Elderly Man Kills 6 in Shanghai Baoshan Shooting Spree

Police on the scene where a 62-year-old Chinese man in Baoshan district of Shanghai went on a killing spree with his hunting rifle.

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From NetEase:

Shanghai 62-Year-Old Man Murders 6 People with Hunting Gun, Already Subdued by Police

EastDay June 23rd report: Around 11:15pm of June 22nd, Shanghai Baoshan police arrested gun-carrying criminal suspect Fan X in a privately-owned chemical factory on Yueluo Road. The municipal [Party] committee and municipal government’s key leaders attached a high level of importance to this case, issuing important comments on the case’s investigation and relevant handling.

Through preliminary interrogation, around 5pm that day, Fan X (male, 62-years-old, employee of a privately-owned Baoshan chemical factory) had a fight with a colleague over a dispute regarding the factory’s finances, grabbed a tool in the factory and beat his colleague Zhang X to death. Then he retrieved from the staff dormitory the hunting gun he had stashed, and fled to Pudong’s Zhoupu area in an illegally operated car [black taxi/car]. Near the Hunan and Shendu roads, Fan X murdered the car’s driver Bian X with his hunting gun and then drove Bian’s car back to Baoshan where he used his hunting gun to kill a guard in front of a certain unit’s barracks. After taking the gun, he drove back to the chemical factory where he used the hunting gun to murder 3 people including the chemical factory supervisor/boss Li X and was subdued by a police officer who was patrolling the factory area, with all guns involved being seized.

After the incident, the Municipal Public Security Bureau and Baoshan District leadership arrived on the scene to direct the handling of the aftermath. At present, this case is currently under investigation.

This EastDay journalist rushed to the scene at around 1am in the early morning (Baoshan District, 581 Yueluo Road and saw that over 10 special police unit vehicles were parked there with special police carrying loaded guns on scene. Around 1:50am, a special police explosives disposal unit arrived. This EastDay reporter also saw funeral cars [to take away the bodies] enter the scene.

Chinese special police vehicles on the scene where a 62-year-old Chinese man in Baoshan district of Shanghai went on a killing spree with his hunting rifle.

Chinese bomb disposal vehicle on the scene where a 62-year-old Chinese man in Baoshan district of Shanghai went on a killing spree with his hunting rifle.

Comments from NetEase (1 & 2):

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Life is precious. Cherish your own life as well as respect other people’s lives. Violence cannot solve any problem.


If there’s a problem, one should use the proper way and proper methods to express, respond, and resolve the problem, to be treated rationally.

ibelive2009 [网易天津市网友]:

Things are out of hand now, aren’t they?! As day breaks, everyone wakes up. [The original Chinese of this comment may have multiple meanings.]


Hurting the innocent is an expression of cowardice.


Using a tool and gun to kill his colleague, a guard, six people in all. Too merciless, too violent. The police must severely punish him in accordance with the law.


This person must’ve been in the military before. His thinking was very clear throughout the crime. Also, with troops, armed police, navy, and air force garrisoned in Shanghai, normally the guns carried by the guards are without bullets [unloaded], so the bullets must’ve come from some other source!

网易广东省广州市手机网友 [faure]: (responding to above)

Not only did he serve in the military, he has probably fought in a war before.

网易江苏省南京市手机网友: (responding to above)

Not only has he fought in a war, he has probably been dismissed before.

网易北京市手机网友: (responding to above)

Not only was he dismissed, he has probably drifted before.

网易山东省莱芜市手机网友 [113463249]: (responding to above)

Not only has he drifted, he has probably been deceived/conned before!

网易广西南宁市网友 [魔石师]: (responding to above)

Not only has been deceived/conned, he has probably petitioned before [appealed to higher authorities]!

hometown521 [网易辽宁省手机网友]: (responding to above)

Not only has he petitioned, he must’ve failed!

网易广东省深圳市网友 [yuanlai9988]:

Killed someone, took a car, killed someone, drove a car, killed a soldier, stole a gun, then killed three people. This kind of mentality must be that of a special forces commando.

中国特色奴隶社会 [网易广东省云浮市网友]: (responding to above)

He was no longer afraid of death.


As the days become hot, I sleep comfortably in the air-conditioned room provided to me by my school principal, watching our national football team bring home the World Cup! Although it isn’t raining outside, lightning rhythmically strikes, unable to stop the chengguan from patrolling the streets, watching temporary workers helping interns carry iron cooking pots, everyone helping each other in a picture of harmony! At this moment, red clouds appeared on the horizon, ah…how I want to admire this beautiful scenery of peace and prosperity!

[Note: This was translated literally like above, but the original Chinese of this comment also has multiple meanings. It alludes to a variety of well-known news stories and controversies in recent years, including Li Tianyi, Guo Meimei, and the Hainan school principal case. Do you know the others?]

网易江苏省手机网友: (responding to above)

Nimble creativity.


Over 60 years old and still possessing such fighting strength and super strong mental fortitude…


Shoot and kill the leaders/bosses. Most of the time it is the leaders/bosses who are usually bullying the people intolerably, otherwise it wouldn’t be this extreme.

网易广东省云浮市网友: (responding to above)

This idea is worth people referring to when they commit crimes in the future.


Strange, he already stole the guard’s gun, but he still uses his own hunting gun to go kill the leader/boss? If he’s going to use his hunting gun to kill someone, why make a special-purpose trip to go kill a guard and steal a gun? Stealing a gun from a guard is itself already a very stupid thing to do. You might be shot dead right on the spot. So if his goal was to go kill the leader/boss, and he already has a gun, there was no need to go do this stupid thing.

