10 Beautiful Chinese Women Executed Over the Past 30 Years

Drug trafficker Tao Jing in court.

Ren Xue, one of 10 Chinese "beauties" that have been given the death penalty over the past 30 years in China.

From ifeng:

10 beauties given the death penalty and executed over the past nearly 30 years

19-years-old (some say 23-years-old) Ren Xue from Henan Luoyang [above], young and beautiful, the younger sister to two older brothers. Her eldest brother had a relationship with the eldest daughter of a certain local mine manager surnamed Ding and met opposition by the Ding family including the Ding family’s younger daughter. Afterward, her brother disappeared without a trace, his fate unknown. Ren Xue had a relationship with a certain college student while at school, even becoming pregnant with a child, but was dumped. After a physical fight with her boyfriend, she became disfigured and her disposition became oversensitive and antisocial. Owing to her family not having any connections, Ren Xue had no job whereas the Ding family’s second daughter did despite having inferior academic scores. Photo is of the last moments of Ren Xue’s life.

Ren Xue, one of 10 Chinese "beauties" that have been given the death penalty over the past 30 years in China.

Ren Xue sold her body to mine manager Ding, but mine manager Ding only arranged a waitress job for her. Afterward, mine manager Ding was reported for tax evasion, and the head of the working group that came took a fancy to Ren Xue, with intentions to have her. Mine manager Ding alternated between coercion and inducements, threatening that if she refused to submit herself, she would end up like her elder brother missing with an unknown fate, whereas if she did, she could get a good job. Yet after Ren Xue submitted, there was no good job, because mine manager Ding knew it was better to control Ren Xue by keeping her as a waitress. A furious Ren Xue, working with good friend Cao Linlin, tricked the Ding family’s second daughter out and killed her. Photo: Ren Xue taken before she was sentenced to death.

Liu Jinfeng, one of 10 Chinese "beauties" that have been given the death penalty over the past 30 years in China.

Murderer Liu Jinfeng, female, 20-years-old, with only primary school education, born 1975 in Luge Village of Tuhuai Township in Yuncheng city of Shanxi province, executed according to law 1995 in Xianyang. Liu Jinfeng was abused by her father ever since childhood, was driven out of the family by her uncle and stepfather after her mother died, and from that point on was homeless on the streets. Homeless, she was taken in but then suffered sexual assault and was then forced to have an abortion. After being arrested during an anti-prostitution sweep and serving a year in prison, she was sent back to her hometown, where her stepfather sold her for 1000 kuai to a Mr. Li in Xiling village of Qingyang county in Shaanxi province. Afterward, Mr. Li resold her to a Mr. Hu, a local despot/bully.

Liu Jinfeng, photo taken before execution.

Hu was violent and abusive by nature, an alcoholic, always beating Liu Jinfeng when drunk. From 1992 to 1993, unable to put up with Hu’s humiliation and abuse, Liu Jinfeng sought opportunities to escape multiple times, but was caught and beaten every time. Hu even made a 5kg metal chain to lock Liu Jinfeng at home for long periods of time. At the beginning of 1994, Liu Jinfeng again attempted to escape. After being pursued several kilometers, she was recaptured by Hu who then broke her right leg and thereafter shackled her to a bed. Hu left the village for business but before he left, he entrusted his cousins, a certain Tang and Guan, with custody over Liu Jinfeng. The two of them instead took the opportunity to rape Liu Jinfeng multiple times, causing her to become pregnant.

Liu Jinfeng, about to be executed by a shot to the back of her head.

At the end of 1994, Liu Jinfeng gave birth to a baby boy in Tang’s home. Around Spring Festival 1995, Hu returned home to spend the holidays. Hu was furious, stripped Liu Jinfeng naked, tied her hands behind her back, hung her from a tree, and viciously whipped her, even using a knife to stab her thighs and lower body calling her “adulterer”. torturing her until she was half dead. When Liu Jinfeng regained consciousness, her entire body bloody and mutilated, the pain unbearable, and discovered that her son had already been strangled to death by Hu, she instantly lost her head, mustered all of her strength, and hacked Hu to death with a sickle in his sleep before setting fire to the house. Photo is of Liu Jinfeng before facing her penalty.

Tao Jing, arrested and sentenced to death for drug trafficking for her boyfriend.

Tao Jing, a naturally beautiful Yunnan girl. As a result of carrying drugs for her boyfriend, she was sentenced to death in 1991, at only 20-years-old, becoming the youngest female to be executed in over 50 years. This image is a photo of Tao Jing after being arrested. From the image, relevant personnel can be clearly seen inspecting the items carried by Tao Jing.

Drug trafficker Tao Jing in court.

Tao Jing in court.

Drug trafficker Tao Jing in court.

Tao Jing in court.

Drug trafficker Tao Jing in court.

Tao Jing in court.

A clearly Photoshopped image of Tao Jing.

Tao Jing being escorted to the execution grounds.

Tao Jing eating her last meal.

Tao Jing eating her very last meal.

Tao Jing and her body after being executed.

Tao Jing after being executed by shooting.

Drug trafficker Feng Cuiqiong, prior to being executed.

Feng Cuiqiong, executed by shooting at the same time as Tao Jing, also from Yunnan, also 21-years-old, also for drug trafficking.

Drug trafficker Feng Cuiqiong, prior to being executed.

Feng Cuiqiong, executed by shooting at the same time as Tao Jing, also from Yunnan, also 21-years-old, also for drug trafficking.

Drug trafficker Feng Cuiqiong, prior to being executed.

Feng Cuiqiong, executed by shooting at the same time as Tao Jing, also from Yunnan, also 21-years-old, also for drug trafficking.

Song Dan, one of 10 beautiful Chinese women to have been executed over the past 30 years.

1986, Song Dan was born to an average rural family in Nanyang township of Ruichang city of Jiangxi province. When she was 13-years-old, she was raped multiple times by a Nanyang Middle School teacher surnamed Song, and not long after again seduced multiple times into sexual relations by her uncle-in-law. Although these two offenders were respectively sentenced to 9 years and 8 years of imprisonment, they caused Song Dan great psychological damage. After she grew up, her parents’ reckless and unreasonable method of upbringing with scolding and hitting further deepened her resentment and rebellion.

Song Dan, one of 10 beautiful Chinese women to have been executed over the past 30 years.

