Korean Drama ‘Hotel King’ Makes Fun of Rich Chinese, Reactions

Chinese "tuhao" (nouveau riche) as portrayed in Korean TV dramas.

Chinese "tuhao" (nouveau riche) as portrayed in Korean TV dramas.

From Sina Weibo:

@新浪娱乐: Chinese Tuhao “In The Eyes Of” Korean Dramas sb_org — Nouveau riche fashion sense, animal fur plus leopard skin pants, wearing two gold chains at once, wearing 4-5 rings to demonstrate one’s wealth, and the first thing out of his mouth is: “Oh my god, this is name brand, what are you doing?” This is the image of a Chinese tuhao in the Korean drama Hotel King, “real” [“so” or “talk about being rendered”] utterly dumbstruck. cry Details: http://t.cn/8sN6gCD Why is the “treatment” [portrayal] of Chinese and Korean tuhao so different?! [抓狂]



Comments on Sina Weibo:


Because bangzi can’t live without making the Heavenly Kingdom look bad. Hotel King started making fun of Chinese people right from the first episode, so disgusting it makes me cry.


If you’ve never met a Chinese person then don’t just blindly imitate one. The director and screenwriter, you guys are retarded.


Isn’t the whole world’s perception of Chinese rich just like that? That the moment they have some money, they start thinking they’re the boss? We can only say one shouldn’t take Northeastern people as representing all Chinese people.


Very trendy! He even has leopard skin pants!


This kind of blatant, repeated uglifying of Chinese people can already be considered discrimination. Why does SARFT not censor these things. When it involves prejudice, why do online video sites not take this drama down, but instead continue showing it? Unless they want this show to continue mocking Chinese people?


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So can we not have tuhao going abroad to lose face [embarrass us]?


Not only do we need to limit the importation of Korean dramas on TV, but on the internet too. Korean bangzi must be resolutely boycotted!


Korea here can still be considered being merciful, a lot of tuhao in China are much worse.


When I saw this Chinese tuhao, I first laughed, but later felt helpless. Why do Koreans see tuhao with crude manners as [representing] mainland Chinese people, and the Northeastern accent as signifying crudeness [lack of refinement/manners/civility].


So Koreans’ impression of Chinese people is that we have more money than them now, and of course this is also the reality, so what more can you except from the people of a country that only know how to stuff kimchi into their bellies?


This is normal, okay? Either way, there really are people like this. Besides, it’s just acting in a TV drama; it’s not it forced you to identify with it. Aren’t our TV shows the same also? What country hasn’t been made fun of?


Koreans are just like Taiwanese people, frog in a well, ignorant.


Our Chinese people’s behavior have determined Chinese people’s image. Before scolding others for insulting oneself, we as Chinese people should first think about what we have done to make China look bad.


Fuck, isn’t this just making the image of our tuhao worse? Our Chinese tuhao do not wear gold chains, they only wear tea egg chains.


Bangzi is simply a retarded country, and still we have many retarded fans who kneel before them.


The rest I won’t say, but why do they have us wearing women’s sunglasses?!! crazya_org


From now on I will never watch Korean dramas, let them go die.


Compare this to the image of Japanese people in China’s anti-Japanese dramas.


I feel the same… After seeing this, I felt Koreans are really going too far in distorting Chinese people… We should also release good TV dramas to promote our countrymen’s characteristics… We can’t be indifferent to this… or else the influence of the Korean Wave [Korean pop culture] will be unstoppable.

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Chinese "tuhao" (nouveau riche) as portrayed in Korean TV dramas.

Written by Joe

Joe is a documentary producer and journalist based in Shanghai

  • lonetrey / Dan

    Whine whine whine.

    When rich chinese people do something wrong, they are all up in arms!

    When South Korean media seize this new theme for a drama, they complain that it shows no face for Chinese culture.

    STFU, and don’t watch then. I am seriously considering watching this

    • Mighty曹

      I’m watching it for the hot girls in the poster.

      • whuddyasack

        Hahaha nice, nice. I missed watching dramas.

        @lonetrey / Dan:disqus I agree. No one’s forcing them to watch the show. Don’t like it, don’t watch it. Simple. I’ve never really liked whiners, and I actually think it isn’t really what being a Chinese is all about. I thought we were the people that took things thrown at us with dignity and grace, that laughed at the face of adversity and made the belief of 不劳而获 our way of life. :-(

        • Kai

          That’s an ideal pretty much every nationality/ethnicity wants for itself. There’s nothing weird about people being up in arms about how they’re portrayed for the amusement of other people. Happens all the time.

          • whuddyasack

            Yet there are nationalities/ethnicities that glorify the “lazy” culture, that think that you can get things without having to work for it, without suffering. Perhaps there’s nothing weird about it (the whining), but I don’t think it’s exactly healthy either. In reality, Chinese aren’t a whiny lot and that’s the classic characteristic.

          • Markus Peg

            I half agree. It really depends… The UK for example, often laughs at the way exaggerated British characters are portrait in Hollywood movies/TV shows. I think most nations have a line whereby they can laugh with the joke but when it goes over that line they feel insulted, it can be difficult to not cross that line at times.

      • Germandude

        WARNING! DO NOT STEAL KOREAN WOMEN FROM KOREAN MEN. According to some commenters (whose names shall not be published here), the mixing of races/nationalities is evil and you shall not steal the women of another country.

        Consider yourself educated and warned. I’ll be watching you.

        • Zappa Frank

          they are on the edge of the extinction…

        • Insomnicide

          To make cheap jab of others like that…how petty of you.

          • Germandude

            I seriously need to ask this: what does jab mean?

          • nickhz

            taking a jab at someone is a metaphor for taking a verbal “cheap shot” at someone. if you were really asking.

          • Germandude

            I was seriously asking as I couldn’t quickly find the correct meaning on google. So thanks.

          • He was gracious to have not mentioned you by name.

            It’s a cheap jab to put malicious words in other people’s mouths and then ignore their comments when they call you out on it.

          • Insomnicide

            I could say the same for you.

          • I’ve dignified every one of your comments with a response and left no points of yours unaddressed. Sorry, but you cannot say the same for me. Don’t make me go through the hassle of quoting my prior comments (none of which you responded to) a third time.

          • Insomnicide

            How can I respond to your comments if I can’t see half of them? And how have you dignified my comments with responses like calling me a racist while mocking ethnically homogeneous societies? I haven’t responded to you, but you haven’t read any of the points I wrote either.

          • How on earth do you know that you can’t see half of them? And why on earth would you not be able to see them? Never before have I ever experienced or heard of Disqus comments not showing. I’m willing to take your word for it, but I understandably have my doubts.

            Anyway, I already pointed out in my comment that you just responded to that I did not mock ethnically homogenous societies, so for you to make this remark after presumably having already read that comment is, well, a cheap jab.

            You can’t feign moral indignation at me having called you a racist when you’re saying all these ridiculously inflammatory and…dare I say…racist things.

          • Insomnicide

            Yeah look, I know we’re on the internet and it’s hard to believing things people say. But I have a problem with Disqus and it’s affecting me as well because half of my comments aren’t showing up either.

            Well it’s not a cheap jab if you’ve specifically stated ethnically homogeneous societies are dull and you mock me for preference to it.

            Detracting from you posts, I can see you a well educated and reasonable individual. So I think you should understand that it is not inflammatory or ridiculous. Outlandish opinions, maybe, but I don’t intend to outright offend people with my opinions. Now as for the racism part, who determines the definition of racism? Is racism not discriminate against an individual race? Who says you are not of the same degree in your commentary against the individual races?

          • Ok, I believe you. I have every reason not to, considering how many times you’ve seemingly knowingly lied about what I’ve said, but I try to see the best in people and give them the benefit of the doubt.

            Now, as for me stating that ethnically homogenous societies are dull, I was hoping it wasn’t going to come to this, but it looks like I will have to post this for the third time:

            Absolute nonsense. By that logic, any country is inherently dull in its own domestic vacuum, and ethnically homogenous countries like Korea and Japan are dullest of all.

            In keeping with giving you the benefit of the doubt, I will assume that you simply do not understand what the above comment means (as opposed to you knowingly misrepresenting it). Therefore, I shall explain it:

            I was addressing your argument that a world in which everyone is mixed and all cultures converge would be dull. Your actual comment was the following:

            A mixed race would not be a great future for humanity. We like each other because we appreciate the difference in our cultures and appearances. If the world became a mix of light and dark, the cultures became a mash of east and west, the world would be a dull and uninteresting place.