网易广东省深圳市网友 [仇日者]: (responding to above)

Usually the guards at the gates of military places have their ammunition separate, which is to say, they’re carrying unloaded guns. This is excepting special places…
That’s why he stole a gun and could still only use his hunting gun to kill people…
He’s already over 60 years old, I bet something must’ve forced him to onto this path of no return, consumed, with no plans of surviving, and also didn’t know the guard’s gun would have no bullets, and that’s why he dared to rob the guard…

内阁总理大臣李鸿章 [网易山东省济南市网友]: (responding to above)

No, this is very strange. Since he already had a gun, why go out of his way to kill the guard?
It can only be said, this needs to be investigated. Was the senior officer of the camp where the guard was killed and the boss that was killed related?

Police on the scene where a 62-year-old Chinese man in Baoshan district of Shanghai went on a killing spree with his hunting rifle.

From NetEase:

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Shanghai 6-Person Murder Suspect Once Served in Military, Where Hunting Gun Came From Remains Mystery

Summary: According to reports, the suspect Fan Jieming who killed 6 people in one night is from Pudong, Shanghai, and once served in the military. According to workers in the factory, he had a violent personality who would get angry even when something slight did not go his way. Reports say he may have had a certain amount of stock ownership and had a fight with the others due to debt issues. According to the law, the suspects hunting gun is clearly illegal [for private possession], so just where Fan Jieming obtained the gun is still undergoing investigation by the relevant departments.

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  • 上官

    This sounds like something a liberal would do. I read about it all the time on foreign news sites.

    • mr.wiener

      Liberals go on shooting sprees? In which universe?

      • donnachadh

        上官 probably thinks ‘liberal’ means ‘foreigner’.

        • Mighty曹

          That makes all foreigners liberal.

          • mr.wiener

            {in reply to the deleted post below]
            Sic semper Troll

      • John Wilkes Boothe

        What alternative universe do you live in? In the US, the majority of shooting are by liberals.

    • maja

      I laughed, but not loudly. Nice attempt anyways.

      • Germandude

        Yes. +1 for the effort.

    • donscarletti

      Yeah, he’s probably a liberal with an agenda who went out and misused his gun in order to get support for gun control in China.

  • B*tches, Leave

    Everytime I read/see news like this, I always get this damn song in my head:

    “Bombs are flying, people are dying
    Children are crying, politicians are lying too
    Cancer is killing, Oil is spilling
    The whole world’s gone to hell but … how are you?”

    • BiggJ

      I always think the theme from “COPS”

      Bad boys, bad boys

      Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do

      When they come for you.

      • gangnamstyke

        Why would that song come to mind, is it because they only fuck wit black guys on that show , and u a brother urself

  • maja

    I don’t remember having ever read or heard anything like this out of the movies. Maybe in the US? I’m not trying to flame, I’m just curious.

  • Dconn

    Damn Chinese are Americans now?

    • Alex

      Just remove the gun, and is not that uncommon really.

    • lonetrey / Dan

      You know, I was surprised that none of the translated Chinese comments mentioned anything about gun control in America and etc.

    • lasolitaria

      I suppose that if he’d used a truck and a sword instead of a gun he’d be Japanese, wouldn’t he?

    • hunny

      Minus the better country.

  • chandlerpatrick

    my first thought was tragic, and then my second thought was remembering things Chinese say when something like this happens overseas… “tsk tsk tsk, there are no guns in China, that’s why it’s so safe! America is so dangerous” In fact my father-in-law literally said something along those lines yesterday!

    • lonetrey / Dan

      You know, I was surprised that none of the translated Chinese comments mentioned anything about gun control / America

      • They’re just a sample. Somebody probably did. It wasn’t picked for whatever reason.

        Now you know: stop reading for Chinese netizen reaction.

    • American in The Middle Kingdom

      “Where guns are outlawed, only Chinese will have guns.”

    • willie miller

      Its not just Chinese father in laws who think America has a problem with guns.

  • Fernando

    I can’t help but think about the reasons behind those killings. I don’t mean to justify the killer but come on people! He’s 62! He was probably betrayed in some big way after dedicating decades of his life working his ass off for such factory, later to be told that he had no right to anything. You all business men know the reality and truth of most factories’ bosses, most of them are a bunch of SB who can’t keep their promises, they go around life taking advantage of people and making big money from it without even willing to share a small percentage to keep their workers happy.

    • lonetrey / Dan

      Seems like that’s about the gist of it. Though, I’d also point out that he had preemptively stored a loaded gun in the building so it seems like he had an idea of what he was going to do already.

      Still doesn’t change the fact that they probably did something nasty to him to send him over the edge.

      • MrT

        you never had nasty shit done to you?

        • lonetrey / Dan

          I have. I’m … Idk.

          I think my reply comes from the fact that many times, when I say anything to describe how something I think is really bad has been done to me, people normally say something along the lines of “Grow up! Get over it!” or “Whatever, it doesn’t matter! You can still do something about it.”

          You have no idea how much that pisses me off.

          That’s why I like to take the stance “I don’t condone his actions, but I certainly understand it. If I were in his shoes, I would like to think that I wouldn’t have murdered people, but it wouldn’t be a far stretch to imagine me (or anyone!) snapping and then going on a shooting spree.”

          I think the issue at heart here is the things the old man probably sacrificed to the company and it makes one feel taken advantage of when things don’t come to fruition due to the willful intent of another party.

