Elderly Man Kills 6 in Shanghai Baoshan Shooting Spree

Police on the scene where a 62-year-old Chinese man in Baoshan district of Shanghai went on a killing spree with his hunting rifle.

Police on the scene where a 62-year-old Chinese man in Baoshan district of Shanghai went on a killing spree with his hunting rifle.

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From NetEase:

Shanghai 62-Year-Old Man Murders 6 People with Hunting Gun, Already Subdued by Police

EastDay June 23rd report: Around 11:15pm of June 22nd, Shanghai Baoshan police arrested gun-carrying criminal suspect Fan X in a privately-owned chemical factory on Yueluo Road. The municipal [Party] committee and municipal government’s key leaders attached a high level of importance to this case, issuing important comments on the case’s investigation and relevant handling.

Through preliminary interrogation, around 5pm that day, Fan X (male, 62-years-old, employee of a privately-owned Baoshan chemical factory) had a fight with a colleague over a dispute regarding the factory’s finances, grabbed a tool in the factory and beat his colleague Zhang X to death. Then he retrieved from the staff dormitory the hunting gun he had stashed, and fled to Pudong’s Zhoupu area in an illegally operated car [black taxi/car]. Near the Hunan and Shendu roads, Fan X murdered the car’s driver Bian X with his hunting gun and then drove Bian’s car back to Baoshan where he used his hunting gun to kill a guard in front of a certain unit’s barracks. After taking the gun, he drove back to the chemical factory where he used the hunting gun to murder 3 people including the chemical factory supervisor/boss Li X and was subdued by a police officer who was patrolling the factory area, with all guns involved being seized.

After the incident, the Municipal Public Security Bureau and Baoshan District leadership arrived on the scene to direct the handling of the aftermath. At present, this case is currently under investigation.

This EastDay journalist rushed to the scene at around 1am in the early morning (Baoshan District, 581 Yueluo Road and saw that over 10 special police unit vehicles were parked there with special police carrying loaded guns on scene. Around 1:50am, a special police explosives disposal unit arrived. This EastDay reporter also saw funeral cars [to take away the bodies] enter the scene.

Chinese special police vehicles on the scene where a 62-year-old Chinese man in Baoshan district of Shanghai went on a killing spree with his hunting rifle.

Chinese bomb disposal vehicle on the scene where a 62-year-old Chinese man in Baoshan district of Shanghai went on a killing spree with his hunting rifle.

Comments from NetEase (1 & 2):


Life is precious. Cherish your own life as well as respect other people’s lives. Violence cannot solve any problem.


If there’s a problem, one should use the proper way and proper methods to express, respond, and resolve the problem, to be treated rationally.

ibelive2009 [网易天津市网友]:

Things are out of hand now, aren’t they?! As day breaks, everyone wakes up. [The original Chinese of this comment may have multiple meanings.]


Hurting the innocent is an expression of cowardice.


Using a tool and gun to kill his colleague, a guard, six people in all. Too merciless, too violent. The police must severely punish him in accordance with the law.


This person must’ve been in the military before. His thinking was very clear throughout the crime. Also, with troops, armed police, navy, and air force garrisoned in Shanghai, normally the guns carried by the guards are without bullets [unloaded], so the bullets must’ve come from some other source!

网易广东省广州市手机网友 [faure]: (responding to above)

Not only did he serve in the military, he has probably fought in a war before.

网易江苏省南京市手机网友: (responding to above)

Not only has he fought in a war, he has probably been dismissed before.

网易北京市手机网友: (responding to above)

Not only was he dismissed, he has probably drifted before.

网易山东省莱芜市手机网友 [113463249]: (responding to above)

Not only has he drifted, he has probably been deceived/conned before!

网易广西南宁市网友 [魔石师]: (responding to above)

Not only has been deceived/conned, he has probably petitioned before [appealed to higher authorities]!

hometown521 [网易辽宁省手机网友]: (responding to above)

Not only has he petitioned, he must’ve failed!

网易广东省深圳市网友 [yuanlai9988]:

Killed someone, took a car, killed someone, drove a car, killed a soldier, stole a gun, then killed three people. This kind of mentality must be that of a special forces commando.

中国特色奴隶社会 [网易广东省云浮市网友]: (responding to above)

He was no longer afraid of death.


As the days become hot, I sleep comfortably in the air-conditioned room provided to me by my school principal, watching our national football team bring home the World Cup! Although it isn’t raining outside, lightning rhythmically strikes, unable to stop the chengguan from patrolling the streets, watching temporary workers helping interns carry iron cooking pots, everyone helping each other in a picture of harmony! At this moment, red clouds appeared on the horizon, ah…how I want to admire this beautiful scenery of peace and prosperity!

[Note: This was translated literally like above, but the original Chinese of this comment also has multiple meanings. It alludes to a variety of well-known news stories and controversies in recent years, including Li Tianyi, Guo Meimei, and the Hainan school principal case. Do you know the others?]

网易江苏省手机网友: (responding to above)

Nimble creativity.


Over 60 years old and still possessing such fighting strength and super strong mental fortitude…


Shoot and kill the leaders/bosses. Most of the time it is the leaders/bosses who are usually bullying the people intolerably, otherwise it wouldn’t be this extreme.

网易广东省云浮市网友: (responding to above)

This idea is worth people referring to when they commit crimes in the future.


Strange, he already stole the guard’s gun, but he still uses his own hunting gun to go kill the leader/boss? If he’s going to use his hunting gun to kill someone, why make a special-purpose trip to go kill a guard and steal a gun? Stealing a gun from a guard is itself already a very stupid thing to do. You might be shot dead right on the spot. So if his goal was to go kill the leader/boss, and he already has a gun, there was no need to go do this stupid thing.

网易广东省深圳市网友 [仇日者]: (responding to above)

Usually the guards at the gates of military places have their ammunition separate, which is to say, they’re carrying unloaded guns. This is excepting special places…
That’s why he stole a gun and could still only use his hunting gun to kill people…
He’s already over 60 years old, I bet something must’ve forced him to onto this path of no return, consumed, with no plans of surviving, and also didn’t know the guard’s gun would have no bullets, and that’s why he dared to rob the guard…

内阁总理大臣李鸿章 [网易山东省济南市网友]: (responding to above)

No, this is very strange. Since he already had a gun, why go out of his way to kill the guard?
It can only be said, this needs to be investigated. Was the senior officer of the camp where the guard was killed and the boss that was killed related?

Police on the scene where a 62-year-old Chinese man in Baoshan district of Shanghai went on a killing spree with his hunting rifle.

From NetEase:

Shanghai 6-Person Murder Suspect Once Served in Military, Where Hunting Gun Came From Remains Mystery

Summary: According to reports, the suspect Fan Jieming who killed 6 people in one night is from Pudong, Shanghai, and once served in the military. According to workers in the factory, he had a violent personality who would get angry even when something slight did not go his way. Reports say he may have had a certain amount of stock ownership and had a fight with the others due to debt issues. According to the law, the suspects hunting gun is clearly illegal [for private possession], so just where Fan Jieming obtained the gun is still undergoing investigation by the relevant departments.


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