is not specified]


Let me go provide disaster relief.


[A place where there are] many beautiful girls is good, once [I’m] free [I’ll] also go there to party/play around.


Truly a disaster~~who wants to come with me and provide disaster relief?


It’s because their mouths are especially big, you know what I mean. [referring to the sex tourism stereotype]


Fuck~ so PL [漂亮, piao liang, pretty]~ I’m drooling…


Not bad~~are you suggesting that we go abroad in the future to find girlfriends?


Quickly import a bunch of them.


All come to the Celestial Kingdom then; the Celestial Kingdom is really short of females.


Come to China.


Fuck, Ukraine is NB.


Are there really a lot of beautiful women?
Next time I’ll reincarnate as a man over there!


They’re everywhere!


The Ukrainian girls around here appear to be quite open and cheerful, their figures are quite curvy, but their noses are too big. Korean girls seem to be pretty good, very gentle and ladylike, but I don’t know whether or not they have had cosmetic surgery.


Immigrate… immediately…


Transport them over to China–


One hundred thousand, three days, guaranteed virgin.


The former president of Ukraine and oil queen and natural gas princess, Yulia Tymoshenko, is a high-class beauty!


Very pure and chaste.


It seems as though there really aren’t any bad looking ones.


The average quality [of each Ukrainian woman’s beauty] is very high.


If Europeans aren’t allowed to go, then we Chinese will go. Everybody, advance…………


One day, one of those women will be mine.


[I] don’t have any money.


I also want to go to the Ukraine…. to find a wife.


It certainly is different from the Celestial Kingdom [there in Ukraine].


Brother [referring to self] needs to go comfort himself. [masturbation joke]


Foreigners, not interested.


Guangzhou welcomes you [ladies]~


Sigh, each and every one of them has big breasts…


No matter how many, I still won’t go, [because] they’re all whores.


Hey lou zhu, how much does it cost to marry one and bring her back home?

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  • kaszana

    Polish are better

    • feng

      they r good to fuck cheap soft, we love them.

    • Cleo

      if not better then just also pretty and more accessible such that Germans kidnapped Polish children to be raised as Nazis during WW2 – a wrong never rectified. I went to school with a large extended Polish family – bright blue eyes, red lips and blonde but not light blonde hair. The German blonde is much darker with almost black roots naturally.

  • dlp

    Sofa!Hell yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Patrick

    Cute but sorry China’s women rock!

  • It is natural for good looking people to get a lot of attention since very young.
    Among them, some of them would soon discover they can use their physical appearance to their advantage in various ways.
    Again, among those people, a certain percentage choose to whore themselves out for material gains.
    Hence, since Ukraine has a disproportionately large population of young, beautiful females by popular beauty standards, there is bound to be a thriving sex industry.

  • George

    it is a shame to see a country ended up like this
    imagine raising a daughter in Ukraine
    it must be a nightmare

  • lollerskates

    Nothing on Korean girls.

  • Besides, I don’t think any of the girls in the photos are prostitutes.

    • Curt

      I was going to say the same thing…well, quite a few of them are believable, but the pic with the girls with the Ukraine national colors painted on their cheeks? But I guess the point was to show off the beauty of Ukrainian girls and not just streetwalkers. On the other hand that’s kind of deceptive since streetwalkers in Shenzhen are all ayi and the hot girls are just shopping for clothes.

    • mh

      I agree. None of them seems to be a prostitute in the photos here.

    • Chinese

      The actual post and comments have nothing to do with the title, I don’t know why it is translated like this, 街头美女 has nothing to do with prostitutes. ‘Disaster’ is referring to the overwhelmingly large quantity of beutiful girls in Ukraine.

      • anon

        It’s likely inferred from the actual text in the post, like sex tourism 性旅游 and brothel 妓院. The title by itself wouldn’t necessarily suggest prostitutes it does but when read with the rest of the post.

