Shaanxi Normal University Tests Female Standing Urinals

An embarrassed Chinese student exits from a standing female urinal.

An embarrassed Chinese student exits from a standing female urinal.
From Mop & Tiexue:

Shaanxi Normal University promotes female standing urination, women testers shy

September 26th, six women’s standing urinals officially being tested at Shaanxi Normal University public restrooms, the students using them to urinate while standing still a bit shy.  Female standing urination has ushered in a tough practice in colleges and universities.

A female stadning urinal with instruction signs at a college campus in Shaanxi, China.

Special signs were designed next to the urinals: “If every woman can urinate standing, Shaanxi Normal University can save 160 tons of water.” Around the urinals are specially designed partitions to avoid awkwardness while using the toilet; the partitions are decorated with pink patterns, with this kind of warm design mainly done to reduce women’s apprehension [of using these toilets]. Next to the urinals are specially placed funnels.

Several Chinese university schoolgirls and student representatives testing new standing urinals for females at Shaanxi Normal University in China.

Seven college student union representatives from Shaanxi province arrived that day to participate in the ceremony for implementing the Shaanxi Normal University female urinal, all of them being female students. One student representative said that the experience was indeed very novel, having listened to the professors explain the significance of doing so, having the courage to try, yet not knowing what to do after entering the toilet. One female shyly entered the toilet and upon exiting said, “[I] was there for a 2-3 minutes, but couldn’t urinate.”  A second year female graduate student said new things require everyone to gradually accept, the first time definitely going to be bad, and that one needs to practice a few times before they become accustomed.

A funnel that allows women to urinate or pee standing up.

As it is understood, one female urinal costs 2000 yuan, with the promoter of this innovation being National People’s Congress representative and Shaanxi Normal University Professor Qu Yajun. In April, Qu Yajun expressed to school president/chancellor for the first time his hope for installing female standing urinals on campus. The school afterward decided to places 3 standing urinals at newly built women’s toilets on two campuses.

The first woman in China to practice female standing urination.

September 26th, Xi’an, Ye Ganlin explains her environmental protection philosophy at the standing urinal public toilet located on Taibai Road, the 72-year-old retired senior engineer being the country’s first person to practice female standing urination.

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Chinese man uses unisex standing urinal in Xi'an, China.

September 26th, Xi’an, the standing urinal public toilet located on Taibai Road is unisex but it is still mostly men who use the toilet. With regards to promoting [the practice], Qu Yajun says that it is not often the men who find it most difficult to accept but rather the women themselves. Because of physiological factors, standing urination [for women] requires a funnel. For a grown woman to hold such a thing to urinate is something that most females find difficult to accept.

From Mop:


The [standing urinals] that women use abroad all have funnels. China wants to do the same thing yet it just fashions a female standing urinal out of a male urinal?


The guy who created this [did so because] his mother’s legs have a disease and can’t squat down. He didn’t want to let his mother suffer this alone, [so he] create this J8 thing [the funnel]. [And they] say this bullshit about saving water. Why don’t you just set the water for both defecating and urinating? How come you don’t say this is wasting paper? Fuck, [I should] shit in your family’s rice bowl.


Is standing to defecate the next step???


The great Heavenly Kingdom [nickname for China’s government] always uses these novel but useless innovations to show its advancement.


Truly fucking disgusting, and who knows what pervert/deviant invented this, with the person promoting this being even more perverted/deviant. This can be called a disguise for forcing women to urinate standing up, with even the fucking right to piss being stripped of by you bureaucrats.


Not sanitary, and wastes paper. Mental retards.


These mental retards, only able to think of these bullshit things.


That funnel is a paper product, so 160 tons of water is being saved each day but who knows how many trees are being cut down, so are we really saving at all? This is actually providing some factory an order, right [a public project that uses public money to enrich private individuals]? Maybe you can shout, “I raised GDP!”


TMD, in the future, I’m going to enter the wrong bathroom often.


Fuck, saving [water] in this way? Couldn’t those corrupt officials just wash their cars a few less times?

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Pink patterns. chinaSMACK personals.