          • Boris

            Under the right (wrong) circumstances, I could certainly see myself offing some people. All we can do is speculate here as to his motives, but I’ll wager it’s some rectum of a boss screwing him over. What I don’t get is why he killed the driver (although, on balance, knowing drivers here it may well be he was doing the world a favour). I think as foreigners it’s almost impossible to understand the sheer frustration of people on the bottom of the heap. Corrupt bosses can f**k you over at the drop of a hat. What can you do? Call Edward Woodward? Get yourself a lawyer? (Good luck!) Contact a newspaper? (They’re all owned by the government) In fact, I’m surprised this kind of thing doesn’t happen more often.

          • Jimney Cricket

            I’m suprised more BMW Bosses don’t come out to find a baseball bat through their windshield

          • Boris

            One can only hope such a trend develops.

          • Jimney Cricket

            I can’t believe that debadging hasn’t become popular in China. Forcefully removing the mercedes logos and such.

          • Boris

            Perhaps this noble Western custom needs to be brought to more people’s attention here?

          • MrT

            yea and that’s a world wide normal problem.

            The issue is can you control that feeling.

            He couldn’t, so he fucked other peoples lives with no connection to the problem.
            kill is boss yea, but others who probably have had equal shit in their lives.kill them also?

            no hes fucked in the head no excuse, deserves the bullet.

            you can blame others all day long, but end of the day if you cant learn from it and be stronger, well then no hope is there.

            Kill him self in front of the boss, make that boss suffer the rest of his life.

            That said 1.5 million people, yea this going to happen on a regular basis.

            You could of been the random stranger he killed.
            Having the thought i can understand it , well that’s the road to ruin.
            the thought should be how to avoid it.
            But there a weak people and strong people, so it will always happen.

          • Jimney Cricket

            He might have killed these other guys because they were douche bags… kinda like Chinese Santa with a list

          • MrT

            what are “douche bags”? some kind of gay thing?
            Only ever heard gay people use those words.
            Waaas it mean?

          • Jimney Cricket

            Google it

          • MrT

            I Baidued Jimney Cricket instead. Dont use google NSA watching you.

          • Jimney Cricket

            You fool…I’m in the witness protection program…now everyone knows what I look like. I know…I’ll use Chinese creativity…first change the color of my hat, the color of my umbrella. Tuxedo with giant sized US polo logo. Finally, I’ll wear Crocs instead of shoes. Perfectly disguised now.

          • Jimney Cricket

            bosses wouldn’t care if they were splattered by their employees guts and brain matter. Just call HR for a replacement…next

          • MrT

            haha did you see Australia got the last prime minister back in Charge , Kevin Crud.
            Democratic system working at its finest!

    • xmarkwe

      No sympathy for the murdering p**** whatsoever. Whatever complaints or grudges he might have held he murdered people who had absolutely nothing to do with him or the events.

      They should toss his remains in the garbage.

    • lasolitaria

      If I offer you a job with certain conditions and a certain wage and you accept, how am I taking advantage of you? Why the hell should I share any percentage of my profits with you? How come you can feel betrayed when the agreement is over and we both go our ways, but I can’t? I you’re not “happy” with the deal, you could’ve gone somewhere else. As a small business owner, I simply can’t get into my head why anybody would think that I owe anything to an employee of mine beyond whatever we agreed upon, let alone that said employee is now justified to go kill innocent people out of spite.

      • maja

        …are you even serious? I don’t want to be disrespectful, please try not to be disrespectful yourself. signing a work agreement doesn’t mean I’m giving you my life, it’s foolish to think that anyone would accept arguments like “your grandpa worked for me and I only had to give him a couple meals a day”, but what you’re saying is-exactly-along-the-same-lines. even more, it seems the dude had even invested in stock of the company. really…

        • Boris

          Being taken advantage by one’s employers in China is so commonplace that it’s the norm rather than the exception. My boss tried to coerce me into teaching a shed load more hours this year, even though I’m up to my eyeballs with study. I had to remind him that I was a foreigner and it would be easy to get a job in another university.
          My Chinese coworkers never refuse -they don’t want to deal with the consequences.

          • lasolitaria

            What are the consequences? They get whipped and marked with a hot iron? They get their legs broken? They’re lined up and fired upon? What’s that fate so terrible they’re willing to take so much shit in order to avoid it?

          • maja

            Mind, I’m only answering because I read some of your posts and you don’t seems a troll, my answer is: Do you find it strange that people need to work in order to live?
            Depending on your eventual further comments in this thread I may assume that you are indeed trolling. If that’s the case I’ll probably not answer next time I find similar situations, or not. The process pushing people accept to unfair treatment is very similar, until eventually someone amongst the many blows the whistle.
            Obviously I don’t lose anything by not answering you, if anything I’m giving up 10 minutes of my time, but at the same time I’m doing some argumentation practice.
            On the other hand, if you work for a company for many years, discarting other eventual opportunities and in the end you realize that your boss is being exceedingly greedy, you may realize that in this realtionship the balance needs to be somehow re-established. Someone will be satisfied with not working, or working with a very low proficiency, someone else tried harder during their lifes to make something useful for themselves, their families, humanity, the preservetion of giant pandas, whatever, the moment this person realizes someone is not doing his part he may choose a way somewhat more radical to re.establish a balance, or remove an obstacle that is stopping things to “be good”.

            Other then this, did you ever hear about deflation, salary raises, competition, etc. etc. AND, I repeat, it seems there was something going on with some stocks, it was not only a job contract relationship.

          • maja

            so full of mistypes..

          • lasolitaria

            I don’t care for the tone of your post. You think my post may be trolling just because you can’t believe someone thinks so different from you and also expect that I prove myself reply-worthy or something, and that’s a very naive and pretentious attitude. I may as well assume you’re trolling when you suggest in your post such a completely absurd idea as that this guy’s actions in a “somewhat more radical” way somehow “reestablish” some balance for the good . In fact, I will. No more replies for you.

