Chinese Teens That Assaulted Elderly Beaten Up By Peers?

A mob of Chinese teenagers beating up 3 other teens.

A mob of Chinese teenagers beating up 3 other teens.

Today, a post titled “Teenager in blue beaten up by youth in his hometown, all 3 people involved beat up” appeared on popular Chinese discussion forum Mop. In it is a video and a number of screenshots claiming to show a bunch of Chinese youth beating up the teenagers who beat up the elderly at a Jiangsu nursing home that we reported several days in retribution.

The Mop post quickly grew to over 20 pages and over a thousand comments. Many netizens posted comments cheering the news, happy that the teenagers who shamelessly disrespected and physically hit the elderly were punished by their peers. For example…

Comments from Mop:


Excellent!!! Well-beaten…


Fuck~! Well-beaten~! First time I’m cheering on a group beating~!!!!


Beat those bastard to death.


This is the consequence of not respecting the elderly, the beating is so well-deserved. If I were there, I would’ve definitely messed up his arm muscles/nerves, then let’s see if he can still hit the elderly.


Such comments were the majority in the Mop discussion, although there were also some who questioned whether beating up the teens and such vigilante justice is right…


Don’t really approve of this kind of behavior! What difference is this behavior from that of the teenager in blue?!


Sigh, foolish children. If violence could solve problems, then the world peace would’ve been achieved long ago.
However, since the world isn’t peaceful right now, I guess some beatings do no harm.


But most importantly, some netizens did not immediately accept what the original post told them and began asking questions…

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Is this the [teenager in blue]?
Wasn’t he under protection?


Is this real/true? How come it doesn’t look like it?


Requesting the truth, is this the [teenager in blue]?


How come it doesn’t look like the [teenager in blue]? Are you sure?


And soon some netizens came out to openly reject the original post and argue that this video is unrelated and does not feature the post-90s generation teenagers from the earlier video being beat up by other youth as retribution for their misdeeds:


Just watched it again, this video is fake [not of the Jiangsu teens], evaluation complete. It’s all Xuzhou dialect/accent. In the video, there’s enough a person who says “You even dare to jump someone form Tangzhang?” This clearly is not about the elderly being beaten incident. This is probably a video of some kids from Xuzhou Tangzhang having a group fight. BS the louzhu


I personally doubt this video isn’t of the [teenager in blue] getting beaten up.
Seriously doubt!
The entire time, including the people in the video, it looks like feizhuliu retards bullying their schoolmates.
Request someone who was present to come out and prove the video’s authenticity! MLGBD!


That’s not right, the title of this video on Youku yesterday was not “[Teenager in blue] beaten”, it was “Middle school student group beating”, and I even commented that dozens of people beating up on three people was shameless. However, it it really were the [teenager in blue], then that deserves a ding! Right?

A suspicious aspect of the original post is that the embedded video was from Ku6 but the screenshots were from Youku. Had the video originally been on Youku but was removed and reposted on Ku6?

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Clicking to the video’s page on Ku6, the video is titled “Those two 2B kids who hit the elderly have finally been fucked [punished]!!!!! Retribution!” and was uploaded within the day.

However, going to Youku, the original video can easily be found and was briefly one of the day’s trending videos with over 200k views…

From Youku:

Middle school student group beating, then take souvenir photos

This Youku video was uploaded earlier than the Ku6 video (a day ago). The presence of a Youku watermark on the Ku6 video also shows that it was copied from this Youku video. So why did someone download a copy, upload it to another video sharing service, and change the title?

Many of the comments on the Youku video make fun of the participants, calling them a bunch of “SBs”. Many also lament the sorry state of Chinese youth (post-90s generation kids) and laugh at the lousy English “come on, go” that can be heard in the video. Many others posted trying to figure out–and then argue over–where the video and participants are from (Hebei, Anhui, Shandong, northern China, southern China, etc.).

Only after ~30 pages of comments did comments suggesting the teenagers in this video are the same as the teens that fought with the elderly begin appearing. However, no actual information currently supports this claim and it appears to just be a rumor.


China’s chengguan has people for the future. Rejoice, rejoice.

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • blues


    • captain america

      We americans will come and invade your country very easily if you guys fight like pussies in groups of 50 against 1…LOL you will never will a war against us…

  • Dogbert

    Street justice often works best.

  • [email protected]

    Oh man, provincial hairstyles are too hilarious.

    And talk about carrying on little little kids, laughing and playing while laying down a beating. If anything, this scene was even more disgusting than the blue shirt kid video, because this was like 25 against 3 and these kids weren’t even fighting back. Just mindless violence and half the country mindlessly supported it. Sad.