      • MAC

        I agree, I think the title is mistranslated and therefore basically renders the whole thing pointless. I was shocked by both the poor taste of offering up pictures of normal women as prostitutes and the netizens apparent complete lack of interest in the prostitution issue until I looked at the original; really, it has next to nothing to do with prostitution.

        Of course, it’s not the translator’s fault that the original “article” (the long intro about prostitution is apparently original background material) is junk. The linkage of the beauty of Ukrainian women to prostitution is kind of weak, but, well, from my perspective, Chinese writing contains a lot of odd transitions.

        • Frank

          The translation is fine. The original post is junk because all it was is an excuse to post and look at pictures of pretty girls.

          • MAC

            “streetwalker” is the only problem.

          • anon

            Yes, a little translator artistic license there, but you have to admit, it skirts by quite creatively on context.

        • Chinese have a nice, long tradition of generalizing other cultures (perhaps even five thousand years of doing so); it is a world view that they refine over and over again by repeating “A is B because of C”, and so on.

          As shown in the above post, Chinese know of two distinct things about the Ukraine:
          1) It is full of beautiful women with features desired by Chinese (fair complexion, thin, blonde hair, blue eyes etc)
          2) It has a out of control prostitution epidemic (and had a huge human trafficking problem).

          So, as we see in the post, Chinese put these two together to construct this world view on the Ukraine:
          The Ukraine has a prostitution problem because the women are so beautiful.

          Quoted from the post: “It is because of [their beauty] that many overseas tourists regard Ukraine as the first destination for “sex tourism”.”

          I wrote the whole lead-in to try to briefly explain the prostitution problem in the Ukraine. No where in it does it mention their beauty as the source of their pain.

          • meeee

            “Chinese have a nice, long tradition of generalizing other cultures ”

            Was this ment as some kind of joke, or are you Chinese yourself?

    • Pong Lenis


      No question that there are pro’s in Ukraine, but none on any of that pix.

  • they are not Ukrainian…..没事。。。。。

    song of the article

    They are not going to get us


  • Cleo

    oh my god, they are gorgeous! Is Anna Kournikova Ukrainian? I read that there are a lot of ethnic Swedish and Jewish people in Ukraine. I get the same feeling looking at these photos that I do every time a delicate white swan from the Ukraine performs gymnastics in the Olympics. WONDERFUL! Protect the true blondes from the greige Orcs of Germany!

    • Anon E Moose

      The Vikings of old did travel down from Sweden to the Ukraine via their longboats, ended up building an ancient kingdom around Kiev. Later destroyed by Ghengis Khan.

      A lot of foreigners travelling thru the Ukraine thru the Black Sea. Besides Jews, Roumanians, the Venetians and Genoans.

      Also part of the Polish/Lithuanian Empire (“Taras Bulba”).

      The ancient Greeks especially, those guys even ended up near the Caucuses. The ancient kingdom of Colchis (“Golden Fleece”) was visited by these guys.

      • Duchemin

        The Vikings also engaged in human trafficking, and sold slaves, women and eunuchs too, mostly to the Ottoman empire, if I am not mistaken.

  • Hm… looks like the powers to be appears to be “lowering the boom” on risque laowai tourism expectations in P.R. China – which should be commended. But a nagging question remains, was this based on pragmatic reasoning, or old xenophobic fears?

    • John

      LOL well played.

    • Ash

      Hey Mat, you seem to have big problems. Seeing racism everywhere. The other day you say Chinese hate blacks. Are you stupid? I’m black living in China and I never had less problems with racism. Very unlike in your white “civilized” countries. Please shut up and stop posting. There is no racism in China. Onloy occasional stupid people.

      • moody

        “no racism in C.”
        are you being ironic or just trolling ?!?!?!

        It’s not because they don’t say it to your face that the hate is not here my dear friend.
        Sorry to break it to you, but a large majority of locals hate your guts.

