Caught: Fake Chinese Military Vehicle License Plates

From KDS:

Our military truly is frugal, 8 cars, 1 license plate!









Comments from KDS:


This is just a harmonious society.


Just be content they aren’t driving some Bugattis, Rolls Royces, AMGs, Ferraris, and the link.


5 series BMW is too shabby, at least have a 7 series.


The vehicle plates have been unified too.


All of this is [was purchased with] their own money, not eligible for government reimbursement~couldn’t possibly be taxpayers’ money…


The People’s Liberation Army is of course for the people, withut good weapons, how could they go up against the people? Oops, I misspoke, I meant to protect the people, right?


五美分 [wu mei fen, “five American cents”], spouting before reading the topic title clearly?

What does this post show?

Fake military vehicle license plates.

Turns out that of the luxurious military plate cars, many are fake!


How do you know they are fake? Are the licenses sold by you?


Does the military need these kind of cars?
That is all us ordinary common people’s blood and sweat money.




With such luxury cars, why are they still going to get fake license plates, mental problem? Unless there is some other unmentionable reason…


Shows that the system has a “BUG”. The police do not stop them [these cars with military plates] and the traffic cameras do not photograph them, because it is the military district’s responsibility, so the police are unable to control them, but then the military district also has no one assigned to control them, because the military has no duty towards traffic control, that’s the traffic police’s responsibility. Either way, if the car is not on the road, nothing can be done, and if it is on the road, they cannot do anything. This country is like this, like dog shit, such a small thing and still a meeting of several thousand people cannot resolve it. And they want to surpass other powerful countries? Keep dreaming.



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Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • Shanghairocks

    What better we can expect from the Chinese ??

    • Jean

      still, you seem to like Chinese stuffs, Shanghairocks!

      • Shanghairocks

        When did I say I dislike “Chinese stuffs” ??

  • ImmortalTechnique

    Rice Rocket with a military plate? It’s actually a test vehicle for the Blitzkrieg Unit: Playing Crazy Frog at high volume and driving in the incoming direction and sidewalk as an alternative urban battle vehicle.

  • Tanya

    Its amazing that people don’t kick off about the military having these cars, very often its some woman taking her kids to the shops, meanwhile people have to pay through the nose for medicine and hospital treatment.

  • I had a friend in Tibet who use to steal bikes/cars in Chengdu city.. this is all he could do to make money back then… he would donate much of the money he made back to offerings to monastery in his local village and take care of his large extended family. In anycase, I remember he said that most of the stolen cars were bought by Chinese police officers and that they would just put special police license (guess he meant military license) which would then be untouchable…seeing this story reminded me of what he said 7yrs ago!!! truly a corrupt society….

  • whichone

    Is the article trying to say

    1. The military has a lot of wasteful spending with all kinds of sports cars?


    2. people are putting up faking military plates to avoid tickets?

    • carl

      Yes and yes.

      I’m pretty sure it was supposed to be about silly military spending. Then the comments pointed out that anyone can buy a fake plate.

  • Wang Er

    The plate 京V02595 belongs to the Central Military Commission (HQ of the PLA). The limousine Hu was standing on when he was reviewing the troop in Oct. 1st had a plate 京V02009. People who faked these military plates have serious problem in the brain since the punishment wouldn’t be unthinkable. It’s not only a violation of traffic laws but also a damage to national security.

    BTW, this post has been on the Internet for at least a year. I bet there were PS works involved. Some photos especially the sports car one look suspicious (check how the plate and the paper on the left laid on the dashboard differently).

    • carl

      I wouldn’t rule photoshop out, but if you’ve ever driven a car (or been in a car (or even looked at the inside of a car, for that matter)) you would notice that the dashboard on the driver side is tilted at a steeper angle due to the steering wheel and instrument gauges.

      • Wang Er

        I have a Toyota sedan but obviously the angle of dashboard on driver’s side in my car is not steep enough to hold a metal plate like this unless I put something behind to support it. The one in the photo almost looked like a sticker attacked to the windshield. I can be wrong since cars have quite different types of dashboard layout.

    • Rick in China

      RE: “The punishment” – it takes a very brazen policeman to challenge someone driving a vehicle with military plates. The chances of being busted unless you commit a serious offense or are in a serious accident of sorts? Not much.

      • Wang Er

        Yes, policemen don’t have the right to issue tickets to vehicles with military plates but military police does. See how a 京V car was towed by MP

        I doubt it’s easy to get a towed car out from a barrack if the plate (especially a HQ one) is faked. The driver better hope they don’t play his car with tanks and machine guns.

  • mechanized

    I’ll bet at 3/4 of the cars in Beijing with military plates are faked.

  • LoveChinaLongTime

    I usually just key the shit out of any mil plate vehicle I see parked annoyingly and brazenly.

    Usually one should look for a slew of registration stickers on the upper corner of the passenger side windshield to see if it’s real, or at least mostly real. Notice all the cars in the photos above sharing the same number have NO stickers on that part of the windshield…

  • HJ

    That’s a good point about why someone would take the risk to have a fake white plate. I don’t think people would do it if they didn’t think they could get out of it with a juicy bribe. I’m not sure though.

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  • Righteous American

    There is probably a simple and innocent explanation for this.

  • What a joke. In my day real military men only drove cars that could, in case of emergency, run on baijiu. The PLA is getting soft.

    • Koji Kabuto

      haha general Yan Xi Shan… you’re such a joker

  • Bokamba

    I was taken aback by the fact that the civilian police don’t (or can’t) stop cars with military license plates. It tells you who holds ultimate power in China. Certainly not the people, not the civilian government, not the Party, but the PLA. Hopefully this will change.

    • Koji Kabuto

      The PLA needs to go. and a Chinese national military defense force needs to be established in its place.

  • milkfiddle

    corruption rules!!!!

  • milkfiddle

    people are free in China to do as they like they just need some money or a good friend, sounds like Heaven..
    Real freedom
    cannot beat it.
    If you make a mistake like er Kill someone with yer car when you are pissed / no worries!
    Real free life down with the UK!
    I don’t give a fuck about anyone I am Chinese!
    I am Chinese
    I am Rich

    • pimp_war

      You my friend, rock.

  • Shanghai Brit

    The whole military privilege thing I find a bit pathetic. You see it on cars but you also see it in banks and on the subway, signs saying ‘elderly, disabled or military first’. Why would they give their military such privileges? To attract more people into the military. And why is this attractive? Because in China people want to have more power than others, people want to seem better than others and they want to rub it in the face of others.

  • doomed bean

    Laws mean nothing in china

  • kailing Fan

    On the week to Oct. 1 in Beijing, there was an accident near my road. I happened to pass by in the bus. It was a small military bus… but the plates (front and back) were covered with newspapers… it really called my attention more than if they have just let them visible… but you know, avoid leaving tracks, if you happened to take a picture… you can not say it was a military bus in an accident just before oct 1. It is not harmonious… better cover it up!

  • [email protected]

    i remember reading some guys got very heavy sentences for fake military plates, like 7 years

    great rewards and not too great a chance to get caught but if u do, ur screwed, same as any crime anywhere.

    except the PLA officers in audi a6s of course……

  • A black Audi with white plates make you untouchable.
    I wish I had the balls to rock that.

  • AG

    hahahaha. they are just great.
    how can they do that, they seem so rich with nice cars. hahaha