‘Love Love Love Love’ by Momo Wu

Wu Mochou 01

Wu Mochou aka Momo Wu

《爱爱爱爱》’Love Love Love Love’ was included in 《梦开始的地方》 [literally “The Place Where Dreams Begin”] The Voice of China, an album that contains the latest works by contestants from the first season of The Voice of China. This album was released on 2013 May 20th.

‘Love Love Love Love’ was written by Golden Melody Award-winning producer 常石磊 Chang Shilei and sung by 21-year-old singer 吴莫愁 Wu Mochou aka Momo Wu, the runner-up of the first season of the popular reality talent show. This song is one of the soundtracks of The Chef, the Actor, the Scoundrel, a 2013 Chinese comedic film.

This song has generated 114,791 listens on Xiami.

Music Video:

Composer: Chang Shilei
Lyrics: Chang Shilei
Singer: Wu Mochou/Momo Wu

Lyrics (Original Chinese, Pinyin Romanization, and English Translation):

ài ya ài ya
Aiya aiya [modal particles indicating impatience or annoyance]

āi zhe shuí de ài la
[Am I] next to anyone’s love?

ài zhe shuí de ài ya
[Did I] bother anyone’s love!

zì gě er bú ài cái bēi āi
[If I] don’t love [someone], that’s sad

cǎi bēi āi
That’s sad

ài ya ài ya
Love, love

lái bù jí de ài ya
The love that comes too late

ài ài ài ài ài ya
Ai! Ai! Ai! Ai! Aiya [modal particles that indicate frustration]

zì gě er bú ài cái qí guài
[If I] don’t love [someone], that’s strange

cái qí guài
That’s strange

wèi shá nòng míng bai
Why [do I] have to understand?

zǎ néng zhěng míng bài
How [can I] understand?

yī ya yī ya a ai
Yiya yiya ah’ai [modal particles indicating impatience or annoyance]

ài ya ài yā
Aiya aiya

ài ài ài ài
Love love love love

hūn tiān àn dì
[Even if] the heaven and earth are in darkness

yě yào ài
I’ll still love

ài ya ài yā
Aiya aiya

ài ài ài ài
Love love love love

唏哩哗啦 乒令乓郎 呜哩哇啦 叽哩呱啦
xī li huā la pīng ling pāng lang wū li wā la jī li guā la
Xili huala pingling panglang wuli wala jili guala [onomatopoeia indicating noise and chaos]

yě yào ài
[I] will still love

ài ya ài ya
Aiya aiya [modal particles that indicate impatience or annoyance]

ài ài ài ài
Love love love love

ài bǐ shén me dōu tòng kuài
Love is happier than anything

wā sai ài ài ài
Wasai [modal particle indicating amazement] ai ai ai

wā sai ài ài ài
Wasai [modal particle indicating amazement] ai ai ai

ài ài ài ài
Love love love love

ài ài ài ài
Love love love love

Wu Mochou 01

Wu Mochou 02

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Written by Rensi

A translator of trending Chinese Internet humor and Chinese pop music.

  • biggj

    This chick looks like this girl I knew who kept calling my house and hanging up. Although this girl is uglier than the girl calling my house.

    • I edited my reply. Originally I said I wouldn’t kick her out of bed for farting. Then I got skeptical and google image searched her. Not really sure I have the same opinion as before.

      • Serpico

        Come ooon, it can’t be that ba- AW SHIET WHAT IS THAT

        • If you can train her to stand facing always at the same angle relative to whatever position or perspective you’re looking at her, it could work.

          • Thor

            It’s called a sprite in video games.

  • mr.wiener

    Imaginative title.

    • SuperHappyCow

      I would anally fist her, regardless.

      • mr.wiener

        Cows can’t make a fist.

  • Germandude

    I really love the deep lyrics. I bet the sounds are as good …

    • Repatriated

      Haha. I’m sure it will be a chart-buster.

  • I wonder if she really is a big Yankees fan and follows all of their games?

  • 剑胆琴心

    i like this song, i can sing well ….
    make me feel the need and passion for love also a bit sluty and cheeky….

  • slob

    Judging from the page views, don’t the people running CS see that nobody cares about these song articles?


