Chubby Taiwanese Teen Competes in Body-Building Competition


From Apple Daily Taiwan:

Fat Flabby Brother Courageously Enters Body-Building Competition

In this year’s Taichung city President Cup body-building contest there emerged an “unusual” contestant. With a soft and fat build, and a tubby waist, netizens nicknamed him “Flabby Brother”. As he stood with the other muscular competitors, a striking contrast was formed. During the competition his expression was blank and his movements very clumsy, but his courage was commendable, earning him the most spirited award.

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Comments From YouTube:


What brother is competing at is not body-building, but courage/daring.


He doesn’t even make the effort and still comes on stage! This isn’t called courage, this is called arrogance!


So awesome, I give him respect. Regardless of whether or not he was forced to go up, at the least he was brave enough to go up. Moreover, I must admit, I laughed loudly. XD


Everyone has a beginner phase, lots of people who want to practice body-building need to increase their own confidence. He has the courage to stand on stage and compete, what about you?


He already said it wasn’t voluntary. Baby~ baby~ baby ~ o~~ right~ [Referring to the similarity between the Justin Bieber’s “Baby” and the Chinese word for “to be forced”.]


Like I said, you shouldn’t take the dare.


What are you laughing at? If there’s anything he has, it’s courage, and what he’s competing at is also courage. If you can’t do this like him, then what makes you qualified to laugh?


Attitude is the most important… I give you a thumbs up.


He is the President’s son, coming to claim his prize.


A real man!!!

What’s the most embarrassing dare you’ve fulfilled?

  • Dan

    hahah that’s brilliant, fair play to the kid.

    p.s guys watch this:

    • ChineseFighter

      like u can sing in chinese

      • Dan

        aw of course I can’t. I wasn’t posting it maliciously.. But cumon, it is funny.

        I’m sure if I made a vid of me singing in Chinese it would be much worse and everyone in china would laugh at me too.

  • Flèche


    • Bob Loblaw

      Un pseudo fort peu approprié.

      • galapiass

        D’accord avec toi

    • Efe the foreigner

      for the love of god, what is this “sofa” joke that appears in every post?

  • The Enlightened One

    Did he win?

    Cause he’s ripped to shreds yo!

    • Kukuku

      That’s what happens when everyone here confuses being built with being fat.

      • The Enlightened One

        Well, at least they can see a clear contrast now lol.

      • 骂人的是孙子

        it’s not fat, he’s cultivating mass, bro

        • Kukuku

          “All sorts of gains.”


        • Alex

          Not fat, just bulking.

    • B*tches, Leave

      nah … only came second, but still …

      • The Enlightened One


        Unbelievable… he’s buff the stuff… Arnold is taking notes from this kid…

        He was robbed.

  • MKL

    How about change the nonexistent Taizhong City to Taichung City, the official name of 台中市? I was confused for bit there :)

  • ChinaPrat

    Really… Justin Bieber????

  • Getrealson

    If that was in China, and his uncle was a government official he would have won!

    • opinionator

      get real son

      • Getrealson

        I’ve seen it happen, except it was a singing competition. My mate got robbed by this little pimply turd who sounded like a strangled cat. Found out his dad was friends with the judge.

        • mr. wiener

          I lost a halloween comp to a guy dressed as a China airlines pilot, second prize went to someone dressed as a China airlines stewardess. I was pissed, not just because my costume was better, there were lots of really good costumes there. I really hate a blatantly fixed competition >:(

          • anon

            What was your costume? Any photos?

          • mr. wiener

            Pinhead. my avatar.’tis me.

          • linette

            wow..that’s a very impressive costume. You look handsome.

          • mr wiener For the “pinhead” look, I guess you used some kinda papier mache shell with three inch nails applied using Araldite…?

          • mr. wiener

            White swimming cap with Q tips stuck on with silicon. Everyone I spoke to on line said for gods sake don’t use real nails.

          • Fucking brilliant dude. The only truly brilliant expat mischief has ever come out of HST (HK / SG / TW). Cue-tips with silicone sealant – N…O…T…E…D… for Xmas function… Spot-on…

          • mr. wiener

            For the face you will need puddy wax [morticians wax] with liquid latex painted on top to seal it. Should take about an hour to do.

