Family Killed By SUV in Multiple Hit and Run, Driver Missing


From NetEase:

Driver Hits Someone, Flees Only to Hit and Kill Another Family of Three

“First he hit an over 60-year-old man from Nanmu village, and instead of stopping, he sped up and drove away, only to hit this family of three, an elderly couple and their one-year-old granddaughter, killing all of them.” At a little past 4pm on November 9th, a tragic car accident occurred on the Guanghan city Sanxingdui highway heading into the city. As a [Volkswagen] Tiguan SUV with license plate “川F9E107″ fled in a hit and run, it ran into the Huo family of three, unfortunately killing all three. Huo family relatives told this reporter in grief, “It seems like he was driving with abandon. Between his car hitting someone, hitting another, and then again hitting the roadside railing, he didn’t slow down at all, and there isn’t any evidence of braking on the road to be seen.”

After hitting people the second time, the vehicle directly hit the railing by the side of the road, with the railing piercing through the body of the car, the front of the car completely damaged, beyond recognition, while the left front and rear wheels as well as the car’s underbody were stained with blood.

When relatives of the deceased arrived at the scene after learning of the accident, the driver was nowhere to be seen.


“Truly tragic, all three of them hit and dismembered, the little baby only has her upper body still intact, and Old Huo’s head is gone…” Upon hearing the accident, Nanmu villagers very quickly arrived, and upon getting the report, Guanghan traffic police also quickly hurried to the scene.

Very quickly, police sealed off the area with a police line, but the crowd of onlookers also grew.

As confirmed on scene, this car accident caused at least three deaths.


“There’s still one that hasn’t yet been found, the Huo’s younger brother.” According to bystanders, relative have tried calling him but have yet to get through, nor has his person been found. “So it isn’t yet known whether or not something happened to him in the accident as well.”

At present, the cause of the accident is still under investigation. As of 6:30 when this was submitted, Guanghan traffic police also have not confirmed if the driver has been found, and there has not been a final number on the number of dead caused by the accident.

This paper will continue following this story.


Comments from NetEase:

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Death penalty.

曹九日 [网易北京市手机网友]:

Fuck, a conscienceless driver.

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Punish severely.

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Cold-blooded beast!

庆丰包子狗不理 [网易广西贵港市手机网友]:

Why aren’t people like this hit and killed?

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Scum driver.

非法内容不能显示 [网易广东省广州市手机网友]:

Completely devoid of conscience.

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Fuck, fucking human scum.

网易陕西省西安市手机网友 ip:1.85.*.*

What a tragedy.

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  • Amused

    I bet they wish they had a police force instead of those nice guys at the psb now, huh? They’ve got a full plate and make/model and they aren’t sitting at homeboy’s house waiting for him and a picture of him isn’t all over the tv? Now that’s quality in law enforcement there.

    • mr.wiener

      He’d better hope the police catch him rather than the relatives of the dead family.

      • Amused

        What, they’ll take all his money before the “trial”? For better or worse, physical revenge just doesn’t seem to have the appeal to Chinese people that I’m used to.

        • mr.wiener

          That depends..If he is found later, they’ll probably sue his arse for all the money they can get. If they found him right after this incident it wouldn’t surprise me if if they beat him to death.

          • Amused

            If they did, honestly I’d probably be proud of them. Even tho, yeah, I know everyone deserves their day in court, it would be a nice sign of some righteous human aggression. Stories like the one where the kid got genital warts from his teacher and the father didn’t execute him just crush my soul.

    • Dr Sun

      Its a “black car”, the dealership “forgot” to record the buyers name or ID correctly ( which is associated with the Chassis/ engine #), the plates fake, and the driver who is second generation will never be found by the police who have been told to forget about it.

      • Amused

        Still a policing failure.

      • David

        is this an educated guess (not doubting you and would not be surprised) or did you see some of this in another source? I guess taking finger prints haven’t reached China yet.