          • maja

            I’m sorry, I recognize my answer was way out of place, very out of focus. I think Boris’s post is formulated in a much more appropriate language, it doesn’t coincide with what I meant to say but I think it covers a wealth of very appropriate points to consider when talking about the working situation in China.
            You say that if a person working a salaried job isn’t satisfied of his/her conditions, this person should leave or reduce his/her job performance. I have to say I was dumbfonded by the fact of meeting such a different perspective in a person that I understand being native of South America. I’m also from a latin country and I have to say I don’t remember ever meeting anyone, nor in Europe nor in China that held such a candid stance on job relations. I have seen this practice applied in many occasions and in many places, but actually advocating it, this really struck me.
            I feel like there’s a huge difference between resigning oneself into carlesness and advocating low prodctivity, especailly in a context where it’s so esy to face poverty as China is, but I’m a strange person myself…
            About the topic of the article I think that old man felt somehow betrayed. There are many reasons that could lead a person having feelings of betrayal and an aggressive answer is a very common response in this cases. I did this in my previous post, trying somehow to shape my aggressiveness in a useful form, that old mean did it and… I guess he thought three murders were worth it. Extreme responses happen when your environment doesn’t allow you to give any kind of constructive output when facing a problem, given of course that you even care at all about that problem.
            I would say aggressiveness is an answer to the fact of being overwhelmed. Since in a Chinese context you end up putting up with some huge feelings of overwhelming, as a poster already wrote, I’m surprised this kind of stuff isn’t reported more more often. At the same time I suspect our surprise derives from the fact that in this specific piece of news the actions that are reported are so clear and methodical they almost seem pulled from a manslaught manual, and if this old man actually received a commando training the manual hypotesis would make sense.
            I hope something of what I wrote makes actual sense, please let me know if it did. I think I wouold have had an easier time trying to explain the taste of water, but maybe I suffer from some severe Chinese burn-out…

            Right now I feel like taking multiculturalism AND media 101. It’s funny, because I never found myself in such a situation while dealing with chinese people–


          • Can’t remember my username

            No, you’re confusing work contracts with political detention.

            Even though you’re appear to be argumentative, hardly a feat in this pit of trolls, most of what you describe actually happens to dissidents in China, all you need to do is add cattle prod and insertion. Don’t believe me, I care not.

            Check out what happened/is happening to Ni Yulan.

        • lasolitaria

          Giving me your life? Grandpa’s meals? Never said anything even remotely related to what you’re saying I said. What are you talking about?

      • Germandude

        If I may jump in. I don’t want to put you into the same corner but there are many bosses that are taking advantages of the fear of their workers to lose their jobs. That usually comes in over-time work, weekend hours and extra work tasks that haven’t been agreed upon. Now I am not saying that a work contract should define that “doing copies of work documents is part of the job”, but you see the following quite commonly all the time:
        The ideal candidate for this position

        – is flexible (—> isn’t afraid to do tasks that are uncommon with this job position)
        – is mobile (—> aka, needs to travel to other cities, maybe for a day, maybe for a week)
        – willing to accept flexible work hours (—> aka, we know that extra hours will happen and you willingly accept to do this. Unpaid of course)

        So the points you bring up are valid but you miss to see the other side. Employers as well as employees both try to figure how far they can go. Just that one side usually has the longer breath. Or do your employees happily agree on all the extra work you demand from them?
        Nevertheless, you are right that everybody knows the rules of the game and killing your boss is, well it mustn’t be said actually….

        • lasolitaria

          Truth is we both get from each other a little more or less than what was agreed upon, like in any other deal between people. I often demand extra work but I know they in turn don’t work all the time. They know they’re not supposed to do that extra work, yet they do it. I know I’m entitled to demand every single minute we agreed upon, yet I don’t. Your employers have probably tried to get you to do far more than possible, but you must also admit you don’t work full throttle all the time and sometimes don’t work at all (we all do because we’re not machines). So employees are not always the victims. They’re also not always at the mercy of employers. There’s just too many lousy, incompetent and clueless workers out there, so if someone does a pretty decent work he’ll probably be pulling with some weight on his side instead of sitting there guessing how long his employer’s breath is.

        • Repatriated

          It actually starts at university level. A lot of students end up working for Prof’s side companies for FREE to pass a class.

          Chinese employees in general are terrified of their managers. They will often stay late because they don’t want to leave before the boss, which in their minds, makes them appear to be lazy. Lazy is an interesting topic in China as well. You would NEVER find me sleeping on my desk. Leaving early or sleeping on your desk? Which is worse?

          • lasolitaria

            That laziness topic is indeed interesting. Even abroad, away from the reach of a face-based society’s claws, Chinese employees seem to take pride in being paid shit for working endless hours with no conditions. I was watching this documentary the other day about how Chinese stores selling cheaper stuff were buying up entire blocks in some country. Chinese workers were asked why were they pushing native businesses so easily and they all replied “because natives are lazy/we work harder” or some sort. With such a mindset, can they really cry abuse? I think what they need is to couple their hardworking skills with a spine.

      • Repatriated

        I lived/worked in China for 8 years. 3 of the 4 companies I worked for screwed me somehow (bonuses, airline tickets) at the end of the contract. All 4 companies I worked for were western companies with Chinese management. Contracts in China favor the EMPLOYER, not employee.

        • lasolitaria

          And why is that my problem? Am I to take care of you? Anyway, a contract doesn’t necessarily favor anybody, it’s just a deal. You’re supposed to negotiate and you can always reject (unless some power such as a government forces you into it). It’s your job, not the other party’s, to ensure you get the best out of the deal. Yes, employers screw all the time but employees also screw them by doing half-assed work and wasting time and resources, so it’s not like the blame is fixed here.

