Human Flesh Search For Hebei University Cat Killer

A fat stray cat loved by Hebei University students.From NetEase:

Summary: On the 11th, a post titled “Deviant Boy Brutally Kills Garfield” said that a stray cat [“Garfield”, see right picture] that lived in Hebei University Industrial and Commercial campus and had been deeply loved by university students was actually blown up by a man. Immediately, the man who abused and killed the stray cat aroused great anger amongst netizens. At present, the school has already organized an investigation team, and the police are also already involved.

Pictures of Garfield:

Garfield, Hebei University's famous stray cat.

Garfield, Hebei University's famous stray cat.

A copy of the original post on Mop:

[A repost from within the school]

Deviant Boy Brutally Kills Garfield (Bottom of Xinxiang Dormitory )

On January 11, 2009, approximately 11:00 am, I personally witnessed a brutal murder of a small animal. The cruelty of this murder would make anyone furious. I wish to call upon the entire student body of Industrial & Commerce campus to help hunt down this sadistic student.

Let me tell you what happened: As I was returning to campus with my lunch take-out, I passed by the piece of lawn next to Xinxiang dorm’s newsstand (next to Jingguan Road), I saw a boy standing on the lawn, I didn’t know what he was doing there. That piece of lawn is known as Garfield’s playground, a place it often goes to get a sun tan, where warm-hearted students often go to feed it. My schoolmate asked me “What’s that boy doing there?” I replied “Probably playing around with Garfield.” We didn’t bother taking another look, because we could never have guessed that there exists a person so abnormal as to commit such a despicable thing.

As we approached the newsstand to read some books, we suddenly heard the sound of a loud explosion. We turned around, and saw the same boy suspiciously looking left and right, that’s when we realized that he blew Garfield up. He thought that no one would notice his immoral act, but “thanks” to the body movement of this sadistic boy, it allowed me to again take a deeper look at his appearance: body height between 165 to 170 cm, wears glasses, back slightly bent, but probably bent because he committed this crime, wore grey-black down fill clothing, face looks more like a person than him himself. We are alarmed to encounter such a sadistic act. The sadistic boy ran from a small road next to the grass landscape towards Jingguan Road.

When I wrote this article upstairs, my classmates, one after another, came to tell me that “Garfield is dead!” I told them I know that already, I personally witnessed it, if the criminal is standing right in front of me, I can immediately point him out.

I don’t know how to express my anger, but I do know I can not just let go of this sadist. We can not tolerate a thing that can only be done by an animal.

I really want to ask this male student, when you were born, did your parents not put you to death because they didn’t know that you are an animal? Or your parents are animals themselves and they put a little animal like you into our school ground to commit such a despicable crime? Do you know that we feel disgusted to have you on our school ground? We shockingly have to share a place with you and use the same class room? Why won’t you just die?

Ever heard the saying? A cat has nine lives, since you killed Garfield, you tell me where the remaining eight lives went? Let me tell you, he will find you. Didn’t you stand in front of it for a while, it will remember how you look like, it will go after you even if it becomes a ghost.

Garfield, with its head blown off, will forever appear in your nightmares, that is my curse to you. And don’t you think that this incident will end like this, I will tell every single one of my friend how you look like, so that they can remember you, and search every corner of the campus for you, and when we find you, it won’t be just condemnation.

With such a sadistic schoolmate, I sincerely hope that every person with a conscience would take action, to hunt this person down.

We are university students, although our qualities are not worth much praise, we cannot tolerate to have this kind of behavior appear in our university.

I hereby swear by my life, that every single word written is true. I hope that, everyone that sees this post can remember the distinct feature of this person, we can not let him go.

Pictures of Garfield’s dead body:

Garfield's dead body. Garfield's corpse.

Another picture of Garfield's body.

Student posters looking for Garfield’s murderer:

Hebei University student's poster looking for Garfield's killer.

A poster made by Hebei University students about Garfield's murder and looking for information.

Comments from NetEase:

Nowadays, the death of a cat creates more news than the death of a person.

I bet a beggar freezing to death in the school would not even make such a big commotion.

