Foxconn Raises Shenzhen Factory Worker Wages By 200 RMB

iPhone Girl.

iPhone Girl.

From KDS:

Good news has arrived, Shenzhen Foxconn is increasing wages/salaries

Number of employees: 450,000

200 [RMB] raise per person per month.

2400 [RMB] raise per person per year.

450,000 * 2400 [RMB] = 1,080,000,000 [1.08 billion RMB = ~158,823,529 USD].

13 idiots commit suicide

exchanged for 1.08 billion real money.

This transaction, as a Chinese person,

is absolutely worth it.

News graphic of Foxconn raising wages for Shenzhen factory workers.

Comments from KDS:


Not even 200 USD!!emoticon

射了色 一:

If people keep jumping, then what?


If other places [workers in other companies] copies them, then what?


If the money wasn’t enough, then why not just quit, why suicide jump? [They’re just] stupid cunts.


Purely a rumor. Didn’t some people say it was 2000 yuan? Why is it only 900 yuan [here]?


Taiwan’s Hon Hai Precision has decided to give fsk [Foxconn] Shenzhen factory workers an additional 20% pay

Implementation date not yet been set. This will reduce Hon Hai’s operating profit by 10-12% Hon Hai.
The result of using lives and blood to struggle [for something], is this a happy result or a sad result?


If they increase [the pay], then they are admitting that they were exploiting [the workers], [so I believe they] definitely will not increase…

胆固醇: [responding to 社会主义好]

If it were 2000, Foxconn might as well just shut down.

我是哈哈: [responding to 胆固醇]

2000 is what they get after working overtime every day and every night. emoticon


2000 is including overtime pay. Of course, their overtime hugely exceeds 50 hours every month.


Adding this amount of money is not that simple.
Shanghai is the same. The base salary given is very low, but when combined with overtime pay and various subsidies, the [total] salary looks not bad, however…doing this the company can pay less taxes and fees.

Foxconn is the same. Increasing Foxconn employees’ base by by 200 [RMB] will definitely cost more than just 200 [RMB] per month.
Laborers mainly rely on overtime to make money, so with their base salary increasing 20% or more, their [total] salary could double or triple, and 1 billion or so is not enough to cover this.

Some people don’t account for these, only looking at the small salary on the surface, so why is it that Foxconn attracts so many uneducated workers to join them? 900, go ahead and ask the migrant workers around you would they would work [for that amount]? Apart from the wages, there are a few things that smaller factories simply aren’t able to match Foxconn on.
Paying wages on time, never being in arrears.
Providing meals and board, at a level far better than the average small factory, with various entertainment facilities like swimming pools and whatnot.
Providing transportation to and from work, providing laundry service, I’ve never heard of any other factory doing these.

社会主义好: [responding to diamond]

Labor camps are like this too.

前街男孩: [responding to 社会主义好]


diamond: [responding to 社会主义好]

The difference between labor camps and Foxconn is: At a labor camp, just because you want to leave, you can, while at Foxconn, if you don’t want to work anymore, you can simply leave.

Actually, everyone already knows the reasons behind the Foxconn suicide jumps, it’s just that they can’t be publicly admitted. Foxconn doesn’t just have a factory in Shenzhen, they have many of them in Taiwan, Hong Kong, the United States, Europe, with a total of over 900,000 people with Shenzhen only being a little more than half.

A Foxconn cafeteria.
A Foxconn cafeteria.
A basketball court at a Foxconn factory in Shenzhen that produces iPhones.
A basketball court at Foxconn's Shenzen factory that produces iPhones.
About 180 Foxconn workers got food poisoning in September 2006.
Shenzhen Foxconn workers receiving medical care after 180 got food poisoning in September 2006.
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