        • Frank

          There is definitely racism in China. However, racism and hate are not interchangeable. A lot of locals have prejudices against black people, but that doesn’t mean they “hate” black people.

        • It is exagerrated to say that a large majority of Chinese people hate your guts for being black or a foreigner. They have their prejudices about foreigners, just like people everywhere do. However, I can easily believe that a black person could encounter less problems in China then in some Western countries. At least in China you will never get chased by skinheads at night, or similar stuff.

      • Hm… a faceless avatar saying that they are this, that, and the other thing again? Sorry “Ash”, the standard 50cent response only works on boards like the China Daily.

        • Alikese

          Ash does seem to make the same English mistakes as a Chinese person would.

      • Ryannoime

        Ah, Ash, you must be new in China. How was your first week? Good? Did you see the Great Wall? Oh, that’s good. Yes, you’re off to a good start. Everyone has just been so nice and I bet you’re just so eager to get started learning all that crazy Mandarin you keep hearing about, eh?

      • W.A.D.

        Which one of your 5 sense are missing mate? Either that or you’re as black as I am green.

  • expatriate

    i’ve been reading chinasmack for a while, and i’ve come to realize that chinese netizens reveal a great contradiction about themselves and perhaps the chinese as a people. on one hand they want to bring honor to their country as a whole, to have a “clean” face in general, to be respected by the international community for the great culture that is china, on another hand they act like pervs while talking big, they judge others coldheartedly with arrogance, they have no compassion for their poor and helpless comrades, basically they act like scums on a personal level. yet, when the international community sees such behavior for what it is, the chinese community does not admit fault but further shift the blame on westerners or japanese. it’s like they’re either clueless about their true nature, or they know the way they are and the way things are is wrong but refuse to change so they boast that which is evil since they have to rep their country either way.. i say idiot.

    • NingbosCraziest

      You have to realize most of those netizens are actually very sad people. They live in their university’s dorm. They often decide to spend the night in a crowded and piss-smelling internet bar, where they spend the night commenting on things online.

      Of course ‘he’ will never go to Ukraine. But not because they’re all whores… Just because he’s never even been to beijing in the first place! Much less even get on a plane.

      My point is Chinasmack is very entertaining, and I like to read it. But be careful never to give too much importance to what so called Chinese Netizens say on mop or whatever. Really, they are pretty sad people in general.

      They only know their own village (which for some is Shanghai, but whatever), their opinion on things and people is only modeled after their own loneliness and poverty (both of wallet and of mind).

      They really don’t matter much.

      • anon

        Apart from the particulars, you’ve described most of chinaSMACK’s commenters as well. Judging by your need to generalize and put down faceless Chinese netizens, I’d say you’ve described yourself too. We’re all pretty sad people in general, aren’t we?

    • John

      “[chinese] act like pervs while talking big, …arrogance.. no compassion”

      Have you been on English speaking forums before? Welcome to the internets.

      • Second that. Trollling, flame wars, smack talks, ignorance, insecurity, dickheads, bitchiness… It’s just human nature, and is largely irrelevant to culture.

        • J G man

          Sure, both comments are not completely wrong. But there really is a contrast between what Chinese netizens think of their own country-women-dignity-etc. and what they think of others (laowai). Knowing what you can find in Chinasmack, when I clicked into this page I really expected Chinese netizens scandalized about how a country could have gotten so low as to admit their young women faqll into this kind of vice, and comments about how Ukrainian mothers would feel after giving their daughters a good education etc. etc. I fully agree with “expatriate”

          • anon

            So chinaSMACK failed to give you what you expected?

            I don’t think you read chinaSMACK enough. Chinese netizens have at times given completely contradictory views of their own country, women, dignity, etc. Both comments are completely correct.

      • ST

        Seriously. Post similar pictures of attractive Chinese women on an English language site and I think you’d be hard pressed to spot the differences in comments.

