Woman Takes Off Her Pants, Knocks Out Nanjing Traffic Officer

Anhui woman took off her pants and used it to attack traffic officers.

Anhui woman took off her pants and used it to attack traffic officers.

First, the video:

From KDNet

Fierce woman who took off her pants to whip a police officer sentenced to 8 months

This old lady is surnamed Chu, is 55-years-old this year, and is from Langxi County of Anhui province. According to the old lady, both of her parents passed away when she was small, was raised by her paternal grandmother, later married, and gave birth to a son and daughter, but because she didn’t want to spend her entire life in her hometown farming, over 10 years ago she came to Nanjing to make a living.

Illiterate an without any skills, it was impossible to find a job, so she survived by picking up garbage and panhandling around the train station. Later, she met a 70-year-old elderly Nanjing man, and the two of them rented a place to live together. Seeing that she had nothing to do, the old man bought her an electric tricycle, and she began operating as an illegal pedicab near the train station, each day able to earn a little money.

On 2010 August 3rd, around 12 noon, she was carrying three people heading towards Zhongyang North Road. When she reached the red traffic light at the Zhongyang North Road overpass and seeing that there weren’t many cars, she tried running the red light, and unexpectedly hit a man. “He wanted compensation, I would only agree to paying him 2 RMB, so he called the police.” Very quickly, traffic police and security rushed to the scene, instructing them to return with them to the police station for mediation, but she was afraid her vehicle would be impounded and in her anxiety took off her denim jeans and began whipping the traffic officer with them. Suddenly, when the pant leg hit the back of the traffic officer’s head, he passed out. Later diagnosis said that the traffic officer had a superficial injury to his head and a concussion.

“At the time, I was naked from the waist down, and a lot of people were looking on. The cop was a guy, and didn’t dare face me. I used this kind of method to threaten the traffic officer, so he wouldn’t be able to do his job.” Only after her arrest did she know she had gotten herself in serious trouble. But during questioning she refused to give her details, even lying to police: “My family is all dead, all we have is a son and he is an idiot!” Only after the police investigated and discovered her real situation did she say that her lies were because she was afraid of her behavior embarrassing her family.

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When the police found the old lady’s “husband”, he said, “She’s a stubborn person, rather surly, and quite fierce! Over the years, she’s rarely returned home.”


After the trial, this reporter was able to exchange a few words with the old lady in the detention room. When her behavior that day was brought up, she suddenly burst into tears, repeatedly saying that she was very sorry to that traffic officer. “I didn’t mean to knock him out, hitting him was just to get him to leave, I didn’t think he would pass out, I’m sorry!” the old lady said while wiping her tears. She added that she has already realized her mistake, and after getting out will no longer wantonly hit people.

The old lady, Chu, crying behind bars, apologetic.

Comments from Tiexue:


Some of our guys too are really hopeless, just standing there stupidly letting those shameless people hit them. You’re law-enforcement, you have the right to subdue them. Or two of you could just tie them up.


He didn’t faint from the smell, did he?


Looks like the traffic officer needs to work on his fighting ability too, and not always be bullied [by others, especially law-breakers].


In America, the baton would’ve already been used, and if they still dared to move, the gun immediately comes out.


In America, this would be unimaginable!!


Fuck, what did you do with the pepper spray given to you, put it on your noodles for flavor?


Faint. An old lady hits him with a pair of pants and the traffic officer passes out. This traffic officer is much too weak. He needs to work out more normally.

Comments from KDNet:

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If a pair of pants can knock you out, how could such a person be a police officer? Fight the Japanese? Fight the aircraft carriers of American imperialism? Recapture Taiwan?


How can this kind of police officer be expected to handle the important task of the party and country to maintain stability? [He] should be immediately dismissed.


Indeed, and they should investigate how the relevant departments let him pass his physical exams.


Recommend the police officer and the old lady exchange occupations.


Could there have been a hidden weapon in her pants??? Is this traffic officer made out of tofu? Could it be that her dad is also Li Gang?


The old woman was indeed quite fierce and tough, but the traffic officer was too weak too, which is all because his body has been made weak by too much booze and sex normally. For this reason, I think the old lady was too harshly sentenced. Such injustice!


Hitting people is not right, but you shouldn’t pretend to faint/get knocked out. Poor old lady, despicable pretending to faint/pass out!


