Refrigerator Light: Shared Experience Among Chinese Netizens

Cartoon of a man peeking into a refrigerator to see when the light turns off.

From Sina Weibo:

@小野妹子学吐槽: I’m definitely not the only person who has seriously performed this experiment before.

Cartoon of a man peeking into a refrigerator to see when the light turns off.
“Seeing how far you have to close the refrigerator door before the light inside goes out.”

Comments from Sina Weibo:


So you guys have all been looking from the outside?


There’s also me.


Also old-style mobile phone, those with covers [clam shell style].


Done it, but I wasn’t in such a sneaky position.


I thought only I was such a stupid cunt!


That’s me! But in that kind of post, that’s only you!


Also clam shell mobile phones in the past, the lights on notebook computers, where magnetic cases will snap together, how far a door has to be opened so it won’t close by itself, or how far a ruler or pencil can be placed off the edge of a table before it falls. It’s all just studying thresholds.


The light goes off when it presses down on the pointy button inside. Same thing if you press that button normally.


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