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • Gaijin!

    Seriously? Juicier stuff please!!!

  • Bob

    I don’t understand why Chinese posters are always so negative about barely important things. “Only in the heavenly kingdom” is becoming kind of cliche and annoying, as if there aren’t retarded news stories else where.

    • lulu

      it is part of their “center of the world” mentality…even when they critizise their govetnment it must be actually intended as a soft way to show their freedom of speech without acting against their government

      • Gaaad!!!

        Huh!!! All that just from a piece about female stand-up urinals? Extrapolate much? What’s next? A discourse on the socio-political significance of the colour of your own turd? Sheeze!

      • Chad

        Every country does this. Thanks lulu for the useless “explanation.”

    • retarded chinese people

      DING that! Chinese always think “only in China does x (shit thing) happen”…but after 10 years abroad they realise…

      • Gaaad!!!

        Wooo! Excellent generalisation there matey or are you just another frog at the bottom of your very own well?

    • Gaaad!!!

      And yet here you are being “so negative about barely important things” that are “so negative about barely important things”.

      Ding! Oh, the sweet irony of the holier than thou brigade.

      Ahhh, what rare trait is the ability to self-reflect or is it merely the inability to realise what one has written? LOL!!!

  • Mary Wollstonecraft

    it’s like what plato said, if women want more rights, they have to strive to me like men. there are two sexes, man, and antiman. why can’t we make the standard peeing position be squating/sitting down? why do women have to copy men?

    • Joe

      That old hag Ye Ganlin is in charge of some environmental department? She looks like someone who grew up during the Cultural Revolution, when all the educated people were mocked. It is unlikely she knows anything about environmental protection. Dual flush toilets, China, you heard of them?

  • Type Two

    this is glorious

  • Chef Rocco

    Look like female has no problem in matching male’s exclusive skills in a john with aid of a carton paper, now it is male’s turn to learn how to give birth to babies…

  • Chef Rocco

    Look like female has no problem in matching male’s exclusive skills in a john with aid of a carton paper, now it is male’s turn to learn how to give birth to babies…

  • file124528

    Fuck, I’ve seen local women standing making a splash on the streets plenty of times.

  • BlothaLonely

    Ladies, peeing through a funnel won’t make you men!!


  • well the saving water in cost of using lots of paper does sound worrisome.

    • bert

      Meanwhile, the school uses more than 160 tones of water daily when they water the landscaping (face) and I am sure if you walk around you will see several places where water is just running out into the street for no reason and other places where the faucets are dripping (lazy workers who can’t do anything unless they are told to fix it, the university doesn’t get attention by making it workers work).

  • John

    They have been designed 4U2P.

  • Teacher in China

    I voted “oppose”, but I’d accept if I could see figures on estimates of just how much paper would be wasted vs. how much water could be saved. It seems like the paper wasted would be more than the water saved, but who knows?

  • Zardoz

    Is it wrong that I’m highly aroused by this? And I would gladly help volunteer any of the hot Shaanxi Normal University Students with their funnels.

    • Alikese

      Your mouth is not an acceptable funnel.

  • Cool Matt

    The only thing good about this is it might make women’s lines go faster.

    • mrnightcat

      Although, any time saved will quickly be used up again by first-timers who find it difficult and unusual, thus taking longer, like the female mentioned back in the article. If there ever was such a scenario where all female toilets replaced by those, I can imagine the lines would be horrendous for a while.

      Agreed with what you said. The paper-wasting problem has also already been mentioned, and even if it did save more water than waste paper, the fact that there’s paper wastage anyway reduces the environmental benefits, taking the wind out of the sails to be honest.

      Designs for these toilets have been thrown around and patended since at least 1922. There are smarter designs around than putting male urinals into a stall and providing a funnel. Anyway, I’m reading too much into this.

    • baw

      Women take a long time to use the bathroom because a lot of the time we have complicated clothes stuff going on – like undo pants, slip down tights, pull down underwear all in one outfit. Standing up while urinating is still gonna require all of that (unless we somehow stick this device in through the flies of our pants? Don’t feel like that would biologically work). Also seems wayyy easy to get pee all over ourselves. And are we gonna get front-opening enclosures on all our articles of clothing then?? Like skirts too?

