Single Girl In Shanghai Envies Fat Married Girl In Taiwan

From KDS:

After seeing the photos a schoolmate forwarded to me, I am stunned

Who can tell me why she can be married off…yet I am still single?

Responses on KDS:


The necklace around her neck is indeed a bit bright.

closeto [the original poster]:

There’s more there’s more…


They do seem to look alike as a couple.
Is this real love?


This is what great love is!


A female who is willing to take out her cash, even if she looks like a pig, will still have someone to want her; [but a female who] holds her cunt in her hands going around trying to get the best price will of course be hard to marry off.


Sister Inspiration.


Let me speak from a psychological perspective. The higher your external appearance score is, the easier it is to be single, because subconsciously, her choices for a partner are more than those with low scores, LZ do you understand?
Just wishing the LZ happiness.


This girl’s assets are several millions, and is giving the guy the freedom to allocate/spend a portion of it, and does not care about his personal life, not even questioning him if he stays out at night.


There was a boss’s daughter who was extremely fat, 85kg. His daughter finally found a boyfriend after much trouble, and the boyfriend wanted to tell his daughter to lose weight. This boss said, “My daughter’s dowry will be given according to her weight on her wedding day, 20,000 kuai per kg.” You guys can guess the ending, right? In the end, there was this kind of photo, haha!


My hand was naughty and I clicked in here.


Are they both men???


All the same after turning off the lights.

closeto [the original poster]:

Here comes the proof, not a man.


I’m forcing myself to say this: Maybe God is fair. Maybe she is a girl who is filial/respectful towards her parents-in-law and her own parents, a girl who is always reasonable in matters.


Lou zhu is not kind.

What fart business of your’s is her marriage?
If you are not a virgin, and someone posted all of your sexual activity here…
lou zhu, would you be happy?
Making fun is not nice.

However this photograph is definitely too shocking.


Ah…my eyes, my eyes are blind!


I just finished eating…wasted meal [vomited], fuck.

My hand was naughty.


I finally understand what “heavy taste” means.


Even she has someone…numb…I’m going to go die now…


I think this looks a bit more comfortable.


Here it comes…


Love has its charm.


I think this should be true love.


This married couple is in Taiwan…the two of them first met each other on an internet chat room, and after chatting for an hour, they met the next day…five years later they married…and it has almost been three years since…judging from their blog…they are still very loving…
I wish them the best, that they may grow old together…

True love. chinaSMACK personals.


Written by Fauna

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