Malaysian Woman Marries Paralyzed Chinese Man, Reactions

Li Kangyu and Yan Shuying.

From NetEase:

Paralyzed Man from Hebei Marries Malaysian Woman, Cyber Love Comes Full Circle

August 8, Li Kangyu, a 38-year-old man from Hebei Tangshan, held a wedding ceremony with Yan Shuying from Malaysia and tied the knot as husband and wife. Due to the rheumatoid arthritis at a very young age, Li Kangyu has lied in bed for 31 years. Despite joint necrosis, ankylosis, and muscular atrophy, his optimistic attitude infected Yan Shuying, who lives far away in Malaysia. After two years of online dating, they decided to get married. Family members from both sides, who were once opposed to their marriage, were moved by their insistence. In China, Li Kangyu’s only income is the low government subsidy of 2,300 yuan per year, but Yan Shuying claims she’s prepared to share the joys and sorrows of life with Li Kangyu together. Living in Kuala Lumpur, Yan Shuying says she has always longed for country life and now has had her wish fulfilled.

Yan Shuying is talking on the phone.

August 7, in Hebei Tangshan, the day before the wedding, Yan Shuying receiving a long distance call from her sister in Malaysia, telling her sister the location of the hotel where their wedding would be held.

The wedding photo.

Their wedding picture placed on the computer desk in front of Li Kangyu. Because Li Kangyu isn’t able to stand up, the picture was Photoshoped.

Yan Shuying is feeding Li Kangyu noodles.

Li Kangyu says he particularly likes the instant noodles Yan Shuying brings from Malaysia. Though he loves noodles, Li Kangyu rarely ate such in the past because he couldn’t take care of himself [eat the noodles on his own].

Yan Shuying and Li Kangyu's marriage certificate.

On August 5th, at Tangshan city Hebei Province, Li Kangyu and Yan Shuying showed off their sweet marriage certificate.

Li Kangyu is crying.

When speaking of how their love came to be, warm tears ran down Li Kangyu’s cheeks. According to Yan Shuying: “Apart from the physical illness, Li Kangyu is better than many other people. Though he has never attended school, he knows a lot about history, geography, current affairs, etc. And he is very smart.  He is very earnest and brave towards life, and the physical disability makes him even more positive. I’m very moved. He can be my guide, walking with me on the road of life.”

Yan Shuying and Li Kangyu are talking.

Yan Shuying says she’s very happy being with Li Kangyu and hopes that she can look after him her whole life.

Yan Shuying is showing the wedding gown to Li Kangyu.

Yan Shuying holding her wedding gown in her hands and showing it to Li Kangyu, the two of them both very excited for the wedding.

Wearing the make-up.

In order to save on wedding expenses, Yan Shuying wears a wedding gown she bought on the internet for 165 yuan. Li Kangyu’s cousin helps her with the make-up.

Li Kangyu and Yan Suying.

Li Kangyu and Yan Shuying taking their wedding photo on the bed.

Cousins are taking photos for Li Kangyu and Yan Shuying with cellphones.

Cousins using cell phones to take photos of Li Kangyu and Yan Shuying.

Group photo of Li Kangyu and Yan Shuying's mother, brother, sister-in-law, and sisters.

Group photo of Li Kangyu and Yan Shuying’s mother, brother, sister-in-law, and sisters.

Heading for the wedding with help.

Right before the start of the wedding ceremony, the brother-in-law lifts Li Kangyu up, getting ready to go to the wedding site.

Li Kangyu lying on the couch.

Before the start of the wedding ceremony, Li Kangyu lies on the couch on the wedding stage, waiting quietly for the ceremony to begin.

Yan Shuying is walking into the wedding hall with her brother.

Yan Shuying’s brother walking his little sister arm-in-arm into the wedding hall.

Li Kangyu is reading the wedding vow.

The wedding.

Li Kangyu reading the wedding vows with Yan Shuying’s help.

The wedding ring.

The host holding up the wedding ring representing their love, showing it to the guests gathered.

Leaving the wedding site.

After the wedding ceremony, and “surrounded” by the crowd, Li Kangyu and Yan Shuying leave the wedding site.

Heading for the bridal chamber.

“Surrounded” by the crowd, Li Kangyu and Yan Shuying heading for their “bridal chamber” at the hotel.

Comments from NetEase:

依旧惘然 [网易江苏省南通市网友]:

Not afraid to being laughed at, to be honest, I was moved.

石原夏織 [网易江苏省连云港市网友]: (responding to above)

Truly moving, the smile on this woman’s face is sincere. Wish them well.