  • Rule34

    Instructions on how women can pee standing up WITHOUT needing a funnel:

  • Shanxi female students: congrats, you can now pee like a female transexual or a dude whose wiener got shot off.

    I’m sure this is only the first step towards gender equality in a society where a woman is considered “an old spinster with damaged goods” and thus ineligible to marry at the ripe old age of 25.

  • red setter

    Ah the Motherland’s innovation at its best
    “the Orgasmatron” -cumming to a street near you. Pop in for a quick rub and tug, slap and tickle, and then be on your way

    Mr. Woody Allen eat your heart out!


  • Slenth

    What people do not under stand, people fear.
    What people fear.
    People destroy.

    Love your child like comments on how this is gross etc.
    Ride the wave of change or be crushed by it.

  • snicker tells us that one sheet of A4 paper requires between 2 and 30 litres of water to produce.

    Given that the average flush should be about 10 litres, I don’t know how much water is really being saved here. It’s just from people who don’t understand what product lifecycle means.

    better design, less paper, more comfortable pee pee. I hope this motivates more shaanxi normal girls to become engineers and get their own real water-saving designs out there.


  • dim mak

    Why do people hate this so much? Seems like an OK idea to me..

    • snicker

      God, men in China can’t even hit the urinal for 75% of their stream…the urinal is a decoration – the drain in the floor is the real functional unit in the mens’ room.

      Anybody who thinks the urinal will be convenient hasn’t swam through a men’s room here.

      Just imagine what a mess the ladies’ room will be when they are all peeing down their legs…

  • Alex

    What happens when those paper things run out? You think the janitors will fill them all up? HA!

  • jim

    great, so does this mean that when the female toilet are busy that the girls will end up hijacking the men’s room?!

  • UDL..

    er.. how about periods?

  • Chunghwa

    lol, some of the usernames of the commenters are quite amusing. “日本操你妈!” – I wouldn’t say that this is a unique name…

  • 陆大鳯

    No F…king way! You need a penis to do that!

  • Jordan

    If people are concern about wasting paper, the students can bring their own reusable funnels.

  • Alikese

    They’d save a lot more money with a human centipede. Then you only need one toilet for 5, 10 or even 20 people.

    • =_=


  • korean_guy

    this is Chinese contribution to the world: block head idea implementation.

  • peepeenono

    if this catches on, there will be billions of paper funnels filling up garbage dumps all over china. think of the trash/smell at each individual urinal when they are thrown out. disease is possible. how much fuel energy is required to manufacture billions of funnels? water is used to process paper/cardboard products…how much water will be used to create these funnels which could be trillions every year. they need 2-button system toilet. 1 button just releases a little water just to take urine away. that would save just as much and no need to manufacture a billion paper funnels a day.

  • Jess

    Its nothing new, its just like those squating toilets in China!

  • Jess

    These don’t look hygenic, where is the toilet paper roll to wipe yourself?

    Even if you bring your own you have to put it in that bin, its more hygenic to flush way.

    • Alan no longer in China

      In China you’re always supposed to put toilet paper into a bin anyways. I never do, but that’s the common practice.

      • Jess

        Toilet paper with all that poo? No wonder the toilets stink!

        • CHN in US

          I am a Chinese, I feel strange about this all the time, my family never do this, but I amazingly find out,even in the US, some Chinese buy a bin beside the toilet to put paper with poo! grooo… My only explanation is in 10 years old, toilet will be stuck by paper for its retarded design, even now toilets are much better, costume lives. in stead of watching it, we should tell them not to do this anymore

  • mankouzanghua

    This may be a dumb question, but… Why did they design the female urinals such that women must stand while urinating? They could have designed them low to the ground and had a squatter, eliminating the paper waste from the funnels and saving just as much water.