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Song Dan, drifting in society, became addicted to the internet, making a large amount of internet friends, learned to smoke, drink, and staying out all night without returning home. One morning around National Day holiday in 2005, after just turning 18-years-old, Song Dan was taken to the execution grounds. It was because she plotted, kidnapped, and murdered her boyfriend that Song Dan was sentenced to death by the Jiangxi Jiujiang Intermediate People’s Court. What more, this girl claimed she only trying to get money to go see her idol, Liu Xiang.

He Yuqiong, just before execution.

He Yuqiong, executed for trafficking women.

Lai Xiangjian, one of 10 beautiful Chinese women to be executed over the past 30 years.

Lai Xiangjian, executed by shooting in the early 90s, allegedly for killing her own husband with the man she was having an affair with, dying only in her 20s.

Lai Xiangjian murdered her husband with her lover.

Lai Xiangjian, executed by shooting in the early 90s, allegedly for killing her own husband with the man she was having an affair with, dying only in her 20s. Image is of Lai Xiangjian during sentencing.

Lai Xiangjian murdered her husband with the help of her lover.

Lai Xiangjian, executed by shooting in the early 90s, allegedly for killing her own husband with the man she was having an affair with, dying only in her 20s. Image is of Lai Xiangjian during sentencing.

Liu Yiping.

Liu Yiping, Guangzhou Baiyun Airport ticketing agent, executed after being convicted of embezzling 550,000, the illicit gains recovered. While in prison before her execution, she corresponded with her husband many times, and wrote over 10,000 words down in a diary, expressing her remorse for her crime. She was executed by shooting at 23 years of age.

Liu Yiping, sentenced to die for embezzling 550,000.

Liu Yiping saved everything she had embezzled, not spending a single cent, therefore not causing any irreversible economic losses, yet was still sentenced to death. Because it was a high point in cracking down on economic crimes, she was made an example of.

Dong Ying and two others murdered an entire family.

22-year-old Dong Ying was a member of Qingdao Shinan District sub-district office and had an extreme greed for money. She colluded with Zhang Hongwei and Gu Tao to trick Yang Qian, the daughter of Qingdao Zhanshan police officer Yang Bucong, into going to Nanjing under the guise of studying abroad. There, they injected her with anesthesia but upon seeing that she did not die, Dong Ying went out to buy more anesthetics to inject her with, but ultimately the alive and well Yang Qian had to be smothered to death, robbed of 61,000 yuan.

Dong Ying sentenced to death for the murder of an entire family.

Afterward, under the guise of treating them to a meal to discuss going abroad to visit [their daughter], the three murdered Yang Bucong and wife Xu Chunmei. This resulted in a shocking “entire family murdered” case. When the court sentenced Zhong Hongwei, Dong Ying, and Gu Tao to death for murder, robbery, and illegal trafficking of guns and ammunition, female criminal Dong Ying collapsed to the ground.

Liu Yu, murdered her boyfriend before trying to commit suicide.

Liu Yu and Wang X, both living in Pukou, were classmates throughout primary and middle school but lost touch after graduating. In 1998, a chance encounter sparked a romantic relationship between Liu Yu and Wang. In November 1999, Wang went to Jinhua in Zhejiang province for work, and the two began exchanging letters to keep in touch. Missing Wang, Liu Yu even went to Jinhua alone to see Wang, and Wang was extremely moved. However, Liu Yu felt a sliver of distress and a lot of pressure because she was only a middle school graduate while Wang was aggressively and ambitiously preparing to apply for college, and Wang’s mother demanded that she earn a college diploma or not be allowed to enter their family.

With only a middle school education, Liu Yu murdered her boyfriend to avoid losing him.

Liu Yu searched for work everywhere but failed due to her low educational qualifications, adding to her “sense of crisis”. At the same time, she also felt the relationship between Wang and her was not as strong as before, and gradually developed a pessimistic outlook. As a result, Liu Yu purchased sleeping pills and a fruit knife, preparing to commit suicide, but upon thinking of Wang whom she deeply loved and being reluctant to part with him, she instead asked Wang to meet her at a hotel. After they met that night, Liu Yu secretly placed 40 tablets of sleeping pills into the coffee she had prepared for Wang to drink. After Wang feel asleep, the idea of dying together with Wang suddenly came to Liu Yu. So, she put on her clothes, retrieved the knife from her bag, aimed it at Wang, and stabbed him. After killing her boyfriend, Liu Yu again went out to buy sleeping pills, planning to commit suicide, but was arrested by the police.

Comments from ifeng:

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湖北省鄂州市网友 ezzhb:

Since ancient times, beautiful women have been ill-fated, because of their beauty, but even more because of an unequal society. It is mine manager Ding and the head of the working group who truly deserve to die. One weak woman, how is she supposed to protect herself? So sad, such a pity!

河北省保定市网友 枫叶晚情:

Instead of executing major criminals and evildoers, only the weak and small and executed. This is the shamelessness of China’s laws/legal system.

四川省网友 当沧桑不以泪洒:

Don’t be too emotional, China cannot wantonly abolish the death penalty. China’s high courts are like this, those who shouldn’t be executed are, while those who should aren’t. Executed and not executed, the decision is always correct.

上海市浦东新区网友 hhsm333:

Apart from the drug trafficker, as well as the adulterer who murdered her husband, the rest should not have been executed, and even blameless/innocent of committing a crime. The first few should have been overturned/exonerated, and given compensation by the state.

北京市网友 手机用户:

What kind of law/legal system is this? A lot of these are all different degrees of justifiable self-defense. In China, that’s worthy of the death penalty?

上海市网友 手机用户:

These members of the state machine who shoot people in the back of the head, I wonder if they’re able to sleep at night? Taking the lives of these young people, some of whom are innocent and only guilty of minor forgivable crimes, I wonder if they’re able to find peace in their lives?

河南省平顶山市网友 流泪中国:

The editor was too careless with the images, even posting obviously PS‘d photographs. One should investigate clearly the details of a case before making conclusions, not just post some things found on the internet. The description of Ren Xue’s case in the article simply has never been heard of before!

河南省驻马店市网友 woaiwc88:

Fake, the photo of Tao Jing supposedly in 1991 being executed, I noticed that the shoulder straps of the police behind her are those after the change in uniforms. However in 1991, the uniforms had not yet been changed, such a deception to the masses, and the fourth photo is even more PS‘d photograph. Those with a discerning eye can tell with just one look.

辽宁省鞍山市网友 中国大龙:

An individual’s sadness, a society’s sadness.

