Chinese Students Get IV Drips While Studying for Gaokao Exam

A high school classroom in Hubei province of China where students studying for the annual Gaokao college entrance examinations are simultaneously receiving IV drips.

A high school classroom in Hubei province of China where students studying for the annual Gaokao college entrance examinations are simultaneously receiving IV drips.

Do you remember our past reports of Chinese students buried under their books or throwing out their books and notes to relieve stress as China’s annual Gaokao national college entrance examinations approach?

From NetEase:

Hubei students collectively inject IVs while studying for Gaokao

Recently, a set of photographs of students from Hubei Xiaogan No. 1 Middle School collectively receiving intravenous (IV) drips while studying for the coming gaokao university entrance examinations attracted attention Sina Weibo. Xiaogan No. 1 Middle school says the students are injecting amino acids to replace energy. In order to avoid holding students up from their studies and to save time for students having to travel between the clinic and their classrooms, the school arranged for the students to receive the amino acid injections in the classroom.

In Hubei province of China, students studying for the annual Gaokao university entrance examinations simultaneously receive IV drips.

Bottles of IV drips containing amino acids suspended above Chinese students cramming for their Gaokao exams.

A high school classroom in Hubei province of China where students studying for the annual Gaokao college entrance examinations are simultaneously receiving IV drips.

In Hubei province of China, students studying for the annual Gaokao university entrance examinations simultaneously receive IV drips.

Bottles of IV drips containing amino acids suspended above Chinese students cramming for their Gaokao exams.

A high school classroom in Hubei province of China where students studying for the annual Gaokao college entrance examinations are simultaneously receiving IV drips.

A high school classroom in Hubei province of China where students studying for the annual Gaokao college entrance examinations are simultaneously receiving IV drips.

Comments from NetEase:

侧卫仔 [网易广东省深圳市网友]:

The Ministry of Education can be gotten rid of, after all these years, just what kind of system of education have they wrought? Kindergarten tuition skyrocketing, primary and middle school burdens so heavy, people coming out of universities unable to find jobs. JB country.

网易广西桂林市网友 [美利坚的旺财]:

Chinese people are machines after all!

jianglongsen [网易江苏省苏州市网友]:

I remember back then during the days before the gaokao we too would use the excuse of going to get IV injections to collectively go to the internet bar, and this was the only reason the school would allow us a leave of absence, and then when we went back, we would go to a small clinic and buy some adhesive bandages and stick them on our arms…


Ridiculous Chinese methods.


Promoting the notion that not passing the gaokao to get into a university is failing oneself is too exaggerated/unfair.

糙米五块 [网易安徽省阜阳市网友]:

For decades now, China’s education has been running in place [without progress]… the exam-oriented education system producing more and more serious problems…


Going to school is truly very exhausting. We get up every day at 8:30am, coming home at 10:30pm at night.

哥不是超人 [网易四川省成都市网友]:

A mysterious country, a perverse education system.

夜月孤鸿 [网易上海市网友]:

Just what is the gaokao for? To get into a good university? What is a good university for? To become a government official? What is being a government official for? For money?

lonven [网易广西南宁市网友]:

Sigh, who can think of a more fair method for selecting and determining human talent/merit??? All-around/holistic education [as opposed to exam-oriented education]?? Based on China today, not having exams for entrance to college will only lead to even more social corruption and the use of backdoors.

黄易首席时事评论 [网易广东省深圳市网友]:

Seeing this scene of [students receiving] IV drips, I am shocked. This news would be unimaginable in Europe and America, even India.
33 years since the reinstatement of the gaokao and still not much has changed.
There’s nothing wrong with the gaokao as an examination, but it is not qualified to judge or be used to determine a person’s entire life. In fact, it already doesn’t determine [a person’s life].

In Hubei province of China, students studying for the annual Gaokao university entrance examinations simultaneously receive IV drips.

From Sina Weibo:

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Work hard, after you’ve developed in the future, have become big government officials, everything you have gone through will have been worth it! So think of the future, it’s still worth it! Work hard for your future!!!


I wonder how the foreign media will discuss this report? They’ll probably teach their children, if you don’t study well, we’ll have you go take the Chinese gaokao.