  • Cleo

    Maybe he has cheerleaders at home who never tell him anything critical about himself so he is clueless and inappropriate.

  • Winterbitten

    I wonder if he lost a bet…

  • Ruaraidh

    Dat lat flare.

    Also does anyone apart from the dude in the red even lift? I couldn’t tell which one was supposed to be the chubby one.

    • anon

      I’d say at least the two guys immediately to his left and right do judging by the muscle proportions.

  • Dr SUN

    He would be considered very ripped and skinny in America

    • queenkat

      I can not figure it out why does some women walk around like big is beautiful???
      Ugh,it isn’t.

      • El Puma R.

        It’s about confidence. Something that many Chinese girls and boys lack, big time.. don’t believe me? Check out.. ALL their profile pictures are only of their heads full of make up. And if not, they’re taken by a photoshopgrapher. I’ve seen gorgeous girls who say they’re fat…. NO they’re not ! I wish I could slap some sense into them, but I was taught not to slap women and I want to keep it that way.

        The guy in this article is at the most, flappy. lol. He doesn’t qualify as chubby. I don’t understand why a lot of people want to look anorexic these days. And most of the time girls aren’t confident because all the superficial and materialistic douchebag society.

        We have a saying in my country: A monkey dressed in silk is still a monkey.

        Be happy with who you are and what you have.

        • hess

          I would say that most of them have profile pictures of other people

    • Aw c’mon Sun….get off the “all Yanks are fat” bullshit. I just got back from LA and, yeah, I saw alot of fatties but I saw just as many people jogging on the beach and in gyms and involved in all sorts of healthy activities. My family is just a typical American family. I have 4 sisters. 1 is obese and my other 3 sisters can fit inside a pair of her pants. My brother is perfect height/weight proportionate. When I show people pictures of my family, who do you think they comment about? That’s 1 out of 6. Add up the amount of Americans that are naturally skinny and the ones that work hard to stay in shape and I would say at most 30% are “fat”. If I went by the foreigners I see in China, I would say Germans are all fat, followed by Canadian girls. But it’s just more fashionable to burn on the fucking Amerifats, right?

      • hess

        ““all Yanks are fat” bullshit.”
        Yes it’s not true, 33.8% are obese, wich isn’t 100%. But then again, that’s just the OBESE people.
        I’ve met so many Americans here in China who would be considered incredibly fat in Sweden, but talk about themselves as “built”.
        In the end not all Yanks are fat, true. But most are.

        • DRaYphLy

          go FUCK yourself . Sweden has 9million people, and didn’t they practice compulsory sterilizations in the past??? FUCKING MONSTERS!! Please don’t compare a piece of shit country to USA. All you homogenous shit countries go fuck yourself!!!! Without overweight Americans you all would still be living in fucking caves.

          • Efe the foreigner

            i like your passion.

          • mr. wiener

            It makes up for the lack of logic I ‘spose.

          • markx

            All hail the mighty yanks!

          • Dat Ankle

            Isnt Sweden one of the top best countries in the world and waaaay above the US?

        • Yeah, because Swedes are so famous for being “petit” and “small-boned”. That is bullshit, hess. I lived in Sweden. My ex-wife is Swedish. My daughter was born there. Fat is fat wherever you go. There are alot of different body styles that can make a person seem overweight. Stocky, barrel-chested, husky etc. It’s no different in Sweden. And alot of those obese Amerifats have Swedish ancestry.

          • hess

            “Fat is fat wherever you go. ”
            Indeed, theres just a hell lot more of it in America.
            “And alot of those obese Amerifats have Swedish ancestry.”
            Who the fuck cares? I’m not talking about race
            “FUCKING MONSTERS!! Please don’t compare a piece of shit country to USA. ”
            Wow, just wow..
            Last time i Checked Sweden have a 22% immigrant population.
            “Without overweight Americans you all would still be living in fucking caves.”
            Haha yes, because we used to live in caves before you got your independence.

          • mr. wiener

            To be fair I wouldn’t call Sweden a piece of shit country or a bunch of eugenics practicing monsters. The reference to the caves I really didn’t get ,Draphely was just trolling I guess.
            That said it would be fair to call sweden a bunch of of volvo driving iron ore producing nazi appeasing smug fucks.