The cop is very smart. Against this kind of shrew/bitch, you can only use this kind of method.


Not necessarily impossible. It is entirely possible that the belt buckle on her pants hit the traffic officer’s head. Everyone knows, a belt buckle is a heavy bastard.

What do you think? Do you think he was really hurt?

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  • Thomas

    Do Chinese often compare things like this to “what would happen in America”?

    I think the police would have maced her quickly and she would be sent to a mental health hospital for about a week before being let go.

    • Type Two

      The thing is American police have been trained to handle situations such as this. Trained to engage and restrain belligerent people so that they can neither hurt others nor themselves.
      Now watch how the officer in this video turns his back on his assailant! He is completely clueless as to how to handle the situation. Ultimately he feigns injury in order to avoid taking on any responsibility. He plays opossum.

    • “Do Chinese often compare things like this to “what would happen in America”?”

      New to here? Most things are compared to the USA, or to “The West” which also means the USA usually.

  • Chad

    I’m guessing he’s been watching a little too much football.

    • Elijah

      That’s EXACTLY what I was going to say. The guy was hit on the bottom of his neck by denim…. Then he dramatically grabs the top of his head and falls to the ground like some middle school drama-queen. And then he needs an ambulance? Why didn’t he just take her pants away and restrain her like any law enforcement officer should be able to.

      Also, I’m with GuoBao2. On that note, I pray that she’s wearing a thong or something cause that image is enough to bring back the Elder Gods from the void…

  • dirtywhiteboy

    hahaha weight room 城管

  • justmega

    I know in Virginia the police would have rough her up bad. A few broken limbs, busted lip, and some cracks to the head. I know because this happened to a friend’s mom who went off her meds. Overkill.

    Some mace wouldn’t have sufficed in this situation? And they guy collapsing…it seemed more like an act than anything.

    Damn cockroaches…have you no shame. With wealth these cockroaches will begin touring abroad spreading their disease to all. Sigh.

    • ceh

      cockroaches…exterminate them all, just like in rwanda…brilliant!

  • Jess

    “He didn’t faint from the smell, did he?”


  • Justin Beiber

    A secret weapon, Made in China trousers very deadly, never underestimate the powers of polyester.

    Standing there and let a half-naked older woman hit you is a disgrace to the force. His father must not be Li Gang.

    Policeman should fight back with his shirt, the shirts against the trousers!

    Who is taking the video??

  • katwright

    I dont understand where is her underwear?

    • moom

      Obviously she doesn’t wear any.

      • Justin Beiber

        must be the reason why he fainted

  • john digmeme

    The police in China seem pretty chill. There are many arguments against Communist China, but police brutality apparently isn’t one of them. Had this occurred in a democratic society, her mug shot would have shown on the evening news with at least one black eye.

    • Hongjian

      Chinese traffic police arent armed.

      Actually, the majority of the urban police patroling the streets arent armed at all.

      If trouble arises, they would just call in the chengguan.

    • mightymouse

      I agree, I don’t see many police get physical here but the chengguan on the other hand are a different story. I have seen them destroy peticab windows and push people around.

    • Justin Beiber

      she hit a man trying to run the red lights, that’s chill to some, maybe. If this happened in a democratic society, people would have asked her to put on her pants first and talk some sense, but since she is in a communist state authoritative society, she feels she has the right and thinks she is right. Must be a descendant of Mao Ze Dong.

      • mankouzanghua

        those damn citizens of communist authoritative societies and their “rights” to do this and that… Beib, not sure if your pants are on, but please start talking some sense.

  • Alikese

    “If a pair of pants can knock you out, how could such a person be a police officer? Fight the Japanese? Fight the aircraft carriers of American imperialism? Recapture Taiwan?”

    Fighting the fucking Japanese army is not a requisite skill for a police officer in Nanjing in 2011. And If China has to send the 143rd Traffic Cop Brigade to recapture Taiwan, they’re in very serious trouble.

  • Justin

    Was that cop pretending to be hurt to make her feel guilty and hope that she’d stop? I don’t see how he could have been injured.

    • Bo Wang

      Sounds like the most likely reason

    • mankouzanghua

      at first it looked like he was faking simply to extricate himself from the situation. I mean — the poor guy, unwilling to face her, was being whipped in the back in public by a woman wearing no pants or underwear. it all looked like some kind of weird exhibition, and the audience was growing!

