Concrete Aircraft Carrier Building Discovered In Wuhan


China’s national ambition to build a blue water navy inevitably led to the need for naval air power. For years there have been rumors of a Chinese aircraft carrier. Several purchases involving foreign ships only resulted in the creation of military theme parks (or scrapped altogether). When it was discovered that a building made out to look like the Soviet aircraft carrier Varyarg was found in Wuhan, it fueled speculation that it could be a training platform for the future carrier force. But given China’s track record it could just be another “white elephant” used to attract attention.

From Tiexue:

Starting from a few days ago, many sites nationwide posted a set of pictures entitled “Mystery appears in Wuhan, has flight deck”. Yesterday, reporters went to investigate. At Wuhan’s Ship Research Center, from far away, a building with nearly the same proportions as a real aircraft carrier is being furnished. The carrier-style building has a bridge and flight deck similar to that of the Varyarg. On the top of the building rests two covered aircraft, it is not clear if those are models or actual planes. The aircraft carrier building is clearly meant to be used as an office building, the first two floors are concrete structure offices, and parts of it are already in use.










Comments from Tiexue:


This better not be some theme park.


From the looks of it, it is an aircraft carrier style building, look at the deck, if it is really used for aircraft training, you would never use limestone tiles on the roof.


It can’t be a training center, if it is then the whole world would know~~


It can’t be a training center for carrier borne planes~

Aircraft carriers are not so simple, it is not just any ship with a deck that can be a carrier.


First of all, the structural strength of this thing is not enough, the force of an airplane weighing several tons would collapse the building while landing.

In addition, does anyone see arrest wires? Arresting wires are a system with internal buffer mechanism, its not something a couple of ropes can replace.
Furthermore, it is impossible for the Varyarg to be recommissioned, a ship with a heavily damaged propulsion system, where the effort of repairing it would rival building a new one altogether! Do you honestly think Russians are that kind?


Concrete Aircraft Carrier


Aye! Faint. I thought this was the country’s secret aircraft carrier training facility, but it is just an aircraft carrier shaped building or theme park, Some people can really dream up things.


Comments from QQ:


Stone warship, it can’t be moved. We had this since the Qing Dynasty; in the Summer Palace…This is China…


The forever unsinkable amphibious aircraft carrier have arisen!


China is not building aircraft carriers, but loneliness!


Isn’t this just a tourism facility, no need to be surprised! Just a tourism project, no need to make a fuss about it.


You don’t know but there could be strategic values, trick America’s spy satellites. Ha-ha, pretending to be real!


It is a training platform, looks like the real aircraft carrier is in construction…


What is the point of building this? Why not build a real one if you have the materials to do so.


Divulging military secrets, idiot.


See also: “Wuhan builds cement aircraft carrier” (Shanghaiist)

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Joe is a documentary producer and journalist based in Shanghai

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