Chengguan Manhandle Street Peddler in Front of Her Toddler

Chengguan is choking the female peddler.

From Sina Weibo:

@郑渊洁: March 6, reporter Li Zhanjun took a set of photos like these on a street in Guangzhou: A mother with a child around the age of 2 who had been peddling on the streets was subject to law enforcement. The law enforcers choked the mother and handcuffed her in front of her 2-year-old child. The little girl burst into tears. Before this mother was put into the police car, she crouched down to hug her terrified crying daughter goodbye, unable to hug her child because her hands were handcuffed behind her back. Having hands but being unable to hug one’s own child, March, what has happened to you?

Photos taken by reporter Li Zhanjun.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


When there isn’t even the most basic respect given to the people, when the most basic sense of security and dignity can’t even be protected, how can we still be talking about happiness, trust, harmony, and morality?


I don’t know who granted them with such power, for them act so arrogant and unbridled again and again! They exercise their power by looting, smashing and beating! They are bandits! The next generation will eventually grow up, and you guys are teaching them what hatred is with your own actions! [弱]


[怒][怒] She only wants to make a living. Those who steal and rob you don’t arrest, what does arresting an unarmed woman make you? [鄙视]


In fact, the one who’s been hurt the most is the child’s little heart. One can imagine what she will think of the society she’ll soon face. Sad and resentful!


They always bully the poor and the powerless, if she had money to pay tax and set up a store, she wouldn’t be a peddler!


Isn’t law enforcement supposed to give a sense of security to the ordinary common people? Yet look how terrified these law-enforcers have made the ordinary common people feel.


Slaughter these sons of bitches, not the slightest but of humanity! Fuck, can’t avoid using coarse language.


Just what is wrong with this society? A street peddler admittedly violates regulations, but these regulations were set by you chengguan yourselves anyway. Did they go through approval by the people? Do you know how big of a trauma this will bring to the child? There are so many corrupt officials, so many criminals, and yet we never see them being treated like this. Seven words, bullying the weak and fearing the strong. A bunch of cowards.


This poor little girl!!! Really, where is their humanity??? Do they have to be so violent???


The peddler is in the wrong, wrong because she didn’t voluntarily cooperate with the rape but chose instead to fight back.


This incident! Do the leaders of the country still think it’s just a small matter! [怒] They can’t govern anything well! When they can’t even control the chengguan, we can forget about protecting the Diaoyu Islands [aka Senkaku Islands], and our homeland! [怒]


Seeing this makes me want to emigrate even more~ [弱] I’ve already lost all hope for China~


Over the past few days, this set of photos has moved and shocked innumerable people’s hearts. It has the effect of tear gas, making everyone one-sided and feeling sympathetic towards the little girl and hating the inhumane “law enforcement”. May I ask: Who took these photos? You have my praise!


What you did will make the child hate and resent society in the future! Think how you would feel if your parents were tied up like this and rendered helpless in front of you? A woman who sells vegetables to make a living and looks after her kid at the same time is so not having it easy. If you create a clean city in this way, then I’d rather not live in it, because in my eyes it’s not clean at all!


March, the beginning of Spring, ~~in the Spring of 2013, things like this have happened one after another~~ The people’s anger and discontent always have a root or a source, but where is this root, where is this source~~~

From NetEase:

Guangzhou Chengguan Releases Photos Explaining “Beating Incident”

March 6, photos of a female street peddler and chengguan having a conflict in Guangzhou incited widespread attention. March 7, chengguan released photos in a statement, their explanation claiming that the person involved [the woman] had at the time refused to stop her illegal street peddling and operating a business on the sidewalk, and had verbally abused, pushed, and kicked the chengguan. At this time, the chengguan authorities have apologized to Ms. Li, returned the vehicle she used for street peddling, and the chengguan officer involved has already been suspended from duty. Both parties have apologized to each other, and reached a settlement.

Photo of the woman beating chengguan released by Guangzhou Chengguan.

Photo of the woman beating chengguan released by Guangzhou Chengguan.

Photos of the female peddler hitting the chengguan released by the Guangzhou City Management Bureau.

The female peddler and her child.

The female peddler and her child.

March 7, the City Management Department has apologized to Ms. Li, returned the vehicle she used for street peddling, and the chengguan officer involved has already been suspended from duty.