            So, in reality, it was actually you who called mixed societies dull and uninteresting. The sole purpose of my comment was to extend your logic, such that, if a mixed society is dull because it lacks “diversity”, then surely a homogenous society is even duller because it even more so lacks diversity. So you are the one who mocked mixed societies; I did not mock homogenous societies. Now do you understand how hypocritical your remarks were that criticized me for making the comment that I did? It was a word-for-word reflection of your own initial comment.

            I have nothing against individual races. I have said that many times. I believe everyone has the right to choose who they love. If it happens to be someone of the same race, that’s great. If it happens to be someone of a different race, that’s great too. I don’t care. Do you now understand that I am not your reciprocal nemesis in opposing same-race relations? It is not me who opposes same-race relations; it is you who opposes mixed-race relations. Only one of us is opposing adults’ consensual relationships. Get it?

          • Insomnicide

            I haven’t lied about anything. Of course, it’s all up to how you see it.

            If there world has individual societies, how would they be dull from the lack of diversity when it is the epitome of diversity in the world? Cultural diversity comes from having different, separate cultures and not mixing all cultures into one.

            Now you might not have anything against individual races as you claim, but I have not seen you state that until now. You asked about religions before, now you if believe in difference in religion, then what’s the difference in beliefs about mixed-race relations? Although it’s less to do with god and more about humans, personal beliefs none the less are varied among people. I am not a ‘racist’ in the common sense, but just someone who discourages mixed-race relations. How can I be a racist, if I am not discriminating against any individual race? I know you’ve said that would be discriminating every race, but that would make me a misanthrope rather than a racist. But I know very well that I do not hate humanity.

            As for your comment about Irvine, a multicultural paradise. There are also many examples of multicultural hellholes. Such as Detroit for example. Or the state of Texas. Which is despite common misconception, is actually quite multicultural.

            Anyway, for the better of this article, we should leave the arguments in the last article.

          • If there world has individual societies, how would they be dull from the lack of diversity when it is the epitome of diversity in the world?

            Funnily enough, I already answered that the first time I made my original comment:

            The notion that multicultural relationships make the world dull and uninteresting for those involved in those multicultural relationships is utterly nonsensical. The world holds a great deal of diversity, but 95% of people never truly experience it (meaning, they live in their isolated cultural bubbles all their lives)––that is what’s truly dull and uninteresting.

            Now, as for this:

            Now you might not have anything against individual races as you claim, but I have not seen you state that until now.

            Au contraire, I present you with the following comment I made just yesterday:

            I don’t give a fuck who fucks who. If you want to fuck only people of your race, great, I don’t give a shit. What I do have a problem is when you denounce people as “whores” for not ascribing as much importance to racial purity as you do.

            With regard to this:

            You asked about religions before, now you if believe in difference in religion, then what’s the difference in beliefs about mixed-race relations? Although it’s less to do with god and more about humans

            You’re going down the wrong alley. My question is not really about religion. Religion is merely the premise on which your answer will become the real substantive element.

            As for your comment about Irvine, a multicultural paradise. There are also many examples of multicultural hellholes. Such as Detroit for example. Or the state of Texas. Which is despite common misconception, is actually quite multicultural.

            First off, it doesn’t matter how many multicultural hellholes there are, because just one successful example proves that a multicultural society can indeed be successful and that multiculturalism as a concept is not intrinsically doomed to failure.

            Moreover, your point regarding Detroit is misguided. Detroit may be a hellhole, but not because it’s multicultural. The city of Detroit is 82.7% black and 10.6% white. That’s not very multicultural. Additionally, your logic would imply that if Detroit became even more black and even less white, the situation would therefore improve. I think we’re both aware that’s doubtful. Detroit’s plight is one of socioeconomics, not multiculturalism.

            As for Texas, Texas actually has very decent living standards on a global level––certainly higher than China’s, as well as much of Europe (especially more-homogenous Eastern Europe). To the extent that people in Texas are poor, it is because they immigrated from a poor country. That has nothing to do with multiculturalism; that has to do with, again, socioeconomics. Those poor Mexicans in Texas would still be poor if they were back in Mexico. Meanwhile, native Texan residents are not poorer just because there is a Hispanic presence in the state.

            Now, for my favorite thing you’ve said:

            personal beliefs none the less are varied among people.

            EXACTLY! Everyone has their own personal beliefs, and just because your personal belief holds race high in importance does not mean everyone else ascribes the same degree of importance to that matter. Since you don’t seem to want to answer my question about religion, I will cut to the chase and point out that not everyone cares about religion either, so people of different religions who marry each other are not “whoring” themselves out anymore than people of different races are.

          • Insomnicide

            I never said anything about “whoring”, you can quote all you like but I have not said it.

            And yes, everyone has their own personal beliefs, if you agree then why do you continuously antagonize my opinions? I made only two comments at first and they exploded into huge long chain of arguments.

          • I couldn’t find a better term than gifting in English. It is more more polite and respectful than say “whoring” for example.

          • Insomnicide

            I didn’t call them whores nor call it “whoring” though.

          • You called it “gifting”, and when pressed further, you reasoned that at least you were polite and respectful enough to have avoided saying “whoring”, meaning you were equating the two. If you hadn’t thought “whoring” were an appropriate word to characterize the topic, you would not have invoked the term in the first place.

          • Insomnicide

            Really, just because two words mean the same thing does not equate to those words having the same tone. I said gifting because there’s no better word for it in English as far I know, if you’re so concerned with the term then why don’t you come up a better one. Regardless, I did it to avoid bringing up “whoring” or any of those connotations. However it seems that may have had the opposite effect.

          • Perhaps the neutral term you’re looking for is cultural exogamy.

            Cultural Exogamy is the custom of marrying
            outside a specified group of people to which a person belongs. In addition to blood relatives, marriage to members of a specific totem, clan(s) or other groups may be forbidden. Different theories are proposed to account for the origin of exogamy. Edvard Westermarck said it arose in the aversion to marriage between blood relatives or near kin: that is, in horror of incest. From a genetic point of view, aversion to breeding with close relatives results in fewer congenital diseases, because, where one gene is faulty, there is a greater chance that the other – being from a different line – is of another functional type and can take over. Outbreeding thus favours the condition of heterozygosity, that is having two non-identical copies of a given gene. J. F. McLennan holds that exogamy was due originally to scarcity of women, which obliged men to seek wives from other groups, including marriage by capture, and this in time grew into a custom. Émile Durkheim derives exogamy from totemism, and says it arose from a religious respect for the blood of a totemic clan, for the clan totem is a god and is especially in the blood. Morgan maintains that exogamy was introduced to prevent marriage between blood relations, especially between brother and sister, which had been common in a previous state of promiscuity. Frazer says that exogamy began to maintain the survival of family groups, especially when single families became larger political groups. Lang, however, argues against Howitt’s claim of group marriage and claims that so-called group marriage is only tribe-regulated licence. Claude Lévi-Strauss introduced the “Alliance Theory” of exogamy, that is, that small groups must force their members to marry outside so as to build alliances with other groups. According to this theory, groups that engaged in exogamy would flourish, while those that did not would all die, either literally or because they lacked ties for cultural and economic exchange, leaving them at a disadvantage. The exchange of men or women therefore served as a uniting force between groups.

          • Insomnicide

            That seems to be the term more or less. Anyway, you’ve seen that I have not called anyone a whore and I’ve refrained from using the term “whoring” to describe any mixed-race activity.

          • Rick in China

            Let me show you how your comment reads:

            You’re absolutely a peach. I say peach because it’s less offensive and more respectful than “ignorant cunt who needs a smack upside the head”

          • Zappa Frank

            because regardless of the term you used that was what we read between the lines as real meaning.

          • Insomnicide

            Or perhaps you lack reading comprehension, so you’re quick to make your own interpretation of the meaning.

            For example, there’s a difference between calling someone overweight and calling someone fat. Both have the same meaning, but a different attitude and connotation.

          • Zappa Frank

            No, I think I understand quite well, my opinion is that you just desperately try to present as rational and polite something that is nor rational nor polite.

          • Insomnicide

            Well I tried to be polite and rational about it as opposed to going the crass route, which would only be more..inflammatory.

          • Zappa Frank

            I recognize that you were extremely controlled and polite on the topic, still I, like think many other I suspect, cannot deny to be hurt by what you said…(and i’m not talking about the fetishism of yellow fever since I’ve already admitted that it exist, but I don’t feel involved).

          • wnsk

            Oh, you’re in a mixed marriage? That puts a whole new perspective on things.

