Shanghai ‘Black Girl’ Lou Jing Abused By Racist Netizens


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From NetEase:

Shanghai “Black girl” Lou Jing becomes famous on the internet

Lou Jing [shown with mother above], who participated in DragonTV’s “Jia you! Oriental Angels“, recently became exceptionally popular on the internet, having been cursed to fame by netizens! Lou Jing was viciously abused owning to her life experience. Many netizens learned that Lou Jing was born after her married mother had [extra-marital] relations with a black man, and let loose a torrent of abuse on the internet. August 30, Lou Jing issued on the internet a stern but fair protest against netizens’ racism, that the color of her skin should not become a target of attack. At the same time, she also said she reserved the right to take legal action.

From KDS:

Shanghai’s most green [cuckolded] man, whose wife gives birth to a black man’s child~~

Lou Jing’s mother had a husband, then had an extramarital affair with a black man, then gave birth to Lou Jing, and then after her birth divorced.
And that black devil, after fucking ran back to his home in Africa.
It is unimaginable how that Shanghainese man [husband], excited and anxious to see his own “daughter”, must have felt when he saw that she was black…

A response by Lou Jing on KDS:

I am DragonTV Angel Lou Jing, and here I make a statement!

  1. My father is American, not African.
  2. I am a born and bred Shanghainese person.
  3. I should not have to bear my parents’ mistake, I am innocent!
  4. Sternly but strongly protest some people’s racism, my skin color should not become a target of attack!

I reserve the right to take legal action!


Comments from KDS:


Would this be a green hat or a black hat?


Her mom really knows how to enjoy herself


Even going on television…what is this show trying to promote? Extra-marital affairs…?


This mother is really horny.


Her mother’s skin is pretty thick.
At the time finding foreigners was indeed a fad, but you still can’t pick blacks!



Fucked by a black.

How come a zebra wasn’t born…?


Ugh. Yellow people and black people mixed together is very gross…only black skin, not yellow skin, chocolate skin…

Not even knowing this common knowledge, ruining a child’s life.


There are still a lot of this kind of women that would get involved with blacks~
Her old mother at the time had courage, probably also did not know what color would she would give birth to, white, yellow, all possible, right…?


She does not have it easy either.
She’s still better than those men and women these days who treat abortion like a trivial matter.
Moreover, her mother was not married.
If the men in this post are all so enthusiastic about attacking her,
then you guys better take care of your own lives.


Can that black person’s home see DragonTV? …


Numb! This bitch still has the audacity to appear on television! I don’t know what to say! One cannot be shameless to this kind of level!


Black people actually have a pretty high standing internationally, many famous fashion models and stars are all married to black people.
However in China, this kind of thing is a little embarrassing/shameful.


I think this mother is still very great/admirable.
Willing to face her own mistakes, I ask how many TF here would dare to face [such mistakes].
A single mother able to bring up a daughter is already very difficult/impressive, much less one with a different skin color, the difficulties are imaginable.
Everyone has the ability to analyze what is right, what is wrong. Everyone think about it, don’t be so immature, opening your mouth to hurl abuse without thinking. Be a bit more understanding with other people.


I think Lou Jing should not be condemned, she herself did nothing wrong, and if her father was an American white person, she probably would not be discriminated against. In the end, it is still racism.


Black people’s tools/weapons are big! Her mother must have been very satisfied! Even having the audacity to go on television! Probably hoping that Africa can see [the television show], and [the father] will come to recognize his daughter, haha!


But you guys should not forget…black women’s bodies are the best in the world…
The modeling industry and entertainment industry all have a lot of black women…


There is news saying that black person is T-MAC’s [Tracy McGraw, NBA player] cousin.


Obama’s little sister.


Similarities: Male black dog x different skin colored woman.
Differences: Black x White = Obama, Black x Yellow = Luo Jing.


Comments from Tianya:


Having this kind of woman as a mother, truly lamentable.


There is nothing wrong with the daughter, but her mother is indeed a bitch/slut, married but still getting involved with a black person, probably for the great “love” too. Too bad the black man treated her as a toy. Chinese girls, please have a little more self-respect.


The television channel is also shameless, using this kind of thing to hype/promote/attract attention [to itself].

I imagine her mother is also feeling helpless, bringing out and talking about such a shameful past, and ultimately [in hopes of helping] her daughter.


I cannot help but say, those coming out of mixing yellow and black blood are all truly ugly, a dirty feeling [appearance]…


I do not know why,
but after seeing these photographs, my mind is reminded of Japanese-made adult videos, with the final climax scene of the black man, where the black man’s muscular body tightly pressed on the Japanese woman’s white and tender skin, pulling out after shuddering from climax, and then so many seconds of close-up — of vaginal liquids and semen everywhere.

One or several times N years ago, this Lou Jing’s mother along with a black person also played out such a scene.

This black girl is truly deserving of pity. The mistake is not on her, but on her mother’s and that black biological father.


Girls, you guys should know that even in America, which represents the highest level of black people, 60% of black children are brought up by their mothers alone. Do you understand what this means?>

It means the men all fucked and ran, not taking responsibility for anything! There are often black people who have had children with over 10 different women, that American netizens all ask that they be castrated…


When I first saw this week’s show, I too was very shocked, so stunned. Society’s norms and values haven’t becomes so “fei zhu liu“, has it? As a post-80s generation, I completely cannot accept this. If I were that girl, I would be so low key that I could not be any more low key. How could I possibly come out and expose my face, seeking attention and sympathy…it is difficult to understand.


How much self-respect could the child of a shameless old woman be?

And she still wants to find her American father. Who knows if her father is in jail for being unable to repay his loans or dead from a gun fight on the streets.

Judging by her mother’s story, it seems like her mother was not very familiar with her American black father anyway, so trying to find…America’s already has a bunch of black children trying to find their own biological fathers.


I am not racist, but if her mother really was married first and got involved with a black person, then that is indeed low. What more, not knowing to use contraceptives or abortion, could she have really been thinking of using a child to tie down a foreigner? Truly both low and deplorable.

The child is innocent…


090902 UPDATE: Here is a video of Lou Jing:

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Written by Fauna

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  • P0nti

    Com’on – there’s just no sense at all to that stupid topic.
    Having a cheating wife sux – doesn’t matter if the fucker is black, white, pink, whatever ;p

    • Yomo

      DAmn!!!! how could you be so right, PONTI!

      i hope u r from china or shangai cause u seem to have a clear mind and seem to be one of the rare healthy person of this website.

      • Dad

        Why chinese dislike like this black people?

        • I am an Afican American/black woman.

          I am glad that I had a chance to read the comments that Chinese people made on this web page.

          First, let me explain that I do not think that racism is wrong. I believe that bigotry is wrong. Chinese people have a right to keep their race pure.

          It is shame that black people do not think like people from Asia and the Middle East. Jews, Arabs, Indians, Chinese, Pakastanis, all are homogenous and believe in marrying, breeding and keeping financial matters within their respective clans.

          While I am very hurt that so many Chinese people on this post see black people as animals, I am also glad that I saw enough proof of their hatred for black people that you will never see me in a Chinese restaurant again.

          I have a $100,000,000.00 lawsuit (please visit for more information). If I ever win that money, you can best believe that I will use my last breath to create a little community of blacks who don’t mix with Asians and Middle Easterners who hate us and see us as black, ugly “lo fah.”

          Ahhhh, a purely black neighborhood where even the sushi and lo mein are made by black people…a neighborhood where I never have to run into Chinese people who hate me…I can even print this site and pass it around to the blacks who still stupidly go to buy Chinese food.

          I know it’s a stupid dream…but I can dream, can’t I?

          • jay

            Although you are clearly upset, and you have the right to be, your comment is just as ignorant and racist as the negative comments people are posting about Lou Jing.

            There are many chinese people who do not feel this way about blacks and are actually open-minded enough to not feel this way. Your comments about creating a “community of blacks” and boycotting chinese food just shows how you are stereo-typing all chinese.

            The treatment Lou Jing is getting is obviously wrong and many of us believe this and support her in her endeavors. You say that you will not go to any more chinese restaurants, and what about other chinese businesses? Your association with chinese people and chinese food only shows how ignorant you are. Chinese people are not ONLY GOOD for making chinese food. For you to call out not only chinese people, but all “middle easterns” and grouping everyone together is not only racist but a fine example of why this world will always stay the way it is–filled with hatred and retaliation rather than understanding.

            If you want to make a comment or express your feelings, please do not stereotype. When you do, people stop listening, realizing that you are only furthering the racism that fueled this in the first place. I wish I can respect your comment and opinion, but because of the ways you have stated them, I cannot support them or even say I understand where you are coming (although I have experienced racism many times).

            Your “dream” is one of a world that is segregated. Neighborhoods that are “purely black” or white or chinese, etc. would erase all of the historical and social changes that the few courageous men and women have contributed to our societies. I forever hope that this dream of yours will be just that–a dream.

          • Carlos

            The Problem is that Chinese like most Asians are totally ignorant when it comes to race. Sure, we should all be proud of our racial heritage and culture, having said that. As an Black American who has a biracial child, I know my daughter is beautiful. There is nothing wrong with being Black, White or Asian for that matter. What it boils down to is jealousy. Most Asians are small-minded thinking when it come to race and Blacks in particular. We are are equal. NO asian person would or could ever make me feel inferior, in fact, I laugh at them, because it shows their own pathetic insecurity. How does skin color equate ones intelligence?
            So if you are blind and a Chinese person and a Black and White person were in the same room and had to touch each other, there is no way you could ever tell who is who! What makes White skin better? That makes you a better Homo Sapien?
            Chinese people hate themselves, it’s a known fact, because if they didn’t, then why do they have to bleach, change their breasts, nose, cheeks etc.? For what? A confident individual would never want to do that. I can see if it is a life-threatening problem, but on the level that Chinese do it and think that the White community will accept them, is so over the top ludicrous! I would never, ever, ever want to be Asian or White. I thank God everyday for making me, me. I love myself a lot. I never hold my head down and have the utter most confidence, because if someone that doesn’t like me because of my color, then that means, they fear me. And that feels good. Stereotypes are sometimes overrated and should not be taken seriously, you good people in every race, but a Black heart, and Asian heart are all the same, if you do an organ transplant, no ever asks, “from which race did this organ come from?” It doesn’t matter. We are all coming together faster than we can think and if China, the growing superpower wants to act in a real sincere and responsible way, then that means, they also need to grow up and understand, the world comes in different colors and races and religions and it’s Ok to be different and that one race is not superior to another. Because if you think that, then that makes you the lowest and most ignorant person, period! I hope more people mix and become one, that way, all this foolishness will stop, but on that point, many Asian countries are still adolescent in that regard. One thing is for sure, when we die, we all go back to being the same….dirt!

          • CL (aka Charles Liu)

            Cheryl don’t be discouraged. China Smack basically cherry picked the few bad comments to make the story more than it is.

            I found these comments from the same KDS thread China Smack cited. There are LOTS of comments supportive of Lou, and against racism. I really don’t know why they are left out:

            “不要去歧视外地的,大家都是平等的” – don’t discriminate against outsiders, everyone is equal

            “小黑是无辜的” – Little Black [Lou Jing’s nickname] is innocent

            “这个小姑娘是无辜的,大家积点口德” – the little lady is innocent, everyone watch what they’re saying

            “我觉得这个母亲还是很伟大的” – I feel Mother Lou is quite admirable

            “小孩很可怜从小被歧视” – poor girl’s been discriminated since little

            “以后碰到你身上 你还能噶笃定” – wait til it happens to you, will you be so self righteous

            “单身母亲还是要理解的” – single mothers need understanding

            “小孩没什么错,大家别这么刻薄” – kids are never wrong, everyone stop being so harsh

            “大家不用这么说人家小姑娘吧” – people, there’s no need to talk about her like this

            “怎么说她也是讲上海话的土生土长的上海人” – no matter what, she is a local born and raised shanghainese

            “何必要这么搞臭人家呢” – why poopoo others like this?

            [Note from Fauna: Please do not continue to post comments with different names.]

          • Nadia

            are you an idiot??? you definitely sound like one.

            It’s people like you that keep the black community down and the world in general.

            Become enlightened.

          • Nella

            Hi everybody,

            I just want to say that I didn’t know Chinese were so racists. I’m an African girl who lives in Belgium: I have never seen so many insults on black people in my entire life!!
            So what? You think you are better than us?
            Just look at your country where you can’t say what you’re want about the government! You are slaves of your president or whatever and his guys..
            Many of your people work for almost nothing, you have children who don’t go to school…
            You’re think you are better? More beautiful? Come on! Just stop dreaming: if there is a quizz with Black women and Chinese women in all over the world, I bet black women would win…. Don’t misunderstood: before I read all the bullshits I wasn’t thinking of that, but know….
            Oh and yes, do you think Black people like you that much? Are you kidding? Just continue to be racist in your country beacause all of you who live in the USA: You have a Black man as presiden, how does it feeLS?
            Sorry, but I can’t let it go…
            I have to at least write something…

          • shanie

            that’s stupid. world peace guys! we’re all human! i have lots of chinese friends and black and white friends. but duh! we live peacefully people. this topic just sucks. what is about anyways? it’s not about the girl being a mixed chinese and black, it’s about being married and having an extra marital affair. There’s nothing wrong with being a mixed. nothing wrong with being a black. i’m mixed black but so what? my friends love me and that’s it. we can co’exist peacefully guys. just “R E S P E C T” for everyone. and may God bless us all.

          • Marianne

            hi cheryl!i agree with u,i am a filipina who have a black babygirl,she is 4 months old now,i was very hurt to about those comments of this crazy and truly ugly chinese.I know and we know that chinese are very low profile in the world,they have no right to criticize black people because we all know that blacks are talented,wise and ver powerful human.I love my child and his father very much,from now on I HATE CHINESE.

