US Military’s “The Warrior Song”, Chinese Netizens Reactions

An American soldier.

From KDS:

This song is truly too impressive/awesome, the American military nakedly showing off

Showing off one’s strength shouldn’t be like this, nakedly promoting killing. emoticon
The American military’s recruitment song “The Warrior Song“.

Troops are meant to invade.
All day talking about peace, peace your sister. emoticon

On YouTube:

Can’t see the above video?

Comments from KDS:


Being a solider in America is one of the few jobs in the world where you can travel the entire world killing people for free.
And what more, it’s all legal. emoticon The precondition is that you are responsible for your own life, although most of the time it is you murdering others, because your equipment is so much better than the other side’s. emoticon


[A military, referring to China’s military] that would rather destroy large amounts of expired ammunition than bear to give them to soldiers to practice with…
what use is this kind of military?
And yet [this military] still has the face to go escort [ships to protect them such as from pirates].
In the end, their task is always only to go pick up sailors that were released after being ransomed. emoticon


Watched it, very domineering/cocky [aggressive?]. emoticon


Americans like to kill people around the world. Very democratic, very human rights [a joke similar to this internet meme].


The purpose of an army is supposed to be killing people, discussing peace is the job of the politicians. It would be great the day our army can be this domineering/cocky, as long as it doesn’t oppress its own citizens.


Our military recruitment advertisements are very impressive/respectable too. emoticon

Chinese military formation: greeting the commander


I’ve heard this song’s melody in many films before, [but] the lyrics are always changing.
This RIP [I think he means “rap”] version is the most impressive one I’ve heard so far.

It’s almost to the level of the German SS’s “The Mass“.
This makes me feel like playing COD7 again. emoticonemoticon

Another version:


You guys [Americans] have The Warrior Song, we have The River Crab Song.

Comments from


Inspiring, this is exactly the kind of song soldiers should sing.


hahaha! Run into China’s People’s Liberation Army and you’ll be sorry!!! [sarcasm]emoticon


There is no politics in the song and only national interest, and yet it is extremely stirring!


America’s military cannot be compared with China’s soldiers! In terms of not fearing death, there isn’t a single country’s soldiers who can compare to China’s soldiers! This song definitely sounds like it was tailor-made for China’s soldiers!!! [sarcasm]


This is not a recruitment song, it’s just a popular song by a band/music group, a dark humor song. Which band/music group I don’t remember, but it is a few years old now~


Mighty American imperialism!!!!!!


We need to be more like American imperialism. I await conquering the world!


MGBD, Chinese just have to blow a little horn and this bunch of stupid cunts will be piss in their pants. [sarcasm]


Army songs should be like this, murderous/ferocious, much better than the army songs of certain countries that are all about their mommies.

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