            The history of, and increasing waist line of Americans or any other developed country is an open book for those wishing to troll or nit pick. This doesn’t mean these generalizations can be applied across the board however. We are not all , or only, products of our cultures or nationalities.
            I’m Australian incidently, you can say what you like about us, most of it is probably true :)

          • Gontraf

            Easy now. Without Sweden there would be no Nobel prizes and no Chris Kristofferson. I’d say that makes up for a lot already. What about Absolute Vodka ? The Swedes did for vodka what the Russians never could, they gave it some glamour and thus made it accessible to vast hordes of young female students searching for alternative states of consciousness.

          • Justin

            It all comes down to portion size. I went back to the US and ate at Pappadeaux, a Cajun style seafood restaurant in Houston. I opted for something a little more “healthy”, seafood skewers. They were two massive swords stuffed with shrimp, chicken and fish served on a mountain of dirty rice (rice and meat, liver I think) and on the side was a baked potato loaded with butter, sour cream, bacon, etc.

            In China you eat with a group, so you don’t feel compelled to finish that massive serving you’re given. You eat what you want and stop when you’re full. Of course, many Americans still feel the urge to clean every plate out of guilt over wasting food, when they’re really just contributing to their own corpulence.

          • DRaYphLy

            You smug Euro FUCKs!!… Have you even been to America? You guys just like to talk shit. Did a bunch of Americans come to your country and fuck your sisters? Do you know why Americans are fat, because when you are American the world is your oyster and you go whereever you want and do whatever the fuck you want. When you come from some FuckASS Faggotty Euro Country no one really gives a shit about you, you just dont have those options!!! So stay slim and fuck off!!! I’m gonna go to your country and get my dick sucked by your mom!!!! ………. PS I’m only talking to EuroFags…

          • Getrealson

            This is for all the know it alls who just regurgitate shit they read from any obscure website and post links or take it as gospel.

            DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!!!

            The obesity statistics in USA,UK, Australia are excepted as BULLSHIT!!!!

            They are based on B.M.I (body mass index) which is not standardised. Every insurance company is different as too the defence forces BMI’S differ from Police. Also the insurance companies use it to fuck people out of claims by lowering it on the QT. Do you think they have weighed hundreds of millions of people and taken an average?

            Percentages and statistics on the internet are a fools argument.

            True story: Friend of mine, Big guy not fat but built like a brick shit-house signed up for the army. Did a BMI test and failed. They told him he was obese and would need to lose weight. This guy’s party trick was rolling VW Volkswagons on to their roof.

          • mr. wiener

            We should thank the Swedes for Chris Kristofferson?!! That would be like thanking the Germans for David Hasselhoff, You want to thank them? Go right ahead.
            Absolute Vodka is Absolute Crap. The Russians produce better vodka at reasonable prices. I tried some Mongolian vodka the other day, my God it was smooth.
            I hope they caught that European guy who molested you in school. It’s OK to let it all out, we’re all your friends here. Shhhh..shhhh…that’s right …it’s ok to cry.

          • Efe the foreigner

            whats worse than chinese and japs smack talking about some stupid fuckin island? skanky yanks and euro trash smack talking about fat kids! hunger games this chubby kid and watch him kill them all, i see the destroyer in his eyes……. just laying in wait, like a fuckin mountain lion.

          • nhl would suck without swedish cave-men
            no metal without swedish death metal

  • BigJ

    Are these men or teenagers?? They look like middle school students.

    • Dr Dust Cell

      see article title

  • The Acidic Hasidic


  • 平凡人

    It don’t make sense. There are some basic criteria to be achieved during the selection; contestants are judged based on mass and cuts, he has neither. The biggest joke of all, he won a prize. That does not seem fair to those who have trained and worked hard for the competition. Personally, I do not think he deserve any prize as he did not work for it. It take a lot of discipline and hard work pumping iron to get a solid body with mass and cuts.

  • Fitting soundtrack… lol! Perhaps he should of auditioned for a job a Hooters?

  • jeff

    by Western standards that kid is malnurished

    • El Puma R.

      I strongly agree.

  • B*tches, Leave

    Chinese call him brave and courageous. Reminds me on an episode of JackAss, where one of the guys jumps into an open sewer filled with shit. People were calling him stupid, but most other called him brave and courageous.

