Girl’s Bow-Leggedness Corrective Surgery Photos Shock Netizens

Bloody Pictures of Girl Who Had Bowed Legs Corrective Surgery.

Bloody Pictures of Girl Who Had Bowed Legs Corrective Surgery.

From Sina:

In Order to Correct Bow-Leggedness, Screws Are Inserted Into Bone and Tightened 3 Times Every Day

Bloody Pictures on a Weibo Post

Recently, netizen @朱小辫儿 posted on Weibo: There’s a girl on the Tianya BBS forum who had surgery to correct her “O-shaped legs” [bowed legs]. Every day, she takes a wrench and tightens every screw inserted in her bones three times, each time 7 mm deeper…3 months later, she took these screws that had already fused with her bones and flesh out. I keep wondering, what about the bloody holes in her legs?

Because this microblog post included a photograph of two legs with screws attached, it immediately caused a widespread stir with netizens, with many calling it shocking, “The pictures are horrifying”, and quite a few of them questioned, “Is it really necessary to do this just to correct bowed legs?” or “I know girls want to be pretty, but I’ve never met one willing to go this far just to be pretty.”

Screw in The Ankle of Girl Who Had Bowed Legs Corrective Surgery.

This Reporter Visited a Doctor to Find Answers

This reporter consulted an orthopedics expert over this matter.

The expert said that “O-shaped legs” or commonly known as bow-leggedness are medically referred to as genu varum, which is a physical deformity where a person’s ankles can touch each other while their knees cannot thus forming an “O-shaped” gap.

“The disease is usually caused by lack of calcium or genetic reasons.” The expert says people with bowed legs can easily manifest a bias when walking, have difficulty keeping balance, walk like ducks, have postures that are relatively ugly, and thus for women, it directly affects their physical image. “Those who have this disease should get it treated as early as possible. Otherwise when they get older, it can easily lead to joint pain, etc. that could affect normal walking.

“With the medical technology today, correcting bow-leggedness isn’t necessarily difficult, and many city hospitals can do it.” He said the photo on Weibo shows a method of correction that was only shortly used a long time ago. “This method isn’t scientific, as the wounds on the legs can easily get infected, and cause unpredictable damage to the patient. ”

The expert cautioned that if one is to do bow-leggedness corrective surgery, one just needs to go to a proper hospital.

Before and After Picture of Legs of A Girl Who Had Bowed Legs Corrective Surgery.

Comments from Sina Weibo :


Why bother? They weren’t made that much straighter! A perfectly healthy pair of legs, and she just had to go online and poke holes in them.


This surgery is common. The surgery to make oneself taller uses the same principles. In 2005, I went to my best friend’s place and saw her sister suddenly on crutches with many purple dots on her legs. They told me it was from riding a motorcycle when two cars happened to crush her from both sides, and the sad thing was that I actually believed it. Only later did I learn that it was to make her taller, about 5-6 centimeters. I heard it cost more than 100,000 RMB.


I reckon it’s the same principle as dental braces.


Actually, looking at the before surgery photo, I don’t think this was really necessary.


When I was small, I lacked calcium, and had bowed legs too. I put a book between my knees and before going to bed, tied my legs tightly together. Persevered for a month with no result.


I don’t know why but the pictures make me want to vomit.


After seeing this, double eye lids surgery and whatever is no longer horrifying [compared with this].


With the bowed legs straightened, theoretically her height should be 2 centimeters taller. This girl takes being human too seriously [is too willing to go to extreme lengths for outward appearances].


Every football [soccer] player has bowed legs.


My bowed legs are even more severe than hers, but I’d rather be ugly than suffer all this.


This is so much harder than losing weight! !! I am so useless [compared to her]!

Worth it?

  • My god. WHY? Those screws are like 0.5 cm diameter.
    I had braces and I cried from having a .1mm diameter metal wires slip into my gum.
    The pain from these must be hell.

  • Germandude

    “When I was small, I lacked calcium, and had bowed legs too. I put a book between my knees and before going to bed, tied my legs tightly together. Persevered for a month with no result.”

