Sidewalk Tiles For The Blind Laid In Decorative Pattern

Accessible sidewalk tiles for the blind laid in decorative fashion.

From Mop &

The Environment Bureau are such jokers, I didn’t know paths for the blind could be laid like this!

Tiles used as guiding paths for the blind are laid in a zig zagging pattern.

Sidewalk tiles for with raised bumps for blind people laid in a decorative pattern.

These yellow tiles in front of a government bureau in China with raised bumps are meant to guide blind pedestrians.

Comments from Mop:


They are playing hide and seek.


Playing Snake with the blind?


Louzhu, you’re going experience cupware now.


Lanzhou shaobing, did they indicate that was a path for the blind? It’s just giving the walkway some decoration, the same idea as mosaic tiled floors, what’s wrong with that? Who said that the walkway must always be one color and not have any designs/decoration?


The designer must be a gamer.


They ordered too many blind path tiles, and because they still wanted to embezzle [instead of refund them], they could only do this!


A socialist path for the blind with Chinese characteristics.


Quite gei li. Hehe, let the blind people walk more. Pretty amusing. Maybe they’re afraid of blind people petitioning [by making their path longer]!! Hehe.


If blind people were to see it, they would definitely be pissed.


I’ve even seen paths for the blind that directly lead into the river, so what’s all the fuss about? It’s socialism with Chinese characteristics.


It is said that the Heavenly Kingdom’s paths for the blind are basically just for decoration, not for actual use.

For actual use. Personals @ chinaSMACK.

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  • Jess

    Yeah…I think I’m going to need an explanation on this one…

    • The bumby tiles are suppose to be so blind people know where to walk, they can feel the bumps, Putting them in that pattern would make it a little annoying for blind people to walk anywhere.

      I love the one in the Zhichunlu subway station in Beijing, it almost always goes directly into a partially closed metal gate, must suck to be blind in China. (not that it would be much better anywhere else)

  • HaamSapTjai

    By the time that the blind person has found the entrance, he/she would be as dizzy as a goose.

  • Tommy

    I don’t believe it! Someone in a position of power who doesn’t know how to do their job. How could this happen…

    Well, actually, there is a University in my city with a decent reputation as far as the English department goes. Unfortunately a new person who was “promoted because he couldn’t do his other job” fired all of the English teachers and decided to hire native speakers from abroad.

    • Mike_In_ZZ

      You haven’t given us enough information.

      Is it that the guy got promoted because he was incapable your example, or the he fired non native English speakers and hire foreigners the example. If it is the latter, it could be a smart move, depending on the level of ability of the non native speakers.

  • Nathan

    The ZF kill all blind people along with any ‘handicaps’ in the death camps so who cares care bears?

  • Kim Haneul

    Not all blind people are completely blind and I’m sure some non blind people also go in or walk by the building. I don’t see the point in this post at all.

    • Tommy

      Ain’t no sense your logics making.

    • marke

      Aha! Now we know who was silly enough to do this!

  • Kim Haneul

    Song of the Article: Stars are Blind -Paris Hilton


    • song of the article,

      Amazing Grace
      -John Newton

      the real 五毛党

  • Kim Haneul

    oh wait, now I get it.

    • Sunni

      So next time you will know to think before you post?

      • Kim Haneul

        Probably not, you sassy girl.

  • bobiscool

    If you’re walking with a walking stick to see ahead, you should at least be abl to poke at 2-3 tiles ahead. This means that they can find the next blind-man’s tile without igzagging all te way…. right?

    • Bo Wang

      If they are using a walking stick, they don’t really need these walking tiles anyway.

      Waste of money, really, to put these up everywhere in China. They should put the money into training and maintaining helper dogs for the blind.

      • Mike_In_ZZ

        bobiscool, feeling the next tiles wont necessarily tell you which way to turn, it would be incredibly frustrating.

        Bo Wang, the tiles (however much their cost would differ from whatever tile is deemed standard-which I assume is negligible) are much like the environment, it all matters to the blind.

        There are countless idioms regarding walking in others shoes, and even more about “being a man” I dare you to go three days wearing a blindfold. I accepted the challenge, and made it through only one day. It was far too difficult for me.

        We aren’t doing enough for the blind.

  • PEYE

    If there is anything ito be criticise what is shown in the pictures is perhaps the fact that the buildings are in need of a fresh coat of paint . Who ever came up with the idiotic idea that the tile layout is meant as a guide way for blind people? To me it looks like a good way to frame the space of wide entrance. The other side is most likely layed out in the same fashion. The pattern shown is called Meander after a river that changes it’s direction several times as flows through the land.

    • marke

      The fact that these tiles are specifically designed to act as a guide for sight-impaired people may have something to do with it.

      There are a lot of posts here supplying credence to the saying, “Common sense ain’t very common”.

  • cdn icehole

    Why do I have this urge to play Pacman?

  • Joe

    Do they not have seeing eye dogs in China? I’ve never seen a blind person use these paths though. They are invariably blocked, lead into ditches and holes or will get you killed if you follow them.

    • john digmeme

      Seeing-eye dogs are hard to find in China, not only do you have to teach it to be mindful of its blind owner, but you have to teach it to walk on its hind legs – which is almost impossible. Everything with it’s back to the sky is promptly eaten.

  • Pong Lenis

    Being blind in China has certainly some advantages too.

    • Alikese

      Big time. You get to make 10 yuan an hour as a masseuse. I might blind myself just to get a killer job like that.

  • Bruce

    More exercise is good

  • Fman

    walking on the sidewalk here is a deathtrap to begin with so frankly blind people can not rely on the special tiles to begin with why not use them for decoration…

  • Ryo

    This is retarded. How many blind people do you actually see in China WALKING AROUND??? For the 3 years I’ve been here, I may have seen 2 or 3 on the street actually trying to walk by themselves.

    Instead of wasting money on all those tiles and anything related to blind people, they should just use that money and hire midgets for the blind.

    Like, instead of a dog, every blind person gets a personal midget. Labor is so cheap in China and I’m sure there aren’t a lot of work for midgets. It would make a great pairing!

    • blind guy

      they should just make a circular patten

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