The female peddler's peddling vehicle.

Through education and mediation by police officers at the Chigang Police Station, both parties have acknowledged their own misbehavior, apologized to each other, and have reached a reconciliation. (From Information Times)

Chengguan is choking the female peddler.

March 6, Guangzhou, Chengguan officers and a female street peddler having an argument, a chengguan law enforcement officer with uniform number X080324 chokes a female street peddler’s neck in an attempt to subdue her.

Chengguan is choking the female peddler.

The female peddler is taken away by the police.

The female peddler and her child.

After the conflict between the chengguan and the female street peddler, the female street peddler was taken away by the police by force, with her child left screaming and crying on the side. Photographed by Southern Metropolis Daily reporter Li Zhanjun.

Comments from NetEase:

bfett16 [网易浙江省温州市网友]:

I will never forget the photo of the female street peddler’s hands tied behind her back, and the little girl throwing herself into her mother’s arms… Goddamn Japanese devils!!

网易山东省威海市网友 ip:112.246.*.*:

Chengguan have already become the common public enemy of humanity! Like a rat crossing the street, everyone shouts to kill it!

网易山东省威海市网友 ip:112.246.*.*:

All “law enforcement” treat the ordinary lowly people as targets for violence. Were the police in the old society more brutal than them? Look at that poor little girl, can’t you be stung by conscience and do some human things? Beasts!!!

龙德云 [网易广东省汕头市网友]:

A bunch of men treat a mother with child like this and they even have the face to say it was the woman who pushed and kicked them first, could you be TMD more shameless?!

网易山东省威海市网友 ip:112.246.*.*:

I guarantee this little girl will be well-behaved and obedient in the future. If not, just scare her: The chengguan are coming! And she will instantly start crying.

网易河北省邢台市手机网友 ip:218.11.*.*:

Extremely evil old society.

运输大队长 [网易上海市网友]:

Live and let live [let people off whenever possible], look at how bad that little girl is crying.

网易江苏省南京市手机网友 ip:117.88.*.*:

They [apologize] like this only when they have been exposed, a bunch of local bullies and gangsters.

网易辽宁省鞍山市手机网友 ip:113.228.*.*:

Can an apology really gain them forgiveness!?

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  • Terrik

    In other news, scientists discover water is wet.

  • Daniel Tynan

    From the highest level to the street level. A bunch of thugs. Where the names and death count of students killed in earthquakes, soil pollution measurements, air pollution measurements (until recently), food contamination, government business dealings and profits etc. . are all considered as state secrets and a beating and imprisonment for anyone who tries to investigate them. Any info that paints the government as less than perfect is a “state secret”.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    Two sides of the story, one where the mom works very hard to make an honest living supporting her family, the other is just these men are merely doing their job and keeping the city clean. Can’t fault either.

    One can only blame the government for their failed social and economic policies.

    • YourSupremeCommander

      Who’s the dickhead that down voted?

      • MonkeyMouth

        a japanese devil?

    • don mario

      are both not in the wrong?

      its not an honest living right? isnt she skirting paying any tax by being a street peddler?

      i dont think its in anyones job description to physically humiliate and choke a woman, especially in front of their baby. they both were in the wrong but he acted like scum.

      • BiggJ

        By the looks of it she starts kicking and throwing shit at them first.

        • don mario

          i aint defending her, but these guys are scum still. look at the other stories about what these guys do for a living. some other woman got paralysed for life.

    • They aren’t doing their job. As pointed out, they make whatever rules they want, whenever they want. She broke NO laws in peddling. Imagine if the police, instead of enforcing the law, simply wrote down a list of rules society had to follow and then ran out to enforce it. That’s literally how China works – the pseudo police write the laws, not the legislature or even the Communist party. It’s quite ironic.

  • thmswhnr

    Can we start a Chinese equivalent of Godwin’s Law? “As the length of any forum discussion on any topic increases, the probability that a reference to defeating Japan (or those uninhabited islands) approaches 1. If there is an argument taking place, the person who made such reference automatically loses.”

    • Mark Eastaugh

      Not bad! This will henceforth be known as thmswhnr’s law!

      (What a pity this brilliant observation was not made by someone with a nice name).