北京市网友 手机用户:

It doesn’t matter how big the crime, those with money will not suffer the consequences. Those without money, however, will be shot even for the smallest crime. This is what China is like.

四川省成都市网友 手机用户:

Women commit crimes are always because of a man who deserves to die! None of these women deserved to die!

天津市网友 手机用户:

Shot for embezzling 550,000? Then what about those who are now embezzling hundreds of millions, how come we don’t see anything happening to them?

东省东莞市网友 手机用户:

How come Guo Meimei isn’t amongst them? Didn’t she embezzle as well?

北京市网友 BFENG12003:

How many souls who died unjustly are watching China? In China, when can we truly give the weak the chance to avoid being wronged?

What do you think?

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • lol

    Most of these aren’t even above average looking imo…

    • Just John

      Well, I do like the picture of Ren Xue.

      Also, if the picture of Feng Cuiqiong , or is it Song Dan (So hard to tell if the captions are of girls above, or below), is the girl in the blue dress, she has a nice side boob shot.

      Tao Jing actually has sort of a noble quality to her looks, but not saying I would label her as “beautiful”.

      As for the others, I have to agree with you.
      What can you say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

      • anon

        Captions are below. Beauty is subjective. I wonder how ugly the others were though if these were selected as the beautiful ones.

    • lol
    • Fred

      Every Chinese woman thinks it will never happen to her. Until it does.

      Remember Pastor Niemoller.

    • AdaLove

      Wow you people are complete cretins.

  • FYIADragoon

    Mistreatment like this, and its a wonder why the entire country isn’t full of Wendi Dengs.

    • Just John

      I would agree that, based on what this page says, some of these are tragedies, others, not so much.

      But, keep in mind the following:
      We do not know all the facts.
      It could be that there is more to what happened.
      It could also be that instead some are being made examples, so getting the maximum penalty (embezzlement?).

      Wrongs have happened in other systems too, so again, don’t label it as a “Only in China” situation.

      After all, how many prisoners in the US have been imprisoned, and even executed, only to have DNA evidence years later prove they were innocent?

      How many others have been given penalties in other countries that do not seem to “fit the crime”?

      Some of these here can be factored as “Not thinking of the consequences”, such as the drug trafficking charges.
      Even I know that their punishment is death. All I had to do is read the signs in the airport…
      Stupidity is not an excuse. And although I would say things like the drug trafficking is overly harsh, it is their law.

      My view is this: Do not commit the crime if you aren’t willing to face the full consequences of it. Would definitely lower the amount of crimes committed.

      As for those who are truly the victims and the justice system failed them, those are the ones we should truly feel sympathy for.

      • Brett Hunan

        Agreed, and also I think that its worth noting how the netizens are calling injustice not only because the crimes committed by the girls. But also there are similar crimes being committed that go unpunished, or much less severely punished.

        Also, about the netizens comments about these being fake stories…. I think that even if that is the case, it brings awareness to the true stories of people being abused their entire lives and then getting effed just as hard by the law with no justice brought upon the people who turned them into criminals.

        • anon

          I think that comment is referring to some of the photos being fake, being Photoshopped, not that the stories are fake though one of them does suggest that at least one of the captions don’t seem to be accurate to what he knows.

        • Irvin

          Equality is a myth, this is more apparent in china than other countries but no matter where we are we’re still in a dog eat dog world.

          • China needs every point of leverage possible, so “man-eats-dog” is a lifestyle choice designed to maximize one’s ascension in society.

          • rollin wit 9’s

            you are wrong. We are in a Chinese eat dog world!


        Your comments make me sick all the time..you are just a new wu mao party…keep your teacher attitude in your goddam Chinatown where you live

        • Just John

          I am a teacher?
          Better tell that to my employers, who are definitely not a school, but instead a global technology leader.

          Instead of just randomly attacking me, why don’t you try telling me the points you disagree with, hmm?

          The fact that I say “Their policy for drug trafficking is death”?
          I never said I agreed with it, I only said that it is well posted and that it is their penalty.

          That other systems have also wronged people?
          Not even sure what to say if this is the case. Don’t like the truth?

          That we do not know all the facts of the case?
          I guess if this makes you sick, you are claiming that the law is always right, which just makes you ignorant.

          That you should not commit a crime unless you are willing to do the crime?
          Seems more like common sense here, and would stop many crimes if instead of just committing them and assuming they will not have to pay the price. They would probably not do them in the first place.

          That the ones who are victims of a criminal just system should be sympathized?
          Ok, if this makes you sick, I guess the thought of a victim given sympathy also does?
          Makes little sense to me.

          Try actually stating the issue you have with me, instead of just randomly telling me how “sick” I make you. Leads to better intellectual discussions. Also makes you look like you have a brain, since you actually analyse the issues someone discusses and then disagree with the points you have an issue with, instead of a broad brush painting everything said as “making you sick”. But hey, it’s your right to be an idiot.

          I guess that may just be to much for you. Now go teach the kiddies little man.

        • 山炮 ShanPao

          Personally, I think all the comments are wack.

          No matter how serious the crime, death is to grave a punishment.

  • SuperJun

    now, if they did this in America, how many people would think twice about commiting crimes? Tax money going into overcrowded prisons, 75$ a day per prisoner? Screw that.

    • Tommy

      It costs more in legal fees to kill someone than to keep them alive.

      • Brett Hunan

        Not if you do it like the Heavenly Kingdom.

        • Tommy

          True. If you are willing to kill someone without re-examining the evidence against them at least three times, it would be cheaper.

  • vic2u

    Laws are made by god kings and tribal leaders.

    The laws have nothing to do with justice but has all to do with law and order.

    China has sheep controlling laws and the rest of the world have god’s laws with a touch of the king’s laws.

    Not too gross, I have seen worst ways to die.

    In some Arab countries the women are stoned to death for looking at another man.

    Some women in India get an acid bath for kissing and for not kissing a man.

    In Canada women can get killed for cheating.

    • vic2u

      Some may not be killed by the govt but the laws don’t help.

    • Tengu

      Dear “Zipper Head”,

      You actually think there is a law on the books in Canada which states a woman can be given the “death penalty” for cheating.

      In Arab countries the “Acid in the face” is very common, disfigure her so no one else will want her. Stoning is just barbaric.

      In Brazil a man could kill his wife is she offended his honor.

      “god kings”…next time you’re driving around in your bus (Who are you Ralph Kramden), let me know how many tribes and “god kings” you see…methinks your universe is perpendicular to ours.