我们到底需要什么 [网易江苏省网友]: (responding to above)

I wish them well too, and hope their love can last a long time. But to be honest, they won’t last very long. With the woman so young, and human, she’ll need a sex life.
Love is TM like a ghost, most afraid to see the light.

dehong71 [网易河南省平顶山市网友]: (responding to above)

I have seen similar stories before and was deeply moved… but I’m not this time, and somewhat feel this man is immoral/unethical! If you love her, you shouldn’t have agreed to marry her. This is not an illness that you can live with but an illness where you can’t live. There can be marriage with some illnesses, and that will move people, but with your situation… why ruin her life???

郑光伟同志 [网易四川省德阳市网友]: (responding to above)

I’m sorry, I feel the same. With this man’s physical condition, he can’t even take care of himself. And his financial condition doesn’t seem to be strong enough to support the normal functioning of a family. So we can see that his ability to maintain marital relations is very low. From this point of view, the man is kind of wretched, and certainly not above accusations of being immoral [inconsiderate, selfish].
In addition, I totally disagree with the view of love being supreme above all else that is implied in the content. This can mislead young boys and girls in real life.

这个昵称能过 [网易山东省网友]: (responding to above)

I have to say it takes a great deal of courage to get into this marriage.

underskyblue [网易加拿大网友]: (responding to above)

It’s not a great deal of courage, it’s a great deal of foolishness.

网易湖南省岳阳市网友 ip:222.242.*.*: (responding to above)

Hope they will still be as happy in 10 or 20 years as they are now. At that time, brother [referring to self] will bless them, and salute them.

难得糊涂也不能糊涂 [网易浙江省杭州市网友]: (responding to above)

Is this man very rich? And this woman, how about marrying my family’s pet dog? Your parents gave birth to you, but you marry to such a person? I pity your parents.
And there are so many people who are moved, I don’t know what’s so moving?? It’s a tragedy, why wasn’t there anyone to stop this tragedy from happening??
This society is this paralyzed man, already paralyzed.

zyj19851126 [网易北京市网友]: (responding to 依旧惘然)

Men being moved is normal, there’s nothing to laugh at.

民间慈善搜一下解决者 [网易北京市网友]:

Loves his great philosophy and thinking? Anyway, wish you both well, it’ll just be unfair for her in the bridal chamber… Look at me.

网易美国手机网友 ip:166.147.*.* (responding to above)

Look at you MGB, may the families of cheats/conmen all die.

网易河南省洛阳市网友 ip:115.53.*.* (responding to 民间慈善搜一下解决者)

It’s unfair for her, not you, there’s no need for you to blindly worry about other people’s business!

网易安徽省合肥市手机网友 ip: 61.191.*.*: (responding to above)

A man like him getting married harms a girl with few years of remaining youth. He can’t even take care of himself, let alone the expectation of a happy life.

蛋疼的wy [网易广东省广州市网友]: (responding to above)

It has been two years [since they met each other] already, do you think they would get married without having considered these things?

网易湖南省衡阳市网友 ip:42.48.*.*: (responding to above)

Online and offline are different! When online, you can be a princess or a king ! But you may only be a blade of grass [a nobody] in reality!

网易江苏省手机网友 ip:183.211.*.*

[He] found a servant/caretaker.

网易北京市手机网友 ip:219.143.*.*

The woman probably wants to immigrate.

江南小秀才爱MM [网易湖北省襄阳市网友]: (responding to above)

That may very well be it.

bihoo365 [网易海南省海口市网友]:

I once again believe in love.

江南小秀才爱MM [网易湖北省襄阳市网友]: (responding to above)

Brother [referring to himself] has never believed in love.

网易河南省濮阳市手机网友 ip:175.106.*.*:

I’m speechless! I can only say, this woman is very great [selfless, brave], but it’s hard to comment on the man. I think he is a little selfish. If the two of them swapped places, the man may not be as great. This is just my opinion.

网易山东省济南市网友 ip:123.232.*.*:

This man is too selfish! What can you bring to this woman except burden? This woman is stupid and foolish.

文武君羡 [网易山东省泰安市网友]:

Nothing is too strange in the world, how can the difference between people who are handicapped be so large [referring to himself as a fellow disabled person]? Is the bride ethnic Chinese? Does she chat in Chinese? I dare not believe this is true/real! Is this paralyzed brother so awesome that he has something extraordinary? Familiarity breeds fondness, did they marry only because of love? Such a woman is rare in the world! Some of the above netizens said they were moved while others said their happiness wouldn’t last long, but even normal people don’t last long and fucking get divorced, right?!!! This bro is so lucky! Those who envy him, don’t be discouraged, it’s the same for me, because my situation is almost the same as this paralyzed bro. As long as you strive and not give up while you live and breathe, I trust a miracle of love will appear by your side.

What do you think? Is this story touching? Is the woman foolish? Is the man selfish?