    And the funny thing is, I can totally imagine people could be that stupid…

    • Kristy

      It actually works. Pressure causes bones to change. If that guy persisted longer, he would see results.

  • A Lu

    What about simply ACCEPT yourself? Crazy

    • Zening Chen

      because in east asian society, the nail that stands out gets hammered down

      • Kristy

        It’s not a racial thing. It’s about a girl who changed her body. You have plenty of that in the west as well.

        • It’s Me

          Who said “race”? Where do you see that word?

  • WastheHotelDirectorFRENCH

    They can do this to themselves and have the cheek to complain about what the Imperial Japanese Army did to them more than 60 years ago?? This is seriously gross guys, really macabre.

    • Many Japanese women have bow legs – therefore it could be the result of Japs introducing their genes 60 years ago …

      • WastheHotelDirectorFRENCH

        If that’s true, how come so many mainland Chinese still have such bad tastes and manners?

        • Kai

          Genes and bad habits are transmitted and acquired differently?

          That said, I really don’t think bow-leggedness comes from the Japanese. Unless I see some compelling research about that, I’m going to err on that being a silly notion.

          And, come on, what you do to yourself has always been seen as different from what someone else does to you.

          • narsfweasels

            “what you do to yourself has always been seen as different from what someone else does to you”

            Which is why historical memory in China steadfastly ignores the GLF, CR, TNM and everything else that goes on, but spits venom and fire at Japan.

            It doesn’t make it right, but permitted historical narrative will win every time.

          • Kai

            I understand that, I just don’t think it’s all that strange that some rich vain Chinese people can undertake this sort of surgery while other Chinese complain about legitimate atrocities of the past. What strange rational lies behind such a juxtaposition, right?

        • Hana

          People don’t INHERIT behavior; they inherit physical traits! And what a generalization. There are plenty of westerners who are far more rude than the Chinese people I know.

    • Peacemaker

      The matter of historical misdeeds and personal misbehavior should be separated, dude.

    • Kristy

      Think this is gross? What how they do a boob job or nose job.

  • Isnt this common practice in China? The dad of my gf broke his legs, now he also has something like that on (and in) his legs.

    I just know in Germany they open it, put the screws and stuff directly in your bones and then after some months you get them out. This here still looks quite “oldschool”.

    • Ryo

      Wouldn’t you have to cut the leg wide open to do that? I would guess the surgery would be quite severe to insert screws into the center of a bone then to just brace the bone from the outside with only a few holes.

      • Daniel Tynan

        You do have to cut open the leg to access the bone . . .that is how they fix serious bone fractures. . I guess it is runs much less risk of infection since you don’t have open wounds after the stitching heals up.

    • Kai

      Common practice? I don’t think so…? There were stories of Chinese women working in diplomatic or public-facing government positions who underwent a Gattaca-style leg-lengthening process to attain certain desired heights, and there are probably some people rich and vain enough to do these sort of surgeries, but not exactly common.

      The whole having a metal frame and rods sticking out of your leg thing could conceivably be related to lots of things, including simply having your leg broken and needing something more than just a cast to set it so it’ll heal back together. If this story is what it says it is, I’d say it’s just some vain person who is rich enough and willing enough to endure the pain to do it. Not very different from other people who engage in serious plastic surgery.

    • Dr Sun

      it’s not old school at all, external fixation (OREF) is common orthopaedic procedure/ practice in all hospitals world wide.

    • linette lee

      I think you have to break the bones of the legs first to insert metal rods.

    • Ah. Really. I did not know that. I just never saw this procedure here in Germany and just saw it at my gfs das for something “simple” like a broken leg, so I thought it might be more common.
      Thanks for clearing that up, everyone :)

  • mattsm84

    Why was this necessary? I have a hard time believing that its especially hard for a Chinese woman, even a bow legged one, to attract a man given the gender imbalance here. Something like 30 million Chinese men are going end up without wives or girlfriends in the next twenty years from lack of available women.

    • Ryo

      An average women can get a man any time they want on any given day. But the quality of the man is very questionable. And the girl’s attractiveness, generally, is proportional to the man’s bank account.

