Boy Defecates in Guangzhou Subway, Netizens Shocked

Chinese boy publicly shits in Guangzhou Subway.

The boy is defecating in public.

From Sina Weibo:

@李小冷S:  I was shocked today, this is a scene I witnessed on Subway Line 3. You are not mistaken, that child is in the corner taking a shit!! And it was a huge one!! His father was calmly standing beside him, and judging from their clothes, their family’s situation condition shouldn’t be bad, but their family’s education is obviously lacking, not evening knowing how to hold their shit!!!

The boy is defecating in public.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


Some people’s characters are truly unbelievable.


There should be a barbed mace always provided in the subway, so so whoever fucking dares to go ahead and relieve himself wherever he pleases will get his asshole stuffed, fuck, so fucking disgusting!~[抓狂][怒]


At every stop there’s a bathroom for you to use, so what reason do you guys have for doing this? Already such a big boy, do you not feel ashamed? We‘re all embarrassed for you!!!


Faint… That’s the subway, little brother, it’s an enclosed public environment and there’s even so many people, even dogs and cats wouldn’t shit in this kind of situation!


So NB! This kid is definitely going to have an intrepid life in the future! Damn, just what kind of family upbringing could raise such a fucking kid?[鄙视]


If it was seen by me, I’d kick the shit out of his dad. And he’d shit even more than his son.


Sigh~ I really don’t want to forward/reshare this~~ the characters of our countrymen!!! A few days ago while reading the news~ even countries like the Philippines and Vietnam look down on Chinese tourists, saying how we shit wherever we please~ And I thought they were bullshitting~ Turns out its really true [“with photos there is truth”]!!


To do such a thing, this kid must’ve also been under a lot of pressure… [really, REALLY had to go.]


Heavens, is this real? Come on, this is too ridiculous. [吃惊][吃惊][吃惊]


Can’t even control your own shit, how do you hope to control your own life? [鄙視][鄙視][哼][哼]


I’ve also experienced my son wanting to defecate when he was on the subway with me. We hurried off at the next stop, found a corner, and put newspapers [on the floor]. [呵呵]


Do you have to be so unrestrained in a public area? [生病]


Perhaps he’s a terrorist? Releasing a poisonous gas bomb in the train carriage! Fuck, SB!


Does no one think the subway company is responsible?


It takes courage for a big boy like him to do this kind of thing.


Little friend, was your dad hungry?


Wearing slippers, taking a dump, this “performance art” sure has its swagger.


This fucking kid has once again refreshed my world view.


Why didn’t you film it? Such a waste, if it was uploaded to a video website it’d definitely go viral. What a kid.


Oh my God! I can smell it just reading this weibo, I’d be damned if I was actually there…

From NetEase:

Boy Defecates in a Guangzhou Subway Carriage, Parents don’t Clean It

Summary: Recently a netizen posted a weibo claiming that while she was on the Guangzhou Subway Line 3, she saw a boy defecating in the train car in front of the passengers, while his father stood calmly nearby. Nobody in the carriage paid any attention, and the boy’s parents left without cleaning up the mess. Some passengers indicated that restrooms generally cannot be found in the subway stations, while the subway authorities responded that one can ask subway staff for help in emergencies.

“You are not mistaken, that child is in the corner taking a shit!!” November 10, netizen “李小冷S” saw a shocking scene at Guangzhou Subway Line 3: As the subway was on its way from Chigangta stop to Kecun stop, a boy in the corner of the train suddenly squatted down to defecate. At the time, her mother awkwardly apologized in a low voice, while his father stood nearby. “Little Shit Brother” immediately aroused public indignation on the internet.


Comments from NetEase:

网易上海市手机网友 ip:101.83.*.*:

The main thing is this kid’s psychological quality is strong enough [to do such a thing and not care].

janelove000 [网易广东省广州市天河区网友]:

In public in front of everyone and he’s still able to shit it out!

sgmrsvq [网易上海市手机网友]:

He’s not human, he’s a beast of burden.

网易江苏省手机网友 ip:117.136.*.*:

Foreigners will look down on Chinese even more after seeing this, especially if people from Hong Kong and Taiwan see.

网易英国手机网友 ip:78.145.*.*:

China is regressing into a country like India where people relieve themselves anywhere they want.

大中华狩鸡网友 [网易浙江省杭州市手机网友]:

[He] was only born, not raised.

polariszsy1 [网易美国手机网友]:

He’s got balls!

1242355330 [网易北京市手机网友]:

This boy will certainly be somebody in the future, his psychological quality is extremely strong, calm and steady, tough against pressure, will do anything to achieve his goals, is a tough character.

网易广东省手机网友 ip:117.136.*.*:

I never knew the subway was that advanced.

qiaomu1980 [网易天津市网友]:

I also have a child! Children definitely will have this kind of situation at any time, but, I always bring along tissues and stuff like that in case of an emergency! For a child to be like this is completely a failure of the parents, because the parents don’t have a sense of public/civic virtue! Don’t always explain this as the child can’t hold it or whatever, what are the parents doing?

An additional report and Taiwanese netizen reactions below, by Stuart Dingle:

From Apple Daily Taiwan:

Scary, Middle School Student Defecates Inside Subway Carriage.

A few days ago a Guangzhou netizen posted a photo on ‘Weibo’, saying ‘On Guangzhou’s subway line 3 I saw this scene, you are not mistaken, that kid is shitting in the corner! And it is a big pile! His dad is calmly standing by his side, from the look of their clothes it seems their home environment isn’t bad, but their family education is too weak, can’t even hold their shit.

The incident immediately caused heated debate among netizens, some criticized: ‘This is so disgusting, he should still be a student, if this is seen by his classmates and teachers, what kind of impression will they have, is it possible that Chinese people’s quality cannot improve?’ while others ridiculed, ‘even pets like cats and dogs can shit in toilets themselves’, questioning ‘Can he be considered human?’

Comments on Facebook:

Lin Chun-Hung:

Mainlanders have no culture [are uncivilized]!!!

萊 茵德:

Very typical!! Shina people have always been this way!

Lai Suga:

Our family dog is better trained than him.

Pei Yi Tseng:

When I went to America I saw a mainlander who had just entered the country urinate at the airport [publicly, not in a restroom].

Edward Tseng:

In China, this is not unexpected.

Forest Lin:

Finally it can be loudly proclaimed: China is a free and open country!

Dorian Wang:

Is there really no one who admires his courage?

Pablo Kuo:

At least he’s holding some toilet paper (?)… Or is that a dove (??????)


Taiwan is no different! When I was working at McDonald’s, even though there was obviously a toilet, someone still let their child just shit in the playground, and they weren’t the least bit embarrassed. Don’t laugh at China, Taiwan just doesn’t report these things, but we are all children of the yellow emperor!


This also requires courage~

What do you think? Do you think the child simply needed to go and could not hold it any longer? Or do you think this behavior is simply due to poor upbringing?


Written by Peter Barefoot

Peter is a born and raised Chengdunese who enjoys drinking with all his friends.


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