Chubby Taiwanese Teen Competes in Body-Building Competition

From Apple Daily Taiwan:

Fat Flabby Brother Courageously Enters Body-Building Competition

In this year’s Taichung city President Cup body-building contest there emerged an “unusual” contestant. With a soft and fat build, and a tubby waist, netizens nicknamed him “Flabby Brother”. As he stood with the other muscular competitors, a striking contrast was formed. During the competition his expression was blank and his movements very clumsy, but his courage was commendable, earning him the most spirited award.

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Comments From YouTube:


What brother is competing at is not body-building, but courage/daring.


He doesn’t even make the effort and still comes on stage! This isn’t called courage, this is called arrogance!


So awesome, I give him respect. Regardless of whether or not he was forced to go up, at the least he was brave enough to go up. Moreover, I must admit, I laughed loudly. XD


Everyone has a beginner phase, lots of people who want to practice body-building need to increase their own confidence. He has the courage to stand on stage and compete, what about you?


He already said it wasn’t voluntary. Baby~ baby~ baby ~ o~~ right~ [Referring to the similarity between the Justin Bieber’s “Baby” and the Chinese word for “to be forced”.]


Like I said, you shouldn’t take the dare.


What are you laughing at? If there’s anything he has, it’s courage, and what he’s competing at is also courage. If you can’t do this like him, then what makes you qualified to laugh?


Attitude is the most important… I give you a thumbs up.


He is the President’s son, coming to claim his prize.


A real man!!!

What’s the most embarrassing dare you’ve fulfilled?

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