    This one’s a lot more interesting. 15 days punishment for an off-duty police officer after he throws a baby on the ground.

    • Claude

      What a lunatic.15 days? A baby?

    • Kai

      Hate to break it to those of you who don’t like these song posts but comments don’t equal pageviews.

      If you guys want to promote the “these posts aren’t popular with readers so stop posting them” argument, you guys need to stop contributing to the pageviews by repeatedly clicking and commenting on them.

  • Mr Nightcat

    She seems to be China’s new darling from The Voice of China, though it seems she got snapped up pretty quickly by Pepsi. Seen any of Jolin Tsai’s music videos? If so you know what I mean – the obnoxious, in-your-face product placement.

    Her latest song is being played on all the buses here in Xiamen and the video starts and ends with Pepsi this Pepsi that, Pepsi everywhere – I almost feel sorry for the girl. One of the music videos from Jolin’s Muse album has her giving IV DRIPS of Pepsi to people who magically perk up!

    If I cringed harder I’d tear half the muscles in my face.

    • T. Bickle

      Well she won’t be a super star until her picture winds up on a package of potato chips or toilet paper.

      • biggj

        Hhahahaa, yep that’s true. That how you become popular in china.

    • bprichard

      On the other hand, I would rather watch a Pepsi commercial than hear Jolin Tsai’s songs.

  • Serpico

    Putting aside all the pathetic things other people in the comments said, not carring about the lyrics – the song is really entertaining to listen. For me. But that’s just my electronic taste.

    Edit: Pathetic things about the singer. English, please let me use you correctly.

    • T. Bickle

      I think you meant to say “eclectic” taste. Though liking any type of pop music is the opposite of eclectic. If you actually meant “electronic taste” then you’re a moron. Sure, it would entertaining to listen to for somebody lacking any taste in music or a basic understanding about what truly good music is all about, and it seems like you qualify. So have fun trying to memorize those complicated lyrics.

      • Serpico

        Electronic music? The one without any instruments? Easy and for some nice to hear and listen to? That’s the music I ment. I also wrote that I don’t care about lyrics in this one. You don’t know me, you simpleton, you have no idea what music I’m listening to.

      • Kiwi

        Anyone claiming they know what’s “truly good music” are just people who think their musical taste matters more. You are just another arrogant douche bag and your sense in music, not matter how good, can’t compensate for that.

      • fabulous

        Travis Bickle arguing with Serpico?! Haha!
        She/he can say electronic taste if he/she wants. That doesn’t make her a moron any more than Jeff Lynne.

  • vonskippy

    Waaaaaaaay better then the normal sugary laden sappy sad love songs.

    Thanks for posting it!

    //and remember – even hideously bad hair cuts eventually grow back//

    • Kai

      Taste in music is subjective but I couldn’t stand this song, its lyrics, or its music. I’m sure someone can persuasively argue artistic merit for it, and I can respect that, but I admit I’m struggling to understand how this song’s lyrics is anything more than essentially one verse of those same sugar-laden sappy sad love songs interspersed with a lot of wailing (okay, I know it’s meant to play on the similar sound of the word “love” but still…)

  • Marcus Black

    How many surgeries has this one had?

    • Claude

      Not many. She’s not terribly attractive, That’s why she’s working the “alternative” or “punky” angle. If she was a more pretty girl, her producers would slot her into a more bubble gum pop genre.

      All of this tripe is manufactured. But, I’m stating the obvious.

      • Marcus Black

        You have to assume all these Asian celebrities are 60% plastic. Just how it is these days.

        • Claude

          In the future all pop singers will be replaced by androids. When they bilked that particular model for all it’s worth, they’ll swap out her face, change the program and start the marketing strategy all over again.

          Holy shit! I’m channeling Phillip K Dick!

  • Benjy


  • moldavidian

    The only reasons i can guess why Chinese pop music exists in China is because, first, most people wouldn’t bother to look beyond their own culture to find something better and second, they haven’t heard anything good to compare it to.

    • Kevin Yu

      But isnt that the same with pop-music everywhere, also in America? They sing about papapapaparizzi, the next love-interest and such shit and are also popular like hell.

