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Cuju the original football

Could this be Korea’s most mind-blowing festival?


-When the British invented table tennis [ping pong], they probably never thought there would be this amazing country called China.
-Likewise when China invented Cuju, they didn’t foresee the present…

Cuju the original football

I now have four debts I need to settle with the UK: The Opium Wars, the burning of the Old Summer Palace, CET-4 & 6 [College English Test Levels 4 and 6], and the London Olympics.

grumpy Mr. Beans at London Olympics

What’s the name of Donald Duck’s girlfriend? Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga as Donald Duck's girlfriend's name

[Note: If you’re confused, 嘎嘎 gaga is the Chinese onomatopoeia for the sound a duck makes, like “quack quack”.]

A: What’s the difference between [Sherlock] Holmes and Conan [the detective in the Japanese detective manga series Case Closed or Meitantei Conan]? B: One is an adult, and the other one is a kid? A: Holmes goes where there are dead people, but wherever Conan goes, people die.

Sherlock Holmes

Detective Conan

10th grade Math in the U.S… Please use one sentence to summarize your feelings!

10th Grade US Math textbook

I know a girl named 孙诗婷 [sūn shī tíng]. At the Commencement Ceremony, the Vice-Chancellor stared at this name for quite a while, because it was “Shiting Sun”.

Jiong or embarrassed and shocked

When the news anchor announced the news of this wanted man, everyone was shocked!!

Robber and news anchor look alike

Gotta worship this subtitles/translation team. My years of learning English have all been in vain…

Movie Wall Street II's on-screen tcaption mistranslated

[Note: “Seven Years Later” is translated as a person’s name “Stephen Years Wright”.]

Finally found something that Japan shanzhai‘d [copied] from China…

Japanese Cartoon character mimicking Bruce Lee


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