Shanghai ‘Black Girl’ Lou Jing Abused By Racist Netizens


2009 chinaSMACK Readers Choice Award Winner: Most Controversial

From NetEase:

Shanghai “Black girl” Lou Jing becomes famous on the internet

Lou Jing [shown with mother above], who participated in DragonTV’s “Jia you! Oriental Angels“, recently became exceptionally popular on the internet, having been cursed to fame by netizens! Lou Jing was viciously abused owning to her life experience. Many netizens learned that Lou Jing was born after her married mother had [extra-marital] relations with a black man, and let loose a torrent of abuse on the internet. August 30, Lou Jing issued on the internet a stern but fair protest against netizens’ racism, that the color of her skin should not become a target of attack. At the same time, she also said she reserved the right to take legal action.

From KDS:

Shanghai’s most green [cuckolded] man, whose wife gives birth to a black man’s child~~

Lou Jing’s mother had a husband, then had an extramarital affair with a black man, then gave birth to Lou Jing, and then after her birth divorced.
And that black devil, after fucking ran back to his home in Africa.
It is unimaginable how that Shanghainese man [husband], excited and anxious to see his own “daughter”, must have felt when he saw that she was black…

A response by Lou Jing on KDS:

I am DragonTV Angel Lou Jing, and here I make a statement!

  1. My father is American, not African.
  2. I am a born and bred Shanghainese person.
  3. I should not have to bear my parents’ mistake, I am innocent!
  4. Sternly but strongly protest some people’s racism, my skin color should not become a target of attack!

I reserve the right to take legal action!


Comments from KDS:


Would this be a green hat or a black hat?


Her mom really knows how to enjoy herself


Even going on television…what is this show trying to promote? Extra-marital affairs…?


This mother is really horny.


Her mother’s skin is pretty thick.
At the time finding foreigners was indeed a fad, but you still can’t pick blacks!



Fucked by a black.

How come a zebra wasn’t born…?


Ugh. Yellow people and black people mixed together is very gross…only black skin, not yellow skin, chocolate skin…

Not even knowing this common knowledge, ruining a child’s life.


There are still a lot of this kind of women that would get involved with blacks~
Her old mother at the time had courage, probably also did not know what color would she would give birth to, white, yellow, all possible, right…?


She does not have it easy either.
She’s still better than those men and women these days who treat abortion like a trivial matter.
Moreover, her mother was not married.
If the men in this post are all so enthusiastic about attacking her,
then you guys better take care of your own lives.


Can that black person’s home see DragonTV? …


Numb! This bitch still has the audacity to appear on television! I don’t know what to say! One cannot be shameless to this kind of level!


Black people actually have a pretty high standing internationally, many famous fashion models and stars are all married to black people.
However in China, this kind of thing is a little embarrassing/shameful.


I think this mother is still very great/admirable.
Willing to face her own mistakes, I ask how many TF here would dare to face [such mistakes].
A single mother able to bring up a daughter is already very difficult/impressive, much less one with a different skin color, the difficulties are imaginable.
Everyone has the ability to analyze what is right, what is wrong. Everyone think about it, don’t be so immature, opening your mouth to hurl abuse without thinking. Be a bit more understanding with other people.


I think Lou Jing should not be condemned, she herself did nothing wrong, and if her father was an American white person, she probably would not be discriminated against. In the end, it is still racism.


Black people’s tools/weapons are big! Her mother must have been very satisfied! Even having the audacity to go on television! Probably hoping that Africa can see [the television show], and [the father] will come to recognize his daughter, haha!


But you guys should not forget…black women’s bodies are the best in the world…
The modeling industry and entertainment industry all have a lot of black women…


There is news saying that black person is T-MAC’s [Tracy McGraw, NBA player] cousin.


Obama’s little sister.


Similarities: Male black dog x different skin colored woman.
Differences: Black x White = Obama, Black x Yellow = Luo Jing.


Comments from Tianya:


Having this kind of woman as a mother, truly lamentable.


There is nothing wrong with the daughter, but her mother is indeed a bitch/slut, married but still getting involved with a black person, probably for the great “love” too. Too bad the black man treated her as a toy. Chinese girls, please have a little more self-respect.


The television channel is also shameless, using this kind of thing to hype/promote/attract attention [to itself].

I imagine her mother is also feeling helpless, bringing out and talking about such a shameful past, and ultimately [in hopes of helping] her daughter.


I cannot help but say, those coming out of mixing yellow and black blood are all truly ugly, a dirty feeling [appearance]…


I do not know why,
but after seeing these photographs, my mind is reminded of Japanese-made adult videos, with the final climax scene of the black man, where the black man’s muscular body tightly pressed on the Japanese woman’s white and tender skin, pulling out after shuddering from climax, and then so many seconds of close-up — of vaginal liquids and semen everywhere.

One or several times N years ago, this Lou Jing’s mother along with a black person also played out such a scene.

This black girl is truly deserving of pity. The mistake is not on her, but on her mother’s and that black biological father.


Girls, you guys should know that even in America, which represents the highest level of black people, 60% of black children are brought up by their mothers alone. Do you understand what this means?>

It means the men all fucked and ran, not taking responsibility for anything! There are often black people who have had children with over 10 different women, that American netizens all ask that they be castrated…


When I first saw this week’s show, I too was very shocked, so stunned. Society’s norms and values haven’t becomes so “fei zhu liu“, has it? As a post-80s generation, I completely cannot accept this. If I were that girl, I would be so low key that I could not be any more low key. How could I possibly come out and expose my face, seeking attention and sympathy…it is difficult to understand.


How much self-respect could the child of a shameless old woman be?

And she still wants to find her American father. Who knows if her father is in jail for being unable to repay his loans or dead from a gun fight on the streets.

Judging by her mother’s story, it seems like her mother was not very familiar with her American black father anyway, so trying to find…America’s already has a bunch of black children trying to find their own biological fathers.


I am not racist, but if her mother really was married first and got involved with a black person, then that is indeed low. What more, not knowing to use contraceptives or abortion, could she have really been thinking of using a child to tie down a foreigner? Truly both low and deplorable.

The child is innocent…


090902 UPDATE: Here is a video of Lou Jing:


Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.


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