      Now I can go to sleep with a smile on my face, you say the dumbest shit and I hope you keep it up brother at least you’re not boring!

      You’re dumb as a day old dog turd, but you’re not boring

      • vic2u

        Well I was trying to stay away but little maggots like you needs attention too.

        That’s all you get.

      • vic2u

        “You actually think there is a law on the books in Canada which states a woman can be given the “death penalty” for cheating.”

        Not what I said, right?

        (“If the Shariah is used in Canada, I also feel threatened here,” said protester Nasrin Ramzanali.)

        So I said this, “In Canada women can get killed for cheating. And “Some may not be killed by the govt but the laws don’t help.”

        You know crapola, that makes you kind of like a whitey showing off to the Chinese dummies in China.

        • Tengu

          “In Canada women can get killed for cheating.”


          “Some may not be killed by the govt but the laws don’t help.”

          Two separate posts, not the same continuous thought.

          No one on this thread brought up Sharia law, except you and you’re making inane assertions about it. Women can’t be stoned for “looking at another man.”

          You really do crack me up, you’re a venomous little thing, keep it coming…I find you very amusing..like a pet mongoose only not as smart or quick!

      • Danilo

        Murder, of any kind, under any circumstance is a very serious crime in Brazil. Maximum sentence for murder is 30 years in prison, I think. But the more violent crimes get several maximum sentences, to be served one after another. Like, 4 maximum sentences, pal, you are going to spend 120 years in prison. It´s the brazilian way of sentencing someone for life. (but usually child murderers and rapists are killed by other inmates during the first month).

    • Jay

      Hey vic2u! Yeah you!

      Hate more. Let it fill you.

      Like fire it fills you and warms from within.

      Hate. Hate. Hate.

      Dance, little troll, and hate for me.

      Hate harder! Faster!

      Fill yourself with rage!

      You’re not glowing, yet, little troll. I bet you can’t.

      • vic2u

        Hate is for maggots and you.

        What makes you think I hate whatever?

        You know I am just attacking your white ass lies in front of some of these white loving Chinese.

        • Jones

          Look at how the burning fires of hatred fill him with rage. As he clenches his teeth and angrily types a reply, his palms and fingers start to tingle uncontrollably. The hateful energy is too much! He has to hit something! He flings the mouse to the side and starts slamming his pillow onto the mattress. He hits it a few times, thinking about how much he hates white people (or whatever it is he hates) as he releases his anger through semi-violent strikes against his bedding. Having done so, the violent part of the energy has subsided and he collapses onto the same bed he so hatefully abused. Sobbing, he clenches his teeth and fists once again, asking someone…anyone…”why?” Why can’t he seem to exact revenge on these people he hates so much? Why does this have to happen to him? Why can’t they just stay out of his life? Why can’t he be happy? He slams his fist a few more times onto the mattress before sobbing a bit longer. He now has a throbbing headache. “Perfect”, vic2u says to himself while yawning between sobs. He slowly falls asleep as the snot starts to dry and crust around his nostrils. His eyes will be puffy and red when he wakes up.

          • vic2u

            I am the only few trolls here, whitey.

            Go find a China gal to beat up.

          • Jones

            You don’t like my vic2u fan-fiction? I took a little bit of time on that. I mean, I guess I could have spent more time describing the setting, but I thought it was a great start.

          • Lang Lang

            Jones…for what it’s worth, I thought it was stirring and thought provoking. 3 Snaps!

    • mao420

      wow….you have such an interesting lifestyle. You travel the world to see people die in different ways.
      Please do not mix up with what you heard or read with what actually took place in front of your eyes. “Seeing is beleiving”. You cant post stuff here that you heard at the bar or Mc donalds.

      • vic2u

        mao420 yo white dude, are you talking at me?

        Get out of your fish bowl that you use as a toilet and learn like others that know more than you.

        “do not mix up with what you heard or read with what actually took place in front of your eyes.”


        That means you know nothing but the fish bowl you are in.

        • I am a white dude and I thank GOD that I am an American. There are bad and good people in any race.

          • stevefm fm

            lol yeah because the death penalty doesn’t exit is the US?! Do you even know your own laws? There have been OVER 1,400 prisoners given the death penalty since 1976 in the US and many are thought to have been innocent or mentally ill.

            China’s streets are around FIVE times safer than US streets. They have a FIFTH of the homicide rate of your ‘great’ country. You would be FAR safer living in China. Fool.

    • In canada, death penalty is abolished

      • Except for an act of treason, or losing the Stanley Cup.

  • eattot

    hmm, i feel death and crime and sth else are really far away from me, but sometimes when think about it, it’s really so heavy.
    maybe because there are so many people in china, most of us inssist that death penalty is the right way to against crime.

    • Tengu

      So it’s sort of a population control rather than an inhumane act?

      Remember you will die eventually.

      You’re just young and don’t think about it. As you get older and experience loss it will seem less “heavy”, of course some empathy, introspection and a flurry of synaptic firings would help right now, but that’s not going to happen.

      At least you lost the mask.

      • vic2u

        It’s OK eattot, that Tengu is a freaking trollonutbar.

        What he says anyway, anybody?

        Dunno and don’t care.

        • VICtim2Urself:

          Freedom of expression is a powerful thing. People who aren’t used to it can become overwhelmed with how intoxicating it can be to finally find a place where they can freely express the way they feel, finally.

          But then comes the responsibility of using this expression: how is this freedom used, and then how is it abused? Because it’s a freedom, you’re free to say whatever you want, but what you express isn’t necessarily a good thing. Because people like you use the freedom of expression to:
          a) show how ignorant you are
          b) show how poor your logic, reasoning and arguing skills are
          c) show how unworthy you are to be respected and listened

          There exists the type of (Chinese) troll in which they abandon all reasoning, self-contradict themselves and attempt to use arguments against themselves by using them first as a pre-emptive measure.

          1) You, VICtim2Urself, are a troll.
          2) You are trolling.
          3) You are replying to a comment that you say you can’t understand
          4) By replying to this comment, you are giving it attention when you say you don’t want to give it attention.

          Now sirrah: blahblahblah away! Reason doesn’t exist for you! Fly upon wings of irrationality in the grandeur of your own mind! Continue to lose face as more and more people come to ignore you/flame you. Give credence to your opponents by becoming the very thing they are critical of you for.

          Fly little birdie! May spite, ignorance and fear be the “whine” beneath your wings!

          • vic2u

            Another pinko commie whitey.

