Perspectives On University Schoolgirl Prostitution, Part 2

From Tianya:

I Only Have a Body: A Farm Girl College Student’s True Story

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“I have nothing right now, just a body”, said Juanjuan. I consoled her by saying: “Aren’t you going to graduate soon? Find a good job, your future will be very bright.” Juanjuan replied: “Just before leaving school, I’m in a dreadful state, [I] have nowhere to go.” I consoled her again: “Don’t worry, someone will hire you.” Juanjuan started crying: “You understand my family, but you don’t understand what I’ve been through, my fate is very cruel.” I knew that she really wanted to get something off her chest so I encouraged her: “If you have something to say, just say it, don’t bury it inside.”

Juanjuan enrolled in a Nanjing university starting in 2007 and will soon be graduating. Since we’re both from Yangcheng in Jiangsu Province, I visited her family during last year’s summer vacation; we understand each other relatively well. Juanjuan’s family situation is not very good, her parents are good-natured farmers who have little means of supporting themselves, their lives are very hard. I once sighed: It’s not easy that this kind of family is able to produce a college student! Surprisingly, Juanjuan called me yesterday and was choked with tears, what she said astonished me.

18-year old Girl Uses Chastity to Fulfill her University Dreams

Even though Juanjuan’s family is poor, she can sing well and dance, and her physical appearance is very good, especially after she went through puberty. As her beauty became more enchanting, people in her village began describing her as “a golden phoenix that arose from a grass nest”. During the spring when she was 18, Juanjuan was in her third year of high school, and the county government held a literature and art festival for the purpose of commending local entrepreneurs who made a great economic contribution. Juanjuan represented her school in this performance and was even awarded a prize. When going on stage to receive her prize, she tripped due to her nervousness and was helped up by a young person who was also on the platform. Just like that, these two met each other.

Later on, it was discovered that this young person, named Wang, ran a clothing factory in a neighboring village. The scale of the business was not large, but in Juanjuan’s eyes he was a very rich man. Boss Wang would often go out with Juanjuan, letting her try on clothes at the factory, and one time, he even kissed her in the changing room. Boss Wang had a girlfriend, but Juanjuan was in love for the first time and did not mind. After all, he didn’t marry her yet, so Juanjuan herself still had an opportunity. What Juanjaun did not anticipate was Boss Wang unexpectedly got married during that year’s Tomb Sweeping holiday, and Juanjuan was not the bride.

A leaky roof gets rained on [i.e. bad events happen in succession], a fleeting first love came to an end on top of her family’s difficult financial situation. Juanjuan’s parents tactfully told her that they were not able to support her to go to college, and she should just quit school. These two setbacks quickly sent her into the depths of despair. One day, a vacillating Juanjuan suddenly got a call from Boss Wang asking if she wanted to go on vacation with him with the promise of helping her take care of her schooling fees. Juanjuan agreed without the slightest hesitation, she needed to go somewhere to reconcile her melancholy, as for whether she could continue with school, that was another matter.

Traveling over the course of a week, Juanjuan stupidly stupidly stupidly stupidly gave everything to Boss Wang. She seemingly had forgotten that Boss Wang was already married and also forgot that she had the body of a virgin. She didn’t care about anything and didn’t want to think about it, as if everything was frozen numb. The heartless Boss Wang did what he had to do and whatever he wanted to do. After getting back, she received a card, on the card was 15,000 RMB [i.e. about $2200 or €1780].

Juanjuan fulfilled her university dreams, as for whether this sort of action was an exchange, she never thought about it. Juanjuan’s thinking was if she didn’t go to college, she would be married to a farmer in the village, and she’d rather hand over her body to her first love than to a farmer.

University Professor was Really a Wolf

While going to college in Nanjing, Juanjuan basically worked part time to support herself, it was very hard, but she was content. During the second year there was a biology professor who started to pay attention to Juanjuan. Supposedly, this professor did not have such a good reputation due to a scandal about harassing a female student, so Juanjuan was very vigilant and kept her distance.

One time, the professor invited Juanjuan to his home for a meal, saying he also invited quite a few neighbors for a gathering, and this can help Juanjuan find a few tutoring jobs. Due to this reason, Juanjuan could not decline since she desperately needed to find some tutoring jobs. After arriving at the professor’s house, she discovered there was no gathering, and there was no one else attending. Out of politeness and respect towards the professor, Juanjuan did not leave immediately and accompanied him for dinner with poise. The professor kept urging her to drink more and promised to help her improve her living standards and help her find a job after graduation. If she wanted to attend graduate school, he would help out as well. At that moment, Juanjuan sensed something would happen, she wanted to leave, but the professor’s hand already firmly held her arm.

That night, everything that should have and should not have happened did happen. From the beginning, the professor’s actions in bed nauseated Juanjuan. His skin was like something from a novel, like worn out cotton wadding hanging down, poor physical stamina, yet he pretended to have prowess. Afterward, Juanjuan went to his home a few more times, other than occasionally getting two to three hundred in cash as charity, everything that the professor promised was never fulfilled.

Juanjuan said: This time, my luck was not very good, I didn’t get anything except my classmates’ rumors and slanders. Juanjuan was furious and wanted to rip the professor’s old face into shreds. Junajuan already considered herself shameless, this professor turned out to be even more shameless.

Juanjuan’s classmates also said this professor was just a wolf, how can Juanjuan get mixed up with him? Is it because [her] eyes started growing on her butt?