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  • Sleepless in Beijing


    • mr.wiener


      • MonkeyMouth

        no way….the dude in the article is the sofa king…he never has to get up…ever

        • Germandude

          Oh man, that comment sucks…

      • Agus Dwikarna

        It’s been while since I saw the last sofa comment.

    • Terrik


  • Daniel

    I wish them a long life with lots of happiness together!!

  • 250

    I’m sure there’s more to this story. “After two years of online dating”. They met on QQ? How does he type?

    Anyway whatever the truth, noone’s seemingly getting forced into anything so i guess it’s a happy story.

    • lonetrey / Dan

      I wondered about that too. Perhaps he uses eye-tracking tech to type?

      • Repatriated

        Those are probably really expensive. He probably had a family member typing while he spoke.

      • biggj

        Maybe just voice to text.

        • Agus Dwikarna

          That. Or probably voice chat.

          • biggj

            Yeah….that makes way more sense than what I said. lol

    • Kiwi

      video chat?

  • Pigu

    Wish them happiness

    • mr.wiener

      Seconded, and to all the cynical arsehats who suspect her motives or want to criticize them…go punch yourself in the dick.

      • Marcus Black

        lol so you want people to punch your weiner compadres.

        • mr.wiener

          Brickbats and eels tipped down their shirts if you prefer.

          • Beelzebub

            Or a big bucket of sewage SLOSHED all OVER them!

  • Who are these ass hats who are saying that he shouldn’t marry her because he’s disabled, and that it’s ruining her life? Doesn’t she look happy?

    • 250

      It’s true he’ll never do the washing up or fix the air conditioner but I guess he’ll never beat her or cheat on her, so swings and roundabouts.

      • Mighty曹

        His only task is to impregnate her.

        • Marcus Black

          Which I hope doesn’t happen. Giving a detrimental genetic abnormality a chance to manifest itself is a bad idea. Natural selection is there to guard the human gene against such negative changes.

          • Mighty曹

            Not always. Some couples manage to have normal offspring.

          • Marcus Black

            I wonder what they did the night after they got married… : | I bet this woman will cheat on his ass somewhere down the line. He will not be able to do anything about it haha.

          • Mighty曹

            I’m sure he didn’t ceremonially carried her into the bedroom.
            Well, let’s give them the benefits of doubts.

          • actionjksn

            I would give her a good fuck to make her feel better about her shitty life of changing his shitty diapers.

          • actionjksn

            The normal offspring will still carry the abnormal gene and can still pass it down to their children.

          • mr.wiener

            So Steven Hawkin should be banned from having kids?

            Careful, that is a slippery slope you are standing on.

          • biggj

            (In a steven Hawkin robot voice)—“Marcus Black, I hope you slip into another dimension were you are a white guy but act super black and all white people are treated like Africans by black people who in this dimension have the superior culture. HA…HA…HA..HA”

            Shit Steven, You cold as ice!

          • Marcus Black

            He definitely shouldn’t if there is a high possibility of his kids inheriting his disease. I personally not would have kids if i knew that because I would not wish for them to suffer with such a disease.

          • Scream_Writer

            Then how the hell did you slip through?

          • biggj

            haha, :)

          • lao tzu

            “Giving a detrimental genetic abnormality a chance to manifest itself is a bad idea”

            I agree. For example, many ape-like creatures very similar to humans are reproducing at an alarming rate in certain meridional countries of the world. I feel those creatures should do better not to continue passing on their faulty genes since their level of contribution to humanity is very low.

          • Marcus Black

            I partially agree. Some of these “apes” do need to be culled. You’re one of them monkey.

    • Sounds like everyone’s mom and dad wanting a piece of their children’s life when it has no affect on them nor is it theirs to decide.

      • biggj

        Typical Chinese marriage. lol

        • Those mama’s boys and girls can continue to down vote that idea of being independent and misinterpreting being caring to their parents to how their parents aren’t capable of taking care of themselves…. *jerk off motion, throw spooge in their face.*

      • firebert5

        China is more family oriented than the West, didn’t you know?

        • Sounds more like nosy people than what’s good. Unless you are being ironic, you must be a mama’s boy.

          • tom

            And. They need to be. You can’t yet shove your parents into a retirement home and abandon them without society giving a sh*t. At least not yet anyway. Their two lives should mean more to you than your own (especially if you are a single child )

          • Why do you assume that parents need to be shoved into a retirement home if they can perfectly function in the homes of their own? I have known a couple great 70 yr olds now probably close to 80’s living in their doublewide on their farm or driving daily to the supermarket for whatever. Stop assuming all elderly people shit their diapers and need external assistance. China seems to put in the view that all elderly gets so disabled and sad that they need their children’s care. Sure people get weaker as they get older. Not all sons and daughters would do that to their parents as well.

