ISIS Beheads American Journalist, Chinese Netizen Reactions

James Foley ISIS beheading video.

James Foley ISIS beheading video.

From NetEase:

ISIS Releases American Journalist Beheading Video

ISIS has just made public a video of an American journalist being beheaded, using this to threaten [United States President] Obama, demanding that he stop interfering in Iraqi affairs. The name of the murdered journalist was James Wright Foley, 40 years old, who worked for the American GlobalPost company. He was previously captured in Libya and later released. In 2012, he was again kidnapped in Syria. ISIS also stated that if Obama does not act in time, the next to be beheaded will be American journalist Steven Sotlof.

American journalist James Foley was beheaed in a video released by ISIS.

Comments from NetEase:

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A bunch of beasts, America should hurry and exterminate them!

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This organization truly is too evil.

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Those who kill journalists are the most incompetent/pathetic.

大众神器 [网易北京市手机网友]:

Weren’t [Osama] Bin Laden, Saddam [Hussein], and a great deal of African terrorist leaders supported by the United States before? It’s the same with the Syria-born ISIS. This is trouble American created for itself, so it should deal with it on its own.

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Too cruel!!! They must be annihilated! Resist/oppose terrorism!

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This faction has been very active lately. May Shaolin Abbot [Shi] Yongxin go forth and subdue them!

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What happened to the US Navy SEALs?

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The Iraqi terrorist group is the indirect consequence of the United States’ flagrant invasion of Iraq: The American economy had problems, and in order to make money, in order to divert attention from domestic problems, it launched a war abroad, to make money from war. The war led to internal strife, led to violence… So the terrorist group came into existence!

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Too bloody.

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