      • TJDubs

        Actually, many people have commented that it’s a poor alias, due to unpronounceability and subsequent unmemorability. The prospect of having a law named after me is just the push I needed!

  • Kate

    I bet the baby was scared……I know mine would be hysterical if I were arrested by cops like that….I just feel sad for the baby.

    • the baby will be traumatised by this event. That feeling of helpless and submissive have creep in inside her, you can see it on her face, take a look again you will see it. A cruel thing to learn at a young age. Have you any trauma when you were young?

      • BiggJ

        The baby is already traumatized just by living in china. That’s just another day for this kid.

      • Kate

        Everyone has had something traumatic happen or will happen at least once in their life. That’s just life, how you respond afterwards is what makes you who you are. And yes I’ve had several traumatic experiences in my life. Most recent being my dad dieing when I was 21.

      • mr.wiener

        Learning early I’d say, poor kid.

        • yeah, she will need to learn to rebel as she grow older. The life lesson we all went through I believe.

          • Germandude

            You know, there are countries where resisting and claiming on your rights work. China is not one of those places.

          • Come to think of it, perhaps her life would be worse if she rebel. That is bleak.

      • bert

        Kids are tough. It’s the adults that abuse the “I’ve been traumatized” mantra.

        • can you elaborate a little more, I assume you mean emotionally tough? because with children most would assume they are fragile, perhaps you can dispel this myth to other reader and it certainly would be an interesting read.

          • bert

            Okay, yeah kids can be emotionally tough, physically they are weak. Sure they cry but won’t complain about it until they become adults and realize they can sue someone, then it becomes “trauma”.

            You can read whatever you like. I am not sure what “myth” you are referring to.

  • BiggJ

    Well, get a real job.

    • carmouflagger

      If only it was that easy

    • Kristy

      Your comments are so stupid I wish you wouldn’t post on here. Too bad I’m not a moderator. I’ll just close my eyes when I see anything you write next time. Good god

      • BiggJ

        If you want to peddle shit on the corner, all the power to you. Just don’t get pissed when the authorities stop you from doing something illegal.

  • The machine of pickpocketing and shakedowns continues in Guangzhou and other cities while street vendors and peddlers get the tar beat out of them.

  • linette lee

    No street peddling, sorry. But next time they should plan the arrest
    better. Maybe get a female officer to convince the mother to go peacefully without resisting scaring her two year old. Another female officer can take the baby and go into the car back to the police station keeping the baby with the mother. There is a better way to handle illegal street peddling.

    • TJDubs

      Spend some time in mainland cities, and you’ll find that street peddling is an important part of the economy. For consumers, it’s food and cheap goods. For the people doing the peddling, it’s an opportunity to make some money, as well as develop inventory management and negotiation skills that an uneducated migrant wouldn’t otherwise have.

      Most of the time, it goes tolerated by the Chengguan, but if they feel their authority is being disrespected, they will exit the car that they’ve spent the last 5 hours in, playing cell phone games, and go beat the bejesus out of some poor peddler to remind everyone who’s in charge.

      • don mario

        seems like another grey area of the chinese law.. kind of a shitty thing to give someone a beatdown over.

        • TJDubs

          There are explicit laws (one of which probably forbids unlicensed street peddling) that are selectively enforced, depending on the wealth and relative influence of the person breaking the law. The migrants doing the street peddling have little money and basically zero influence, so they make easy targets for the Chengguan to fill their daily “justice” quota.

          • don mario

            discusting innit.

        • Misiooo

          Chinese law. Another oxymoron.

      • MonkeyMouth

        in chengdu, they got fancy golf carts now. FOOOOOOORE!!!

      • Washington Bullets

        Is there any legal medium through which one can LEGALLY sell goods on the street? Are there any regulations in place that allow people to be gainfully employed in major cities selling goods on the street? Regulations where they can pay taxes and not be in violation of HuKou?

        • TJDubs

          If there were a straightforward, fair, and inexpensive way for people to legally avoid the possibility of being beat to shit by the Chengguan, we’d see a lot more licensed vendors. Just judging from the status quo, people would rather risk the wrath of the thugs than do what it takes to go legal.

      • linette lee

        You can’t just have anyone selling whatever they want on the street. What about public safety and sanitation? Those vendors need to have licenses. But with China, they are so messed up with inspection and regulation you can’t trust any China products because basically there aren’t any inspection at all.