          • Repatriated

            It would be your problem because you’re not meeting your end of the agreement/contract. YOU are feckin’ with MY money when you start screwing me out of benefits that are clearly mine as stated in a contract. When you’re getting screwed over by a Chinese company, there is NO negotiations going on. It’s simply the employee getting bent over a barrel and done with no lube. You have absolutely no clue what the quality of my work is, so claiming that because “some” employees are slackers, doesn’t give a company a right to feck over those who aren’t.

          • lasolitaria

            Again, I can’t not meet any ends or feck with your money because I’m NOT YOUR employer, so it’s NOT MY problem! Though I wonder if you had it so bad in China, why did you end up working for not 1 but 4 companies there? Did they make you wear an ankle tracker or something?

          • Repatriated

            Semantics. Apparently you must be Chinese, because you think every post here is about YOU personally.

            When you start a post with “if i were to offer you a job…”, one with native language skills would assume you’re speaking hypothetically.

            Get over yourself, kid.

          • lasolitaria

            WTF? So now I’m Chinese… BRILLIANT! You do know English isn’t the only language capable of hypothesis, don’t you? So this “one with native language skills” sentence of yours is meaningless.

          • Jimney Cricket

            …and so the never ending war between half-assed Chinese worker and Douche-bag Chinese employer goes on. Locked in their epic, timeless battle….

          • Jimney Cricket

            Pay peanuts, get monkeys

      • Jimney Cricket

        because Chinese bosses feel they have to cheat because it’s the only way they can feel important

    • American in The Middle Kingdom

      Please do not try to rationalize cold blooded murder. It is wrong no matter his personal circumstances, excepting immediate self defense. Do not condone revenge!

    • blushingpride

      @fernando – The article only says that the suspect was an employee and had a disagreement with a colleague about the factory’s finances. Even though a supervisor was later killed, how can you presume what set him off. Are you reading another article?

      @laso – You not only make the same presumption, but twist it to support some weird tirade on contractual ethics. I imagine all the staff at your ‘small business’ are crystal clear about what you expect, and the exact time their shift ends.

      @fauna – The selection of comments from NetEase are refreshing for their intelligence, insight and even humor. More please.

    • MrT

      yea good job. Just as well most of us control our feelings yea?
      Other wise the population of the planet be 95% less.

      • Jimney Cricket

        95% less…I could get to enjoy the quiet

    • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

      Sounds like he went postal. Something about the job grated at his nerves until one day he…well you read the article.

    • MrT

      yea like all the Muslims in the world, hard done to by the west so cool they roam around and drop a few people, you know because of SB cant keep their promises.

    • Repatriated

      It’s not just the workplaces. If you’ve ever lived in China, you know well that Chinese people avoid conflict like a plague. Someone cuts in front of them in a line, they just passively ignore it, but you know it pisses them off just like it does expats. Eventually it all builds up and they just snap. In my time living in China I saw quite a few fights that involved weapons (knives, bricks, clubs, etc).

      • Jimney Cricket

        …and still 1.4 billion of them

    • jeffli

      ha any middle manager and up is always seeking to screw people. World wide I suggest to line up HR, Marketing, sales and managers against the wall!
      How many families have suffered from management lack of due diligence!

  • Brett

    What is a hunting gun? Rifle, or shotgun? And how did a civilian have one “stashed (in case of a disagreement?)”

    Punishment for possessing a gun (let alone, murder) is still eating a bullet, right?

    • donnachadh

      No, punishment for possessing a gun is definitely not eating a bullet.

      • Brett

        Are you sure about that? I thought guns were outlawed after the communists took control to prevent an armed uprising of the people… Heard possession is punishable by death.

        • mr.wiener

          Hey Brett, how’s the wife and rugglet?

          • Brett

            Hey wiener, everything’s great here on the peninsula of doom. How’s life on the little island that could.

          • Bread Human returns! Huzzah!

          • Brett

            Back for more abuse! I’ll swing by Sinopathic soon. BTW, didja miss me?

          • Like a butter on toast.

    • gangnamstyke

      not if u got mad dollas

    • Jimney Cricket

      Sssshhh. Be vewy vewy quiet. We’re hunting Lao ban.

  • Fong

    You don’t give me an explaination, then I’ll give you one.

  • Jimney Cricket

    6 down. 1.4 billion to go.

    • YourSupremeCommander

      where’s the mod when you need one? oh, he’s busy defending the little white cotton panties , right might morphing power rangers?

      • Mighty曹

        Haha… I forgot about her already. Wonder what she’s doing.

        • Jimney Cricket

          Chinese people never learn. When Mao took over thousands of wealthy bosses, even good employers who looked after their employees were imprisoned, tortured and executed. Today, they walk around as if it never happened. This 62 yr old guy would have been just the right age to be a member of the Red Guard. Conned out of going to University and promised the wealth of China. He gave some payback, that’s all.

          • Mighty曹

            Very possible that he turned his parents in and beat his teachers during the Cultural Revolution.

          • Jimney Cricket

            See how China changes…these days you crash your car into your parents’ car instead

    • Mighty曹

      At this rate I’m almost certain that you won’t be around to see the numbers go to zero.

    • Germandude

      Everyone is allowed to display to everybody else that he is a retard. You’ve done well and we know now. Thanks for the heads-up.

    • xiaode

      6 person is what cancer kills every minute in China… if you wanna kill people, buy a car and switch on the aircon in your uninsulated apartment …

  • 5,000 years of uncivilization

    I still don’t understand where Chinese people buy guns when you can’t buy them in China. He should never had been able to own a gun in the first place. I guess the Chinese police need to step up gun control.