    • whichone

      chinaSMACK translates the most sensational, shocking, and salacious stories on various Chinese forums. To say that you have gained some insight into Chinese as a people from reading chinaSMACK is equivalent to readers of the tabloids proclaiming they have understood journalism.

      the great intertube is not one person.

    • Justin

      Well, I know China smack is the only window most foreigners have into the minds of Chinese, but you have to take it with a grain of salt. To put it into perspective, go to yahoo news and look at the comments on any given story, preferably one about immigration or one about China even, and you’ll see some of the most racist redneck garbage you have ever seen in your life. As an American, I would hate to think that this is how most people view us, as a nation of ignorant hate-spewing bigots.

    • InstantNoodles

      Hey, this site pulls a lot of stuff from Tianya and Mop, the Chinese equivalent to 2chan/4chan/Youtube Comments.

      To quote a certain Japanese animator on 2chan, reading netizen comments “It is like putting my nose next to an anus and inhaling deeply”.

      • red girl

        “It is like putting my nose next to an anus and inhaling deeply”+1
        A pinch of salt or just keep dreaming, kids.

  • whichone

    Personally, I don’t see a whole lot of wrong in women who voluntarily enter into the sex industry. I think we should cut the bullshit about how it objectifies and degrades women, virtually every other ad on television portrays women as objects of sexual desire in order to sell us crap. Let’s not forget too, women can in the name of “controlling their own body” abort their unborn child but to make some money is just unspeakable?

    • J G man


    • Justin

      How many women voluntarily enter into the sex industry? Lots of them just are trying to get passage to another country and hopefully have a better life and then they get sold into slavery. Even if it is “voluntary” it’s usually under the pressure of survival, except for the semi-prostitute/mistress students who seem to just do it for the money and perceived glamor of being a kept woman.

      But I agree that it should be legalized and regulated, if anything for the sake of the health of the women. And furthermore, there should be sex workers unions like they have in Amsterdam where they can control the sell of their product. I wouldn’t say prostitution is a victimless crime. If anyone is the victim, it is the women, but it is often they who are punished.

  • Pretty white girls walking around in public unescorted by a male – they must be prostitutes!

    • fabi

      if escorted, you can be even more sure that they are ;)

    • MMary

      haha!! u really don’t have a clue do u?

      • Cannuck

        Sarcasm doesn’t translate well, eh?

        • anon

          Well, not sure why Al Jensen is assuming that the Chinese person who posted the photos did so because they thought they were prostitutes on the basis of them not being escorted. That sort of assumption might make a bit more sense with certain Islamic countries but China?

  • deputamadre

    How big is China’s sex industry? There are “massage” parlors, bath-houses, saunas, etc. everywhere.

    • Richard

      I know, right? Haikou (Hainan province) and Macau were the worst I’ve seen. Though Dali (Yunnan) was also pretty bad.

  • anne

    They should just legalize prostitution there. It would be better for everyone.

  • BrotherRiverCrab
  • dim mak

    Skinny bitches. I want some bigger asses.

  • pervertt

    “Sigh, each and every one of them has big breasts…”

    绿豆9205, you’re not alone.

  • 大 李 飞 刀

    These girls look like normal residents to me. How can you tell they are protitutes?

  • Jorge the Matador

    The writer is such a hypocrite. He is reporting about how terrible the sex industry is in the Ulkraine, but then he goes around the city taking photos of beautiful girls to send back to China. Pornography is part of the sex trade too. This is just an advertisment for the Ulkraine, tapping the Chinese market for men who cannot get a sexy woman, or indeed any woman in China – pathetic!

    • “The writer is such a hypocrite.”

      Sometimes when I post stuff on chinaSMACK, I fear people won’t get it. I fear that some readers will accept the translated post as something I as a contributor accept and endorse. I fear that I’m just propagating ignorance.

      chinaSMACK has a non-editorial policy; in the articles we don’t say our opinions, because we let other people make up their own.