          • Zappa Frank

            it may do regarding the way I was talking, but not about what I said, since things are not more or less true because of the person who is talking.
            I am in mixed marriage, I’ve written about it before, but of course is not that anyone should know this. To tell the truth my wife is also pretty nationalist.

          • wnsk

            No, I just meant that…it explains why you were upset to the degree you seemed to be. I didn’t realise you were actually hurt, and I don’t think Insomniac realises it either.

          • Guang Xiang

            Hate to be that guy, but I do count about five of you ganging up on Insomnicide ;)

            I don’t agree with some of his points, but at least his posts aren’t rubbish.

          • nickhz

            he’s a racist twat…. it’s well deserved

          • Zappa Frank

            matt I appreciate your effort, but consider that he believes Asian and Chinese ‘race’, that is genetically definite in some text that he read only and than disappeared from the earth, has to be protected and preserved, because evidently is on the edge.. now, you think that someone with this beliefs can have a rational discussion about this topic? No. He just would like avoid mixed marriage, not his but of other peoples… but since he cannot in no way he is going to be probably one of the many resented guys in china, that prefer find this excuse instead of finding a girl and fuck..

          • Rick in China

            You realize “mixed” and “homogenous” in these arguments is exactly the same, right?

            ie. whether the race stays the same now, or is mixed completely and no more mixing can occur because the only race is the biproduct of everyone having mixed into 1 new race, ‘mixed’, it’s the same amount of homongeousness :D

          • Germandude

            Matt: to jab = poking? Is that it?

          • Yup. A “cheap jab” is like a “cheap shot”.

          • mr.wiener

            Jab= to take a punch at someone also a verbal poke, prod ,swipe, stab or shot.

          • Germandude

            See. I am not poking at you. I am poking at racists and retards, because its fun to show them how limited their horizon is. Usually, they are so dumb, they don’t really realize they are made fun of. Which makes it more entertaining.

            Now on the one hand, I think your explanations and statements on the other thread were showing highest levels of retardation.
            HOWEVER, given your comment history on cS, I still think that regarding other topics you have some interesting points to say and I respect that.
            That’s why I didn’t mention your name, but you revealed the addressee yourself. Which basically confirms what I am saying in my first paragraph in this post. Tough luck.

          • Insomnicide

            Right. Which is why you posted ‘name will not be mentioned’, specifically referring to an individual.

            Given that I have nothing against you, and you have made interesting posts in the past, I was willing to let this go and leave it in last article. However, you’ve fan the flames again with these asinine, petty personal attacks. Which really makes me lose respect for you. I would tell you to stop, but who knows. You might not listen to me and keep going.

          • Germandude

            whose names shall not be published here

            WHOSE nameS…plural. You were not the only one and I didn’t mention your name because over time it is washed away and most readers will not remember.

            I don’t care if you respect me. I already decided to stop personally addressing you (what’s not to understand there?) and you are right, I don’t listen to you and I decide by myself if I keep going or not. Again, I didn’t mention your name and won’t do it. Except of course I read other retarded racist statements from you.

            Zai jian!

        • mr.wiener

          Yeh, but only some Chinese guys will try to cock-block you when you are attempting to come on to a Chinese chick. Practically all Korean guys will do this [A gross generalization, I know, but stilll very true]

          • Germandude

            Yupp. At least Koreans have the guts to do that straight into your face then and risking feedback/consequences.

            Here it’s more the “tough-behind-the-back-hopefully-he-doesn’t-turn-around-and-sees-me-kind-of-thing”.

          • mr.wiener

            …unless in large groups.

          • Germandude

            Larger than 5, then maybe yes.

          • whuddyasack

            I agree that it is respectable to defend women from your country from attacks and being taken advantage of. Something that Koreans do very well and something to be admired. Even the Japanese lead the Chinese in this regard. Any man who doesn’t step up to protect fellow countrywomen shouldn’t call themselves men. You can tell if somebody (99% White) is exaggerating their “game” in Asia if they over involve Koreans.

            This isn’t something limited to Koreans of course, every other ethnicity/nationality knows exactly how to handle the unruly.

            Yet sadly, if Chinese were to do just that, they’d be facing that “racist” backlash yet again. Sometimes I wonder if it really is a good thing given the way some “foreigners” behave, raping and assaulting Chinese women and then “cowardly” fleeing back to their home countries. Or doing it to immigrants, tourists or students in the West just because they know these have no connections, families or friends to beat their sorry asses. To me, that actually defines “cowardice” more than back-biting (which is even more common amongst Westerners).

          • Germandude

            Well, I am sure most girls prefer making their own decisions and don’t need a gigolo calling the shots for her. Probably that’s why some girls are interested in foreigners because they got more freedom.

            Your post can be best described with a picture.

          • whuddyasack

            Perhaps. But I thought you were admiring the cock blocking courage of the Koreans before. I read a post where some embittered White expat in Korea was complaining when the bartender walked up with him and told him to his face “Not to have sex and then leave Korean girls”. Of course White dude was angry, but how about if the shoes were reversed? Personally, I’d think any man who cares enough about their country woman to warn off potential offenders are true men. I guess I was right though, if the Chinese ever did the same thing then there’d be disapprovals aplenty (from a certain group).

            If that French guy was beaten up by a Chinese the site will fill with xenophobic bile to no end regardless if he was in the wrong. Thankfully, it wasn’t the case.

          • Germandude

            Personally, I’d think any man who cares enough about their country woman to warn off potential offenders are true men

            “Any men who warns off petential offenders are true men…” So, in your eyes, guys that are foreign in another country are all potential offenders that should be warned off not to engage with local women. Unbelievable.

            As I said: Being afraid that some other dude (be it a foreigner or not) is taking away your women (YOUR?haha, another insecurity here “their country women”) just shows that you don’t have much to bring on the table to convince the girl being interested in you. And it shows much about how low you regard “your” country’s women when you think you have to make the decisions for her.

            And no, I don’t feel offended if I see a German girl/woman with a black boyfriend, asian boyfriend or middle eastern boyfriend. None of my business. I just wish them all the best. They are adults (well, hopefully).

            You and Insomnicide continuosly argue close to the statement that all foreign guys in Asia are guys with “yellow fever” and potential pedophiles.

            And your way of arguing shows insecurity and immaturity.

          • whuddyasack

            I don’t think that foreign guys in another country should be intimidated for engaging with local women just because they are foreign Mongolian style as much as I don’t think anyone should be treating women differently than their own family and friends just because they are of a different race, family, nationality or religion.
            In the earlier post I did mention “FELLOW countrywomen” which means I’m aware that women aren’t property or objects of conquests. And this applies to all. Including outsiders who chivalrously protect them when it’s ahem convenient/safe while insulting their entire race, including them behind their backs. Always in the most detestable, backstabby fashion possible.

            Let’s get real, outside of a few frustrated netizens most Chinese don’t care if some foreigner married/dated a Chinese woman. If it was, no one would even be having a conversation about so many IRLs as there would be none.

            Just because what I argue sounds similar to what he says doesn’t mean I agree with him on everything. First off, I’d congratulate WM/WF x AM/AF couples or any other provided they are in love and actually prefer a happy couple to a bitter monoracial one. As you said, it’s none of my business who they choose. You probably don’t know but I’ve always supported this stance and I avoided using the “yellow fever” term for a reason as Asian women are that attractive. That’s why I don’t hate on guys who have Chinese wives here, but sustain disbelief when claims appear just for the sake of trolling. Also, never in my posting history have I called Asian women sluts for dating out. I honestly hate it, and truly look down on such people and attitudes.

            Finally, just because I don’t oppose interracial marriages generally doesn’t mean I endorse it. But that has little to do with the typical possessiveness/can’t find a girl argument as unlike some, I feel that IR marriages aren’t good for BOTH Asian males and females. It has more to do with the fact that I don’t like mixing and sharing genes as I favor and value uniqueness provided by the different races over conformity.

          • Zappa Frank

            as germandude said.. is unbelievable that you have to resort in use this cheap trick of ‘protection’ to find some girls (not you as wuddy, I mean in general).. Protection from what? are we all biantai that want to play dumb ‘your’ girls? protection because the biggest ethnic group is on the edge of the extinction but apparently Chinese can just complain about few mixed couples and there is still plenty of Chinese girls that cannot find a boyfriend?
            I guess than you guys really have a bitter glass to drink as you see that, you know, we actually do have success with girls.. in a way or another, and actually there is really nothing you can do about this..

          • whuddyasack

            It’s ok, nothing personal Frank. I also think cock blocking 2 couples in love is unreasonable but I don’t think it’s all that common a practice in China. There’s a lot of embittered Chinese men but I think this “protection” isn’t limited to Asians. Come on, would you rather face some lame ass thin-as-stick Chinese trying to cockblock you or an Irish father, brother or friend who would beat the stuffing out of you if you so much as speak to his daughter/sister?

