Taipei Mayor Rides Subway and Moped to Work, Netizen Reactions


From Sina Weibo:

@头条新闻: Taipei mayor stood alone at the door riding the subway – Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-Je had just assumed office for a week and two nights ago, he was discovered by netizens riding the subway with no entourage. Ko’s wife expressed that they both were planning to go to Peitou Hot Springs, and there was a seat so Ko told her to sit down with the people. A Taiwanese netizen joked: Mayor, you shouldn’t use this [transportation] method and appear at this type of place.

Comments on Sina Weibo:


Our mayors are not elected by us…even if we ate at the same table I wouldn’t recognize him….only reporters can chance upon them.


The thousand-evils of democracy pressured this brother to such a degree! This cannot be tolerated! What happened to his personal car and female secretary?


On the Mainland he would be scolded for putting on a show right?


On the Mainland, we only know what our mayor look like when he is about to be fired.


There is a big difference between socialist mayors and capitalist mayors…


A Taipei mayor reduced to being so miserly! Truly is the laughing stock our Celestial Kingdom’s officials!


News should be contrasted, look at our dynasty’s officials who showed up at the scene of the Heilongjiang fire, all of them made headlines.


Because our mayors are not elected by the common people, they don’t have to come out to solicit votes and give speeches…so they are hard to recognize by the public, even if he stood in front of me I wouldn’t recognize him.


A village head from Shenzhen probably never even taken the subway. Have money, stubborn like that.


From Sina Weibo:

@山东杨洪: Taipei mayor wearing a raincoat, riding a moped to inspect Chongyang Bridge, really have to endure hardship. Can’t even compare to our village head, what is the point of becoming a mayor? And had to spend all that effort during the election! Really stupid!

Comments on Sina Weibo:


What a coincidence it was again photographed by a reporter! Would a normal person care about who is this person sitting behind a moped and take a photo in this type of weather and place? Spending all the time during the day just to put on a show, how much time is there left to conduct politics?


A committee chair in a village across the strait have better benefits.


They are elected by the people, our are appointed by the government, how can they be the same? The only thing our mayors know is to drink tea, read newspapers, and hold pointless meetings.


If the Celestial Kingdom also had elections they too would put on all sorts of shows.


Taiwanese politics is just a show.


Even our village heads drive Audis.


Let time, political achievements and public support validate this.

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Written by Joe

Joe is a documentary producer and journalist based in Shanghai


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