    • Repatriated

      There are a lot more guns privately (and illegally) held by Chinese than you think. They are smuggled across borders in the south to be sold on the black market.

      • 5,000 years of uncivilization

        That’s some bad news. I thought China was supposed to be a safer place to live because of the lack of guns.

        • Repatriated

          It probably IS safer being that there’s less violent crime. I don’t think it has anything to do with gun ownership. Capital punishment is no joke in China. In China, you don’t “do the crime, pay the time”. You die. Notice how most people that “go postal” in China usually just off themselves afterwards?

        • Paul Schoe

          Places with fewer guns are almost by definition safer places to live than places with many guns. As Germandude so eloquently ridiculed when offering ‘suggestions’ for new gun laws in China ;-).

          Homicides among Western countries with strict gun laws are usually one fifth or one fourth of those in Western countries where guns are easier obtained. In China the same applies. Reliable statistics in China are hard to come by, but stories about shootings are really rare over here.

    • John Locke

      Utopian pipe dream…..

    • TJDubs

      Just like there are no drugs or trafficked humans in China, right?

    • oh yeah? so he’s not creative enough to use knives or rig his own weapon? ▲(~◇~)▲ *catface.

      • Jimney Cricket

        MacGyver wasn’t Chinese either

        • So you’re saying the Chinese can’t be creative?

          • Jimney Cricket

            No they have shown great creativity with their driving and parking of SUVs

  • call.me.the.don

    Death penalty is a easy way out, they should lock him up forever…give him all the time to think about what he did, considering his age, he will be the beatchhhhh of stronger and younger inmates., thats real punishment

    • Boris

      He’s all yours. Personally I’ll stick with some fresh-faced Latino kid serving his first sentence.

  • Mighty曹

    “special police carrying loaded guns”. Do regular police carry empty guns?

    The NetEase commenters’ “Not only …” sequence was funny.

    • Repatriated

      Your typical cop in China does not carry a gun. He might “pack” condoms for a regularly scheduled Spa raid, however.

      • Mighty曹

        It’s a paradox. They don’t carry guns but regularly fire off their “weapons”.

  • Germandude

    Aaaaaand the right conclusion to this? Correct. China needs new gun laws. Every private person should be allowed to carry a gun by himself. Legally. Just like in the US.

    Because, as we all know, Fan X would’ve surely been stopped in his killing-spree if the people around him were all armed. Shanghai would become a safer place.

    • SuperHappyCow

      lol you cray

      • Germandude

        SuperHappyCow, no offense, but come on. You are writing a reply to me that contains 1 abbreviation (even worse, “lol” is nerd language) and 2 other words from which I don’t understand the meaning of one (cray? what does cray mean) and you ignore general rules such as starting a sentence with a capital letter, in this case L (Lol) and you’re not using a comma (,) after lol and are ending the sentence with a dot (.). So your correct sentence should look like this: “Lol, you cray.”

        Under these circumstances, I have to admit that I don’t understand the meaning of your reply and wonder if your reply to me was positive or negative. It also doesn’t give me the chance to evaluate if your reply to me is worth commenting. Honestly, I feel betrayed that under these circumstances, your reply actually forces me to comment to make sure that I will get the meaning of your post in order to decide if I want to reply to it.

        If you can follow the meaning of this post, it would mean that you are ahead of my game this time.

        tl,dr: wtf does cray mean, mind explaining?

        • SuperHappyCow



          • Germandude

            Ok, enough is enough. I checked the dictionary and guess what… Yeah, right. It also doesn’t show a translation for c….rrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay


            Now I politely asked you for an explanation of the meaning of the word cray and all I got was another word and a single letter that again don’t show up in the dictionary.

            I am getting crazy about this and demand an explanation, otherwise… I go insane.

          • Kai

            Not sure if serious (esp with the last paragraph), but in case you are, “cray” is just some American teenager slang for “crazy”, similar to something like “vacay” (vacation).

          • mr.wiener

            Not a type of crustacean?

          • fabulous

            Yeah, no Kai. I think he’s got you there. A “Cray” is definitely a type of crustacean. It’s short for “Crayfish”. They’re like lobsters without the big claws.

          • Kai

            Heh, nope, and I call them crawfish.

          • Germandude

            Kai, let me give you a hint please. Whenever you are not sure if serious, I am most likely not. I know irony is hard to come by when being read, but irony is #1 in Germany. It shares the top spot with sarcasm.
            Why do you think I wrote Ï am getting CRAZY about this and …”?

            And just because I want to send a message to someone else reading cS, let me put ;-) here: ;-)


            “Cray” is an American teenager slang? So SuperHappyCow is using teenager slang, ROTFL? I always knew he was goofy. Also who the hell uses “vacay”? Looks like I have to start hanging around teenagers more.

          • Kai

            I say teenager slang but the people who started it likely aren’t teenagers anymore. I should probably specify that it’s usually girls who use such words. What’s that movie where some girl tries to make the word “fetch” popular? It’s one of those things.

        • Badenser

          Man….you are such a smartshitter…..
          In case of doubt, his/her answer was negative!

          Btw, somehow I can understand if one grabs a gun and goes crazy here…..

          • Germandude

            Staying in line with your direct German to English translation, let me call you a “betterknower”.

  • Misiooo

    Nothing happens with no reason.

    • So true. But words are empty all the same.

  • SuperHappyCow

    Probotector called me to tell me how he felt about the article. “A taste of their own medicine.” It was caught a bit off guard by it, but I respect his opinion, I guess.

    • Kai

      Let the man speak for himself.

      • SuperHappyCow

        Tell the motherfucker to stop blowing up my pager.

        Yeah, that’s right. Pager.