If our children have to learn like this in the future, I’d rather have them drop out of school! [怒] Can China’s education system be even less inhumane?


Fxxk the gaokao.


Such stupid cunts!!! Completely inhuman. China’s education system is fucking unbelievable!!! [怒][怒][怒][怒][怒][怒]


Sick Chinese education, just look at the universities after these kids have gone through this, how many are truly learning and researching and you’ll know! The enthusiasm and interest of Chinese children for learning has long ago been obliterated and exhausted!!! Sick sick sick!!!


Fortunately I’ve escaped this, except only to jump into an even larger hole.


How is this studying, it’s clearly risking one’s life, risking not one’s learning ability but one’s physical health.

What do you think? What crazy things have you done as a student in preparation for an important test or assignment?

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • Christina

    wow sofa again??
    studying for finals has at least one upside.

    • slim shady

      i wanna lick you friend your head to your toes christina

      • terroir

        That’ll show her for taking the sofa, the third most-common place for conceiving unwanted babies (right after convertibles on Lover’s Lane and public bathrooms).

  • sm

    I was going to call the sofa….

    • Christina

      aw sorry, you can have it.

      I need to get back to my desk anyway -.-

      • sm

        haha. that’s Ok .
        Beauty can get the priority to get sofa. lol.

  • sm

    Going to school is truly very exhausting. We get up every day at 8:30am, coming home at 10:30pm at night.

    6:30am ,not 8:30am
    If that were only true.
    i dovoted my precious youth to gaokao too…
    back to then, if i got up at 8:30am, I would feel guilt…

    • sherry

      we got up 6 am,and after wo got home at 10,we could not sleep, There are so many homeworks. I had been sick for a month after gaokao, I do not want to remember it anymore. I almost went mad. I do not know how to develop my grade, the teachers just want us to fail ,they do not want us to learn anything useful.They just force us to remember.

      • Brett Hunan

        You had it easy. I taught in Hunan years back….everyone knows their gaokao is toughest in China although nobody knows why considering most of Hunan is countryside….

        Anyways i will spare the horror stories as im sure you experienced a lot of the same stuff.

        Our school was too poor for IVs however. You know the burnt rice at the bottom of the pot? That was made into tea for them.

        With all the shit those kids went through there wasnt any suicide or fighting…. a few boys and girls with gray hair but that could be due to bad diets i guess. Mostly, the kids always smiled and everyone cried after gaokao…. they didnt want to leave.

    • “Do not train a child to learn by force or harshness; but direct them to it by what amuses their minds, so that you may be better able to discover with accuracy the peculiar bent of the genius of each.”

      There is nothing intelligent or clever about this backward fucking country. What the fuck kind of mongaloids think it is possible to learn anything worthwhile with their heads in their books. Retards, the lot of them.

      • I take that back.

        Very sorry.


        [Note: Welcome back.]

        • Just saw that. Thanks Faunzzz. Always keep a careful eye on the SMACK but I quit smoking it once I took the Kerouac blues and turned them into Ginsbergs.

      • Socrates FTW!!!

        No seriously, the Socratic method of teaching far and away the superior method for education.

  • Little Wolf

    Hey students….you know you can buy a Gatorade for 4 yuan and use the money you save for the drip to take your girlfriend out for sweet potato for a month.

    • Brett Hunan

      Lol… True true

  • Getrealson

    Quite fitting! reminds me of everyone plugged into the matrix. brains controlled to numb their desire for freedom to serve as batteries for the machine.

    • Brett Hunan

      I thought the same thing when I saw the pictures.

  • Brett Hunan

    Thats nothing… my grandfather, if he were still alive, would tell of leaving the house at 5am dead winter and walking 8 miles uphill both ways barefoot because his mom would beat the crap out of him if he ruined his shoes…. 3 hours of homework for each hour of class in a 9 hour class schedule. Hed get a piece of bread for breakfast and an apple for lunch if he was lucky.. IV? Shit if he got sick daddy gave him whiskey garlic and a hot pepper. Yup, my grandpa was a tough mfer. Kids these days are soft.