      My opinion on this article is: the writer is a hypocrite. Like usualy, content is skewed around to be as sensational as possible. Chinese believe that the Ukraine has a prostitution problem because of how beautiful women are. The post is just an excuse to post pretty pictures of normal Ukraine women in the context of being prostitutes.

  • kammy

    why do you guys even give a fuck? (key word = guys….)

    lack of female perspective. this conversation is moot.

    • Frank

      A female perspective was given in the original post:

      “This has attracted protests from local women’s rights groups who want to explicitly convey to Western tourists that “Ukraine is not a brothel”.”

      • kammy

        I meant in the chinasmack users comment section. it’s about a 90 to 1 male to female ratio.

        • anon

          I agree. The testosterone and male insecurities here are overwhelming at times.

    • Patrick

      You were always the lonely ugly girl with the mustache sitting outside the lunchroom because the others would poke and tease you right? I’m sorry it left you scarred but the reason we “give a fuck” is simple. Armed with hormones and a penis we simply have no choice but to follow our instincts. You know how that works right? Sit at a bar wait for one of us to get super drunk so you can get laid. Just a male perspective.

  • Alexander

    ignorant people who haven’t even been to Ukraine or even near there….. not one of those photos shows a single prostitute….. go visit Europe, Israel, California or Miami in the summer and all the girls dress sexy and short like that….. its not just Ukraine……

  • Bill Rich

    There are more prostitutes in Shenzhen than in all of Ukraine.

  • sunnyata

    another pointless post…
    and the girls in those pix are very average-looking ukranian girls

  • fabi

    could someone confirm that most prostitutes in the world are living in china?

    • Frank

      Unlikely that most prostitutes in the world are living in China. Likely that China has the most prostitutes of any nation, given that it is the most populous country in the world. However, that’s about as useful as confirming that China has the most students of any nation.

  • Zebadee

    I’m not convinced all of the girls featured in the article are genuine sex workers. Most of them look like random passers-by.

    Just because a few of them are wearing nice clothes and/or short skirts doesn’t automatically make them prostitutes.

    Better fieldwork and research needed before conclusions are drawn and articles written.

  • Nick

    aha ha ha….Who wrote this article-))))someone saw the chinese girl’s dress…..leather shorts and high boots!!!as prostitutes!!!summer wear closed clothes and carry umbrellas!!!!
    afraid be yellow….ahaha…ugly body ,bad manners….Nobody likes chinese girls…all envious of the beauty of Ukrainian girls-))))first of all chinese people …. that’s written such a terrible story-)))
    … But if the chinese people do not like anywhere else, then what to do…..aha ahaha-))))))))

  • Chunghwa

    Whenever I ask Chinese males about their views on Soviet Bloc (Russian, Ukrainian, etc) women, I always get more or less the same response: “Beware. Although she looks pretty now, after she ages a bit and has her first child, she will be bigger than Borat’s wife”. Seems like a well-spread belief.

    • Olo lo

      It depends…. I would say, all of my 4 wifes were skinny tall european models. I do like them. I dont like chinese male beliefs))

    • Cannuck

      Seems to be in general for women all over the world… Once they land the hubby, no need to stay fit.

  • Do you think all girls in these photos are prostitutes? most of them are normal people, not prostitutes.

  • Alikese

    Have mail order brides become popular in China? I never saw it, and didn’t see many white girl/Chinese guy marriages but you’d think that with the prevalence of Eastern European mail order brides on the internet and with mix of money and gender imbalance in China that it would be a natural solution. It would be nice to see some more diversity in China, too.

    I guess rich guys who have enough money for a mail order bride can also get a girl in China, whereas the poor guy can have neither.

  • Olo lo

    Pics are random and don’t corresponds with text.

  • Alex

    Been to Ukraine quite a few times (it’s a 2 1/2 hour drive for me since my country shares a border with Ukraine) and I gotta tell you… you’ll be very disappointed if you think that all girls look like that. Most of the girls in these pics most likely have absolutely nothing to do with prostitution. The hookers are quite repulsive and tbh I would never hire a street walker from that country.