          • Megan

            *I’m a black American woman*

            Oh,thank goodness for saying that CHERYL D.UZAMERE.
            What a relief it is that ‘someone’ gets it.Someone not willfully ignorant.
            I 100% agree that every other community has a goal of self sustenance.That is,of course,except the black community.I can only respect those communities for doing what anyone would do on the prudent principle to insure stability & survival of their group.
            Blacks have this thing of constantly placing themselves in a position that necessitates they beg for acceptance.
            You should never operate on these grounds.
            After all,that is what autonomy is all about.External factors should never be allowed to dictate that groups well being.

            To blacks:Get with the program! You’re the only exception.

          • shanie=)

            owkay..this is funny..*corz i’m being sarcastic.haha
            it’s just that, there are billions of chinese in the world and maybe 50 or 60% of them are the likes of chinese here who are racists…but dont u think it’s unfair to the other percentage of chinese who are not racist?? hello people.. it doesnt matter what other people’s what “WE” think that matters.. these kinds of thinking starts war. tsk. if this continue, we’ll be expecting another world war in the near future.

          • shuddup blackie

          • rashida

            Stop pretending your black,the comment you made about we dont think like arabs,whites ect….an african american would never say that.Every african american know they are not pure anything,they are mixed because of slavery.Also mid east men you speak of marry black women all the time,they dont let the women do it as if there is a difference.B*TCH GET A CLUE.No race controls mixing the blk white &blasian thing is big.And do u know how many blks are indian mixed,thats how I know your not black because every blk women is constantly hit on by arab men.Hell ,we all talk about it because it makes black men mad.

          • liz

            your comment about making a little ‘black community’ is just as bigotry as they those racist Chinese. Mind you, did you read about Lou Jing biography, she is born and raised in China. She has never encountered racism in her whole life where she has lived, it is not until she appeared on TV when her racial hertiage has become a hot topic. It is the media that magified and blown up her hertiage as a problem, and it she racism she is currently encountering are the voice of tiny fraction of a few racist Chinese and most like uneducated as well. I can tell you for sure Chinese perception on race and racism are very ignorant of the concept of race and generally do not have a concept of what race is. What they have a concept of culture and hertiage which is different. But Chinese/Asian won’t just hate you based on your race-their concept of racism is quite different.
            Your comments based on your ‘little fantasy’ is just as racist as those small portions of racist chinese out there. And those racist chinese do not makeup the whole population.

        • Laura

          I don’t care if you inderstand: I’m just angry!!

          C’est quoi ces attaques racistes?
          NOn, mais je rêve: vous avec vos pauvres vies, à cause de la souffrance que vous avez causés à cette fille et à sa mère, vous serez jugés!!! Et j’espère que vous aurez l’occasion d’aller rencontrer votre père adoré- le diable- en enfer… Il vous accueillera les bras ouverts…
          Vos blagues sont pourries, sans compter le fait que les chintocs n’ont rien de bien spécial ) part un pays qui prend de la place pour rien!!!
          Continuez à nous fournir des marchandises à bas prix et des films de combat et fermez-la.
          Peu importe ce que vous pourrez faire, vous n’aurez jamais le prestige d’être respecté. Vous garderez toujours votre imege de mains d’oeuvre à bas prix!!

          • Western Girl

            bet the -1 was because they dont understand french HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

        • Western Girl

          obviousy because blacks have a bigger *********, hahaha im joking…. no joke…. Chinese are like this against any other race

          • Western Girl

            @ NELLA: girl, you made me laugh so much with your post… The people must be feeling so enraged right now of all the things you said that are true

          • Asian Guy

            I agree. Chinese arent racist. They are like me, just hate everyone. HAhahaha…

        • JJ

          There is nothing about the racism. It’s her shameless and irresponsible mother. Before she gave birth to her daughter, she probably did not know who the baby’s father was. Had the girl have normal Chinese color, the mother would have continued her cheating practice. She was nothing but a tasteless, cheap and stupid prostitute. I just wonder how much money she got. Now she shows up on TV without covering her face. She is truely a “thick faced” slut. The whole nation, especially Shanghai, has been insulted by her dirt.

          • betty

            So why care about her past? Have you not made any mistakes in your entire life? You might be even worse when you are alone or u might have done the worst things when faced similar situations during her time.

            You dont hae the right to judge her.
            Are you sure your comments have really nothing to do about the race?

          • kechy

            y all the self righteousness. you are here insulting others, who knows what you are doing behind closed doors. oh please, get a life and leave the mother alone.

          • Get it right!!!

            Dearest jing jing

            Yellow skin in not, I repeat, not normal color. Asians are the only race on the planet with yellow skin. Now that is far from normal colored skin. Yes I agree, her mother single handedly brought shame to shanghai, which is world renowned for it’s poverty, dirty streets, prostitution, child slavery and curruption.
            I can see how this young girl could be such a change from normal.

        • Afa

          Afa, The African,







          Afa, The African

    • tony

      You people are a complete disgrace , you have Chinese people working in all parts of Africa statements like the above would put Chinese works in Africa in danger, This girl is Goods creation more importantly she is very beautiful

      • kechy

        my dear not only are they working in africa but also marrying and having uncontrolled sex with african women and producing half orientals everywhere. i am also from a homogeneous society and when we see their seed we can spot them.

    • Louisse

      Its 2009, grow up people things happen in life and love and she is here and she breath’s and has feelings, hold your head up Lou and be proud of your heritage, I am glad you grace our planet and I must say you are simply stunning!

      I only know a few truely wonderful chinese people!!
      Everyone else is so damn racist and ignorant.
      I defend the chinese, I respect them and learn the language.AND TO HEAR IM DIRTY AND SUCH BAD THINGS.
      You people on this site are shameless bastards and your families should be ashamed to have such coldhearted, stupid, hateful children.
      You disgrace all human for you retard remarks.
      Just like chinese have bad chinese people. Black people and bad black people. Because we don’t have your fake ass pure white skin dont shame us!!
      Im beautiful, and so is lou jing!!! Her mother cheated on her husband probably because he was a mean bastard and didnt respect her, so he found someone she though that did.She was wrong and made a mistake but she got a beautiful daughter in return.
      So fuck you racist bastards!

      • kechy

        mwah bless you sister.


      To all you SICK RASCIST CHINESE YOUR THE MOST PITIFUL NATION IN THE WORLD!!!!. One of the oldest civilizations in the world and the BEST THATS IN ALL OF U Is ::::dont have sex with black men..Are you telling me there are 1 billion rascist Chinese people ??? then all of U deserve the poverty and the Pain your going through with your government..All of U should never leave the borders of China and RUN TO MY COUNTRY!!! you all make me sick to my stomach thats why you people suffer so much its KARMA…She should come to the greatest and most powerful nation on earth thats where she belongs…not be with you fucked up little people ..Instead of seeing the beauty in it you worthless assholes see color….WELLL HERE IS A SURPRISE FOR U DUMB ASSHOLES THE ORIGINAL MAN IS BLACK!!!! CHECK IT READ IT WRITE IT AND ENJOY IT AND YES!!!!! ALL OF U TOO!!! SO U DUMB ASSES ARE HATING ON YOURSELVES AND THATS WHY YOUR PITIFUL!!!!

      • anon-it-most

        Worst part is black ppl have little to claim. Very little contributions to mankind. When that changes, maybe the world will respect blacks.

        Sorry but being the first man doesn’t quite cut it. It’s like saying “We invented fire”. So f-ing what!

        Once blacks make a contribution to the world, racism against them will end.

        In the meantime we can enjoy watching national geographic show pictures of caveman African tribes, hungry children covered in dirt and a continent in waste.

        • Bronze Breeze

          anon-it-most, Clearly you are an obvious empty headed, hence I am not going to spend mush time on you. I’ll give you a sneak preview though, take a read at this:

          “Black minds have been inventors, engineers and master-builders since
          antiquity. We must maintain the time-honored tradition in preparation for the
          21st century and beyond.” – B.L. Crudup, P.E.

          Honoring Black Inventors of the Past
          Granville T. Woods – The “Black Edison.”
          Lewis H. Latimer – The Man Who Made Electric Lighting Practical.
          Elijah McCoy – “The Real McCoy.”
          Garrett Morgan – “Father of the Gas Mask.”
          Frederick Jones – Made Mobile Refrigeration Possible.

          “It’s official – a Nigerian scientist, Dr. Louis Obyo Obyo Nelson, has finally
          found a cure for the dreaded diabetes disease which afflicts over 123 million
          sufferers all over the world.
          The Minister of State for Health, Dr Aliyu Idi Hong, yesterday described as
          “epoch and historical” the production of Antidiabetic Phytophar-maceutical by
          Nelson in collaboration with the Nigerian Pharmaceutical Research and
          Dr. Nelson had been granted a United States patent entitled “Medicament for the
          Treatment o Diabetes”, a feat that raised hopes for millions of sufferers of
          the disease worldwide.

          Nigerian scientist, Oyibo, gets honour in U.S.
          YET another Nigerian is making waves in academic circles across the globe. Prof. Gabriel Oyibo, a Mathematical physicist, has advanced Albert Einstein’s relativity theory and answered questions that Einstein tried to address until he died regarding the origin of the universe.
          Oyibo’s latest book is already bursting the charts and he is getting a third nomination for the Nobel Prize. A group of African Americans in Washington DC has already decided to institute a professorial chair for him at an endowed sum of $2.5 million.
          For his new formula and findings, Oyibo has been nominated thrice for the Nobel Prize in Physics. A professor of Mathematics at the University of Bridgeport, Connecticut, United States (U.S.), Oyibo has also now founded a new institute for the further study, application and understanding of his findings.
          His latest book, the Grand Unified Theorem, Discovery of the Theory of Everything and the Fundamental Building Block of Quantum Theory, is already bursting the science charts in the U.S.

          Do you Chimp want more?…This site will not be large enough if the listing starts

          • Vee

            Hahaha… give it to them Bronze Breeze

          • Yello

            And the funny thing is you would call all these people nerds and “Uncle Toms” if they were in your hood.

            “Black Edison?” Please, that’s preposterous as a black Bruce Lee.

            Don’t hate just cuz some Asian girl wouldn’t give it to you. That’s karma, because people like you deserve to die out.






        • Afa

          The caveman you look for is inside; inside you, your mam and pap, your racist village your community, the whole line of disfuction that raised you to be who you are, which is,a man suffering from acute inferiority complex, an ignorant, no good, lesser being.

          May I remind you that, if we “cavemen” decide to shot our doors of natural rescourses to China today, you will all die of hunger, just in a very short span of time.

          You have to be careful how you treat others in this your new found freedom of expression, because, some of us here, make decisions that might effect the relationship between China and countries in Africa.

          Now that I have experienced and noticed your attitudes toward balck people/Africans, It will be defficult for me to support any business relationships between China and my country or companies in my country. I have been instrumental in supporting China’s push against Shell petrolium Co. (Petro China, to be exert)to acquire oil fields formaly owned by Shell in my country. Now I will do evrything within my powers to make it not happen.

          With such pettiness and ignorance that I see hipped against one innocent beautiful girl and her loving mother, I can now conclude that China is not yet ready to move forward into the new millelium nor ready to perticipate as one of the leaders in a global family.

        • unique69

          you fucking animal you should be of world biatch, fucking yellow stupid matherfucker still where you are dont come any close to AMERICA OR EUROPE.
          son of bicth

        • Sean Bahamas

          They say in order to know where you’re going in this life you gotta know where you came from. You my friend, are going in circles! If you’d known any better there have been studies, developments that mankind has evolved from the black race. Of all the ignorant things that can be said of such a critical situation you claim you want an entire race to die out. Stupid! It started with us (blacks) and it will end with us!

          Who taught you to browse the internet anyway?! Dumb fucks like you don’t need to be posting a point of view.

        • cui jin

          A non it most whatever u call urself,av sn the little pple with tiny eyes here so called chinese suffering more than the beautiful race black pple,men am proud to be one.I respect chinese I have some chinese great friends but most chinese r dull just like u r,You hate ur tiny little eyes,ur small dick n the chickz with no ass n boobs shame..shame learn to love urself n u will c the beauty of this world,black white yellow it all don matter

        • phranky

          You need to ask CNN and other western media what they think of China. There are more poor people in China then the whole of Africa put together. Forget the facade you see in the urban cities. Take a hike to the rural side to have a first hand experience of poveryt in China. People like you are so delusional living in a delusional world!

      • brizmat

        TELL THEM!but i think its only a problem with their eyes, they dont look far, thats why they only stay in china. the chinese who have enjoyed the outside world knows what it means,but these without a chance are really assholes….

    • Afa

      Great information for all who have the patience and care to learn a little about the “ORIGINAL PEOPLE” I and yours forgotten ancestory.

      Just copy and past on your URL

      Please enjoy,


      Afa The African.

  • zee

    damn china
    u racist

    • R

      i know right!!? fuuuuuk..

      • L

        it’s insane aye? i cant believe how many racist comments are on here, who cares if shes half black/asian? she’s HOT! (but even if she wasn’t, it doesnt make any difference). AND she’s confident enough to get out there and enter a talent contest.

        all of the assholes who think its ok to abuse here because of her mixed race should find something better to do with their time.

        AND Cheryl D. Uzamere is just as bad. if you believe that creating a seperate society is the answer then i will tell you now, you are wrong. just because some people discriminate against you doesn’t mean everyone of that race does.

        acceptance is the way forward.

        just FYI:
        mix asian/black/white/whatever = hot

  • Gaaad!

    Igat! As Chinese, I think she’s sizzling hot. Who cares what her mother did. Human emotions and relationships are complicated enough on their own. It ain’t the daughter’s fault and she can sit on my bachelor lap any time.

    People need to seriously lighten up. Some of those commentators ought to consider what their comments say about themselves more than anything else about the state of the “morals” of society or what that lovely, beautiful lady should or should not feel or do.

    Ye who is without sin shall cast the first stone (or some such). Or maybe bring back the revolutionary self-reflection education classes.

    • Minna001

      You took the words right out of my mouth. thank you

    • Som

      Phew! So glad I’m not the only one who thinks she is hot! Damn, Lou Jing!! You should be a model! Don’t let these dumbass Chinese racists get you down. Follow your dreams, and I hope the whole world gets to see more of you.