    • Have a nice day!

      Sadly ass hats will be ass hats… I personally wish them the best and agree with you, she does look happy…

      • wallimo

        what he needs is one of those Steven Hawkins style wheelchair, and he could be more mobile.

      • actionjksn

        Obviously if a woman looks happy on her wedding day then that means they are most likely going to have a happy life, I mean how often is that not the case? Feeding him like a baby every single day and cleaning him up when he shits all over himself every single day, is going to be a wondrous and beautiful experience for her that brings them closer together. And she won’t even have to worry about cleaning herself up from having sex because she won’t be getting any, at least not from him.

        Yeah these ass hats don’t know what they’re talking about. This will be a really happy life for this young woman. And after about three years of this she will have cleaned him up from where he shit all over himself about what 1100 times? Assuming he only shits himself once a day. What are these ass hats thinking, this young woman is in for such a great life. The happy smile on her wedding day is proof of that.

        • Dang, someone got offended.

          • Kiwi

            He is mad that there’s no one in his life who would deal with his spontaneous mental outbursts

            other then his mother

        • Scream_Writer

          Just FWIW: I took care of a very close family member who was dying of ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease). I did all the nasty things you’re thinking of (and probably more) for him. I was there in his living room when he suddenly died, choking and suffocating on discharge from his lungs. After he died, like minutes after, I cut off his clothing and cleaned him up because my mother didn’t want the funeral guy to see him with whatever the hell that was that came up from his lungs and spilled all over his shirt. I had never even seen a dead person before, and now I was bathing one: This was my father.

          You’d be surprised how quickly you get used to previously unthinkable tasks when you love someone. After he died, I actually missed taking care of him, feeding him, taking him to the bathroom, and fixing his meds.

          And, with ALS, like this guy’s disease, his mind was completely intact the entire time. It was still my charming wise-ass father inside there.

          Good for this couple. I hope they honestly love each other. I hope she is the living angel on earth he needs, and I hope she finds joy in this marriage.

          • Mighty曹

            You’re an angel.

    • biggj

      Yeah but you have to remember, Chinese people are born without a soul. I don’t have a soul either but I lost mine in card game. I had one for awhile though.

      • mr.wiener

        Who says you have no soul?
        biggj, you are soul :)

        • biggj

          Well, that’s nice of you to say but I can only get my soul back if I beat the devil in 80’s break dance off to the song “It’s like that” by Run DMC. Ever seen the devil break dance?? I have a long way to go……..He got mad skills yo…

          • John Harvey Kellogg

            The DEVIL dances on THESE very BOARDS. Do you know who Beelzebub is, the devil is perhaps in your AVATAR and looking into your SOUL and wanting to eat your heart perhaps?

          • mr.wiener

            OK, now you’re starting to scare me. I swear you are taking on the personality of one of great aunts…She never got invited back to Christmas.

          • John Harvey Kellogg

            Nothing bad towards you my oppo. How is the isla formosa treating ya?

          • biggj

            Just avoid eye contact…..don’t let him bite you.

          • Mocata

            Lucifer, before the day….

          • mr.wiener

            Jimmy Saville now? That is creepy.

    • actionjksn

      Who isn’t happy on their wedding day? Are you saying if somebody is happy on their wedding day then that means they are going to have a good happy marriage? That stupid woman is going to have a miserable life with that guy who can’t even fuck her like she needs. Either her life is ruined or she is going to leave him soon, those are her choices. She’s too young for this shit.

      • I’m sorry you have such a horrible outlook on life.

        • wingedgenius

          I’m sorry, I’m going to have to side with actionjksn on this… I highly doubt this marriage will be sustainable if the woman has any sense of logic within her. They may both be very happy on their wedding day, but there comes a point where reality hits everyone in the face and THEN comes a real test of faith in their choices.

          • So I trust that, given the real possibility that a relationship will fail, you will refuse marriage in the future even if you are in love with the girl?

          • wingedgenius

            Yes… I would… :-/

            It’s sad, but that is in fact what I would do. And if the girl I love is the “right” one for me, they will understand, too…

          • But that’s 100% of marriages.

          • wingedgenius

            Well, I mean if we were considering marriage. We would have to consider all the factors of whether the marriage would be sustainable. If one side has too much a burden to carry in marriage, then love is no excuse to bring eternal unhappiness or annoyance into your life…

            Then again, I’ve heard love makes some people become very irrational…

          • I obviously believe love like that could make it work…but I also admit that this amount of love is a rare find

      • Scream_Writer

        As opposed to your wife, who will no doubt live happily ever after!