            Free speech with rules from the great terroir dog.

      • anon

        I don’t think eattot was suggesting that the death penalty is used as population control. I think she was saying that because there are so many people here, life can become “cheap” and society may adopt the attitude that executing a criminal may well be more efficient (at solving the problem of removing a bad apple from the bunch) than locking them up or trying to rehabilitate them, especially when there are limited resources and people have more important things to worry about than trying to “fix” a troublemaker.

    • Irvin

      There are a lot of under educated people in china, with the lack of education leads to lack of deeper reasoning and thinking.

      The thinking of a lot of people here in china is like the pawns in chess, only know to move and eat one way, eye for an eye, life for a life.

    • I stilll don’t see eye-to-eye with your opinion, but I agree with Tengu about losing the mask. One rule: no duckfaces, please.

      • eattot

        what does your duckfaces mean?
        i look like a duck???
        one thing i agree is my lips stick up like duck, that’s what you mean?

        • 哎呀,美妹,请你别介意!这不是我的意思,让我来解释一下,好不好?


          那,duckface 的意思给你解释…… 美妹,这个话不是说你不好看,就是说请你别噘嘴,男人不喜欢,这样的表色叫 “duckface”。


          East – West relations…. fixed! That’s enough of my work as an ambassador for today.

          • eattot

            ha, i thought your some young chinese guy studying abroad.
            but as you said i am pretty, i am happy to make friends with you now.but most of time, i do not wanna be pretty, i wanna be special and interesting and smart.

  • ##BlothaLonely##

    So many spelling mistakes and terrible translation of the topic..

    This is a really bad written article..

    • Brett Hunan

      uh oh… Grammar police. DUH Duh duh… “*a* terrible translation” and I think you are missing a “-ly” on “bad”. And “poorly” would be a better choice of words.

    • wallimo

      I think the article is pretty good actually, one way to seperate it and make it more readable would be to add numbers woman 1 woman 2 etc.

      But it’s a sad reflection of a society when a rape victim who kills someone in self defense is exectuted, but a rich kid murders someone while street racing is given a 3 year sentence

    • anon

      I noticed “hometime” instead of “hometown” and I may have taken more liberties with restructuring sentences but otherwise I’d say Fauna’s translation is decent.

  • Lewis

    I’m having trouble understanding how some of them died. Ren Xue’s story is particularly unclear to me.

    • anon

      She murdered mine manager Ding’s daughter, was presumably arrested and sentenced to death. Most of the story is describing her tragic situation that led her to taking revenge upon mine manager Ding.

    • Just John

      I think it is because of this part:
      “A furious Ren Xue, working with good friend Cao Linlin, tricked the Ding family’s second daughter out and killed her”

      The murder of the Ding family’s second daughter appears to be the reason for her execution.

  • Andy

    You have put the photos of another murderess called Chen Danlei as Tao Jing.

    It should be obvious from the clothing style that the photos are not from 1991, but from 2006. Indeed, the photo of the girl eating her last meal is probably the real Tao Jing, as it is a completely different woman.

    Here is the story of Chen Danlei……

    She was sentenced to death but given a life sentence.

    • pervertt

      I found the picture of Tao Jing eating her last meal particularly sad. I don’t think that anyone who is about to face death would have a good appetite. She is probably eating to avoid the fearsome fate of becoming a hungry ghost.

  • Andy

    Also, ‘Song Dan’ is using a photo of the Korean/Japanese singer ‘Sonim’ !

    Come on Chinasmack, can’t you even use TinEye image reverse search !

    • anon

      Can’t you click on the source link and see it was the original ifeng article that got it wrong? Or that chinaSMACK even translated Chinese netizen comments questioning the images as well?

      You’re seeing a translation of what Chinese netizens themselves saw and responded to.

    • Just John

      Actually, as fauna always does, the pictures used are the same pictures that is used on the original article.

      If you go through more stories, you will note that fauna always uses what is in the original article.

      She does not edit for accuracy,
      She does not alter for correctness,

      She translates and posts. Then you get to see the same thing (except translated into English) as the original Chinese article it is based on.

      Feel free to point out they are incorrect, but don’t attribute the mistake to chinasmack, they did exactly as they always do. The mistake is from the original posting, so feel free to click the link at the top (the link from “From ifeng:”) and head off to that original posting and tell them they made a mistake.

      Your information though is useful for us to know when we are evaluating the information. The sideboob distracted me to much so my brain did not process the image consistency, just the delicious sideboob (or would it be better to say the wrong head did the thinking?).

      o, and thank you very much for the link for “Sonim”, with even more delicious sideboob pics to mush up my brain!

      • vic2u

        What can the Chinese expect from westerners taking over a supposed Chinese website.

        Fake news and western style propaganda.

        • Just John

          I know, we can expect b-tards, right????

          Typical thread in 4chan:
          User 1 posts a gif of a petite Asian girl smothering fecal matter all over her face.
          User 2 responds with “Sauce”
          User 3 responds with “Moar”
          User 4 responds with “fap fap fap”
          User 5 responds with “This is the first time i’ve been to this website… haha you douchebags are fucking lame as hell.
          User 6 responds with “must be newfag”
          (From http://4chan.urbanup.com/2931051)

  • Danny

    Casey Anthony is laughing her ass off right now reading this article.

    • Just John

      Hey, you know you would have hit that (shit, just look up the Google images recommendation “casey anthony partying”)
      Sorry, my mind is still on sideboob girl…

  • Song of the Article

    Woman On The Tier (I’ll See You Through)
    – Suzanne Vega


    • Just John

      I look more at Bohemian Rhapsody.

      Someone struggling, who ends up killing someone, and goes through the emotional state over having commited that action, to finally decend into hell and be confronted by the devils.

      “Mama I just killed a man,
      Put a gun against his head, pulled my trigger, now he’s
      Mama, life had just begun,
      But now I’ve gone and thrown it all away”

      “Gotta leave you all behind and face the truth
      Mama, ooh, I don’t want to die,
      I sometimes wish I’d never been born at all”

      “Magnifico I’m just a poor boy and nobody loves me
      He’s just a poor boy from a poor family,
      Spare him his life from this monstrosity”

      Quoted the parts that resonate with me in this song and seem to connect with some of the stories:
      Poverty, rashness, unthinking, reflection, regret.

  • HubeiJames

    The first one (Ren Xue) is the only one I would call beautiful.