  • jackbutcher

    don’t fuck them. they stink. they only eat patato. beef, lamb.cream butter,cheese. they buddy stink teribblely

  • ChinaMan

    Not my business ! As long as these young beautiful lady’s try to rape me …..

    We Chinese people should take whats going on inside china ,than some gals from Europa doing sex business. don’t care !!!

  • Chef Rocco

    Terroir, your English headline seems quite misleading. I just read MOP’s original post, it never implies that the girls in these photos are prostitutes, in Chinese, beauties on street are not “streetwalker”!

    The Chinese writer did mention “prostitutes” and “sex tourism” in Ukraine , he just wants to prove the “high quality” of the industry in Ukraine with the photos showing how beautiful average girls on streets look.

    Just a side note, “Distaster” in Chinese used here on context means “so many” or “widespread”, not “problems”. With context, it is a praise, no negative suggestion.

    • anon

      The context is that women’s rights groups believe it is a problem or disaster. Hence why they’re protesting it. That’s the “negative suggestion”. Also, the “disaster” translation is appropriate judging by the “disaster relief” joking comments.

    • The Chinese writer said, “It is because of this that many overseas tourists regard Ukraine as the first destination for “sex tourism”, and “this” has been defined as the incredible beauty of the Ukrainian women. Ergo, it can be concluded from this post that a main factor for why the Ukraine has a prostitution problem is because the women are so beautiful.
      This means all women in the Ukraine, including those who walk the streets, can become prostitutes; maybe they aren’t prostitutes, but they sure could be, just look at them!

      Let’s accept the Chinese post for what it is: a sensational article in which certain things are put out of context. The title is out of context with the text which is out of context with the pictures.

      The Ukraine has a problem with being labelled a “sex tourism” destination? Then post pictures of average women on the streets, and then post (Chinese) comments about how you want to marry one — obviously, this is the correct response. (if you don’t grasp the concept of sarcasm, then just imagine terroir rolling his eyes back in disgust while you look helplessly on).

      Look at the point of view as you’ve explained of the Chinese writer: Ukrainian women are so beautiful that they attract men from all over the world to purchase sex. To prove the “high quality” of the industry, let’s objectify some normal Ukrainian women on the street.

      Congrats: you are now part of the problem! The Ukraine is trying to dissuade people like you from perpetuating this stereotype, but you seem focused on trying to talk me out of my (correct and support) opinion.

      Good luck with cooking with cheese. If you tried using it. maybe you can become China’s first Michelin chef.

      • Terroir – at forefront of this P.R. Chinese post, without being explictly spelt out, is the issue that no one wants to address – the amount of Western ‘men’ that go on ‘Marriage Tours’ to places like the Ukraine, Russia, and other Eastern European areas. A good deal of the photos from this post appear to be photos from such marriage tour websites.

        Trouble is, there have too many bad stories of ‘men’ just going on these tours to get some tail, and not looking for a bride, causing all sorts of grief in and out of Eastern Europe. This sort of thing has been occuring in the Asian Rim as well – Thailand comes to mind, along with the Phillippines. P.R. China has made it a point to curtail, or not outright restrict, these sorts of ‘tours’ and appears to be using posts like this to scare P.R. Chinese women from getting involved in such activity.

        • KT

          Matthew. I don’t find your point about PRC scare point very convincing. Just one of the big three – military hardware, drugs and women – in illegal global commerce – operating in varying degrees of intensity across the globe from Bahia/Brazil to Trans-Dniestr (bigtime), and enabled by internet, absence of ROL/effective govt and fast travel. Read Loretta Napoleoni…Rogue Economics.

