Chengguan Manhandle Street Peddler in Front of Her Toddler

Chengguan is choking the female peddler.

Chengguan is choking the female peddler.

From Sina Weibo:

@郑渊洁: March 6, reporter Li Zhanjun took a set of photos like these on a street in Guangzhou: A mother with a child around the age of 2 who had been peddling on the streets was subject to law enforcement. The law enforcers choked the mother and handcuffed her in front of her 2-year-old child. The little girl burst into tears. Before this mother was put into the police car, she crouched down to hug her terrified crying daughter goodbye, unable to hug her child because her hands were handcuffed behind her back. Having hands but being unable to hug one’s own child, March, what has happened to you?

Photos taken by reporter Li Zhanjun.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


When there isn’t even the most basic respect given to the people, when the most basic sense of security and dignity can’t even be protected, how can we still be talking about happiness, trust, harmony, and morality?


I don’t know who granted them with such power, for them act so arrogant and unbridled again and again! They exercise their power by looting, smashing and beating! They are bandits! The next generation will eventually grow up, and you guys are teaching them what hatred is with your own actions! [弱]


[怒][怒] She only wants to make a living. Those who steal and rob you don’t arrest, what does arresting an unarmed woman make you? [鄙视]


In fact, the one who’s been hurt the most is the child’s little heart. One can imagine what she will think of the society she’ll soon face. Sad and resentful!


They always bully the poor and the powerless, if she had money to pay tax and set up a store, she wouldn’t be a peddler!


Isn’t law enforcement supposed to give a sense of security to the ordinary common people? Yet look how terrified these law-enforcers have made the ordinary common people feel.


Slaughter these sons of bitches, not the slightest but of humanity! Fuck, can’t avoid using coarse language.


Just what is wrong with this society? A street peddler admittedly violates regulations, but these regulations were set by you chengguan yourselves anyway. Did they go through approval by the people? Do you know how big of a trauma this will bring to the child? There are so many corrupt officials, so many criminals, and yet we never see them being treated like this. Seven words, bullying the weak and fearing the strong. A bunch of cowards.


This poor little girl!!! Really, where is their humanity??? Do they have to be so violent???


The peddler is in the wrong, wrong because she didn’t voluntarily cooperate with the rape but chose instead to fight back.


This incident! Do the leaders of the country still think it’s just a small matter! [怒] They can’t govern anything well! When they can’t even control the chengguan, we can forget about protecting the Diaoyu Islands [aka Senkaku Islands], and our homeland! [怒]


Seeing this makes me want to emigrate even more~ [弱] I’ve already lost all hope for China~


Over the past few days, this set of photos has moved and shocked innumerable people’s hearts. It has the effect of tear gas, making everyone one-sided and feeling sympathetic towards the little girl and hating the inhumane “law enforcement”. May I ask: Who took these photos? You have my praise!


What you did will make the child hate and resent society in the future! Think how you would feel if your parents were tied up like this and rendered helpless in front of you? A woman who sells vegetables to make a living and looks after her kid at the same time is so not having it easy. If you create a clean city in this way, then I’d rather not live in it, because in my eyes it’s not clean at all!


March, the beginning of Spring, ~~in the Spring of 2013, things like this have happened one after another~~ The people’s anger and discontent always have a root or a source, but where is this root, where is this source~~~

From NetEase:

Guangzhou Chengguan Releases Photos Explaining “Beating Incident”

March 6, photos of a female street peddler and chengguan having a conflict in Guangzhou incited widespread attention. March 7, chengguan released photos in a statement, their explanation claiming that the person involved [the woman] had at the time refused to stop her illegal street peddling and operating a business on the sidewalk, and had verbally abused, pushed, and kicked the chengguan. At this time, the chengguan authorities have apologized to Ms. Li, returned the vehicle she used for street peddling, and the chengguan officer involved has already been suspended from duty. Both parties have apologized to each other, and reached a settlement.

Photo of the woman beating chengguan released by Guangzhou Chengguan.

Photo of the woman beating chengguan released by Guangzhou Chengguan.

Photos of the female peddler hitting the chengguan released by the Guangzhou City Management Bureau.

The female peddler and her child.

The female peddler and her child.

March 7, the City Management Department has apologized to Ms. Li, returned the vehicle she used for street peddling, and the chengguan officer involved has already been suspended from duty.

The female peddler's peddling vehicle.

Through education and mediation by police officers at the Chigang Police Station, both parties have acknowledged their own misbehavior, apologized to each other, and have reached a reconciliation. (From Information Times)

Chengguan is choking the female peddler.

March 6, Guangzhou, Chengguan officers and a female street peddler having an argument, a chengguan law enforcement officer with uniform number X080324 chokes a female street peddler’s neck in an attempt to subdue her.

Chengguan is choking the female peddler.

The female peddler is taken away by the police.

The female peddler and her child.

After the conflict between the chengguan and the female street peddler, the female street peddler was taken away by the police by force, with her child left screaming and crying on the side. Photographed by Southern Metropolis Daily reporter Li Zhanjun.

Comments from NetEase:

bfett16 [网易浙江省温州市网友]:

I will never forget the photo of the female street peddler’s hands tied behind her back, and the little girl throwing herself into her mother’s arms… Goddamn Japanese devils!!

网易山东省威海市网友 ip:112.246.*.*:

Chengguan have already become the common public enemy of humanity! Like a rat crossing the street, everyone shouts to kill it!

网易山东省威海市网友 ip:112.246.*.*:

All “law enforcement” treat the ordinary lowly people as targets for violence. Were the police in the old society more brutal than them? Look at that poor little girl, can’t you be stung by conscience and do some human things? Beasts!!!

龙德云 [网易广东省汕头市网友]:

A bunch of men treat a mother with child like this and they even have the face to say it was the woman who pushed and kicked them first, could you be TMD more shameless?!

网易山东省威海市网友 ip:112.246.*.*:

I guarantee this little girl will be well-behaved and obedient in the future. If not, just scare her: The chengguan are coming! And she will instantly start crying.

网易河北省邢台市手机网友 ip:218.11.*.*:

Extremely evil old society.

运输大队长 [网易上海市网友]:

Live and let live [let people off whenever possible], look at how bad that little girl is crying.

网易江苏省南京市手机网友 ip:117.88.*.*:

They [apologize] like this only when they have been exposed, a bunch of local bullies and gangsters.

网易辽宁省鞍山市手机网友 ip:113.228.*.*:

Can an apology really gain them forgiveness!?


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