    • [email protected]

      edit – ‘And talk about carrying on like little kids’…

    • Not to mention there have been a whole load of mistaken ‘human flesh searches’ and ID’s of people from stories posted online. e.g. the woman in Hebei who was said to be a HIV infected prostitute who had sex with thousands of men infecting then who turned out to be a victim of a jealous ex-boyfriend. This was revealed after she lost her job and faced humiliation to thousands of people. How many of these little sewer rats really know who these kids are and why they did what they did (if in fact they did it.) Sigh, people online think they know everything.

      • pete

        Also, Chinese commentators are claiming this video was from a different province – different regional accents.

    • pada

      How I hate this “25 against 3” thing that remind me of US and its coalition army against poor Iraq.

      • A GUY

        God your an asshat.

        • pada

          But where are Iraqi WMD by the way? They must hide them in your gigantic asshole. lol!

          • Sounds like someone needs to understand a few things

            1. not all foreigners are american
            2. not all foreigners are nationalistic minions of their respective countries… therefore:
            1. They do not necessarily feel the need to show support for their governments actions
            2. They do not feel the need so ‘save face; in front of foreigners regarding the actions of their government because they do not feel it is a part of them, nor their belief system and they know most foreigners (aside from Asians apparently) will be able to see a huge fucking difference between and individual and a government.

            Sigh, not to mention the hypocrisy of what you have just said and the standard you have placed on everyone in the world.


          • staylost

            No, ShanPo, I represent all Canadians, and all their actions represent me. This is what gives my life value: to march at the beat of a million other people’s drums, and to judge myself by how exactly I follow their rhythm, marching myself right off this cliff.

          • Anon

            Wow, witty and topical, since this is 2004.

      • staylost

        or Israel vs. All in the ME.

        • pada

          Thats why I suggest America gift its Alaska to Israel. Guenter Grass would be even smarter if he were enlightened by my idea.

          • notorious

            Alaska is pointless since the promised land is located in the middle east. is not theland, it’s the location of the land.

          • staylost

            You’re right! Israel is soo cool. They were barely a country and they singlehandedly defeated like 10 countries supported by cold war Russia and even were able to advance and hold new territory. They should get Alaska, Xinjiang, and be made the supreme rulers of the Middle East for their high culture and willpower against those that would tear down the dream of a better nation keeping the pace of society. Support!

            Harmonious thinking & Guenter Grass,
            pada & staylost

        • pada

          F’ck me to have forgot my favorate link:

      • mr. weiner

        Actually I think on paper the 25 vs 3 numbers where more skewed in favor of the Iraqis, if you are looking at this in terms of manpower numbers alone.
        Of course the US/Coalition forces had a huge technological advantage, so it was kind of like 3 people with a gattling gun versus 25 people armed with sharpened pieces of fruit.

        • pada

          But I prefer not to look at manpower side while alway remember what your beloved Bush fed us with “the whole world is on our side” (after picking) at UN forum. But anyway, dont worry I accept the theory you guys repeatedly brainwash us that America is the greatest bully on earth.

          • terroir


            Comparison incomplete without a UN charter, international negotions and rule of law. This video is just a mob of poorly dressed slob ganging up on a few guys.

            So… tennis shoes are stealth bombs? So that’s Chinese diplomacy?

          • donscarletti


            I fear you will react negatively, but I still must insist his name should be translated as either “能猫” or “熊苗”.

          • terroir


            “Can-do Cat”? Am I missing a pun or something? Or is this from some secret CIA file and this is the tepid skinny on this guy?

      • markx

        Pada in fact makes a very valid point.

        • staylost

          Really? So you believe international politics and community relationships are directly comparable?

        • terroir

          No, he doesn’t. What he does do is effectively derail the thread and change the focus from what was once discussed to shifting the blame to something that has nothing to do with the original topic.

          If you see this video and all you can think about is US foreign policy, and you want to take this opportunity to challenge it, well hooray. All it took was a mob beating caught on video and put on the internet.

          Such making of such valid points demands that there be hundreds more of these videos to help share this point of view.

          • pada

            I’ve got no problem with “hundreds more of these videos” which can make ppl “think about US foreign policy” you love wholeheartedly, while you’ve got no reason to feel bad if I only remind ppl of the thing you love as glorious. But I dont worry, since there are still some smart Americans I know who dont love “US foreign policy” as you do. And I’ll keep on reminding ppl of “US foreign policy”, to your dismay.

          • terroir


            you have none of my views regarding US foreign policy. None. I have not said nay or yay (V-sign) regarding it.