      • Not all companionship is about fucking. Again, many young people don’t understand this. As for “who isn’t happy on their wedding day?” Well, often people marrying each other only for convenience or economic reasons aren’t happy on their wedding day. Merely going through the motions.

  • lonetrey / Dan

    I don’t understand this sort of love… but I guess I can still be jealous that they have something this strong. Best of wishes to them.

    • Have a nice day!

      Love is hard to understand and as the cliche goes… it’s a double edged sword… it can cut both ways… so like you, I wish them the best and hope they find happiness together.

    • biggj

      Men have a hard time understand this. Woman can do things like this but It’s rare to see a man do it.

  • She can decide who she wants to marry even if she has a naive thought of the future. Maybe her current situation is much better than the one she has before she met him. Maybe he completes her. Bitter realists would think what she does to take care of him may be a lot of work, but to her it may be worth it.

    His life span may not be as long as hers, but that is their decision and they seem to have truer love than most of the naive couples in bad decisions for marriage, wealth and life.

  • MonkeyMouth

    cool. wish them well. my only question is…..why doesnt someone give him a wheelchair as a wedding gift? he looks like he’s milking it a bit.

    • Zappa Frank

      apprently he can’t even sit..

      • Sleepless in Beijing

        a wheel..bed?

  • Zappa Frank

    Someone even said, she did it to emigrate. I’m not sure that in anycase she can get citizenship without a job for 5 years or something and even in that case doesn’t she need a something like degree and 2 years of experience to get a working permit? But in the end who would immigrate in china? Except english teachers.

    • vincent_t

      I was totally amused when i read that. Chinese people are so full of themselves

    • mr.wiener

      Of course they are right, Malaysians are forever trying to leave their hellhole of a country to get to that paradise on earth:China.

    • Beelzebub

      English teachers cannot “immigrate” (into?) China. No green cards proferred you see?!

      • Zappa Frank

        if they get married with a local chinese girl i think they can get the green card. Anyway, don’t be so serious, it was just a joke since except for them no one really improves his life’s quality in china.

        • Beelzebub

          Fair enough. Cannot agree with the last part though, I can drink and smoke cheaper here, and have none of the PC bullshit of the UKSSR to put up with. Some may prefer the PR of Canada, but it is not for me, too cold and expensive and too much like hard work, it’s warmer and the beer is just fine in the PR of China, Cheers good sir!!!

    • Sleepless in Beijing

      In a Chinese person’s world view, people are ALWAYS, without fail or personal exceptions, trying to immigrate to countries which are richer. So in this world view, Malaysians, Africans, etc. are trying to immigrate to China, while Chinese themselves are always trying to immigrate to America, Europe, etc.

      It’s called moving up in life, the Chinese way, brah.

      • mr.wiener

        Malaysia is a first world country hos. You might be confusing it with Myanmar.Bit of Wiki for you:
        “Malaysia has had one of the best economic records in Asia, with GDP growing an average 6.5 per cent annually from 1957 to 2005.[3] In 2011 the GDP (PPP) was about $450 billion, the 3rd largest economy in ASEAN and 29th largest in the world”.

        • Kai

          Malaysia is definitely not a “first world” country. That’s like saying China is a first world country. Both countries have aspects that are “developed”, “undeveloped”, and “developing” in spades. Just like with China, economic stats can be misleading. China has the 2nd largest economy not in ASEAN but the world and an impressive annual growth rate as well over the last few decades.

          Malaysia’s GDP per capita is 1/4 to 1/5th that of established first-world countries like the US, Japan, UK, France, etc., Granted, it’s double that of China but Malaysia also suffers from glaring wealth disparities and inequal distribution of resources and thus development. It’s Kuala Lumpur is like China’s Shanghai. Look closer or travel a bit outside the city and you’ll see the larger picture.


          • Zappa Frank

            hardly the inequal distribution could be bigger than in china. Anyway, it’s full of people with handicap or even without who could find her attractive and marry her also in europe or us, so i don’t think that the immigration is a strong point for her decision

          • Kai

            My response to mr.weiner was solely about whether or not Malaysia is considered a “first world country”. I wasn’t arguing that she married the guy to immigrate to China.

            To make it clear, regarding that comment, I too strongly doubt she married the guy to emigrate to rural China. It’s not impossible of course, but there’s not enough information available to reasonably say it is very plausible next to other reported and possible explanations.

      • Terrik

        I’d be willing to bet there are more Chinese wanting to emigrate to Malaysia than vice versa.

        • vincent_t

          seeing how many Chinese people flocking Malaysia that Malaysian government is trying hard to control the visa, yes sir, you are right but I am sure the ultra-nationalist ignorant Chinese will bet the opposite of yours to save face.