    • KJ

      Bread and apples, you say? LUXURY
      My grandfather used to have to get out of the lake at 3 o’clock in the morning, clean the lake, eat a handful of hot gravel, work 20 hours a day at mill for tuppence a month, come home and his father would but him around the head and neck with a broken bottle IF WE WERE LUCKY!!

      • Brett Hunan

        Yup times arent like they used to be

      • side

        Cracker, KJ. These Chinese don’t know they’re born. Send them all to Yorkshire, I say.

    • Dat Ankle

      Your grandpa is only tough if lost a few of his toes from walking barefooted in the winter.

      • Brett Hunan

        Let me get this straight. You mean that one can only be “tough” if they lose an appendage?

  • Dr. jeffli OB. GYN.

    This is disgusting!
    its not “amino acids” Its amphetamines!
    blatant drug use in school!
    A typical drug user in China uses I.V. bags

    How can the govt. let this happen? what the fuck kind of druggy zombie people does China produce? I.V.s to study my arse! China is making Junkies, I won’t hear another bleat about the opium wars anymore.

    Disgusting filthy junkies!

    • Chunghwa

      >OB. GYN.
      Internet credentials

      My dad is Arnold Schwarzenegger, what now?

      • Dr. jeffli OB. GYN.

        so you dad smokes big black blue veined cigars, well good for and your father “coming out” – your Gay pride is appreciated but wrong timing.

        does he swallow?

        • sherry

          You conclude too fast, I cannot catch up with you.
          Don’t you think your words full of prejudice?
          This kind of school is not all around China. As a chinese university student,I hate this kind educational systerm.
          I do not know if the amino acids is the amphetamines.But during my 21 -years life, I did not see anyone in my life troubled by drugs!In fact,my friends never heared anyting like that! That ‘s not the point!
          Although life is hard in China, we did not have enough democracy,we troubled by our educational system,we came across all the things you could see in this website.
          But that is not all of china,that is just a piece of our life.
          We know what is wrong, what is right, we want live better,and we believe things woud get better in the future.
          You cannot judge us like that,it hurts.
          I do not know what is the reality of the opium war.The history books blame western countries,I think that is wrong. We all have our own choice.
          But I can’t accept your conclusion.what you said as
          we were born to be Junkies.
          Do you mean that?

          • ♫”its never your fault,
            its never your fauuuulltt,
            Always the victims,
            Its never your fault”♫

          • Stu

            It was a joke, Sherry.

  • eattot

    crazy!but i was lucky, i was from a small population province, so even do not study hard we can go to better universities much better than these super geeks from other provinces.
    went to clubs on weekend, ate around in streets, listened to sex radio at night,so cool! especially someone as me, got up 15mins before the first class, washed hair in 3 mins,rushed to dining hall had breakfast in 2mins then still not late for class,just hair still!

    • Toujour

      What is a “sex radio”?

      • mr. wiener

        It’s what Coala Banana listens to every night before bed. It also has a plug in artificial vagina [prostate optional]

      • diverdude

        c’mon eattot,,, what is ‘sex radio’ ??

        • sherry

          I think she means popular hot music by popular stars
          by the way ,I was born in so called large population province.
          I could go better university if i lived in other province

          • Brett Hunan

            Not even close… Sex talk show… dirty radio. i know in hunan there was one station, cant speak for large cities in the east, however.

          • sherry

            really? i seldom listen radios ,is there some station like that ,did he really mean that?
            i do not think it is a good example to show how cool his life is.

          • The Enlightened One

            No, that’s not what she means.

            There are sex chat radio stations where people call in and tell their problems and some guy/gal either gives them advice or insults them a while for laughs.

            There is a popular one in Shanghai… it’s like like in North America when people would ask that old woman… Sex Talk with Susan or something. Saw a video about it. Chinese are not as naive or innocent as they try to portray themselves to be… 1.4 billion people says underneath it all… they REALLY like sex ;)

      • eattot

        i think every city has a sex raido program…called sex education or help whatever…
        but just full of dirty sexual sickoes make a call, then blahblahblah, then make the program dirtier just…i remember once i and my best friend were sleeping together, sharing earphone,one sicko wrote the program a latter that:he lives alone, no women around at all, so he takes his dog…omg!we two almost vomited……

        • mr. wiener

          Ahhh …so that’s what CB does when he’s not posting on Chinasmack :)

          • Brett Hunan

            Zoing. Youre on the ball today. You might beat terroir for witty comments of the month award

        • sherry

          yeah, that is strange. i do not like this kind of excitement.
          it makes me sick

        • Chinggis was here

          Did he have to buy the dog a kennel first?