      -An Indian guy.

    • Thank you.

      Thank you. Finally some evidence of sanity on this crazy fucken forum.

    • Geegee

      One thing to say:

    • kechy

      you are an angel.

    • unique69

      fuck off cant take this
      as a black afro british will not take that crap
      fuck you all, i will not accept
      this from chinese
      soo listen up
      Did blacks drop bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
      Did blacks murder 6,000,000 Jews in Germany?
      Did blacks declare war on Vietnam?
      The men in jail in China — are they black?
      Bernie Madoff, the man who ripped off 5,000 people — is he black?
      Enron scandal, the Adelphia scandal, the worldwide financial scandals
      that drain thousands of people of their money — are they black?
      The tongs who bring opium from China to sell in the United States — are they black?
      The same tongs who force many Chinse women into prostitution in the United States — are they black?
      Just thought I’d give you a few things to think about, you stupid muthafucka’
      more thing: It is not hard to learn how to cook Chinese food. If I ever
      get the money I need, there will be NO Chinese restaurant in my
      fuck you all
      am proud to be black

  • Anna

    Those comments are unbelievable racist and ignorant. Even though I knew most Chinese are racist towards black people I am still shocked at reading this.

    The girl looks beautiful and she shouldn’t be blamed for a mistake her mother made such a long time ago.

    • Charles

      Its important to remember that there’s racism as reaction and racism as a mode of thought. Chinese aren’t necessarily against mixed blood couples; it was the adultery that led to racist comments.

      • I don’t buy that distinction at all. Racism is racism, so-called “racism as reaction” betrays racist modes of thought. Obviously, the adultery is a factor in the outrage of the commenters, but so is the racial aspect, obviously.

        If this girl’s mother had had an affair with another Chinese guy, would we even know about it? Would it ever have ended up on this site? Would people be saying she shouldn’t show herself in public?

        These are rhetorical questions, because everyone here knows the answers,

        • Gaad!

          You’ve lost me around the second corner there bro. Waaay to deep for this site me hommie. All I can think of right now is how she’s stirring me Chinese love around and around…… Oh the sweet vertigo….

        • Yomo

          You took the words out of my mouth, ChinaGeeks!
          if only i could vote for you 100 times!!

      • Teacher in China

        Here’s an example Charles
        “I am not racist, but if her mother really was married first and got involved with a black person, then that is indeed low.”
        He claims that the big problem is the adultery, but why did he have to mention “black” in that sentence? (I’m always suspicious of any comment that starts “I’m not a x, but…”) I’m not with you on this one at all, I feel there’s still a long way to go before Chinese people are more accepting of African American/Canadian/etc.

        • Charles

          I agree here that racism is the pivotal issue that entertains this story. However I can also understand the other Charles’s view that most Chinese racism is dormant unless activated by certain situations. In other words, Chinese are latent racists but are good at concealing it.

          • I don’t think any of this makes it look like they’re good at concealing it.

            Maybe you mean, they’re racists but they remain passive aggressive about it.

          • Gaaad!

            Ahhh! So that’s what political correctness is for is it? “To conceal it better”. Man, da chinkies need to get themselves some of that fabulocious goodness. Very modern and scientific that, non?

          • Gaad!

            Ahhh, so seems like political correctness is good for concealing racism is it. Man! Da chinkies need to get themselves some of that fabulocious goodness. Very modern and scientific, and very fashionable too, like da people in da West already do, non?

          • Gaad!

            Ooopsala! Double post…me bad. Yikes!

          • Meso

            No they are not. When living in the US, Chinese feel the freedom to be racist. If a white person and myself (black) go into the same store at the same time and the white person has 50 piercing, several tattoos, a large bag, dirty hair, and the look of a drug addict and I had on my suit from work, designer purse, well groomed hair, and perfect purse, they follow me around. I am watch often, but not the one you know may do something if you know society around you. Even after breaking out an Amex card to pay for my purchases, I am treated this way during every visit. It is just shameful. And the type of things that are said behind blacks backs in America by Chinese should be outlawed.

            As far mixed Asians: Tiger Woods, Amarie, Tyson Beckford, Kamora Lee Simmons; you may have heard of them all, but if not you have heard of at least 2. What do these have in common with Lou Jing, they are beautiful. Gorgeous as gorgeous could get.

            I was once engage to an Asian and it was then when I realize the undertones of racism that runs deep. His mom always yelling to where I could here “no black, “no black”. I am not surprised at all by this, I just hate that a very beautiful girl has to experience it.

          • sani

            I an not believe these post that I am readying.. Almost every post talks about stereotypical things with black, no Arican American People.. Saying negative things about the Afican American male is crazy! If it weren’t for black people in the first place no nationlaity would even be allowed or free in the United States! Instead of looking at movies and shows about black people read a book and get your f*ckin facts STRAIGHT!

        • Somethin Somethin

          accepting of Canadians?

          Yeah I’m not racist either, but those Canadians they’re always talking about their Hockey, drinking their Molson, saying eh and being unable to pronounce ‘ou’. Fucken frostbacks.

          • Teacher in China

            Frostbacks!! That’s awesome. F*ck Molson, by the way :)

          • Western Girl

            HAHAHA your douche bag!!! besides, canadians are awesome, the least racist people in the world =D and i’m not canadian…

      • mlgb

        Bollocks. What about all the comments that make no mention of the adultery and simply say things like: Ugh. Yellow people and black people mixed together is very gross.

        It’s racism pure and simple. It’s not the violent, KKK burning crosses on your lawn style of racism, but the far more insidious kind that holds that black people are somehow dirty or lower than others due to the color of their skin.

        • Uranium Willy

          I agree with you totally. The type of racism that happened, and still happens to some degree, in the US is of the type where there is some balance, where a large percentage of people who are white find it appalling and blacks have some say in matters and over time affect changes on the culture.

          The racism here in China is so ingrained that people here are not even aware of it. Look at what the netizens here had to say about Condolezza Rice when she came here. Lowest forms of insult. Ignorance. Yet Chinese people will always deny that they are racist. Look at the US Olympic team and the Chinese Olympic team. Did you see one black person on the Chinese team? One white? One brown? And if China had let a black runner on the team what do you think the national response would be? ugly racist remarks like this. And further more, these poster have no shame, no ability to search themselves and make changes or grow. Pathetic.

          • Eric


            USA is soooo NOT racist towards asians or chinese people

            why dont you open a book and read some history about how USA treated and still treats Asians or chinese people to this day

            Would USA Olympic team allow someone who is asian?

          • hellofriends

            More like you have a ton of white-black race based murders. China doesn’t.

          • Fike2308

            China has China-China based murders.

          • Gaad!

            Da Sherlock Holmes is in DA HOUSE, ladies and gentlemen!

          • eric is an idiot

            Eric: The US has many asian members in their olympic team, dumbass

          • Eric you are such a little dick minded jerk. The U.S Olympic team is amongst the most diverse in the world. You would like to point out how America treat china. Just look at how china treats fucking china people. Go to china speak with the same privelege here in America and get you ass cained to death or have your family imprisoned or killed. Chinas cultural views and fucked up conditions can’t even hold a fucking match stick to the priveleges here in America. Dear you speak against your own goverment if they pissed on your mother, less you want your fathers nuts cut, you dog. I’m sure your most likely on American soil talking your shit, you low Dog.

    • mislin

      She is a very beautiful young lady. I don’t see that her mother made a mistake. Children are not mistakes; when we treat life as if it’s disposable, you see behavior like this.

      I’m rather disgusted by the comments that I’ve read here. Really, it turns my stomach.

      Same racism as I saw with the Japanese.

      • Curtis

        By far the most lucid comment here.

        My 1 1/2 cents

        I think sometimes it is difficult for Chinese people to show tolerance and charity where it is due. From my perspective they seem to have a lot of social pressure. In this case there is talk about ‘shame’ and that this person should remain invisible. There are a few folks who excuse her with more or less empathy or good intentions, but very few with admiration or that are really egging her on to ‘go for it grrl’. Don’t forget, though, that she got this far. There must have been support too!!

  • MJ

    To the narrow-minded, ignorant and misinformed:

    1. Her mother probably had an affair with a black man because she was unable to feel the maggot sized member Chinese men call a penis.

    2. She looks better than most Chinese women.

    3. Internationally, black people are held in a higher regard than most Chinese people.

    So stop hating, get off your computer and do something productive that benefits not only your own people and country but the rest of the planet as well.

    • Charles

      Those comments are unbelievable racist and ignorant. Even though I knew most <> are racist towards <> people I am still shocked at reading this.

      • Netwebangel

        What this all boils down to is FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN, in China there arent multicultural schools like in other countrys, this breeds ignorance and fear, where Lou would have gone to school, she would have made friends as all children do, through sheer innocence these chinese children whom have gotten to know Lou as a real person will not have this blind fear of her, she is known to them as simply another person but with a different color of skin, what the chinese need to do but probabily will never is see this fear for what it is and change things in there country to except others with open arms instead of breeding this continuing cycle of fear and ignorance.

        As they say it wont happen over night but it will happen…….

    • J

      Blacks held in higher regard internationally? Really? Which civilized countries are you talking about?

      It certainly can’t be any country in Africa. Generations of genoicide, raping of women as a tool of war, billions of dollars donated by other countries only to see people in charge take care of themselves, etc etc etc.

      Asia, the only country that looks down on the Chinese is Japan, but we all know their incentives for that one.

      Americas, roughly 70% of all convicts in the US are blacks and 70% of all black males ages 21-27 have been or are currently in jail. I haven’t even touched the tip of the iceberg here.

      The worst stereotypes of China are its inferior products and manners, but the Chinese sure have a shit load of positive stereotypes as well. I can only think of one when it comes to blacks.

      • Josh

        It seems like maybe when you were typing in, you meant to be typing Maybe you were saying something to someone when you were typing the address? That happens to me sometimes, where I’ll be talking to someone but trying to write something else and I end up typing what I say.

      • A

        I’m really curious as to where you got those statistics from. Judging from the smell emanating from them, I’d have to guess your ass. The majority of crimes in the US is commited by whites. While a higher number of blacks as a percentage of their general population is incarcerated, the vast majority of violent crimes are commited by the white majority.
        Regarding your comments about Africa, I really suggest you educate yourself on African history.

        • That’s wrong too.

          There are a lot of reasons why, including class, family and other considerations – but black Americans do commit the most crimes out of any race. Not 70% of the crimes, but they are much more highly represented in jails than white Americans.

          • Gaad!

            Or they could simply have been subjected to racial profiling, real or subconciously, and much more frequently targeted for stop and search, as in “yeah, it was a Black Guy with Gun (BGG)”. Then booked for minor infractions when if it was a seemingly well mannered white or geeky asian dude, they would’ve more often than not be left off with a caution. And once da big o’system gets ya, ya’re up da shit creek without a friggin paddle.

            Lazy ass statistics are a dime a dozen, gimmee the juicy and meaty long stories behind it.

          • Elaine

            These are Department of Justice statistics about jailhouse populations, not misdemeanors. Yes, there are problems with racial profiling (and other things i noted), but it’s ridiculous to dismiss statistics just as much as it’s ridiculous to live by them.

          • Gaad!

            Ahhh…very goody you got da point there E. Wanna join me for some hoomp-a-ding-ding?

          • Really? Did blacks drop bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

            Did blacks murder 6,000,000 Jews in Germany?

            Did blacks declare war on Vietnam?

            The men in jail in China — are they black?

            Bernie Madoff, the man who ripped off 5,000 people — is he black?

            The Enron scandal, the Adelphia scandal, the worldwide financial scandals that drain thousands of people of their money — are they black?

            The tongs who bring opium from China to sell in the United States — are they black?

            The same tongs who force many Chinse women into prostitution in the United States — are they black?

            Just thought I’d give you a few things to think about, you stupid muthafucka’

            One more thing: It is not hard to learn how to cook Chinese food. If I ever get the money I need, there will be NO Chinese restaurant in my neighborhood.

          • capt. LING DAN WANG BA

            YOU ARE A CELEBRITY!!!


          • capt. LING DAN WANG BA


            SHE IS CELEBRITY YO.

            I KNOW, I’M ALSO CELIBATE.

        • J

          Accept the facts. These were released by the government roughly about 5-10 years ago. Even Obama has come out and spoke about the problems that African Americans in the US represent. (NAACP speech)

          Are you saying that Africa hasn’t committed these atrocities to each other?

          Educate myself? At the very least, I can read and understand what others are writing. Even the shit that comes out of my ass has a higher intelligence than you.

          Do I hate blacks? No. Do I have black friends? Yes, but I’m certainly quite aware of the social problems that the US has and African Americans play a big part of it.

        • Yomo

          A! i like you a lot!

      • bsama

        I agree with “J” and I am a black woman(currently living somewhere in Asia) from an African country ! I will also admit , I hold Asian people in higher regard than my “own” people…

        • mimi

          which country in africa, nigeria well in that case stop lying you not un african

        • 1. if you are black your pathetic
          2. holding chinese people higher than your own race is just self hate
          3. i feel sorry for you, and
          4. have a nice day =) haha

        • The first race was the black race and the last race will be the black race… just so all of you know. So let everyone talk now because we are and will always be whats good.

          • chris

            I have to enlight some of you Chinese, I am a soul brotha # 1, that’s obvious not my name, but call me that..sound good? I was in a small furniture store- P.S. Discount Furniture, Pasadena, Ca, to be exact. There was a nice older Chinese lady and her hubby working there.I found something interesting, and it wasn’t the furniture,either.I browsed for about an hour or so while this lady watched me, staring. Her hubby went on a long delivery, I overheard her say “Go to Ontario”. After he split I asked her about a foot locker she had. She walked over and said, ” you like?”. My c%$k swelled up instantly.She was shaking.I looked to see if there was at least a little gap,..nada. I put my hand up her thigh all the way to her “pewsie”, thats how she said it, cute…,anyways. I told her I want to play a game.She said huh?. I said it’s my favorite…WHFTB.I showed her what it stands for.She now has quite a bit of daylight between the arches. I wonder if hubby notices the roomier enviorment. I picture him saying, ” What the Fook?!” True story..I have a few more..

