Korean Drama ‘Hotel King’ Makes Fun of Rich Chinese, Reactions

Chinese "tuhao" (nouveau riche) as portrayed in Korean TV dramas.

Chinese "tuhao" (nouveau riche) as portrayed in Korean TV dramas.

From Sina Weibo:

@新浪娱乐: Chinese Tuhao “In The Eyes Of” Korean Dramas sb_org — Nouveau riche fashion sense, animal fur plus leopard skin pants, wearing two gold chains at once, wearing 4-5 rings to demonstrate one’s wealth, and the first thing out of his mouth is: “Oh my god, this is name brand, what are you doing?” This is the image of a Chinese tuhao in the Korean drama Hotel King, “real” [“so” or “talk about being rendered”] utterly dumbstruck. cry Details: Why is the “treatment” [portrayal] of Chinese and Korean tuhao so different?! [抓狂]



Comments on Sina Weibo:


Because bangzi can’t live without making the Heavenly Kingdom look bad. Hotel King started making fun of Chinese people right from the first episode, so disgusting it makes me cry.


If you’ve never met a Chinese person then don’t just blindly imitate one. The director and screenwriter, you guys are retarded.


Isn’t the whole world’s perception of Chinese rich just like that? That the moment they have some money, they start thinking they’re the boss? We can only say one shouldn’t take Northeastern people as representing all Chinese people.


Very trendy! He even has leopard skin pants!


This kind of blatant, repeated uglifying of Chinese people can already be considered discrimination. Why does SARFT not censor these things. When it involves prejudice, why do online video sites not take this drama down, but instead continue showing it? Unless they want this show to continue mocking Chinese people?


So can we not have tuhao going abroad to lose face [embarrass us]?


Not only do we need to limit the importation of Korean dramas on TV, but on the internet too. Korean bangzi must be resolutely boycotted!


Korea here can still be considered being merciful, a lot of tuhao in China are much worse.


When I saw this Chinese tuhao, I first laughed, but later felt helpless. Why do Koreans see tuhao with crude manners as [representing] mainland Chinese people, and the Northeastern accent as signifying crudeness [lack of refinement/manners/civility].


So Koreans’ impression of Chinese people is that we have more money than them now, and of course this is also the reality, so what more can you except from the people of a country that only know how to stuff kimchi into their bellies?


This is normal, okay? Either way, there really are people like this. Besides, it’s just acting in a TV drama; it’s not it forced you to identify with it. Aren’t our TV shows the same also? What country hasn’t been made fun of?


Koreans are just like Taiwanese people, frog in a well, ignorant.


Our Chinese people’s behavior have determined Chinese people’s image. Before scolding others for insulting oneself, we as Chinese people should first think about what we have done to make China look bad.


Fuck, isn’t this just making the image of our tuhao worse? Our Chinese tuhao do not wear gold chains, they only wear tea egg chains.


Bangzi is simply a retarded country, and still we have many retarded fans who kneel before them.


The rest I won’t say, but why do they have us wearing women’s sunglasses?!! crazya_org


From now on I will never watch Korean dramas, let them go die.


Compare this to the image of Japanese people in China’s anti-Japanese dramas.


I feel the same… After seeing this, I felt Koreans are really going too far in distorting Chinese people… We should also release good TV dramas to promote our countrymen’s characteristics… We can’t be indifferent to this… or else the influence of the Korean Wave [Korean pop culture] will be unstoppable.

Chinese "tuhao" (nouveau riche) as portrayed in Korean TV dramas.


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Joe is a documentary producer and journalist based in Shanghai


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