Guangdong Kindergarten Teachers Encourage Girl To Hit Boy

From NetEase:

Kindergarten teachers instruct female child to slap male child and even video record it

Summary: At a kindergarten in Shantou of Guangdong province, two teachers have been exposed in a video inciting a female child to beat another child, with the victim not daring to resist, while children lay beside them witnessing this scene unsure what to do, and the laughter, encouragement, and incitement of two female teachers is heard throughout the video. Law enforcement have said that one of the female teachers involved in this case has detained for 15 days and fined 1000 yuan, with the other female teacher not being detained due to pregnancy.

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Comments from NetEase:


Whoever dares to treat my son this way, I will absolutely beat to death. These SB teachers aren’t afraid of the parents getting revenge?


The children at kindergartens are too small, they simply do not even understand malice, and don’t know what is right or wrong. Even if they do something horribly wrong, they should still be forgiven. However those who bully/abuse such small children, are very detestable.


I think it would be better having that pregnant teacher put her child in this kindergarten~~~~
To conveniently let the other students practice slapping.


A fight between children, is there any need to make a big deal? Damn, nothing better to do! Didn’t we all grow up this way? Nothing to talk about!!! A bunch of stupid reporters…


Some teachers do not teach children to hit children, but may torment children mentally, such as being especially affectionate towards children [whose parents gave a gift], while being indifferent to children [whose parents didn’t]. Everyone needs to be aware of this. There are plenty of teachers like this. Everyone think, if you were a teacher, wouldn’t you be like this? Also accepting gifts?


That boy’s parents probably didn’t give a gift to this detestable teacher! To understanding what happened, we must first begin from giving teachers gifts. Teachers already get paid salaries, so they shouldn’t also accept the money and gifts from students’ parents. I trust that after this video is placed on the internet, those parents who aren’t willing to give gifts will end up giving gifts.  Teachers these days are “control the emperor and command the nobles” [are able to control parents because they can affect the parents’ children].


The two teachers’ names have been found on the internet: Lan Zeyan and Li Chun. Now it must progress to human flesh searching their address and other information. Everyone must not these these beasts escape.


How do mentally deviant teachers manage to get into schools???


I never ding posts.
But as a mother seeing this post, I am truly angry and saddened.
Children these days are treasures. We aren’t even willing to hit them, and what kids these days aren’t naughty? Having this child suffer this kind of ill-treatment…??
That mother pregnant with a BB [baby], do you have the qualifications to be a teacher? Are you fit to be a mother?
Today, I really do not want to criticize. I hope you will never have the means to be a mother, because you truly are not fit to be one.


Too frightening. With kindergartens being this dark, who dares to let their children attend kindergarten anymore in the future? These two female demons deserve to be raped and killed!


No morals, no affection, characters too low, not fit to be teachers.


Human flesh search, expose their information, society will deal with these two stupid cunts, so that they can never find work ever again. Let them go be prostitutes, and serve the people for 10 years.


Niubi, Guangdong is full of these niu people!!


Watching this video I felt so hurt for that child who was being hit, and also very distressed. After watching it in the morning, I have been continuously depressed, very uncomfortable. My own son is abut to attend kindergarten, so seeing this boy I feel an indescribable unhappiness in my heart. I am a junior high school teacher, and I face many rebellious children who challenge the teacher. We always use criticisms to teach/raise them and never resort to physical violence, much less when they are this small, a child only 4-years-old? How did these two teachers manage to get into the teaching staff? Their minds are so twisted! What is so detestable was that one of them was even pregnant. Is she really pregnant or did she have guanxi [connections] and simply claim to be pregnant so she could avoid being detained? Being detained for only 15 days I think is too light, these two people must be forever stripped of their teaching credentials. This kind of instigating children to hit children is too vile. If the child being hit were your own flesh and blood, how would you feel? Angry, pained, also saddened. Poor children!


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