        • RuN

          lol that is very misleading
          “sex radio” <- it's more like a free online consultant where u make phones calls to the radio hotline and usually theres a medical expert whos gonna answer ur call and the entire conversation between u and him will get streamed via the radio.

          Lots of uni students take the advantage of it and troll in front of 10 million ppl… another one i've heard was a guy asking " i cant stop masturbating and the bin is full of toilet papers, teacher is coming for a room-check(the school's dormitory) in 10 mins can i still be saved ??? "

        • Dr SUN

          thanks….. I just spat my beer all over my keyboard and monitor

    • slim shady

      your so cool eattot , let me lick your feet

  • Well, this isn’t retarded… Nope, not at all.

    And it surely must end well.

    Stay classy chinese education system.

  • Rick in China

    Seems to me it’s the students who are asking for these “drips”. Hospitals seem to want to give IV for every type of drug administration, regardless of how silly and minor it may be.

    One thing that confuses me is the much would one of these drips cost during a school day? There are easier/cheaper ways to ‘replenish one’s energy’ than sticking an IV in yer hand. Maybe the teachers can educate the kids on these oldschool methods of maintaining one’s health rather than memorizing mostly useless information.

    • Archie

      Someone is clearly making some good money from this. I’m sure the school principal and a hospital director are having a great time with these extra funds.

  • radbab

    bizarre. I keep seeing resumes from college applicants which are more than laughable… how hard can this exam be, or is it just for elite universities?

    • sherry

      I can show you how hard it is.
      In my province,there are 1 million examinee each year, only 1/3 could went to university.And among the 1/3 lucky guys,only 1/7 could go to elite universities. My mother told me, if I could not went to university, I would not find any good jobs,even a primary teacher.
      We were told to be a good student when we were young,except this,we could not see our future.If I want to be a teacher , if i want to be a lawyer,if i want to be a police,if i want a formal job……I must go to university first.
      I tested for twice,two years.Luckily,I went to university.After the final exam , i sicked for a month.I heared from news that someone have tested for 10years
      ,I have not see this kind of thing.But it is normal in our school that a elite student tested 5,6 times for a elite university.They are not learning anything new anymore, they just gambling.
      I don’t want to complain, but this kind of systerm suffers us a lot.that is not just about money or status
      We judge people by these meaningless points,we forget how to respect people. The value systerm has changed, but we coud do nothing.
      That is what I worried, we are not happy ,we forget happy.We waste 16 or 20 years to study,for nothing.we learnt for test,we forbid to have our own thoughts,we learnt noting.
      Why ?why?why?

      • Li RuiKe

        You live in a prison. Your wardens have no need for you to be educated. They has too many educated minions already. The system exists to serve the wardens, not you. Just shut up and serve your time. Keep your eye on CCTV for instructions on what to think.
        But here’s the secret: If you really work and study hard on your own, you can escape to a place of freedom, where real education is valued by society, by schools, and by employers.

  • RuN

    meh still better than the old Imperial examination

    • mr. wiener

      Yeh. at least they won’t have fits during the exams and come out dreaming they are the younger siblings of Jesus Christ thus kicking of a bunch of civil wars that kill 20 million people….
      Seriously , what is the difference between having an IV drip and drinking a few sports drinks apart from speeding up the rehydration and and absorbing the amino acids. It all seems needlessly theatrical.

      • RuN

        maybe students are not allowed drink during class coz thats disrespectful to teachers?

        IVs are pretty common/cheap in china neways,
        when u get headache, fever, a infection even if you are just feeling sick, u can go to hospital and get an IV treatment.
        every chinese can take IVs like no problem

        • mr. wiener

          Drinking in class=disrespect to teacher
          Introvenous Drip =No problemo
          That’s what I call logic with Chinese characteristics!