  • MattUK

    Some truly sad stories.
    Especially that of Liu Jinfeng, I have seen the “full” pictures of her terrible fate and always wondered who she was and what she’d done.
    We will not progress as a species until we all abolish the death penalty. It is nearly always the poor, disadvantaged and stupid who suffer.
    The state should not have the right to take the lives of its citizens, it can always be abused and used for its own ends.
    It is not a deterent to crime, if it were we would be crime free and there wouldn’t be any executions.
    All it is, is a simple act of bloody revenge and revenge is not a logical action, it is an emotional one.
    The value of a society is based on the quality of its mercy and how it treats the people at the lowest end of that society.

    • Wow, one sane comment. Thanks Matt.

      The issue here is the death penalty. Any rational examination of capital punishment shows that it fails on all fronts. Matt has made the main points.

      There is no appeal from death.
      It puts the power to kill in state hands.
      It does not bring victims back.
      It is inhumane and dehumanizing.
      It does not deter crime.

      It is simply a tool of power and intimidation and is every bit as disgusting as a criminal murder.

      • Rick in China

        You’d think differently had a ‘guilty’ murderer been let free after several years due to a good lawyer and legal loophole, following up with a repeat crime on one of your family members. DOJ reports 56% of violent offenders are repeat offenders. Your argument is taking away from the result by looking at incorrect points or incorrectly analyzing them.

        * There is no appeal from death.
        — That’s the whole point.
        * It puts the power to kill in state hands.

        — It puts the power to punish via execution into the hands of the judiciary and a trial by peers.

        * It does not bring victims back.
        — This is a ridiculous statement.
        * It is inhumane and dehumanizing.
        — So is allowing a murder to run free should there be some minor mistake in processing. We err in the favor of the defendant, though, so even in the current model there is likely to be a higher likelihood of INHUMANE practice in the form of ‘guilty gone free to murder again’ than in the form of ‘execution of a free man’.
        * It does not deter crime.
        — That’s a bullshit statement. It deters crime because offenders aren’t able to commit crime again, and it deters crime “more-so” than a punishment of life in prison where many already-criminals are more comfortable socially than in free society.

  • typingfromwork

    Wow, these are some sad stories.

    Appart from the smuggler and embezzlers, who I don’t have much sympathy for, the rest are very sad cases and I feel a lot of sympathy for them.

    Actually not the batshit insane girl at the end. WTF?

    Also this would have not even been on the radar had it been “10 ugly bitches executed over the last 30 years”. Shows how much we are obsessed by “beauty (I mean, these girls aren’t even that good looking, really)” as a society, huh?

  • This is the most depressing article on ChinaSmack after that one about “Death by 1000 cuts”

    • staylost

      I agree.

      It is easy to execute the powerless. Whenever a woman tries to fight back against long term rape, you’ve got to execute her. It is the socialist way.

  • Marsvin

    If only they hadn’t been “beauties” then we could’ve just executed the lot of them and never thought of them again.

    • Brett Hunan

      I get the satire…..

      I figured there would be scores of people complaining that these girls get mentioned only because of youth or appearance.

      A lot less comments than I had originally figured.

      • Marsvin

        Not sure if this needs explanation but of course I’m not saying they don’t deserve to be mentioned. But why it is when these tragedies are reported the first word mentioned is “beauty” so-n-so committed suicide or was murdered or whatever? Because apparently we don’t give a crap if you’re not a beauty.

  • [email protected]

    Let’s make an example out of some simple, naive and young person who has been caught embezzling. Let’s have them executed. Let’s end their life, killing them, and making an example of them. Let’s do all of this because ultimately it will make people forget that we the vast majority of China’s government are actually the ones who should be held accountable for acts of greed, corruption and exploitation. Let’s murder this stupid girl who in reality could have just gone to jail and learned her lesson, because really we need to take the attention away from us, those who are morally and ethically bankrupt, those who are raping the economy, those are bleeding the country dry, those who are designing that China forever be a ‘developing nation’. Let’s make this girl, and all others like her be our scapegoats so that we can glut and copulate and render this fair country void of value while we the ‘official state’ be forever rich and golden. R.I.P. not, you silly misguided youth’s, who perhaps may have only committed minor felonies, but who, perchance being born her in the P.R.China are now dead because of those who suck this country’s blood and feed like carrion on its meat and sustenance.

    Too sad.

  • kevinnolongerinpudong

    Will the system that produced these crimes ever be executed?

  • Kelly

    they are killers, but if they have another choice, they would not choose to be killers, they are being choose to be “killers”

  • Interested

    If you do the crime, you deserve the shit. Beauty would not save you. If does, it is not justice.

  • “Beauty is not promise of happiness.” as said Stendal, the 19th century French writer.
    By reading the tormented lives of these beautiful women, I felt sadness maybe because the feeling that their fate was predestined at craddble for living in a particular society. If they were not shot down for cheating the laws of society to survive, they could be killed by people’s sexual abuse or treason, poverty, and the lack of education to find a good job, But i am sure of one thing: I believe if they lived in other countries, those beautiful woman should become more respectful persons because they will find more help or opportunities for having a better life and ending in that world.

  • freddynyc

    This is one reason I would never visit a backward 3rd world country like China. BTW how can you eat your last meal like that? I guess she was really hungry….

    • Chef Rocco

      Right choice for ya, instead, go to visit Norway, the most developed country, If you get killed by Breivik accidentally, don’t worry, they would treat him nicely as you wish, he would have decent meals every day prepared by a chef like me, watch HD TV, exercise in a modern fitting room. and after seven years, he would vacation at weekends with a girl, fucking her like crazy with your humane soul watching from the ceiling happily.

      freddy, go to Norway instead China….

  • Who ever could have thought beautiful women ever got executed? Only ugly ones right? Or just mean ones? But then again when it comes to gender and human riots violations as most of these women have suffered what does it matter how a woman looked?

    Not that women in the Western world aren’t metaphorically killing themselves for preferred ideals either…


    • Justin

      What about Mata Hari? She was pretty gorgeous.

    • Stephen Heleotis


  • Interested

    Most pathetic thing is to blame society for one’s crime. Well, for people with political agenda, every thing is exploited.

  • 平凡人

    This happens all over the world, whether they should be executed really depends on the law; unless the law is not written clearly.
    The embezzlement case bing executed kind of surprise me, as for the rest; execution would have been the fate in many countries around the world.

