Michael Jackson Is Dead, Chinese Netizen Reactions

Michael Jackson is dead.


1983 - Michael Jackson with monkey and llama

1988 - Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal

Comments from Sina:


Michael is just a singer, but to some ignorant fans he is like their parents. Michael’s death makes them act as if they have lost their parents. They wish he could bring them to another world, because they themselves are soulless people who do not serve much of a purpose living anyway. They do not have parents, no loved ones and friends, no red flowers, no green leaves, no four seasons, no motherland, only Michael.


How could there be people who worship such a deviant?
Just that neither human nor monster picture of him is enough to scare people.
As for his singing, I didn’t think he excelled in it either…


He did not excel in singing? A single album sold 130 million copies. Keep in mind that Hong Kong and Taiwanese singers hold celebrations just for selling 500,000 copies. When you start thinking the entire world has a problem, it means you have a problem.
While I am at it, let me also say, what “neither human nor monster” face? Go investigate why he had plastic surgery. You first go see what black people who have Vitiligo are like before coming back to express your opinion. You can be retarded, but why do you have to show off your retardation everywhere.


Those people insulting MJ, do you know what makes MJ outstanding? Because no matter what anyone says about any of his business, when it comes to his music, you cannot say anything. For a music king, that is enough.


Pathetic countrymen, it is just a single foreign entertainment star. At most, it is regrettable, but is this worth all of you being so miserable? Truly making a fuss over nothing.


A single foreign entertainment star? Please find another “single” [star] that can be compared to him. Those who do not have memories of MJ do not reply. “Miserable” we are not, but our hearts definitely are very upset, because what has been lost is not just a person, but also our wonderful memories.


This world is again less one abnormal/perverted/deviant piece of trash! Excellent, tonight I will drink!


He was a music genius…but when he betrayed his own skin color and bleached his skin white, when he started hating his own race and changed his face so much that he no longer looked like himself, he became a monster/freak…Were it not for this, I believe he would have had a better life.


After seeing irrefutable information, my eyes became moist. What is wrong with me, I am already over 30-years-old and very rarely does this happen [cry].


MJ, you are our god!


The first singer that I became a fan of was Michael Jackson. His dancing, his voice, his songs, I paid attention to closely. His departure is a huge grief for his fans. The poor July worldwide concert tour is no more. I am so sad!!!


Heaven waits for you to continue making legends. Go amaze God! MJ the Great!


This half-man half-demon monster has ultimately left the human world. When is it time for that half-man half-woman Li Yuchun [aka Chris Lee, a pop artist famous for being like a boy]?!


Comments from Tianya:


My father was watching the news this morning. He is over 50-years old, and upon seeing this news he yelled for us to wake up. I ran over astonished to see the report, sigh.
Heaven must be very bright now!!!


Oh…my god! No way! I don’t believe it! I don’t believe it!


In university there was a girl who was passionately in love with Michael. Whenever she heard anyone say he was “abnormal/perverted/deviant” she would get angry and fight with them. It was from that girl that I slowly came to realize his charm! Now when I look at his stuff from 20 years ago I still get excited and thrilled! He is not just a king to me but also a a symbol of my youth!


MJ passed away~~ makes me feel very old. The superstar of a generation.


Too too too too too sudden…
I was just telling my husband that we must save money during our lifetimes to go see him in concert…


I saw the South Park episode about him. I do not think he molested boys, but rather wanted to be forever innocent… He hoped there could be a world where there were only children, only innocence… His childhood affected him a lot.


I am thankful to you for the energy and happiness you have brought to my life. I am thankful for having known you, Thank you for bringing to my world/life energy and happiness. God calls, God needs you.


He doesn’t know that in China there is a group of fans who are infatuated with him, who will go crazy for him, who will always support him…once again: Goodbye, we love you.


I have always believed that MJ is an simple and kind-hearted person, and just demonized by the outside world~~~

Rest in peace, there is no racism and not so many restraints in heaven, so you can dance and sing to your heart’s content~~~


I liked you ever since junior high
and just a few days ago I was watching your performance.
My entire life I have dreamed of going to watch your concert.

Now I can only say to you:
Rest in peace.

God bless you.

1993 - Michael Jackson Concert

Michael Jackson (1958-2009)


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