        • Kai

          LoL, what?

        • Mighty曹

          You can’t be talking about a device that was once used to alert a user of an urgent call by displaying a call back number, can you?


          Sometimes I really think you’ve just lost it already.

          • SuperHappyCow

            2 percent goes well with all kinds of grub, I DRINK THAT STUFF SO MUCH THAT I KEEP IT IN MAH TUUUUB

            Does ya body good and it makes ya say wow. 2 percent so good, I drink it straight from the cow!

    • Probotector

      It’s a shame you were banned from CS wasn’t it

  • wha–

    not to be an insensitive asshole, but,

    “Not only did he serve in the military, he has probably fought in a war before.
    Not only has he fought in a war, he has probably been dismissed before.
    Not only was he dismissed, he has probably drifted before.
    Not only has he drifted, he has probably been deceived/conned before!
    Not only has been deceived/conned, he has probably petitioned before [appealed to higher authorities]!
    Not only has he petitioned, he must’ve failed!”

    was kind of awesome

  • wafflestomp


    Double kill

    Mega Kill

    Ultra Kill

    Monster kill

    Ludicrous Kill

    • I’m sad to say I thought of Unreal Tournament.

    • Washington Bullets

      Running Riot.

  • al in china

    Great job brave old man!

  • Washington Bullets

    How the hell do you get a gun in China? Ammunition must be tough to come by too. They never explain whether his “hunting gun” was a rifle or a shotgun. That makes a large difference.

    • Alphy

      Gun is quite hard to come by especially in Shanghai. It is the main reason why homicide rate is so low in China. For someone to commit multiple murders like this, they often have to go to extreme length to stash a gun and have had some type of training.

      It is not impossible as there are criminals who do sneak weapons pass the not so tight security in China (compare to US). I would think, you just need to find the right people either in criminal organization or someone from the military to buy one. They also manufacturer huge loads of small arms in China, so it is also perceivable that he got one from gathering spare parts.

      • Repatriated

        “For someone to commit multiple murders like this, they often have to go
        to extreme length to stash a gun and have had some type of training.”

        Or they just take a butcher knife into a school yard….sans training, and start killing kids.

        • Alphy

          You mean like what happen at the same day as Sandy Hook in China? That crazy guy did try to kill 22 children, but because he only have these butcher knifes, non of the kids died before he was restrain.

          That’s just one famous case, there’s bunch of other school attacks in China, but unlike the cases in US, fatality were very low. I am sure it takes much more psychologically to kill someone with a knife than pulling a trigger, but there are still so many multiple homicide attempts here in China. I can’t imagine guns being allow in China will improve this situation.


        So you believe that if China had a gun culture like the U.S. the homicide rate would rise exponentially? Guess you’re one of those people who believe “guns kill people” while I believe that “people kill people”. Despite being a fairly poor country China is really safe regarding street crime compared to other similar countries, with or without guns.

        • Alphy

          Well yeah, it’s not just in China. Every country that I’ve been too that have gun ban is safer than in the US. That’s not just a feeling or believe, it’s statistic.


          Even for countries like Israel or South Korea with legitimate security concerns have bans on gun, because they know it lowers homicide rate. It has nothing to do with a country being poor or rich, first world countries like Japan that have started a ban saw a huge decline of homicide rates. Comparatively economically same country in the BRIC like Brazil, have horrible homicide rate because of their extremely loose gun control and security.


            By saying “gun ban” you aren’t very specific. Different countries have different controls (ex. some only allow hunting rifles and target shooting). Based on the website you provided, Russia has a homicide rate 3 times that of the U.S. Based on the Wikipedia website listing gun ownership by country the U.S. has over 10 times as many guns owned by private citizens per capita than Russia does. What would explain Russia’s greater homicide rate despite having far less guns? I’ll tell you, it’s alcohol, poverty, other social factors, and homicide being committed without guns as weapons.

            Totally disagree with the homicide rate not having anything to do with being rich or poor, in fact I believe socio/economic factors are the biggest factor in the homicide/violent crime rate in any society. Another example is Switzerland and FInland, both with a high per capita gun ownership rate and both with much lower homicide rates than the U.S.

          • Alphy

            By “Gun Ban” I mean basically no personal gun ownership except for very special cases. In places like Hong Kong or S Korea, you can’t buy a gun basically for any reason at all. There are some special cases and places where you can shoot guns like gun range for sporting, but you can’t have rifles at your house.

            Russia’s homicide rate have dropped by a third since 2009, where you pulled that data, it is now around 10 instead of 15, so double that of US. It is not because they have less guns, they just have less “register guns”. They have a huge criminal and corruption problem that undermines the security of the State, one of the worst in the world. Many of the guns being circulated comes from gun trafficking, and are not registered among the 5mil in the figure. They are still tackling with the security issue, and of course like you said has a lot to do with social factors, which I have never denied has a lot to do with homicide rates. It always have to do with security, and I am just saying gun control is a huge factor in that. Places that has no guns at all really has low homicide rates depict those social factors, because they are able get their security under control, unless you are arguing China has better social factors than the US you can’t really denied this.

            As for Switzerland and Finland, they do not have higher rate. http://www.gunpolicy.org/firearms/compare/194/rate_of_civilian_firearm_possession/65,178 According to the same site, US has over 100/100 while these two countries have both under 50% ownership. I haven’t been to neither country, but in the low gun ownership countries I’ve been to, people really don’t have to worry about arm robbery. At least I am not worry walking around downtown at night like I am in many of the US cities.