      • mattsm84

        So its like an investment. That’s pretty messed up.

        • Their idea of marriage for survival is pretty messed up imo.

    • It won’t be that much of a difference as I recall most Chinese are short overall. Sahbi indeed.

      • mattsm84

        Depends on where you live. People in the south always seemed a little shorter to be, but up in Dongbei their are some really tall people. Especially the ethnic Mongolians.

        • Yes, this is just my observation and last I remember the Han population remains about 91% vs the rest of the ethnic group in China.

          • mattsm84

            You know, I would be surprised if that figure is a little inflated. My wife for instance says here ethnicity is Han despite that her mother’s family are all Manchu.

          • Try wiki-ing the ethnic population. Even with inflation, the overall scale does not significantly change the picture. If you want to generalize what your wife determined as people she knew as Manchu to affect the census even if it is not quite current Ooooooookie dookie I’ll generalize base on the wiki, that because there are still more Han who are generally short.

    • Anon992

      In China, for many women, marriage is the opportunity to access money and a perceived higher level lifestyle.

      The honey trap is their bodies so it becomes paramount to them that they leverage their assets to get as ‘high class’ a man as possible. It’s an asset. A marketing tool to sell-off the product to a buyer.

      (this by the way is the reason why a lot of Chinese people see foreign men shagging Chinese girls as ‘getting something for free’. We don’t ‘pay the price’ of marriage)

      • mattsm84

        But if its only a business transaction, how come these woman act surprised when their nominal owner trades them in for a newer model?

    • MrT

      all gay cnts now anyway in CN.

  • Looks like an old Soviet technique called Illizarov apparatus. But it is not used for plastic surgery.
    This technique was only used to increase the length of legs in cases when one leg was visibly shorter than another, due to traumas when regrowth of the bone tissue went wrong.
    It’s a painful procedure with high percentage of possible complications.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    What about women who cut up their tits and stuff silicone in there?

    • Sexahhhhhh. Big bazonkas are apparently desirable like height.

    • XiaoHei

      That’s OK. They’re not Chinese.

    • Hongwu Emperor

      Indeed. but sadly, no word about that was mentioned here.

  • [email protected]

    She should have gotten one for her neck, because clearly her head is screwed on backwards. Stupid stupid stupid. The before and after photos made me want to punch her stupid face.

  • Alex

    Many girls here have an imaginary unrealistic idea or ideal of what a woman should look like.

    Then they do retarded things to get in an extreme way that thing that doesn’t even exist in reality. And first is this, but then what will it be?

    • It is because they live in Disneyland.

    • This procedure is just for the husbands.
      Because splitting wide a pair of bow legs just isn’t as virginal.

  • Daniel Tynan

    “This girl takes being human too seriously” That line is surprisingly deep!

  • ezrealisbisexualfuckingjaychou

    footbinding, look that shit up. 50% chinese women had this done in the past.

    • Kristy

      corsets, look that shit up. MOST western woman had this done in the past. Also take a look at how the innards of the woman become deformed.

      For a modern twist, look at high heels and bunions.

  • ric

    her legs look great either way! she was really determined to get straighter legs i hope she learns to love herself for who she is!

  • TJDubs

    Is there a surgery that can allow laowai to squat comfortably the way many Chinese are able to do? I can assume that position, but not in any relaxed, hanging-out-having-a-smoke-waiting-around kind of way.

    • Alex

      Hip flexibility, practice it(look on youtube for full squat flexibility or something).

      Most east asians can do it easier because shorter femur.

    • filabusta

      Hahaha count me out.

    • Zening Chen

      is this a way to avoid the tsa, because john harrington has got the western world covered

  • OMG I find asian legs like that so cute and sexy ! why she had to do that :'(

  • MeCampbell30

    I am I the only one that thinks the before picture looks better than the after picture?

    • YourSupremeCommander


    • tweet1


    • Dredd


  • I’m surprised at all the negative comments. This takes guts, and she probably didn’t know any other way to fix her legs. Who knows how much she’s suffered; for a girl in China any little deformity or misplaced mole can mean no guy will be interested in her. Is that her fault? No. There are lots of things that westerners do just for social acceptance and they’re usually more stupid than this.