    • starting

      Westerners always sell the idea that “you ” are superior to everybody else. its why taiwanese have a superiority complex over the mainland china.
      as for this young man he certainly bought into it to bother competing

  • Krell

    I think the only acceptable contestant here is the guy wearing red and the rest are just too skinny.

    • If the fat kid worked out, at all, he would probably stand a chance. He’s actually pretty big in his arms and seems to be quite a bit taller than the rest.

      • Krell

        You’re absolutely correct. If only he can workout, he sure can beat those midgets.

      • Yeah….he’s not that bad and is probably a swimsuit model compared to some of the foreigners here making fun of him. He doesn’t have a big ol’ beer gut hanging down. Plus, there’s not much back story. Maybe he was really fat before and worked hard to lose the weight. I gotta give the kid some skin just for having the balls to participate. And genetics play a big part….he may be looking about as good as he’s going to get.

        • hess

          “And genetics play a big part….he may be looking about as good as he’s going to get.”
          No, just no.

          • Now now hess, you can’t be so absolute. He could be prone to having man-tits passed down from his Ba.

          • Jeffli

            Hmmm, empty the contents of his wee wee bob, invert it, drill a hole and stick it inside and wha la! instant punani, does of girlymones and the manboobs become (wo)manboobs.
            a shave and wax and two bits, hot red lippy, plus a bit of attitude ;-) (know what I mean) and …… well I’d do him then, from the back it s all the same no tuts and a tight *SMACK!* Owwww!

  • Gontraf

    I’m impressed, that boy has got guts.

  • Poltergeist

    Hey LittleWolf, you wrote:
    “That’s 1 out of 6. Add up the amount of Americans that are naturally skinny and the ones that work hard to stay in shape and I would say at most 30% are “fat”. If I went by the foreigners I see in China, I would say Germans are all fat, followed by Canadian girls.”

    Awesome, so now you are fighting stereotyping with stereotyping that fits your view? If you say 1 out of 6 Americans is fat, I guess it’s the same everywhere. I have lived in the US and I agree with what you are saying about LA (or US in general). The only difference I see is the following:
    Overweight people can be found everywhere. I mean, staying with your 1 to 6 ratio, I would say it’s the same as in Europe. However, the amount of REALLY FAT people 400lbs + can be seen in the US more often than in Europe. I am especially thinking of Florida about this. But, Florida seems to also have most of the well-trained people. Doesn’t matter anyway. People are the same.

    What’s surprising then is that you are trying to offend your country-mates by saying that the Germans (my country-mates) are proportionally the fattest (in Shanghai). Hm, funny thing is I disagree. I wouldn’t say that it’s more or less.

    Comment of the month comes from DRaYphLy
    “Hess,go FUCK yourself . Sweden has 9million people, and didn’t they practice compulsory sterilizations in the past??? FUCKING MONSTERS!! Please don’t compare a piece of shit country to USA. All you homogenous shit countries go fuck yourself!!!! Without overweight Americans you all would still be living in fucking caves.”

    Now who dares to explain this fool where the mistake in his post lays? And no, it’s not stereotyping due to lack of education. In this case, this is the base for the analysis.

    • Obviously, some regions have alot more truly obese people than others. California has a generally healthy lifestyle that encourages people to keep fit. And it’s just plain easier with the great weather and things to do. In just a day I can surf in the morning, skydive in the afternoon and go skiing in the evening. I can’t talk about the midwest since I never been there, except Texas. But yeah, the south is full of Walmart-style fat people from what I’ve seen, though the Florida sunshine also allows for a healthier environment. And Hawaii is full of big fat Polynesians(some really fucking scary Samoan women) but that’s just the culture.

      But you’re right, I shouldn’t be generalizing and 2 wrongs don’t make a right. I only write things that I witness with my own eyes and my own life experiences. I’m only picking on Germans because that seems to be the most foreigners that I see in Hangzhou strolling around the West Lake from their tour bus.

      • bert

        Why do Samoans get a break with the “that’s just the culture” statement? It has also become Americas culture style too!

        I don’t think Samoan’s became huge fat until different foods were imported into their country. Would that make it their culture? I could be wrong.