          • Sorry KT, but as long as there is a ‘P.R.’ in P.R. China – then I will be inclined to think that there is some central orchestration, whether it be overt or subtle, when it comes to certain topics. With the world spotlight firmly on the country, the powers to be in Beijing would be hard pressed to issue a ban the migration of women – so a ‘whisper campaign’ is conducted.

          • KT

            Matt. Okay, maybe I’m not picking up on this whisper campaign. But if the govt really wanted to seriously raise its voice, it could shutdown a goodly number of “china love romance” sites to show its steel on this morals matter. (BTW. lost me avator and went to initials here because of some tech issue which eludes my skills.)

      • Chef Rocco

        Terroir, you are indeed an interesting dude, please read your posts above again, then look at yourself on a mirror very hard and long: can you see any hyprocrcy in your face?

        I agree with you that the Chinese OP is a hyprocrite and he may be stereotyping Ukraine with his sexual fantasies, but how does one Chinese’s opinion can prompt you into a conclusion: “Chinese believe that the Ukraine has a prostitution problem because of how beautiful women are.” you even state: “you are now part of the problem”, wow, your logical reasoning amazes me.

        By the way, I am trying cooking casserole, it tastes no bad.

        • Of course Chinese are all individuals and have different opinions and ideas, UNLESS you start talking about national defense and politics and foreigners conception of them , and then all of a sudden the entire Chinese population is as one unseperable mass who unequivocally believe the Nobel prize is a bad thing.

          Yes, a few comments on Mop don’t represent the entire population, but what do those comments say?

          I already mentioned the world view game that Chinese love to play:“People from A are B because of C.” This game is again played here and no one objected to it.

          The Chinese writer said “It is because of this” – “this” being Ukrainian women being so beautiful and that “it” being the prostitution problem – and so everyone just took it to be true after that. All the Chinese comments after that were based on that assumption; all the comments that said “I want to marry one” or “I want to go provide disaster relief” or even “I abhor all prostitution” are based on this established context that since Ukraine women are so beautiful then they are more worth paying money to have sex with (and likewise, marry).

          It’s a stereotype. In the OP it is tried to be dispelled (“Ukraine is not a brothel”) but posting pictures and objectifying these women and then trying to explain it (as you did) does nothing to solve this, but instead aggravates this stereotype further.

          I make so much sense that I think in twenty dollars bills. (think about it)

          Are you making a casserole with cheese? Cheese is a mainstay in making casseroles. If so, not only are you eating decadent Western culture, but you’re also eating your own words from that botched food metaphor about Chinese not eating cheese.

          Every Michelin chef can at the very least make a casserole.

  • raspotin

    Honestly speaking i have lived in Ukraine for few years behind this beautiful faces there is vicious mafia ,Ukrainians hate foreigners specially Chinese and Vietnamese ,They only Love American Canadian Australian dollars and so on , but they will sell their mother for a buck, be careful watch reports on Crimes in Ukraine, Never go to business in Ukraine
    I have seen it all , How they beat ,Out of Asians
    Even although they had valid passports and visas but they have to pay to Ukrainian police

  • Ukrainian

    Most of these photos are just photos of girls on the streets.
    They are not prostitutes. The person who added these photos to the article is suffering from unrealized sexual fantasies with european chicks :)

    BTW If you are a white european young male travelling through China you will be offered girls (and boys) in every hotel of every chinese town and on all main tourist streets. Sex industry of China is growing.

    • moody

      TRUE DAT
      thought, that side of the sex industry is all grown up, and did not wait for us “white european”s

      While the AV side of that industry is still illegal
      Such hypocrites

  • korean_guy

    damn Ukrainians are HOT!

  • cardina

    Yet, the government lets these women be part of the mail order bride business. Some of these woman are not even treated while when marrying these men. It is heartbreaking when I read some of the stories. But, some ladies are lucky to find love. I know of one girl that did. She is a rare bride to have experienced that treatment.