  • alien

    unless you can’t walk well, this is really idiotic. however, everyone has the right what to do with their bodies.

  • whatamess

    bow legs are better…

  • sendtodave



  • Chinaman, man?

    It’s time again:

  • Neobooper

    and then she find out later on O leg is become the latest trend like bracer

  • no

    how about them ugly feet no need to straighten up your legs when you got such horrible toe ugh

  • From article:
    orthopedic surgeon: “bow-legs…physical deformity”

    All you muties start hoarding your doubloons and milk powder: there’ll be more commercials like this later.

  • The Hungus

    Here’s to swimmin’ with bow legged wimmin’

    Farewell and adieu to you fair Spanish ladies…

  • DOC

    In JAPAN (one of world’s most weird country) bow legged women walking, have difficulty keeping balance and walk like ducks is a part of beauty and sexy.

    • MacingFacing

      (^~^) This is why I love Japanese culture.

  • cc

    What a shame, perfect shaped legs to wrap around your midriff when going for the sunk to the nuts position

  • Kate

    I don’t have enough money to afford all the plastic surgery that society tells me and every other woman they need to get in order to look like a cloned beauty.

    A lovely Frankenstein page of Korean girls getting their faces cut up before and after. No thanks.

    • Zening Chen

      the world doesn’t work that way, first impressions are almost entirely based on a person’s appearance. especially in societies as competitive as those in east asia.

      not saying i agree, but I understand where these women are coming from – sight is the least introspective of all 5 senses

    • MacingFacing

      Thanks for this website. I was actually sad after a few pages. Some of the people went as far as getting plastic surgery that some of their distinctive Asian features are GONE. So sad.

  • fairy tale

    VERY VERY LUCKY GIRL :) I find her strong but she shouldn’t have been so fixatd on appearance especially wen they were hardly noticeable unless someone recognises them and even then it doesn’t look unattractive. Just because its not common doesn’t mean its ugly, bad, etc. Some ppl will be mean and say the wrong thing though.

  • Ava Craft

    I read the comments and I must say how shocked I am about the ignorance found among some of the readers. Being born with bow legs can not only have medical consequences in later life but also very serious psychological problems. Being mocked from an early age by strangers very quickly makes one want to hide this deformity but it’s very hard to. (Being a girl makes it even worse, one cannot wear high heels, shorter skirts, skinny jeans etc.) These problems can lead to constant unhappiness therefore for many surgery is the only way; while being fully aware of the risks and paint associated with it. I would gladly suffer a couple of months of pain in return of being able to enjoy life with a pair of normal legs.

  • mike

    I think that her legs looked awesome before the surgery! They weren’t really bowed that bad, so unless she was having joint pains because of it I just don’t see the point. I like short girls, hell I think lots of guys like short girls, and to be totally crude and uncouth, I think sex is easier and better with a girl that has bowed legs :) (think about it for a few minutes, you’ll get it!;). I should have gotten my electronics engineering degree when I was much younger and moved to Japan or Hong Kong, sigh…

  • fkdgjdkjdfkgj

    Hi StacyRae, if you’re talking about the disease I think you’re talking about, your daughter and I have the same one. I’m getting the type of surgery shown above next month to correct my bowed legs. I was diagnosed at birth (my dad has the disease) and I used to be knock-kneed so I got 8 plate screws put in but my doctors messed up and left them in too long leaving me severely bowlegged. Most people don’t realize that it’s not just for cosmetic purposes, but I’ve developed scoliosis and severe joint/muscle pain from my altered gait. I’m hoping to see huge results after I recover.

  • Shae

    You guys don’t understand that this is literally the only way to go. As she grew her legs would get worse causing many medical problems. Plus no one wants to feel bad about themselves and their legs even all you that say you wouldn’t care you would so stop lying just to make it seem like she did something wrong.

  • well there is always a solution for every problem and bowed legs can be cured at home using home remedies like this one :

  • It’s Me

    They were fine before. A little bow is more sexy than straight legs. People with too straight legs should get then bowed a little.