        • mr. wiener

          Samoans get a break because they could break every bone in your body just by falling on you. You want to see truly scary check out the “fa’afafine”. You want to tell a 6’7″ 120kg Samoan trany he looks silly? Be my guest.

        • No, bert. Fat is considered attractive in that culture. Maybe “attractive” isn’t the right word. Maybe “acceptable” is more accurate. From my book learning, in ancient times…. Polynesians would gorge themselves with food and become hugely fat because they would be at sea for up to several months with hardly any food and needed to live off the fat until they arrived at their destination slim and hungry. Then start all over again.

          I’m still going to stick with the “blown out of proportion” accusations of fat Americans and the whole “pot calling the kettle black” of the other nationalities that accuse them of such. I was in Hawaii several years before I came to China in 2002. I went back to California only once, for 8 days when my dad died in 2006 and went straight to my dad’s house spending the whole time dealing with his funeral and clearing out his house and all the other issues you need to clear up when somebody dies, and went straight back to the airport. So I didn’t see much on that excursion. So, basically 15 years since I’d been home. So, my recent trip was almost like a guy that just got out of prison or woke up in the future. I’d been reading all the “fat Americans” shit on the Internet so I paid attention to this. Yes, there did seem to be more obese people than 15 years ago. But it wasn’t like the whole country had turned into “Michelin people” and certainly not vast epidemic I’d been reading about. I would bet alot of the rest of the world gets their views of Americans watching youtubes of white trash and ghetto chick fights and other “fail” media. It’s certainly not the “culture” and widely discouraged and still unattractive to be fat in the US.

  • wafflestomp

    First off, those other guys aren’t even that buff, this is obviously some really amateur shit.

    Secondly, the fat guy is probably on a long, LONG bulk :D

    • Young Man

      Third guy from the right is buff.

      If I was ass-raped in prison by him I’d probably take it and not feel bad later.

      The guy to the left of him also so long as he was sloppy seconds.

  • Justin

    He should have entered a wet T-shirt contest with those man tits.

    • Efe the foreigner

      he does have a rockin pair of teetays

  • eddie9684

    frak, skinny building they mean.

  • simon

    i think he rocked up to the wrong stage stood up and thought ‘well, this is awkward”

  • Dat Ankle

    You call this body building?

    • The Enlightened One

      What do you expect? It’s China… you were expecting a line of 240-260 lbs guys looking like Jay Cutler or Ronnie Coleman?

      They need a lot more chemicals and better genetics for that lol.

      • simon

        correction, it’s Taiwan.

      • jeffli

        I was expecting killer kowalskis actually (in miniature maybe?)

      • jeffli

        I think they are all candidates for SRS surgery and whoremones!

        Whats that Ernie? …she’s got not tits and a tight box? get off her back!
        – -stolen from Bette Middler

      • jeffli

        they guy wearing the red dick-stickers is barring up! the dirty little basterd!

    • jeffli

      +++++You call this body building?+++++
      @Dat Ankle

      I call it “wee wee bob” time!

      • jeffli

        If that ain’t twinkdom I dunno what is.
        I can just imagine a crowd of “san Fransisco BEARS” rushing the stage!

  • bert

    Sometimes they do have a sense of humor, and it’s pretty good.

  • GodsHammer

    I confuse the hell out of the ‘fitness computer’ at the gym. I love the BMI index readout especially…as I am simultaneously too getting readings of very low BF%, very high skeletal muscle %, and a reading of OBESE on the BMI… lol… Muscle weighs more than fat people. Just asking my height and my weight and age is not even close enough to make assumptions about my health.

    • jeffli

      yoooo fet white ghost!
      yooooo no goood!
      guei low have fet no fet still fet!
      foreigner eat pizza icecream! no eating chou dowfoo! get tu fet!

      fet foreign guei low ah! don’t touch my baby ! yoo wan eat him! yoooo tuuuuuu fet!
      yoooo goh home!

  • Jay

    I agree! this brother really has courage!

    • jeffli

      one of them has a boner! fnarf!

  • Olrik

    I can’t tell, which is the one that is supposed to be pudgy and unfit? They all look the same to me…

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  • Xiongmao

    Apart from ONE of the other guys, what does this have to do with body building?

  • fairytale

    i love his joke <3