            I, and presuming everyone who objects to you, am saying that it’s inappropriate for you to bring this up at this time. If you are happy to see 100’s more of these types of videos then we are seeing:

            a) 100’s more examples of the breakdown of Chinese law, where the justice system can’t be trusted to punish those responsible (the beaten up guy if he’s innocent, and the mob if he’s not).

            b) 100’s more examples of you trying to benefit off of someone’s misfortune, that you try to benefit from a victim of violence (right or wrong) to make your point, and

            c) 100’s more examples of you just seeing whatever you want to see. A kid could be run over by a car, and you’ll still try to blame US foreign policy. (Raptor drone?)

            The letters d) through z) I’ll reserve for jokes to mock you with.

      • [email protected]

        If you have to turn each thread into an excuse to spout anti-Americanisms, at least start your own post and not turn my post into a boring rant on yesteryear’s news Pada. Thanks.

    • mr. weiner

      I like the fashions better. Where did that kid get the top with the snow leopard pattern on it, his mum’s cupboard?

    • famewhore

      Where do they get the ideas for hairstyles? I have seen them all over Shenzhen.

  • Genxi

    Beating elderly people is indeed very shameless. I hope this beating will knock their mind back to normal for respecting the traditional hierarchical system of the elderly and the young folks.

  • Simon

    Completely crazy. I can’t approve this kind of behavior! For God’s sake, we can’t punishing someone like an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. How someone can find a justice under Code of Hammurabi? People, we are in the 21st century! Let law and government deal with crime. I can’t see the difference what those teenagers did to those elderly people and what peers did now to them?!

  • Pete of Perth
  • human

    Try beating the corrupts cop and government, take a big leap. Yeah… I am man of my words….

  • whichone

    Wow, Chinese netizen actually turned online mob into real mob action. *Will act nicer on Chinese forums.

    I think angry mob beating on teens is scary and terrible, but I lol’d a little when I read this, do I fail some online categorical imperative?

  • Red Scarf

    Next week 1000 grannies beat up the kids that beat up 3 kid who beat up the. Eldery

  • Visitor

    What goes around comes around……

  • jiayi

    Chinese people excel at this thing, I think it’s called, ‘locking the stable door after the horse has bolted.’

  • Rod

    Maybe now a bigger mob can go and beat up that mob.

  • 平凡人

    I am not sure if these kids are beating up the same bunch of guys who beat up the old folks. I do not support taking matters into their own hands but I do not object what they did if the one beaten up are the ones who beat up the old folks. The language they speak does not sound like Changzhou, Jiangsu; thus I have some doubts on the truth of this video. Anyway, retribution is what those hopeless scumbags needed for preying on old folks.

  • iamsheep

    where is the proof that its the same kids?

    • mr. weiner

      Exactly so.
      This vid claims to be this but where is the proof that it is? Chinese netizins can’t agree on the accents of the people involved so we really have to take the words of the people who made the video and experience has demonstrated that the web is full of lies , fabrications and half-truths.
      They can do “human flesh searches” , but I would like to see something more high tech like voice pattern recognition and facial geographic mapping. Time for “CSI Jiangsu” to swing into effect. *sings* “Hu are you? Hu, Hu…Hu, Hu”

      • Boris

        No-one can say it’s the same kids.
        No-one can say it isn’t.
        -Irrefutable evidence that proves all Chinese people look the same!
        Reminded me of that Matrix flick where what’s-his-face takes on a hoard of clones.
        On a serious note, the real question that should be asked is whether this kind of thing is becoming more common. Something I like about China is the relative infrequency of violence. I really hope this is not a new trend.

    • terroir

      The glorious feeling of perceived retribution at perceived enemies is all the proof we need.

      Come on: a video of a beating takes place on the internet, so it follows that obviously a reprisal video of a revenge beating must also take place on the internet. In no way can there be an empty link for mouse jockeys to not languish towards.

    • There is none. This was the main point of my post. I don’t understand why so many people here also think it is the same teenagers. I spend so much time explaining it is just a rumor without actual information… 我的妈呀

      • No worries, I was sucked in at first as well.

        Then I kept reading…………

        It’s amazing what reading does to your knowledge base.

        ***The More You Know!***

      • mankouzanghua

        That’s one of the aspects of this site that is pure genius and genuinely terrifying. Carelessness, jumping to conclusions, not reading, not thinking critically, these know no borders. Here, people actually had a reputable source explaining in clear English why these kids are unlikely to be the ones from the other video. The different standards applied to the translated Chinese comments and the ones posted here shine a light on how biases and hatreds are maintained.

        • anon

          Careful now, carefully nurtured egos will be bruised.