            I think those that are complaining about mix couples usually are the losers as only losers care, and those that flame Chinese girls that date out… well, you and I know why no girl wants them. We shouldn’t pay attention to such losers. I have a lot of Asian and non-Asian friends who are married or have White partners and seeing how happy they are together, who am I to break them apart. Many become proud mothers and fathers too.

            For me, it’s a bit different. I just think that people saying a “Mexicanized” China is better are incorrect. Chinese look the way they are because well, we evolved from ice-age like conditions and are a product of hundreds and thousands of years of evolution. I just don’t like the fact that some people would use this as an excuse to say we share genes with Blacks or Whites and deny our identities like how Native Americans became the invisible race. I don’t like the fact that mix-raced children feel unwanted and unable to fit in although in my experience, the Asian American community at least is more accepting. I dislike how some Chinese treat Black-Asian mixes.

            In this respect, I feel no difference between Chinese boy who marries out and Chinese girl who marries out. If they are happy, good for them.

            It’s the same feeling I feel about Chinese adoptees till I read some
            amazing testimonies from parents who really loved their
            sons/daughters/foster parents and were not Chinese. Prior to this, I
            hated how some ended up killed or sexually assaulted. I still prefer
            that adoptions stay within China, like how it is in Japan and the West.
            But that’s because when that day comes, it shows to me that the Chinese as a complete society
            have finally learned what selfless love is as a community or that the
            country finally has overcome poverty.

            But I do think there is such a thing as true “protective instincts”, I can understand how some older generations and parents might act that way. If some teacher was attempting to rape his student or the person has a proven track record of “gaming” girls in a woman-hating fashion, then I think it’s kind of sweet that someone would stand between the girl and the abuser. Sometimes, parents say NO! because they are more experienced, the girl is only 16-21, and they know best.

            I think the extinction is quite possible sometimes and even if there are “some” mix couples, the population will still drop. If you judge on the birthrate and aging populations or if we look at Japanese analysis, a shaving off of the population by around 40%.

          • Alex Dương

            I agree with you that there seems to be some inconsistency / hypocrisy here regarding sexist and xenophobic attitudes from Koreans compared to Chinese; it’s like Korean behavior is mildly condoned whereas equivalent Chinese behavior is condemned. That makes no sense. Either condone both or condemn both.

            But I strongly disagree that interracial marriage was what made Native Americans an “invisible race.” That was mainly because of European-introduced diseases. War and forced displacement were also big factors after disease.

            At least in North America, interracial marriage between male European settlers and Native American women was quite rare, especially compared how common it was in South America. But even there, Native Americans still have not been “intermarried out.”

          • whuddyasack

            This is what a good, non-biased argument would sound like. Funny how it’s comes from a “racist Chinese” according to some crybabies. You’ve captured what I said succinctly and perfectly. If the Chinese were to do an in-your-face cockblock then the amount of incessant, unreasonable outrage would be far worse.

            As for your point about Native American IRM ultimately bringing them down, I guess you’re right. I was thinking more along the lines of the 1/27721728917298172189 “Native Americans” who would always openly speak out against the interests of those who actually did have valid grievances. One thing about Natives, they might not intermarry out that much anymore but statistics reveal that they are by and large the main victims of rape, almost entirely carried out by .

            By invisible race, I meant that a Mestizo Chinese race would probably end up screwing themselves over even worse than the current state. There would be casteism according to how Caucasian they looked and the ones on top would be eager to shut dissent from those below down and none would be the wiser.

          • Alex Dương

            By invisible race, I meant that a Mestizo Chinese race would probably
            end up screwing themselves over even worse than the current state. There
            would be casteism according to how Caucasian they looked and the ones
            on top would be eager to shut dissent from those below down and none
            would be the wiser.

            There was definitely a caste system in colonial South America, with all-white at the top. No question there. But I don’t think such a system would emerge in China in this day.

          • whuddyasack

            Maybe not in this day, but in the future nobody knows. I was just describing one possible drawback with a Mexicanized Chinese race. I appreciate the tone.

          • Zappa Frank

            I argue here about Chinese clockblocking, because this is china smack, but obviously I am against any form of clockblocking.
            I don’t think that a complete clockblocking is realistic without a strong restriction of women’s free will, exactly like in the muslim cultures that you are talking about. Is there really some Chinese who would like to follow that path?
            About extinction I really want ask you straight.. do you think is realistic or reasonable to talk about Hanzu extinction?

          • whuddyasack

            First and foremost, I don’t agree with cockblocking at all, I think it’s pathetic and what the insecure do. This is all just theory.

            But I think on a state/government level, cockblocking is slightly possible if Chinese media reported nothing good about non-Chinese and actively sought to discourage against any interactions, i.e. banning all foreign stuff and fostering single race theory from childhood and the inferiority of non-Chinese, like actually do it. Also, they could shift work in such a way that restricts foreign men from access to Chinese women and vice versa such as hiring foreign females only, etc. and make laws difficult for the “foreign husband” to make a good living in the country. They could build more universities and encourage foreign lecturers/teachers to come to China thus minimizing the outflow of Chinese overseas.

            However, with that said, nothing compares to how the Muslims do it, where they actually physically punish and kill foreign husbands or their daughters and sisters for marrying out. Or where you must be married into their religion or culture before even thinking of marrying a Muslim woman.

            No, there is no Chinese that would like to follow that restrictive path and none that would agree to it. I certainly don’t and think it is just extreme and backward.

            As for the Hanzu extinction, I think it is not very realistic or reasonable but theoretically it is quite possible. Just like how it is theoretically possible that in the future, Italy might become a nation of Arabs and Africans.

          • Zappa Frank

            is there any point in showing this picture except flame?

          • whuddyasack

            Well, I was just curious. The Frenchman wasn’t beaten by Han Chinese, but by someone with “real balls”. Since someone said that Chinese should be more direct with their cockblocking. I also wonder who they would sympathize with in this case.

          • Probotector

            You mean like this?

          • whuddyasack

            I agree. It also helps that fewer Korean chicks are obsessed with Westerners than the Chinese. Applies to Japanese too, the only ones who disagree happen vehemently and call them easy happen to be the SWAM types. ;-)

            But if you do want to know what a real cock-blocker is like, then you have the Central Asians (for well Asians) and Muslims for overall. Muslim men actually “kill” and that’s something I frown upon even if the intention is good.

        • Mighty曹

          Actually I didn’t need to steal them as they prefer Chinese men because the Korean guys treat them like shits (being male chauvinist). That’s really what they say. That’s why the Korean dudes here hate us and always want to start shit and fight.

          • Germandude

            So tell me then, are you also fighting the bad white dudes that steal your women? ;-)

            PS: I doubt it, cause I think you have a healthy self-confidence and are the cool dude anyway.

          • Mighty曹

            Bad white dudes have different tastes as mine. There’s never any conflict of interests. :D

            PS: You’re right on all points. lol

      • Port of Dandong

        Well spotted!

    • mr.wiener

      Squeals of outrage from the Chinese netizins. Funny as all hell.

      • Guang Xiang

        Doesn’t take much to rattle their chain. Comments were definitely entertaining.

        “Koreans are just like Taiwanese people, frog in a well, ignorant.”

        “…what more can you except from the people of a country that only know how to stuff kimchi into their bellies?”

        • mr.wiener

          A good deal of sour grapes involved I dare say.

    • Rick in China

      I’m FURIOUS about . They make all of my people lose face by portraying him as a loser, a womanizer, and a liar. How dare they. *fury*

  • Mighty曹

    To be fair, some Chinese movies/series depict rich snubs in that exact image. Of course, mostly in a comical way.

    • Kai

      Hah, yeah, tuhao are depicted pretty negatively in Chinese dramas as well. This is more or less a “others can’t make fun of us” sort of thing.

      • Mighty曹

        Haha… love that “only we can make fun of ourselves” mentality.

        • mr.wiener

          We all do it.

      • Markus Peg

        The Chinese word tuhao, may be in the next edition of Oxford English Dictionary. (In a Chinese dictionary maybe but i don’t know why it should go in the English one.).


        • Kai

          wtf? Yeah, don’t really know why they want to add tuhao into the English dictionary. It should see widespread usage by English-speakers before being considered. Dim sum s pretty widespread. Guanxi, not really outside of international business with Chinese contexts. Taikonaut is silly. Not really sure what they’re doing over there.