These people groan even though they are not sick [referring to people that try to make news out of nothingness], I believe that the majority of people are just trying to cause a commotion. Street cats in university, this itself is an irony. If these people like that cat, they can adopt it, and not have it eat out of garbage can everyday that eventually led to its death.

Since you love cats, you can take him home to raise it, why let it roam around on the streets. People are being so fake this early in the year, they can’t even afford to eat pork themselves. How can they spend time to think about cats? Hypocrites!!! The activity area of wild cats are original really big. In fact, the disease that they carry is more than average! Good that it’s dead!

Were you scratched by a cat when you were small? Did that make you sick? Or is it that when you were born because your mom was scared by a cat? Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean that everyone doesn’t like it. Don’t think that the world revolves around you. In this world, you’re just a pile of shit.

What a cat embodies is everyone’s love and humanity, so this kind of behaviour is the murder of everyone’s love and humanity!!

May I ask if anyone has ever swatted a mosquito to death before? Stepped on a cockroach before? Ever used pesticides, or rat poison?
For those who answered “no” to all of these questions, you can scold as you please.
If you answered “yes,” then don’t hypocritically pretend to be so caring.

How can these people be so nonchalant about life? So cruel! No conscience! Don’t look down on those small animals, in terms of survival skills they’re probably better than you! What makes you think you’re so good!! Life is not divided into high or low, every life has the right to live!

I just want to ask: Are there people here who can can spend a thousand RMB on a cat in your lap, but would never spare a penny for a compatriot on the ground [beggar]?  Are there many of you?

Doing such a cruel thing to a living thing, do these people still a conscience? This should be condemned. Dammit, even dragging in pigs and sheep, it is a waste that some of you have grown so big/lived so long, and a waste of education.

CAO“, what exactly are you university students learning? Everyday millions of pigs throughout the country are slaughtered, but I don’t see you guys wailing. There are people who die during while traveling for Spring Festival, but I don’t see you guys speaking out. The laws of the country are not fair, but I don’t see you guys coming out and supervising…
Instead, you guys in school learn these oversensitive, irrelevant things…

Comments from Mop:

Human flesh search him out, and then extinguish him!

With deviant people like this, killing one means one less, making this world a better place.

I also graduated from Hebei University’s Industrial & Commerce campus , and this morning a dorm mate gave me this link, saying our school has become famous, and indeed it’s true, except it is not for a good thing. Seeing such a familiar dorm building, that warm dormitory, my heart reminisces. As for that boy, what can I say, such scum!!! Thinking about it, it has been 10 years since I have been in a fight. If I was still in school, and if I were able to find him, I would definitely give him a big beating, and I trust the professors from my time at the college would forgive me for it.
I resolutely support my fellow schoolmates in finding the criminal…

So tragic, the cat is innocent. Luckily, my neighborhood does not have deviants, and the ten or so cats downstairs are living quite happily.

Why is it that the moment there is news of cat abuse, everyone’s sense of righteousness suddenly bursts out?!
Previously there was a case of an old person abused to death at a mental hospital, but I didn’t see any human flesh searches or universal anger?! Is it easier for an animal life than a human life to get people’s sympathy?

Shameless people can be found everywhere~
The difference between animals and human is, animals are always animals, but humans are sometimes worse than beasts!

Chinese people’s deviance will soon surpass Japan and Korea.

Police are involved?! Fucking motherfuckers, they ignore so many things that matter to the ordinary common people, but when a dead cat dies they get involved?
This guy too, if you are going to blow something up, at least use a “det-tona-tor”!!
Moreover, I am wondering if this was done by the “lou zhu” himself? And then came to post about it to get replies, knowing that there’s a lot of bored Moppers [name of members of the Mop BBS discussion forum] with nothing better to do?!?!

Why can’t Chinese people protect animals!!!

The “suspect” found so far by the human flesh search engines:

A picture of a Chinese boy found by netizens through a human flesh search engine looking for the suspect in Garfield's murder.

Another picture of a young Chinese man suspected by netizens to be the person who brutally murdered Garfield. Found through human flesh search engines.

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