      • He wasn’t talking about the lyrics.

        Have you seen Paparazzi’s MV? That’s a pretty damn well-crafted pop song, and I can’t imagine an MV like that coming out of China…

      • moldavidian

        True but if you look beyond MTV and what’s popular on the radio, you can still find some really good music. After 8 years in China, i’m still trying to find something as good as say, Spitz. Any suggestions?

  • MrT

    Lots of good Chinese music floating about, not sure why only the crap gets posted on here.

  • Linette lee

    She is not a good singer. Faye Wong and Amei can probably do a better job on this song than her. I don’t like this song.

  • Guang Xiang

    Not to be mistaken for “Love, Love, Love” by Jolin Tsia

    • Gordon Gogodancer


  • T. Bickle

    One look at this girl and I could tell she was a deep and profound thinker. One who ponders the ancient philosophical questions of life. Then after reading those complex lyrics (I had to get out several dictionaries and spent the whole afternoon trying to figure out what it all meant) I knew I was right. The part where she says “哎呀哎呀 ài ya ài yā Aiya aiya” in one verse, then follows it in the next with “爱爱爱爱 ài ài ài ài Love love love love” left me speechless. Poe or Shakespeare or Li Bai could never have come up with anything like that. Now I realize that he future of not only pop music but all music is going to be coming out of the cultural well-spring that is China and be determined by geniuses like Momo Wu. I need to go read something lighter now, like Camus or Sartre.

    • YourSupremeCommander

      “ài ya ài yā Aiya aiya” “ài ài ài ài”

      I hear these sounds all the time when I am in bed with a girl.

    • Beijinger

      You seem like an intellectual brah.

      Thoughts on cuckoldry?

  • Alphy

    Holy crap… is it just me or did you guys also noticed the horribly shallow lyrics. Did they lock up all the good song writers? The song just sound like someone grab words that rhyme with love and then just mix it up. Sigh… so creative and deep indeed…

    • mr.wiener

      Really? What’s wrong with “Love, love, love, love …aiya!. Wasai!, love, love love” ?

  • biggj

    The comments here make me laugh. The music they translate on here is stuff that a 13 year old girl who just got her period would listen to. It’s just garbage. Sure if I were a 13 year old girl this would be awesome. The lyrics are so complex I figure out what is going on.lol They must put songs like this on here so people just talk shit about how bad they are…..that has to it…

  • Robert Rou

    Hating on the Chinese is futile.

    • Gordon Gogodancer

      Hating on the Chinese is futile indeed…however as some people indeed noticed this song is shite

  • Damage_Sponge

    Reading the lyrics I couldn’t help but think of Alpha for the Power Rangers sreies and came across this Gem.


  • Repatriated

    Interesting that she’s “famous”. I would bet that not only can she NOT play any instrument, she didn’t even write this song…and actually chose it to cover. Yuck.

  • mattman_183

    Sorry to take this train into Creepville, but does anyone else get a freaky, dominatrix vibe from her? Just seems like she’d be totally into that. Whips and chains. Sticks and stones, and anything else mentioned in that Rihanna song.

  • Gordon Gogodancer

    The worst part is…she probably had someone write the lyrics for her

  • Tony

    yay…. i found it . i saw this song in beijing subway but now im home

  • PandaBread

    Her music is awesome

    • moop

      This song is vapid shite. Might i suggest something with a little more substance than repeating the same awful lyrics over and over again:

      Interpol, Arcade Fire, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Sigur Ros, Band of Horses, Calexico, Destroyer, M83, Spoon, Andrew Bird, Nuetral Milk Hotel, Flotation Toy Warning

      • Those artists are vapid shite. Might I suggest something with a little more substance than repeating the same verse and chorus melodies and chord sequences over and over again:

        Bruckner, Villa-Lobos, Wagner, Takemitsu, Schubert, Rachmaninoff, Sibelius, Messiaen, Shostakovich, Ives, Scriabin, Vaughan Williams, Debussy, Ravel, Brahms, Stravinsky [/sarcasm]

        • moop

          what, no Fauré?

      • PandaBread

        I listened to her other stuff but I still like this. Everybody has an opinion.

        • I like this too. *high five*