Leonardo DiCaprio Strutting Photoshop Collection

Leonardo DiCaprio "strutting" on the set of Inception.

Leonardo DiCaprio "strutting" on the set of Inception.

From KDS:

The original photograph was from the set of Inception…

Hilarious emoticon

Leonardo DiCaprio "strutting" on the set of Inception.

Leonardo DiCaprio "strutting" photoshop: 9/11

Leonardo DiCaprio "strutting" photoshop: American moon-landing.

Leonardo DiCaprio "strutting" photoshop: PLA Orchestra.

Leonardo DiCaprio "strutting" photoshop: None of my business, I'm going to get soy sauce.

Leonardo DiCaprio "strutting" photoshop: Iron Man 2

Leonardo DiCaprio "strutting" photoshop:

Leonardo DiCaprio "strutting" photoshop: Brokeback Mountain.

Leonardo DiCaprio "strutting" photoshop: Resident Evil.

Leonardo DiCaprio "strutting" photoshop: Football/soccer.

Leonardo DiCaprio "strutting" photoshop: China chengguan posing picture.

Leonardo DiCaprio "strutting" photoshop: JFK Assasination.

Leonardo DiCaprio "strutting" photoshop: Track running.

Leonardo DiCaprio "strutting" photoshop: Chasing child.

Leonardo DiCaprio "strutting" photoshop:

Leo DiCaprio "strutting" photoshop.

Leo DiCaprio "strutting" photoshop: The Office?

Leo DiCaprio "strutting" photoshop: Titanic.

Leo DiCaprio "strutting" photoshop.

Leo DiCaprio "strutting" photoshop.

Leo DiCaprio "strutting" photoshop: Marilyn Monroe.

Inception Leonardo DiCaprio "strutting" photoshop.

Inception Leonardo DiCaprio "strutting" photoshop: Leon.

Inception Leonardo DiCaprio "strutting" photoshop: 2008 Olympic Torch Relay.

Inception Leonardo DiCaprio "strutting" photoshop: Zhou Libo.

Inception Leonardo DiCaprio "strutting" photoshop: Michael Jordan.

Inception Leonardo DiCaprio "strutting" photoshop: Ip Man.

Inception Leonardo DiCaprio "strutting" photoshop: Sister Feng.

Inception Leonardo DiCaprio "strutting" photoshop: The Founding of a Republic.

Inception Leonardo DiCaprio "strutting" photoshop.

Inception Leonardo DiCaprio "strutting" photoshop: The Expendables.

Inception Leonardo DiCaprio "strutting" photoshop.

Leonardo DiCaprio "strutting" photoshop: China flood.

Leonardo DiCaprio "strutting" photoshop.

Leonardo DiCaprio "strutting" photoshop: Inception movie poster.

Leonardo DiCaprio "strutting" photoshop: Iron Man 2.

Leonardo DiCaprio "strutting" photoshop.

Leonardo DiCaprio "strutting" photoshop.

Leonardo DiCaprio "strutting" photoshop: Bon Jovi.

Leonardo DiCaprio "strutting" photoshop: Shutter Island.

Leonardo DiCaprio "strutting" photoshop.

Leonardo DiCaprio "strutting" photoshop: Windows XP wallpaper.

Leonardo DiCaprio "strutting" photoshop: Donnie Darko.

Leonardo DiCaprio "strutting" photoshop: Lord of the Rings.

Leonardo DiCaprio "strutting" photoshop: The Hurt Locker.

Leonardo DiCaprio "strutting" photoshop: The Dark Knight.

Leonardo DiCaprio "strutting" photoshop.

Leonardo DiCaprio "strutting" photoshop: Inception.

Leonardo DiCaprio "strutting" photoshop.

Leonardo DiCaprio "strutting" photoshop.

Leonardo DiCaprio "strutting" photoshop: Forrest Gump.

Leonardo DiCaprio "strutting" photoshop: Statue.

Only some of the photoshops were made by Chinese netizens. More can be found here. Can you identify all of the images?