        • Exactly. So why bother with street peddlers when the entire system is flawed to begin with? Start from the top, not the bottom.

  • The police look like they’ve got nothing better to do than pick on the weak ones. << poor government/city control and employing unfit (mentally)officers.
    As for the reaction to the child's "trauma", it is overrated. The child could be possibly scared by these men but may not be old enough to understand what was happening.

    • TJDubs

      Important note, these are not actually police, but Chengguan. It is literally their job to harass and physically abuse ordinary citizens as punishment for such acts as selling goods, trying to stop their home from being demolished, etc. They really serve no other purpose.

  • BiggJ

    I usually don’t side with police… but i’m sure they asked her first to leave. Then this woman probably started running her mouth acting like some bitch. I think the police did a great job here…..try that shit in america or canada and see what happens. Hitting or putting your hands in a cops face…..fuck her. She’s doing something illegal. Who care if she’s just trying to make a living, just get a real job. If this was a man chinese would be praising the cops for a job well done. Since there was a kid around then its wrong. Well then ill just get a woman with a kid to start selling crack on the corner and i should have the blessing of the general public because “she just trying to make a living” don’t matter if it’s legal or not. This woman got off quite easy if you ask me.

    • Cyberia

      Uh, it’s not the fact that she did something illegal, it’s that people like her are literally the target for law enforcement when everything else is being ignored. plus she’s not doing anything morally wrong. also everything you posted was pretty much conjecture

      • BiggJ

        How do you know she not doing anything morally wrong? What if goods were stolen? Or some shady food she got from some back ally? This shit happens everyday in china. Only difference is a kid was present. Take the kid out of the equation, and it’s just a normal non news worthy story.

    • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

      It’s the equivalent of letting a convicted murderer to go free to catch a jaywalker. That is why people are so PO’d

    • Jorge Mohhamad

      littleJ: Sorry chief, your comments betray your lack of knowledge about Chengguan. Chengguan are not police. As for the “get a real job” comment, I am sure she would enjoy a nice comfortable office job. However, I am sure her socioeconomic situation is derived from her lack of access to higher education. So she is left to sell items on the street.

      You are right though about American cops, a beating would be the least concern.

      • BiggJ

        oK, well then hired government goons. Police fall under the same category. If their job is to stop people from doing this kind of shit. Then it looks like they are doing their job. The only person you can blame for how your life turns out is yourself. China is not as bad as you think. Pretty much anyone can get a decent job if they want. Don’t you know it’s the chinese way of blaming everyone else but them self for their problems? So if what she is doing is illegal, then what’s the problem? This woman is not as innocent as you think.I’m sure if she would have left when she was asked to, this would have never happened.

        • Kristy

          What backs your comment of anyone can get a decent job if they want? If that’s the case, then there wouldn’t be an unemployment rate.

          • BiggJ

            If you try hard enough you can get a job. People who don’t have jobs are not looking hard enough or have some shitty degree like ” Art or music appreciation or some bullshit”. Last I checked McDonalds is pretty much always hiring. Just because people don’t want to do the jobs there are, don’t mean there are none.

      • sendtodave

        “Chengguan are not police. ”

        City Urban Administrative and Law Enforcement Bureau. Close enough.

  • BiggJ

    “I will never forget the photo of the female street peddler’s hands
    tied behind her back, and the little girl throwing herself into her
    mother’s arms… Goddamn Japanese devils!!”

    What the fuck is that person going on about? Japan??

    • Tom

      It’s a cuss word. When you call someone a “bitch” are you really referring to a female dog? think about it.

      • BiggJ

        So if I see a white guy taking a shit on the sidewalk I can say ” God damn stinkin Chinamen” and it would just be a cuss word? I’m not referring to an actual chinese person so its ok.

        • Tadd

          Maybe similar to the racist term “chink” and “chinaman” or “ching-chong”. Over a hundred years ago the Australian’s used “chink” as a degrading, hostile term (due to Chinese swarming the country during the gold rush)..

          Today, many use “chink”, “chinaman” or “ching-chong” as a term to degrade any asian-looking person.

          How about the term “gay”?

