Sidewalk Tiles For The Blind Laid In Decorative Pattern

Accessible sidewalk tiles for the blind laid in decorative fashion.

Accessible sidewalk tiles for the blind laid in decorative fashion.

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The Environment Bureau are such jokers, I didn’t know paths for the blind could be laid like this!

Tiles used as guiding paths for the blind are laid in a zig zagging pattern.

Sidewalk tiles for with raised bumps for blind people laid in a decorative pattern.

These yellow tiles in front of a government bureau in China with raised bumps are meant to guide blind pedestrians.

Comments from Mop:


They are playing hide and seek.


Playing Snake with the blind?


Louzhu, you’re going experience cupware now.


Lanzhou shaobing, did they indicate that was a path for the blind? It’s just giving the walkway some decoration, the same idea as mosaic tiled floors, what’s wrong with that? Who said that the walkway must always be one color and not have any designs/decoration?


The designer must be a gamer.


They ordered too many blind path tiles, and because they still wanted to embezzle [instead of refund them], they could only do this!


A socialist path for the blind with Chinese characteristics.


Quite gei li. Hehe, let the blind people walk more. Pretty amusing. Maybe they’re afraid of blind people petitioning [by making their path longer]!! Hehe.


If blind people were to see it, they would definitely be pissed.


I’ve even seen paths for the blind that directly lead into the river, so what’s all the fuss about? It’s socialism with Chinese characteristics.


It is said that the Heavenly Kingdom’s paths for the blind are basically just for decoration, not for actual use.

For actual use. Personals @ chinaSMACK.


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