    • LonelyPlanet

      I agree with what you’ve said….but:

      “execution would have been the fate in many countries around the world” Not if they have abolished the death penalty

  • mr. weiner

    All you can really say about this is China executes a shiteload of people. Anyone who says that china is too big a country to rule humanely is a douchebag and women [pretty or not] are at the bottom end of asian society [most asian societies OK?] and get the shitty end of the stick.

  • Justin

    Well, speaking as someone who is an opponent of the death penalty in every circumstance, I can say that many of these cases are truly tragic and inhumane, especially those women who had been abused. In America, those would be looked at as “mitigating circumstances.”

    However, in America, legal concepts such as these have had more than 200 years to develop under somewhat ideal conditions with an independent judiciary. The PRC, which is only 60 years old, 30 of which were spent in bitter internal struggles, famine etc., has kind of gotten a slow start on this whole “rule of law” thing, but if you read the news, it’s starting to catch up.

    Rule of law didn’t even enter into public discourse until the Jiang Zemin administration in the 1990s and even then it was limited. Most of these cases are from the 90s, and, believe it or not, China has made substantial progress since then, with the number of crimes eligible for the death penalty reduced and rising voices calling for it to be abolished outright.

    Meanwhile, my home state of Texas executes more people per capita than China and my country, under a Democratic president, (Bill Clinton) actually moved things in the opposite direction, making MORE crimes eligible for the death penalty.

    So in summation, executing people is wrong everywhere. I don’t trust the state with the power over life and death, especially in light of the DNA exonerations that I often heard about when I used to report on the Criminal Justice committee at the Texas Legislature. While this is true, I don’t think people in the West should use China’s use of the death penalty as a club to bash it with, unless you also condemn Western powers that still use the death penalty.

    • MattUK

      All the death penalty says is “Do as we say not as we do”
      It is wrong to take the life of another human being and to prove it we will take your life!
      What logic is that?
      Surely a society should set an example & give its citizens a blueprint on how to behave. A society will show mercy to a criminal, mercy that was denied to the victim.
      Why?….to prove that we are better than them, to show that this is the way you behave in society.
      This doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be punished. They should!. Lock them up for the rest of their life and I mean life, take away their potential and let them reflect on the choices that they have made daily.
      I don’t have an axe to grind with China, just every country that still has this misguided policy of state murder on their books…yes, USA, Japan & South Korea I’m looking at you too!

      • Rick in China

        You point fingers and call other people misguided. What makes your form of justice so much more just?

        Get off your soapbox. You say “All the death penalty says is “Do as we say not as we do”” – that’s bullshit. The death penalty says “Don’t commit this crime, for if you’re found to be guilty, you will be denied life.” It has nothing to do with “the golden rule” – and if you can’t sort that logic out yourself there’s no point to continue that discussion.

        “Lock them up for the rest of their life” – what’s so much better about this than the death penalty? It costs society an ENORMOUS amount of money to harbor criminals. Lets say someone kills someone, is thrown in prison, and stays there for 30 years – do you have any idea how much that costs tax payers? I think on avg. in US it’s like $30k/yr/prisoner. Do you find it more humane, or more of a torturous punishment to lock someone up ‘forever’ vs. ending their life?

        You talk about “we” being better than “them”. Many people do things out of circumstance, perhaps circumstances many people would end up acting out in a similar fashion if they were faced with the situation – that’s life. You think you’re “better” than every criminal who commits a heinous crime? I agree, you do have an “axe to grind”, but it’s not with “every country that still..” – in fact, I think it’s with yourself, you’ve obviously a chip on your shoulder.

        • Just John

          Eh Rick, now I just think you want to argue with him.

          I have found that talking about the death penalty is about as effective as talking about religion, politics, and how to raise your children.

          Even sensible people can turn into rabid dogs that refuse to even consider any information that is contrary to their opinion.

          But hey, I am always up for a good debate, even if no one wins, so feel free to continue.

          You should ask him about Manson and Hitler, that would make it even more fun.

  • Scytheria

    What is with the coarse rope around their necks, even during their alleged ‘trials’? It’s pretty much a foregone conclusion when you’re lead into the courtroom trussed up like a thanksgiving turkey.

    Am I imagining it, or are most of the guards in the background clones? The same completely dispassionate, unquestioning, unthinking vacant expression. Or do they select these guards based on some genetic/racial quality – they look identical to me.

    The world has so much death, I cannot comprehend how anyone can justify the killing of another human being in an attempt to deliver justice or maintain law and order.

    • The rope is a physical representation of “the truth is a difficult pill to swallow”.

    • Mel

      My Beijing born wife told me the rope is to squelch any outbursts.

  • Leo

    Beauties? More like UGLIEEEEEES.

  • gungun

    ok, now im kind of shocked… “Miss sentenced to death beauty contest”??

  • Miki

    Liu Jinfeng’s life story reads like a nightmare. How could anyone in good conscience sentence her to death for surviving a lifetime of rape and torture and avenging her murdered son?

    • LonelyPlanet

      This is where law cuts the line between law and morality. On one hand she has killed someone – even if they deserve to die they have still killed someone! On the otherhand her actions can be justified through the misery she had been through. So…? How can you sentence her? Stick by the law? Let her go easy? It’s a difficult choice for anyone.

  • this is an odd article

  • Markus

    this comment is odd in two ways:

    “上海市浦东新区网友 hhsm333:

    Apart from the drug trafficker, as well as the adulterer who murdered her husband, the rest should not have been executed, ”

    on one side the commenter agrees with the death penalty for drug smuggeling (which is a crime without direct victims), on the other hand thinks that killing a whole family out of pure greed (Dong Ying) doesn’t qualify for death penalty?

    Can’t understand that…

    • jason

      why does china smack only focus on these inane articles involving women and animals and sex? One gets the impression from reading this site that China is more concerned with the behavior of a chinese mistress abroad than current events. I would’ve loved to know what the Chinese people thought of the US debt crisis, but nope, I get to read about yet another article about beautiful chinese women doing something they shouldn’t.

      • anon

        They’re popular?

        See latest post by terroir. Lap dancing video is definitely going to be more popular than discussions about the US debt crisis, both inside and outside of China. Blame human nature.

    • anon

      I imagine the guy was just firing off a quick comment going off memory. He probably forgot Dong Ying that’s all.

  • Xiongmao

    God, what a country. That Liu Jifeng would never even have been prosecuted in a more civilized society.

  • Of Canada

    That photo with Tao Jing dressed in Pink. ..what person in their right mind could look at her and execute her . .just for smuggling some drugs. She didn’t even murder or injure anyone. She looks very beautiful.