          If my friend is annoying, I will call him “gay”
          If Baidu doesn’t have the latest episode of The Walking Dead available, I will curse the heavens: “Gay!”
          If a mosquito bites my eyelid, it is extremely “gay”.

          Are there anymore?

          Oh, I completely agree with your point by the way… I’m just trying to come-up with some terms from the English language that follow a similar pattern.

          • BiggJ

            “My girl friend is making out with another girl and wants me to join in”

            GAY! hahaha

          • BiggJ

            This off topic by the way. Do you use a program called “funshion”? It’s like a movie/tvshow thing. Something like PPS tv. But you can search for movies and tv shows using english. They have all the walking dead.

          • Ronbo11c

            You forgot “Slope” and “Zipperhead” Were normally used to refer to Vietnamese…..

        • Guesst

          How often has that happened and it hasn’t been Chinese?

      • Oh god. Please don’t make “Japanese” a curse word. It makes life hard.

        Especially with how “politically correct” our society has gotten. Its already hard enough knowing that calling someone a “Jap” can put me in legal trouble, and could result with me being sued for thousands of dollars (as a landlord / employer).
        I mean seriously, Jap is just short for Japanese. 1 syllable instead of 3. But some ass had to turn it into a derogatory word.
        Turn Japanese into a racist word, and all hell will break out at the courts.

        • Ami

          “Jap” has had extremely racist connotations since like WW2??
          Besides, how the hell is your mouth so lazy that you can’t be bothered to finish a -3- syllable word? Why don’t we just shorten all nationalities to 1 syllable: americans are now “Ams”, Canadians “Cans” and Mexicans “Mehs”

          • umm… shortening things is normal?
            christopher -> chris. alexander -> alex. Canadians -> canuks. Americans -> us, we. British -> Brits. People’s Republic of China -> China.
            My point is. 1) If the word “Japanese” becomes racist, it’ll make life hard.
            2) politically correct has gotten retarded. It just makes it easier to insult someone and easier for people to litigate.

          • The Hungus

            people we’re talking about China- you’re a child who has wandered into the cinema halfway through a movie- you have NO FRAME OF REFERENCE!

    • The above comment was sarcastic – he was comparing them to the Japanese pretending not to know the difference as a backhanded comment. In English you could follow the comment with “oh wait..” This is a very common way to bash the government – to allude to the fact that the Chinese government is even worse than the Japanese occupation, to the extent that you forget they’re not Japanese.

      There, you have your explanation.

  • So, this is conjecture, but I bet no one tried to help the kid. Any pictures of anyone trying to comfort the little girl?

    • YourSupremeCommander

      When I saw you on TV yesterday, you had a mohawk and a coloring book of inked skin, so what happened?

  • Mr. Ed

    Don’t worry my Chinese brothers. In a few decades when 3D printing becomes mainstream, I will personally send schematics on how to print firearms to every Chinese person on this earth. Then we can get the party started. I want to see all of these corrupt politicians pay.

    • YourSupremeCommander

      Even if that works, without REAL bullets it is still a brick.

      • Ryo

        You can buy fire crackers virtually anywhere in China. You don’t think they can make bullets out of some recycled scraps?

        • You can get a powder-actuated nail gun for basically nothing anywhere and the rounds for it. It takes about 2 minutes to turn it into an actual gun. With the added benefit of not blowing up in your face.

          • mr.wiener

            Not much good at a range of more than half a meter , no matter what hollywood says. Also lugging an air compressor around with you would be a pain.
            Unless you have some kind of conversion for it that would make it more practical? [he said salivating slightly]
            A homemade flame thrower would be my choice.

          • Powder-actuated, as in, it uses gunpowder to propel that nail in through concrete or whatever. You can get quite powerful charges (much more powerful than a standard .22 or .27) as well as nailguns that are essentially semi-automatic. The only safety mechanism tends to be a spring piston on the end for a down-force. It’s pretty easy to disable and the rounds themselves… well, they are just blanks but that doesn’t take much to modify. Definitely deadly at around 20 yards. Costs under 200 kuai on taobao with the benefit of not being made of 3d-printed junk that was never designed to tolerate the charge. Virtually all 3d-printed guns require a rather expensive printer to even be remotely safe, and even then, it’s not even the full gun, it’s just the receiver, which is only “technically a gun” by US laws. In China, every single component is as illegal as the next. So no, a printed AR-lower matched up with store bought parts ain’t gonna do the job, because there are no parts to be bought. Even then, the military and police most definitely have a monopoly on actual guns, ones that don’t blow up in your face. So the only good this zip-gun/printed gun will do is murder innocents. Those who actually have real guns via the black market, tend to keep them at home and sure as hell don’t wave them around, as it only invites a highly-armed force banging down your door ready to shoot you in the head.