      • Insomnicide

        Well, Korean dramas have a history of depicting Chinese people negatively. For example the drama Immortal Admiral Yi Sun-sin mocks the Ming Chinese soldiers who came to Korea’s aid during the Imjin war. So this has been going on for some time.

        • wnsk

          Yes, I noticed that. In period dramas, the Chinese are always depicted negatively. In modern dramas, Chinese are depicted as being very unsophisticated, but at least they’re unsophisticated in a (arguably) cute way, hah.

          • Insomnicide

            Well it makes sense in the modern period, but in the ancient times Korea was the one looking up the China and Chinese people were seen as role models of sophistication. Not everyone would have been polite scholars, but more than enough.

          • wnsk

            Well, dramas will be dramas.

            Chinese period dramas own Korean period dramas though. ‘Nuff said.

          • Sillian

            I think you are being a bit selective here. I’ve also seen quite a few Korean period dramas and movies where the Chinese dynasty of that time was put on a pedestal.

          • Insomnicide

            Can you link me to those dramas?
            I haven’t seen a lot of Korean history dramas but from my memory they generally aren’t positive towards other nations, namely China and Japan.

            And another example, the movie The Divine Weapon, which directly antagonizes Ming China despite the fact that Ming China was a close ally of Joseon Korea for entirety of it’s reign. This movie was apparently the seventh most popular domestic film in South Korea in 2008.

          • Sillian

            Off the top of my head…

            Musa (Korean warriors helping a Ming princess Zhang Ziyi)
            Masquerade (King not happy about excessive kowtowing to China)
            Queen Seondeok (importing advanced culture from Tang)
            Slave Hunters (Qing general being helpful)
            Sejong the Great

            And generally, more authentic period dramas for Joseon dynasty tend to depict Ming positively or there are pro-Ming factions within the Korean court.

          • MeiDaxia

            go to youtube, search Sungkyungkwan Scandal. It’s all about being a proper Confucian scholar. They don’t actually depict Chinese, but they mention the Analects constantly, and one of the characters travels to Qing’s capitol Beijing as well. They don’t bad mouth Chinese there but revere them (at least their scholars).

          • wrle

            well how many chinese dramas have put japan or even south korea in a positive light hmm?

          • Rick in China

            “role models of sophistication”

            Now people shit on the street, my how Chinese have fallen?

          • Kai

            Meh, even in @insomnicide:disqus ‘s context, the Koreans were looking up to the Chinese upper-class/nobility/intelligentsia, not the average Chinese person. Since China was the dominant political and cultural entity, there’s nothing strange about that. It’s like the Russian court emulating the French court.

            I wouldn’t say “how Chinese have fallen”. A lot of people shat in the street back then too. :D It’s more like history resulted in delaying development and the rising living standards that correlate with less street-shitting. Way to go Mao.

          • Rick in China

            Of course that’s correct – and there were many dynasties which were amazingly advanced culturally/socially/economically at various times for sure.. doesn’t mean the slaves they owned weren’t uncouth or unkept, I just had to come up with something to pair with the street shitting bit for balance and that’s what came out..

          • Insomnicide

            Well in the ancient times, they had city guards, private toilets and public outhouses where ever there was human settlement. Add that to strict Confucian morals.

            So defecating publicly was uncommon in ancient China. Especially during the more orderly dynasties like Ming and Tang dynasties.

          • Kai

            You’re overestimating. Franky, there isn’t anything to be ashamed of. People shat in the streets around the world during those times. None of them intended to put on a public display. It’s just how things were.

          • Dick Leigh

            They didn’t shit in the street because they were too busy shitting in their fields. You don’t waste good fertilizer. ;)

        • Sillian

          I didn’t watch the drama but I assume it must have been dramatized. I don’t know how badly it was portrayed in the drama but it is also true that there were some problems with some Ming soldiers’ behavior at that time.

          • Insomnicide

            They weren’t perfect but the Ming army contributed greatly to the defence of Korea and they were not as lazy, useless and greedy as these dramas make them out to be. I mean, it’s almost as bad as Chinese anti-Japanese dramas where the CCP does all the work and the KMT just sat back and watched while one CCP farmer kills twenty Japanese soldiers with one kick. Replace CCP farmer with Korean soldier and you get the idea.

          • chucky3176

            I’ve actually watched that drama, and I can say that the Japanese came off looking far worse. The Japanese characters were a cartoonish caricatures with not much depth. To a lesser degree, the Chinese and Koreans also came off looking cartoonish. This is because the series was based on a Korean cartoon series. It was half fiction and half history. As for Ming troops, it is true that they raped a lot of Koreans that they came to help. It has been recorded and written in books by those who witnessed them. It’s also fact that during the later stages of the war, the Ming military colluded with Japan by sacrificing Korea. That’s also recorded history. It is also fact that in the admirl Yi’s diary, he constantly complains about the Ming navy who spent more time trying to avoid a fight with Japan, than being helpful. All in all, I think the Ming army on land was very useful repelling the Japanese army because the Korean army on land completely collapsed. But that came with great costs to the Korean civilians, with great sacrifices made to the Ming. Korean civilians had to put up with a lot of abuses from the Ming army. But the Ming navy was just simply useless. It’s quite understandable really, because Ming was fighting their own internal discord, and didn’t want to sacrifice everything to the war in Korea which was more like a buffer state (like North Korea today). Ming got sucked into the war because they knew Japan’s real target was China, and Korea was just a passage for Japan.

        • wrle

          Sorry, but if koreans were shown the same way in a chinese drama, koreans would not be up in arms like these people. This particular character was purposely portrayed to be comical to show a stereotyped trait of rich people, not “chinese”. why are they so insecure? Can’t even take sarcasm, its like only chinese can make fun of chinese.

        • Kai

          TV everywhere has depicted “others” negatively, playing on people’s prejudices.

      • wnsk

        How about it being a “the Koreans are being insensitive” thing?

        I can laugh at my mom, but if someone makes fun of her…I swear by everything under Heaven, the same sky shall not cover us!!1

        • Zappa Frank

          wouldn’t be a bit oversensitive consider your citizenship as your mother?
          sincerely when the other do the same with the Italians I usually laugh too…but indeed there are some who don’t like it

          • wnsk

            Erm…it’s a Chinese thing, you wouldn’t understand.

            *beats a hasty retreat*

            P.S. Funnily, I see a lot of Koreans in my country (bunch of them in my housing estate), and personally they come across as being not very far behind the PRCs, in terms of manners and style.

            P.P.S. “Other”? Who makes fun of Italians?

          • mr.wiener

            Koreans are more hardcore.
            When I was growing up in Australia the “other ” was Italians” and Greeks who who politely referred to as “Wogs”
            Then the 2nd generation Greek and Italians picked on the next people off the boat, Vietnamese. At the moment the newest arrivals are Somalis , Afganis and other Muslims.

          • wnsk

            On the flip side, nobody ever gets tired of making fun of Australians. Good thing they have such a great sense of humour. :p

          • mr.wiener

            Know any good Australian jokes?

          • Dr Sun

            their rugby team

          • mr.wiener

            Ow! …that burns!

          • wnsk

            Nah. Al the jokes are bad, People still keep making them though. That’s funny in itself.


          • Zappa Frank

            well I’ve seen some movies where Italians were gangsters/un educated irrational and ready to rage/ hyper-catholic that pray all day/little clones of Berlusconi as failed-wannabe playboys..or a mixture of those… i can say that the portrait fit quite well..

          • Rick in China

            All Italians fit into one of those roles no?

          • Zappa Frank

            not all sure, there are normal persons… but no one would ever use a normal person in a movie.. how can you see that is Italian if is just normal?

          • Rick in China

            yeah – exactly, need to use stereotypes to identify with.. just ridiculous how people get so bent out of shape when other people do it, when they’re so so guilty of it themselves. Some major lightening up needs to happen before heads explode :D

          • Guest

            what kind of koreans are you hanging out with? lol. don’t even compare style.. honestly hk and taiwanese are somewhat ok… but mainlanders? lol.

          • Wa

            In my country it’s the Polish. Perhaps you’ve heard this classic Polish joke?

            A Pole got frustrated with his people’s reputation and one day decided to do something about it; he approached an American, a German, and a Chinese to ask for help.

            The American said, “Look, man, all you have to do is wave F-22’s around like big swinging dicks and people will respect you.”

            The German said, “That is not entirely a good idea. Just work on perfecting your engineering skill. You’ll be respected as master technicians and be able to sell Polish products all over the world.”

            The Chinese person said, “Just build something BIG. BIG is good. You build something BIG, everyone will respect you. Oh, and do it FAST. BIG and FAST.”