          • RuN

            why are u being so offensive?
            did my first post upset u or something?
            are u sure u understood the term ” imperial examination” and wats with all those jesus craps u’ve mentioned about

          • terroir

            @Are U In?
            ” imperial examination”

            You’ll have to forgive Hot Dog Boy; he didn’t pass the gaokao and so will have to live the rest of his life knowing that he doesn’t have what it takes to be a Stormtrooper. But at least he doesn’t have to look for droids that he’s not looking for.

            Also: they’re normally not so short.

          • mr. wiener

            Sorry not trying to be offensive, I was refering to Hong Xuaquan, the leader of the Taiping revolt [1850-1864] in the remark about Jesus.
            Second remark I was wondering at the logic that would allow IV drips in classrooms ,but not food or drink.
            My apologies again if I offended you. This was not my intention.

          • mr. wiener

            Darth Terrior.
            I’m just miffed that I can’t be a clone trooper as I can’t fake a kiwi accent. You still get comment of the month award even though you spend most of your time stroking your wookie.
            “These aren’t the droids we’re looking for”.
            “You can go about your business”.
            “Move along”.

        • Brett Hunan

          Students eat and drink in class. Schools never keep kids from eating. Its how they save money on daily IV treatments.

        • Archie

          Having a drip for these problems is inherently stupid. Just like the dangerous habit of Chinese demanding anti-biotics for colds via IV. The next super bugs are going to come from China, and it’s going to be an absolute medical disaster. The government here brought in new regulations last year, though nothing has changed. Hospitals in China still have IV rooms, like no other hospital I’ve seen in the world. A true mess.

        • Luobo

          The overuse of IV’s in China is strange

      • Fu ZhiGao

        Way to reference the TaiPing Rebellion… 囧

        • RuN

          yea using 1883 figures really helped…
          the latest estimate on death is 70 million and a population loss or 140 million.

          anyway why would u reference to something thats totally IRRELEVANT? if u want to simply compare the 2 education systems dont mention some event which involed UNEDUCATED FARMERS ok ?

          • mr. wiener

            Thanks for the updated figures.
            I mentioned the Taiping revolt as I’m a history buff and the pressures of a bunch of students resorting to IV drips and your reference to the old imperial exam system seemed like a good tie in to some dude tripping out and thinking he is JC’s didi.
            Sorry if you disagree.

          • RuN

            lol u see English wasnt my first language and sometimes i get it wrong. When u said “logic with typical chinese characteristic” i thought u were tryin to call that a typical chinese logic but in an offensive way.

            Hong xiuquan first tried to recruit ppl from guangzhou but it was unsuccessful due to the high development and education level of that area… he then traveled to guanxi and got a bunch a farmers believe that HIMSELF is the 2nd son from the god or JC’s didi … and yes sadly most of the western media / governments did initially support his act/revolt, perhaps still holding grudge over the first opium incident.

            so i wasnt referring to how hard imperial exam was although it was one of the reason. But the biggest disadvantage of imperial exam was that it did not have any modern science/mathematics but only stuff from “Four Books and Five Classics”.

  • Mao’s Dong

    Crazy Chinese. All competing for an foothold in a overburdened society.

    Love to see the suicide rates in that pollution ridden country (…the NON ‘state’ statistics!)

  • Li Yan

    Back in ancient China, students would tie their topknot (hairstyle) with rope attached to ceiling. When they fall asleep, the rope would pull their head up to wake them up.

    • terroir

      Yup, it was/is(?) called “头悬梁” and it was designed to stop people from nodding off. It doesn’t help that a tired brain won’t likely remember anything when it’s not working properly due to lack of sleep, but hey, “China”.

      This apocryphal story about 孙敬 is likely the same kind of claptrap about George Washington being all “I’m so honest that my life is a bowl of cherries!”, but hey, “USA”.

      I can’t believe it, but I wrote a blog about this with pinyin and everything, y’all:

  • diverdude

    I wonder if ‘Weird’ is in the vocabulary test ?

  • Shaun

    Crazy insane education.