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Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

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    For the last week I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to talk about the inevitable retractions in US fiscal and monetary policy and the effects they will have on the people of Asia but instead I’m apparently required to discuss Leonardo DiCaprio photoshops so instead I’ll throw together some random and vaguely related shit:

    * Something Awful did photoshops much better back in the day before they got taken over by commie faggots and all the good photoshop people left

    * His accent in Blood Diamond was hilarious, sometimes I wish I was a South African

    * Two years ago I met the historian Niall Ferguson on a plane and he called me “the smartest Korean I’ve ever met”, I didn’t know who he was at the time and I took this to be some sort of condescending insult, in retrospect I regret that I missed the opportunity to talk with him more.

    • FoB

      Oh look its that gook troll again.

      dont u have other important things to argue about?
      like how Confucius is korean? LOL



        • cassie

          Confucious is chinese.
          Every one knows that
          Don’t let people make fun of you.

    • gth793y

      I agreee.

      The personal exploits of Pusan Playa are much more interesting than any current internet phenomenon of major Chinese websites.

      After all, this is a website dedicated to nourishing the often validation demanding ego of Pusan Playa.

    • Chunghwa (af home)

      BAWWWWWWWWWW, nobody is talking about US fiscal policy. ChinaSmack how COULD you?


    • Hammer

      The smartest Korean Niall Ferguson’s ever met reads ChinaSmack? Either the Pusan Playa is lying, Niall Ferguson knows just one or two Koreans, or Korea is in miserable f*cking shape.

    • krdr

      Pusan Playa is Chinese internet phenomenon itself!

      What puzzles me is Niall Ferguson gave Pusan Playa compliment or insulted Korean nation? PP is smart guy and maybe Niall didn’t met many Koreans, so I would restrain my self from searching for answer.

  • Most of these Leonardo DiCaprio photoshoped photos are pretty creative. I wonder if Leo has seen any of them? haha

    [Free 3-month VPN account winner!]

    • b. prichard

      Yes, Leonardo DiCaprio generally to spend his time browsing the internets to see if anyone is posting (somewhat) humorous, (borderline) competent photoshops of himself rather than banging his supermodel girlfriends.

      I feel that I can speak for Mr. DiCaprio in saying “Thank you, lonely, uncared for internet people.”

      • TTOZ

        Get a fuckin sense of humor plz.

      • EVEE

        Christ, Prichard. How long is that stick up your ass?

  • Several of the movies in those pictures could be improved by a strutting Leonardo scene.

  • The Lord of the Ring PS is great

  • 练练英语

    the picture fengjie holds dicaprio’s arm is so awesome…

  • shade

    This was just plain dumb…

  • Teacher in China

    I was just doing some research into “Inception” 5 minutes ago and came across a different link to this same meme. After laughing for a while, I’m like “Hey, what’s happening on ChinaSMACK?” IT’S THE STRUT!! You cannot escape the strut…
    Thanks Fauna, I’m gonna have DiCaprio strutting through my fucking nightmares now…

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    Sorry but it’s fucking shit !

  • Evalinsapple

    We are smirking. First, television makes an arse of Brad Pitt stumbling on a tread mill, next they go after Leo? Mmm, no hero is inpenetratable.

  • Strutter Island

    Some of it’s nice clone work. But I’d probably go for a beer before I’d managed to blend his homo freakin’ head in to my photo, so props for the patience.

    Been trying to decide if Leonardo or Adam Sandler is more talented, thought Leo for a while, nah Gilbert Grape is rubbish, but also Punch Drunk Love is abysmal too.

  • Sjin

    Almost all these images come from the /tv/ board at 4chan, I even made one of the shops in this list (the twisting inception hallway one)

    • wtfdik

      They’ve been on /b/ for quite a few days.
      But the few chinese ones where maybe really done by mop ppl.

  • http://fuckyeahstruttingleo.tumblr.com/

    Keep on trollin’, tongzhi men.

  • haha! i guess prancing cera hasn’t made its way to china yet…

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  • bando

    Funny at first, but scrolling through the whole thing was a waste of time

  • John

    Very funny. I like the Mao one the best. Now you can name that photo “The Three Stooges” HAHAHAHAHAHA


  • wooo

    – K&J Fashion)