            The Pole, being Polish, decided the Chinese guy was on to something. He lit up and ran off. Three weeks later he returned beaming.

            “Well, it’s done. We’ve built the biggest bridge in the world.”

            They were all shocked. The Chinese guy swallowed hard and said, “What….even we can’t build a huge bridge that fast. And how come none of us have heard of this project? Surely a bridge of that magnitude would have gotten some news coverage.”

            “We wanted to keep it secret until we were sure it was beautiful and fully ready,” the Pole answered, “so we built it in the middle of the Sahara. We may have to fly some people in to use the bridge and let word of mouth do the rest.”


            “Dude,” said the American, “this is why you have such a shitty reputation. That’s fucking stupid. Get out to the construction site and tell them to tear that shit down or your people will never hear the end of it.” The Pole looked at the others and, seeing they concurred, realized what a mistake his people made.

            He hurried away.

            Two days later he returned. “Why are you back so quickly?” queried the German. “Did you see to it that the bridge was destroyed?”

            “No,” said the Pole, “we couldn’t destroy it. When we got to the bridge, we found Italians fishing off of it.”

          • wnsk

            There’s just one part I don’t get:

            “The Pole, being Polish, decided the Chinese guy was on to something.”

          • Kai


          • Wa

            :) I dunno. Guess you’ve got to up the stakes for a joke like this. That or the implication is…German guy had the right approach?

          • Zappa Frank

            haha, yeah that’s funny… besides we really wanted to buildup an almost useless giant bridge

        • Kai

          Sure, it can be a “Koreans are prejudiced punks” thing, but it’s still a “we don’t like it when ‘others’ make fun of ‘us'” thing. Pretty universal.

  • Dr Sun

    hot girls, but men wearing lipstick…I draw the line at that.

    • bujiebuke

      I haven’t seen your posts in a really long time…

      • YourSupremeCommander

        Get a room, maybe he’ll come see you.

  • Markus Peg

    Hilarious! No doubt exaggerated, anyone who doesn’t seem to get that nor can laugh it are only going to get unnecessarily angry. Treat it as a joke rather than an attack…

  • Chinese don’t understand sarcasm….and wont know the world is laughing at them and their stupidity

    • Markus Peg

      Nor do you, most people here laugh at you rather than with you.
      I just saw one of your comments on Japancrush… I doubt you write/speak like that in real life… So why do it here? Clearly you are interested in this site so why not engage properly rather than lowering it, always talking about “Bukake”.


      EDIT: The Fred Fong’s post has been edited so my reply now does not seem as fitting, but I’ll leave it here anyway.

      • you are so offended by my comment you re-post my words from another website!….looks like the jokes on you! I reserve my BUKKAKE comments for the Japanese website…because BUKKAKE was invented in Japan and is a major part of Japanese culture. Thank you for reposting

        • Probotector

          I think you’re quite funny most of the time, but you shouldn’t upvote yourself.

          • wnsk

            What? You don’t get it, do you? Upvoting himself IS the funniest part of the joke.

        • fabulous

          It features in the first three pages of the Frommers guide to Japan.

        • Germandude

          Would you be so kind and inform me when you are posting sth funny? I don’t want to be missing out when that happens.

        • Rick in China

          “a major part of Japanese culture”

          Really? Because you google that shit daily doesn’t mean it’s ingrained and common throughout their society. That’s like saying curb stomping fruit vendors is a major part of Chinese culture.

          • thank you for making my point sir…have a nice day

          • Honibaz

            Curb stomping fruit vendors is a major part of Chinese law enforcement culture.

          • Kai

            And bukakke would be a major part of Japanese porn culture. Rick’s point still holds though as a criticism of Fred Fong’s commenting persona and behavior.

    • bujiebuke

      There was a rather lengthy discussion about you in an earlier article, I think it had something to do with bukkake…

      • I think if I were to re-arrange the letters in your name it would spell : I LOVE BUKKAKE….. By the way….you have a cute nose

        • bujiebuke

          It’s actually an anagram for the character name bukebujie from the Smiling Proud Wanderer. One of Jin Yong’s classics.

    • Kai

      Uh, caricatures are pretty much by definition not subtle humor or even sarcasm.

  • bujiebuke

    Two comments above nailed my own sentiment:

    “So can we not have tuhao going abroad to lose face [embarrass us]?”

    “Korea here can still be considered being merciful, a lot of tuhao in China are much worse.”

  • socali

    Chinese people are so sensitive. Its sarcasm

  • Alex Dương

    To me, this isn’t so much an anti-Chinese thing as an anti-nouveau riche thing, which has its own issues.

    • wnsk

      I think it’s both. The Koreans aren’t just doing it for laughs, they are very aware of what they are doing. No big deal though.

    • Insomnicide

      Well, the message is kind of destroyed by portraying their own nouveau riche as suave generous pretty boys.

      • Alex Dương

        That’s an overreaction on the part of the Koreans: “our [nouveau riche] don’t behave that way!” But most criticism of nouveau riche is within countries, not between countries. I agree with ScottLear that by stereotyping their own nouveau riche this way, they’re implicitly acknowledging that they do NOT actually act like that.

  • Merohedral

    The Chinese won’t accept to see a people they see as inferior make fun of them.

    Let’s imagine an episode of Desperate Housewives where an obnoxious, ridiculous Chinese nouveau riche buys a house next to Eva Longoria. He keeps ruining the neighborhood with his questionable manners and acts like he owns the the place, like a stereotypical entitled uneducated nouveau riche.

    I think the same Chinese who commented above might find it funny, perhaps they would be embarrassed, but I doubt they would react with as much vitriol as they did with this Korean drama.

    • Probotector

      “The Chinese won’t accept to see a people they see as inferior make fun of them.”

      So that means anyone then?

      • Merohedral

        Anyone but whites, especially Americans.

        • Yeah

          Lol that’s because whites have been boasting themselves up for many many generations.

        • grand

          really only in your fantasy.

          • Merohedral

            You are angry. I must be right. Very unfortunate.

    • grand

      wrong. chinese laugh and sneer at ignorant americans such as you all the time.

    • Kai

      I get the point you’re making, that they might have different levels of indignation dependong on who the offender is, but I’m not so sure there’s THAT much difference between Koreans and Americans. Sure, Chinese don’t see the Koreans as powerful and dominant as the Americans, but there’s enough general recognition of both Koreans and Americans as being more developed. A greater disparity in indignation might occur between Koreans and Indians, a country that is generally poorer and less developed than China.

      • Merohedral

        But correct me if I am wrong, the way they see American development is different from the way they see Korean development. The former was a self-made success, the latter was heavily subsidized by the US government and military.

        All throughout Chinese history, China has been a regional bully, never treating any neighboring nation as equal. The Koreans are a relatively small people in terms of population, and they’ve been trying to appropriate some parts of the Chinese culture, like Confucius and zongzi. Nationalistic Chinese cannot stand to be ridiculed by what is to them an inferior people.

        • Kai

          It depends on who “they” are. I’d say the average Chinese person isn’t too conscious about Korea being where it is today due to American involvement and simply knows Korea is more developed than China is, and at a level that is comparable to the US. This higher level of development makes it harder for Chinese people to see them as “inferior” and thus any indignation by Koreans making fun of them is less likely to be colored by it being from an “inferior” people. Indignant Chinese people would therefore more likely assuage their hurt egos by dismissing Korea as a “small country” or “an offshoot of Chinese people” than “inferior people”.

          However, if you have a less developed country like India or some African country, then you’ll get more dismissals of “inferior people”. Chinese people are keenly aware of Koreans being wealthier and more developed than they are. They can’t call Koreans “inferior” in general because it doesn’t match the current state of affairs.

  • Probotector

    …and Chinese TV shows never make fun of other cultures/nations/ethnicities or promote a stereotype?

    Still, some good comments sifted from the retarded ones:

    “Compare this to the image of Japanese people in China’s anti-Japanese dramas.”

    “…we as Chinese people should first think about what we have done to make China look bad.”

    “Aren’t our TV shows the same also?”

  • Probotector

    The overriding issue that trumps all others in Chinese society is the issue of saving face.

  • A rather flattering depiction I’d say. At least it didn’t show him pick his various facial orifices and defecating on the streets. Maybe in the season finale? Kekeke

  • masonman

    Holy shit “I am offended” is a bullshit response to comedy (or at least a comedic character). It might be bad comedy or good comedy, but if you’re only ok with comedy when they don’t offend your sensibilities you are annoying for sticking around long enough to complain about it.