    • ddd

      I am a Malaysian, and while there are many things wrong with Malaysia, I’ll still rather stay in Malaysia than migrate to China.

  • Marcus Black

    Him or his family must have a deep pocket. He’s finally gonna go innssiiddee…

    • Mihel

      Family members from both sides, who were once opposed to their marriage, were moved by their insistence. In China, Li Kangyu’s only income is the low government subsidy of 2,300 yuan per year

      • Marcus Black

        This smells too fishy to be true. She must be with him for something other than just love. Chinese parents are very logical about marriage.

        • vincent_t

          sounds more like you are jealous. Just let them have their life and you go get 1 yourself.

          • Marcus Black

            hahaha. me jealous. lol I am not disabled, ugly, overweight or socially incapable of getting women. What is there to be jealous of?

          • vincent_t

            I don’t expect you to say yes.
            Well, jealous of even a disabled guy got his score while only thing you could do in your life is posting cynical comment generalizing Asian people who scorn you because you are black. Fair game.

          • Marcus Black

            Its not hard to “score”. In fact its harder not to. If a guy like that can get a score, don’t you think everyone is capable of doing the same?

          • vincent_t

            Sure, educate the Asian by making cynical comments and making fun of an Asian lady who marries a guy she loves. LOL, and talking about call out dysfunctional behavior….your logic is entertaining.

          • lao tzu

            Maybe, but judging from your profile photo you appear to be suffering from a skin disease which is probably due to excess melanin. Recommend application of soap and water to affected areas.

          • Marcus Black

            Judging from Your profile photo you appear to have dark grey skin with no facial features. Are you some kind of abomination?

        • Beelzebub

          Asian girls just go for money first, truly sickening!!!!!!

          • vincent_t

            What? You can’t read? 2,300 yuan per year.

          • Beelzebub

            what is 2,300 yuan per year?

        • Mihel

          I don’t know for sure, lots of chinese news seems to be either fabbricated or edulcorated to teach some sort of moral lesson.
          From the photos it doesn’t appear he is richer than average, and if he was, he would probably have found a “better” bride.

          That said, many congenital health problems are not genetic and thus not hereditary.

    • lao tzu

      Stop being jealous, chocolate man.

      • mr.wiener

        I keep forgetting, Is lao tzu a chinese philosopher/sage or one of those annoying yappy lap dogs?

  • MIT2015

    True love..:D

  • DavidisDawei

    Good for them…
    Life is not fair, there are no guarantees (except we’ll die).
    I hope it brings them happiness and fulfillment.

  • Atlas
  • Mighty曹

    Only time will tell. I await, with great interest, a follow up story in 2-3 years. I wish them well!

    ps: What’s with Chinese and Photoshop? ” Because Li Kangyu isn’t able to stand up, the picture was Photoshoped.”. Why couldn’t she just lie down in bed next to him to take that ‘wedding’ photo?

    • Mihel

      Photoshopping photos is a honorable chinese tradition.

      • Mighty曹

        ‘honorable’ is stretching it a bit.

      • cocobobolove

        just like glamorous shots!

  • biggj

    It’s kind of like the “Florence Nightingale effect” When nurses fall in love with their patients. The funny things the woman probably would not love him if he was normal. If that is the case then this woman should love him forever. We might think it’s a burden, but some people like that like the idea of someone needed them as much as he would. This happens more than people think. I think it’s rare for a man to do that, but a woman would be more likely to do it….Maybe.

    • Kai

      Hey, that’s a pretty interesting angle to introduce to the discussion…

      • biggj

        it’s too logical. And it does not involve racism or corruption..people don’t want to talk about Not even an up or a down vote. haha
        But put 3 official and crazy made up story in a comment…Everyone loves it. haha This the last time I write something sensible on here.

        • Kai

          Oh, I didn’t want to upvote it because I can’t say how true/applicable it is in this case, so I wrote a comment instead expressing that I think it’s an interesting thought imo. Maybe if you wrote it as suggesting the possibility instead of describing it as such?

          PS – Please continue writing sensible stuff. cS needs it. *pretty please*

          • biggj

            Let me tell you a story.

            Maybe 7 or 8 years ago a friend of mine called me up and said his cat just had kittens. At the time I just had a dog so I decided to go take a look. So I get there and take a look and This one kitten was beating the other kittens up and was full of energy up so I picked him. But I also seen this one kitten who was born with a gimped leg.Like there was no bone in one of his front legs. He was real skinny and having a hard time getting milk from the mom. My heart just went out to this kitten. So I took him home too. So I get them home and the other cat well he is just running around having a good time, he’s just jumping on the dog the dogs having fun. But the gimp cat..( his name was Gimpy) he could not jump on the sofa or do what the other cat could do. Even had a hard time getting in the litter box. So I had to make my house handy-cap friendly for this little cat. lol I just had to set up little ramps for him. lol Anyway…after a few year he could get around good. He could do also everything the other cat could do…And then he went blind in one eye…well to make a long story short he died of natural causes when he was about 3.