  • Cleo

    I saw Claudia Schiffer at the height of her career in NYC and she was less than normal looking. She had scary skinny arms and torso and giant udder like breasts – her face, especially her eyes changed from fake friendly to openly cold and hostile in a flash if she judged you unnecessary to be polite to – I also saw David Copperfield separately who was the opposite in that he looked at you as if he could read your mind and created conversation with each and every person – he made a point of it. I have seen many more beautiful Slavic girls who are more qualified to be models than Claudia Schiffer but I really think the modeling industry overpays a handful of German models like Heidi Klum and Gisele Bundchen to make it seem to dangerous frenzy-envy Germans that they are top of the heap like their standings in the top five medal winners in the Olympics – but France is nowhere to be seen. I have seen Donna Dixon heavily pregnant and middle aged and she is exquisite and her fellow Polish American Martha Stewart is also reportedly beautiful in real life. I have seen Paulina Porizkova, Christy Turlington, Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell and unfamous but beautiful models in NYC and the German success stories just look like dreadful Orcs. When I see the Ukrainians, I not only see Swedish Russian friendship but I remember who the Germans called Subhuman Slavs. I also saw Donald Trump’s current wife, Melania and her skin is insanely beautiful and perfect – she has the skin of royalty. NYC is full of tall perfect Russian and Polish girls and when they get to the land of opportunity, they take classes at multiple schools, work multiple jobs and get multiple professional degrees. All the nice people are handicapped in the race so the German Japanese skrulls can have a false sense of superiority. When is it going to end? All the suffering – INDIA!?? – none of the people who fought to stop WW2 deserve this.

    • Cleo

      p.s. I went to school with Haitians who are good students and good looking with charming French names. I would never have guessed from them that Haiti is in so much trouble. Haiti doesn’t deserve their problems either. The people are nothing like the disasters that have befallen upon them.

    • dim mak

      consider seeing a shrink

    • David McClintock

      Your nuts.

      • James

        no your nuts, it’s yours.

  • Ann

    The Chinese have beautiful women, as well. It’s a bit superficial to judge a person from the clothes their wearing. Every society/culture has its particular values and traditions.

    But, don’t criticize another society/culture only because it’s different from what you may be accustomed to. Christian missionaries, as one example among many, are well-known for going around world claiming certain practices in such-and-such society were diabolical. Don’t you do the same.

  • Koreansentry

    You Chinese guys are hilarious, why does this matter to you guys anyway? foreign country’s prostitution problem is none of your business China.

    • anon

      It matters to them in the same way anything on this website about China matter to you. It’s their business as much as China’s problems are your business. How do you not know that?

  • Duchemin

    It is a tragedy, not only in Ukraine, but in other Eastern European countries too, so many girls are forced into prostitution, beaten and raped if they resist, and many of them now “work” in Western European countries. It’s about time the human traffickers were punished very severely, and sentenced to hard labor.

  • Poldeve (aka Duchemin)

    Humiliating the prostitutes is revolting.

  • 50% unemployment? I’m hoping that just an over exaggeration because if not then holy damn.

  • MF

    I don’t think this is really news. Even back in 2000 there were a lot of Ukrainian prostitutes in Shenzhen. A woman approached a friend of mine and told him she’d be his “wife” for six months for $1,000 US, which was less than you’d have to pay for a Chinese mistress at the time.

    Actually, I went to Chinese class at the local university with some of them. One in particular, who I saw in a TV commercial for “Big Spender Sauna” or some place sleazy like that, was a really nice person. I always imagined she and the other girls were doing what they were doing to support relatives back home.

  • john

    maybe its time to move ;)

  • Jack

    I’m sorry, which of these women are convicted prostitutes?

    You see more outrageously short skirts on half the women in Xidan!

    For God’s sake, foreign women are always labelled “whores” when they dress down. Even being photographed with your boyfriend doesn’t protect you.


  • Vinushka

    wow, that kills. look at that legs….

  • per


    toooo sexi girls

    i love them

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