    • wnsk

      Equally funny, when people get offended about people getting offended. Just saying.

      • whuddyasack

        Remember the Suey Park drama? Or the Kimmel one? I think there’s truly nothing truer than what you’ve already said.

        • mr.wiener

          I wasn’t offended by her, I just thought she was a dumb-arse. On the other hand I am a white guy so I’m not allowed to have an opinion on her.

          • whuddyasack

            Wiener, I wasn’t talking about you. You’re cool in my books and I actually agree with you that she wasn’t very smart and what she said was wrong. IMO, she should never have even accepted being interviewed. At least you had the courtesy and open-mindedness to disagree with Zepp’s interviewing methods, something lost amongst many “Wankmericans”.

            What I was talking about was this:

            Watching them spew vitriol, hate and sexist, racist slurs was hilarious if it wasn’t nearly that disgusting. And they define themselves as “liberal” lmao. I think thin-skinned, hairy bush pigs who will remain virgins for life is more like it.

            I made a similar comment to Kai.

            You’re nothing like them BTW. And you’re free to have an opinion of her or any other Asian including me. Unlike most people here, I don’t really care and won’t scrape the ground bellowing that “R-card” whine.

        • wnsk


          I was, in fact, offended by Suey Park being offended. Oh, sweet irony of life.

  • ScottLoar

    This poke at swaggering, pushy, demanding, rich Chinese reveals as much about how the Koreans seem themselves – polite, tolerant, humble, cultured, invariably well-mannered and eager to please a guest – and equally exaggerated.

    I think of the mainland Chinese drama some years ago where the German girl was invariably polite, eager to learn, dutifully coy and modest while the American girl was a brazen hussy clawing her way upwards; again, speaking volumes about the Chinese themselves.

    It is rare that a good series comes along that captures the national stereotypes so well. I’m thinking of Steptoe and Son, or Fawlty Towers, and the scene in A Fish Called Wanda where a couple with children opens the door to what they think is a vacation apartment to discover John Cleese with his girlfriend’s panties over his head prancing about naked: the initial embarrassment is covered over as the men introduce one another to find a common ground with typical English pleasantries. I also liked The Wolf of Wall Street, especially the boardroom scene where they’ve gathered to talk about hiring a dwarf to throw as in “dwarf-throwing”, and De Caprio adds “safety first” to which all sagaciously nod, then goes on to recommend they have a tranquilizer gun handy should the dwarf become uncontrollable. That is rare and refined humour directed at ourselves, as was the entire movie a belly laugh at excess.

    • mr.wiener


  • chucky3176

    I don’t watch much Korean drama that often, and I don’t watch this show, but I happened to have watched a scene on this drama with this Chinese character when my girlfriend was watching the show. I half jokingly said to myself oh-oh, the Chinese people are going to have a fit of rage if they see this. And sure enough look at the thread today. I don’t know if that actor was a Korean or a Chinese, but his Mandarin Chinese sounded pretty good to me. So I don’t get it. The Chinese government banned Korean dramas on Chinese TV, how the hell did the Chinese watch this drama, which is still currently being broadcasted on air in Korea?? To be on Chinese TV, it usually takes a number of years for the drama to be negotiated, bought, dubbed in Chinese, and pass the Chinese government censors, before they go on air in China. That takes years. So how the hell did the Chinese get hold of the Korean drama so quickly, and how did they translate the work so fast? Hasn’t the Chinese government recently have also blocked the internet to block the foreign and Korean shows?

    • grand

      internet video streaming sites are allowed to buy rights and air foreign shows, and usually post them immediately after, sometimes even before the shows gets aired in their original country. sohu uploaded house of cards even before netflix uploaded them.

      • chucky3176

        That sounds dodgy and illegal. Are these legally bought rights?

        And what about translations? Surely it takes time to come up with translations through either dubbing or subtitles. But this show was on air only couple of days ago! Are you telling me that, that many Chinese people know and understand Korean? How do Chinese people know what the actors are saying? This whole thing is a bit shocking, because it feels like Koreans now have to watch what they say in their own country and not speak anything negative about anybody, or have someone in another country get insulted for whatever reason.

        • grand

          yes they do.

          china is now stricter than before with copyrights. streaming sites buy rights,and they sometimes get the copy before the show gets aired in their original country.

          usually they have an agreement that they upload them hours after the show gets aired in their original country, sometimes simultaneoulsy. the BBC tv show Sherlock was posted on youku the same time as it was aired in the UK.

          • chucky3176

            Well I’m glad this is all legal.

            But are they subtitled?

          • grand

            yes of course. otherwise chinese won’t understand them.

        • Kai

          You’re assuming the shows are ripped off their Korean TV broadcasts, then subtitled and uploaded to Chinese viewers. In many cases, as @disqus_CwdytuVMpZ:disqus mentioned, the show is provided to the Chinese distributor before it is aired so translation work can be done ahead of time. When it airs or is made available online is subject to whatever agreement they have. Simultaneous availablity is rare thought; there’s a lag time on most shows.

          Even with illegal rips direct from original country TV broadcasts, never underestimate the passion and speed of the fans behind fansubs. They can be pretty hardcore, and the Korean Wave is definitely in China.

    • mr.wiener

      Fastest way to get people to want something is to say they can’t have it.

  • Cameron

    The biggest joke is that anyone would watch any Korean or Chinese mainland TV series in the first place! Having said that, from the photos this
    Looks like a pretty amusingly accurate depiction of a new middle-age rich Chinese person- might be worth a watch

  • Germandude

    Where are the Japanese complaining about how they are ridiculed in all those Chinese nationalistic propaganda series in which the viewer is taught that comrade Wang and his group of five managed to kill entire Japanese army divisions simply because….well, they could? And the Japs suck big time and so on…and so forth…

    • Probotector

      Perhaps the Japanese aren’t insecure enough to give a shit .

      • Germandude

        I’d assume the same.

        • Kai

          You guys assume wrongly. There are equivalent Japanese guys like this. Just ask the Koreans that regularly comment on jC. Some historical awareness of them being the “bad guys” in WW2 and disinterest in the TV culture of an “inferior” nation has to be factored into this but there’s plenty of insecure Japanese males too.

          • chucky3176

            I can vouch for this. I think it’s the Japanese guys who are far more insecure than the Chinese, at this moment. It wasn’t always like that, but things have changed fast. T

            I think it has mostly due to Japan’s declines and their frustrations. Japan mostly blames Korea for their decline because they think Japan is infallible, and Korea is the easiest one to pick on. China, on the other hand, Japanese hate the most, but won’t dare show that in front of China due to insurmountable fear of China.

          • Germandude

            That has more to do with Japans stance on how they deal with their own role in WW 2 (which I very much despice).
            And as you already touched with disinterest in the TV culture of an “inferior” (sick) nation, I think the Japanese don’t care about those series because they know history was different.

  • Zappa Frank

    more or less is the same as what we say about rich Russians..

    • Kai

      That’s true. A lot of places have similar views about rich Russians. Hainan in China is a good place for that.

  • Rick in China

    This shit is hilarious. But, this comment demonstrates how stupid people can be:

    “Not only do we need to limit the importation of Korean dramas on TV, but on the internet too. Korean bangzi must be resolutely boycotted!”

    Haha, as if the Korean TV series earns any money from peasants streaming copies on Chinese sites or gives two shits what people not close to their target demographic think. Oh no, some busted ass university student in Hebei wont watch my tv show on sina, what shall we do? TERMINATE THE SHOW IMMEDIATELY!

    • Kai

      Haha, as if the Korean TV series earns any money from peasants streaming copies on Chinese sites

      Actually, they increasingly and I’d say mostly do. Remember the post about American shows possibly being censored by new SARFT rules? These major online streaming sites are increasingly purchasing rights to these shows. You can still find pirated torrents and stuff but the major streaming sites are paying money for the rights.

  • redwhitedude

    Throw in chinese as well because they are also watching it.

  • Guang Xiang

    With the recent ferry sinking in Korea, I’m afraid there’ll be a rise of gloating netizens over the tragedy.

    • grand

      why don’t you go and check it yourself and read the comments before posting such nonsense.

      • Guang Xiang

        You are right; apologies for the gross assumption, though it has happened between different countries before.

  • Insomnicide

    Well I thought it was a pretty accurate depiction of the average Tuhao. Really, the problem isn’t with Korean dramas, well Korean dramas have their problems but the main problem here is how Chinese Tuhaos behave.

  • narsfweasels

    Wow, I saw a guy who looks just like that the other day…

    …in every Five-star hotel bar in Shanghai.