  • Xiulan

    Bullshit death penalty.

  • What? Several of those girls are totally unattractive.

  • Dan Danger

    Most of these are sad stories and the women were victims themselves, pushed to their limits by unbearable life conditions or being being beaten by the so called men in their lives. Why execute anybody over embezzling? Of course there are nearly 80 crimes you. Can be executed for in China. No sense of respect for life here. Merciless and cruel mentality that is now now the number 2 economy in the world. China can lead the world with it’s economy based on a system of exports built on near slave labor and labor abuse but will never be a world leader in terms of moral and ethical decency. That will not matter to most people here of course and that on,y makes the matter even more depressing.

    • Feng

      Frankly, China believes that all the society problems can be solved by the economical development, and has no interest in becoming the leader of the world. Also China does not want to preach anything to anybody.

  • Koreansentry

    They’re not beautiful, they’re ugly women at their hearts.
    China needs women, just execute men!

  • Red

    Ren Xue second photo.. it was a fake probably photoshoped photo..

  • Bunny Olesen

    That woman who was thrown into the streets and had to prostitute herself, put into jail, and sold by her own family, then by someone else (to a fucking LUNATIC) should NEVER have been executed. She was held as a slave, raped, tortured, and her baby was MURDERED. Why was these men never caught or arrested? Is it LEGAL in china to SELL PEOPLE AND KILL THEIR BABIES? Or to break their legs and chain them to beds, hang them from trees and torture them? Didn’t anybody know she was there? I felt my entire body filled with rage when I read that story. Mr. HU deserved to be set on fire and slowly burned alive.

    • Leon

      Because in china, if you have testicles, you re #1. Fucking dumb. There is no such thing as real justice in china.

    • LonelyPlanet

      It still doesn’t par the fact she had murdered someone.
      If she was in the UK, she would still have been handed a heavy sentance of atleast 20+ years for murder with diminshed responsibility. And that’s if she’s lucky as murder in the UK is defined as with intention which she has so technically she should have been sentanced to life imprisonment – and that’s because the death penalty was abolished. If it was 60 years ago she would still be execueted.

      • Fed UP with SCAM AMERIKA

        If your refering to the woman who was kidnapped, sold into slavery, beaten, her leg broken and was chained by that monster and her baby murdered….WHY was she even arrested for defending herself and wanting FREEDOM? You know, that word, that thing that American’s used to be so proud of they too would have defended unto death but now allow dirty politicians who are paid off to sign into laws taking away such Freedoms with the stroke of a pen eh? There still remains no justice for the just and leaders have betrayed humanity living like kings–crooked and vile while their people suffer at the hands of their “political leaderships security” to stay in power…What a disgusting world we have ALLOWED to form. We do need another better, newer, world order, but definitely NOT the one the UN and CFR “leaders” propose in which they shall rule with an iron fist worst than anything the world has seen and with all corruptness and worldliness murder by gunpoint from the ‘world peace Officers–oh the redundancy, oh the horrors to come of this beastly empire in the making…is you haven’t a clue what I am talking about then study the illuminati, Ill-UN-nazi’s world leaders meeting in secret, doing false flags, changing laws and changing the world into a Chinese type Police State even worse than what has been before. But they shall ultimately fail and not rise again…that is the prophecy. When the Lord Himself returns to destroy those who destroy the earth.

    • Fed UP with SCAM AMERIKA

      Wow, this is a horrible Dictatorship…as ALL our…and this the system the muslim potus has praised? I’d rather not. Apparently in China women are treated as crap…like in many Society’s today. There is no justice for the just, and the evil get by with anything…many of them the more well to do of society who have stolen their way to the top and sold there souls to the devil. We must fix this wretched world…and stop the unfairness, the corrupt laws and even more corrupt using the laws against the innocents. The banksters and corporate thugs meeting in secret, and those who are spraying the worlds skies and paying for this operation cloverleaf, all most be stopped. Free energy must be released, monsanto and GMO and evil foods and those creating them and wrecking the worlds food crops must be stopped along with the Gates who use money to fund toxic vaccine programs on the less fortunate. We SO need Change but the Change of the NWO elite few in charge now destroying the earth.

  • Willy Wonka

    Some of those women really are attractive. I’m surprised a high level official didn’t have one as a kept woman in exchange for clemency.

  • omg

    Oh, so the victims are punished while the criminals aren’t? I didn’t know China’s law is so upside-down. What’s stopping people from doing crimes then?

  • Leon

    Thank God He will reject the ones who executed these young women. They have their part in the eternal destruction. They are nothing but soulless monsters. Their existence is short. And they will be forgotten.

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  • Tie Ridge

    If only we could inact this law or atleast use of the death pinalty. Dame we could stop building so many prisons. To many crimes go unpunished in the United States. Fireing squad the way to go.

  • demi

    why can’t chinese government just put them for lifetime service instead of giving them death penalty? what a waste of bullets !

    • LonelyPlanet

      How much does a bullet cost? A few cents from the cheapest to $5.
      How much does it cost to put someone on life sentence? £40,000 per year.

  • BeachSlap

    Two comments. First, what is it with the ropes. Are Chinese authorities into S&M? Second, don’t execute your women! China is running out of them and having to import them from Africa.

    • Same question. Anyone?

      • LonelyPlanet

        It’s a sort of shame. They’ve comitted a crime so are tied with ropes and almost paraded in public. This is just tradition I guess; illegal in the UK due to Human Rights Acts that even criminals deserves to keep their identity hidden lol

  • wae lee

    Wanting sons in the one child law and much other atrocities makes me hate my own male kind.

  • Nathan Hazlett

    China continues to carry out the death penalty on an industrial scale- more than all other countries with the death penalty- combined. But only a handful of countries still maintain what, in my view is an outdated practise- China, USA, Iran, Saudi Arabia and a few others- as such, countries wth the death penalty are increasingly isolated.

    The system is deeply flawed, because it ensures that the prosecution will always have the upper hand. Undoubtably many innocents have been executed in China for a variety of reasons- their defence was threatened by the authorities, key evidence was ignored, other circumstances ignored such as domestic abuse the women endured.

    And anyone with enough courage to criticise the government for its treatment of innocents will face persecution and potentially imprisonment- in some cases even torture and death. One need only look at the treatment of brave men like Hu Jia- persecuted for defending innocent young women, and Chen Guancheng

    For proven, serious crimes, criminals should spend a long time in prison. But most of these women are innocent.