        • Dr Sun

          neither its a reality, its even a Taobao reality, there are hundreds of dealers selling luxury cars with “plates”.

          who exactly is going to fingerprint the 1.3 + billion people people, the PSB, lol

  • AbC

    And that’s why little fuckers (like the post yesterday) who are reckless on the road should be jailed… before instances like this happen.
    No sympathy for complete morons on the road who doesn’t give a crap about the wellbeing of anyone else.

    • terroir

      “No sympathy for complete morons on the road who doesn’t give a crap about the wellbeing of anyone else.”

      Who aren’t you talking about on china’s roads? That’s a lot a hate to be carrying around

      • AbC

        Although I personally would not ever drive on a road in China with the chaotic driving habits of ML drivers, they seem to have a system which they understand. Even amongst all the chaos of the Chinese traffic, there are people such as the driver in this article and many other similar articles that people in China identify as especially reckless and dangerous (more so than your average one anyhow).

        • don mario

          dunno about that. i’ve seen plenty of accidents. i’ve seen a woman get knocked off her bike by a car going at crawling pace. luckily i haven’t seen anyone get their face smashed into pieces but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen with high frequency.

          • David

            Saw that the first week I was here. Also, several times since. Mostly I think there are less deaths because despite the terrible way in which most Chinese drive they do not generally speed (at least in Wuxi) so I am guess most accidents are not fatal. despite being here two years I still have never seen a cop pull anybody over for bad driving (oh, like driving up on the sidewalk with their car to get around traffic or driving on the wrong side of a divided street). I am with ABC, I have 35 years of experience driving and have no desire to drive a car in China.

        • terroir

          ” they seem to have a system which they understand”

          Let’s just call the laws in China–something that should rightfully be “black and white” to comprehend and comply with–by it’s rightful name: “50 (million) Shades of Grey”.

          Faithful to the source, it’s not consensual, but the sadism and depravity remain.

  • miakotamatsue

    That guard rail appears to be poorly designed. Proper design will have the guard rail collapsed and be crushed to absorb the impact of the crash…not go through the car like that and possibly kill the passengers inside.

    • Guest

      its a miracle they werent made of bamboo

      • Surfeit

        You just won.

  • JayJay

    Certified drunk driver.

  • Stefan

    Cars should be banned.

  • Your Sexy Cousin Rex

    Why do people walk on the highway

    • Irvin

      They are obsessed with speeding cars.

    • 白色纯棉小裤裤

      It is a “国道”, not a “高速公路”.
      although the literal translation of “国道” is “national highway”, 国道 is different than highway in western countries. Most of 国道 allow pedestrians.

      “Highways” in China, more often than not, refer to China National Highways. The fully controlled-access, multi-lane, divided routes are instead called expressways. As of 2013,
      there were 5.98 million km of highways and 104,000 km of expressways in China; both total lengths are the longest in the world.

      • Probotector

        “there were 5.98 million km of highways and 104,000 km of expressways in China; both total lengths are the longest in the world.”

        You’ve just gotta add that masturbation to China’s “greatness” haven’t you.

        • 白色纯棉小裤裤

          That’s cited from wikipedia. If you have any problems please complain in the talk page

          • RickyBeijing

            He wanted to look it up on wikipedia, but he was too busy trying to find the truth about Tibet and the Dalia Lama, information about which he couldn’t find because those pages are blocked…

            I wonder how many other pages the CCP controls/changes/creates for propaganda for the enjoyment of people like you to boast about?

            Perhaps we should look at the ‘km of road:per person’ ratio?

            The inferiority complex is strong in this one….

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            I cited the paragraph from wiki simply to support my argument that “Highway” in China is different than your regular highway and pedestrians are allowed on such highways. I don’t know why you think I was broasting about anything. Neither the total lengh of road nor the road per person ratio is something worth boasting about.
            Your inferiority complex is so strong that whatever I say you always think I am trying to show that China is superior.