            Back in the 90s Russia’s homicide rate was 3 times what it is today. Also the U.S. homicide rate was about twice what it is today. So what would be the cause of the drop in homicides in both countries? Less guns? I doubt it. Probably social/economic factors such as less drugs, longer prison sentences, less poverty. Agree there are a lot of unregistered guns in Russia, so that would mean their gun control laws, while restrictive, aren’t being enforced well. I guess China does a better job at enforcing their gun laws than Russia.

            I know Switzerland and Finland have lower rates of gun ownership than the U.S but compared to other countries their rates of ownership are high.

            I just think the number one factor in the different homicide rates around the world are economics. People who are poor and desperate just have more incentive to commit crimes, including homicide. Social order and culture also play a role. Just look at the homicide rates by country. Is it any coincidence that poorer countries have much higher homicide rates than richer countries? It would be nice if non-gun homicides rates were available but those statistics are hard to find.

          • Alphy

            What cause the drop in homicide? Security. It improved in both US and Russia, and that is exactly what we are talking about here with homicide. Heavy restriction of personal fire arms is a heavy handed, but very effective way of enhancing security. Many countries like China, whom have much higher poverty rate had less homicides than rich countries like US, or Finland. If you check Finland has more than double the homicide than China or other countries that have effective gun ban (I am talking about homicide of ANY kind here and all of the data before was also).

            I am not saying poverty rate has nothing to do with security, it does a lot, as shown by consistant drop in homicide rate in asian countries over the economic growth in the past decade, however gun policy does show by a large margin that it shadow the effect of economic growth. Brazil vs. China is a great example so is Japan vs. US as they these pair have similar economic status. As an measure of public safety places like Brazil and US which has very relax gun control, doesn’t measure up to those who have regardless of economic status.

            Not all poorer countries doesn’t have higher homicide rates than richer. In fact all who have effective gun ban have better homicide rate than US.


            I don’t think either of us has knowledge of the gun laws of every single country in the world, all we can do is give examples that support our point. When you mention Finland, I mention Switzerland, which has a lower homicide rate than China, despite many more guns.

            I could also use Brazil vs. U.S. as an example too. I know technically the U.S. has many more guns than Brazil per capita but say for arguments sake both Brazil and the U.S have the same amount of guns in circulation. Then why is Brazil’s homicide rates 5 times that of the U.S.? It’s poverty and social insecurity (drugs, no opportunity). Also certain countries with very high homicide rates like Jamaica, Honduras, El Salvador have about 70-80% of their murders by firearms. However even if you count only murder committed without firearms, it’s still many times that of China, despite similar economic status. IN the U.S. studies have not shown that a states gun laws affect it’s overall homicide rates. It’s more affected by economics.

            I’m not saying you’re totally wrong. Gun laws are very important. The most important thing is to not have guns available illegally to anyone who wants one. In general, poor country=bad government=lax gun control enforcement (even if gun laws are strict)=high homicide rate. I guess the difference between us is that you believe taking guns away from the population is the greatest factor in lowering homicide rates, while I believe it’s economics and social factors.

          • Alphy

            Yeah you are correct to say no one has deep knowledge of all the gun laws and social factors affecting all countries. If it’s that easy we will have some really good policies by now. I am also in full agreement about keeping guys away from illegal possession being an important public safety factor, I think that’s one thing US still can’t do correctly. Regardless of gun policy if you do not have an effective enforcement, it is pointless.

            Switzerland does have lower 0.7 vs. the 1.1 in China, but if you look at places like Hong Kong or Japan where the social factors are on par is also in place it is even lower at 0.5 per 100,000.

            What’s amazing though is that countries that have effective gun control in place before all those economic factors, already surpass the safety rating of first world country. Just that fact alone should force someone to rethink the effectiveness of gun policies. I mean places like S Korea before economic has caught up or even comparing with China 15 years ago, both countries has a lower homicide rate than US at those times. All these effective policies in these various countries does point out that you do not need to make everyone rich to have public safety.

  • Justinfb

    I know a Chinese guy named Zhang, too. Weeiirrrd!

    • Jimney Cricket

      That’s so funny…. Hey do you have a friend named Li as well?

  • staylost

    Sounds very ex-military and/or PTSD induced.

  • Frank Swain. UK

    The police officer who subdued the gunman deserves at least a commendation for bravery. What a brave and selfless act in a selfish world!

  • Adrian

    This guy must have been playing too much GTA

  • Superbread007

    The guy must have been pissed off. Lots of people are. They don’t go out hunting for people to kill, it’s just a bad day for a chemically unbalanced man suffering from instability.Maybe he spent his life being rubbished, insulted by people. Never been thanked for anything and trying his best. He lost it for one fleetring moment. 62 years old. Says a lot, he probably worked his whole life and was heading for retirement. In my opinion, we need to help and care for each other, we need to understand each and everyones needs and circumstances. It’s selfishness and inconsideration that drives people to melting point. There is no excuse for killing others, it is totally taboo. I think it could have been avoided. A cry for help? A yelp to late. My prayers go out for the innocent. Be nice to each other,

  • jeffli

    I say there is a corruption story here.

  • Dr Sun

    If I got the time line right the “special police units” arrived on scene 2 hours after the killings began and only after the unarmed security policeman subdued him, “way to go, Chinese SWAT’s # 1”

  • Nana Osaki

    I thought people like his age would be enjoying their retired years, not inflicting harm to the public

    • Jimney Cricket

      Yeah, old people love their retirement…China is known throughout the world for their aged care system…..as in “You’re aged…why should I care?”

  • Oh not China is becoming the US now LMFAO

  • bert

    “This EastDay journalist rushed to the scene at around 1am in the early morning.” haha! I hate when they write this way. I am glad it wasn’t an EastDay journalist rushing to the scene at around 1pm in the early morning.

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