            But let me tell you. Little Gimpy will always have a special spot in my heart. I love my other animals…but Gimpy was special. I would have done anything for that cat.

            So….maybe this story has something to do with my comment. Maybe the woman feels the same for this man as I did for gimpy. I showed this cat a good home and love.I gave this cat a chance to have a good life and a good time.

            R.I.P Lil’ Gimpy.

          • Kai

            Cool story, aren’t you away from home for long stretches of time due to work? Were you already married or otherwise had someone to look after your pets while you were gone?

            Related but unrelated, I used to play Counter-Strike with the handle “gimpy” back in college. My tag was the handicapped symbol. It was pretty politically incorrect.

          • biggj

            At the time I was not married. At that time I paid my grandmother to go feed the cats and she took my dog at her place. She don’t like cats so she would not take them. My dog is better behaved than most adults. She loves him.

            During those years I would fly home on on my week off break. So it’s not bad.. Still the cats get spooked staying alone for so long. When I come back the cats act sketchy for the first few days im home.Like any noise would sketch them out. It’s not bad now. My wife is home most of the time and when we go on vacation I usually find someone i trust to stay at the house.Pretty much just let them stay there almost rent free.

            Yeah If I play online games I usually uses bigJ or Ballzdeep. :)

    • Mihel

      If he wasn’t disabled he would have had a different type of personality, so it is correct to assume she probably would not have loved him.

      • biggj

        Yeah, also in cases like that when the patient gets better..the woman don’t love the person anymore. They only loved the person when they had to care for them. In most cases.

  • Claude

    They better be in love, they’re going to spend the next 8 months of their lives together.

  • Ana Belen Ruiz

    I agree with some comments. If I had a disability like that, I wouldn’t allow anyone marry me. But I guess if you really love someone, like she loves him, you must demonstrate that you don’t care about this fact. True love, like anything else, is something you must work hard on to achieve and keep.

    • vincent_t

      I understand the logic, but logic just doesn’t work when you are in love i guess.

      • cocobobolove

        Always curious about Vulcans and relationship…

    • Atlas

      After a while of being horny and NOT even being able to satisfy yourself, you’d quickly change your tune.

      • Not all companionship is about sex. A lot of younger people don’t understand this.

  • Germandude

    Okay. I bet 1000 bucks that those commenters talking shit about this couple are all single persons that just don’t understand how come this guy got a girlfriend and they don’t. After all, those guys are at least level 70 in World of Warcraft, while Li Kangyu is not playing World of Warcraft at all!

    • biggj

      Imagine all the single chinese guys are just pissed. This guy can get a wife and not only that, a foreign wife. And he only makes 2,300 rmb a year. This guy has already done better than millions of chinese men. And this girl is no model…but she not hideous. i tip my hat to that guy. On my scale she is like 2 or 3 out of ten. But on a disabled man scale she like a 12 out of 10. So he has done it. level 99 hard mode.

      • h

        foreign wife ? he married a chinese. overseas born Chinese

        • vincent_t

          do everyone a favor kid, go ask your papa what is the different between nationality vs ethnicity, and don’t use your papa’s laptop to visit this website anymore.

    • vincent_t

      I bet 1000 bucks those guys are at most level 10, and always got beaten the shit outta them in the game by any 10 years old kids. Or i wish

    • Kai

      LoL, that was funny about World of Warcraft but I’m not so sure I’d bet on that generalization of all the “haters”.

      Western media and pop culture has no lack of stories championing the triumph of love over even death and disibility but in the real world with the overwhelming vast majority of ordinary people, this level of disability is taken really seriously by people when making life decisions like marriage (not to mention birth).

      The very reason why this is a story at all both and why something similar in the West are also stories is precisely because it is not intuitive to most (almost all?) people. That it isn’t intuitive reveals our own predisposition to avoiding such pairings. Sad, but true I think.

      I don’t begrduge those commenters’ honesty about practical matters, but I do think it’s poor form of them to be insensitive.

      • Germandude

        So you are saying that people should not follow their heart and feelings when it comes to love/sympathy but rather calculate the costs, efforts and the potential profits from a relationship/marriage? How unromantic and cold. Try getting some more French into your German ;-)

        • Kai

          LoL, nah, I’m not telling people what they should or shouldn’t do, just stating that I think many of the “hater” comments translated above reflect not only our stereotypes about Chinese culture, people, and their modern values but frankly most people in the world. We’re all touched by idealism, but being touched by it just shows how we’re not predisposed to living up to that idealism most of the time.