    Youth is the best times of your life. The Chinese (even other Asian states) need to reform education to allow greater personal freedom and particularly creativitiy in their studies. There needs to be les rote learning and greater emphasis on critical thinking skills.

    I wonder how many of these kids participate in clubs or societies in their schools…

    • 安健

      Many academics and researchers accept Chinese grad students into their universities or departments with deep caution. From the research professors in the chem dept at my university, they have basically said that usually, Chinese students from Chinese universities are:
      1) very adept at knowing the theory and anything that comes from the textbook
      2) totally incapable of thinking for themselves, thinking laterally, and solving a problem that no one else has solved before
      3) It takes at least a year or two in grad school, maybe more, before they even start to resolve the problems from generalization number 2

      I think the Chinese system is great at producing students who will ace any test you put in front of them but totally incapable of independently thinking and solving real world problems. I know there is plenty of anecdotal evidence to support this, but I would be interested to see if there is some kind of quantitative study that also showed this.

  • From a biochemist standpoint this is pretty stupid. Your brain preferentially uses glucose and only resorts to ketone bodies after glucose sources has been depleted. To replace energy eating carbohydrates would be better to replace energy. If you can’t stop for 30 minutes to eat and replenish your energy why bother going to university let alone surviving you’ll just breed more retards into this world.

    • North East Lao Why

      And that is whats bin happenin for sum time here in the good ole PRC.
      High School here is a prison, a high school near my home still makes the poor things wear the shitty old military style uniform, for the drongo boys it doesn’t matter they all look completely monged at 8pm kickin out time at the high school round the corner from my home. I just pity the girls, imagine making your daughter wear a shitty looking Maoist styled military school uniform. Parents in China love the long hours high schools dish out, imagine the peace and quiet at home for a few hours after work, then pick them up in your new car, triple park, or even quadruple park on exam day, no wukkas ! The traffic jams these total idiot fwit parents cause near my home every single school night is incredible, good job I got a nice little easy-rider leccy-bike to ride through these arrogant twats, look at me, I’ve got a new car, oooh la phookin la! Now every twat can get one, they think its a great idea to all try and get as close as they can to the main gate of a high school, TWATS !!!!!

      • mr. wiener

        ‘Nuff ta make ya spew.

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  • Ronald

    Education? This country is a factory of labourers reveiving only enough skills to work emsambling goods, but not enough to think and reason by themselves.
    Education is the biggest enemy of communism, the regime need ignorants who can only follow orders and hide their tails in precense of authority.

  • dim mak

    All spurred by an overemphasis in school prestige. Here in Canada, I was surprised to find dumb people who went to the local IT college could easily get the same kind of jobs as people who went to the best university in the province, barring very high end/niche academic fields. Opportunities mang.

  • Heka

    And so, doping arrives at the classroom. Exams on steroids. How about asking your girlfriend like, “honey, how come you have such a thick mustache, such huge muscles, and a clit like a penis?”, and she going, “well, maybe I took some boosters before the exams but at least I’m the university now”…

  • An anonymous boy…

    IMO their education system coupled with their culture seems to produce terrible results even if their students supposedly work hard… I know at least ~10 people from Tsinghua University who had Master’s and PhDs in fields considered difficult by most… and they were good at learning things in general… but when they needed to apply their knowledge to problem solving they were lackluster…

    Also they tended toward cheating on assignments ( getting old assignments from other Chinese students or just copying other students’ work ). Further, they also tended to fudge the results of their Master’s/PhD work to make the results look better… Of course this is in comparison with other students…some other countries tended to have similar students…

    That being said, some Chinese students genuinely seemed to work hard…but weren’t very good… My sample is pretty bias though…

  • Foreign Devil

    wow! those head high piles of books and papers and IV hanging everywhere. . maybe because it takes too much time away from studying to go out and get something to eat?

    Wretched, wretched lives! I hope this story hits mainstream media.

  • bscalled

    once again the chinese have push all stereotypes over the cliff about them being the most studious, students.

  • bscalled

    also, they should show this picture in every school in the usa so they can see who they’re competing against.

    • StupidAmerican

      Work hard, not smart. You can get GaoKao study books in America (NYC Chinatown) and with minimal translation get through the book. Requires no thinking. Some of them suffer when they take the SAT.