          • bert

            I want to buy a Norinco .22 Colt woodsman clone but Bush banned all Norinco imports into the US :( You lucky Canadians.

    • Ryo

      Few Decades? How about a few years! 3D printing is already possible, with movable parts. Only problem currently is the material. Though I doubt you can replace forged steel with anything you can print any time soon, it will happen sooner or later.

    • BiggJ

      Just make some potato guns. lol Shit, all you need is some PVC pipe, BBQ igniter,hair spray and big bag of potatoes. :) Cock suckin potatoes come shooting out at about 300 km an hour. lol

  • Chang Liu

    I don’t get the hostility to street peddling.

    • BiggJ

      It’s bad enough buying something chinese that they say is safe decent quality from a store, Imagine what she’s selling. “fruits and Veggie I have no problem with” but anything else could be bullshit. She could be cooking meat from the pigs in that Shanghai river for all anyone knows. And as for material things. Who knows? could be stolen, poison….god only knows.

    • MonkeyMouth

      its because they can. you wouldnt see them barging into gov’t and office buildings to find real criminals, would you? weak picking on weak to feel better about themselves

      • Chang Liu

        Huh? Chen guan means city governance. I am not sure they have a remit for anything like corruption. You have the internal discipline thingy magik for that.

    • Germandude

      Ok, it annoys me in some way. Streets are widened all over the place, to make sure the governmental official’s BMW have enough space to drive through. Meanwhile, the sidewalks are shrinking because of that. Then you have street peddling all over the place, blocking the remaining 1m-2m of sidewalk space, creating bottlenecks all over the place. Besides that, order street food, consume street food, throw the rubbish on the ground (out of view, out of mind) is really annoying since dirt is everywhere.
      On the other hand, I actually like this street selling, simply because it’s a tradition and gives a certain “flair” to it. Why on earth can’t they create explicit areas where street peddling is allowed, making sure that a passthrough is still available and pedestrians are not forced to walk on the street?

      • sendtodave

        They have designated street vendor stalls in many cities and tourist areas.

        The problem is that the vendors require permits to serve food, while street vendors can just work illegally (which is the whole point).

        • Ding ding ding, exactly. Vendor stalls involve permits and rent and you have to keep the area cleaned up. Setting up a stand on the back of a cart on the sidewalk has zero additional expense and when the place is covered in your filth, you just move 10m down the sidewalk.

          Also, those designated places are never in the most convenient places. Top locations are along the narrow streets on the way back to the compounds where residents can pop out for easy shopping. Which increases foot traffic, which makes driving impossible, and of course leaves a giant fucking mess that no one ever feels obligated to clean up.

      • radbab

        If it’s street peddlers or rich idiots in their Audi/BMW/Porsche Cayenne driving on the sidewalk then I really prefer the street peddlers. Actually there’s both where I live :(

  • MrT

    She breaking the law, so tough poo.
    80% here need rough treatment and reduction.
    government is far to slack, needs to learn from the NK and the UK

  • Zening Chen

    china needs a robin hood

    • MonkeyMouth

      ….on every street corner. thats a lot of leotards….

  • TeslaL

    I think both sides are in the wrong here. Woman for being confrontational with authorities who are doing their job. Especially since her daughter is sitting in front of her, she thinks the Chengguan won’t have the balls to arrest her. Honestly, if your child was in front of you, wouldn’t you think to act more responsibly when facing authorities? When you in fact are doing someting ILLEGAL? And then start pointing and poking a cop in the FACE?

    The Chengguan are stupid, reaching for the neck to subdue her. Now you have an image of a Chengguan choke-holding a woman with her daughter watching. Oh, and theres already a Chinese style crowd of onlookers with cellphones out. This is what TASERS were invented for!