      • IsurvivedChina

        Way to go with the “how great are we”!

      • donscarletti

        I’ve driven on “Guo Dao” in Henan before, 18 wheel trucks carrying fuel doing 140km/h in the right lane and 3 wheelers doing 30km/h in the left. Drivers simply do not give a fuck about anything, nobody looks behind them before merging nomatter how slow they are going, if you try to overtake a scooter doing 40 and he wants to overtake a scooter doing 30, then he’ll just merge and you’ll probably be pushed into the on-coming lane or the verge.

        Least pleasant highway driving experience in my life.

        When I go to cities in provinces nearby Beijing, like Shandong and Henan, I always think, “just 800km, screw the train”, then I just remember what it is like to drive in these provinces, then I don’t.

        • 白色纯棉小裤裤

          My point is pedestrians have the right to walk on the road in this story, therefore the driver is at full fault.

      • Teacher in China

        Regardless of whether or not it’s allowed, it’s still very dangerous. The way people drive on highways is really reckless, and you’re taking your life into your own hands by walking on them. Not that I am blaming the victims here – the driver was clearly an a-hole; but i personally would never do it and I agree with Rex’s sentiment of not understanding why anyone would do it.

  • Lei Feng’s Hat

    *Spoken in a Nick Cage rage-voice* Do, do you know what China is?! Well, I’ll goddamn tell you what China is! *End Nick Cage rage-voice*

    China is a kind of ‘Negative Lottery’. And we’re all in it; we’re all holding tickets (they’re free upon birth/arrival), and all tickets are winning tickets.

    Now, unlike a normal lottery where the lucky winning ticket holder might receive big money, a motor home, or top of the line seat covers…China’s Negative Lottery system has only one payout: to, somehow, fuck up your life.

    And, finding yourself on the wrong road/street/hi way…with one of these gut-wrenchingly thoughtless, selfish, pot-bellied, purse-carrying, sidewalk-spitting, chain-smoking sub-humans is your number one way to win ‘the big prize’.

    Did that make any sense?

    *Reaches for a tumbler of smooth 12 year old scotch, reflectively

    • Surfeit

      Chain wording level: Pro.

    • Probotector

      Yes it made sense, except the purse carrying. Do middle-aged Chinese fucktards do that for their wives, I thought there were too selfish. In any case, the trick then, to avoid disaster, is to be constantly vigilant.

      • Lei Feng’s Hat

        You’re right. However, I should have added yet one more hyphenated word to my long list…because I was thinking of the rectangular man-purses that all those middle aged men clutch under their arm as they stroll about town.

        And yes, China is one giant Jedi training academy…one’s Force must always be activated…

        • Alex Dương

          These aren’t the purses you’re looking for.

    • David

      I hope it is Talisker. I prefer the 18 year bit the 12 year is also excellent.

    • Wes in China

      What a summary this is. I totally agree and have come across a load of these morons

  • Surfeit

    I bet he’s in Ikea.

  • Rick in China

    I’m almost certain that recently, a law was passed that absolves drivers of any responsibility when hitting people when they are on highways — if that is the case, I suppose this guy would not receive any sort of penalty for his actions. The law makes some sense as a deterrent for all the people who run across highways causing extreme danger to a lot of people on the road – as well as themselves, obviously, but in cases like this it just seems tragic no matter how it’s sliced.

    • DavidisDawei

      The conditions on the road don’t look very good either. Hazy, Wet roads, late in the day (early sunset).
      It is an awful tragedy, but leaving the scene makes it a lot worse (IMO).
      You and I would be sent away forever, but people like Teddy Kennedy can leave the scene after killing someone – in fact poor Teddy had a good night’s sleep before contacting the authorities – and he didn’t suffer at all – he ended up being a “high ranking” politician for (Too) Many years who also ran for President of the USA. It is nice to have long coattails to ride on.