    Perhaps they were afraid of uninitiated users dropping a deuce in the new type of urinal? To me, an educational campaign to convince women to stand while urinating seems more complex and difficult than one that would simply inform them that their restrooms will now have a second type of (squatter) toilet for #1s only.

    • TehAlien

      This idea makes sense for a space program, but in reality, it’s nothing more than some messed up PC initiative.

  • kailing

    May be they can implant, for free, a urinary catheter in female students when admitted to Shaanxi Normal Univ. Different colors and the possibility of changing it and pairing it with your mobile shell would be great!

    As mankouzanhua says, just putting a small male urinaty in the right place in the floor, would have done it much better and easier…

  • bando

    Well this isn’t the first time i saw this kind of thing. But the funnel is new.

    Maybe they should had made the enclosure cover a larger area to hide the head and ankles of the user to give them more privacy over this new contraption

  • londonmay

    Can’t see the point of painting the place in nice colours… it’s gonna become disgustingly filthy and smelly in a short time anyway like most female pubblic toilets in China… instead of the “heavenly kingdom” they should call it the smelly one

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  • chignon

    It doesn’t seem all bad. I hate having to sit down on a public toilet seat to pee, so gross! And unless you are wearing a skirt, you can’t really squat over it. (If my pants touch the nasty toilet bowl or floor nearby—you’re all dead.) Even then, what if some urine runs down your leg? Not the end of the world, but not very nice either. Do these funnels eliminate the need for toilet paper? If so, they seem to be about the equivalent of using tp, with the added benefit of saving some water.

  • sean

    oh shit i don’t want to write comments on this topic. Bunch of mentally retarded people trying to save water and waste tissue papers.

  • SNU

    wow, I can’t believe I’m seeing an article about SNU on here. That’s the University where I studied Chinese for two years! At last I see an article on Xi’an on Chinasmack.

    If you were wondering where to study Chinese in China, and if you have 2-3 years to spend learning Chinese, I would recommend this school.

  • Jess

    In our office we collect rain water to flush toilets. Plus have 2 flushes, an eco flush for wee and a full flush for poo.

  • b

    The have chemicals now the eliminate any need for water. The New York Jets football stadium in New York City Relies on urinals and toliets that use a chemcial to process all the ……. and pass it to the sewage system. This is the dumbest idea I have ever heard of. And its not like restroom in China is ever cleaned…well with disinfectant that is

  • zammo

    Is it possible to go for a 5hit standing up?

    I’ll try when i have my next shower.

  • John Q

    I don’t understand the paper thingy. All you need to do is cup your hand to pee in. I’ll lend a hand anytime ladies. But only one, my other one will be busy slapping the monkey.

    • Dinah Cat

      Dude, you are so perverted, GROSS!!!

      I can’t even stand china’s squat toilets, let alone having to stand up peeing into a goddamn funnel.



  • mistyken

    I don’t know if this would be economical…those funnel and made out of paper, so in the place of water, they will be wasting paper instead…

  • Sally

    Great idea, we should have them in Britain. I would use them.

  • Dart

    Ha!this idea could be very good for my artwork dealing with feminism

  • Spiny the Elder

    Hahahaha…the womens bathroom just got really filthy and smelly!!! Gonna be just like the mens ‘swamp’…

  • Eliza

    I’m a girl, and I can pee standing up in a unrinal without any “tools”. Many girls could pee standing up if they practiced actually, there are many methods but I won’t get into detail :p

  • blaugrau

    I thought this was like the best idea . . . ever!

    I was sooo impressed I quickly sent an email including a chinasmack link to a few of my colleagues. Unfortunately, my female colleagues aren’t nearly as impressed as I am and one of them even accused me of hating women. She went on to say I don’t understand how the female body works and she doesn’t understand the purpose of the funnel.

    Oh well, as Kermit the Frog said, “It’s not easy being green.”

  • Holly


    Has nobody realised women can’t ‘aim’ their urethra’s like men can. They can just wiggle their wang around and aim. Plus that funnel looks effing scary. Ew. If I make a sudden movement I don’t exactly want pee dripping all over my hand and arm.

    Guys seriously:
    Thanks, but no thanks.

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