        • even when they talk about you and call you dirty, and dont complement you for you mind but hate you because your color is consider ugly.
          Im not going to bow to people that feel Im nothing why should you.but its your business


          I agree with bsma, the so-called “African”women living in Asia. like her, I hold Asian people in higher regard also. Especailly for their straight forward violence against the envoronmental, sexism and blazoned discrimination against women, being ticky, and of course with regards to doing laundry.

          P.S.: The whole world knows China cheated right in front of our faces during Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

      • Laz

        “Asia, the only country that looks down on the Chinese is Japan, but we all know their incentives for that one.”

        Ehh…no, that would be a no, no, no. HK and Taiwan are looking down on ‘mainlanders’…but as you consider them part of China, what about Korea or Singapore…any developed nation look down on Chinese. This can’t possibly be news to you?

        • J

          Koreans look down on any and every other single race/ethnicity.

          Singapore isn’t worth mentioning in my honest opinion. They’re the equivalent of the Chinese when it comes to morale and ethical issues. However, because of their stricter laws, they appear more civilized. Go spend a year in Singapore and you’ll know that it’s about the same.

          HK, thinks they’re better and manner wise they’re a bit better. But that also depends on who you compare HK to. If it’s Beijing, no. A hick filled village, yes. This is the biggest problem with China right now. There are too many uneducated hicks running around ruining the image of the country.

          Taiwan . . . not really better. Southern Taiwan where the “true Taiwanese” are located are little better than village hicks form the main land. They just pretend they’re better, but they’re shit too. Look at the last President of Taiwan.

      • Uranium Willy

        I will agree with you on this issue. Blacks as whole are not held in high esteem and I do not feel that that is because of their skin color but because of the violent attitude many black people can have. I do not see Chinese people as a whole as violent or dangerous as black people. All races can have pros and cons.

        • BroDrknessSZ

          “the violent attitude many black people can have”
          What in the hell are you talking about?!?! You do not see Chinese people as a whole as violent or dangerous as black people???!!! These comments belong up there with the ignorant Chinese comments about the young girl. Obviously you have not seen a gang of guys beat one man to the point of death. Where has this happened? In China. Perhaps you haven’t heard about the husbands that rape their wives in rural villages. Or about the countless other crimes that go unreported daily in this country. Open your mouth when you speak, not your ass. You are grossly misinformed and for lack of a better word, a complete MORON. I am a proud African American and I will NEVER be ashamed of my people no matter what the socalled “statistics” say. Do blacks commit crimes? Yes. But for a group of people that are STILL not treated equally, what can you expect? Is it an excuse? No. But, again, I will say you need to know what you are talking about before you open your mouth.

          • mimi

            The wise has spoken tell them , the most important thing is we should not argue with this people too much because they can’t see the truth and chinese or asians in general are best people in force pretendence and and hiding evil did the real luciferic way, they can’t accept that most evils done in this country is evil but only can show example of africa personaly i agree in most societies we have good and bad people, but the truth is somebdy never seen a lot of incedence happening in china ,chinese people killing each other only for small reason like( you hit somebody on sideway walk ) most of them tend to carry small knifes which known as chinese guns, most people in here are misinformed and don’t know a shit about chinese life and societies ,most of rape cases between uncles and nephews cousins and brother and sister those are good quality for them, what happen in here are more worse than even what happen among black societies but just because they hate black ,they legaglize the sin in their societies and wash from black people,ask them who made those statics? is he/she black? the answer is no so what you expect them to say? accept that they commit crimes never, you know fun enough egyptians pharaos are presented in white or arab faces is it true? if they can change that great history you expect them to say they commit crime? most people in here are just like football fans just want to comment without knowledge
            peace en love man

        • mimi

          in that case your right so we all fall in same category but it is just one race with high number , not bad

        • phillipjams8

          Sorry I must disagree with you. The problem is that Blacks are not as violent w/attitudes as most people believe. The whites/kinds are for more violent and have very self center attitudes it all about me .Case in point look at the majority of the World Wars.


          Perhaps, before you eat your hat Mr. Willy, you should live in China, Canada, or any foreign country where there is a large Chinatown. You should mingle a while to see how fiercely secretive Chinese people in fact live. That is why you do not hear much about crime. It keeps the authorities, both Chinese and non-Chinese out of the loop. I assure you it will both silence and surprise you. Chinese gangs go by the Asian motto of “Honor-Loyalty-Respect,’’ are only second in brutality of violence to that of Russian gangs, who have been as of late replaced by the viciousness of the Mexican cartel gangs. How do I know this you may ask? My relative’s occupation involves monitoring international gang intelligence and trends in all forms of trafficking.
          It is not only Black people who can be violent, all races can be violent. Besides those Ukrainian and Croatian gangs are also operating under the radar. Speaking of Blacks and violence, just the other day, some guy in the Croatia senselessly killed his own mother because she walked in on him masturbating. Yes, I am quite sure this is violence too. Truly, just copy and paste web address below into your Google search box or any URL:


          or about Ukrainian gang violence


          Your so right, Blacks are violent.

        • Sean Bahamas

          OMG, What are you talking about?? I just read an article of a Chinese teacher throwing a female middle school student out the class window. Not before he bashed her skull infront of her classmates.

          There is violent people everywhere.. I agree with the others when I say fuck the statistics! The reason why these things happen is even a bigger picture. IGNORANCE!

      • jeffy

        To hell with your comment you fucker of racist.all this balck doing great around the world are droping from heaven? are they not from Africa.How about your morthan day genocide.All you need in Africa is there resources and exchanges it for Arms.color is color!the worst you commited in the world is morthan any can cover up your bad deed and opens others.Beside you peoples means nothing to Africa and expect and just mother fucker racist.

        • jim

          what has blacks done to help blacks in africa? most of what africa has now is from charity.

          • Bronze Breeze

            What do you clueless ignorant know of what you attempt to speak of? Half the wealth of this world came directly out of Africa

          • alot stuggle here what can they do, what can we do. the ones that can help do help. get the facts right

      • hellofriends

        Chinese men have larger dicks than white men, and it’s already been scientifically proven-

        Blacks have small dicks if you count the fact that half of them are starving, 50% of those who are not have AIDS, and pygmies.

        • chinoXL

          please display this research, to promote our cause. Because when in the sauna, this is not so…they cannot find yours

        • Nadia

          didn’t mean to vote positive! you suck hello friends!

      • Valen

        J, please inform yourself. Where are you getting these statistics from? That more blacks than whites are not given parole or are given stricter sentences for the same crime seems to skew these statistics. I did a report on crimes in America, from thefts, to rapes, to murder. More blacks are convicted of smaller crimes but are given longer sentences versus their white counterparts. Blacks are being marginalized more in the US, which again plays to the racist tendencies of a bigoted country. If only the rest of the world would learn from America’s mistakes and not repeat it.

        Again, please inform yourself before throwing random stats and proclaiming them as fact.

      • blk gai

        J says: Americas, roughly 70% of all convicts in the US are blacks and 70% of all black males ages 21-27 have been or are currently in jail. I haven’t even touched the tip of the iceberg here.

        In reality, ” About 10.4% of all black males in the United States between the ages of 25 and 29 were sentenced and in prison, compared to 2.4% of Hispanic males and 1.3% of white males.”

        A disproportionate amount of black males are in jail, but it’s no where NEAR what you’re saying. In fact, the majority of prisoners are white.

        In fact, the majority of black prisoners (and prisoners in general) are in jail for drug related non-violent crimes.

        I sincerely Hope that Helps, Retard.

      • Nella

        Hey you,
        what are you talking about?
        Forgotten the students who had been killed in China?
        Mao? AND ALL THE STUFF? ComE on… Don’t think China is an exemple…. Don’t!

        • jim

          the students killed at tiannamen square is nothing compared to the number of chinese delivery guys killed deliverying chinese food to blacks in the project neighborhoods of usa.

      • Sam

        Give me a break. I am black (Caribbean) and I was born and raised in Canada. I come from a large (middle class) family and we have all done well for ourselves – no criminals in my family.

        Positives – We are smart, resilient -no matter the adversity, and creative, etc. In terms of genetics, we are strong with great skin – no plastic surgery needed.

        In terms of crime, it depends on the stats you take. Yes, there is neighbourhood black on black crime, but on a global scale – no. The people responsible for the economic down fall of the entire world were not black. Also, these people have not been charged for their crimes.

        Africa is a mess due to colonization. The colonizers raped the land and the people many times over. When they left, the Africans modelled the same behaviour. Finally, Africans are not making guns and weapons being used. Get your facts straight, bud!

        P.S. Canada is the best country in the world to live.

        • Carlos Blair

          Canada the best country in the world??? I don’t know about that.

    • Ming

      No offense, but:

      3) Black people are the lowest of the low in social ranking internationally. This is largely due to the political and economical situation in Africa.

      One of the reason that this story cause so much reaction on the Chinese forum, is that Chinese people believe in “marrying upward”. Which is why if the father have been a white guy, this story would not cause so much reaction. But the fact that her mom cheat with a black man, it makes Chinese wonder: why?

      I have no opinion on this story, I just want to clear out your confusion.

      • Gaad!

        Ya, I’m all clear now.

      • Fred


        I agree with you. The low social, economic, and cultural level of blacks in Africa contribute to people having a low opinion of blacks. Until the African/black political and business elite clean up their act, their people will always be looked down upon.

        This situation of looking down on Chinese by whites also existed in the US. Chinese were considered weak, dirty, and uncivilized.

        It was only after Chairman Mao established the PRC did the white world realized that the Chinese now knew how to fight and could not be bullied any more.

        (This same thing applied to the Jews. They were once consider weak and dirty and despised by everyone. But once the Jews established the state of Israel and fought several wars and defeated the Arabs, the world realized the Jews now knew how to fight and would not be bullied anymore.)

        In the US, it was against the law for a Chinese to marry a white person until 1967.

        When Bruce Lee married a white woman, many whites made disparaging remarks about a white woman marrying a Chinese, just like the comments directed at this young black girl’s mother.

        Irony of ironies, the US had several Chinese communities in the South where Chinese men married black women because of the restriction on Chinese women entering the US. Today, there are many “black Chinese” descendants from those relationships.

        Tom Bradley, the five-times elected mayor of Los Angeles, is of black Chinese ancestry.

        It’s amusing and pathetic to read the ranting of the ignorant and the stupid. This is the drawback of democracy and the internet.

        I’m glad you didn’t participate in this stupid discussion.

      • mimi

        but do you know what african or black think of you by calling them low, your an idiot your high right in which case just tell how higher your?

        • mimi


      • mislin

        Yes. I do believe that in hierarchical Asian countries, the whole world is ranked from top to bottom. No one wants to associate with ranking below one’s own.

        This is a drawback for many Asian countries. It promotes outrageous racism. Also, it exacerbates superiority and inferiority complexes. That is how oppression works.

        So, coutries that rank higher are constantly chased and there is a great feeling of inferiority towards them. Hence, the better looking white woman lead Asian women to perform ridiculous surgery on there eyes so they are not slanted. Absolutely ridiculous. Now, for the coutries that rank below, people feel self-righteousness and a superiority that they are better.

        Their system is their own private hell. Misguided superiority and exaggerated self-hatred tug them at both ends. I hope the rest of the world isn’t headed in this direction.

        Next, there has been a discussion of black people in prisons. Think about it. People who have to deal with this type of racism for no reason other than skin color, how would you be if unfairly treated this way.

        The best situation would be to take the racists of the world and isolate them on another planet. Then they could drive each other insane with their hatred. After all, people like that deserve each other. They could rank themselves there.

      • your making it worst actually. Why do you have to look at blacks in a bad light all the fucking time!
        One in africa is a poor cuntry but the ones that go to school are usually a students and become doctors in the states or something else. We have CEOS and we have other major achievement but because the rest of the world refuses to see this so does china. chinese has poverty also right! so dont post this on our race alone cuz it really stupid

    • martin

      It is manifestly untrue that internationally, blacks are held in higher regard than Chinese. I cannot think of anything more false, in fact. How can anyone think that ? It seems that someone who has never set his foot outside China is allowing the Hollywood media to shape his opinions.
      Chinese: law abiding, intelligent, self reliant, hard working.
      Black: Put “not” in front of each of the above.

      • Sam

        Chinese – please add – child sex trade, drug lords, female genocide, and human rights violators

    • jay

      ChinaSmack should just take comments like these off the site, not “hide” them and allow a simple click to reveal its contents.

    • You are soooo… right MJ. She does look better than most Chinese women. Some black man with money needs to go and get here and take her away from all the haters over in China. I bet she will make beautiful babies of her own. I also believe that her mother just wanted to experience what it would be like to be with a black man. She didn’t want to leave her husband.

  • Gaaad!

    Btw, in the Caribeans there are lots of people with Chinese surnames, being descended from inter-marriages between black women and Chinese men, like Edouard Wah or Naomi Campbell. Then there is Jean Ping, the Chairperson of the Commission of the African Union.

    With China’s increasing role in Africa, there is likely going to be even more mixed race children. So welcome to the gene pool, especially if they are as hot as Lou Jing. Or Fabulocious! as they say in Jamaica.

  • You mean to tell me her despicable mother didn’t even buy her an parasol after she was born? Shameless.

    • a Chinese girl

      How is she despicable? She made a mistake. There are MANY, and I repeat MANY cheating husbands who aren’t reproached as much, and that’s totally hypocritical! Also, a parasol is an umbrella, so I don’t know what you are trying to say about the daughter.

  • W76

    I really don’t understand why Chinese always talk bad about the Japanese, Korean and vice-versa because it seems to me that they have the same mindset, to keep the race pure and don’t breed any mutts… to hell with that racist shit! racist people are the lowest piece of shit! Biracial children are just as beautiful!

    • Gaaad!