  • Germandude

    “Photos of the female peddler hitting the chengguan released by the Guangzhou City Management Bureau.”
    More like: She just pointed her finger a bit too close to the officer.
    All I see is women “beating” up a woman.

  • xiaohouzi

    It may also be important to note that in China, the idea of saving face often has it’s exceptions. For example; spitting in public, smoking indoors and making a scene in front of your own children. There is this perception of entitlement in China that is probably deep rooted since the early days of collectivism.

  • [email protected]

    Chenguan are kinda like the Gestapo. Except, in the case of Chenguan, they have (presumably) not been given the authority to do the barbaric things they do, they have no discipline whatsoever, and they persecute and punish the weak and the poor purely for their own personal selfish and egotistical reasons rather than the broader totalitarianistic and imperialistic reasons of the Nazi party. I kinda respect the Gestapo slightly more than Chenguan because of this. Both are/were scum however.

  • Lost In Taiyuan

    I’m currently living in China and actually I wish there were more Chengguan in this neighborhood. I gotta walk in the street with the cars cause they cover the sidewalk selling stinky $h!t that I wouldn’t recommend anyone eat. And have you seen how people react to the Chengguan? I once saw a group of them confront a middle age. They talked to her, looked like they took something though, and started to walk away. Lady went wild, was yelling at them, ran up on them and pushed one of them. They didn’t beat her though, just started recording the incident with a cell phone and tried to pull themselves from her grasp. Though if I was her and they took all the cash I had for my business, I might get a bit hysterical also.

  • Tell me when people are arrested on trumped up charges and actually arrested and prosecuted for attacking cops and other officials who are carrying out their duties. Then I’ll start to give a fuck. In the US and most other countries, you so much as touch a cop, and you’re looking at assault. They will beat the crap out of you and charge you for injuring their fist with your face. Evidence magically vanishes all the time and cops who flat out murder people get away with it non-stop. Best you’ll ever really get is a wrongful death settlement wherein the cops admit no wrongdoing and you have to take your cash and shut up.

    I’ll give it to ya, the chengguan are basically thugs who would never qualify to be cops. Their duties are rather specific, but the method of carrying them out is vague as all hell. Over here, yep, there are street peddlers. There is an informal association of them to essentially police themselves. They pay off chengguan on a monthly basis and in return they basically agree to not allow sellers in who are disruptive, cheats, or otherwise causing complaints from residents. A fish monger at the wet market was selling bad fish loaded with rocks and water to jack up the weight. His stall magically was destroyed in the middle of the night and he was never heard from again.

    The front street has always had fruit sellers, and it got a bit out of hand with some 20 stalls selling fruit. End result was “you buy a fruit stand, 3 total allowed”. The smaller sellers were pushed out forcibly and the street got cleaned up. Same thing has happened with 串. They just took over everything and made a mess. Complaints were made about fake lamb, smoke everywhere, filth everywhere and they were cleared out, bribe or not. One area was setup for them and that’s it. Businesses along the sidewalk just love to take over the sidewalk as well. First it becomes outside dining, then they erect a shack overnight, and what the hell, toss up a few other stands along the sidewalk as well. Illegal power hookup and then rent em out. Maybe once every 2 years they get smashed down… and rebuilt the next week. Without the knocking down, they’d just build more of em everywhere and feel more entitled to doing it.

    Chengguan for the most part are gonna go after the troublemakers, it’s basically a kind of protection racket to be honest, but at least they can be held accountable if they go too far. Sellers don’t pay taxes, don’t have business licenses, don’t have rent, and tend to take over public space. It would probably be better if they just forced hawkers to have licenses, but the reality is that it wouldn’t fix anything because this is China. Having a license would mean higher prices, and it would just be cat and mouse games. Or there would be 1 license and multiple stands operating under the same one. And infractions of the rules would still be met with bribes.

    In this case, I see no damned choking. It’s a really standard non-violent restraint hold that you use on someone who is resisting. Only real way out of it is to fall down as your center of gravity is working against you.

  • jeffli

    If it we’re not for Japanese imperial mahjong games led by Obama and Kevin Rudd with lucy lawless and Spartacus rising using blocks of shit infested smelly tofu as characterized dominoes, during Sydney Australia (the 30th provence of China) World Mahjong (and whining) championshits, this incident would never have occurred!