      It’s hard to get into a Chinese university. It’s relatively easier to get into an American one. However, Chinese university programs typically have 95-99% pass rates. My university, 2nd tier, had a 70% pass rate.

      These pictures provide no basis for comparison.

  • DRaY

    Why are chinese people so stupid???

  • Dat Ankle

    Imagine if schools across China started doing this and the kids started to become dependent on it, and it becomes common place to have the IV bags in work spaces because this and younger generations become addicted to its energy. And then supplies started to run low and not enough for all the Chinese to get their kick and its something only the super rich can afford so there becomes subs for similar cheaper drugs, I would pay money to read a story like that.

  • 平凡人

    What the f**k is this? Performance enhancing drug? It seems that China is the only place in the world you would find students on drip before exams; many scholars in the making.
    I notice that in China, almost everyone is on a drip for fever, cold, diarrhoea, etc. when they see a doctor. With so much anti-biotics infused, the body will lose it’s ability to develop antibodies to counter bacteria. In the long run, China will be full of weaklings!

  • [email protected]

    Just euthanize them all and get it over with. If this is the society that fate has bound these students to; a society which does this to its children; what point be there in life? Sometimes dead is better.
    Oh and there are literally a million things wrong with this. But who has the energy anymore to explain why Chinese society is an slowing imploding drain on the earth.

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  • Jahar

    Usually when I’m feeling a little low on amino acids, or energy, I just grab a sandwich.

    Also, shouldn’t this be illegal or something? What about the Hippocratic oath?

    And, These guys study 12 hours a day for 6 years to get into a crappy university and get a crappy degree. I dicked around 5 hours a day for 6 years and got my choice of great uni’s. Yeah, China is number 1.

  • Crazy_Gweilo

    I call bullshit. You don’t see any actual iv lines going into peoples arms, just bags of fluids hanging up. And what fucking point is it anyway? Jesus, its not that hard to drink water. Add some gatorade if you’re worried about electrolytes or sugar. And I’m not sure I’d trust the equipment to be sterile, septic shock could really destroy your chance of beating the exam.

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  • typingfromwork

    IV drips for fucking everything. Everytime someone gets a little fever it’s IV drips. The medical industry sure knows how to milk every last fen out of desperate, doting parents.

  • Vakeesan


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  • chinese people are really ignorant. every time i meet foreigners who come to china for the first time they all complain about the ignorance of the common chinese person… how can they study so much and remain so ignorant??? what are they reading in those books????
    it is all thanks to this troglodyte education system.. i believe that the ruling government officials want to keep people in complete ignorance so that no one can complain about the government’s stupid-ass policies.
    i have been living in china for 6 years and i have had enough of this shit, going back home this summer. never coming back.. will miss the food though…

  • How is it possible that people who study so hard still remain so ignorant ??
    Ask a common chinese person about :
    the Nazi Holocaust,
    to name 4 south american countries,
    about the cultural revolution or the opium war,
    what language is spoken in Jamaica,
    how can AIDS be transmitted,
    what is democracy
    what is communism

    Most of the chinese people will be unable to answer these questions. So one can’t help to wonder what are they studying in those books???
    The communist party wants to keep a very mediocre education system in order to keep the masses ignorant.
    Or how else can a single group of people remain in power for more than 60 years???

    • Justin Thyme

      Many students here believe China has landed on the moon. They really believe that. China had some “astronaut” who basically did a sort of X-15 flight (did not orbit the Earth or walk in space) and this guy is the greatest astronaut in history suddenly. They only seem to worry about what their shoes look like here.

      Try doing a current event class. Students stand up all sleepy and say “I don’t know, I am not interested in this.” Morons.

    • Dr SUN

      + 1

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  • Justin Thyme

    You have over a 50% chance that this stupid IV concoctions are nothing but a cheap saline solution. In the west you never see people with these unless their in the ICU. Here people stub their toes and the “hospital” or “clinic” administer and IV while the “doctor” (sometimes wearing flip flops) goes back to goofing off.

  • Andy

    I thank God every day I wasn’t born Chinese.