      Eh…OK lets generalize all 1.3 billions+ Chinese shall we. Man! Christ on a stick, some of the comments here are as bad as those above about Lou Jing. Lighten up peeps! Spread da LOOOVE!

      Or better yet, let me spread me looove all over ya…

      • Gaaad!’s GAY lover (Fike2308)

        Come back to bed baby and spread your love all over my anus…..

      • Gaaad!

        *sniggers* Quel q’un douche est muy sensitivo. Was fuer ein Arschloch! LOL!

  • HK

    Tiger Woods is black / Thai. Kimora Lee Simmons is black / Japanese and was modeled for Chanel in Paris. Tyson, the male model, is black / Chinese.

    Since when was it “common knowledge” that Asians and blacks make “gross” babies?

    I was at a conference overseas and some (embarrassing) fellow Chinese kept standing up to condemn American “hegemony.” Had no idea what the h*ll she was talking about.

    Americans have long embraced difference. It’s the Chinese who insist that everyone is the same! One race, one country, one Party…

    I hope these comments are from crazies on the fringes of society, and that the average mainlander is not this ignorant and racist.

    • Tiger Woods is black?!??!?!

      • Gaaad!

        NO…he’s a rainbow because the sun came out after his mummy and daddy made lots of rain…

      • whichone

        I think he is like a quarter black or something.

        I read comments above from Tianya and netease and I feel ashamed of my fellow Chinese people. Not to make excuses for them but even for America, arguably the most diverse and open country in the world has had lots of problems with racial conflict/discrimination, and China is much more monolithic when it come to race with ~90% Han and probably 99% Asian population. It’s easier to discriminate when no one knows anyone from a different race.

        and btw she is smoking hot!

        • Panic!

          “Ohmygod! A black person on Chinese TV! I can’t accept this modern society! Help me!”

          Just kidding. Those comments crack me up.

          Wikipedia: Woods is equal parts Chinese, Thai, and African American. But whatever.

          w76 — you’re totally right! How many Chinese descent from concubines, or mistresses that cadres keep in “second houses”? People are naive if they think everyone on TV comes from some pure background.

          • Kellen

            he’s 1/3 thai, 1/3 chinese and 1/3 black? i mean, i can see how mathematically that could happen, but it strikes me as a little unlikely.

          • whichone

            LoL Kellen

            Since a child always comes from two biological parents, one can only be portioned into traditional categories of race with denominators in the powers of two.

            what Panic! meant is that tiger woods is equal percentage (25%) of thai, chinese, and black, but that’s not all he is, evidently he is also 1/8 native american and 1/8 dutch.

            There is a pretty interesting article on his race defined in a multiracial america.

        • Teacher in China

          Yeah I agree with you, every country has problems with race, but I find it worse in China regarding black people. I saw these wall hooks for sale in the supermarket a few years ago with little pictures on them – cartoon versions of black people with hugely frizzed out hair, massively puffed out lips, dazed looks in their eyes and bones through their noses! As many problems as the west has with racism, that would never fly in a normal supermarket over there.

          • Gaad!

            Duda, chill man, lighten up. It’s call comics, caricatures, exagerated imageries whatever. Life would be pretty boring if you take the pc crap too far without considering the context.

            I mean seriously, imagine no manhua/manga, Disney, Marvel, DC or Dilbert. Life just ain’t the same.

          • Teacher in China

            I like your laissez-faire attitude Gaad, you seem like a fun guy. You’re pretty off base to compare the picture I described to manga, disney and dilbert though.

          • Gaad!

            Ahhhhh!!! I sooo like you too Tic. Let’s all hold hands and sing Kumbaya and have a lovefest now shall we?

      • deltaforce

        Yeah, Tiger Woods mother is Thai and his father is black African-American.

    • Eric

      what are you smoking?

      America created institution of racism. Maybe you should read some history at how USA treated asians and chinese

      America hegemony is disgusting

      • Noele

        Racism was around long before the United States of America was founded.

        Perhaps you should read a history book, dumbass.

      • Teacher in China

        “America created institution of rascism” – that has to be the stupidest comment I’ve ever read anywhere in my whole life. You’re not Eric Wong / Smickmo by any chance are you?

        • Wretchedofthepond

          Ok, Joke-time is over. I’ve seen comments comparing people to animals (some of which I’ve written) — and THAT was the stupidest comment you’ve read anywhere in your WHOLE LIFE? Based on the fact that you are possibly a Teacher, you yourself take prize for stupidest comment. We all know that America was the first to industrialize the institution of racism. This gross indecency in Chinese thought, I speculate, would not exist at this level without Western mass media’s teaching prowess. There were racialist institutions, that’s a given — but the filth of China is of such a gross and cookie-cutter magnitude as to suggest an offshoot of the American “phenomenon”.

          • jay

            “We all know that America was the first to industrialize the institution of racism.”

            Firstly, who is “we?” You, and who else? The US WAS NOT the first society of people to enslave others. You are saying that the US, a nation not even 250 years old created the “institution of racism?”

            The institution of slavery is the beginning of the “racist institution” you speak of. Racism, then, can be traced all the way back to 1760 BC. In the Code of Hammurabi, slavery was clearly part of the Babylonian civilization. Slavery also traces back to the Sumer, ancient Egypt, ancient Greece and ancient Rome.

            Where are you getting your historical information from?

      • Fike2308

        Racism is older than America.

  • Gaaad!

    Btw can’t ChinaSmack translate some of the supporting comments on the Oriental Angels website too for a more balanced view. Tata and cheerio matey.

  • FYIADragoon

    Oh boohoo, look at us the poor Chinese who have everyone being racist against us. And when we get the chance, what do we do? Be just as racist, if not worse. Goddamnit their level of hypocrisy goes beyond childishly excusable sometimes.

    • Gaaad!

      Oh Mon! Looksy like I need to spread some of me precious Chinese love all over you too eh?

    • hellofriends

      Yeah because Chinese people are to blame for the Holocaust. Chinese people are to blame for genocide of Native Americans. Chinese people are to blame for lynchings, Jim Crow, church burnings. Chinese people are to blame for the annexation of Texas and California. Chinese people are the ones occupying 100% of the world’s best land and 30% of the world’s total land mass.

      Get a clue idiot.

      • Fike2308

        Chinese people are to blame for the Cultural Revolution, The Great Leap Forward, The Tianmen Square massacre of 1989, etc.

        • Gaad!

          U forgot to blame Chinese people for yourself too.

          • Fike2308

            Blame Chinese people for myself?

            What does that mean?

            I’m not Chinese.

          • Gaad!

            Are u sure? Are u very, very, very sure? Go do a DNA test fer u’ll find it most illuminating.

      • glad to see u recognise that not even 1% of china is not a dump


  • W76

    So, Lou Jing’s mother bore her lover’s child, she isn’t the first woman to do that and she won’t be the last.. on the other hand, she should be praised for choosing life and raising such a beautiful biracial daughter in a homogenous society while having to face being stigmatized. I can’t even begin to imagine all the racial slurs, disaproving looks and evil gossip she and Lou Jing must have faced on a daily basis. I commend this brave and proud woman. She did a mighty fine job of raising her child to become a beautiful, young woman despite all the hardships they must have faced and will continue to face through out their life.

    • Patrick

      Hear, hear. How many generations before we get common thinking like this here?

  • Chinosophy

    Heavy metal is the law.
    Lou Jing’s skin-colour is approved. Black is metal.
    Lou Jing’s music is not approved. It is pink and ugly.

    Read about crabcore and China at

  • Hell

    Welcome to Hell, every one.

  • warped0ne

    The LACK of racism in this country is amazing. I might just live here for the rest of my life because I absolutely despise the completely racist Western country I originate from.

    If you don’t get the sarcasm in this post, turn off your computer, go to the bookstore/library, read a f’ing book and learn something.

  • joe

    Most black guys are incapable of maintaining long term relationships. I’ve seen it happen a million times. They stay with a woman until she’s pregnant and then there on to the next one.

    • black guy

      Most people like you suck a lot of dick and like to give rim jobs to down and out people who haven’t washed their asses for decades.

      Been married for 20 years. Have 4 brothers all in similar long term situations. That’s 5 out of 5. Your statistics are pulled right out of one of your homeless lover’s asses

      • Gaaad!

        Woah! Easy there friend, angry black man stereotype to the fore. Let’s not feed the buggers any more than their puny little diencephalon can handle.

        • Defend China against logic and reason! (Fike2308)

          I like you Gaad! You and I have much in common.

          Let’s hang out and suck each other’s dicks while we light firecrackers and talk about how much we love China.

      • J

        So what about the fact that 60% of African Americans grow up in single parent families? Or perhaps the statistics of drop outs/under age pregnancy that happens in the US with African Americans?

        The truth of it is that I don’t hate blacks. I have very close black friends. However, we must face reality and deal with these social problems that the African American culture has.

        Not saying that other ethnic groups in the US and around the world don’t have their own set of problems. It’s just different sorts of social issues from those of blacks.

        • black guy

          The fact is the young black males of which you speak have not run off to get some other girl pregnant. They are in prison. In the united states they privatized the prison system. Those running the prisons can not make a profit unless they have criminals to put in their jails. Corruption and jailing of blacks is rampant. If someone makes a profit based on how many black asses end up in jail guess what happens next…..

          If you are really into statistics check out the justice department figures which show black people routinely get jail time for minor crimes that whites wouldn’t even be arrested for.

        • Medentze

          Because having black friends suddenly makes you immune to racism.
          /end sarcasm.

          Get a clue. It’s not “African American culture” dipwad, it’s the effect of generations of economic, social and political dis-enfrancisement and INSTITUTIONALISED RACISM.

          I will give your ignorant arse a moment to look those terms up.

        • Valen

          Again, here you are mouthing off without backing it up. Please unfriend your black friends because you are clearly learning nothing from that which informs this discussion.

          I’m with black guy below. INFORM YOURSELF and STOP LOOKING LIKE AN ASS.

        • Nadia

          “I have very close black friends” sounds like an explanation given by an undercover racist.

      • jim

        look at obama’s father and tell me he isn’t black. perhaps you’re the one who can’t tell one nappy dicked brother from the one you’re blowing with all the hiv infected monkeys you’ve eaten.

    • A

      YOu’ve seen it happen a million times huh? you must be very old and experienced. Where do you even think up things like that. “most black guys” is it really that easy to generalize? Has a white man never left a pregnant woman to fend for herself? you associate “black” with a poor sense of responsibility. In fact, it’s a personal decision. Are you saying these men leave their partners because they are black? Does being black make you inherently likely to run away from your child? I wonder what gene determines that.

    • joe

      My exwife is black thats why I know so much about it. Steve McNair is a good example of this, only his girlfriend wouldn’t put up with it.

      • Medentze

        There’s a good reason, I assume, that your black ex-wife is your EX. I wouldn’t want to live with a spouse that views my race as irresponsible, unintelligent and all-around bad.

        In reality, you know nothing about the black condition, in the States or elsewhere.

      • Sam

        She is black, yah right. Do not use the – I have black friends argument – to justify your argument. Own it.

        P.S. For the millions you have witnessed not staying with their women, the black men in my family married their women and then had children. No divorces.

    • Gaad!

      My ex-biatch’s name iz joe and me best homeboy’s name iz joe too. And you’re a tool too, tool.

  • Hell

    So fucking PC in west about black. But regarding Chinese, they show no hesitation about their racism. Fucking Cowards.

    • VeerLeft

      Come see me. Seriously, I have no racism in me, but I also won’t accept your shitty attitude.

      • Gaad!

        And I’ll just show you my love.

        • Defend China against logic and reason! (Fike2308)

          I want Gaad! to blow a WAD of his “love” in my tight, yellow butthole.

          I want to feel all two inches of his boner in my Chinese ass!!

          JIA YOU!!

          • Nadia

            you are a true 白癡

    • e^e

      Oh please, people only show PC in public. Look on the net at youtube comments, SomethingAwful forum, and 4chan. Same type and intensity of racist comments.

      This is the internet, there’s no real life negative consequence when one makes a racist remark so it’s a free-for-all. Heck read through this and other Chinasmack comment sections, half of the comments here discussing racism in China are racist.

      • chi

        your examples suck. youtube commenters are known for being bottom of the barrel knuckle-dragging mouth-breathers. 4chan racism is a joke. and as a goon, i know somethingaweful does not tolerate racism. i’ve seen people perma-banned for it too many times.

  • BeWay

    I will think the criticism arises due to the fault of her mother. If her mother will to marry a black when she is still single, I believe the issue on the color of her kids will not be subjected to any ugly discrimination. The moral story of the whole article is that Asian society as a whole, is not willing to change to open society as compared to the West. It has nothing to do with Chinese as rascists.

    • VeerLeft

      There are TONS of kids here born from EXTRA marital affairs. There are tons of extra marital affairs here, so what is the issue? Oh, that it was made obvious by her abnormally well toned skin and perfectly proportioned body?
      These KDS fags can rot in hell… making ridiculous amounts of totally ignorant remarks about a situation that they don’t understand. Most of them are trying like hell to cultivate their first pube and they dare to castigate this woman and her daughter? Fuck them.

      New Mission of the week, I am gonna find me a married Chinese bird and fuck her pockets empty.

      • Gaad!

        Wooo! Can I please come along? Please? Please? Pretty please, with lots of cherries on top?

        • poor thing

          And I, will pay. First treats on me gentlemen.

        • Gaad!

          Uggghhh!!! Some hommie simply don’t know the meaning of irony….

      • Ras

        That’s right bro I think it’s time I went back to Africa and organise a political party that’ll kick all the chinese men out and leave their woment there to inter breed.

    • jim

      lou jing’s black father is just the dirtiest scumbag.

  • MiaoMiao

    @ Hell — Oh please. I’m Chinese and grew up in the U.S. Except for a few schoolyard taunts, there was NO racism against me or my family. Not at school, not at finding a job, not at making friends, not at dating — nothing. My dad’s American company even paid for him to improve his English with a tutor.

    Actually, I think racism is worse against blacks than Asians in America. We’re just known as being good cooks and being good at math! Asians generally fare pretty well in the U.S.