  • kevin lin

    Why the hell was the child left on the streets alone??? If you (the chengguan) were going to arrest the mother, and you knew there wasn’t another family there to take the child home, why would you leave her there? Isn’t it common sense to bring the child along with the mother? The child could have been kidnapped, could have gotten lost, could have gotten ran over by a car…

  • cc

    shouldn’t go round sticking your finger in shouty mans face, not surprised she got arrested.

  • grovesman

    Although the Chengguan are generally ruthless thugs, I’m betting that this woman had been told to move along on more than one occasion and that her mouth escalated the situation.

  • Maceuk

    Little men wearing big shoes, horrible why could they not have done it more discreetly nasty people, making themselves feel important treating a women for such a small offence like this in front of her child. At least shes trying and not selling her self or stealing.

  • xiaohouzi

    It may also be important to note that in China, the idea of saving face often has it’s exceptions. For example; spitting in public, smoking indoors and making a scene in front of your own children. There is this perception of entitlement in China that is probably deep rooted since the early days of collectivism.

  • SonofSpermcube

    “Seeing this makes me want to emigrate even more~ I’ve already lost all hope for China~”

    Where does he want to emigrate to?

  • WastheHotelDirectorFRENCH

    I read about this somewhere else, and my first response was “I’ll head on over there to bitchslap them pigs, and if they protested, told them to take it up with my CPC pals that we have personal and business relations with!” That should teach them something about heartless bullying! and no, back in the good old days, there were many cases where Japanese officers in charge of occupied areas were ALOT fairer and more compassionate to the poorest Chinese farmers than the modern chinese government cares to bring up, they prefer blaming the Japanese for everything whilst stuff like this goes on everyday in China.

  • bert

    American cops act the same way. Except in the US child services would take the kid and the mother might have to wait for a few months to get the child back. Messed up.

  • Irvin

    Bill Maher said in one of his jokes “I hope one day people would rise up and kill bankers”, maybe the same can be said in this situation.

  • Kuo

    i am oversea chinese living in china at the city of Shenzhen for more than 5 years, i find china is a shit place, i usually see in front of my eyes, the local Chengguang beat up street vendor and even children selling fruits. what so great about China???when local authority beat up women and kids.-

  • The Hungus

    There’s a law and she broke it
    I don’t see why using your daughter as a sheild should nake her inviolate. The chengguan are assholes- answer: don’t breal municipal law and chengguan won’t hurt you. I’ve no sympathy at all- well, ok; a little. but really, love- what d’you expect?

  • Fabio

    she’s quiet pretty and ‘fashionable’ street peddler and must be a good mom too. though life is sooo hard for her, I believe.

  • 白色纯棉小裤裤

    I don’t see anything wrong in this incident. Seriously, what do you expect when you break the law and point your finger at the face of a law-enforcing personnel? This women is lucky that she’s not in the police state of america.

  • Be Humble

    The enforement officers should be sacked so that they become jobless and go begging in the street to feed the child.

  • Dr Nick

    damn, what the hell is wrong with these chen guan?? motherfuckers

  • LOL…this world is a shit hole. People are insane. What a joke people and their “values” are…

  • Slenth

    One day you will see there are more of you then them. As one group rise up and beat your oppressors, They will change their ways I guarantee it. It is up to YOU as a people to change.

  • lonetrey / Dan

    Zomg, the little girl is so cute! Literally made me “awwww” at it for a couple seconds.

    Brb, punching a dinosaur to regain my manliness.

  • 100CHINESE


  • I lived five years in Guangzhou (2001-2006). The Chengguan never lifted a finger to help women (usually) who I would see get slapped, dragged, and beaten in public by their boyfriend/husband. I saw women screaming her bag was stolen, robber running briskly down the street, three Chengguan nearby, not chasing, not helping at all. Another time, a woman got hit on her scooter, with child, goes flying off scooter. Chengguan half a block away, standing around smoking, talking to someone, doesn’t bother to come assist or inquire. A mob of people stand around gawking at her, not helping. Finally a rather well to do Chinese woman goes to her aid. I took one of those red/white sticks out of Chengguan’s hand once to threaten a pick pocket who had tried to rob my Russian friend. I handed the stick back to him, he thanked me, walked away.

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