          BTW, Germans rock:

          • biggj

            What is that pictures of Kai? Whore school? lol

          • Kai

            I’m missing a few things and extra something for that to be a picture of me. It’s Frankfurt where contestents are prepping for a pole cancing competition. I guess it isn’t clear that those are actually German gals but…

          • Germandude

            So Kai is a fan of pole dancing competitions. “Noted”

          • mr.wiener

            I want my ashes put in a gogo pole on Nana plaza or Soi Cowboy when I die.

          • biggj

            Then your ashes get put into a “She boy” club instead by accident…shit!!lol

          • Germandude

            I bet you are also dropping mirrors on the dance stage. For better view of course. hehe

          • Peter Pottinger

            Strippers how ever good looking they are are very low on my list of doable girls.

          • Mihel

            They are too expensive to be on your list.

          • Peter Pottinger

            Much too expensive, I’m not rich because I waste money on strippers.

  • 剑胆琴心

    totally no!
    if beggars in street look terrible or super dirty i do not give them money either…

    • biggj

      What the fuck are you talking about? hahahaah

    • Scream_Writer

      Listen up, everyone! The voice of reason has arrived!

    • T. Bickle

      Because you lack a soul.

    • biggj

      Even if this did make sense….why would give money to clean, good looking people who look like they have a job?

    • Germandude

      Be assured that if I ever meet you on the streets, I will surely drop you a coin so that you can never complain about nobody offering you help to get out of your misery.

    • lonetrey / Dan

      .. What does this have to do with this disabled guy’s story?

    • Rinetto Shii

      What’s wrong with you?? Do you think you’re a princess or something? I’ve seen beggars on the street that look better than you.

      • This could be sarcasm.

        • Rinetto Shii

          I have a feeling it’s not, I know a few Chinese girls like her :/

        • Zappa Frank

          could it be that “she’s too stupid to be real”?

  • T. Bickle

    This is a great story. Hard for most (not all obviously) Chinese people to image a marriage where there is not something to totally exploit from the other person, like kids, or vast sums of money or labor. Mostly a culture of extremely selfish people with no concern for anybody else, including their families. They only see their families as a source for them to exploit is all. My parents can give me things! My kids can grow up and give me things! many Chinese posters here cannot see what this guy can give his wife, in terms of material possessions. They have no clue about human emotions really other than some sort of infantileism and sense of superiority and entitlement that lasts them their entire lives. Good luck to these two braves souls and bless all the people who support them.

    • Cauffiel

      Chinese marriages do seem to be almost entirely economic, which makes it so weird to me how its pop culture is so replete with pronouncements of “pure love” and “love only one forever.” Momo and Weixin are full of girls with this type of horseshit in their profiles.

      But when it comes down to it, Westerners seem to marry for love far more often than I can perceive Chinese to do so. I’m not sure I’ve ever met a Chinese couple that seemed genuinely in romantic, emotional bound love with each other.

    • John Harvey Kellogg

      Great avatar and name… day, the rain:D

    • tomoe723

      if the situation were reversed, say a malaysian man marrying a paralyzed chinese woman, i wonder what the comments will be…

  • how very sweet, they didnt marry for money and definitely she didnt marry him to move to China (haha). By the way recently Malaysia XI played against Barcelona FC everyone was expecting us to lose at least 5-0 but we manage to score 1 super goal and only lost 3-1 =)

  • yo

    Where are the Chinese officials to commemorate them?

  • Yes, there are actually Asian women out there who don’t marry solely on the basis of money and status. Imagine that…!

    • biggj

      Pfff, What magical planet does this take place on? haha

      • Kiwi


        Your head is clearly up in space.

    • Mighty曹

      My imagination is failing me.

  • Mike

    The guy reminds me of those silicon Japanese dolls that won’t run away even if you beat them up.

  • Donny HS

    Two years dating or communication between them is enought for both of them to think about should married or not. That their choice of life. Let us pray and support them. If someday they got divorce they will get good experience of life. Let’s be happy for them to and also learn the life of optimistic of Ling Kangyu. God bless Ling Kangyu and San.

  • ideas

    now i know that most people here are hypocrites…. when a chinese lady gets married to a foreigner ,every chines has a problem with that but when the men go out to get married to other foreigners… you call that moving.. hypocrites…

  • ideas

    i hate all the racial things going on here…. the asians, the blacks, the whites… it makes me sick ….this website is really fucked up…..

  • Guest

    Women nowadays don’t need men for anything except companionship – he can’t do anything for her physically, so it’ll be like she’s single, except he can talk to her and she’ll always have a warm body to hold at night. She does have to feed him, but single women who get cats also have to feed those cats. The marriage is fine.

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