    Talk to mainland Chinese though, and they are FULL of racist thoughts. Laowai are like this. Blacks are like that. Mixed-race are like this. So judgmental. Just like you.

    The only “racism” I experienced was when I met a group of Chinese students at a U.S. college and they yelled at me for bringing a blonde friend to the table. They said “no foreigners can sit with us!”

    • Panda

      So true. Mainland Chinese people are hella racist towards black people. It not they racist cuz they are just mean people, but they just don’t know any better (i.e stupid) They think they are either poor, stupid or a thug.

    • poor thing

      all of thats because you’re a girl.

    • Eric

      you should look at US media more closely or better yet read US history at how chinese were treated

      • Shocked and Saddened

        yes and look at how white americans treat black people and study the 400 years of slavery that african americans went through.
        both black and chinese people have been victim to racism so why turn on black people instead of uniting against racism?!!!

        • Fike2308

          “…400 years of slavery that african americans went through.”

          Wait, are you saying that slavery in America is 400 years old because America isn’t even 300 years old yet.

        • yeah cuz racism is done by white peeps against white peeps huh shit4brains?

      • Medentze

        Simply because the Chinese were treated poorly by US Americas does NOT give the Chinese a free pass to be racist against ANYONE. Are you justifying hatred on the grounds of being hated?

        • Gaad!

          Yeah, everybody has a chip on their shoulders, so what’s new?

          • Defend China against logic and reason! (Fike2308)

            Yeah, and our Chinese penises are only 2-inches long so of course our Chinese men have chips on the shoulders!!

        • jim

          just because 1 illegitimate black child is not well treated does not give ANYONE the right to say Chinese people are racist. look at the way blacks treat ethnics before trying to be the judge. a chinese kid going to a black school will not be treated 1/100th as well as she is treated. at least your’re not seeing black eyes or broken bones.

    • anne

      School yard taunts don’t count as racism? Seems like you’ve been living with a paper bag on your head. Americans try to keep a visage of PC but it is very much there.

      Mainland chinese can be racist, so can Koreans and Japanese. My black friends have told me they felt most discrimminated in Korea and how many countries have you come across that have a “no foreigners” sign allowed legally outside their stores? Japan being one of them. Comments about Laowai this, blacks that are not “racist” they’re called racial prejudice. People like that are are either ignorant or hicks who were brought up without knowing better. Racism is when you think your race is superior to another. And actually there is a conception among chinese that mixed race people are usually more intelligent…The more mixed the smarter. judgemental? yes, racism? Sometimes.

  • Wil

    Imagine if the Chinese father accepted his biracial daughter openly. Would Chinese people be even more racist? I would admire his courage and love. But what he did was logical. Poor Lou Jing. Shame on the mother. I hope her biological father trips on a gun while robbing a gas station and gets a bullet in the gonads.

  • CR

    I’m bookmarking this page. Whenever I think there is hope that I can understand Chinese society, and the differences aren’t insanely vast, I will reread the Chinese comments.

    • Stuey

      Why do the differences look so vast? The Chinese racist and bigoted comments look pretty much the same as Euro/American racist bigoted comments: fear of the presumed sexual power of black men, worrying about the purity of the race, viewing black people as uncivilized or criminal… I can’t see anything here that shows a uniquely Chinese version of racism. Anyone from a European culture who thinks this is incomprehensible and alien has (a) a poor grasp of history, (b) a short memory, and (c) the good fortune not to have seen many comments on sites like youtube.

      • Shocked and Saddened

        yes i agree this is not the same type of racism as the white Americans against black and hispanic people. However, this is still a different type of racism and the ignorance of these racists must be addressed. As knowledgable people we must educate those niave racists about other cultures so that these views maybe changed.
        I am a black europeon of Chinese, Caribbean and south american decent. I admit there is rascism all around the world in different forms and extremities. I am lucky enough to live in a city where there are many cultures and where the goovernment do a lot to limit racism and educated the ignorant.

  • You guys are all crazy. These people aren’t racist (there’s no racism in China), they just hate black people is all.

    • …and a follow up for the slow: that was sarcastic.

    • the great yellow master race

      yeahh its in blood and tea!

      • Gaad!

        No, it’s in da love juice. Want me to show you mine? You’ll like it very muchy, I promise.

        • Defend China against logic and reason! (Fike2308)

          Gaad! is so funny and clever. His comments give me a happiness in my trousers.

          Come blow your love juice in my gay, Chinese mouth but make sure you have enough for my boyfriends too!

    • unique69

      And what that suppose to me (hate black people)you fuckingchineseheadshit.
      uk- grow up you peace of crap

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  • Yin

    Chinese people are indeed racist but currently, at least, nothing beats the number of white anti-miscegenation websites on the web. I took some time to browse through that circle of blogs and MAN, do they hate other races (esp. blacks and Hispanics).

    • the great yellow master race

      how can you compare this?

    • Fike2308

      I’m white and I have a ton of Spanish friends.

      I don’t know a ton of black people but most of the ones I’ve met were cool.

    • that’s coz we r superior and rich and we invented the internet

      if u dont like it dikwad , y dont u leave lol

      • johnson

        i live and do my business in china and i have a chines girl friend that works with me one day we had a lorry full of load in my warehouse and my workers were busy off loading the goods the driver of the lorry asked my girl girl y they chines girl always like to stay with a black u knw the ans? she reply to him if u had a daught would u let stay with a stupid chines man that will not last 30 seconds in bed or an inteligent coloured men that will enlighten her on the way of life and at the end of the day makes her fill like a realy woman.pls chines wake up from ur slumber.

        • Julian

          Your argument would have the slightest amount of meaning if it were readable. Not only is there no punctuation, your sentences are incoherent. That leads me to think that your account is entirely fictional because it is not possible for such an uneducated buffoon such as yourself to have “my factory”. pls johnson wake up from your mental coma and remove yourself from the human gene pool.

  • dave

    Dave Chapelle was smart he married a filipina.

    • Fike2308

      I love the Dave Chapelle sketch where he’s a blind KKK member.

    • bai_hei

      Oh wow I never knew that until now lol

  • 12meeeeeee


    china is the most racist place i have ever been to.

    that this article is passed of as NEWS, is a fkn disgrace.

    keep pretending this is shocking guys.. its just normal in china.

    • hellofriends

      Call me once you see a lynching in China. Until then, stop whining.

      • Fike2308

        Why does it have to be a lynching?

        How about someone being shot with a gun?

        Did Mao Zedong say something about “political power comes from the barrell of a gun” ?

  • whatever

    Racist? The chinese didn’t import blacks to the new world like herd animals. They didn’t break the front teeth of black slaves to force feed them liquid and keep them from suicide. The chinese didn’t exterminate the native americans in both North and South America, and practically the aboriginals in Aussie. The chinese didn’t rape, pilfer and burn the non-western world in their quest for domination and natural resources. Having built the railroads and mined for minerals, the western and aussie countries then expelled the chinese and signed chinese specific exclusion laws. If the chinese are racist, then I guess it takes one to know one.

    The mother is a tramp period. What else do you call women who has an affair. The father is a lowlife scumbag. I wouldn’t have any beef with the daughter, her being born is not her fault. However, it is my beef when she uses her blackness to get notoriety. If you’re going to play that game, then don’t be surprised if you get burnt from the other side of the coin.

    And all this PC black love in the western world is just the current hollywood/media fad flavor of the day. Of course, hollywood and the media runs a massive trade in racism and ignorance.

    • Gaad!

      While I have no lamb chops with your first paragraph, but following on from your second paragraph, do you expect the girl to hide her face under a hoodie all her life? And how exactly do you know she is using her “blackness to get notoriety”, oh my sweetie pie?

      Is the media-entertainment industry not a valid occupational choice for a black-Chinese gal or does blackness automatically equates notoriety in your mind? Dude you need to unzip your pants more often and live a little. Now go love a sista. I for one welcome her addition to the Great Chinese gene pool, oh yes…

    • Ah yes, respecting black people — just a fad!

      Sorry to interrupt your self-righteousness, but just because China didn’t enslave black people doesn’t mean Chinese people can’t be racist. The US didn’t force thirteen year old girls into marriages for money and bind their feet until the bones cracked and bled, but does that mean only Chinese people are misogynist?

      (Hint: the answer is no.)

      Also, I wonder how she is “using her blackness to get notoriety”? By going on TV and revealing that she is half black?

      • hellofriends

        And just because you’re an obnoxious whiteboy parasitizing China and abusing white privilege it means you can lecture more progressive people on race?


        • Medentze


          “More progressive?”

          Did you even *read* the comments directed at that girl? Ring me up once China actually progresses, k?

          And just because your a self-righteous nationalist tool devoid of empathy and racial intelligence (read: not racist), does it mean you can lecture “obnoxious whiteboys parasitizing (LOL, I love how you used creative verbage on that one!) China and abusing white privilege lecturing your (noticeably less) progressive people on race?

          By god, no.

          • Gaad!

            Heh?! Non comprendre was der Kerl parler la. Can somebody 翻译 per favore und mucho obligato.

      • probably her ceing black revealed it on the television. i mean call me a rocket scientist and i didnt even watch the (s)ho

      • jim

        so what? that was at least a century ago. blacks cut their women’s genitals and stitch them up to control them. black men also rape 4 year olds to cure themselves from hiv and this is happening daily in modern africa. as you’re going on about chinese people, another black trash is out to commit another crime. blacks are racist, the reason why blacks were slaves to begin with were because they were sold to whites by blacks. she is “using her blackness” to gain unearned fame, money and sympathy.

        • Bronze Breeze

          Just who has the time for you redheaded Orangutan? Why not go back into your cave.

    • Teacher in China

      Dude, seriously. The slaves thing (as well as most of your other examples) was CENTURIES ago. We’re talking the here and now, present day.

      • the great yellow master race

        lol. slavery in China was officialy banned first in 70’ens. together with ceremonial canibalism and human sacrifice.

        • Fike2308

          Well, that sounds like progress to me.

    • Josh

      yeah, because fads always last for 45 years. the rest of what you wrote is just more of the ever present, fenqing banality: strawmen to distract the reader from the original topic.

      “Your shoe is untied.”
      “Yeah?! WELL YOU’RE UGLY!”

    • AndyR

      Chinese kept slaves for centuries, just because (most of them) weren’t black doesn’t mean that China never had a tradition of slavery.

      I love the fenqing who have suddenly become so interested in American slavery…I’m sure the African-American community appreciates your “leeching” of their story of struggle in order to prove that Chinese aren’t racist…

      Point being, you’re an ignorant asshole.

    • VeerLeft

      You really have no clue how many married women are fucking someone else do you? LOADS!!! And the only difference is that this woman was getting some black rod… she was likely occasionally doing her husband (as Chinese couples tend to do I’m told) and she decided to have the kid.
      Kudos to her…. how would she know what color the childs skin is.
      She won the lottery. That child is gorgeous.

    • blametheparents

      “Racist? The chinese didn’t import blacks to the new world like herd animals.”

      No, but they did import them to China. In large numbers

      as for genocide, take a look at Tibet. 17% of all Tibetans killed in the last 48 years. That’s pretty impressive killin right on your own border.

      But, hey you can prove anything with the facts.
      Which the delightfully racist elements in China are happy to ignore. At least in the west we acknowledge racism as wrong, not hold it up as some sort of virtue.

      • Fike2308

        Yeah, not to mention that blacks in America are probably better off than blacks in Africa.

        • BroDrknessSZ

          Africa is in the state that it is in now because of slavery. If slavery had never happened, the continent of Africa would be more developed and many of the countries would be some of the richest in the world. But then again, many people don’t know this because they can’t think for themselves and instead accept whatever they are taught in school. Africa WAS the richest continent in the world til many of the kings and rulers were taken and families were separated. Since then, all of those countries have been playing “catch up”

          • Gaad!

            Yeah! Other people made us this way!

          • Fike2308

            “Africa is in the state that it is in now because of slavery.”


            Can you site some sources?

          • makes u wonder y as “The number 1 power” they allowed their poor little hynies to be seprated , enslaved etc, doesnt it? o wait did some1 say low IQ?

        • Bam Bam

          Dear Fike2308,

          Africans in Africa are not necessary better off or worse off than their American cousins. All races have good & bad points ditto all the racist comments about Lou Jing.
          Unfortunately C’est La Vie.


          Bam Bam

          PS I am an African Black

  • whatever

    I wouldn’t be too self guilty about having certain stereotypes. Specifically on blacks, where do we get the stereotypes from? Hollywood and the western media, the same ones who now propagate the black love fad and evil chinese/asian stereotype.

    And these “enlightened” above commenters spew the same, if not worse, hate, racism and stereotypes based on a few internet comments.

    Something about a kettle name calling the teapot comes to mind.

    • Who taped you in front of a television and forced you to watch Hollywood movies anyway? Many of us who grew up in the US managed to grow up much less racist than these commenters, despite the fact that we’re WAY, WAY more exposed to the so-called “Western media” and Hollywood.

      As for it being hypocritical for Westerners to say anything….this is PEOPLE talking to PEOPLE. I am not “The West”. I never enslaved a black person. You are not “China”. You never bound anyone’s feet (I assume). Whether or not it’s hypocritical for me (or some other commenter) to say these netizens are racist, well, you have no idea. You don’t know any of us personally. Of course, there are frequently racist comments against Chinese people made on this site so I assume some of the commenters here ARE being obviously hypocritical. But you see my point, perhaps.

      In conclusion, lame excuses.

      • Teacher in China

        Well said ChinaGeeks, 100% agree.

      • Also, it’s pot calling the kettle. Not kettle calling the teapot.

        Teapots are known to be all sorts of colors. Much like our world.

    • Fike2308

      “Specifically on blacks, where do we get the stereotypes from? ”

      My response would be that most stereotypes are based on reality.

      Look at Apu in The Simpsons (one of my favorite characters).

      It’s funny because where I’m from (L.A.) pretty much every 7-11 is run by people from India!