  • EC

    I think she belongs in a mental institution than a jail cell.

  • pug_ster

    Almost lost my lunch by looking at that. Dang, she deserves 16 months!

  • dim mak

    Pretty nice ass for a 55 year old, seriously

    • Bo Wang

      Her face on the other hand, after years of sun damage… *shiver*

  • Come on, release the woman!
    She realized her mistake and will never again hit anyone with her pants!

    • Irvin

      I wonder if you still feel the same way if the one being attack is you.

      The officer is handled it quite logically by the way, he can either stand there and continue to get hit or pretend to pass out and NOT get hit, I would’ve done the same.

    • Justin Beiber

      actually, the mistake was she has no underwear.

    • Thomas

      If she is crazy enough to take off her pants and attack a police man, she is probably crazy enough to do it again without thinking.

  • babil81

    for a 55 year old women she is gotta pretty nice ass

    • mistertibbs4u

      can’t be the same person…

  • Laonei

    Wow, the old “take off the pants and scream lai lai lai”-trick… I always do this when I get into street fights with the black guys outside Vics. Gains respect.

  • Desperate poverty will lead some people to do desperate things.

    P.S. Some clothes can be used as weapons.

    I once got whacked with a bra and the tiny metal hooks left a sizable welt on my back.

  • Nathan

    She clearly has a mental illness, in a real “leasing country of the world” she would be admitted to a hospital. But no, here she is just taken away and thrown in jail. What happens after 8 months in jail… maybe she’ll head to the nearest kindergarten with a meat cleaver. Think China, THINK!

  • Laonei

    I’m gonna start a handcuff factory in China.

    • Justin Beiber

      how about starting an underwear factory first?

  • Laonei

    Well, even IF he really was knocked out, it would most likely just have lasted for less than a minute or so, the rest of the time he was probably just trying to avoid the embarrassment. Fail.

  • Xiamen’ren

    actually the p’gu not so bad… :)

    • Taco

      She has some really strong legs for a 55 year old that is for sure!

  • Joe

    Damn peasant. It’s too late for education. Execute her! Save everybody some trouble.

  • bert

    That face, crying crocodile tears, reminds me of a chimp.

  • bert

    After watching the video I really liked how they handled the situation. They just let the women act like an idiot and make a fool of herself. She seems to have the mentality of a child. But the way Chinese stand around and watch is so funny. I liked the old women getting involved trying to get her to put her pants on so as to not make all the guys sick and/or excited.

  • Cardaver

    It looks alot like the leg of the pants he was hit with, not the belt buckle… what a weakling

  • eattot

    it’s funny and sad!
    same thing happened once in a village near to my town: at her last minute, the son asked his dying mother what she still wants, the dying granny said, i want to drink 鲜橙多( bottled orange juice), this old women never tried carbonic drinks. before her son got back, she passed away!

  • eattot

    i remember when i was locked into police station, i was singing happily to kill time. latter the keeper told me stop, should at least pretend to be guilty and sorry. latter two young cops took me in began to ask a lot, i pretended guilty and innecent, they let me out soon, one guy even walked me to the gate, told me not do this again.
    hahaha! nice to be a cute girl!

    • Of Canada

      What did they arrest you for??

    • Elijah

      So wait, let me get this straight.

      First you espouse the apparent hilarity of a sick old mother dying before her son returns, then you express happiness at obviously sexist behaviour.

      Either that or you’re laughing at the destitute poverty of an old woman who’s never had a carbonated drink.

      Or you’re laughing at people who pretend to be guilty and repentant in order to get released.

      I just can’t… I can’t believe someone would revel in it…

      Unless you were using ‘hahaha’ ironically, then I’d hate you for being a damn hipster.

    • MeatBall

      I love you (*^__^*)

      • Elijah

        Is that you Angel??? Ni tou comment!!!

        Love you too ah slim slim.

  • artemis

    WHY THE F**K would someone TAKE OFF HER PANTS to use it as a weapon? I see no rationality here at all….this woman….probably is retarded.

    • artemis

      And WTF with her face? It’s 20 shades darker than her pale sausage legs. Freakin’ hillbilly.