In Order to Find a Job, Offer the Body Once More

During the third year, classmates are busy applying to graduate school or finding a job, those with money rely on connections, those with connections will use their connections. But there are too many graduates, the students like Juanjuan without connections nor money can only be at a loss. Juanjuan went to job fairs all over the place, handed out countless resumes, went through innumerable interviews, even dreamed about the multitude of interviewers with their disfigured, smiling faces. The initial salary requirement went from 2000 RMB (monthly salary) down to 800 RMB and even 500 RMB, yet this still wasn’t [low] enough to land a job.

Through a friend’s introduction, Juanjuan met a guy who worked at a newspaper. According to the friend, this person was at editor level, had great capabilities, extensive connections, boundless potential, considered to be the type of person you couldn’t not socialize with. Juanjuan, filled with great esteem, began to get in touch with this man, and gradually discovered this person really knew how to brag and repeatedly bragged about the same thing. Juanjuan could not resist thinking it was funny but still kept a good rapport, pretending to admire his bragging.

Juanjuan said: The editor wasn’t even as masterful as the professor at picking up girls. Too old-fashioned, other than helping to find a job, it’s still just helping to find a job, not the least bit creative, yet still pretends to be a gentleman. Juanjuan had two previous experiences, [she] has already seen through men, so she wanted to see how long this “gentleman” can pretend. She calmly and quietly spent time with the editor and listened to him brag about his capabilities.

The editor said he had some close brothers [i.e. friends] in a county on the outskirts of Nanjing who can help Juanjuan resolve her job search problems. [He] asked Juanjuan if she wanted to go interview, and she agreed. That day they went, and apparently he did not lie. Sure enough, his brothers invited them out to eat, but not a word was spoken about the job. [They] stayed at a hotel at night, it was an apartment style where the editor and Juanjuan had their own rooms. After getting ready for bed, Juanjuan wanted to sleep, but the editor dillydallied and didn’t want to leave Juanjuan’s room. In Juanjuan’s mind, she knew clearly what he wanted to do, what he had no courage to say and even less courage to do. Juanjuan thought, men are very pitiful, can’t even match that lustful professor.

Wasting time like this definitely won’t work, and in the end, Juanjuan took the initiative and said, “You just wanted me all along, right? What are you waiting for?”

The editor finally got Juanjuan, as for the job, that never materialized. It wasn’t because he didn’t try to help, but because no one answered his ad. Juanjuan knew she was depending on the wrong person, so [she] didn’t count on him anymore.


Juanjuan’s story is basically over, [she] will graduate soon, but her job still hasn’t materialized. She says in her young body there exists an aged and hopeless heart. I asked her if she regrets the things that have happened to her body. Juanjuan asked rhetorically, “Taking what you have and exchanging it for what you don’t have, what’s there to regret?” Don’t they say “youth has no regrets”? She feels that all she has right now is her body, and there is really a lot she doesn’t have. Whether in the future she wants to exchange her body for something will be decided one step at a time.

What this author wants to say to Juanjuan is, actually, to possess a young body signifies having potential, for example, youthfulness, vitality, courage, motivation, a pure heart, positive view of the world, to face an uncertain world with unlimited desire, etc. Isn’t all this important as well? Because of youth, [we] can possess valuable riches. [I] hope in the future Juanjuan will take the path of a good person!

Comments from Tianya:


Really envious of those who are professors!


This is the great society that we dreamed about 60 years ago.


…..Got into the wrong bed..


I don’t even have a body, you’re much better off than me, don’t be angry.


It is she that does not respect her own body. What love, she clearly knew that guy was married, and yet she hung/messed around with him? Second, already aware that the professor wasn’t a good person, why did she still interact with him? Third, is it really that hard to rely on one’s own effort to find a job? Why are there so many female classmates who have worked their way up from the bottom, there were also quite a few who have been through workshops, why not be like them instead of relying on your own body? Heaven helps those who help themselves, you gave up on yourself, only relying on your body, [I] despise [you]!!!

Also, stop making up stories about being a college girl from the countryside. Very few people would do something like this, stop making country girls look bad, and don’t insult college girls. Intentionally writing this story, is your heart really at peace [do you really not feel guilty]?


“…..Juanjuan’s thinking was if she didn’t go to college, she would be married to a farmer in the village, she’d rather hand over her body to her first love than to a farmer.….”
Very lamentable system of values. You were born a farmer, yet you look down on farmers!
If a person doesn’t respect himself, he ultimately will not get respect from others. A country, a nationality are also like this.


The first time is understandable, second and third time are not understandable! Really can’t find a job after graduating from college? It’s absolutely possible, those who allegedly can’t find a job are those with standards that are too high, if you aren’t realistic then don’t try to find an excuse.


This sort thing is too common, this crazy society forces us to be crazy along with it.


Wisdom does not exist in this woman’s head, this girl is amazingly stupid.


I am also a descendant of farmers, we have more than just bodies, we have tenacious willpower, we have a determination that isn’t afraid of hardship, being born a farmer just says your starting point is low, it doesn’t say you have a lowly personality, we embody the essence of China’s traditional culture……


This post is simply made up/fake.


Haha, China has raised another high class prostitute! Lamentable Chinese education system.


Don’t use college students from the countryside for stories!!!!!!!!. [I] despise you, LZ

College girls, ’nuff said. chinaSMACK personals.


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