      Also, the stereotype that whites can’t dance and asians can’t drive are based on reality.

  • Vincent

    How does this TV show work? Is it like American Idol, where people vote up their favorites? Because if that’s the case, it looks like she’s ranked 7th, with 1.3 million positive votes and 103 thousand negative votes.

    So if this is one of those voting shows, you know, to their credit a lot of people are voting her in spite of her color. That should be mentioned.

    • Gaad!

      Whaaat?! 1.3 millions positive votes and 103 THOUSANDS NEGATIVE VOTES?! There should be absolutely no negative votes whatsoever, dammit! Dang, bugger me silly and rip me a new one, us chinkies are like sooo totally racist, nooo? What does a sista have to do here to catch a break.

    • whichone

      I think a lot of people are voting for her just because she is pretty, if you listen to her sing, she is not all that great actually.

  • Slappy

    Chinese are the most racist bunch living on this planet, only care white skin, white babies, they’re no different than blacks themselves, bunch of farmers the Chinese are!!!

    • Gaad!

      Dude, isn’t the sun a bit too bright for you? Surely, you must miss your hole under that rock of yours very much.

      • Gaaad!’s GAY lover (Fike2308)

        I miss the loose hole between your ass-cheeks gaad!

        Now stop flaming these laowai and come flame my yellow balls!

  • 水溶C100

    I don’t think anyone should worry about this, a great deal of mainland Chinese people just aren’t used to this kind of multiculturism. Most of these comments probably come from people who have never even talked to a black person before.

  • Pingback: Appalling Racism | ChinaGeeks()


    I’d do her but I’d keep one eye on my wallet.

    • Gaad!

      I could do YOU but I’ll keep BOTH my eyes closed with tiger balm on my upper lip. Better yet, give you a paper bag to cover your skanky Pusan face.


        Gaad!: I’m flattered but the only man I’d ever go homo for is famous Korean singer Rain.

        • Gaad!

          Giggles! You think I’m a guy? Man, I need to get your Pusan puss acquainted with me jinky-kinky collection of strap ons. Betcha u won’t feel the same about da ladies after that, or much of anything else for that matter.

  • Mike Fish

    All those guys, and they are certainly mostly guys, making those comments will be lucky to ever be with a girl as attractive as she is.

    • Fixed your post:

      All those guys, and they are certainly mostly guys, making those comments will be lucky to ever be with a girl

      • Mike Fish

        True… you fixed it well.

  • malagebi

    Chinese are just angry their little dicks couldn’t keep a woman from going off and cheating with a black guy.

    • Gaaad!

      Wow! Somebody seems very familiar with Chinese men’s genitalia.

    • A

      Wow, answering racism with racism. that’s really likely to work. good job. You must be really proud of your penis. Why else would you poke fun at others?

    • jim

      lou jing’s mother was deceived into having a relationship with her black father. i bet you if she is given another chance, she wouldn’t want anything to do with the irresponsible black trash.

  • Fred


    China’s first Foreign Minister, Eugene Chen, was a mixed Chinese and black (from Trinidad).

    He was Sun Yat-sen personal adviser and private secretary, a position he held until Sun Yat-sen’s death in 1925.

    Time Magazine, in its Dec. 11, 1933 issue, noted “the new Fukien Government has as its ‘brains’ that amazing man of South Chinese politics, Eugene Chen.”,9171,746478-3,00.html

    Eugene Chen’s grave stone in Ba Bao Shan
    (Mountain of Eight Treasures) Revolutionary Martyr Cemetery in Beijing.

    Whites are very quick to label Chinese racists when it comes to blacks yet China is far down the ladder as being an anti-black “racist” country. I believe that honor belongs to Poland, Russia, and the Ukraine.

    Yes, there are Chinese who have anti-black sentiments. So what? In Africa, there are blacks with anti-Chinese sentiments. No need to discuss the anti-every(race) views in the “civilized” countries – the US, the UK, Europe, etc. Matter of fact, xenophobia is the coin of the realm.

    Unless there is a higher quality of humans in the world, racism (xenophobia) will continue to exist. Until then, people just have to suck it in and fight back!

    • Gaaad!

      Thx for the links, much appreciated. A fascinating and mesmerising history.

  • Anon

    Excusing your racism by citing others as racist is amazing but sadly expected from such dimwits.

    As always they want it both ways. The victim chip on the shoulder complex with the west but the superior complex with others.

    Is there even a racial dscrimination law in China? If there is you know it will be toothless.

    • Gaaad!

      Nope, no racial discrimination law in China (HK excepted) that I can think of. Everybody is expected to stand up for themselves so that they can stand on their own and be proud of that fact (apart from some affirmative action privileges and financial aid for “recognised” economically under-developed minorities that is). Everybody is expected to be tough as nails and if you fail, too bad, that’s the market economy for you.

      • Josh

        Don’t try to talk about “standing up yourself” and being “tough as nails” because that’s horseshit and you know it, I know it, and so does everyone else here. I’d like to see you stand up to a mob who are filled with loathing for you because of your skin color. And market economy? I wonder what the Uighurs in Xinjiang would say to that when they see job advertisements that say “只要汉族人。”

        • Gaad!

          Eh…sombody obviously missed hitting the sarcasm tree when he was just a wee apple falling off his daddy’s tree, non? Here, have some more cha. You’re choking on all ya righteous indignation and going green in da face.

          Besides, are you going to let a sign put you off?

          • Josh

            What can I say? Trends in comments tend to lead the reader astray. Besides, given the apparent surplus of bulldozing fenqing, it’s easy to see where mistakes may be made.

          • Gaad!

            Well, ain’t some hommie a quick draw with da lable and name calling when it comes to disagreeable comments. Git personal is da name of da game, non?

            “Da healthcare reform iz EVIL! EVIL it iz I tell y’all!”

            I find that people who are full of righteous indignootions usually have a corky up an orifice somewhere, whether physically or mentally.

  • Rick in China

    She’s gorgeous.

  • jmoney

    Hot Chinese girl with junk in the trunk.

    • A

      ooh right.. cuz chinese girls are flat and black girls are really curvy right?? how clever

      • VeerLeft

        There is no truth to that? or are you just blind…
        I am not making judgements either way on appearance but…

        1) there are tons of black ‘races’…
        2) Chinese is a NATIONALITY… not a race

      • Fike2308

        Yes, Chinese girls are usually flat and not as curvy as black women….or western women.

        Tits and asses are not appreciated in the middle kingdom.

        • Gaad!

          Reminds me of ya motha…

  • Michelle

    What is wrong with everyone? I think she is a beautiful mix and she must have such an interesting heritage.

    Her parents are just normal people. How can you judge them without knowing anything about them? Maybe the mother’s husband was a complete arsehole.

    • jim

      if a guy go after a married woman, get her pregnant and then run off without paying child support, is it normal? if the woman’s husband run off after seeing his wife give birth to another man’s child, then he is an ass?

  • Jon

    What a topic, huh?

    China is racist, like all countries. The fact that the population is overwhelmingly of one race (90% Han last time I checked) doesn’t help this fact. One big problem I have with Chinese racism is that it is considered completely acceptable by most of society. No one is going to speak up when someone makes a racist comment. For example I celebrated Spring Festival with my old host family and the dad made a joke that Obama will turn his milk black (or something like that), the family was so surprised that I, a white Anmerican, would consider that wrong. Or consider the story of a black English friend of mine who taught at a public school in Hunan. One of her students drew a picture of her as a monkey playing basketball. Naturally upset she went to the administration. What did they do? The principal laughed at the picture and refused to punish the student. While all of this is going on the government makes out China to be a place that loves people of all colors. That’s not what they’re saying on the streets.

    I think a lot of Chinese consider the West (whatever that is) as racist as them, no doubt due to our horribly racist hsitory. But the fact is we take racist actions very seriously and I’m fairly certain China would too if the country wasn’t so damn homogeneous.

    • kris

      couldn’t agree more, what’s lacking is any form of intelligent dialogue about race, if this forum is an example there is a long way to go. i think there is more to it than just being homogeneous, education, and worldliness are still stumbling blocks for China.

    • whichone

      lol the story with the little kid is fucked up but also kind of funny…

    • VeerLeft


      • Fike2308

        I agree with VeerLeft’s equation.

        • Gaad!

          Yeeeee!!! What a cute lovely couple you too make!

          • Fike2308

            Why are you following me around?

            It seems like every time I make a post you have to hurl some random insult at me.

            Very weird.

          • Gaad!

            Cause you soooo angry dat you a soooo cutie! Me likesy precious!!!

    • Anon

      The sad thing is that it is not seen to be morally wrong at all.

      Next time they bleat about anti Chinese(government) bias this should be thrown back in their faces.

      It reminds me of nothing more than bullies who can act big but whine like children when it comes back their way.

    • Eric

      USA takes asian racist actions seriously?

      I forgot you are white and you seem to know whats going on even though you are not asian

  • capt. NULLZ whatever

    Well, that there destroyed my naieve notion that China is merely backwards due to being a more homogenous culture. I don’t think there is any excuse for this!

    BTW, I’m in LOVE! Marry me???

  • Noele

    Very beautiful girl. What a shame that she has to bear the brunt of such vitriol from ignorant morons.

    Seriously, I was very surprised at how degrading some of the comments were. Even if her mother chose to have sex with a black man, why should they give a damn? Her mother is an adult, she made her choice and she has accepted responsibility for her actions. Who you fuck/date/marry is no one else’s business.

    • Rick in China

      While I agree with all of your points – the moment you thrust yourself into the spotlight (ie. appear on national TV, or media, or whatever) you need to be ready for any and all criticisms that may come your way.

      While it’s none of anyone’s business, she chose to make it everyone’s business. You can’t have fame and privacy, publicity and no criticism. They go hand-in-hand, and to think otherwise is ignorant.

      That being said, I hope this blows over and, maybe…who knows…opens up some people’s eyes to the issues around racism in China, maybe for the better. Sometimes it takes people who bridge gaps by being multiracial even though they’re seen as a single race, to help build these bridges. (Asian Obamette maybe? haha..)

      • Noele

        You are definitely right, the whole thing just feels unfair though…eh, I guess life’s not fair sometimes. :-D

      • Josh

        While you make a point, Rick, there’s a big difference between the lack of privacy that accompanies being a public figure and a slew of racially driven criticisms.

        Case in point, it’s one thing to make fun of Obama because he has big, funny ears that stick out. It’s quite another to scream “ni–” and “kill him!” at a Sarah Palin rally. Both are inexcusable and should be addressed immediately rather than throwing up your hands and saying, “well, that’s life!”

        • Rick in China

          Are you serious? Know your audience. Everyone seems pretty much in agreement that racism is rampant in China. There should be absolutely no surprise that people are posting racist comments on forums and such as a result of her coming out. Again, *it would be ignorant had they not expected it*.

          I never excused it. I simply said it would be ignorant for them to have not expected this backlash. In fact, I think it will end up being very good for her – career wise. If nobody said shit, she’d just be another one of a million.

    • the great yellow master race

      right. i hope she is not like britney spears..

    • jim

      The problem is she is living on china’s resources and her black trash daddy isn’t working for it. When chinese people are using whites/black resources, it is everybody’s business but when it is a black, it’s nobody’s business? Yes, her mother is an adult, but she was deceived, had the man she conceived the child with been chinese, he will get 2 choices, either go to prison or pay child support. It is incredible how patronizing people get. “Very beautiful girl”, please. She is an illegitimate product of deception.

      • Bronze Breeze

        living on china’s resources…hum? You Chinese Chimps are deadly parasites all over the world….China Towns with it’s hugh importation of every thing fake and potentially lethal! From fake medications to fake cars, drugs and vice. It’s no good having you chimps around…nice idea it will be 1.4 billion less stress on the environment.

      • Afa

        I’m sorry to say, that by your own words you revel that you are the one who is actually an “ILLEGITIMATE PRODUCT OF DECEPTION”,

        I guess, you’d ask, how so. Well, you seem to have a good grasp of Engligh language, which tells me that you must have been writting from some other place, other than China, some English speaking country.

        By this, I wonder what your vast interactions with people from other places had thought you. What quality do you have the share with others, that is a result of your family upbringing, or threrfore, should we conclude by your letters, that you have notting of value to offer towards the harmoney of humankind.

        Think before you leap!

  • dace

    I saw that show, and the TV presenter had the girl in tears, cos she kept asking about her absent father, where he was from and why he ran away. Just by coincidence (not), there was another Chinese-African kid on a the same show a few days later, and again they were playing up his blackness (he was doing Michael Jackson imitations). This kid’s African father was not openly refered to, but I was waiting for the presenters to start milking his story for all it was worth too.

  • ChinaJim

    I agree with the Chinese commenters on some areas here. This was similar to the outrage whites had when they saw a mixed black/white couple in the 1950’s in the U.S. Gradually they relaxed there standards now you have tens of thousands of bastards born to white women eveyr year when their black boyfriend runs away. Often the grandparents end of raising them but this social experiment never works. They still end up dropping out of school or end up in prison. 90% of black Children are born without a father married to the mother. Not to mention the violence in their community.This is in the gene code, look at Hati, any country in Africa, parts of major American cities, etc… you only find destruction, violence, and poverty.

    • Rick in China

      It’s amusing how many people from Mississippi and China share the same views, yet are raised a world away. I don’t know which of these you are more likely to be – neither have a reputation for grammar/spelling or tolerance.

      Have you been to Ha(i)ti? Any parts of Africa? In fact, people I’ve met in Tanzania happen to be amongst the least violent or aggressive I’ve met, anywhere.

      • ChinaJim

        Rick the Prick- How did you know I was from Mississippi?Interesting how you don’t mind sterotyping Southern whites or Chinese but god forbid someone speak the truth about your precious black people. Hope you can stop teaching English for a second to read this post you loser. Go find a real job. You all show your lack of education and itellectual horsepower with your reply. I talk about statistics…you all start with …well I know this guy or such and such. You clearly are brain dead and don’t understand anything about population distribution. On average, Chinese are are shorter than westerners…no there not, Yao Ming is 7″6. You do have one point, East African’s are less violent than West Africans. By the way, can you find one city in the world with a black majority that is not a violent , desperate, hell hole? Didn’t think so. Ever check the FBI crime stats in the U.S.? Ever think for yourself? Go back to your fantasy now…class will be starting..