      I think I might be blasted for saying this, but police in China are a JOKE. I would have settled for a beatdown like here in the U.S. of A, but not doing anything? Ok, fine, you get hit in the head with the belt buckle. THEN no other officer does crap to restrain this woman? Incompetent fools!

      lol @ the shirtless guy though.

  • I don’t belive it is true?

  • chinamark

    I feel rather bad for this old lady. I’m guessing all of life’s frustrations and the stress of an ever-changing society has been brought to the surface.

  • chinamark

    I feel rather bad for this old lady. I’m guessing all of life’s frustrations and the stress of an ever-changing society has been brought to the surface.

  • Jess

    Maybe she is Miss Whiplash by night?

  • wallimo

    Omg thats kind of feral, I would have pretended to be dead as well who knows what diseases that crazy old woman has (mental and maybe an std). I would be lying on the floor and let the bao’an’s deal with that!!

  • eattot

    guess i know who you are! send me sms.

  • Rick in China

    I can’t stop but laughing…this should be titled a NSFW post, not because of granny nudity, but because THIS is fucking HILARIOUS:

    ” Suddenly, when the pant leg hit the back of the traffic officer’s head, he passed out.”

    Only in China can grandmas knock out police officers with their pants.

  • thunderkat211

    So we went from Black girls brawling in the streets while losing their pants to Chinese old lady knocks out a cop with her pants. Stay tuned, these things usually happen in threes.

  • navlys

    this is the weirdest and the most peculiar thing i’ve ever seen.
    I mean, either he’s an idiot or that lady is actually his mom so he’s just standing there, waiting to get beaten by that crazy old tanned lady? wtf

  • Tengu

    Police showed a lot of restraint even “Tofu Boy”, maybe a metal button hit him in the temple.

    In America that’s “Assault on a Police Officer” she would have been Tasered and face down on the ground after that first hit.

    It wouldn’t have been pretty.

  • undertaker

    what in hell is that? are there no self defence laws in china.

    • Rosemon

      Thats one sexy old lady ass!!! My black snake would RAVAGE her!!!

  • Juan

    What we need is an enlightened society.

  • Hammett Murphy

    Lucky for the lady that this happened in China. In my home country, America, she would have been gunned down on the spot. The policeman showed remarkable restraint and should be commended for it. There are enough easily angered thugs in the world, you do not need them on your streets.

  • what kind of cops are these??? are’nt they suppose to disarm her first then arrest her…the best is to do a POLICE GRAB..armbar submission or kimura ..whatever works to get her cuffed..not stand by like a retard.i swear to god these mainlanders are retarded…so youve just learnt NOT to hit a woman but when they hit you you dont know how to deal with it??? so when you teach your kids and they come at you with a knife to stab you and youre just gonna let him/her stab you?? if youre even a bit smarter and if youre a man you disarm the assailant and show them that you are the dominant male without harming them..and then teach them through your own years of wisdom..duh..even a retard would know..plus if this woman stripped herself waist down why and how cant the officer face her is he a man..so if she has a gun the officer wouldnt face her and let himself get shot??? there are no fucking excuses for that because if she stripped down to the waist im sure theres nothing to see except for a jungle so what does it matter if youre facing her?? huhh????

  • the cop faked his fainting for sure..they are too pussy to do anything so they fake theyre fainting to earn insurance fraudulent money..something like this occured in Hong Kong before when i cop got bitchslapped and after 3 seconds he dropped and faked his injury

  • Dr SUN

    I just love videos like this.

    China’s so funny at times.

  • kilroy238

    “山猪仔:Fuck, what did you do with the pepper spray given to you, put it on your noodles for flavor?”


    • mistertibbs4u

      I know, right? haha

  • Taipei

    Welcome to China…. the worst place to be in on earth.

    • mr.wiener

      There are more worthy contenders to that title.

  • Jacob

    Wow… so China ain’t all that glorious after all!!! It is so fucking filthy behind all those faked orderly and maintained cities. Did someone believe this is the future superpower and the most important country in Asia Pacific today?? I don’t think so … now. Such an uncivilized, filthy country….. behind the inhuman veils that shield the towns and countryside from the glorified Chinese cities.

  • BOB

    @Jacob ….. orderly? …. maintained? ….. glorified?…..are we talking about the same country here…..?

  • michael douglas

    what a weak chink