  • SonofSpermcube

    I read somewhere that of all categories of programming in China, the audience for Korean dramas has the lowest education level.

    • Probotector

      Somewhere? You mean here, right under this article?

      • SonofSpermcube

        Yeah, that’d be it. Thanks. Didn’t notice it before.

  • Rick in China

    Oh how they dream of living the Chinese dream! Poor Koreans :(

  • Zappa Frank

    a Chinese dream

  • Rick in China

    You may also know it as ‘breakfast’.

    • Kai

      LoL, I really shouldn’t be encouraging flames but I have to say this was a pretty good comeback.

  • deputamadre

    C’mon, Chinese don’t have teeth that straight.

  • Pointing out

    Also “they” don’t all use that word. It’s the ones that use that word that don’t care about others using it and the ones that don’t say it- don’t want anyone, at all using it.

  • Rick in China

    My question is – so all these retards are up in arms about a Korean drama implying rich in China are arrogant and assholish douche bags, um.. so while they make demands about other countries demeaning some of their people in parody, will they also stop portraying Japanese as evil stupid weak cunts in EVERY Chinese TV show, mostly about war? Lets make a deal!

    • byeongshin

      Thanks for the incoherent rant.

  • Markus Peg

    Just to clarify, I have not once laughed despite my message
    above saying “we laugh at you not with you”. implying and agreeing
    with pretty much everything you just wrote.

    Where is the line between what is and isn’t acceptable to post on this site… Anyone who laughs when he is writing about “Bukake” and so on, has such a childish mentality.

    • Kai

      Having an immature sense of humor and cliche’d “insights” isn’t against our comment policy. So far, his trolling isn’t hardcore or disruptive enough for us to moderate.

  • wrle

    If koreans were shown the same way in a chinese drama, koreans would not be off their faces like these people. This particular character was purposely portrayed this way to be comical and show a stereotyped trait about rich people, not chinese. why are they so insecure? Can’t even take sarcasm its like only chinese can make fun of chinese.

    • Kai

      I’m not so sure about that. There’s certainly an element of insecurity involved with the Chinese because they recognize Korean society as being ahead of them in general development whereas China remains predominantly “behind the times” in so many aspects even in the most cosmopolitan cities that the Koreans wouldn’t have. But this wasn’t just a dig against rich people or nouveau riche people, this was a dig at Chinese nouveau rich people because the country sees enough of them. It’s fundamentally no different from HKers making fun of mainlanders and you could even have French shows about nouveau riche Chinese tourists in LV stores or something. This is a caricature and one many Koreans are familiar with.

      If Koreans consumed as much Chinese entertainment media as vice versa, and that Chinese media presented an unfalttering Korean caricature, you’d be certain there’d be plenty of Koreans “off their faces”. They already complain enough about how Japanese people discriminate against ethnic Koreans in Japan.

      • wrle

        I understand you to a certain extent and it seems fair enough why chinese viewers may feel that way. Your explaination about the chinese nouveau class is something many people in the world would be amiliar with with all honesty, not only koreans. perhaps it may have been insensitive yes, but it certainly was not a purpose discrimination in anyway. I dont how many k dramas you have seen but the rich are often shown as greedy antagonists with rude and even absurd characters. Though this character just happens to be from china. You mentioned japan as well, but that would be quite a different issue altogether.

        • Kai

          Sure, a lot of antagonists in k-dramas are rich people, but so are a lot of protagonists. One of the most common tropes in k-dramas is the humble maiden who falls for the princeling.

          I don’t think this is merely Koreans poking fun at the rich. This is definitely poking fun at specifically Chinese nouveau riche, because they’re notable in a modern Korea that sees increasing tourism from China. It’s probably not meant to be hardcore discrimination with a serious agenda of hate, but they are undoubtedly exploiting negative stereotypes for a laugh. There is no question about there being “purpose” and “discrimination” involved.

          I mentioned Japan because its an example where Koreans are often “off their face” and “insecure”. It’s not a different issue altogether as long as the issue is about why any people would be “off their face” or “insecure” about how they are seen by others.

          • wrle

            That was not what i meant in regards to japan. Its got nothing to do with tv shows.

      • wrle

        And also, there are no weird kkk anti chinese groups in korea like japan.

        • Kai

          Eh, I think it’s sufficient to say there’s plenty of nationalism and prejudices in the populations of all three countries, against each other. There’s really no point in trying to paint the idiots in any country as better or worse than others. They’re still idiots.

          • wrle

            What I mean with japan is, the racial discrimination issue is much more serious on a level than how koreans are portayed in a japanese drama.

  • IsurvivedChina

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=duDfT7KxNxk its true only Chinese can make of Chinese..

  • FYIADragoon

    I don’t really think this is that far off the mark.

  • thank you for reading all my posts and remembering me. I flattered I have such an impact on your life….have a nice day

  • Paul Schoe

    Unrelated: voting

    Kai, I just visited the CNN website, where they also use Disqus.
    To my surprise, they show the number of down-votes (again?).

    Maybe Disqus has changed their new policy and now allows webmasters to decide whether or not to show the number of downvotes.

    I really like to have that functionality back in CS as it allowed us, as a community, to easily express it when we disagree with a statement.

  • Don’t Believe the Hype

    “This is normal, okay? Either way, there really are people like this. Besides, it’s just acting in a TV drama; it’s not it forced you to identify with it. Aren’t our TV shows the same also? What country hasn’t been made fun of?”
    Thank god someone saw the hypocrisy of it all.

    • christina

      there is hope for china yet ;)

      • Taking offense at being made fun of by foreign media could be worse in China than it is in the US, but that doesn’t mean that there is no taking offense at being made fun of by foreign media in the US. Jon Stewart recently mocked several people on Fox News who took offense at Americans being made fun of by foreign media but had a double standard because they’ve made fun of foreign nations in the past. In conclusion, your comment oversimplifies the matter. ;)

        • Alex Dương


          On a related note, to my surprise (or maybe not), Jon Stewart has, in fact, mocked people on Fox News who took offense at foreign funding for the “Ground Zero mosque” but didn’t give a shit about foreign funding for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.


          So once again, we’re all pretty much the same at the end of the day.

  • christina

    his “AIYAAAAAA” especially was really on target and I had to laugh because I hear that all the time- admittedly mostly from myself :P

  • michael timothy 235

    In the US we long ago got used to TV bearing no connection to reality (except for reality TV of course).

    • IsurvivedChina

      and even that has no bearing in real life – please don’t tell “keeping up with the Kardashians” is real life!

  • Kai

    You do understand Chinese netizens are almost always being sarcastic when they refer to their country as the “Heavenly Kingdom”, right?

  • KamikaziPilot

    Well said, his stupidity is worse than his racism. But the old saying is “You can’t fix stupid”. The best thing to do is just ignore this poster. If we all do it long enough, he/she/it might finally leave and find some other site to troll.

  • Teacher in China

    That is fucking amazing. They nailed the “new rich” look in Songyuan perfectly. So many douches walking around here with exactly the same kind of attitude. It would be easier if they could just make a sign to carry around that says “LOOK AT ME!!!! I’M RICH! RICH!!!!!!” Well done, Korean soap opera *claps earnestly*

    • bang2tang

      They also dressed Hyunbin’s rich mother in Secret Garden like that, lol.

  • nita

    Hmm. Can’t decide what’s worse really. Gauche Chinese freaks or plastic surgery-fied Korean freaks. Truly a race to the bottom either way you slice it.

  • moldavidian

    It’s great to see others calling out these so called “tuhao” and their ridiculousness.

  • TT

    The last photo with a group of people isn’t hotel king its a different drama..

    • mr.wiener

      Thanks for that ,except I must know….HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT!! Some one is a Koran soapie addict, busted!! :)

  • fanfan

    Chinese need to wake up and realize many Koreans hate China. Their schoolbooks still show northeast China to be Korean land and use Korean names for Chinese cities. If they could, they would take the Chinese provinces back. They truly are racist against Chinese and Chinese better wake up to that fact soon. Some of the younger kids are not like their parents, but as a whole, they would be happy to not have any Chinese set foot in Korea.

    • bang2tang

      not hating, just feel slightly superior perhaps?

    • Seri Park

      No, they do not hate China… just because they are poking fun has nothing to do with hate… If you watch Korea dramas, you’ll see that they make fun of everyone, Americans, Japanese, and themselves

  • comradewang


  • Pakonas

    I don’t know what is more bizarre, the soap opera, that character or people’s comment.

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  • Mighty曹

    I said I love that mentality. I wasn’t agreeing with it. You’re right, one thing I love is that Americans find humor in everything, even if it’s at their expense.