        • Fike2308

          “On average, Chinese are are shorter than westerners…no there not, Yao Ming is 7″6.” – ChinaJim

          Um, do you know what the word AVERAGE means?!?!

          Yao Ming is NOT your average Chinese person!

          Based on my experiences in China, Western people, on average, are taller than Chinese people.

          Yao Ming is an exception to the rule, not the rule itself.

        • Fike2308

          I hate mindless insults like:

          Go find a real job.

          Get a life!

          Your momma!


          • Gaad!

            U seem very good at it.

          • Fike2308

            Can you show me where I have used any of those insults?

            Also, why are you stalking me? It’s like you’re obsessed with me.

          • SHEANIE:)

            you two are cute.LOL.very funny.haha.been reading your

        • Rick in China


          1. I’m not a teacher. In fact, there’s a very small likelihood you are nearly as successful as I am, speaking on averages.
          2. I didn’t say all people from Mississippi or China behave like that, but “many” in terms of how they are perceived, do, hence the ‘joke’. I’ve not been to Mississippi, nor do I know anyone from there, so I can’t seriously claim to know shit about them.
          3. You claim I am the one who is “lacking education”, lets see:
          a. “itellectual horsepower” (int)
          b. “no there not, Yao Ming is 7″6″ (they’re) + (7’6”)
          c. “East African’s are less violent than West Africans” (Africans), + You don’t know shit about Africa, moron, Somalia & Sudan? It’s not separated east/west=violent/nonviolent. Stop talking about shit you know absolutely nothing about.
          d. “Can you find one city in the world with a black majority that is not a violent, desperate, hell hole?” Accra. Wait, you wont know where that is; it’s in Ghana. Look it up. Wait.. Ghana, Ghana is a country in West Africa which borders the ivory coast (go figure).

          • ChinaJim

            Rick the Prick-
            Thanks for correcting my grammer Mr. Succesful. Let me guess, your CEO of an trading company? haha
            Let me know when you actually sell something.
            I drive a BWM 7. Now go get your scooter.

            By focusing on typo’s you deflect the real arguments.

            By saying W.Africans are more violent than E.Africans does not mean E.African’s are not volent. My God dude, you have no critical thinking skills at all.
            I reccomend you study some basic Greek Logic.

            Face it dude, you live in a fantasy world. Did you notice I argue against your statements, where as because I do not share your viewpoint I am somehow “un-educated”.

            Your the programmed one, not me. Go back to your Matrix Pod.

            Regarding Ghana, Ya, great place. Ghana has a high HIV infection rate,extreme violence to women and most of the population lives on a dollar a day.

          • Rick in China

            You called me uneducated, Jim. Then you went on to rant…a rant riddled with many language mistakes – that’s the irony, Jim, which you exhibit very clearly for all to see.

            I’m not even going to address the rest of your ridiculousness, it’s not worth my time.

          • funny-orient

            ChinaJim is an a#$h%le.
            1.Ghana has the about the lowest HIVr rate in Africa.
            2. No woman is discriminated against here (except Jim’s mother who came here and was running a brothel serviced by Chinese girls after seizing their passports.
            3. West Arica has only the black sheeps of Liberia (now calm) and Sierra Leone (serene).

            Jim get a tutor and I hope u regret cheating in your history lessons in grade school. You know?, dont make a comment about something you dont kow shit about. it only makes you look STUPID. If u had kept your mouth close, we’l have thought you wise.

        • Medentze

          Mmmm, I love the taste of ignorance in the morning. I like it bitter just like my coffee!

          ACTUALLY, there are many prosperous African nations, let alone cities. Please educate yourself before commenting on the state of a continent which you know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT?

          Right then. Feel free to return to your poorly-informed worldview now.

          • jim

            most of these “prosperous african nations” make money by starving their own people from donations from the UN. perhaps you and mugabe make the most ignorant bunch.

        • Afa

          ChinaChimp, or Jim, you said, “By the way, can you find one city in the world with a black majority that is not a violent , desperate, hell hole?”

          That city is the one that raised you to be this vile sub-human, beguiled by inept perental background.

          I waste my time to ask, which black counties have you been to.

    • A

      Aaah. The master geneticist as spoken. He’s found the gene for parental absenteism that only manifests itself in black males throughout the world. The may be spread throughout the world but their genes are all the same. what a revelation from a truly enlightned mind. I especially like that statistic. I’ve met countless young black indivduals in my lifetime and the only one who did not have a father had lsot him to the warfront. I guess I was really lucky to always fall in the 90% right? I’m really interested to know where you got that statistic Chinajim. Did you also come up with a name for that gene you discovered?

      • ChinaJim

        Here you go A.
        I stand corrected…It’s not 90%…it’s only 70% of black children born out of wedlock.

        The DNA gene code you asked about is as follows: ATCGCGATGTTACGCHIMPATTCGCGAGACGACCGATTAT

        • Rick in China

          Very witty to throw a “chimp” in your pseudo-code.

          You’re not worth the time to argue with. Just another ridiculous bigot.

          • ChinaJim

            haha- opps, that was a typo. Here is one you won’t figure out.


          • Rick in China


            You’re also anti-gay, then, ya?

        • Jmencalisse

          Out-of-wedlock births are also rising in much of the industrialized world: in Iceland, 66 percent of children are born to unmarried mothers; in Sweden, the share is 55 percent.

    • VeerLeft

      Let’s pretend that you are NOT an idiot….(for the sake of argument)

      By your logic the genetically submissive yet devious mother cheated on her genetically inferior and under-endowed husband… with the genetically masculine and genetically irresponsible black american…
      How should this reflect on the Genetically diverse and physically pleasing child?
      Oh wait…. the commenters are GENETICALLY STUPID AND GENETICALLY incapable of empathy. Well thats inbreeding for ya…GENETICALLY speaking.

    • Mi wewe

      ChinaJim welcome in Tanzania, stop talking bullshit you not sure of ”HAKUNA MATATA”

    • Jmencalisse

      Yeeeeh!And everyone knows that China is a marvelous lands with lots of happy beautiful people, national health insurance and pink poneys.

      You know Africa so well and I guess you can tell violence is in gene code because you got Ph.D. in Molecular Biology

  • Rocknrollstar

    Wow, I guess most of these farmers have never left the country and don’t know anything besides their own culture.

    Ironically cheating seems to be part of this culture – or which Chinese man goes to KTV only for singing? What about all the pink lighted massage parlors? Only for singles? What about the second wife phenomenon?

    This debate shows once again the double standards in China.

    • Yin

      I don’t think this is a case of double standard. Ask these netizens how they feel about officials with second wives and they’ll give you the same response. Where the double standard might exist is what they do with their own lives as they get older. Young people are often self-righteous. But as they become adults and enter into that corrupt, cynical, dog-eat-dog world, their views begin to change.

      • Rick in China

        It’s called hypocrisy – and it’s not limited to China. Look at all the republicans in the US being busted right now for preaching about family values, yet caught with their mistresses? How about the priest who faked his own kidnapping so he could spend more time with his mistress? This is definitely not a China-only circumstance, it’s a human circumstance that happens everywhere from developed, developing, and undeveloped nations – I’m sure the Korowai cheat sometimes too, the difference is the result is the cheating husband/wife ends up as his/her family’s next meal.

      • The John

        I agree. However…

        I think they will NOT give the same response. It will be, “Oh, those officials suck, because they had second wives.” It will not be an attack on their children s or wife’s race.

        The problem is not with what people say, but what people do. People say one thing and do another. It is hypocritical and annoying. So many pink houses and a lot cheating exists in China… A place where prostitution is illegal.

        Also, I don’t agree with the older example you gave. Having experience in education, I can say a LOT of middle school students in China are sexually active. The parents are clueless. Bad behavior starts young and matures as people get older. Same thing happens to good behavior. No one just grows up and do indecent things because society is that way. They learn these things from an early age and it just matures. That doesn’t mean society can’t influence them. But, at their core people’s identities are composed of nature and nurture.

        The self righteous problem doesn’t only affect the young. I noticed that many “adults” are also self righteous as well. Just not many people can back up the righteousness. So we live in a society where these same self righteous adults, create young self righteous children. The circle restarts over and over. But, no body just comes out and faces things directly.

        As for this case of cheating, I don’t know if I can say her mother was right or wrong. I simply don’t have enough details AND I don’t care, because it’s none of my business.

        • Yin

          So what’s your solution?

          • shenyang

            Solution: Be the best person you can be, and try your best to obey the rules of your society, or choose to leave your society if its rules don’t agree with yours.

  • The John


    Well, I just want to say. She is hot and I would probably tap it. Ok, Definetly…

    I think there are a few issues that I haven’t seen addressed. 1. WHY IS IT ANYONE’S F*CKIN BUSINESS WHAT HER MOTHER DID? Anytime a chinese person goes on these shows, they don’t do a back ground check! Now, because she’s black, they MUST make sure her history is justifiable for the Chinese audience. Are we in America? (The oh, lets check the black guy and make sure he is not a gangster mentality, is not wide spread in the U.S., but it happens. F*CK!) At least, in the states someone can sue for this kind of sh!t!!!!!!!

    Also, how can people pretend the know the whole story of the affair. Maybe, her husband was a lying sack of crap and she felt lonely. Maybe, the guy she had an affair with didn’t know she was pregnant. It’s all so upsetting to see another case of Chinese unable to mind their own business. But, the big question is…. What does this have to do with this innocent girl? She was not involved in her mother’s affair and at least I respect her mother for taking care of her.

    The next problem, I noticed in China is the point the finger philosophy. It happens way too much here. Its not everyone, but its enough to piss me the hell off!!! In China, how many people cheat? All of my friends have been cheated on. Men and Women. To be honest, not all of them were angels. They cheated too. But, when someone that is black, goes on tv…. It’s like, lets hate the monkeys. Truly upsetting…

    Don’t look outward, without looking inward.

    Yes, I know that there are many Chinese that are not racist. However, I will say that A LOT of mainland Chinese dislike OR are completely ignorant about black people. I know a lot of people that refuse to hire black people. Shenzhen and Guangzhou has some issues like this. Some of them, don’t even check there qualifications. The funny thing is I am good friends with a lot a black people and they get along with Chinese well.

    Some Chinese also use the examples of Nigerians near the coastal cities, committing crimes as an excuse to justify their racism. I know for sure that every foreigner cannot do business without a Chinese helping them in some way. So, if someone in China is getting away with illegal activities, im sure they have some guanxi with local Chinese. Especially, when the penalties for drug trafficking is so high. So, you can’t blame all black people for the co-operation of some foreign idiots with local idiots.

    Im not surprised to hear about this. I think as China develops even more. A lot of truth will come out. Especially, matters regarding race…



    THE chinese people who travel only hangout with chinese people unlike Japanese korean etc.

    The Chinese people who are stuck in China for good, ARE JUST CONFUSED ON LIFE.

    PS. That girls body looks HOT

    • A

      Ah yes. it’s really fair to wish to perpetuate racism on the whole of China because some people in China are racist. that will really help clear the world of all racism.

    • Jimmy

      Are you serious? At my university, that’s common with the Chinese, Japanese and Koreans. They hang out with each other all day and speak their native language, but stutter making basic English conversation, but that’s another topic.

  • KTR

    She’s a beautiful girl, her skin colour shouldn’t matter. You Chinese are just petty minded racists, would it be such a problem if her father wasn’t black?

    • DeeDee

      I agree KTR. If her father was Caucasian instead of black then she would be placed on a golden pedestal, worshiped, and made an international superstar.They treat her like sh*t because she is black and that is the truth.

      I’m glad Lou Jing is standing her ground against these racist xenophobes. She is a very pretty girl.

  • shenyang

    I’ve learned to accept Chinese racism for what it is. In 3 years in Shenyang I’ve heard many appalling comments from Chinese people about other races, but there was almost one underlying similarity: None of them said the comments with hate.

    In my experience, those people did not hate, and hate is what makes racism bad. Discrimination isn’t always bad, and is a necessary part of living. There is no way to deny that people are different. Chinese who make racist comments are simply regurgitating opinions that have been formed by living in a single-race society. They have little hate in their hearts for these other races most of the time. The other times, their stereotypes have been reinforced by one or two personal experiences that had been negative and were never offset by positive experiences.

    For example, if someone tells you that red=1 and green=2, and all your life you had never seen red nor green, then finally one day you see one instance where red=1, you will be inclined to believe that first of all it is true, and second of all you will make the jump to the conclusion that green must equal 2 as well.

    Chinese people that I know that have been exposed to many more personal experiences regarding different races are not racist and do not make such comments. These comments are born from inexperience.

    • The John

      From the dictionary:

      racism  /ˈreɪsɪzəm/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [rey-siz-uhm]

      –noun 1. a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to rule others.
      2. a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination.
      3. hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.

      Racism fosters hatred. In some ways it is a form of hatred, because it implys inferiority. Hatred can also be ignorant. When someone realizes the stupidity of their hatred, they will change. Usually, because they realize how ignorant they were.

      I have done somethings im not proud of. But, I cannot make an excuse for them. I have even hated. Illogically and ignorantly. I wasn’t even aware I was hating. So, im glad I took the time to educate myself. Others should too.

      • shenyang

        I totally agree with you. Acceptance of other customs, races, religions, cultures, etc., comes from a willingness to learn the beliefs of each. Those who cannot accept how others are different from them are destined to be isolated from the rest of humanity for the near future at the very least. Humanity’s strength lies in its resilience and adaptability, and racism directly attacks that strength by assuming that one part of humanity is better than another. This, according to Charles Darwin, is true. It was not, however, based on race, but on adaptability. Those who can adapt, will survive. Those who cannot, will die.

        • Mike Fish

          Are you suggesting China should adapt to the world or LouJing should adapt to the racism?