  • eattot

    attractive guys are so lacking in china….especially in south…

    • mr. weiner

      ?? Wow I never would have thought of looking for attractive guys whilst looking at this vid , but you have definitely given me another reason to look at it again. Eattot you certainly have an interesting and original perspective on life :)

      • eattot

        hahaha,i am like a rade searching for any attractive guy any time.
        when i was in university,if there was a handsome guy then i chose that classroom study there, if no, then better stay in dom play computer….

        • staylost

          You play computer long time?

          Funny thing in the United States. In 2010 more than twice the number of Asian women married inter-racially when compared to Asian men (the gender imbalance is opposite for African Americans, while “Hispanics” and Whites have no gender imbalance in interracial marriage). On the other hand, the highest wage earning couple including all intrarace and interrace combinations was clearly Asian male + White female (followed by White male + Asian female and then White male + White female).

          So while those Asian guys may not be the top choice, being the least common interracial marriage partner by proportion, they do make the rivers run green with cash.

          • eattot

            money is not so important, for me, at least.
            i do not want ugly kid first, and i know how the marriage will like, women do not need money maker only.

          • coala banana

            eattot, i am impressed, lets have a baby together….lets be parents of the antichrist !

        • [email protected]

          No children are ugly. Only someone with an ugly heart would think so.

          • eattot

            oh no!
            then where those ugly adult come from?
            if my baby was too ugly, i even have no mood to take care much.

          • mr. weiner

            I think the original meaning of “cute” was “interestingly ugly”. I bear this in mind when asked to admire my friends progeny.
            “Awww, how cute!” ;)

          • terroir

            “If my baby was too ugly, i even have no mood to take care much.”

            What do you know? Darwinism works. Inferior DNA will be weeded out at the source.

          • coala banana

            i agree with eattot….of course there are ugly babies and children in this world. There are a lot of asshole kids floating around too….on the other side which child wouldn’t have a reason to complain about his parents ?

            an ugly couple is most likely to get an ugly kid. I come from a country where most people are good looking, tall and strong….not many ugly motherfuckers where i come from.

            I wouldn’t go so far, to abandon the child if it turns out ugly like eattot suggested…..but lets be honest, when choices could be made between an ugly and beautiful kid to take care off, then i would prefer the beautiful one, pre required that they are both healthy and intelligent too…if the beautiful one turns out to be an asshole, and the ugly one nice and reasonable, then i would chose the ugly one, and later on invest some money in some plastic surgeries….

          • mankouzanghua

            CB, what country would that be where most people are good looking?

          • DRaY

            I think it was Sweden that has the most attractive people , because the practiced eugenics in the early 1900s ad only allowed certain people to procreate, hence they have really attractive ppl. Im not sure how true it is … someone should check it out..
            …. But i think it is a stupid idea.

    • markx



  • Lau Guan Kim (aka Dogbert)

    There is no question that Mr. Weinie could beat these guys up. Ha! Just kidding, as that is unlikely.

    [Note: Please do not use multiple names.]

    • mr. weiner

      ???dong bu ting???

      • hess

        听不懂。。。ting bu dong
        but the right would be 看不懂 kan bu dong

        • Brett Hunan

          i think he was making a funny

    • Chinggis was here

      (aka Dogbert) or (aka sprung as a tool).

      [Note: Please do not use multiple names.] Ha, ha..

      No fair… One day, god willing, I may be deserving of being stalked on this site too.

      • mr. wiener

        You want him? He’s all yours.
        Ask Elijah. He is catnip to stalkers

  • johnny basic

    You mess with Xuzhou hairdressers at your own peril.

  • Regina.

    The only thing I could focus on were their haircuts. Oh, and the guy with the leopard print top. lolololol. That did me in.

    But seriously though, why are they not fighting back? I never understood that about Chinese fighting videos. Whenever someone is getting slapped/kicked/pushed, they just stand there and take it. What’s the deal?

    • Boris

      When you’re surrounded by 25 guys who are giving you a fair going over, but not leaving you permanently damaged, how much of a fantastic idea is it to go lashing out at them? Let’s stick you in the same situation in any country and you’ll see the wisdom of keeping your head down and covering up as best as possible.

      • mr. wiener

        But that’s not what they do in the Kungfu movies!
        Seriously though it is a good point, if you’re on the receiving end of a beat down by a lot of guys the best you can do is duck ,cover and hope they’ll get bored soon so you can leg it.
        In real life the odds are seldom fair. I beat up the school bully when I was young and he and three friends came back the next week and did me over using an electric cattle prod.

