Shaanxi Normal University Tests Female Standing Urinals

An embarrassed Chinese student exits from a standing female urinal.

An embarrassed Chinese student exits from a standing female urinal.
From Mop & Tiexue:

Shaanxi Normal University promotes female standing urination, women testers shy

September 26th, six women’s standing urinals officially being tested at Shaanxi Normal University public restrooms, the students using them to urinate while standing still a bit shy.  Female standing urination has ushered in a tough practice in colleges and universities.

A female stadning urinal with instruction signs at a college campus in Shaanxi, China.

Special signs were designed next to the urinals: “If every woman can urinate standing, Shaanxi Normal University can save 160 tons of water.” Around the urinals are specially designed partitions to avoid awkwardness while using the toilet; the partitions are decorated with pink patterns, with this kind of warm design mainly done to reduce women’s apprehension [of using these toilets]. Next to the urinals are specially placed funnels.

Several Chinese university schoolgirls and student representatives testing new standing urinals for females at Shaanxi Normal University in China.

Seven college student union representatives from Shaanxi province arrived that day to participate in the ceremony for implementing the Shaanxi Normal University female urinal, all of them being female students. One student representative said that the experience was indeed very novel, having listened to the professors explain the significance of doing so, having the courage to try, yet not knowing what to do after entering the toilet. One female shyly entered the toilet and upon exiting said, “[I] was there for a 2-3 minutes, but couldn’t urinate.”  A second year female graduate student said new things require everyone to gradually accept, the first time definitely going to be bad, and that one needs to practice a few times before they become accustomed.

A funnel that allows women to urinate or pee standing up.

As it is understood, one female urinal costs 2000 yuan, with the promoter of this innovation being National People’s Congress representative and Shaanxi Normal University Professor Qu Yajun. In April, Qu Yajun expressed to school president/chancellor for the first time his hope for installing female standing urinals on campus. The school afterward decided to places 3 standing urinals at newly built women’s toilets on two campuses.

The first woman in China to practice female standing urination.

September 26th, Xi’an, Ye Ganlin explains her environmental protection philosophy at the standing urinal public toilet located on Taibai Road, the 72-year-old retired senior engineer being the country’s first person to practice female standing urination.

Chinese man uses unisex standing urinal in Xi'an, China.

September 26th, Xi’an, the standing urinal public toilet located on Taibai Road is unisex but it is still mostly men who use the toilet. With regards to promoting [the practice], Qu Yajun says that it is not often the men who find it most difficult to accept but rather the women themselves. Because of physiological factors, standing urination [for women] requires a funnel. For a grown woman to hold such a thing to urinate is something that most females find difficult to accept.

From Mop:


The [standing urinals] that women use abroad all have funnels. China wants to do the same thing yet it just fashions a female standing urinal out of a male urinal?


The guy who created this [did so because] his mother’s legs have a disease and can’t squat down. He didn’t want to let his mother suffer this alone, [so he] create this J8 thing [the funnel]. [And they] say this bullshit about saving water. Why don’t you just set the water for both defecating and urinating? How come you don’t say this is wasting paper? Fuck, [I should] shit in your family’s rice bowl.


Is standing to defecate the next step???


The great Heavenly Kingdom [nickname for China’s government] always uses these novel but useless innovations to show its advancement.


Truly fucking disgusting, and who knows what pervert/deviant invented this, with the person promoting this being even more perverted/deviant. This can be called a disguise for forcing women to urinate standing up, with even the fucking right to piss being stripped of by you bureaucrats.


Not sanitary, and wastes paper. Mental retards.


These mental retards, only able to think of these bullshit things.


That funnel is a paper product, so 160 tons of water is being saved each day but who knows how many trees are being cut down, so are we really saving at all? This is actually providing some factory an order, right [a public project that uses public money to enrich private individuals]? Maybe you can shout, “I raised GDP!”


TMD, in the future, I’m going to enter the wrong bathroom often.


Fuck, saving [water] in this way? Couldn’t those corrupt officials just wash their cars a few less times?


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