      • Rick in China

        Come on – apples and oranges. This incident and Teddy Kennedy’s incident are completely different – as well as in entirely different ages of communication.

        I could make a long list, but I think you can figure out most of the common differences: the fact he didn’t hit someone on the road but rather a car accident landed the car in a river or whatever and the victim was the passenger, the fact there were no cell phones – let alone readily available landlines, the fact that he (apparently) tried to dive down and rescue his passenger before eventually giving up unable to find anything, etc. Very different than driving over an old man and speeding to get away – right into another family……not even remotely relatable. Teddy Kennedy did a lot of great things as a senator, so I find it a little reprehensible to put these two type of completely different incidents on par and bring him down to this obvious scumbags level of person…

        • Dr Sun

          ” Teddy Kennedy did a lot of great things”
          you mean like supporting and fundraising for the IRA terrorists pre-9/11 ?

          • Rick in China

            I mean like trolling more.

          • Dr Sun

            I never knew Teddy Kennedy was famous for his trolling as well as for his support of terrorists, thanks for the update.

          • jaded

            There’s no proof Teddy Kennedy supported the active service unit of the IRA. He was however a Sinn Fein supporter and could be viewed as an Irish Republican (sympathiser).

            He was also instrumental in the peace process

            Get your facts straight before making such blanket statements labelling all parties as “terrorists”

  • Fdom

    Probably already on a plane out of China with a ticket paid for by his rich parents. This is so sad but if he has the right connections, he’ll get out of it.

  • Jahar

    He was proving a point to the guy in the US. Showing him how it’s done.

  • Xia

    Driver lesson in China is a joke, the resulting driver license equals a license for road killers.

    • Jahar

      well, you do learn a very valuable lesson about bribing people to do their job. how many cartons of cigarettes does a driving lesson cost nowadays anyway?

  • yurah

    It had to be a driver of a Volkswagen…

  • Sleepy

    Before everyone calls for the death penalty for this tragedy, all the facts should come to light. Chances are, he was a terrible, SB asshole but maybe, just maybe, he was a diabetic or epileptic and wandered off in a state of confusion.

    I really enjoy browsing chinasmack but i find out ironic that most of the comments are always so hateful.

    • don mario

      yea people really discriminate against the considerate chinese drivers, its pathetic!

    • Bluex

      That would make him more of an @–hole, endangering road users while he understood the risks related to his medical conditions.

    • IsurvivedChina

      I find your name ironic…

    • FYIADragoon

      Really shouldn’t have been on the road to begin with if he had either of those conditions. Punishment should be just as severe.

    • David

      Really? You read about at least three people dead, including a man beheaded and a baby torn in two and your first thought is “people on CS make such hateful comments”?

      • Sleepy

        It’s not just this one article. It’s every article from the most mundane, non-newsworthy headlines, to headlines as serious as this one.

        Some of the most closed-minded comments, I find in the English comments.

        A real Platerhaters Ball in here.

    • Teacher in China

      In case you didn’t notice, most of the Chinese translated comments were also negative, calling the guy “scum” and calling for the death penalty. The commenters here aren’t doing anything radically different.

      • Sleepy

        Totally missed that. I thought I was in the post about the refrigerator light. My bad.

  • Dr Sun

    there is its called Canada/ Australia/ USA, etc…etc.. depending on how many millions in stolen/ embezzled RMB his/her parents have.

  • Probotector

    How did the driver survive that wreckage… unless he bailed Die Hard-style before hitting the barrier?

  • Rick in China

    But sad – since the grandpa got a 100k rmb fine to the human trafficker’s mother and 8 years mandatory in prison…….

  • Molly

    disgusting, Han people really should be allowed only to drive bikes!

  • Gary

    There’s no picture of the other car but I’ll bet that the only reason “Old Hua” and family are dead is because not only were none of them wearing seat belts but also the grandchild was on grandma’s lap in the front seat. It’s really sad how many preventable highway deaths happen there.

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