      • coala banana

        in most other countries ? yes ! but we talk about china… kidding, but i wouldn’t feel intimidated by this 25 kids….most of them are anyway just passive….the best is to hit the ones with the biggest mouth, the strongest and most aggressive one of them. After he falls down, the rest of them will either run away or you will just have to deal with 2-3 more…sucker kick right into the nuts, knee, punch against the throat, chin and finger punch into the eyes….

        get real, this are not 25 spartans or pretorians, just some uneducated bored hyper sensible inferior kids with small dicks, which don’t have girlfriends. I wouldn’t have any problem with fighting them, cause i am sure that there is none amongst them who can actually fight…..a true fighter, who knows how to fight and hurt someone, is very unlikely to be part of such a dumb group of people and take part in the humiliation of 25 against 3 kids….

        • Brett Hunan

          25 to you and youll get your daylights kicked in… fuck the best mma fighter in the world would get his ass beaten. i have studied self defense for over 17 years and i know that even the strongest will be taken down with the odds against him (usually 5 to 1 seals the deal). not always, but close enough. over 5 to 1 the training is to scout exit routes, make a decision, and run for it.

          either way, 25 on 1 and even anderson silva is going down. youll most likely be dead you fucking know-it-all asshole.

          • Brett Hunan

            sorry im drunk….. even one on one and you should start thinking about how to get yourself out of there.

            Koala banana hammock, i doubt anyone on this forum could take on more than 3 or 4 of these high school kids at one time. least of all you

          • Brett Hunan

            fuck im a stupid asshole…. did i mention koala youre a fucking dumbass?

            Back to why im also an asshole…. i dont know who anyone here is so i compared them with myself in the above posts… 28 y/o 6 foot 3 95 kilo…. i say it clear for all the koala dickfaces of the world to read- even if you are big, little fuckers can hurt you….. Even if they are without training or experience.

          • coala banana

            hey, its cool that you are a drunk fuck, no problem with that, it counts as an excuse…no need to insult you, just look into a mirror….that will do it…:-)

          • donscarletti

            You ever see the movie The One with Jet Li? Especially at the end where he punches like one hundred violent prisoners in the face.

            That’s actually a biopic of Coala Banana, they just left out the bit where he owns a factory, just to make it more believable.

          • Brett Hunan

            wow i sure had a lot to say last night….

        • mankouzanghua

          the ones getting pounded on weren’t spartans either

    • coala banana

      thats not true regina….when i was young we watched quite frequently chinese kung fu movies in europe. Guess when you are an 8-12 year old european, thats the only age where this shit can impress you…..after i thought about this senseless shit which was going on in the movies, and realized that at the beginning of the fight it becomes obvious who is the dominant fighter, the looser always stood back up to get beat down again and again….completely BS. I never understood that about chinese movies….until i came to china, then i realized why. I saw a couple of fights in the last few years, and have been involved in 2 fights myself, doesn’t take much to knock them out BTW….but when 2 chinese fight, it kinda looks like in a cheap kung fu movie, just less skillful :-)…..saw also a couple of very embarrassing scenes, like the boyfriend pushing his GF right against the guys which like to beat him, and run away, while his GF stays and fights while he is running for his life and loosing one of his shoes…..ha ! I stood next to them with my former GF, waiting in line at a theatre entrance. They started pulling the girl by her hair and right at the moment when one of them tried to slap her, i punched him with a weak straight jab. He felt down like a sack of rice, while i was still wondering how i could have hurt him with such a weak punch….the 2 others run away. The girl look real nice BTW…my GF was pissed, and the night ended with my GF walking away and me taking the other girl out for a night tea….

      for them not fighting back in the movies, i don’t know, the movies i saw and the experience i made in china, is, that they always come back. they are annoying and don’t know any limited ones they get pissed about something. Arguing with them is hopeless, trying to let them calm down ? no way… is to work preventive and not to come into such situations, cause from my experience and from what i saw in the last 7 years, you have to KO them, otherwise they will come back again and again, making a scene in front of everyone in the middle of the street, totally out of control…..

  • Barry (aka Dogbert)

    I wonder why no one had a knife. Knives get things done.

  • Ronald

    Not the best kind of justice but justice at the end.
    If the incompetent and coward authorities don’t enforce laws and educate about moral and values the people will have to start taking matters in their own hands.

    Thumbs up!
    People raise the voice!

  • Jonlene

    Whether it is true or fake,i believe violence is not the best way to solve the problem.Most of time,violence can worsen the event.You can see from the video that everything thrown into charos.

  • Sunshine

    Violence begets violence.
    But I still say: 该!!

  • candy

    works. since the government in china doesn’t protect its people anyways so the public have to take things into their own hands since the parents didn’t step in :/